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November, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without reservation, I highly recommend Sabrina Moore as a strong and deserving candidate
for educational honors and a scholarship recipient. James L. Hymes, Jr., Ed.D, former President
of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, wrote, The best preparation
for tomorrow is a good today. This belief forms the foundation from which Sabrina Moore
bases all of her interactions with young children in the school environment. Since a young childs
attitude towards school and their understanding of self and estimation of self is forming during
the preschool years, Sabrina recognizes that her first and most important responsibility to children
is to instill in them a love of learning, a belief in themselves as learners, and faith in education as
a means to self discovery, independence, and positive relationships.
For Sabrina learning and teaching is a highly personal experience. As a volunteer in my special
education preschool classroom for over a year, I find Sabrina to be highly respectful of each child
and where they are on their personal educational journey. She understands the need to provide
experiences that facilitate development of the whole child because of the interrelatedness of
development. Sabrina willingly creates and assists our young children with age appropriate
experiences that are sensory based and address a variety of developmental domains (motor,
social, cognitive, language, emotional).
As part of her daily responsibilities in our classroom, Sabrina assists with large group, small
group, and individual learning time configurations. During discovery learning time/centers, she
facilitates play with a variety of play and sensory materials. She guides preschool children to
make quality play choices and explore individually and in informal small groupings of peers. In
the more teacher- directed large group and small group learning times, Sabrina works with small
groups of children to develop concepts and attain new skills. Providing special needs
preschoolers with a variety of learning groupings and situations fosters a sense of
connectedness and helps children become comfortable as independent learners and as members
of a larger learning community.
Preschool really is a magical time. Children move swiftly from one activity to the next: singing,
dancing, jumping, wiggling, creating, exploring, experimenting, building, pretending, listening,
talking, role-playingLEARNING! Sabrinas dedication, responsibility, loving and skilled
educational approaches has helped to create a good today every day for our children in SPICE.
Her endless enthusiasm and willingness to be a member of our teaching and learning team, has
made our classroom a more enjoyable and effective learning environment for children and
teachers alike. I believe that people can become great educators with quality education and
experience. I also recognize that there are the rare few who have a gift with children and who
possess the intelligence and drive to be outstanding educators. Sabrina Moore is that person.
Most Respectfully,
Kara Yeacker, M.Ed.
SPICE Teacher
Clarkston Community Schools