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Worksheet No.


A. Read the text.

The young woman on the pavement’s edge was
facing in, not out to the street, and she moved
about there indecisively, but with a stubborn look.


Several times she seemed about to approach








Underground to walk up the street, but then she

stopped and retreated. At last she moved in to block
the advance of a smartly dressed matron with a toy
dog on a leash that came to sniff around her legs as


she said hurriedly, ‘Please give me some money. I’ve
got to have it. The Social Security’s on strike and
I’ve got to feed my kids.’ Resentment made her stumble over her words. The woman


examined her, nodded, took a £ 5 note from her handbag, then put it back and chose a £
10 note. She handed it over. The young woman stood with it in her hand looking at it
disbelievingly. She muttered a reluctant ‘Thanks,’ and at once turned and crossed the


street in a blind, determined way, holding up one hand to halt the traffic. She was going to
the supermarket opposite the Underground station, (…) And she went in, took a basket,
and began selecting bread, margarine, peanut butter, cans of soup.
This incident had been observed by a young man sitting in a shabby blue Datsun


at the pavement’s edge. (…) He followed her into the supermarket. (…) At the checkout desk, when she took out the £ 10 note, her face tense with anxiety of wondering if

it would be enough, he interposed his own £ 10 note, forcing it into the check-out girl’s

English 9th form (L.E.I)

February 2015

Elsa Escobar

D. The young woman was very surprised when she got the £ 10. e. 3 1. 24 redundant self-employment strike 27 employee on the dole unemployment rate employer labour force lay-off jobless training welfare pay rises E. 9. 12 8.g. (abridged) B. She was hesitant about speaking to people who left the tube. Now answer the following questions. called phrasal verb. The matron decided to give the young woman more money.S.Find evidence in the text for the following statements. 6 3. 2. What are the consequences of such a problem for the people who have to face it? 21 D. What problem does the text refer to? 2. 18 1.g. She had to buy food for her children. 15 C. 6. Choose five words that seem to you more difficult to memorize and write an example sentence for each one.Doris Lessing.S. There are plans to cut the company’s labour force. . The young man paid the young woman’s shopping. A young man in an old car saw everything. 10. 7. She bought a lot of goods in the shop. She finally spoke to an older woman. If the factory closes. The young woman needed money because she couldn’t receive what the government paid to the unemployed. 9 5. These are some more words you can use to talk about work. 30 33 GRAMMAR HIGHLIGHT Phrasal Verbs 36 Use – We use a verb and a particle (adverb or preposition) to create a verb phrase. we’ll have to move to another city.H. 4. The young woman was uncertain about what to do. 39 verb move 42 meaning to change place e. Which do you associate with employment and which do you associate with unemployment? Use a dictionary to make two lists.

g.verb move in meaning to take control e. At last she move in to block the advance of a smartly dressed matron. 3 Formation – verb + adverb or preposition 6 9 .