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Dear respondent,
This survey is conducted for the purpose of finding the Attrition Level in Fenesta. The
information will be a valuable input for the research and we assure you that the information will
be kept confidential. I hope that you will co-ordinate with us and give quite a few minutes from
your precious time and give the genuine answer.

Sales Department
Installation Department
Costing Cell
Marketing Department

Educational Qualification:-

Others (Please Specify)…………..
Under Graduate
Post graduate

Total Experience:Phone no.(Optional):1. What were your expectations when you first joined the organization?
a. Good Salary
b. Work life balance
c. Acceptance of your views and opinions
d. Good growth and advancement opportunities
2. Where do you think there was a mismatch with your expectations?
a. Good Salary
b. Peaceful and Stress less job
c. Acceptance with colleagues and superiors

Where do you feel that most of the employees in your organization experience a general disconnect when they started their careers? a.Frequent complaints with respect to job 5. Norms and values 4. What according to you is responsible for attrition in companies? a. Career and personal growth opportunities d. Encouraging employees for participation in decision making 7. Job itself c. b. They did not do anything to tackle the problem 6. Sudden decline in performance e. Employee’s expectation mismatch . Which of these areas are given least importance in your organization? a. Performance related rewards c. 5) a. A change in behavior such as coming late or leaving early b. Employee ownership in organization e. Others. specify ……………………………………………………. Pleasant work environment b. Arranged a meeting at once and ask the employee the reason behind such behavior. 3. Work environment d. Good growth and advancement opportunities e. They gave warning and let off c. In what ways did they try to tackle the above mentioned issues (Qn. Coworkers b.d.Withdrawing from others d. Which of the following signs have you noted among the employees in your organization who eventually left the organization? a. Talk about stress c.

Compensation 10. How do you rate your starting salaries in the organization comparing to market standards? a. Job Profile 8. The following are some of the reasons for employees to leave the organization. Rank them from 19 Inadequate Compensation Lack of Career Advancement Stressful work environment Work. Superior. High . Low b.b. Compensation d.Life imbalance Lack of Recognition Uneasy Relationship with Peers Lack of job satisfaction Problems with management Location of the organization according to the order of importance given by employees.subordinate relationship c.

organizations show concerns for their employees and earn their commitment? a. By simple guess 12. What is your opinion regarding as to what most of the employees in the organization feel about career advancement opportunities in the organization? a. Benefits cannot satisfy the employees c.By ensuring job security of employees b. Market trend d. What means. Based simply on best guesses 11.c.Provide career development opportunities c. Employees don’t fully exploit opportunities 14. Benefits is an important determinant in employee retention Career advancement 13. They don’t perceive any career growth b. Experience c. Based on seniority b. Benefits can only marginally satisfy the employees b. How are the salaries determined in your organization? a. There are career growth opportunities but employees are not aware d. There are enough opportunities for career growth c. What is the general opinion on the benefits that are offered in the organization? Tick which is mainly relevant a. Realistic d.Assuring post retirement benefits .

Employee stock ownership plans 15. Nature of work c. Unclear about return on investment Tight deadlines Short-term employee loyalty Lack of coaching given to them Job Stress 16. Work environment d. Working environment b. d. Lack of career prospects d.d. If your job stress doesn't involve another person. c. Work. What are the major stressors you find in your organization? a. subordinates and superiors 17. What are the factors that don’t allow organizations to focus on career development? a. Others. b. How many days in a week do you normally work? . Nature of the job and its responsibilities c. is it caused by the: a. Volume of work b. Personal issues e. Relationships with peers.Life balance 18. Specify ……………………………………………………………….

Recognition 22. > 5days b. Present the recognition publicly . Write a personal note to the employee c. 8 hours b. 5 days c. In which of the following ways does the organization reinforce recognition of a good work? a. 2-3 hours c. Accompany the verbal recognition with a gift. Which of the following measures are available in your organization in order to ensure proper work life balance to the employees? a.. Flexible work hours d. Others. <5 hours 21.a. Holidays/ paid time-off e. d. 8-9 hours c. specify ………………………………………. 10-12hours d. Job sharing f. <12 hours 20. Career break/sabbaticals g. Write out the recognition to the employee and to department head or CEO b. < 6 days 19. >2 hours b. How many hours in a day do you spend with your family? a. How many hours in a day do you normally work? a. 3-4 hours d. 4-5 hours e.

The rewards and recognition system followed in my organization make me feel. e. Which one of the following is correct with regard to communication? a. How is your relationship with your superior? a. c. Which of the following initiatives are not given much importance in your organization? a. Appointment of a new supervisor Mergers Allocation of new job duties Call from a head hunter 28. Very satisfied b. d. Very dissatisfied 24. Communication is determined by organization rules only b. a.23. Informal Job satisfaction 27. c. Quite dissatisfied e. How often do you have employee satisfaction surveys? . d. Quite satisfied c. Communication is determined by individual personalities 26. Which among these do you consider as a major trigger for an employee to look for a job elsewhere? a. b. Promotions Assessment and developmental programmes Job rotation Training Coaching and mentoring Interpersonal relationship 25. Formal b. b. Neither satisfied or unsatisfied d.

Poor working relationships f. b. Unhealthy working conditions g. Job insecurity. Inadequate pay scales e. d. but no follow ups are made Employees satisfaction surveys are not given much importance in my organization 29.a. Which of the following views do you think most suites the employees in your organization? a. Which aspect according to you is the major cause of dissatisfaction in your organization? Tick the relevant box. Every year Not regularly Not at all They do conduct. b. Salary b. Excessive job stress b. 31. What according to you can be the most important factor for job satisfaction? a. d. e. c. Career growth . Extra work load d. c. a. Long working hours c. Most of the employees are happy and do not want to move from the job Have no plans to leave even if they have another offer Are actively in search for another job Have already made plans to leave the job 30.

Opportunities for skill enhancement d.c. Which of the following issues are not given much importance in the organization? a. Work environment e. Low employee morale b. Relationship with superiors Management 32. Open communication Negotiate and manage conflicts easily Support employee growth in organization Conducting employee surveys 33. b. . How does the management foster to your expectations by catering to your needs? a. High turnover d. Poor productivity c. d. None of the above ……………………………………………………………………………………………… Thank you for your time. c.