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Melaka Manipal Medical College
Jalan Batu Hampar, Bukit Baru, 75150 Melaka
Tel : +606-292 5849 Fax : +606-281 7977 / +606-292 5852
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KP (JPS) 5195 / IPTS / 542 / Jld. 1(6)

JPM / IPTS (SW) / AP96 / 005


skills and attitudes necessary to practice medicine. MMMC is currently constructing a purpose built 10-storey dental teaching block located in the current campus at Melaka with the latest dental facilities. India (KA 6864) KP (JPS) 600-03/542 (97) w w w. MMMC was one of the first private colleges in Malaysia to offer a twinning programme with an internationally awarded degree. lecture theatres. At MMMC. Bachelor of Dental Surgery in Collaboration with Manipal Academy of Higher Education. clinical skills unit. At MMMC. m a n i p a l . allowing students to get quality medical education at a more affordable price point. A well-planned. the campus has advanced classrooms and laboratories sharing space with a football field. MMMC is committed to providing a curriculum which offers diverse learning opportunities. highly effective curriculum taught by dedicated faculty members. Nestled within the tranquil surroundings of Bukit Baru. there is a strong commitment to nation building and the college has underlined this responsibility by introducing the BDS twinning degree in Dentistry last year to overcome the shortage of dentists in the country. swimming pools and tennis courts. the spacious MMMC campus is ideally situated close to the historic town of Melaka.LAUNCH YOUR FUTURE Introduction ON THE RIGHT FOUNDATION Since its inception in 1997. seminar rooms. Beginning with the MBBS programme. surgical facilities. and has successfully achieved this by integrating well-rounded doctors into the local health delivery system. e d u / m e l a k a . the commitment to excellence is one that is inspired by life and tempered by ethical service to the nation and humanity. places emphasis on the correlation between basic science and clinical science training. while continually honing their clinical skills in the excellent teaching hospitals in India. Balancing excellent academic facilities with equally important recreational avenues for students and staff. Students develop a broad range of knowledge. as well as in Malaysia. the Melaka Manipal Medical College (MMMC) has been consistently delivering on its promise of providing Malaysian students with access to world class medical education through its strategic partnership with the renowned Manipal University in India. MMMC was initiated out of a need to address the shortage of doctors in the country. a fully equipped sports hall and gymnasium. and dental laboratories. This programme is the cornerstone of the college and leverages on the academic expertise and experience of Manipal University to deliver a course that has been designed to give students the best foundation in the Basic Sciences. including policlinics. To accommodate the new course.

• Maintain a high standard of professional ethics and conduct and apply these in all aspects of professional life. e d u / m e l a k a . research. MISSION Provide value based dental education and comprehensive oral health care at par with International standards in a condusive environment utilizing state of the art technology to ensure satisfaction of students. structure and function of the teeth. • Acquire the skill to prevent and manage complications encountered while carrying out various surgical and other procedures. INTAKE Students are admitted in September every year and eligibility criteria are based on the guidelines of the regulatory bodies in Malaysia. • Adequate knowledge of the development. • Promote oral health and help prevent oral diseases where possible. • To help and participate in the implementation of the national oral health policy. mouth and jaws and associated tissues both in health and disease and their relationship and effect on general state of health and also bearing on physical and social well being of the patient. mouth and jaws and preventive diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of dentistry. MCODS Manipal is rated as one of the premier dental colleges in India and is recognized by the Malaysian Dental Council. • Adequate clinical experience required for general dental practice. infrastructure and human resources to set a benchmark at national as well as international levels. Manipal University has two dental colleges i. DENTISTRY PROGRAMME The dental programme is conducted on a twinning basis with Manipal University and the degree awarded by Manipal University. lesions and diseases of the teeth. patient care. • Willingness to participate in the CDE programmes to update the knowledge and professional skill from time to time. VISION A world class educational centre in a multicultural environment. Striving to continually improve dental education.e. • Possess skill to carry out certain investigated procedures and ability to interpret laboratory findings. • Adequate knowledge of clinical disciplines and methods which provide a coherent picture of anomalies. biological function and behaviour of person in health and sickness as well as the influence of the natural and social environment on the state of health in so far as it affects dentistry. ATTITUDES • Willing to apply the current knowledge of dentistry in the best interest of the patients and the community. • Graduates have good communication skills. principles of biological functions and be able to evaluate and analyze scientifically various established facts and data. • Competent in the control of pain and anxiety among the patient during dental treatment. patience and staff. critical thinking and leadership skills. • Seek to improve awareness and provide possible solutions for oral health problems and needs throughout the community. w w w. m a n i p a l . • Adequate knowledge of the constitution. SKILLS • Able to diagnose and manage various common dental problems encountered in general dental practice keeping in mind the expectations and the right of the society to receive the best possible treatment available wherever possible. the Manipal College of Dental Sciences (MCODS) Manipal and Manipal College of Dental Sciences Mangalore.General Objectives KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING • Adequate knowledge of the scientific foundations on which dentistry is based and good understanding of various relevant scientific methods.

Mathematics and one additional subject International Baccalaureate (IB) Not less than 33 points Monash University Foundation (MUFY) Aggregate of 70% Indian Pre-University / HSC / SSC Aggregate of 75% American High School with Advanced Placement (AP) CGPA of 3. Radiology Elective Project Year 5 Conservative Dentistry Prosthodontics Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics Periodontology General Dental Practice Community Dentistry Elective Project MINIMUM ENTRY REQUIREMENT To be eligible to apply into the dentistry programmes. Applicants are also required to have minimum grade of 4B in Physics. Year I.e. Biology. Physics. B+ Ministry of Education Matriculation B. and Mathematics ). B New Zealand Bursary Aggregate of 76% Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) Minimum Grade of B4 in Physics. C. Chemistry. Biology.Two (2) years • Phase II (Clinical) at Melaka campus . i. Radiology Year 4 Conservative Dentistry Prosthodontics Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Community Dentistry Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics Periodontology Oral Medicine Oral & Max. Mathematics and Additional Mathematics at SPM Level. students must have an acceptable pre-University qualification.00 Other equivalent examinations Shall be considered on a case by case basis w w w.Three (3) years Phase I • Pre-clinical Phase II • Clinical (Manipal Campus) Year 1 Anatomy. B+.Australia Average of 70% Diploma in Science / Microbiology / Medical Lab Technology CGPA of 3. Students are required to offer any three of the 4 Science subjects ( Biology. B. e d u / m e l a k a (Any three Science/Mathematics subjects) . IV and V and is structured in two phases: • Phase I (Pre-clinical) at Manipal campus . PROGRAMME / EXAMINATION MINIMUM ENTRY REQUIREMENT A-Level C. III.00 Foundation in Science CGPA of 3. C STPM B. Biochemistry Physiology Dental Anatomy & Histology Medical Microbiology Year 2 General Pathology Pharmacology Dental Materials & Technology Human Disease Oral Pathology & Oral Diagnosis Conservative Dentistry Prosthodontics (Melaka Campus) Year 3 Human Disease Oral Pathology & Oral Diagnosis Conservative Dentistry Prosthodontics Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Community Dentistry Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics Periodontology Oral Medicine Oral & Max.16B AIMST B+. m a n i p a l .00 First Degree-Bac. Of Science CGPA of 3. II. Chemistry. B.00 Foundation Studies in Science and Engineering (SIT) Average of 70% Victorian Certificate of Education .PROGRAMME STRUCTURE The dental programme is conducted on academic year basis.00 Western Australia Curriculum Council Not less than 80% for ATAR Foundation in Science CGPA of 3. B CIMP / CPU / UNSW / HSC Average of 65% SAM Minimum 14B . Chemistry.

000 Total RM263.000 USD22.000 USD22. Endodontics. Prosthodotics.000 Year 5 RM60. m a n i p a l .000/.000/. e d u / m e l a k a .000 * Include Caution Deposit of RM3.000 USD17.000 USD22. Career Pathway CAREER PATHWAY PHASE l Pre-Clinical Studies + Clinical Exposure Manipal University.for Malaysian students & US$1.000* Year 2 RM40.000 Year 4 RM60. India 2 years Upon successful completion of Phase I PHASE ll Clinical Studies + Community Medicine Melaka Campus 3 years BACHELOR OF DENTAL SURGERY (BDS) Compulsory Government Service *As per regulation of the Ministry of Health Malaysia General Dental Officer (Private) Dental Officer (Government) Postgraduate Degree In one of the specialist field (e. Orthodontics. etc).000 Year 3 RM60. w w w.for International students.Fees FEES DETAILS MALAYSIAN STUDENTS FOREIGN STUDENTS Year 1 RM43.000* USD18.g.000 USD101. Periodontics. Email : info@manipal. KP (JPS) 5195 / IPTS / 542 / Disclaimer : Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given in this brochure but it is subject to alteration without The college reserves the right to alter or delete any of the information included at any time and it shall not be bound by any errors or omissions and cannot accept liability in respect thereof. Bukit Baru.INSPIRED BY LIFE Application forms are available at request from the college Admissions Office and at the college website at www. 75150 Melaka Tel : +606-292 5849 Fax : +606-281 7977 / +606-292 5852 Website : www. Enquiries regarding student’s admissions should be directed to: Melaka Manipal Medical College Jalan Batu Hampar. Please consult the Admissions Department for the most up-to-date information. 1(6) JPM / IPTS (SW) / AP96 / 005 Map to Melaka Manipal Medical College Map to Melaka Manipal Medical College From Ayer Keroh Toll la Me Sh ka Ma ll ell WE ARE HERE Bri MB dal Sh op MB Mel Medaka M ical anip Col al lege er Wat falls BDS ENQUIRY FORM Applicant’s Information Contact Information Name : Sex : Mailing Address : Male Female Place of Birth : Nationality : Race : Malay Others : Chinese Indian Postcode : Home No : NRID : HP No : Passport No : Office No : Query : Fax No : Email : Activities & Facilities .manipal.