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The National Secretariat for Patriotism Clubs (NSPC), Office of The

President has organized a one-month patriotism development
course for students who sat for the Uganda Advanced Certificate
of Education (UACE) in 2014. The training in patriotism
development was launched by President Yoweri Museveni in 2009
consistent with Objective XXIX (a) of the Constitution of the
Republic of Uganda (1995). The course whose venue is Uganda
Police Training School, Kabalye in Masindi district commences on
30th April, 2015. Admission begins at 1000hrs and closes at
Selection Criteria
NSPC works with Resident District Commissioners (RDC), Office of
the President and Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and
Sports in running patriotism development programs in the
country. Each district has coordinators who are teachers in
secondary schools. The RDCs assisted by district coordinators will
select the participants on following criteria:
1. Students who were very active members of the patriotic clubs
in their schools.
2. Students whose examination results qualify them for
admission to post-secondary institutions of learning
minimum of 10 points.
3. Gender sensitivity boys and girls.
4. Citizens of Uganda
We are targeting to receive 1,200 participants for the training.
Each district has been allotted number of participants to send
determined by school density in the district.
Objectives of the Course
Patriotism means great love for and willingness to defend ones
country. It defines the duties, responsibilities and obligations of a

citizen to his or her country. These attributes constitute the

objectives of the course that are to:
1. Inculcate the norms and values of patriotism among students
and youths of Uganda
2. Have the participants appreciate the core values and spirit of
patriotism love for Uganda, hard work, unity, service to
community and love for self.
3. Train them in leadership skills as they are soon to assume
positions of responsibility in society.
4. Enhance discipline, productivity, healthy minds and lifestyles
through physical exercises, elementary parade drills and
introduction to plant and animal husbandry.
5. Promote cultural values, traditions, performances and songs
and performances
6. Introduce them to basic security and self-defense skills,
including detection of terrorism signals
Course Contents
These constitute thematic topics and include:
1. Comprehensive history of Uganda.
2. Sensitize students on constitutionalism and governance
3. Laws of social development (political economy) and
operations of the laws in society (socio-economic formations)
so far experienced by humanity
4. Philosophy the science of understanding natural and
human phenomena to think and make decisions
5. Topics of common good:
(a) Financial literacy for mindset change
(b) Regional integration and Pan-Africanism
(c) Combating corruption.
(d) New trends in HIV/AIDS.
(e) Vision 2040.
(f) Statistical trends of Ugandas economy.
(g) Environmental

The Secretariat will feed, accommodate participants and give
them fund to take them back to their home districts.
Parents/guardians are requested to provide the children with the
1. Transport to the school in Kabalye, Masindi district.
2. Basic needs soap, toothpaste, etc.
3. Sports attire and jogging boots/strong shoes for parade drills.
4. Medication for specific disease/allergy.
On arrival in Masindi town, the students should not hesitate to
seek guidance from the bus and taxi park authorities for guidance
to the school in Kabalye.
The Office of The President appeals to all parents and stakeholder
to cooperate in this program so as to build patriotism in our
youth, turn them into useful citizens who will cause prosperity in
For any inquiries call Assistant Commissioner Lulu Itipa
0772955159/0759955159; Principal Assistant Secretary (NSPC)
Ms Hadijja Wegosasa 0774616715, Principal Officer Ms Rose
Bisikwa 0772474211 and Principal Officer Deo Seburimage
SIGNED: Lt. Col. Henry Masiko
Commissioner for Patriotism Clubs
Office of the President