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MBA (Shipping and Logistics Management) Human Resources Management

Trimester II- Internal Assignment NOV 2008
Assignment should be supported with reference organisation and questionnaire.
MBA/5001/06 Selection methods followed by IT Organisations A Critical analysis.
MBA/5002/06 Psychological Tests as a selection method A Critical Analysis.
MBA/5003/06 Interview Techniques adopted by BPO Companies.
MBA/5004/06 Recruitment Process in Service Industries an analysis.
MBA/5005/06 Recruitment Process in Private & PSUs- a Comparative analysis.
MBA/5006/06 Incidence of Employee Turnover in Software companies an analysis
MBA/5007/06 Interview Process seldom serves selection purpose an analysis.
MBA/5008/06 Quality of working Life in TCS.
MBA/5009/06 Quality of working Life in INFOSYS
MBA/5010/06 Quality of working Life in COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGIES.
MBA/5011/06 External Training is more effective than In-house Trainingan evaluation
MBA/5012/06 Methods of identifying Training needs- Banking Industry.
MBA/5013/06 Human Resources Planning- Yearly Forecast (2011) for AMET
MBA/5014/06 Job Rotation an ideal mode of Job Enrichment an analysis.
MBA/5015/06 Causes for absenteeism in PSUs a critical analysis.
MBA/5016/06 Process of Career development in Software companies an analysis.
MBA/5017/06 Quality Circles in AMET feasibility study.
MBA/5018/06 Group conflicts in AMET an analytical study.
MBA/5019/06 Workable Job Enrichment programme in AMET.
MBA/5020/06 Training Programmes for AMET staff a detailed study.
MBA/5021/06 Job Analysis- for Core teaching staff a detailed report.
MBA/5022/06 Quality of Working Life a critical analysis.
MBA/5023/06 Critical analysis of Crew selection for shipping Companies
MBA/5024/06 Critically analyse the concept of selection through consultants
MBA/5025/06 Job Advertisements- as recruitment device - Critical analysis
MBA/5026/06 Critically analyse the Statutory Laws
MBA/5027/06 Pros and Cons of VRS as an exit plan an evaluation
MBA/5028/06 Feasibility study on outsourcing of HRM functions
MBA/5029/06 Trade Union involvement has considerably reduced a study
MBA/5030/06 Effectiveness of Workers Participation in Management a study.
MBA/5031/06 Safety and Welfare measures as an important component of QWL.
MBA/5032/06 Effectiveness of Career fairs & Career Melas
MBA/5033/06 Effectiveness of various Training methodologies followed in AMET
MBA/7001/05 Campus Recruitments a critical analysis.

Academy of Maritime Education Training KANATHUR

MBA (Shipping and Logistics Management) Organisational Behaviour-II
Trimester II- Internal Assignment
Assignment should be supported with reference organisation and questionnaire.
MBA/5001/06 Automation is resisted by workers- an evaluation.
MBA/5002/06 Successful leaders build trust in followers- an evaluation.
MBA/5003/06 Concept of Goal setting is the mind map to achievement- Evaluation
MBA/5004/06 MBO is a method of motivating employees an analysis.
MBA/5005/06 Meditation as an effective tool for coping with stress-an analysis.
MBA/5006/06 Group think generally results in adversaries an analysis
MBA/5007/06 Interpersonal relationship in the organsations a study.
MBA/5008/06 Stress management techniques a vital need- a critical assessment.
MBA/5009/06 Make an in-depth study about the organizational culture-AMET
MBA/5010/06 Parent Ego state is associated with autocratic leader analysis
MBA/5011/06 Methods to overcome Gender bias in the Organisations-an analysis.
MBA/5012/06 Conflicts in the Organisations contribute positively- an analysis.
MBA/5013/06 Informal groups capable of contributing more for the success-evaluation.
MBA/5014/06 High degree of cohesiveness in groups lead to higher productivity
MBA/5015/06 Sexual harassment & verbal abuse in work climate- critical analysis.
MBA/5016/06 Values tend to be stable and enduring an evaluation.
MBA/5017/06 Ways expressed by employees to show their dissatisfaction analysis
MBA/5018/06 Job involvement and Organisational commitment a study.
MBA/5019/06The logic of a coalition? There is strength in numbers-evaluation.
MBA/5020/06 Job and life satisfaction critical analysis
MBA/5021/06 Right to express their differences and to solve the conflicts more stable
MBA/5022/06 Methods of interpersonal communication in an all India organsation.
MBA/5023/06 The role of Power & Politics in Organisational issues Evaluation.
MBA/5024/06 Empowering the Employees- an experimental analysis.
MBA/5025/06 Managing employee absenteeism-a critical analysis.
MBA/5026/06 You cant teach an old dog new tricks a reinforcement approach.
MBA/5027/06 Effective disciplining in the organizations- an analysis.
MBA/5028/06 Ability directly influences an employees performance levelan evaluation
MBA/5029/06 The founders of the organization are the providers of Culture an analysis
MBA/5030/06 Conflicts differs from competition an analysis.
MBA/5031/06 Creativity and Innovation are the survival techniques of organisation.
MBA/5032/06 Relaxation is one of the methods of coping with stress- an evaluation.
MBA/5033/06 Resistance to change is beneficial an evaluation.
MBA/7001/05 Facets of Team Building in an organisation an evaluation.

Academy of Maritime Education Training KANATHUR

MBA (Shipping and Logistics Management) E- Commerce
Trimester III- Internal Assignment
Assignment should relevant to E-Commerce subject. Last date 22.04.07
MBA/5001/06 EDI
MBA/5002/06 E-Commerce benefits
MBA/5003/06 Cryptography
MBA/5004/06 E-Cash benefits
MBA/5005/06 Smart Cards
MBA/5006/06 SSL secure socket layer
MBA/5007/06 Digital certificate
MBA/5008/06 Digital signature
MBA/5009/06 Authentication
MBA/5010/06 Electronic Payment System
MBA/5011/06 Credit Cards Payment
MBA/5012/06 VPN (Virtual Private Network)
MBA/5013/06 IDS (Intrusion deduction System)
MBA/5014/06 Internet
MBA/5015/06 Extranet
MBA/5016/06 WAN
MBA/5017/06 Data security
MBA/5018/06 B2B
MBA/5019/06 B2C
MBA/5020/06 G2C
MBA/5021/06 C2C
MBA/5022/06 C2G
MBA/5023/06 EDI benefits
MBA/5024/06 Biometrics
MBA/5025/06 S E T (Security Electronic Transaction).
MBA/5026/06 Digital Cash
MBA/5027/06 Confidentiality
MBA/5028/06 Integrity of Data
MBA/5029/06 w. w. w
MBA/5030/06 Private Network
MBA/5031/06 website development
MBA/5032/06 Drawback of using credit cards
MBA/5033/06 Public Key
MBA/7001/05 Firewall security