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The LaRue Family

Dear Friends and Family,

Psalm 127:3-5
“3.Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit
of the womb is his reward.
4.As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are
children of the youth.
5.Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they
shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the
enemies in the gate.”
As I am writing this letter we are waiting for our next
arrow to be born. Susan is now officially one week over
due. The doctor said that he would let her go two weeks
before manually starting the induction process. Please
pray we don’t want that. I guess everyone’s quiver is of a
different size, and the rewards just keep coming. This
will be number 6 for this happy man. God didn’t say they
would be easy to raise, but they are a reward to God and
to us. Please also pray for our children as they grow up on
the foreign field. God didn’t say that would be easy Future church property in Las Tayota.

As I look back at the first year on the field, it is amazing how fast it went. Time sure flies when your having fun. God
has really begun a real work in our ministry this year. Around forty people (that we know of) accepted Jesus Christ as
their Lord and Saviour through our preaching and soul-winning efforts. Some of these people are Dominican and some
are Haitian. Most are very faithful to come to the services. Some, if not most of the Haitians that we work here move
back and forth from the D.R. to Haiti. During harvest seasons in the D.R. (Coffee, sugar cane, etc.) there are many
Haitian people there who at other times of the year live in Haiti. This is just their way of life, really the only way they
have to live. Pray for this part of the ministry, it is hard to grow a faithful church from these people as you can imagine.

June the 6th-13th I was back in the D.R. with my pastor,

Stephen Williamson, Missionary Bro. Darren Truel, and
thirteen other men. I went to tie up some loose ends from
when I left in May. As I reported in my last letter, Senior
Lorenzo in Los Tayota, whom after we had preached and
given him the gospel, gave us a piece of ground for the
church in Los Tayota. But I hadn’t had the opportunity to
prepare a document making the gift legal and binding. So
on June 12th 2006 we prepared and received the property.
When I return in September I will start construction on
the building for Iglesia Bautista Cristiana Calvario de Los
Tayota. At first the building will be what the people call a
“Rama”. This consists of small trees or limbs buried and
sticking up vertically into the air at the corners and
wherever else needed.
Senior Lorenzo (left) & his brother.
At the top of those are more limbs horizontally tying the tops together. More limbs for the rafters and
thatch, tin or a tarp for the roof, and VOILA! You have a church building, will not last through a hurricane
there, but they do work. The people there are really excited about what God is doing for them. Please pray
for their spiritual growth. Please pray for Mrs.Carmen Santana, my first convert in Los Tayota. She is
nearly forty years of age and has never been able to read. None of her family members are willing to help.
Please pray especially for her growth in the Lord.

Pastors Darren Truel, Stephen Williamson and Nathan Gey with

the new motorcycle.

When we there in June we were able to

purchase a motorcycle for Pastor Natan
Gey. He will use this for traveling into the
mountains to preach the gospel in the many
areas we are now trying to reach. I have been
praying for this for a few months now. Thank
the Lord for his faithfulness.

Thank you all again for your faithful support,

both prayer and financial. You have played a
major part in the souls being saved in the
Dominican Republic this past year. And
without your help we will not be able to
continue to carry out the “Great Commission”
in the years to come.

Pastor Nathan and his new motorcycle.

In His Service,

Brother Chris LaRue