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April 26, 2015

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your patio or walkway to mimic
hardscapes such as stone pavers,
brick, slate, cobblestone or ever
wood. For examples of these styles
of decorative concrete, check out
this link: http://designcastconcrete.
co mid ecorative/sta m ped -conc retel

No outdoo'r'living area is complete
without a proper cooking area. In
fact, the ability to cook and eat
outside with family and friends
is one of the primary reasons the
outdoor living lifestyle has grown in
popularity in recent years. Whether
you're looking to eat healthier or
just share meals with loved ones,
cooking in your outdoor space
should be easy and enjoya ble!
The obvious cooking staple of any
patio space is the grill. It's a MUST
when it comes to outdoor living.
But that's just the minimum.
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The concept of "outdoor living"
is a somewhat new but largely
growing lifestyle phenomenon.
Homeowners are increasingly
looking to enhance their outdoor
space to maximize time spent
outside with family and friends. In
fact, an outdoor patio or deck is
one of the top three features that
is most requested by new home
buyers. These outdoor spaces
are becoming less of an outdoor
retreat and more of an additional
room for the home.
As with most things, not all outdoor
rooms are created equal. Each
space can be made into whatever
the homeowner wants. With that
said, there are a few aspects that
every outdoor space should have.
Here are four fundamentals for a
great outdoor living space.

PatitJ Sur/ace
Starting from tl<e'ground up,
every outdoor space needs a solid
foundation. Solid in the sense of
being both durable AN D visually
appealing. There are several patio
and deck options out there but
an increasingly popular option is
stamped concrete.
Stamped concrete combines the
durable material of concrete with
the decorative nature of stamping
patterns. Plus, most consumers
see a measurable cost savings
when choosing stamped concrete
over something like natural stone
or pavers. But the best benefit of
stamped concrete comes from the
HUGE variety of stamping patterns
and color options.
One of the most popular options
among design shows and
homeowners alike is to stamp

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Today's outdoor spaces can do
so much more than just a standalone grill. The growing home
improvement trend is now moving
towards fully-functional outdoor
Outdoor kitchens come in all
shapes and sizes and can fit any
budget. Smaller projects can
include a simple built-in grill and
proper storage while larger projects
can include any of the following
• ceramic or hybrid grill
• cooktop side burner
• outdoor refridgerator/freezer
• beverage cooler
• beer keg cooler/ta p
• outdoor pizza oven
Just about anything is possible
with your outdoor kitchen!

The point'6'f an outdoor living
space is to spend time outdoors
while still enjoying the comfort of
your own home. To maximize this
comfort, any outdoor space should

~ Home&GarJen
have adequate seating. This can
be in the form of an outdoor dinner
table with seats or just lounge
or Adirondack chairs. Concrete
seating can even be incorporated
into your patio to provide plenty of
versatile options.


Fire Feature


No outdoor living area is complete
without some sort of fire feature.
Homeowners today now have
several options available to them:
• Outdoor fireplace
• Fire pit
• Fire bowl (pictured with
natural wood table cover)

Statesville· Mooresville

You can not
find a better
window for less


Having a hearth product allows
you to extend the season in
which your outdoor space can be
enjoyed. In some areas, it may
even make outdoor living possible

Many custom colors
& options & self
cleaning glass

!liiiiIlII Most Efficient





Fires are the perfect way to bring
people together or just wind down
the perfect weekend.
-Designcast Concrete

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lmmImI Home&Garden
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•• •• • •••• • ••••••• •• • • •••• • •••••••••
Summer is a season for landscaping, and homeowners who live in regions that get
especially hot in the summertime often worry that their lawns won't make it through
the dog days of summer looking lush. But lawns don't have to succumb to the sizzling
summer sun. Oftentimes, the right watering strategies can help homeowners nurse their
lawns through the hottest months of the year, ensuring the lawns make it to autumn
looking as green as they did back at the height of spring.

ReCtJ1lfiJer when vtJu re walerina.

Come summertime, home6wners may want a glcfs's of water at high noon, when
temperatures seem to be at their hottest. But you and your lawn are different, so the best
time to satiate your thirst is not necessarily the best time to water your lawn. Watering
in the middle of the day is often ineffective, as water tends to evaporate quickly in the
afternoons when temperatures are peaking. Nighttime watering can contribute to the
growth of fungus, which can create an entirely new set of headaches for homeowners.
Morning watering sessions tend to be most effective during the summertime, as
temperatures tend to be cooler in the morning, leading to less evaporation. Less
evaporation means all that watering isn't going to waste.

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Recmtfider your

~ you can't afford an in-ground

irrigation system, which many
landscaping professionals feel is
the most effective and efficient
way to water a lawn, then you likely
will rely on a sprinkler to keep
your lawn looking lush through the
summer months. When choosing
a sprinkler, look for one that shoots
water out horizontally as opposed
to vertically. A vertical sprinkler
system is more vulnerable to wind
and evaporation than one that
shoots water out horizontally, so
make sure your sprinkler system is
sending water into your lawn and
not into summer breezes.

Avoid overwaterinf/.
How much water your lawn heeds
in the summertime depends on
a host of factors, including where
you live and how often rain falls
in that region. Overwatering can
promote the growth of fu ngus
and adversely affect your lawn's
root system, making it difficult for
roots to grow deep. Speak with a
local landscaping professional to
determine how often you should
water your lawn each week.

strategically fOfitimt
your fprinklers.
-When cl1'oosing where to put down
your sprinklers, hook them up to
your hose, turn them on and then
watch to see where the water is
going. Areas that exposed to sun
are most in need of water, so make
sure the bulk of your water isn't
going to shaded areas beneath
trees. In addition, make sure you
aren't wasting water on sidewalks,
patios and driveways. Sprinklers
should be positioned so none of
the water they're shooting out is
landing on surfaces that don't
need water. It sounds simple, but
too often homeowners drop their
sprinklers down, turn them on and
then walk away without waiting to
see where the water is landing.
Position sprinklers or adjust
sprinkler heads so all the water is
landing on your lawn.
Keeping a lawn lush and green
at the height of summer requires
homeowners to adopt effective
strategies. Such a strategies can
make the difference between
a lush landscape and one that
succumbs to summer heat.

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"... make sure your sprinkler system is sending water
into your lawn and not into summer breezes."

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lmmImI Home&Garden


Landscaping is a rewarding
hobby for many homeowners.
Men and women with green
thumbs often take pride in their
lush lawns and gardens, feeling
a sense of accomplishment as
their landscapes spend spring and
summer returning to form and
making yards more inviting spaces
to spend relaxing summer nights.
But even the most well-maintained
lawns are not immune to problems
that can compromise all the hard
work men and women put into
their lawns. One such problem
many homeowners encounter
is a grub infestation. Grubs are
a type of pest that can cause
considerable damage to lawns,
and while many homeowners have
no doubt heard of grubs, they
might want to learn more about
these pesky pests so they know
what to do should grubs ever
appear in their yards.

What are IlrUYf?

Grubs are insect~hat live in the
soil, where they feed on grass and
roots. Many grubs are the larva
of Japanese beetles, and those
beetles typically lay their eggs in
sun-drenched areas of lawns in

What are fignf
IlruY damalle?


Cd ru bs not on Iy ch{mage lawns on
their own, but they serve as food
sources for local wildlife as well ,
attracting wildlife, which can do its
own damage to lawns.
Lawns can turn brown for a variety
of reasons, and grubs are just one
of many potential culprits behind
the browning of once-luscious
landscapes. Grubs feed on roots
so homeowners who suspect the'ir
lawns have fallen victim to grub

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infestations can pull up the areas
where grass has turned brown to
see if there are any grubs, which
look like worms.
Landscapes that have suddenly
become popular among local
wildlife that is digging up lawns
may also be infested with grubs.
Skunks and raccoons feed on
grubs, and may dig up lawns
where grubs are present.
Damage resulting from grub
infestation is most visible from late
summer to early fall.


spite of adequate watering. An
early indicator of a grub infestation
is small grubs around the roots of
grass. In such instances, applying
insecticide may be enough to
prevent a small grub problem from
Insecticides also can be an
effective preventative measure
for homeowners looking to avoid
grub infestations. Speak with a
local landscaping professional for
recommendations about which
insecticide to apply and how best
to apply it.

Can grub damage be wkat can I dlJ ablJUt
tlrub damatle?
Preventing grub infestation
typically requires homeowners to
keep watchful eyes on their lawns.
Pay particular attention to areas
that begin to brown, especially
areas that are turning brown in

April 26, 2015 • 9

retire their green thumbs for the
winter. Remove debris from grub
infestations with a rake before
watering the affected areas.
Watering can help some damaged
roots recover, but areas that have
been especially damaged may
need to be reseeded.
Grub infestations can be a
nuisance to homeowners who put
lots of time and effort into their
lawns. But homeowners can take
steps to treat such infestations and
prevent them from returning the
following summer.
-Metro Creative Connection

'Attempting to trMt grubs in the
spring may be ineffective, as grubs
are large and no longer feeding in
spring. So homeowners dealing
with grub infestations should
address the situation before they


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lmmImI Home&Garden

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After a winter of hibernation,
spring is the perfect time to
consider remodeling projects that
will help keep your house cool in
the coming summer months and
reduce energy consumption.


An unfinished basement is a
source of energy loss in many
homes. By simply finishing the
space with wall and floor coverings,
you will notice a difference on
your energy bills. A remodeled
basement offers more than
additional storage and living space.
It can provide room for a growing
family or a space where you can
retreat for some privacy.
Insulation is a key component
in making your basement look
and feel comfortable, inviting
and dry. For the best results,
install a rigid board insulation like
ROXU L ComfortBoard IS against
the concrete foundation before

with a new basement!

Feel better inside
ith a Trane.

The air in your home. It's your environment.
You live in it. You breathe it. Only Trane
systems heat, cool and even clean the air
in your home using technology that's as


efficieot as it is effective. So you get the air
tl1al you need. fortl1elne tl1al you lead.


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Ale, Inc.

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April 26, 2015 • 11

you stud the wall. The board is
mechanically fastened or adhered
to the concrete foundation wall,
preventing thermal bridging
through the stUds, offering a
higher R-value and better thermal
performance. It will ensure your
basement is not a source of energy
loss, but rather an inviting retreat
all year round.
-Metro Creative Connection

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9 Examples of Conc!ete
Countertops Done Right
Concrete countertops are one ofthe latest
design trends being shown all over the
home renovation TV shows. They're now
becoming a household name because of
the unique versatility andfunctionality
they provide for home and business
owners. Check out the following nine
examples ofconcrete countertops in a
variety ofapplications:

These countertops aren't over-the-top or extravagant. It's traditional
grey concrete, re-imagined. These countertops provide a very sleek and
stylish design for this kitchen.

Gaston Rentals, Inc.

Pressure Washer



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April 26, 2015 • 13

This custom bathroom countertop features built-in sinks, a small lip
edge and is completely seamless. The modern design barely resembles
concrete as most people think of it.

The three copper inlays next to the stove showcase the functional
capabilities of concrete countertops. They were built into the charcoalcolored countertop itself to function as a trivet for hot pots and pans.

This kitchen countertop showcases some of the custom abilities of
concrete. It features a unique bronze color with two sections to drain

This concrete countertop application took to the outdoors. Concrete is a
great material for outdoor use because of it's durability and resilience to
the elements.

This countertop needed to be orange. Not just any orange, the right
orange. Cocnrete provided a very unique and interesting countertop in a
restaurant setting.

This dark suede countertop features a drain board with stainless steel
rod inserts. It also has a unique troweled finish to it. Again, combining
built-in functionality with the design.
continued to pg 14..

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lmmImI Home&Garden

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Damage to a lawn may be indicative of various problems.
Everything from insects to rodents to the family pet may
be responsible for causing burnt patches, holes and other
eyesores. Getting to the bottom of the problem is the first step in
remediation. Burning and discoloration of the lawn is often a result
of high concentrations of dog urine pooling in one area. Diluting
the urine by hosing down areas of the lawn can clear up many
problems. Birds, raccoons, skunks, moles, and other rodents
may feed on grubs that reside just under the thatch of the lawn,
and animals may tear up lawns in search of this delicacy. Treating
the grub problem usually alleviates damage caused by animals.
Mole crickets are another common lawn destroyer. These insects
resemble crickets, but they burrow beneath the turf to feed on
plant roots. The mole crickets can push up channels of turf as
they burrow, exposing roots to the elements and causing the grass
to die. Getting rid of the insects canrevitalize the lawn.
-Metro Creative Connection

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This countertop fits well into the natural style of the kitchen. Custom
edge and finish work allow this countertop to resemble a piece of natural
-Designcast Concrete

At Race City Roofing we offer a one of a kind patented
coating with our Hydro-Stop Deck Waterproofing
System. We are the only professionally trained
company in the Charlotte area to apply this unique
deck waterproofing material.



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April 26, 2015 • 15

can choose how much power
they prefer. Augers can be heavy
and cumbersome, and many
do-it-yourselfers will find that
one-person augers are more than
adequate for their projects.
Augers dig deep holes, so it is
always smart to have the property
surveyed prior to use. This way
pipes, gas lines, buried electrical
lines, and any other obstructions
are clearly identified prior to


The right tools for the job can
be the difference between an
interminable landscaping project
and one that goes smoothly and
efficiently. Aspiring landscapers
probably have a few shovels and
rakes hanging in their garages and
sheds for basic landscaping work.
But while such tools are effective
for certain projects, when it
comes to churning soil for garden
beds or digging holes for outdoor
structures, additional tools come
in handy. It may be well worth a
trip to a nearby home center to
purchase or rent one of these tools
ideal for breaking ground.

A rototiller, sometimes called just
a "tiller," is a powered garden
tool designed to loosen soil prior
to planting. A rototiller also can
help aerate soil during the growing
season. Because they reduce the
need for manual spade digging
or hoeing, tillers can be useful
landscaping tools, particularly for

homeowners who want to work
Rototillers will break through tough
soil and any plant roots. They
come in a variety of sizes, and it's
best to match the tool to the size
of the job. Many homeowners can
get by with smaller, less powerful
models, especially if the tiller is
only necessary at the beginning
of planting season. Professional
landscapers or those with large
swatches of property may benefit
from larger models.

Auge'(s, both mechanical and
manual, are essentially large drill
bits that help move materials from
one location to another. Augers
are typically used to cut holes in
landscapes, and they are good
for post-hole drilling, which is part
of the process of installing deck
footings, fencing posts or other
structures. Augers come in a
variety of sizes, and homeowners

Cultivators are similar to tillers in
that they loosen soil. Cultivators
are effective during the growth
period of plants, when they can be
used to aerate the soil and remove
weeds. Cultivators come in handheld versions and push models,
and some are even motorized.
Cultivators get close to plants to

remove weeds without disturbing
the plant. They also are used to
stir in compost or fertilizer.
While many people think
cultivators and tillers are the same,
that is not the case. The former is
less powerful and will mix the soil
or stir up the top layer, while the
latter can break up moderately
hard ground and loosen firm soil.
When using any tools around
the garden, wear the proper
protection. This includes devices
to protect hearing when power
tools are in use as well as gloves
and safety goggles. Tillers, augers
and cultivators have the potential
to toss soil and rocks into the air,
so make sure others keep their
distance while work is in progress.
-Metro Creative Connection


Corne In and Get

for the Spring!

Sale Price $279


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