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English Department Meeting

Dec. 2, 2009
432 Carl Wimberly Hall
3:50 p.m.

Present: Bradley Butterfield, Liz Canon, Matt Cashion, Susan

Crutchfield, Natalie Eschenbaum, Ryan Friesen, Richard Gappa, James
Gray, David Hart, Lalita Hogan, Sharon Jessee, Gary Konas, Haixia
Lan, Thomas Pribek, Luke Schaaf, Sharon Scholze, Karen Stuart, Darci
Thoune, Robert Wilkie; Carla Graham was excused

I. Meeting convened at 3:50 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes –November 4, 2009.

Minutes were approved

III. Reports and Announcements.

A. Chair’s Report
1. Fall course requests soon. Please return before you leave for
Holidays, with Fall course suggestions page
2. Overrides: make sure it’s needed before granting, bring to chair
for final approval
3. Konas’s and Young’s classes are open for those seeking
4. Enrollments can be checked on Wings
5. Candidates for Professional Writing Search (please sign up to
meet them); Executive Committee invited to come to all interview
6. Pool search for adjuncts at Human Resources website; La
Crosse and Winona papers on Sunday
7. “Working With Diversity” presentation coming, 1/21/10
8. Need new student worker for English Department website
9. English Dept. glossy brochure in the works, curricular
committees can make suggestions
10. “Public Relations Office” now called “University
Communications Office” for any events anyone needs to announce
11. A.P.R. external reviewer from U.W. Eau Claire coming
12. Travel request money must be requested on blue forms by
January 25, 2010
13. Students Tuition differential was voted yes/yes; so students are
willing to pay for the Writing Lab services
14. U.R. grant proposals due by March 24, 2010; Crutchfield has
sample proposals to look at

IV. Education Major Revision: discussion of categories; Pribek

moved to pass with addition of ENG 320 in Category D; and to move
332 to above 333 in Category A. Motion was passed.

V. Gen Ed Assessment Reporting: not discussed.

VI. Pay for Print (discussion). Copier was used twice as much this
term: can CLS do anything to alleviate the problem of students having to
pay more for copies and course packets?

VII. Merit Policy: Discussion of bylaws. Ruthann Benson says we

should be using all categories regularly; High Demand Faculty Fund (to
retain people in danger of leaving) requires faculty member received
Exceptionally Meritorious, which only two department members have
ever received; Crutchfield suggests we use Digital Measures for these
reports; Jessee moved to refer discussion to next department meeting.
Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 5:04 p.m.

Minutes by Bradley Butterfield

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