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Are you presently using any of your own alchemical preparations for your personal
A. Yes. Thanks to this alchemical preparation I am still here. In 1974 I had a heart attack.
Thanks to the 'niter' which I produce as a pink salt out of the dew in spring could I

Alec Gathercole
One of nature's products looked at with mixed feelings is snow. Some have pleasant
thoughts when witnessing the flakes floating down, covering the countryside with a pure
white blanket on a Christmas morning. For a skier it can cause exciting and pleasurable
thoughts of anticipation, as he pictures himself swishing down the slopes. A researcher
may see beauty in the shape of a magnified and photographed snowflake. Others may feel
disdain when inconvenienced by the build-up of snow on the pathways and roads, which
delays or restricts their movements and interferes with their daily activities and comforts.
Such are but some of the effects caused by the physical appearance of snow. But what of
the inner concept-the virtue found within the manifestation of POWDER SNOW and the
effects of this gift from the heavens.
There are those who are working with snow in a most unusual way, seeking to find and to
use the beneficial energy that is to be found within it. Several beneficial uses for snow
have been found. The application does not require an extensive education nor special
equipment but does involve an awareness, a knowledge, of the natural laws and their use.
One such fundamental or natural law is "Wherever an affliction occurs, thereabouts may
be found a cure."
This principle was applied while on a family vacation at a ski resort at Mount Bulla in
Victoria, Australia, during school term holidays, which commenced August 25th of 1972.
Mount Bulla is situated some one-hundred miles from any industrial area, so the air was
crisp and pure, which is significant to those who are using the fundamental laws. The first
day, there was much activity, as there was a clear, blue sky and the sun shone brightly
upon the freshly fallen snow. There were skiers about who were inexperienced and many
of these newcomers were not protected from the snow's glare. They suffered inflamed
eyes, burnt faces, and cracked lips. Aid, in the way of pharmaceutical products and
protective equipment, was available for the prevention of this type of injury. However,
there was no evidence of snow itself being used as an aid, even by the experienced
exponent of the slopes, simple as the application is.
For the prevention or the cure of snow blindness, several drops of water thawed from
snow at body temperature and used as an eyewash at regular intervals will give protection
against snow blindness or relieve the inflammation caused by it. An eyedropper may be
used to insert the fluid. If the water has not been denatured before using, there will be a
reaction; and this should be anticipated. For, as soon as the fluid comes in contact with
the eye, there will be experienced a stinging sensation, similar to when an eyelash has
been displaced, causing the closing of the eyelid firmly. Within seconds, however, this
disappears and the soothing sensation of the eye having been oiled will be experienced;

along with relief, should this be used for the suffering of inflammation. This application
may be repeated as often as required. When the smarting sensation no longer occurs, it is
a sign that sufficient has been used for the present, either as a preventative or as a cure.
The effects of burning during outdoor activities may be avoided without the use of
cosmetics, which prevent the skin from becoming naturally accustomed to exposure, by
simply scooping up some snow in the hand and rubbing it onto the unprotected areas,
including the eyes. This will give the complexion that wonderful tanned glow, so much
sought after by lovers of the outdoors.
There is one important detail to be noted by those attempting to verify these facts. Only
the powdered snow, thawed at about body temperature, will have this therapeutic effect.
First falls of snow that are in contact with the ground soon loose the virtuous quality
contained within. The use of such snow as this may cause some to discard the thesis
without further investigation. The dedicated seeker will find that snow, having the virtue
described. may be found at any time in the snow fields. To find it, one may have to leave
the paths and ski runs, which are packed or iced, and seek for it where a subsequent
snowfall occured. This new snow may be sealed by a frozen crust. BY breaking through
this crust to the powdered snow beneath it, a virtuous water may be had from it. Frozen
snow or ice is of no avail. Some falls of snow will contain more virtue than others, but
within all powdered snow there is found the beneficial virtue described. This may be
tested by application to the normal healthy eye, as the reaction previously described will
occur if the water from the powdered snow retains its virtue.
It has proven worth the effort to collect and store a quart (litre) for the home apothecary
as an eye wash, which can be used for all discomforts of the eye throughout all seasons. It
stores well in a stoppered glass bottle.
It is demonstrable that the crippling effects of frostbite, causing on occasions the removal
of limbs, can in most cases be completely avoided. All practitioners involved in treating
this injury should be instructed in snowpacking the afflicted parts, and thereby restore the
limb back to normal healthy circulation. This is not an ice pack procedure. It involves
encasing the injured area and beyond in a cocoon of this powdered snow until the
circulation recommences to flow through the affected area. The rest of the body needs to
be properly clothed to keep the body temperature within the normal range. Judge not in
haste, for through experience new portals will open. Those who may have suffered injury
through exposure and become aware of this application will shudder at their ignorance in
time of need.
For the hardy one or those who wish to be, the therapeutic value of the snow walk should
be tested. The body should be clothed so as not to become chilled, while the feet are to be
bare. Walk barefoot in the fresh snow until the feet are chilled. Without drying or rubbing
the feet, only brush off the loose snow before pulling on dry woollen socks and shoes.
Then, gently exercise, (indoors if preferred) until the feet regain their normal
temperature. This takes some will power the first time it is tried. but, after only several
outings, one will be surprised at the length of time it is possible to walk in the snow
barefoot. This should be done on consecutive days. One will be pleased at the feeling of
exhilaration. obtained.
The beneficial effects of the snow walk give an improved functioning of the circulation

and the metabolism as well as the ability to easily adapt to changes in temperature during
ordinary daily activities-yet another joy to be had by such an effort. One or two weeks
will acclimatize a normal healthy body. Chillblains and other circulatory disorders have
been corrected by the above applications.

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