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500 patents) Operations in over 55 countries NPRA Safety Excellence Award Wastewater Process water Residuals management Veolia Water Oil and Gas 2 . As in all sectors. Specialists from the refining business Dedicated process expertise group Over 300 research and development staff Proprietary technologies (2. Veolia Water develops water and wastewater treatment solutions worldwide. key water and wastewater management objectives are: Safety Compliance Reliability Guarantees Quality service Efficiency … and aligning our resources to meet your needs With numerous references in the Oil and Gas industry and a dedicated pool of design. construction and operations experts.Understanding what's important to you… Water is an important utility in many day-to-day refinery activities.

or utility water for boiler feed or cooling tower makeup. which uses a microsand ballast that functions as a seed. Veolia Water can offer the most appropriate technology for the application . Sea water desalination Demineralization Cooling water treatment Thermal technologies: Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) Multi-Effect Distillation (MED) Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) Ion Exchange technology with counter-current regeneration Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems Condensate mixed-bed polishers Chemical dosing systems for boiler feed water Deaerators Flocculation/sedimentation Media filtration Activated carbon Hardness removal Chemical treatment systems and chemical supply For example: Actiflo® The pre-engineered Actiflo® system is a compact standard package plant for drinking water. the sea or an Veolia Water Oil and Gas 3 . As such. The process is a highly efficient and proven clarification technology. Veolia Water can help. enhancing floc formation and settling. high in quality and consistent timeliness. it is critical that the delivery of this agent be reliable.Process water Typical Process Water Treatment Water is an important agent in many of the day-to-day refinery activities. a lake.frequently a proprietary technology. Whether the water comes from a well. process water and wastewater treatment. A process video is available at: www. a river. Whether it is potable water for human consumption.krugerusa. in-process water for production.

Oily wastewater treatment Reuse / recycling Zero liquid discharge TiPSS (Tilted Plate Separator Systems) for oil/water separation Coagulation and flocculation Flotation systems (induced air/gas. from the desalter to the hydrotreater and most steps in between generates wastewater. The anaerobic selector performs two functions for effective treatment: filament control and biological phosphorus removal. flocculation. ranging from simple oil / water separation to biological treatment and polishing prior to final discharge. For example: Bio-DeniphoTM A/O System Process Schematic The Bio-DeniphoTM technology is the application of the Anaerobic/Oxic (A/O) process in an oxidation ditch layout and consists of a staged Block and Hong Anaerobic Selector followed by single or multiple oxidation ditches. reverse osmosis Sand filtration Evaporation and crystallization (Fluorides and salts) Veolia Water Oil and Gas 4 .Wastewater Typical Wastewater Treatment The processing of crude oil. Upon expansion. nitrogen removal can be incorporated into the treatment scheme by adding anoxic tanks and operating as an A2/O ditch. nano filtration. the treated wastewater must meet specially prescribed criteria – either regulatory driven or process mandated. sedimentation Membrane technologies: continuous micro/ultra filtration. Wastewater must be treated prior to discharge or reuse. In either case. Veolia Water has numerous technologies available for the treatment of crude processing wastewater. bio-filters. dissolved air/gas) Walnut shell and media filtration Warm lime softening Biological treatment (activated sludge. membrane bioreactors) VOC removal (activated carbon treatment) Sludge management (dewatering. incineration) Coagulation.

Veolia Water has an efficient model incorporating a patented process that: Provides a "process owner" Inventories and monitors tank solids content Establishes "tank specific" solids content limits Implements three-phase separation of slop oil Allows injection of solids to coker Veolia Water Oil and Gas 5 . The recovery and reuse of KOH from HF alkylation processes is accomplished by this equation: 2KF + Ca (OH)2 CaF2 + 2 KOH The use of this licensed crystallization process: Allows recovery and repurchase of regenerated KOH Avoids the expense associated with hazardous waste disposal For example: Sludge treatment duct cooling water flue gas freeboard refractory lining fuel sand fluid bed arch wet sludge wind box fluidization air Pre-treatment (two-phase or three-phase centrifuge) Filter press. belt filter Fluidilized bed incineration Slops. bottom oil: separation For example: Coker injection The movement and management of slop oil in a refinery is frequently inefficient and costly. For example: HARDTAC® Veolia Water maintains an exclusive worldwide crystallization technology license from DuPont.Residuals management Veolia Water has proprietary and licensed technologies and processes that do more than simply treat for disposal: these technologies allow you to convert waste to product that may be reused or injected into the coker.

selection and implementation… Technological Solutions Actiflo® Hardtac® Evaporation and Crystallization Multiflo® TiPPS® Biofix® BiostyrTM Hydrex® Mobile services Bio-DeniphoTM Design and Build Access to engineering expertise Access to process expertise Most appropriate technology Access to proprietary technologies Process guarantee Mechanical guarantee Operate and Maintain Access to operating expertise Potential operating costs reduction Operations and maintenance risk transfer "Get Comfortable" period Flexible term selection Design. Build. desires and plans Veolia Water Oil and Gas 6 .Flexibility creates simplicity in solution definition. Operate and Maintain Access to process engineering and operation expertise Most appropriate technology Access to proprietary technologies Process guarantee Performance guarantee Life cycle cost optimization Complete risk transfer Flexible term selection A menu of alternatives to fit your specific needs.

.Our know-how. our capabilities Turnkey Installations Process audits Effluent characteristics validation Assessment of the needs Bench scale and full pilot studies Design evaluation System design and engineering Construction management Commissioning Training Standardized Solutions Water production systems: .purified. economic and environmental progress Integration into your HQSE initiatives Associated with guaranteed results.potable water Complete treatment solutions: .sludge treatment . Utilizing the latest technologies Focusing on the core manufacturing and optimizing the performance business and transferring the of the treatment process responsibility for water treatment functions to a specialized provider Controlling all the costs related to the production of water and the treatment of wastewater and sludge Maintaining environmental compliance Managing the “Total Water Cycle” Veolia Water Oil and Gas 7 . demineralized water. softened.wastewater purification . outsourcing is based on a long-term transfer of the responsibility of the operation and maintenance of a new or existing water or wastewater plant.odor control Mobile and modular units After sales services Chemical treatment of water Outsourcing. a source of competitiveness Key phases Evaluation of the installation and operating practices Joint determination of the services to be outsourced Joint definition of the partnership and responsibilities Transfer of operating and maintenance responsibilities Management of the partnership Ongoing evaluation of performance Reciprocal information exchanges Commitment to achieving technical.

Herrera 2121 .veoliawaterst.Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies North America 14950 Heathrow Forest Parkway. Argentina Tel: (5411) 4302-7181 Fax: (5411) 4302-7180 Suite 200 Houston.: 281-449-1500 Fax: 281-985-5626 vws. Texas 77032 Tel. C1295ACO . Global Veolia Water presence .com VWOG/0606/2. Veolia Water and Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Veolia Water Systems Argentina vwsa@veoliawater. Photo credits: Veolia Environnement. Buenos Aires .