Advancing Equality for LGBT Elders Session 1 • All Audiences The SAGE Model: What Is It, Why Use It, and How to Start an Af liate Session 3 • Fundamentals Learning to Be Allies in the LGBT Aging Movement Caucus 1 The National LGBT Aging Roundtable: A Report on Activities Caucus 2

Theater for Social Change: Tell Your Story Change Your World Session 2 • Fundamentals Making music, building the future Session 3 • All Audiences Visual Voices: Latino GLBTQ Artists, Art and You! Session 8 • All Audiences

Building Your Online Presence Session 1 • All Audiences Integrating New Media Into Your Organizing Strategy Session 2 • All Audiences The Greening of LGBT Business and Travel: Voluntourism with Sweet Session 2 • All Audiences

Getting Bi & Passing It On: Learning to Teach Bisexuality with a Free Curriculum Session 6 • All Audiences Bisexuality and Political Issues Caucus 2

HIV As We Grow Older: Policy Needs Session 2 • All Audiences Change we can believe in? LGBT equality and HIV/AIDS policy under the Obama administration Session 4 • Intermediate Enhancing HIV/STD Prevention Outreach to Diverse Communities: African-Americans, Hispanics, and Men Who Have Sex with Men Session 5 • Intermediate HIV and Young Gay and Bisexual Men and Transgender Women: Promoting Support Session 6 • All Audiences Advocacy, Community Mobilization and Outreach, Participation and the Rest of the Mess in HIV Clinical Research: What’s the Deal for Populations Most Impacted? Session 7 • All Audiences HIV, Race and Generational Differences Session 7 • Intermediate

Reaching Out to the Blogosphere Session 4 • All Audiences Online to Of ine Engagement Session 5 • All Audiences Did They Just Say That? Responding to the Right’s Lies Session 6 • Fundamentals Publicity and Awareness: Linking the GLBT community and the media Session 7 • Fundamentals Put the Fire Out: Dealing with Crisis Situation in the Media Session 7 • Intermediate Small-Dollar Online Fundraising Session 7 • All Audiences From Inclusive to Intersectional: the Joys and Challenges of Diverse Online Communities Session 8 • Intermediate Preaching to the Choir? Moving Your Message Through Communities of Color Session 8 • Intermediate

Ally Training Session 1 • All Audiences Creating Transgender-Inclusive College Policies and Practices Session 2 • All Audiences LGBT Oral History Workshop Session 2 • All Audiences Building Anti-Racist Campus Alliances Session 3 • Intermediate Building Coalition: Strategies for Success Session 4 • All Audiences Creating a Safe Zone Program on Your Campus. Case Study- Aggie Allies at Texas A&M University Caucus 1 Model for Civic Engagement through Campus LGBT Resource Centers Session 5 • Intermediate Creating Change in your Community A Toolkit for LGBTQ Campus Activism Session 6 • All Audiences Reinvigorating Your LGBTQA Campus Organization Session 7 • All Audiences The State of Higher Education for LGBT People: 2001-2009 Session 7 • Fundamentals Using Monologues as an Educational Tool Session 8 • All Audiences College Student Caucus Caucus 2 How LGBTQA History Informs Current Activism Caucus 2

Responding to Bias in Our Communities: Strategies Adopted from A Guide to Community Rapid Incident Response Session 1 • All Audiences Victim Advocacy with LGBTQ Clients – Working Across Systems Across Time Session 2 • Intermediate Being Safe OUTside the System: LGBTSTGNC Communities of Color Ending Violence Without Law Enforcement Session 5 • All Audiences Building LGBT Domestic Violence Coalitions: It Takes A Village Session 8 • All Audiences

Centralizing Your Community: Why & How To Start or Expand Your LGBT Community Center Session 5 • All Audiences

The Art of the Schmooze Session 1 • Fundamentals Uniting Communities Session 1 & 2 • All Audiences Making Strides Even in a Less Than Welcoming Environment Session 2 • All Audiences Keeping the Peace: Con ict Mediation Training Session 4 • All Audiences

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010



Taking the Mystery out of Nonpro t Marketing: Use Your Mission, Build Your Brand, Achieve Your Goals Session 3 & 4 • All Audiences

40 Years After Stonewall: A Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Activist Timeline Caucus 1 Finding Our Voice at the Table: Advocating for Emerging and Less Popular Issues in the LGBT Communities Caucus 1 Running A Women’s Group Caucus 1 Spiritual Self-Defense Session 7 • All Audiences Faith and LGBTI Equality: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk Session 8 • Intermediate LGBTQ Jewish Caucus Caucus 2 Using Social Media to Build a Movement Pink Menno Campaign Caucus 2

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Why We Need All of It and How To Make Sure It Is LGBT-Inclusive Session 1 • All Audiences

United Nations and International LGBT Issues Session 5 • Fundamentals What it Means to be an LGBT Asylee & How You Can Help Session 6 • All Audiences

From Access to Inclusion to Justice: An Introduction to Disability Justice and Anti-Ableism Session 3 & 4 • All Audiences

Creating Diverse Coalitions around Family De nition Session 5 • Intermediate Queerspawn Caucus Caucus 2

A Debrief of LGBT Initiative Campaigns from 2009 Session 2 • All Audiences Skills for Surviving Anti-LGBT Politics Session 3 • All Audiences The Race for Equality Includes YOU! Session 4 • Intermediate Winning Washington: How One Woman’s Story Became Key in a Major Movement Victory Caucus 1

LGBT Youth and Federal Policy Issues Session 3 • All Audiences What To Say When We Get There Session 3 • All Audiences Working Effectively with Partisan Organizations Session 4 • Advanced Passing Good Legislation or Fighting Bad: Using Research for Good Session 5 • Intermediate WTF is Going On with Congress? Session 6 • All Audiences LGBT Families Count! How to Mobilize Your Community Around the 2010 Census Session 8 • All Audiences

The Older Americans Act and Getting Your Money’s Worth into Your Community Session 1• Advanced Gaybingo: Unity, Fun and Money Session 6 • All Audiences What Do Funders Want? Developing Your Grant Proposal Session 6 • Fundamentals

“Would Jesus Discriminate?” Shifting the Discourse on Faith-Based Prejudice Session 1 • All Audiences Love Won Out: The Marketing, Messaging and Manipulation Inside the Million-Dollar Machine Session 2 • All Audiences Homophobia in the Black Church Session 3 • All Audiences Mending Covenants: Strategizing for Transgender Equality in Faith Communities Session 3 • Intermediate Mobilizing Catholic Support for LGBTQ Equality Session 3 • Intermediate Standing on the Side of Love Session 4 • Intermediate Gays God and the Workplace: SANE Conversations and TFR Love Session 7 • Advanced

How Homophobia Affects Straight People... and the REST OF US Session 4 • Fundamentals Transitioning Beyond the Boxes Caucus 1 Butch/Femme: A Feminist Conversation between Lovers Caucus 2 SOFFAs Supporting Each Other Caucus 2

Moving Voters on Marriage!: A Door-to-Door Voter Persuasion Model Session 6 • All Audiences

Story-Telling for Social Change: Gathering LGBTQ Personal Stories Session 3 • All Audiences Advanced Movement Building through Lifelong Sexuality Education Session 4 • Intermediate How to Become Gay for Pay- Inroads to a Queer Career Session 4 • All Audiences How Straight Spouses of LGBT Partners Become Allies: How YOU Can Help Session 4 • Intermediate

Health as a Tool for Social Justice Organizing Session 1 • Intermediate Trailblazing for Transgender Health Session 2 • Intermediate Beyond the Meth Monster: Queer Strategies for Ending the War on Drugs Session 3 • All Audiences Breast Cancer Impacts on the LGBT Community Caucus 1

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010




State of the queer movement through the historic lens of other social movements Session 4 • Intermediate Old Lesbian caucus - lesbians 60 and over Caucus 1 Queer Activism in Spanish Caucus Caucus 1 What Does the “A” Stand For Again? Caucus on the Place of Straight Allies Within the Movement Caucus 1 Beyond Binaries: Identity and Sexuality Session 5 • All Audiences Promise and Peril: Managing a statewide coalition and public funding for LGBT health and human services Session 5 • All Audiences ¿Qué Dijeron?/What Did They Say? Creating Multilingual Spaces Session 7 & 8 • All Audiences King & King Redux: Beating The Use of School Curriculum as a Wedge Issue Session 7 & 8 • Fundamentals Learning to be Allies to Support Old Pride Session 8 • All Audiences Working in Coalition - How a committee of LGBT organizations from across the state are able to do coalition work together Caucus 2 Transforming Leadership: Approaches to Developing & Sustaining Trans Leaders Session 7 • Intermediate Executive Directors Roundtable Session 7 & 8 • All Audiences

Class Matters Session 1 • Intermediate Serving low-income LGBT people: Challenges and Strategies for Success Session 2 • All Audiences Are You Ready? Moving Racial Justice in LGBT Organizations Session 5 & 6 • Fundamentals Welfare Warriors: Surviving Violence, Fighting Injustice and Building Community Session 6 • All Audiences

Latino (LGBT) Community Outreach 101 Session 1 • All Audiences Immigration and Indigenous Borders Session 1 & 2 • All Audiences Going back to the beginning, Aprendiendo del pasado Session 3 • All Audiences We’re here! We’re queer! We eat paneer! Mapping LGBTQ AAPI Organizing for Social Change Session 3 • All Audiences “Elders Speak,” GRIOT still the only LGBT Elders of Color organization, why? Session 4 • All Audiences Perspectives and Experiences of Queer Southeast Asians in LGBTQ Organizations Caucus 1 QPOC Organizing on College Campuses Caucus 1 Queer Activism in Spanish Caucus Caucus 1 Land, Desire and Culture: Two Spirit People and the LGBT Movement Session 6 • All Audiences House/Ballroom Scene 101: A Hands-On Workshop on the History of Ballroom Culture for LGBT People of Color Session 8 • All Audiences Caucus/Networking of LGBT Asian Americans, South Asians, Southeast Asians and Paci c Islanders (AAPIs) Caucus 2 Intercountry & Transracial Adoptees Caucus Caucus 2 Latin@s: Estamos Presente Caucus 2 The Alphabet Soup of Sexual “Minority” Youth Caucus 2 Weaving the Nations Together: First Nations Community Dialogue Caucus 2

National Reporting and Data-Driven Advocacy: Ending Anti-LGBT Violence By the Numbers Session 2 • Intermediate Numbers Matter: The Importance of the Census for LGBT Americans in 2010 and Beyond Session 2 • All Audiences Strengthening the Connection: Racial Justice and LGBT Rights Session 3 • All Audiences Communicating at the Intersection of Race and Sexuality: Ideas on How To Build Bridges with African Americans Session 5 • Intermediate Data for a Change Session 5 • Intermediate You Lie! Right-Wing Race Backlash: What it Means for Queers Session 5 • All Audiences The National Transgender Discrimination Survey: A Talk on Preliminary Findings Session 6 • All Audiences Outing Age 2010: Research and Policy Session 7 • Intermediate Designing Usable Research Caucus 2

Telling: Dan Choi and Knights Out Session 2 • All Audiences

Can You Believe It? Three Tools for Reducing Drama in the Workplace Session 1 • Intermediate Recruiting, Retention & Succession Planning; Building Sustainable Leadership Teams Session 1 • All Audiences Lessons on Inclusion from the Pipeline Project: A Panel Discussion on Work Being Done, Best Practices and Lessons Learned Session 4 • Intermediate The Volunteer Connection: Maximizing Your Organization’s Potential by Creating an Amazing Volunteer Experience Session 6 • Intermediate

Supporting Local Schools and GSAs Through Community/University/ School Partnerships Session 1 • All Audiences How To Get What We Want: Understanding and Utilizing the U.S. Education System to Create Safer Schools Session 2 • All Audiences That’s so gay! School-based interventions and classroom homophobia Session 3 • Intermediate
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010



Trans Youth & Safe Schools: Advocacy & Policy Session 4 • All Audiences Life as the “unof cial” Campus Queer Caucus 1 King & King Redux: Beating The Use of School Curriculum as a Wedge Issue Session 7 & 8 • Fundamentals The Pursuit of Bully-Free Schools: Innovative Approaches to Improve School Climate for LGBTQ Kids Session 8 • All Audiences

No Retreat Session 1 • All Audiences Building Community Beyond the Binary Caucus 1 Caucus for State and/or Local Transgender Advocacy, Legal, and/or Political Organizations/Activists Caucus 1 Don’t Call Me a Tranny Chaser Caucus 1 Getting to Know You Caucus 1 The Cutting Edge in Trans Rights: Healthcare, Prisons, and ID Documents Session 5 • All Audiences Staying Safe While TRANSitioning Session 6 • All Audiences The Journey from Laws to Jobs For Trans People Session 6 • Intermediate The National Transgender Discrimination Survey: A Talk on Preliminary Findings Session 6 • All Audiences Transforming Leadership: Approaches to Developing & Sustaining Trans Leaders Session 7 • Intermediate Forget the Polite Conversation: Getting Real About FTM Transition Caucus 2 Transgender Religious Leaders Network Reception Caucus 2

“When Under Your Wing Smells Like Under Your Armpit”: A Youth Centered Guide To Navigating Ageism In Today’s Social Revolutions Session 1 • Fundamentals What Your Parents Never Taught You About Sex Session 2 • All Audiences LGBT Youth and Federal Policy Issues Session 3 • All Audiences A Dialog with Youth: Talking About Sex and Sexual Freedom Session 3 & 4 • Fundamentals LGBTQ Youth of Color Organizing Summit Caucus Caucus 1 Protecting Ourselves Against Our Own Bodies Caucus 1 Queer Youth Caucus Caucus 1 Reading: Sassafras Lowery reads from Kicked Out Caucus 1 Aging Out - Facilitating Healthy Transitions Session 5 • Intermediate Sex[+] More than the Birds and the Bees Session 5 • All Audiences Working Against Elitist Activism: A Discussion with Youth Activists Session 6 • All Audiences Culturally Sensitive Practice with LGBTQ Youth in Out-of-Home Care Session 7 • All Audiences Engaging Queer Youth in Your Advocacy Efforts Session 7 • Fundamentals Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: Intergenerational Storytelling & Dialogue Session 8 • All Audiences The Pursuit of Bully-Free Schools: Innovative Approaches to Improve School Climate for LGBTQ Kids Session 8 • All Audiences The Trevor Project’s Lifeguard Workshop Session 8 • All Audiences Youth Led Youth Groups: The Bene t of Youth Helping Each Other Session 8 • All Audiences

Creating Communities of Resistance/Change through Innovative Sex Organizations and Businesses Session 1 • All Audiences Sexual Liberation as a Framework for Change Session 3 • All Audiences Intersex Workshop Session 4 • All Audiences Talking About Sex in Communities of Color Caucus 1 Young and Poly Caucus 1 Equity, Fidelity and Sustainability Session 5 • All Audiences Mapping Your Desire Session 6 • All Audiences Kink, Race and Class Session 7 • All Audiences Talking About Sex in the Trans and Trans Allies Community Session 7 • All Audiences Our Common Cause- A place for polyamorous/non-monogamy communities in the LGBTIQA movement Session 8 • All Audiences The Future of Sexual Orientation Session 8 • All Audiences Leather Caucus Caucus 2 Polyamory/Nonmonogamy Caucus Caucus 2 Sex Workers’ Caucus Caucus 2

Engaging Employee Participation in LGBT Activities Caucus 1 Building An Employee Resource Group (ERG) With Impact Session 5 • All Audiences From Front Line to Bottom Line: Engaging Corporate Social Responsibility Makes Cents Session 6 • Intermediate Workplace Equality for Public Employees Caucus 2

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010



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