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1. CLI stands for command learning interface.

a. True
*b. False

2. This is a valid MAC Address: 00-01-CA-45-9G-44
a. True
*b. False

3. Put the OSI model in order from Layer 1 to Layer 7.



What does MAC stand for, in MAC Address?
*a. Media Access Control
b. Multi Access Control
c. My Aglet is Crucial
d. Multi Address Consolidation

5. What is the binary representation of 10?
a. 10
b. 1100
*c. 1010
d. 100

6. The __________ executes instructions provided by computer programs.
a. NIC
b. Hard drive
*c. CPU
d. USB

7. Encapsulation occurs when a PDU is passed from one layer to another
and the header information is stripped awayed.
a. True
*b. False

3i . Network d. 802. 10 d. 48 c. 2 connections to the switch b. 12 *b. Bi Network Correction b. *a. How can a NIC communicate at 200 Mbps on a 100 Mbps switch? a. Half-duplex mode c.) a. British Naval Connector d. What does the Binary Number: 10 translate to in Decimal form? *a. Full-duplex mode 9. a. Unshielded Twisted Pin 14. Big Naval Connection *c.8. 1 c. 4 12. Universal Twisted Pair b. BNC stands for ________. How many bits are in a MAC address? a. Signaling or Regeneration *d. What does UTP stand for? (When talking about cat cable. This is the first layer of the OSI model. 46 d. Physical b. Presentation 11. 2 b. Universal Twisted Pin *c. 24 10. What is the IEEE standard for 10BaseT *a. Unshielded Twisted Pair d. Application c. British Negative Command 13.

802. 10BaseT b. 100BaseT d.11b c. What type of Network Device does this drawing represent? a. IEEE standard 802. 100BaseZ *c. Also called Fast Ethernet. Bus c. Switch *b. What type of LAN is this? *a. What type of Network Device does this drawing represent? . Hub and Spoke b.3g 15. 802.b. Mesh 17. AP 18. What is the xBasey way to write this standard? a. Router c. 100BaseX 16.3u is commonly used today. Hub d.

I am looking for a one word answer. What type of signal does the following picture represent? I am looking for a 1 word answer. broadcast e. BroadCast d. Digital signal e. Broadcast b. Hub d. . Unique Serial 20.FFFF. A MAC address composed of all 1's or FFFF. Broadcast Address h. AP 19. BroadCast address g. OIU b. In a MAC address what is the first 3 sets of Characters called? *a. What type of Signal does the following picture represent? Looking for a 1 word answer. Switch b. Router c.FFFF is called what kind of MAC address. Digital Signal d. Correct Answer(s): a. digital signal 22. Broad Cast c. BroadCast Address i. Digital b. broadcast address f. Correct Answer(s): a.*a. digital c. Broadcast address 21.

analog signal e. MT-RJ c. Analog Signal 23. Analog b. SC .Correct Answer(s): a. analog c. Name this Fiber Optic Connectors a. ST *b. Analog signal d.

Cat6e 26.24. LC d. Single Mode c. Full Duplex . CatF c. Cat6e *d. Multi Mode d. When distances are great. Which fiber medium type uses Laser Based emitters? a. Name this Fiber Optic Connector a. When distances are short. When is Multi Mode Fiber the preferred choice to Single Mode Fiber? a. *b. 27. SC b. ST 25. SC b. Cat6e *b. Name this Fiber Optic Connector a. ST *c.

Straight Connector d. Which type of Connector would you use on a Category 6 cable *a. b. RJ-45 29. Straight Tip *c. .28. Locking Connector b. Which fiber optic connetor is pictured below? a.

32. 30. How do you create a cross over cable? a. Never c. Ex: hub to hub. One end is a 568b and the other is a 568a c. Connecting unlike devices: Ex: hub to pc. What type connector does the following picture represent? a.c. When would you want to use a cross over cable? a. Connecting like devices. 568b . 568a b. One end is a 586b and the other is a straight through d. 586a c. 586b *d. pc to switch *d. One end is a 586b and the other is a 586a *b. switch to switch 31. There is no such cable. All the time b.

586b *c. Which type connector does this picture represent the pinout for? a. 568a d. 586a b. 568b .33.