November - December 2006

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

We are now back on the field .
On the 14th of November we flew with Missionary Flights International back here to the Dominican Republic. Since then we have been busy getting back to normal. Two weeks before we returned, we finally found a house to rent. The house we lived in before was not available. It is rather difficult to find a house here, but God truly provided. Please continue to pray for us. The aqueduct that provides water to our house has a problem and doesn't provide enough pressure to push water into the house. So I'll have to carry water in barrels from another town. Please pray for the Haitian churches here, especially the church in Los Arroyos. I have been helping pastor Nathan by teaching doctrine in the churches and accompanying him as we preach in the churches. These Haitian works, Los Arroyos and La Lanza, were founded by brother Darren Truel. I will still offer my time to see these works continue to grow. However, I will start turning most of my focus on the church in Las Toyota, spending three to four weeks there trying to reach every family. We also have plans to construct a church there in the future. Please continue to pray for this work also, as God lays a foundation for my first work here in this country.

Future trip to Canada
About one month ago, Susan learned that her mother was diagnosed with inoperable, terminal lung cancer. The doctors gave her three months to 1 1/2 years to live. This really burdens us because as far as we know she has never been saved. Please pray that God can use this sickness to soften her heart, and she finally sees her need for a Saviour. Her name is Dorothy Willard. With this news comes the need for us to make an unexpected trip to Canada. Susan's mother and father have asked us to wait till march to make the trip. We will try to go then but God, will have to provide the finances for this trip. At this point we are trying to recover from the flight back. We have been checking prices for the flight, the cost is about twelve hundred dollars a piece. God knows.

Prayer Request
My intentions in the beginning when I purchased our suburban. Was to ship it to this country to use for the ministry. Some time while I was out of the country, they changed the laws for vehicles entering the country. They have always had a law limiting the age to five years old or newer. The law did not include ministries, but now it does. Needless to say, we now are in a major need for a vehicle here. Our ministry has no vehicle. At the time of this letter, we are now on foot. Literally. Three weeks ago, pastor Nathan's motorcycle wasn't running. So we walked eight miles to La Lanza and eight miles back. I will tell you this, I am not too good to walk somewhere to preach if I don't have any other way. However, it is very time consuming. At this time, it is very hard to get to Las Toyota a few days a week. We just returned from a trip to the capital. While there, we looked at a few vehicles. We found a vehicle that will work well for us. It is a 4x4 diesel and with enough seats. This particular vehicle was a 1997 Mitsubishi Montero. Another missionary told me before we
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