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So you guys must be wondering what is in this book of Dianetics, and what Auditing
is. Well, as you guys heard in the presentation, Dianetics is Mr. Hubbards first book.
If you understand the world of Dianetics, you will understand the essentials of
Scientology. The whole religion is, amazingly, based on that one book. The word
Dianetics itself is based on the Greek words dia, which means through, and
nous, which means mind or soul. Dianetics helps you get rid of unwanted
emotions, fears, and mental illnesses, according to the Scientologists. It is describes
as what our soul is doing to the body, through the mind. Auditing is basically
spiritual counselling, based on Dianetics. Auditing involves an auditor asking a
series of questions and directions to the person who is being audited. This called a
process. All the things said during auditing are confidential.
Scientology is practiced in many countries, from Brazil to Australia.
But that doesnt mean that it is recognized as an official religion in that country. For
example, Scientologists are found in Chile, but in Chile, Scientology is regarded as a
There are 5.3 million Scientologists in the US, which means they have the greatest
population of Scientologists than any other country. Not surprising, seeing as
Scientology was founded in America. It is recognized as an official religion there,
complete with tax exempts and marriage rights.
There are countries who recognize Scientology as a religious group, but theyre
classified as a non-profit organization.
Scientologists here greatly emphasize human rights, especially fundamental
freedoms. The freedom of conscience and religion is a key right to them.
The Government of Canada hasnt granted Scientology the status of being a
profitable, tax-exempt organization. So, this is why some religious scholars think
Scientology has failed to get official recognition as a religion here in Canada. Yet,
Canadian Scientologists have the privilege to perform marriages as ministers, and
public servants of scientology get to take time off work, if its a Scientologist
Many Scientology groups have committed a variety of crimes towards governments
or individuals. But is it any different than, from, say, an Islamic extremist? Or a

mass-murderer that happened to be a Christian? Its up to you to decide Mary

Hubbard, Ron Hubbards third wife, led Operation Snow White, which you will learn
about shortly. Mr. Hubbard has also committed a few counts of fraud and theft,
during the period when he had founded Scientology.
David Miscavige, the Leader of the Church of Scientology, has had many allegations
been made against him, such as physical assault, coerced (convinced) abortion,
human trafficking and child labour.
Operation Snow White was a conspiracy formed in the 1970s by over 5000
Scientologists who wanted to remove all unfavourable records about Scientology,
thus the name Snow White. They had to infiltrate 136 international government
agencies, and with so many conspirators, operation Snow White is the single largest
infiltration in the history of the United States.
Seven years later, when the FBI finally found out about Operation Snow White
(though Im sure they had their suspicions), they decided to raid Scientology
headquarters, and discovered Operation Freakout. Operation Freakout was targeted
towards American journalist Paulette Cooper, who wrote several books about
activism against Scientology, and all of its conspiracies and blasphemies. So
Scientologists wanted to ruin her life financially, and in many different other ways.