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Bharti Airtel Limited, commonly known as Airtel, is an Indian

multinational telecommunications Services Company headquartered in
New Delhi, India. It operates in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa,
and the Channel Islands. Airtel has a GSM network in all countries in
which it operates, providing 2G, 3G and 4G services depending upon
the country of operation. It is the largest cellular service provider in India,
with 192.22 million subscribers as of August 2013. [6] Airtel is the Second
largest Asia-Pacific mobile operator by subscriber base, behind China
Airtel is the largest provider of mobile telephony and second largest
provider of fixed telephony in India, and is also a provider of
broadband and subscription television services. It offers its telecom
services under the "airtel" brand, and is headed by Sunil Bharti Mittal.
Bharti Airtel is the first Indian telecom service provider to
achieve Cisco Gold Certification.[7] It also acts as a carrier for national
and international long distance communication services. The company
has a submarine cable landing station at Chennai, which connects the
submarine cable connecting Chennai and Singapore.
Bharti Airtel added 5.10 lakh subscribers to take its base to
20.97 crore at the end of July, 2014. Its market share in India is highest
with a value of 28.41%.
Airtel is credited with pioneering the business strategy of outsourcing all
of its business operations except marketing, sales and finance and
building the 'minutes factory' model of low cost and high volumes. The
strategy has since been adopted by several operators. [8] Its network
base stations, microwave links, maintained
by Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Network[9] whereas IT support is
provided by IBM,[10] and transmission towers are maintained by another
company (Bharti Infratel Ltd. in India).[11] Ericsson agreed for the first
time to be paid by the minute for installation and maintenance of their
equipment rather than being paid up front, which allowed Airtel to
provide low call rates of 1/minute (US$0.02/minute).




Bharti Airtel Limited.

Provides GSM mobile services in all the 22 telecom circles in India, and was the
first private operator to have an all India presence. Provides telemedia services
(fixed line and broadband services through DSL) in 95 cities in India.

July 07, 1995, as a Public Limited Company

e Revenue
Rs. 369,615 million (year ended March 31, 2009-Audited)
Rs. 270,250 million (year ended March 31, 2008-Audited)
As per US GAAP Accounts
Rs. 151,678 million (year ended March 31, 2009 - Audited)
Rs. 113,715 million (year ended March 31, 2008 - Audited)
As per US GAAP Accounts
Shares in

1,898,239,796 as at March 31, 2009

The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE)
The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE)

93,923,248 GSM mobile and 2,726,239 Telemedia Customers (status as on March

31, 2009)


Provides GSM mobile services in all the 22 telecom circles in India, and was the
first private operator to have an all India presence.
Provides telemedia services (fixed line) in 95 cities in India.


Bharti Airtel Limited

(A Bharti Enterprise)

Aravali Crescent,
1, Nelson Mandela Road,
Vasant Kunj, Phase II,
New Delhi 110 070, India
Tel.No.: +91 11 4266 6400
Fax No.: +91 11 4166 6137

Bharti airtel limited Organization structure (India and

South Asia)

Sunil Bharti

MD & CEO (India

and South Asia)
Gopal Vittal


Director & CEO,

Global Voice &
Data Business
Ajay Chitkara

Director - Human
Srikanth Karra

Director- Global
Supply Chain
Moti Gyamlani

Director, Market
Ajai Puri

Director Enterprise and

Manish Prakash

Director Network
Services Group

Nilanjan Roy


Shashi Arora

Legal &
Sameer Chugh

Harmeen Mehta

By 2020 Airtel will be the most admired brand in India:

Loved by more customers.

Targeted by top talent
Benchmarked by more business.

We will meet global standards for telecom services that delight customers
1. Customer Service Focus
2. Empowered Employees
3. Cost Efficiency

4. Unified Messaging Solutions

5. Innovative products and services
6. Error- free service delivery.

First to launch Cellular service on November 1995.
First operator to revolutionaries the concept of retailing with the
inauguration of Airtel Connect (exclusive showrooms) in 1995.
First to introduce push button phone in India.
First to expand its network with the installation for second mobile
switching center in April, 1997 and the first to introduce the
Intelligent Network Platform First to provide Roaming to its subscribers
by forming an association called World 1 Network.
First to provide roaming facility in USA. Enjoy the mobile roaming
across 38 partner networks & above 700 cities Moreover roam across
international destinations in 119 countries including USA, Canada, and
UK etc. with 284 partner networks.
BHARTI announces agreement with VODAFONE marking the entry
of the World's Largest Telecom Operator into India
Bharti Enterprises and AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Limited announce
partnership for a life insurance joint venture in India

Airtel Launches future factory - Centres of Innovation to in cuba te

pioneering Mobile Applications
16 states, 600 million people. Only India's leading mobile service offers
you the truly 'freedom-packed' Prepaid!
It is also the first company to export its products to the USA.


Airtel Prepaid
Airtel Prepaid, the Ready Cellular Card from Airtel comes to you from Bharti
Enterprises, India's leading integrated telecom service provider. Going
mobile with Airtel Prepaid is a new way of life. With a host of great features,
also simple to use, Airtel Prepaid makes everything that you dreamt and
believed, possible.

Total Cost Control

you can control your Airtel Prepaid like never before. No more rental deposit
simply recharge as much as you need to from as low as Rs. 10, to as high as
Rs. 10,000/-.

Pre activated STD/ISD without deposits or rentals

You can now enjoy a pre-activated STD/ISD on your Airtel Prepaid. No more
paying deposits or having a minimum balance in your account to make an
STD/ISD call. Hassle-free calls are here to stay!

Strong Network Coverage

Enjoy complete clarity when calling with Airtels world-class technology and
unbreakable network coverage that spans over 23 circles across the country.

Instant Balance and Validity Enquiry

Your account balance is updated on the screen of your handset at the end of
each chargeable call. You can also call 123 from your mobile phone and
listen to the voice announcement or simply dial *123#, press 'OK' or 'YES'
button and your account balance will be displayed on the screen of your

Recharge your Airtel Prepaid

Recharging is Easy. The calling value on your card keeps reducing as you
make calls or use any other chargeable service. Choose the Airtel Prepaid
Recharge Coupon thats right for you, from a variety of tailor made recharge
coupons with different denominations, which are available at a number of
outlets across your city. Simply follow the procedure mentioned below, to
recharge your phone.

Prepaid Roaming
Airtel Prepaid comes preactivated with 'National Roaming', so you stay
connected no matter wherever you are. You can also send or receive MMS,
check your email and access other GPRS services while roaming in India as

you would in your own city. While traveling abroad you can receive calls &
send or receive SMS.

Other Services

Airtel brings you, a wide range of Services that will change the way you
communicate. Try them and discover a whole new world of fun and

Call management Services

Call waiting, call hold, call divert and Caller Line Identification Presentation
all with your Airtel prepaid connection.

Voice Mail

When your handset is switched off, or youre too busy to answer the phone,
Airtel Voicemail will answer your calls and record a message. The best part
is that there's no extra monthly cost for setting up Voicemail - you just pay
for the phone call when you use the service.

SMS (Short Messaging Service)

Send messages quickly and easily using text, if it's too noisy to talk or you
don't have much time. It's the way to share those interesting one-liners,

important reminders and rib-tickling jokes, with anyone, anytime, anywhere

in the world.

Subscription Alerts

Get regular alerts on news, jokes, business, health and films on your Airtel
mobile phone with Subscription Services. SMS <SUB NEWS> to 3333 for
News, <SUB JOKE> for Jokes, <SUB BIZ> for Business News, <SUB SPO>
for Sports Alerts & <SUB VAASTU> for Vaastu tips.

MMS (Multi-media Messaging Service):

Jazz up your messages with pictures, images and video clippings, with MMS
from Airtel! To activate MMS on your phone, SMS 'MMS' to 56465 and save
service settings.

Airtel Live!

Make your mobile the most happening entertainment destination with Airtel
Live! Airtel brings you the latest in entertainment and information services,
right on your phone.


Bharti has spent a considerable amount on advertising its mobile

phone service, Airtel. Besides print advertising, the company had put
up large no of hoardings and kiosks in and around Delhi. The

objective behind designing a promotion campaign for the Airtel

services is to promote the brand awareness and to build brand
preferences. It is trying to set up a thematic campaign to build
stronger brand equity for Airtel.
Since the cellular phone category itself is too restricted, also the fact
that a Cellular phone
is a highinvolvement product, price doesn't qualify as an effectivediff
erentiator. The image of the service provider counts a great
deal. Given the Cell phone category, it is the network efficiency and
the quality of service that becomes important.
What now the buyer is looking at is to get the optimum priceperformance package. This also serves as an effective differentiator
Brand awareness is Spread through the' campaigns and brand
preference through brand stature. Airtel's campaign in the capital
began with a series of 'teaser' hoardings across the city, bearing just
the company's name and without explaining what Airtel was. In
the next phase the campaign associated
Airtel withCellular only thereafter was the Bharti Cellular connection
brought up. Vans with Airtel logos roamed the city, handing out
brochures about the company and its services to all consumers. About
50,000 direct callers were sent out. When the name
waswell entrenched in the Delhiitess mind, the Airtel campaignbegan
to focus on the utility of Cell phone. In the
first fourmonths alone Airtei's advertisement spend exceeded Rs. 4cro
res.As of today the awareness level Is 60% unaided. This implies that
if potential or knowledgeable consumers are asked to name Cellular
phone service provider that is on the top of his/her mind 60% of them
would name Airtel. As for aided it -is 100 %( by giving clues and
hints etc.).Brand strength of a product or the health of a brand is
measured by the percentage score of the brand on the above aided and
the unaided tests.
The figures show that Airtel is a healthy and thriving brand. Every
company has a goal, which might comprise a sales target and a game

plan with due regard to its competitor. Airtel 'campaign strategy is

designed keeping in mind its marketing strategy. The tone, tenor and
the stance of the visual ads are designed to convey the image of a
market leader in terms of its market share. It tries to portray the image
of being a "first mover every time" and that of a "market leader".
The status of the product in terms of its life cycle has justreached
the maturity stage in India. It is still on the rising part of the product
life cycle curve in the maturity stage. The diagram on the left hand
side shows the percentage of the users classified into heavy, medium
and low categories. The right hand side shows the revenue share
earned from the three types of users. Airtel, keeping in mind the
importance of the customer retention,
values its heavy users the most and constantly indulges inservice
innovation. But, since heavy users comprise only 15 -20% of the
population the other segment cannot be neglected. The population
which has just realised the importance of cellular phones has to be
roped in. It is for this reason that the service provider offers a plethora
of incentives and discounts. Concerts like the "Freedom concert" are
being organised by Airtel in order to promote sales. The media
channel is chosen with economy in mind. The target segment is not
very concrete but, there is
anattempt to focus on those who can afford. The printadvertisements
and hoarding are placed in those strategic areas which most likely to
catch the attention of those who need a cellular phone. The product
promise (which might cost different1 higher)
is an important variable in determining the target audience.

Ethical Practices of AIRTEL

As one of the world's better adaptable telecommunications arrangement

companies, Airtel has a cogent role to play in adorning people's lives.

We as well accept that we accept a cogent role to play in managing our

business anxiously and responsibly, which is why we accept adopted a
set of amount Values and Business Principles to administer our activities
and interactions with all our stakeholders beyond the world, including our
suppliers. Our Business Principles acknowledge a charge "to advance
the appliance of our Business Principles by our business ally and
suppliers. The afterward Code of Ethical Purchasing is to be apprehend
in affiliation with our Business Principles, and is advised to advance safe
and fair alive conditions, and the amenable administration of ecology
and amusing issues in Airtel 's accumulation chain. The Code has been
developed in appointment with employees, suppliers, investors and nongovernmental organizations. It sets out the standards we ambition to see
accomplished by Airtel and our suppliers over time. The assumption of
connected advance applies to all aspects of the Code.Airtel will plan
collaboratively with our suppliers on the accomplishing of the Code,
which may cover collective audits and website visits to appraise
performance.Airtel will about address on the accomplishing of and
acquiescence with the Code.
Airtel will animate all suppliers to apparatus our Code beyond their
accomplished business and aural their own accumulation chains.
1. Adolescent Labor
* No being is active who is beneath the minimum acknowledged age for
* Children (persons beneath 18 years) are not active for any chancy
work, or plan that is inconsistent with the child's claimed development.
* Where a adolescent is employed, the best interests of the adolescent
shall be the primary consideration.
* Policies and programmers that abetment any adolescent begin to be
assuming adolescent activity are contributed to, supported, or
2. Forced Labor
* Forced, affirmed or compulsatory activity is not acclimated and
advisers are chargeless to leave their application afterwards reasonable
notice. Advisers are not appropriate to abode deposits of money or
character affidavit with their employer.

3. Bloom & Safety

* A advantageous and safe alive ambiance is provided for employees, in
accordance with all-embracing standards and civic laws. This includes
admission to apple-pie toilet facilities, cooler baptize and, if applicable,
germ-free accessories for aliment storage.
* Where an employer provides accommodation, it shall be clean, safe
and accommodated the basal needs of employees.
* Appropriate bloom and assurance advice and training are provided to
4. Freedom of Association
* As far as any accordant laws allow, all advisers are chargeless to
accompany or not to accompany barter unions or agnate alien
adumbrative organizations.
5. Discrimination
* Negative bigotry including ancestral or animal bigotry is prohibited.
6. Disciplinary Practices
* Advisers are advised with account and dignity. Physical or exact
corruption or added aggravation and any threats or added forms of
browbeating are prohibited.
7. Alive Hours
* Alive hours of advisers accede with civic laws and are not excessive.
8. Payment
* Advisers accept their application altitude and fair and reasonable pay
and agreement are provided.
9. Individual Conduct
* No anatomy of bribery, including abnormal offers for payments to or
from employees, or organizations, is tolerated.
10. Environment

* Processes are in abode to actively advance the ability with which

bound assets (such as energy, water, and raw materials) are used.
* Appropriate management, operational and abstruse controls are in
abode to abbreviate the absolution of adverse emissions to the
* Appropriate measures are in abode to advance the ecology
achievement of articles and casework if in use by the end user.
* Innovative developments in articles and casework that action ecology
and amusing allowances are supported.





Members should always endeavour to avoid any
conflict of interest situation in their trading
activities as well as the relationship with the
customers. An arm's length approach should
always govern all transactions which should be
concluded in a fair and impartial manner.
Each firm should outline its policy for managing
Potential areas of conflicts of interest that may
arise and
influence the investment
recommendations which should be reviewed on a
regular basis.

Members recognize that it is their fundamental

duty to put the interest of the clients first and
should not be influenced by own or their firms'
interests. Priority is to be given to the transactions
and investments of the client over their own
personal account transactions.
Members must setup processes to identify, and
manage any type of conflict of interest situation
both in respect of business and personal conflicts.
Members should desist from accepting any gift or
other gratification that may be offered either by
clients or firm's business partners.
Members/Members employees should not use their
position to
obtain personal benefits to family
members from the clients or other business
Members must apply strict procedure and control
to monitor their representatives trading on their
own account based on own or other insider


Bharti Airtel, a leading global telecommunications company with
operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa, today launched its first
Sustainability Report for its India operations. The report also touches
upon the company's sustainability initiatives in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
and Africa.
While India continues to progress and is currently one of the world's
fastest developing economies, the ever increasing population of the

country is putting tremendous pressure on its current available

resources. This calls for proactive measures towards sustainable
development a path that can be led by corporate, adopting business
models and product innovations that contribute towards building an
inclusive society and drive environmental conservation. Based on this
theory, Airtel's Sustainability Report 2011-2012 provides a
comprehensive overview of the company's approach, initiatives and
future plans across social and environmental development including
energy and climate change, waste management, customer service,
digital inclusion and community engagement.
Airtel's Sustainability Report 2011-2012 also introduces the company's
blueprint on 'Social Inclusion' - a cornerstone of its sustainability
programme. Through this blueprint, the company aims to leverage its
wide network & distribution, accessibility, affordable services and ability
to manage scale to digitally enable financial, education, health and other
services for the masses.
The company has been constantly working along with its partners to
reduce Green House Gas emission in its operations. The report
discloses an 11% reduction in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions per
terabyte in network infrastructure in 2011-12. The company has also
been able to save around 20 million KWh of energy through its facilities
consolidation and data centre energy efficiency initiatives undertaken so




Flexible work options- We recognize the need to provide

opportunities to maintain a healthy work life balance. Flexible work
options assist employees in balancing their responsibilities towards
work, family, education and other personal interests.
Health Awareness- In order to have a safe and healthy
workplace, we constantly focus on creating awareness of health
related issues through expert-led discussions, seminars, etc. In
addition to this there are regular health check camps that are

conducted to ensure that our people are healthy and fit. There is
also a medical room with a certified doctor and nurse to provide
the basic medical help in case of an emergency
Gymnasium- To promote fitness at work, and in most cases
inspire better attitude and confidence, we provide our employees
access to a fully equipped in-house gymnasium with trained
coaches. The employees have the flexibility to exercise before or
after their work shifts or during their breaks. There are locker
rooms and shower facility near the gym for employees to manage
their hygiene. What more, the membership to this gym is at a
highly subsidized rate.
Day care centre- Home away from home for little bundles of joy!
Airtel has created this facility of fun and safe environment for
children of employees working with us. The brightly decorated
daycare center is a safe play area, designed for both kids and
babies with fully qualified and trained staff. It is managed by an
external agency, The Banyan, which has expertise in core
operations of Day-care Centers.
Grocery stores at office premises- For our employees to be
comfortable and free from constant thought of house-hold chores,
we provide some basic facilities like exclusive in-house Easy Day
grocery store and Del Monte outlet. Employees can buy a range of
items at these outlets at discounted prices and at the same time
save time and hassle to go shopping after work hours ..
Cafeteria- Food! Healthy and organic food at work! Yes, airtel has
built a massive cafeteria for its employees which serves an array
of healthy food and has also tied up with popular food chains to
tantalize the taste buds of employees. There is also a Costa outlet
on the premises where many a great ideas generate and
employees bond over a cup of coffee.
Employees-friendly policies- Our employees are our asset. And
the same belief is manifested in the progressive, employee-friendly
polices crafted at airtel. Be it the sabbatical policy to encourage
breaks for education purpose or entrepreneurial policy to give a
head-start to employees who want to explore their commercial,
risk-taking side or maternity/ paternity leaves for new parents
airtel takes care of its people throughout the journey.


With Airtel, the subscriber wouldn't just get a personal phone that lets him/her
be in touch, always, but also gets a host of benefits that let him/her manage
his/her time like never before. An Airtel subscriber is provided with a
Subscriber Identity Module Card (SIM card) - that is the key to operating
his/her cellular phone. His card activates Airtel cellular services and contains a
complete micro-computer chip with memory to enable one to enjoy one's
cellular phone thoroughly. Each SIM card contains a PIN code (Personal
Identity Number) which may be entered by one. Just plug your SIM card into
your cellular phone, enter the PIN code and it becomes 'your' personal phone'.
AIRTEL has realised that the Indian market is price sensitive. Therefore it care
of the has come up with various innovative tariff schemes to take needs of
different category of customers- Generally, the cellular services are more
expensive than the land line based telephone services. This is due to the reason
that the operating companies are required to pay a fee to the government for
using airtime.
Airtel launched its services before Essar and skimmed the market picking
up the bulk of the high usage premium clients. This is a very competitive

industry with the two companies differentiating either on value-added

services or price. Airtel is perceived as the high quality provider and has a
premium image. Essar, on the other hand, is perceived as the lower end
service provider. Airtel positions itself as the market leader on the basis of
the number of subscribers. Essar is trying to counter this by emphasising
on the reach of its network and the quality of its service. However, Essar is
somewhat not been very successful largely due to the inconsistency in
advertising. To promote themselves, both the players have been dependent
on tactical advertising However, they have restrained from using comparative
advertising Hoardings have been a very popular medium for carrying the
advertisements Airtel has also been advertising on television using the
Bharti Telecom name.

India is the fastest growing telecom market in the world and Africa is a
market with great potential in the coming years. Bharti Airtel is the
largest wireless service provider in our country and the 5th largest
integrated telecom operator in the world. It has presence in all the 22
telecom circles in India and has operations in Africa, Sri Lanka and
The company had an aggregate of 351.6 million subscribers as of March
31, 2014. With competition from the new entrants almost vanishing and
telecom tariffs expected to go up in India, Bharti would benefit from
these developments.


1. Strong network.
2. Unique strategy for retaining the
3. Quick service
4. Solution of problems smoothly
and following it up.
5. National


1. Products are premium.

2. Low Post paid market.



Rural market penetration

VAS ( Value Added Services)
Brand visibility
3G presence.


1. Entry




2. Retention of talents.
3. Changing customer needs.


Airtel is fulfilling the needs of many people. The company should promote their
product as attractively as possible. They should also maintain the market
reputation they has and retain the customers. There are lot of competitors in the
market, the company should face the tough competition and come out with
better policies and plans. They should always focus on achieving the targets or
objectives of the company. The company has a tie up with many large
organizations and which is because of their service and reputation in the market.
Hence, the organization should change its policies with the changing market and
maintain its position