Directive 034

Gas Well Testing
Theory and Practice Fourth edition 1979 (Metric)

GUIDE RENAMED AS A DIRECTIVE As announced in Bulletin 2004-02: Streamlining EUB Documents on Regulatory Requirements, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) will issue only “directives,” discontinuing interim directives, informational letters, and guides. Directives set out new or amended EUB requirements or processes to be implemented and followed by licensees, permittees, and other approval holders under the jurisdiction of the EUB. As part of this initiative, this document has been renamed as a directive. However, no other changes have been made. Therefore, the document text continues to have references to “guides.” These references should be read as referring to the directive of the same number. When this directive is amended, these references will be changed to reflect their renaming as directives.

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