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Fugro Middle East
Company Profile

Fugro NV group of companies, based in The Netherlands, is an international group of professional, highly
specialized engineers and earth scientists, who use the most advanced technologies to provide unique
technical studies and professional consultancy in the area of Earth Sciences, with an objective “to lead the
field in technological development and quality”
Fugro, founded back in 1962 in Amsterdam-The Netherlands, now operates around the globe, with over 275
offices in 60 countries, and more than 14,600 employees. Fugro is listed on Euronext NV in Amsterdam,
since 1992 and in Amsterdam Midkap index since 2002.

Fugro provides the “widest spectrum” of engineering services in the fields of earth sciences, with operations
on land, at sea and from the air, in three main areas: Geotechnical, Survey and Geoscience.

Onshore and Offshore Geotechnical investigation
Onshore and Offshore Geophysical Surveys
Land Survey and Aerial/Satellite Imaging Services
Environmental Services

Fugro Middle East BV (FME), established in the United Arab Emirates in 1975, initially started as a
geotechnical and foundation engineering organization. Today, FME provides a complete range of
geotechnical engineering investigations and consultancy services, surveying and mapping services
throughout the Gulf area, India and Pakistan.
The core of the company’s activities since the year of establishment has been in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi
and Dubai. Numerous projects in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Abu Dhabi, were carried out for
major clients both in the oil and gas industry and the public sector.
Major clients of FME include major national and international Oil Companies as well as national and
international contracting and development companies. In the public sector direct or indirect projects were
carried out for Municipalities, Public Works Departments and Water and Electricity Departments.
A list of major projects carried out by FME is included in this company profile.
FME has operating offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Oman, whilst project offices operate through
agency and joint venture organizations in other Middle East countries, i.e. Kuwait, Bahrain and Yemen.

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Fugro Middle East
Company Profile

Fugro Middle East specialises in five core activities,
summarized as follows:

Onshore geotechnical services
- exploration borehole drilling
(vertical, horizontal and inclined)
- ground investigations
- foundation engineering consultancy
- specialist testing/instrumentation/pile testing
- soil and construction materials testing
- geotechnical contracting
- probing and grouting of cavernous sites

• Nearshore geotechnical services
- Sub-sea investigations
- Marine exploration drilling
- Marine Cone Penetration Testing
- Marine foundation engineering
- jack-up penetration analysis
• Geophysical Surveying and Testing
- borehole geophysical logging
- cross-hole seismic tomography
- cross-hole and down-hole seismic
- surface geophysical surveying
• Seismic Refraction
• Electrical Resistivity Tomography
• Magnetic
• Electromagnetic
• Gravity & Microgravity
• Construction materials testing, specialist testing and instrumentation

construction materials testing
pile testing & instrumentation
geotechnical instrumentation & monitoring

• Survey and positioning services

topographic surveys
engineering surveys
bathymetric and geophysical surveys
aerial imaging
image control and processing
digital terrain modelling
vector mapping
geographic information systems (GIS)
CAD production

Services in the above areas are provided by locally-based staff and equipment, while for larger or more
complex projects cooperation from experienced and specialist resources of the Fugro Group world-wide are
called upon.

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HSE AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT FME performs all its operations in accordance to its accredited HSE manuals and HSE Management System. Engineering and Consultancy Design and consultancy studies for foundations. slope stability material selection and other geotechnical problems. FME also carries out its geotechnical investigation projects in accordance with its Quality Management System and accredited Manuals. Offshore site investigation Using specialist drilling. Both HSE and Quality Management systems are subject to constant improvement to cope with the increasing stringent requirements of the market. Certificates are included in this company profile. The company is firmly committed to full compliance with all industry standards and local laws as may be applicable. as certified by OHSAS 18001. testing and sampling equipment mounted on specialist drill ships or jack-up barges. as certified by ISO 9001: 2008. geotechnical and geophysical testing. Onshore site investigation Using conventional cable tool boring and rotary core drilling rigs and static cone penetration testing equipment. Nearshore site investigation With onshore equipment mounted on either small floating craft or self elevating platforms. 2007. It is the responsibility of Managing Director to implement the company’s policies. on and offshore. fully within the Company organization. Conventional exploration techniques are supplemented by specialist down-hole and surface. Page 4 of 13 .Fugro Middle East Company Profile FME operates a comprehensive quality and safety system with a detailed quality policy to ensure a high standard of service and safety at all times.

As a countermeasure to waken up value engineering.Fugro Middle East Company Profile GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY Over the past years of remarkable growth in the region. if not the first. Consequently. a substantial increase in cost has been added to budgets of numerous Civil Engineering projects. combine it with engineering and geological expertise. as well as hydrological studies. Moreover. We work collaboratively with our clients to meet the objective: “Deliver Innovative & Economical solutions. In the Middle East. hand-craft computational models and hit our goal: “Innovative & Economical Solutions”. to come up with a robust conclusion. Fugro was among the first. our practice is based on exploiting the data collected from our own state-of-theart geotechnical investigation. Fundamentally. Fugro has centers of expertise for earthquake engineering and water retaining structures. geotechnical specialist to lay high rise structures up to 40 floors on shallow foundations instead of originally designed deep large diameter piles. infrastructure projects. we at FME decided to familiarize the market with an unusual and uncommon practice in tackling geotechnical engineering exercises. FME has noticed a lack of expertise in optimizing engineering ground solutions. frequently involving finite element modeling. and during the sharp increase in construction works both in the private and public sectors. explore the ground.” The objectives are achieved through the knowledge and experience of engineers coming from different backgrounds across the world. At Fugro. marine structures and oil platforms and land reclamation. industrial complexes. We grasp the geology. carry out computational analysis. The market developed an unjustifiable conservative approach in geotechnical design as an attempt to minimize risk and safely bypass any uncertainty in ground behavior and soil-structure interaction. Page 5 of 13 . consultancy services and design assignments are related to foundations for buildings.

in Doha-Qatar. All routine tests are conducted in accordance with internationally recognised British.E. Germany. structural instrumentation or quality control of construction materials. pile monitoring. Singapore and the United States of America. is Accredited by the Dubai and Doha Municipalities and is an approved laboratory for the ASHGAL. ADCO. American or European Standards.A.Fugro Middle East Company Profile SPECIALIST TESTING AND INSTRUMENTATION FME has developed numerous specialist testing methods to determine geotechnical parameters and to observe soil/structure interaction. ADNOC. ADWEA. magnetic extensometers) Inclinometer systems to measure lateral deformation Tilt meter and Tilt plate systems Strain gauge installation and measurement Displacement and distortion Edge joint monitoring Tunnel convergence Monitoring of cracks Earth-pressure cells Tie-back anchor loads Compressive and tensile forces Temperature measurement (groundwater. mass concrete pours) Vibration monitoring Noise monitoring Real time data collection and analysis systems PILE TESTING ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Pile integrity testing Pile load testing Pile foundation inspection Strain gauge installation and measurement SOIL & CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS TESTING FME Laboratories offer a wide range of routine and specialist tests for geotechnical applications and construction materials control. Together with our Survey and Engineering Consultancy services we are able to cater to a broad range of industry needs. The laboratory testing division is Certified to ISO 9001: 2008. ambient air. TAKREER. Hong Kong. structures. Fugro Middle East has the equipment and personnel readily available in the U. Abu Dhabi Public Works Department. The company’s quality manual is modelled on ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 guidelines and conforms to local authority regulations. Abu Dhabi Municipality. we are also able to draw on the services and expertise of Fugro Laboratories in the Netherlands. The laboratory division functions under strict quality control procedures using regularly maintained and calibrated equipment operated by experienced and trained technicians. to carry out the above testing services on a day to day basis. ADMA-OPCO and GASCO. United Kingdom. BOUROUGE. environmental surveys. With Laboratories located in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. whether they be geotechnical site investigations. France. and MuscatOman. These techniques include: GEOTECHNICAL / STRUCTURAL INSTRUMENTATION & MONITORING ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Ground-water-level measurement Vibrating wire piezometers for measurement of pore water pressure Settlement and Heave of groundwork’s (settlement markers. Page 6 of 13 .

50 and 60mm plates) • In-situ density • Field CBR • Dynamic Macintosh probe Laboratory Test SOILS Classification/Index Property Chemical Analysis Density and Compaction Control Permeability/Infiltration/Percolation Settlement/Consolidation Properties Plate and Zone loading Shear strength Total / Effective Stress Triaxial Electrical / Thermal Conductivity ROCK Index Property Tests Compressive Strength Indirect Tensile Strength Deformability Triaxial Strength Rock Joint Shear Tests Porosity / Water Absorption Durability & Wearing Rock Armour Site Evaluation Petrographic Examination Chemical Analysis AGGREGATES Physical Property Chemical Analysis Particle Shape Crushing / Impact Values Resistance to Degradation / Wear Soundness Aggregate Reactivity Petrographic Examination CEMENTS Setting Time Compressive Strength Fineness Soundness Heat of Hydration Chemical Analysis Durability Porosity & Water Absorption ISAT Water Permeability Rapid Chloride Permeability Chloride Migration Coefficient Electrical Resistivity ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS Natural Stone Ceramic Tiles Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC) Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) Polystyrene Building Condition Surveys On-site Sampling Non Destructive Testing Laboratory Analysis CONCRETE Fresh Concrete Slump. Density. Bleeding Mix Designs Chemical Analysis Hardened Concrete Compressive Strength Tensile Strength Flexural Strength Chemical Analysis Cement Type/Content Petrographic Examination Terrazo Tiles Precast Concrete Masonry Units Precast Concrete Paving Blocks Precast Concrete Kerbstone ASPHALT / BITUMEN Marshall Stability/Mix Design Aggregate Properties In-situ Sampling/Quality Control STEEL Tensile Strength Bend / Rebend 7-Wire Strand Testing Steel Bolts Reinforcement Coupler Manhole Cover Loading Epoxy Coating Thickness Chemical Analysis Scaffold Component/System Page 7 of 13 . field and specialist testing services include (generally) the following activities: Field Testing • Zone load testing • Plate load testing (30. Air Content. Temp.Fugro Middle East Company Profile FME range of laboratory.

Applications of these techniques are numerous and can be applied on scales ranging from geological variations through to structural investigations within buildings. As well as the surface based techniques. and geophysical technicians and a wide range of geophysical instrumentation. geologists. and Gravity and Microgravity Surveys. These techniques use borehole tools are lowered down drilled holes before completing (closing) the hole. MASW. UAE. and as quality control checks. Australia. Seismic Reflection and Refraction techniques. Holland. Magnetic Surveying. France.Fugro Middle East Company Profile ONSHORE GEOPHYSICS The onshore geophysics is well establish within the Fugro Group with specialist based in several offices in Austria. Fugro offers a wide selection of borehole geophysical logging techniques. The group undertakes geophysical projects throughout the world through projects managed by Fugro where onshore geophysics is part of the investigation. USA and UK with more than 80 qualified geophysicists. Electromagnetic Methods. Germany. We have many years of experience and expertise in the acquisition. Available tools include: • • • • • Resistivity and induction sondes Fluid resistivity (conductivity) logging Temperature logging for identifying vertical flow Acoustic borehole images to identify fissures and fractures in soil and rock Gamma logging for lithology detail and detection of radioactive contaminants Page 8 of 13 . geotechnical and environmental investigations. The onshore geophysics group of FME offers a wide selection of surface geophysical techniques that involve the measurement and interpretation of physical properties of the earth in order to be able to determine subsurface conditions for engineering. including Ground Probing Radar. processing and interpretation of a wide variety of geophysical techniques. Resistivity Surveying.

It includes full capability to process ortho images from aerial photography as well as satellite images. road & power line construction. Image processing section is a high-tech production facility with the capacity to handle image data projects in the multi-terabyte range. Positioning Services : Omnistar DGPS positioning available for setting out well heads. The aircrafts are equipped with either VEXCEL UCX large format digital Aerial Camera System with Applanix IMU. Geodetic Control Surveys : Establishment of precision geodetic control networks ranging in size from site specific local systems to national control networks.000 m and a range of 3. ranging in size from land parcel boundary establishment for Municipality approvals. are specialized in the following actives and services: Pipeline / Corridor Route Surveys : Topographical and longitudinal profile surveys for pipeline. Image control and processing Fugro MAPS is specialized in fast and effective production of digital data for computerized mapping and analysis in GIS systems. GIS and commercial applications. This combination opens possibilities to provide the needed image map data in the fastest and most economic way and has made Fugro MAPS a leading producer of Digital Ortho Image (DOI) products. general reconnaissance surveys. Topographic Surveys : Detail surveys at all specifications. In the case of the ZEISS film cameras. As a DigitalGlobe Master Reseller of QuickBird satellite imagery.Fugro Middle East Company Profile LAND SURVEY AND POSITIONING SERVICES Our sister Company Fugro Maps. Detection of underground services available as optional extras. site set-out and bridge construction. Satellite Imagery Fugro MAPS supplies and integrates a range of satellite images at various resolutions for mapping. all follow-up procedures are digital. or provision of satellite image 3D control. Engineering Surveys : Including settlement monitoring. to proposed port and refinery developments. Precision GPS positioning available for provision of aerial photography 3D image control.000 km and a single-engine turbo-charged CESSNA TU206G that can operate out of small airstrips. apart from the development of the original films in our own laboratory and the subsequent scanning operation. or ZEISS RMK TOP film cameras (15 or 30cm focal length). a pressurised twinturboprop Piper Comanchero PA-31p with a service ceiling of 11. Page 9 of 13 . and dimensional control for oil storage tanks. based in Sharjah. Aerial Imaging : Fugro MAPS owns two survey aircrafts. Fugro MAPS can provide the highest resolution satellite imagery presently available.

processing and integration for its customers. Environmental. Fugro MAPS System Engineering can rely on more than 250 man-years of software development experience in geographic data acquisition.Fugro Middle East Company Profile Digital terrain modelling Precision DTMs are required for a range of engineering applications and a prerequisite for accurate Digital Ortho Images. Municipal. Page 10 of 13 . processing and visualization of geographic data. Mining and other fields to integrate their spatial data into GIS or other systems/databases. Fugro MAPS develops advanced production procedures as well as efficient end-user interfaces for: • • • • Photogrammetric data capture. Fugro MAPS has developed and utilized a range of procedures for the extraction of city models. Fugro MAPS has developed extensive experience in the automated creation of high precision DTMs covering larger areas and the different terrain types of the region. System Engineering Fugro MAPS provide tools for production. The advanced terrain analysis and display options of the latest GIS software permit the exploitation of the terrain data for a great variety of applications. from a variety of remote sensing and terrestrial data sources. many of them in the Cadastral. Mapping automation processes. including buildings and road networks. The resulting datasets are used in a range of modeling systems and commercial applications. Interfaces based on a range of CAD & GIS applications or standard web browsers allow users to easily access geographical information within a very short time and without training requirements. Fugro MAPS data integration concepts are designed to channel relevant information to all levels of an organization with minimum effort and an emphasis on virtually no training requirements. processing and display. Spatial Data Integration Fugro MAPS Spatial Data Integration Service assists clients. Vector mapping The demand for digital building models of cities has been steadily rising. GIS implementation. Image management.

Boart Longyear DeltaBase520 rotary coring rigs . Page 11 of 13 .Fugro Middle East Company Profile MAJOR EQUIPMENT FOR SITE INVESTIGATION Onshore Drilling Rigs .3 CPT Crawlers .5 meter to 25.2 nearshore CPT frames Nearshore Five (5) Hydraulic Self-Elevating-Platforms (jack-ups) of various sizes capable of working in water depths ranging from 0.PQ-wireline coring equipment spreads Piezo-Cone Penetration Testing (CPTu) .0m.6 CPT trucks .Pilcon Wayfarer Shell and Auger Rigs .Edeco T-30 rotary coring rigs .

imaging. sonic. others Page 12 of 13 .Fugro Middle East Company Profile Materials Testing - 50kN loading frames 100kN loading frames 38mm triaxial cells and pressure panel Shearbox frame Marshall frame Consolidation frames 100t universal testing machines 2500kN concrete cube testing machines 100kN concrete flexural frame Concrete mixer and ancillary equipment Ultrasonic concrete tester Dyna concrete pull-off tester Spectrophotometer Flame photometer Concrete core drilling equipment Cover meter Half cell corrosion tester Rapid chloride permeability apparatus (AASHTO) Water permeability apparatus (DIN) Specialist Testing - Sonic pile integrity testers AB soil resistivity equipment Thermal resistivity probe Vibrating wire strain gauge equipment Multi-position strain gauge Oyo Elastmeter / Pressuremeter Down-hole packers (double and single) Seismic down-hole and cross-hole testing P-S Suspension Logging Borehole geophysics televiewing.

fugrome. No. Branch Manager Fugro Middle East & Partners Christiaan Vermeijden. Manager Geotechnical Division Bahrain Fugro Middle East . United Arab Emirates Tel. Sultanate of Oman Tel. No. Fax No. : Fax No.O. : Fax No. Box 4447 Abu Dhabi. : Fax Sajid Amin. No. United Arab Contact Person : Tim Lyle. Muscat. Box 2863 Dubai. State of Qatar Tel. General Manager Fugro NV Fugro Middle East BV www. : + 968-2459-6593 Fax No. Box 70138 Sitra. Box 1334 Ruwi PC 112. Tel. Kingdom of Bahrain Tel. United Arab Emirates. Manama. Tel.O.O. Managing Director : : : : + 974-4460-1075 + 974-4460-1076 fme_qtr@fugrome.O. : E-mail : Contact Person : +971-6-5725411 +971-6-5724057 info@fugromaps.Bahrain P. Peter www. E-mail Contact Person Oman + 971-4-347-4060 + 971-4-347-4069 fme_uae@fugrome. : Fax : E-mail : Contact Person : Qatar + 971-2-554 2891 + 971-2-554 2098 fme_auh@fugrome. Branch Manager Fugro Peninsular Paul Seaton. : E-mail : Contact Person : Sharjah Websites: + 966-3-857-4200 + 966-3-857-2035 Erik Hordijk.O.O. Box 47167 Doha.Fugro Middle East Company Profile The network offices of Fugro Middle East exist in the form of a Head Office in Dubai and associate offices with agents and joint ventures: Dubai Fugro Middle East (Regional Office) : : Page 13 of 13 .oman@fugrome. No.fugro. General Manager Fugro Maps P. Box 5232 Sharjah. : E-mail : Contact Person : Abu Dhabi Fugro Middle East P. : + 966-2459-6769 E-mail : info. No.

FUGRO MIDDLE EAST Organization Chart .

FUGRO MIDDLE EAST July 2010 Managing Director General Manager Personal Assistant to Managing Director Commercial Manager QA / HSE ICT Finance Controller Manager Engineer Human Resources & Administration Manager Regional Operations Manager Regional Laboratory Manager Engineering Manager QA Dubai Human Resources Dubai Dubai Dubai HSE Abu Dhabi Admin Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Qatar PROs Qatar Qatar Qatar Oman Oman Oman Oman Iraq Geophysics Pavement Management Services Load Test Abu Dhabi Branch Oman Branch Qatar Branch Bahrain Branch Iraq Branch ISSUED BY APPROVED BY DATE REVISION PAGE HR Manager Managing Director 1/07/2010 0 1 FME – ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 2010 .

FUGRO MIDDLE EAST Major Project List .

Abu Dhabi Tamouh Investments • Onshore Geotechnical • Surface Geophysics 407 Mar-10 Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project . Abu Dhabi Petrofac • Onshore Geotechnical • Surface Geophysics 761 Jun-10 Zirku Island Sarb Development.Al Ain.300 Nov-10 Ruwais NGL 4th Train.800 Feb-12 Masdar Wide City.400 Nov-11 U.Pack 7. Abu Dhabi Fugro William Lettis & Associates c/o KEPCO and ENEC • Nearshore Geotechnical • Onshore Geotechnical 1.300 Dec-11 Development of 16 offshore locations.200 ongoing Majnoon Oil Field Development.Fugro Middle East SELECTION OF NOTABLE PROJECTS Project Name Client Type of Work Value (k) EUR Completion Date Additional Berth Jebel Ali – Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 DP World • Nearshore Geotechnical • Onshore Geotechnical • Marine geophysical Survey 375 May-12 Jizan Refinery and Terminal KBR • Nearshore Geotechnical • Onshore Geotechnical • Bathymetric Survey • Marine geophysical Survey 860 Mar-12 Moon Island and Palm Jebel Ali Island Nakheel • Onshore Geotechnical 602 Dec-11 Geotechnical Investigation Service Contract X0114 for Etihad Rail Etihad Rail • Onshore Geotechnical 922 Ongoing Jazan Economic City Port Jazan Economic City Co. Abu Dhabi ADMA-OPCO • Onshore Geotechnical • Borehole Geophysics 376 May-10 Oman Barka III . Yemen DP World • Nearshore Geotechnical • Onshore Geotechnical • Bathymetric Survey 393 Mar-11 Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project . Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company • Onshore Geotechnical • Surface Geophysics 1. UAE Hyundai Heavy Industries • Nearshore Geotechnical • Onshore Geotechnical • Bathymetric Survey 2.IPP GS Engineering and Construction • Nearshore Geotechnical • Onshore Geotechnical 210 Apr-10 Jebel Hafeet Glacier Development . South Iraq Shell Iraq Petroleum Development • Onshore Geotechnical • Topographic Survey 1. Das Island.Silla.E. • Nearshore Geotechnical • Onshore Geotechnical • Bathymetric Survey • Marine geophysical Survey 2. Abu Dhabi GS Engineering and Construction • Onshore Geotechnical 611 Feb-10 .000 Nov-11 Port of Aden Extension Works. Abu Dhabi Daewoo • Onshore Geotechnical 785 Dec-10 Integrated Gas Development (IGD). Ltd. Abu Dhabi CNIA .A. Nuclear Power Plant .Abu Dhabi Government • Nearshore Geotechnical • Onshore Geotechnical 1.Pack 2.

Shuaiba Port. Saudi Arabia Worley Parsons c/o ARAMCO • Nearshore Geotechnical 631 Sep-09 GCS Expansion and Additional Pipelines.400 Jan-08 Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Export Pipeline IPIC • Onshore Geotechnical 534 Oct-07 Borouge 2 at Ruwais. Abu Dhabi GASCO • Onshore Geotechnical • Aerial Survey 2. Abu Dhabi Al Asab Contracting • Onshore Geotechnical • Topographic Survey 726 Dec-09 Ras Tanura Refinery Expansion.600 Apr-07 South Pars Phase 17&18. Oman Target Engineering • Onshore Geotechnical 856 Jan-09 Shah Gas Development. Taweelah-Fujairah Pipeline STG • Onshore Geotechnical 394 Apr-09 Saadiyat Island Cultural District. Abu Dhabi Al Jaber Contracting • Onshore Geotechnical 388 Aug-07 Dubai Metro (Red and Green line) JT Metro JV • Onshore Geotechnical 2. Dubai.500 Apr-08 The Lagoons Sama Dubai • Onshore Geotechnical 1.Shah .Ruwais Sulphur Transport.120 Mar-08 Qatar – Bahrain Causeway QBC Committee c/o Middle East Dredging Company • Nearshore Geotechnical 5. Kuwait Flour C/O Kuwait National Petroleum Company • Nearshore Geotechnical • Bathymetric Survey 1. Dubai Dubai Supply Authority • Onshore Geotechnical 323 Jul-09 Mina Al Ahmadi Solid Sulphur Handling Terminal.Fugro Middle East SELECTION OF NOTABLE PROJECTS Habshan . UAE Nakheel • Onshore Geotechnical 1. Abu Dhabi Worley Parsons • Onshore Geotechnical 870 Jan-10 Borouge 3 Site Preparation/Reclamation. Iran Iranian offshore Eng & Const. • Nearshore Geotechnical 418 Nov-06 New Oil Refinery at Al Zour.600 Feb-08 The Burj.600 Nov-08 Noor Al Ain Development. Dubai Nakheel • Nearshore Geotechnical • Onshore Geotechnical 391 Jun-08 Expansion of Abu Dhabi International Airport SCADIA • Onshore Geotechnical • Geophysical Survey 3. Abu Dhabi AECOM • Onshore Geotechnical 540 Feb-09 Additional Tanks at Qurun. Abu Dhabi Cebarco (Bahrain) • Onshore Geotechnical 660 Sep-08 Dubai Water Front – Jebel Ali Nakheel/Mouchel • Nearshore Geotechnical • Onshore Geotechnical 380 Aug-08 The World Islands. Abu Dhabi Worley Parsons • Onshore Geotechnical 240 May-09 Abu Dhabi. Kuwait ThyssenKrupp C/O Kuwait National Petroleum Company • Nearshore Geotechnical • Bathymetric survey 738 Jun-09 Jordan Railway Tunnels along Aqaba Dar Al Handasah Consultants • Onshore Geotechnical 575 May-09 Installation of Monitoring Wells.500 Jul-06 .

FUGRO MIDDLE EAST Company Registration & Accreditation Certificates .










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FUGRO MIDDLE EAST Major Equipment Profiles .

4 meters Leg Configuration: 4 x 22 meters Weight: 40 tonnes Operational water depth: up to 18 meters (conditional to leg penetration and tide levels) ROCK GIANT Type: Hydraulic Self-Elevating-Platform Dimensions: 9.4 meters Leg Configuration: 4 x 22 meters Weight: 40 tonnes Operational water depth: up to 20 meters (conditional to leg penetration and tide levels) SEA GIANT Type: Hydraulic Self-Elevating-Platform Dimensions: 12.2 x 7.4 meters Leg Configuration: 4 x 13 meters Weight: 17 tonnes Operational water depth: up 10 meters (conditional to leg penetration and tide levels) GULF GIANT Type: Hydraulic Self-Elevating-Platform Dimensions: 9.0 meters Leg Configuration: 4 x 30.0 meters Weight: 86 tonnes Operational water depth: up to 25 meters (conditional to leg penetrations and tide levels) .2 x 7.NEARSHORE EQUIPMENT – SELF ELEVATING PLATFORMS GEO GIANT Type: Hydraulic Self-Elevating Platform Dimensions: 7.0 x 6.2 x 7.5 x 10.4 meters Leg Configuration: 4 x 18 meters Weight: 40 tonnes Operational water depth: up to 15 meters (conditional to leg penetration and tide levels) CORAL GIANT Type: Hydraulic Self-Elevating-Platform Dimensions: 9.


Rower Unit: Deutz BF4L1011 air-cooled turbo charged Diesel Engine (47 kW at 2600 rpm). Complete with Heavy-duty air cleaner and filtration.300 kg 3. with all necessary controls and gauges. Capacity: Pull out: Pull down: Drilling stroke: Drill feed: 7.500 kg 5. Incorporates a long stroke hydraulic ram and wire rope reefing system for rotary head travel.250 kg 3.8 m 0 – 6.EDECO – TRAVELLER T30 Drill Size NQ HQ PQ NW 6” Auger Rated Capacity 500m 350m 150m 480m 40m Subject to suitable ground conditions Mast of fabricated steel section lattice construction. with carriage guidance angles on the front face. .3 m/min (fully variable) Rapid traverse of approx 34 m/min Control: Hydraulic Control Console conveniently situated at the Driller Stand.

Piezo-Cone Penetration Testing .FUGRO’s electric Piezo-CPT probe equipped with pressure sensors Sleeve Friction Resistance Pore water pressure Tip Resistance 20-tonne truck 16-tonne crawler unit 12-tonne crawler unit (for sites with limited access).