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The LaRue Family

Missionaries to the Dominican Republic
(March – April 2006)

1Thes.5: 24 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ
Jesus concerning you.

Greetings, in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. On the 4th of
May we arrived back in Florida and on the 5th drove from Fort Pierce, FL to
Lexington, SC. Susan had figured her due date at approx. June 26th that is
why we were planning on coming in the middle of May, but in April I took my
her to one of the clinics in Barahona for a sonograph. The doctor who
performed the sonograph insisted that Susan was a month farther along then
we thought. That meant that she could have the baby at the end of May. So
we had to move up our schedule.
Things have been real busy here, trying to get our vehicle licensed and
looking for a house to live in for the four months that we will be here in the
States. Getting someone to rent a house for four months is all but
impossible, but as we know, Luke 18:27 And he said, The things which are
impossible with men are possible with God. Thank the Lord that through Him
all things are possible. God sent us a man who has been trying to sell his
house, but because of some water damage to the floors and thresholds of the
house no one will buy it, so we will live there for four months in exchange for
labor of fixing the problems.
The churches in the D.R. are doing well. In Los Tayota we have been
running into some problems in the past. We were invited by Alijando Santana
to hold the bible studies in his home. Alijando is a grounds keeper for a
wealthy man who lives in the capital. After asking him repeatedly if there
was a problem with the studies being held there Alijando always responded
No problem. But after meeting the owner one Saturday afternoon at the
house, there was a problem. This man is a very rich Catholic, and after Mrs.
Santana introduced me as her pastor this was his response. “Pastor? There
aren’t any sheep here.” (In Spanish the word pastor means shepherd.) Next
he said, “What denomination are you?” I replied, “I am an Independent
Baptist.” He replied, “I am a Catholic, this is Catholic property, I don’t want
your Bible or your Gospel here, you’re just trying to change the minds of the
people here. Get off my property and don’t come back.” So we left. We
tried the school, but that didn’t work either. I was unsure what to do, because
we had no permanent place to meet. Pastor Nathan and I were visiting there
one day handing out tracts and preaching. We were speaking to four
gentlemen in Los Tayota and explaining the situation of not having a place to
meet. After we were finished one man named Lorenzo said that he had a
piece of ground that he would give us to build a church building. Boy! What a
blessing. God moved on this poor mans heart. Senior Lorenzo is a very poor
man, working hard every day just to survive. But isn’t that normal, the rich
have no need for God, but the poor see their need for God. Pray for Lorenzo
as well as the other men, they all admitted that they needed to be saved.
None were saved that day, but all said that they wanted to attend the
We will return to the field the first part of September.
May God Bless you all,

Brother Chris LaRue