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Executive Summary

After studying the theoretical concepts of a topic, understanding its practical
implications and applications is the next step in the learning process. This assignment on
the Business plan of any new product is a part of that next step. In the process of writing
this report, we came to know about different aspects of marketing, especially the
Business plan techniques of the company we have designed with the light of our little
We have been given to work on ‘The Business plan” of an upscale furniture store.
We believe that by targeting a segmented market, we can successfully occupy an
emerging niche that other channels of distribution have not been able to target.
Our objective in this business plan is to create a better everyday life for the many
people. We do this by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing
products at considerably low prices so that the highest possible number of people will be
able to afford them.
Our strategy is to reach a concise market niche so that we could serve to it with all
our efforts. Our company mainly imports furniture made of Plywood. The Plywood-made
furniture is relatively cheaper as far as the production cost is concerned. This makes our
job a bit easier as we look for offer something before our target consumers with a
relatively lower cost.
There are three functional departments in Kraft Furniture which are
Administration, Purchase and Sales & Marketing and there will be a Chief Monitoring
Officer who will monitor three functional departments. On the basis of our projected
profit and loss statement we are going to achieve the break-even point for our company
after 4.4 years.


As people move upward to the higher ladders of the hierarchy of motivation they
tend to expand their wants to various dimensions. Physiological satisfaction is an
important thing. When the worry about food, clothing and shelter is over and one knows
that one is secure and has a respected place in society, the desire for comfort blended with
style and class comes to the heart and mind. Kraft Furniture provide both the comfort and
the beauty in their product and our job is to pass this message to the public who are
craving for such an opportunity where not only will they be able to relax and enjoy the
furniture of high quality but will also be able to sooth their eyes by their beauty and style
not to mention the overwhelming joy they will get when others appreciate their precious
Since trendy furniture are already in the market it will not be that hard to make the
consumers of our client understand the value of it. What our main job is here is to let
people know that our client’s product is the best they will find where not only the fashion
is kept in mind but high class quality is added to it. The Furniture includes all sort of
home furniture. A list is provided below:
1. Bedroom furniture.
2. Kitchen furniture.
3. Study furniture,
4. Drawing/ living room,
5. Dining room,
6. Lounge furniture,
7, Others
After a thorough research and study we have come up with a systematic idea as of
how to carry on the whole marketing plan. Basically we will use the fighting method of
advertising, skills and hard work. We will provide a step by step explanation of our
market plan throughout this project.

We are committed to develop mutually beneficial trade relationships with our customers based on integrity and efficiency. Its purpose is to help us maintain our long-term vision to serve our customers with the high quality home furniture and service they expect. Our aim is to position our product line as the High Quality. market demand and life-style.BUSINESS MISSION We have a mission statement that drives everything we do. We always provide the best possible value to our customers who care about quality home environments. and we want every dollar spent by us to be well spent. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 . We are dedicated to provide the highest quality home furniture. We strive to be one of the best furniture assembling firms in the industry through which our target market can reach its preference. furnishings. We are sensitive to the look and feel of good wood and fine furniture keeping in view of current trend. and materials to businesses and consumers all over Dhaka at affordable prices based on Quality.

Navana have brought about a revolution in furniture materials. Hardware shops: They provide all the necessary accessories starting from screws. The hardware sellers collect their inputs from Nababpur. varnish. The major input markets for these enterprises are located at Farashganj (Dhaka). woodex. Indonesia. nails. Otobi. plytex. Dhaka is further segregated into three to four main clusters: Mirpur. medium density fiber (MDF) board on the market creating an impact in the wooden furniture sector. Nigeria. The industry has its members spread all over the country with key players located at Dhaka. polish etc. They have introduced particleboards. Panthopath and Elephant Road. Karwanbazar and other wholesale markets and they try to introduce new products in the market. One of the most critical issues that influenced the producers last year was a policy restriction which affected the availability of good timber and which leads to great uncertainty and reluctance to changes and investments.CURRENT SITUATION & TRENDS AND PERFORMANCE REVIEW The Furniture industry of Bangladesh has proved to be one of the most promising sectors with a high export potential. hand-tools used for creating designs. Pirojpur. Chittagong. jointers. INFORMATION ON THE MARKET: Sawmills and timber traders: Wooden home furniture sector largely depends on their saw mills and timber traders. Unfortunately. Malaysia etc. The demand and import for furniture is growing fast. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 . The saw mills and timber trading units buy their timber on auctions organized by certain government bodies. hammers. Introducer of non-wood materials: Industry leaders like Partex. and measurement tools to color. the producers have not been able to exploit this growth. Khulna and Chandpur from where they collect locally grown timbers which are imported from Myanmar (Burma). The industry leaders in the cluster are showing an interest in sophisticated MDF boards for innovative and stylish products. Gulshan.

COMPETITION: Almost all types of manufacturers face stiff competition from imported furniture and locally made non-wood trendy furniture. MACRO ENVIRONMENT: No Policy Support: Despite the ongoing changes in the furniture sub sector. INDUSTRY STATUS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 .Color suppliers: The color suppliers still confine their product line to traditional laborintensive French polish or Shellac whereas the industry leaders have already switched to Sayerlack wood-lacquer imported from Italy via Singapore. there is no government policy to support for this dynamic industry. This association plays a leading role in creating market linkages for large manufacturer by organizing furniture fairs. banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered have come up with Consumer Credit Schemes. Fabric suppliers: There are around 10-12 fabric suppliers. They also facilitate the introduction of better business practices. Globalization and increased exposure to developed markets brought changes in people’s attitude & lifestyle and products have made the traditional ways and products less attractive. which mainly cater to the end consumer markets. The government has not yet declared the furniture sector an industry and so it is not regulated under industrial law. local branches of different banks have improved transaction patterns. Nowadays. Public benefit service: There is a central association named BAFIOA. Role of Banks: Some banks like BRAC bank are providing loans to some of the manufacturers under SME development scheme. the sector is incompatible in terms of quality and design. Despite the high costs of some of the furniture. The bulk quantity of fabric comes from fabric suppliers located in Elephant Road and Islampur. Furthermore. Some of them also cater to the furniture manufacturers.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 .  The country has earned Taka 61 million from export of modern wooden furniture during the first quarter of the financial year of 2003-2004. Sawmill owners use trucks to bring in timber from outside Dhaka and to deliver it to the manufacturing units. Access to Finance: BRAC bank has a special credit scheme for some of the stakeholders of the furniture sector. They have even set up a unit office in various places to facilitate their work in the area. Retail owners usually use rickshaw vans or pickup vans to deliver furniture to the clients address.  The market size of Bangladeshi furniture with a combination of different types is nearly Taka 4 billion with a growth rate of 15-20 percent. The following table will provide evidence of the fact that it is the center of growth of this sector. ELEMENTS OF MARKETING PROGRAM Transportation: Transportation services are used at different levels. They publish product catalogues and brochures in order to carve out a larger market share.  The number of furniture manufacturing enterprises is nearly 10. Promotion: Some large shop owners advertise on national TV channels and in newspapers in order to promote their products.  The furniture sector employs 5 million people in the country and it can create extended employment to 10 million people if some of the existing problems could be eliminated.000 in the country.  Average annual import of furniture with a combination of different types to Bangladesh is estimated as high as Taka 8-10 billion.The furniture industry of Dhaka constitutes a major portion of the entire furniture industry of Bangladesh.

The manufacturers also charge a fee for polishing old furniture. The shop owners often assist customers in choosing designs of their furniture according to the size and configuration of their house. which provide a service in addition to the supply of furniture. Design: Some of the large manufacturers have their own interior design units. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 . After sales service (installation of furniture): Shop owners send their employees along with the furniture to assist in installing it in the client’s house or office.After sales service (repair & maintenance): A certain fee is charged for fixing furniture if something goes wrong within a certain period after purchase.

SWOT Analysis Our business plan consists of a SWOT Analysis to identify Internal Strength and Weakness and also to examine external opportunities and threats. While examining internal strengths and weakness we have focused on our organizational resources such as production costs. retain and grow customers. We will not only develop the product Kraft Home Furniture but will turn into a brand and will make sure that customers favor our products. We are on the brink of major opportunity and have the strength of combined expertise in high tech furniture assembling. comfort and culture of our society and will use Micro-marketing strategy to tailor products and marketing programs to the needs and wants of specific Individuals and local customer groups. Financial Resource: We will use High Financial Resource to launch the product and will try to use it effectively and efficiently. Design: We will Design our new product keeping in mind the trend. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 . marketing skills and technology. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses STRENGTHS Quality: Our firm focuses basically on High Quality keeping in mind that the money of the customers is worth paid off. and attract. taste. We will try to add financial benefits besides adding social benefit and structural ties to build customer relationships and customer equity. and the opportunity of growing market and new channel of distribution.

We are quite unsure about how or target markets view e marketing. The competitors of ours have not yet made any offerings like this. During the last few years many furniture shops has been growing in every local areas of the Dhaka city.and –motor facility will discriminate us from our competitors. We are budgeting quite some amount of money to launch the web. External Opportunities and Threats OPPORTUNITIES Technological: Internet Marketing and Sales causes new channel of distribution. So. Click. Technological challenges Establishment on the Internet will produce technological challenges. COMPETITION: Furniture' is a very common and demanding item for households.WEAKNESSES High risk: High Finance in launching the product involves high risk taking. It is quite natural for a woman to understand art and design that our company is willing to develop in our furniture. Demographic: Increase in portion of women in work-force who will be our one of the target market will be attracted towards our new high class home furniture. our research shows that. It is natural that putting in a lot of money to a business will be a matter of high risk taking. There are so many competitors of our client in the market that it is very difficult to list all the names. it is easy to understand that there are a large number of competitors of our client. Nowadays it is the women who are the decision takers and makers of our family. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 . but in an under developed country like ours the risk is quite high. specially with quite some competitors who are doing well in this line of business. we have listed some of the important competitors names:. However. We are targeting to launch an Internet based selling process as well as some physical outlets. but if they have their service is quite poor. One of the main objective of ours is to launch an internet based buying or selling or in a word an e-commerce solution for our product.

Targeting segments like that involves some threat. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. 6. Exclusive Furniture. THREATS Social: Products are created keeping in mind the high life style of people nowadays.g.10 . 8. causing problems in keeping the price of the product stable. 4. 13. Euro Touch. fluctuation in prices may occur. Green Road Cane Furniture Shops. Otobi – World Class Furniture. Koncept – Better Price Better Furniture. Panthopath Ship Furniture Shops. M/S Rahim Furniture. 5. as other classes would not benefit from our product. For e. 10. Hatil. So we are also viewing the competition as an opportunity because our competitors have a lot of gaps in their marketing strategy on which we will be taking advantage of.. 2. taxation and changes in regulation of Government policies. Navana Furniture Ltd. It is they choose cheaper quality mainstream material instead of a high quality product which we offer. thus not letting us benefit our profit. 11. It is not that people choose our competitors product instead of ours. 3. 15. German Furniture Ltd. Index Furniture. 14. 7. Italiano. 9. Partex Gallery.. 12. Our new product mainly targets the middle and upper class segment. Touch wood. Gulshan – 1 Furniture Market. This will ensure high quality with reasonable prices. Hi Fashion Gallery.The list of the competitors' names: 1. Political and Legal Threats: Due to high duty.

which is obtained from chopping of trees causing de-forestation resulting in Ecological threat.Besides. like blockade programs. suppliers and distributors. political interruptions. The cost of importing the bulky raw-material. may have a negative influence on our shipments. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. becomes expensive causing the price of the finished product to rise.11 . like cherry tree wood and oak from other countries. Ecological: Raw-material for our product is wood.

beautifully designed home furnishings are produced targeting a small part of the population — the few who can afford them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. KRAFT FURNITURE is being operated within Bangladesh which is considered to be a developing country.12 . Since we are importing standardized furniture from different worldclass furniture manufacturing firms. KRAFT FURNITURES has taken a different path. we have to be settled with a certain level of price despite our effort to make it as low as possible. The overall life-standard is relatively low here but it is increasing day by days so there is certainly a limitation existing with the purchasing ability of the local inhabitants. People who want to improve their homes and create better everyday lives are being considered as our premier target. One thing which seems to be mentioned here with some importance is that. How we are Different: How is KRAFT FURNITURE different from other furnishing stores? Well. We do this by offering a wide range of well-designed. dreams. tastes.that means quality. aspirations. In addition to financial status. We have focused on responding to the home furnishing needs of people throughout our target market and plan to support them as many ways as possible. functional home furnishing products at considerably low prices so that the highest possible number of people will be able to afford them. or good design and function. of course with minimum wallets. From the beginning.Specific Objectives Vision: We aim to create a better everyday life for many people. Most of the time. most of the furniture companies offer a wide range. we are looking for people with many different needs. This is the reason why we have segmented middle class and upper-middle class people as our target consumer group.

13 . The KRAFT FURNITURE range is the result of our efforts to meet those needs. we would be able to offer a wide range of style at the same time. It generates the joy of being able to own it without having to forsake everything else. by being coordinated. In fact. That is why price comes as the most critical dimension for us who seek to make a better everyday life available to the many. That is our business idea. So. Low prices: A wide range with good shape and function is only half the story. However. We don not present to the consumers what is unnecessary. as the procedure of importing quality furniture is highly cost effective. Affordability has a part to play — may be the largest part. Our customers want smart solutions to meet needs they have. we focus on different furniture with varied designs and functions. you will find plants. at an affordable price. Here.or relatively low/ affordable prices. toys. Finally. not just the few. we also need to keep in consideration that we are not a manufacturing company. We are a bit different here as we offer all of these. We have well-decorated furniture that helps build a home that has room to lead better life. A wide range: The KRAFT FURNITURE product range is wide in several ways. it is wide in style. As a firm that merchandises furniture. A low price is linked to the happiness of finding just what you need for your home. the price level cannot be controlled according to our own will and our ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. First. because that costs money. frying pans and whole kitchens. living room furnishings. Good design and function: It's not easy combining good design and good function with the right quality. it is wide in function. The consumers should not have to run from one small specialty shop to another to furnish their home. we have decided to highlight on what is authentically important for the consumers. That is why we spend most of our days finding ways to keep prices low. Secondly.

ABOUT COMPETITORS: Competition: 1.effort. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. During the last few years many furniture shops have been growing in every local areas of the Dhaka city.14 . Still. Furniture is a very common and demanding item for households. So. we reduce the price through having a minimum level of shipping and importing cost and some other variable and overhead cost. it is easy to understand that there are a large number of competitors in the industry.

Our company mainly imports furniture made of Plywood. At the same time. However. This makes our job a bit easier as we look for offer something before our target consumers with a relatively lower cost. WE are not sure. The very first thing we have focused on here is our target market. as a business firm we are bound to deal with the corresponding difficulties and risks. it is the upper middle and upper class people in the society who we are going to serve to. we have decided to serve this underserved ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. but it may be because of the scarcity of corresponding raw materials and converting and polishing instruments. considering the escalating popularity and the relatively less availability compared to the present and forecasted future demand. because the difficulty to raise up the initial business and the ultimate risk to face a loss is quite usual here. Now. We have segmented our target market to make it concise enough so that we could serve to it with all our efforts. As we have mentioned earlier. still we have found not more than 100 stores who are selling plywood furniture. The purchasing power of this segment certainly matches our offered level of price. we are offering them the products they want with some importance.15 . The Plywood-made furniture is relatively cheaper as far as the production cost is concerned.Business Strategy Our strategy is to reach the market niche: This is undoubtedly a challenging job for a firm to run a merchandising furniture firm in a third world country like Bangladesh . though the furniture industry in Bangladesh is a rapidly growing one. Moreover. we have found this section of the society as our desired consumer group who has surely got the taste and ability to buy our products. Taking up the cost associated with importing goods and running the business in consideration. However. the usage of plywood furniture has increased to a mentionable extent due to the user-friendliness of Plywood thanks to some prominent local furniture manufacturing companies like OTOBI.

we have forecast six months as our first quarter. we start selling our products which were accumulated into inventory by the time we aim to launch our product. So we need to import furniture for first six months and the first slot of our import wouldn’t include that much variation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. We need to take some time to reach up to the ‘circle of preference’ of our consumers. We are dividing our operational period into quarters each of which lengths six months here. So the first two or three months are going to be crucial. A considerable amount as our initial revenue is also expected which is included in our preliminary business . During this period. It means. This strategy has been set because we need to reach our break-even with one & a half a year Since we are focusing on quality. We aim to start our business from January 2006 and accordingly our first quarter would end up by June. our main target would be to get promote our organization as an emerging and an evolving one and make people aware of what we are doing. However. By this time. It is apparent that we have to face a very huge challenge from our giant competitors at the very initial stage. This attempt might reduce the array of competition for us which is not ignorable at any how since we are at the ‘probationary’ stage in the horizon of furniture business. we have to be realistic enough to get ready for receiving some initial losses and a slow initial growth rate. It is no deny the fact that we cannot expect an initial success at a very high scale.

6. 4. Since trendy furniture are already in the market it will not be that hard to make the consumers of our product understand the value of it. 3. Dining room. because ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. That will come out in our packaging. shipping. 2. What our main job is here is to let people know that our client’s product is the best they will find where not only the fashion is kept in mind but high class quality is added to it. Others Promotion: Our promotion strategy is based mainly on making the right information available to the right target customer. We will sell pride of ownership and workmanship.17 . Kitchen furniture. along with prestige. The Furniture includes all sort of home furniture. 5. and collaterals. Drawing/ living room.The Marketing Mix Our marketing mix mainly depends on the product. Product: Our product marketing will emphasize the benefits of our unique combination of technological expertise and fine furniture craftsmanship. but we are also putting high pressure on advertising. A list is provided below: 1. We will also justify our price with the value the customers will get by using our product. Our objectives and roles of each element of the marketing mix are clearly specified and they are described below. and also maintaining our channels. Study furniture. We cannot afford to sell our expensive products to people. finishing. Bedroom furniture.

most do not have the budget. Newspaper: The Daily Star and Prothom Alo are the two premier papers we have considered. and know where to find it. We also need to leverage our presence using high-quality catalogs. This is our only showroom through which we are running our business and dealing with our various customers. Billboards: There will be two still billboards and one electronic billboard. clubs and restaurants. What we really want to do is make sure that those who have the budget and appreciate the product know that it exists. These two papers are the most popular papers and are preferred by our target audience. These advertisements will be given on the first page for the first month and then on the third page for the next month also after that special advertisement will be made on special occasions. Banani. we also have contacts with some local manufacturers and distributors also for the convenience of getting different repairing materials. Moreover. important roads. The marketing has to convey the sense of quality in every picture. Dhanmondi and Baridhara. These banners will be placed near shops. Gulshan 2 and Kamal Ataturk Avenue Distribution: We are having a single showroom at Panthapath. Since Banners are relatively cheap and do catch attention we have chosen this media for Kraft Furniture advertisement. They will be placed on Gulshan 1. we have several big dealers abroad. As we are a merchandiser organization. we can successfully occupy an emerging niche that other channels of distribution have not been able to target. Banners: We will have about 20 banners all over Gulshan. Price We believe that by targeting the mid-level market. So we are ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.18 . The electronic bill board will be three dimensional. We cannot afford to appear in second-rate catalogs with poor illustrations that make the product look less than it is. offices. every promotion. and every publication.

service should be up to the mark. but justification of this price is the high quality. Customers’ price sensitivity: Our target markets price sensitivity is also one of the main concerns of our company. We will be able to justify our pricing strategy by providing quality and useful products. Acceptability of price: The main risk involving in this pricing strategy is whether our target market accepts this price. and we will be making sure that our products will bring prestige and pride to one’s abode. The researches show us they will. but again when buying prestigious product customers tends to be fewer prices sensitive but more brand concerns. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. To make a high quality product the materials. We will try to build a good brand name and sell by the company name rather than the product itself. This will increase our product cost. The pricing strategy is based on the following aspects:  Levels of pricing  Acceptability of price  Customers’ price sensitivity  Pricing method  Payment Methods  Discounts Levels of Price: As told before our price level will be moderately relative to that of our competitors.19 . However the products will be composed of high class material and the designs will be unique. So charging relatively high price is justifiable. People we are targeting are actually in the trend of acquiring prestigious products.eyeing for relatively moderately priced products. elegant. and the prestige of these products.

Payment Methods: Mainly we will be accepting cash payments. Discounts: We are also targeting to put special discount on the products price in special occasions like the Eid etc. no check payment will be accepted only except for special cases.20 . The prestige. We will also be accepting different credit cards. We will be setting the price based on buyer’s perception of value rather than on the seller’s cost.Pricing method: We will be targeting for value based pricing. We will be eyeing for that perceived value. We will be offering installment payment under specific conditions like time. pride of having our product will increase the perceived value of acquiring this product. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. interest rate etc.

Purchase and Sales & Marketing. After that each department will individually develop his strategic plans. He will have the largest share in the business. Our functional departments are Administration. He will also monitor their training ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Chief Monitoring Officer will take the necessary steps needed for arranging a loan from bank. After the evaluation from the CMO. 4th partner of Kraft Furniture will work as Chief Monitoring Officer. The target customers of KRAFT furniture will come from middle and upper middle class of the society. According to their plans. He will also arrange the TIN (tax identification number) for Kraft Furniture. they will go for implementation. head of the administrative department will recruit the employees needed to run Kraft Furniture. He will do the Vat registration from the Vat Department. They give more priority to user friendly appliances than the luxurious products. All the partners will formulate a grand strategy for Kraft furniture. He will finance the purchasing department. He will provide all the expenses of running the business. The Administration Department will issue the Trade License from Dhaka City Corporation. He will monitor 3 functional departments. Every partner will be responsible for their steps taken for their own department. We are giving these convenient products at a reasonable price so that the targeted customers can afford it.Action plan There are three functional departments in Kraft Furniture. He will arrange the IRC (Import Registration Certificate) from CCI&E.21 . department head will take the corrective action if needed. He will monitor the total cash inflow and out flow. Three of the partners of Kraft Furniture will perform role of the department head of three functional departments.

Head of the purchase department will deal with the foreign suppliers and wholesalers. He will deal with the C&F agent (clearing and forwarding agent). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.22 .He will evaluate their job performance and have a strong control over them. He will also monitor the infrastructure development and the home delivery system.

000 Other Expenses: Salary Expense 100.000 Net Profit 165.000 Projected Income Statement (For a Month): Sales (15000*30) 450.000 52.6 Months or 4.4 years ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.000 300.000 800.000 100.000 15.100.000 10.23 .000 7.Projected profit and loss statement Initial Investment: Land Building Interior Decoration Generator Total 6.000 200.000 BEP = FC/(R-VC) 10.000.000 Cost of Goods Sold (5000* 30) Gross Profit 150.000 Utility expense Advertising expense Miscellaneous expense Total 135.000 300.000 Break Even Analysis Fixed Cost Variable Cost (Per month) Revenue (Per Month) 7100000 165.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.24 .

25 .75 percent. but our uphill struggle and uncompromising of quality will be ensured. Sales will increase accordingly. marketing department growth. but still the risk involved is quite high. A presence on the Internet will be a key milestone to expanding sales and marketing potentials through the utilization of new channels. we can successfully occupy an emerging niche that other channels of distribution have not been able to target. The Marketing Plan will guide us through the whole process. The addition of an internally created catalog will allow Kraft High Class Home Furniture to market to this expanding number of potential customers. With this in mind.Conclusion We believe that by targeting the high-end market. The whole campaign is designed in such a way that we are very much hopeful that it will bring the targeted customers to the store and they will help us to increase our sales. Recommendation The executive furniture market is steadily increasing at an average calculated annual growth rate of 7. our marketing programs will expand accordingly. and Internet development. It accentuate when it is considered that we are targeting a concentrated market. providing working capital for internal product development. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

26 .. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.