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Annual Business Today Best Companies to Work for Survey 2014

By Vishal Sawant , PGDM B (103)

Chetanas Institute of Management & Research
Human Resource Planning

Top 5 Ranked Organizations :



Relative Index

Methodology :
Partners in Survey :

HR Services

Total Respondents : 13,364

Percentage of Respondents

37 North India

18 South India

13 Central &
East India Eact

Primary Questions Asked :

o Among all the companies that you know in India, which are the top five dream
companies that you want to work for?
o Which company would you rank the best on each of the factors

Six Criteria Taken for Survey :


Career Growth Prospects

Financial Compensation
Work-Life Balance
Performance Evaluation
Other HR Practices

Top Winners
Google has topped the list for the 2nd straight year, due to the initiatives
taken by the company to make its employees feel secure.
The following are the reasons which makes google best among all.
o Mentor-on-Call initiative Here , Mentors are trained in engineering to
train other googlers.
o Action Item Initiative It involves list of parameters to judge
employees work flow and Google orientation.
o Google Hangouts A direct interaction tool used for more targeted and
focused training.
o Google also tries to engage prospective employees , which helps them
to know the company culture as well as settle in better

Accenture as an organization is trying to reshape talent agenda.The
new way of hiring has bought Accenture on 2nd rank. Few of the
reasons are as follows.
o The technology team of Accenture has created new interviewing app,
where the candidate can start engaging with the company prior to the
interview. The candidate can also know who the interviewer is.
o Accenture Talent Tool It is integrated with different social media like
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, to connect with the potential candidates.
o The strong reason also lies that the organization aims at building
relationships and not always thinking about hiring.
TCS is the largest private sector employer in India and has an attrition
rate of 11.3 percent. Following are some decisions which makes them
o TCS knows how to manage its young and diverse workforce
o TCS works overtime to connect to its employees as it recruits
from 118 nationalities
o TCS introduced an internal social networking platform called
Knome, pronounced Know Me, to help companys leaders
connect with employees.

Below are which Microsoft in the top 5 best employers list.
o They changed its approach from a performance oriented to an
impact oriented one.
o The company tries to take care of personal life of its
o Like, customise health insurance policies as per employees
needs, a third part agency has been hired to listen to their
In the transition phase, IBM has taken constructive measures to ensure
that it doesnt affect its employees. Some of them are given below.
o 4 way measure Development, Engagement, Health and WellBeing.
o IBM created a social platform called New2Blue where new
employee could interact with one another.
o This platform also allowed existing employees to help new
employees with work and adapt to the culture
o IBM is also trying to build a better integrated workplace for the
new as well as old worker.

BHELs market dominant position and the many facilities it offers employees make it a great
The following are the various reason the makes BHEL one of the better workplace.
o The company encourages engineers to take on various jobs including finance and
unrelated fields
o The company is okay if someone fails in their efforts and it encourages employees to
take risks. The company supports its employees if they want to expand their horizon.
o The company provides perks , accommodation, relevant training and adequate
monetary compensation.
o The company has an attrition rate of less then 1 percent.
o The company also encourages women engineers by giving them opportunities to work
in field postings.




Employees feel safe under the Tata umbrella, even if steel and motors are facing
rough weather.
Below are strong reasons why TATA stands out:
The employees at Tata Steels Jamshedpur plant has been able to instantly access
information such as health and attendance records of any contract worker through
Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) linked to the plants internal
computer network.
This system is very useful because the shop floor is not manned by the same set of
people everyday.
Through this system, one can easily find out instantly if a particular worker has high
blood pressure, blood sugar levels or vertigo.
The company has got its top 100 leaders trained through the Leadership Edge
programme so all of them understand the organization and the way it is going forward
and how to be led by these managers.
The managers travel far and wide, also visiting the offices of customers and travelled
in buses to know customers needs and also how their competitors operate.
TATA rightly understands that compared to earlier generations, job gratification is
more important for the present ones.
One of the initiatives also is diversity and inclusion launched by Chairman Cyrus
As part of a two pronged strategy , the group first aims to double the number of
female employees by 2020.
The second objective is to groom 1000 women leaders in the group by addressing the
constraints that they face their way up the ladder.
In the last one year, Tata Motors has put together a differentiated reward mechanism,
in which top 10 percent to 15 percent people can get upto 60 percent higher pay than
the median performers. The bottom 5 percent to 10 percent is put on a performance
improvement plan.
360 degree bench marking policies and practices have consistently delivered
outcomes. It will cover efforts that span internal benchmarking of companies vis-vis global peers and also called as first principles derived from academic research.

Coca-Cola India makes the list of the best employers for the first time, having
institutionalised its grooming and mentoring process.
The below are various initiatives taken.
o The company has empowered and given opportunities to its workforce.
o PEGASUS : A seven month programme to prepare middle managers for
leadership and involves , 360 degree feedback, personalised coaching and
academic learning sessions.
o CHRYALIS : A five month programme for junior to mid level employees and
is meant to groom future leaders and assesses different skills in employees.
o CORE It is a programme meant for junior employees and helps transform
them into managers
o CATALYST AND DON KEOUGH ACADEMY : Programmes at the academy
are meant for senior most employees and aids them in taking on global
leadership responsibilities.
o THE COCA-COLA UNIVERSITY : It includes courses from leading global
universities such as Harvard where senior employees can attend them at their
o LEAD INSPIRE CONNECT PROGRAMME : It was set up to encourage
women to take on leadership roles in the company.
o MANTRA : An eight week summer internship programme for students from
the B-Schools.
o The company has demonstrated its commitment to diversity at the workplace
and has placed women in key positions in India.

Few reasons which makes Reliance one of the best employers.
o The company announced a five day week
o The workplace surprises you with its cheer friendly ambience and the state of the art
o The company has also been tapping into the top B-Schools and had started two year
Reliance Accelerated Leadership Programme.
Fractal Analytics allows employees unprecedented elbow room to decide their career
paths. Below mentioned are few of the initiatives.
o People Principle policy
o The leadership teams vision is that all employees should enjoy the same level of trust
as senior executives.
o People Principle has elements such as the Wikification of company policy allowing
companies to amend , self regulation in matters such as expense claims, leave and
dress codes , and perform since evaluation that is divorced from rankings.
o It gives freedom to employees to choose desired roles, project managers, mentors and
even change career tracks
o The company does not track its employees vacation time and leaving them alone to
work in freedom.
o Their employees set their own targets and them self determine their goal achievement
percentage , which is the basis of their salary increments and variable pay.
o Fractal never questions the reimbursement bills of employees.
o Employees choose their work timings and are also allowed to work from home.

Past Surveys and their Focused Topic and Revelations




Study or Revelations
Bought out the need for differentiated HR strategy for employees
or different genres and geographies.
Focused on the importance of brand, highlighting the fact that
the HR should think of synchronising the messages of an
employer brand with an overall consumer brand
Study recognised that HR leaders need to manage their
relationship with employees by aligning their perceptions and
aspirations with reality.
Employees demanded ethical leadership and showed a shift
towards meaningful aspirations
Findings become all the more interesting as they depict the
perceptions and aspirations of the employees in the turbulent
economic climate.

2014s Takeaways
o 69 percent feel satisfied with their workload that has been allocated and
contributed to choose an emoloyer.
o Key governing factor form an employee to look at an organization favrouably,
stable and fair organization which provide growth opportunities
o More respondents considered employer brand as important than learning
opportunity. The impact of the strong corporate brand was also seen in some
sectoral rankings.
o Ethical system and ethical compliance of senior management has increasingly
been the focus of respondents.