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Note: to upgrade, please replace previous 'scripts' folder.

What's New in Ver.1.8
- Updated documentation in readme file
- New Snippets Set "minimalist-basic", located at assets/minimalist-basic/snippe
See example10.php or example10.aspx
- New snippets CATEGORIES. See example10.php or example10.aspx (please see docum
entation in the readme file)
- Default jQuery UI version is back to 1.11.0 (but still compatible with the new
jQuery UI 1.11.x)
- Delete block confirmation dialog
- Fixes & adjustments
What's New in Ver.1.7.9
- Supports the latest JQuery UI v1.11.2
- Limit image zoom-out to not smaller than its placeholder
- New example9.html (showing how to print content)
- New example10.php and example10.aspx (showing another approach of saving conte
nt using normal form. Also shows how to submit multiple content area)
- Fixes
What's New in Ver.1.7.8
- Enter issue (when using IE) fixed
- Text color bug fixed
What's New in Ver.1.7.7:
- Change image hover control position for supporting small images
- Fix outline dissapear when clicking editor buttons (Bold, italic, etc)
- Fix zoom changed to 0.8 when resizing (if enableZoom=false)
- Now it's possible to make an image not replaceable. Just add data-fixed="1" to
the <img> element (please see readme.txt)
- Minor fixes & adjustments
What's New in Ver.1.7.6:
- Updated saveimage.php
- Few updates to support our "300+ Beutiful Blocks"'s snippets categories dropdo
What's New in Ver.1.7.5:
- Fixes: Google font not applied after saving and problem when applying Google f
ont on multi drop area
- "default" snippets css updated (change the body font to Open Sans)
What's New in Ver.1.7.4:
- New option: left side editor toolbar, by setting toolbar: 'left' (please see r
- New examples of custom CMS interface: example7.html & example8.html
- Minor fixes & adjustments
What's New in Ver.1.7.3:
- Natural editing by default. To make the editing back to "SAFE MODE" please see
- New Heading selection
- New Font selection
- New Size selection
- List function enhancement
- Color function enhancement

- New "snippetList" parameter (please see readme.txt)
- Fixes & other enhancements
What's New in Ver.1.7.2:
- New imageEmbed parameter to enable/disable Direct Image Embed (please see read
- New sourceEditor parameter to enable/disable HTML source editing (please see r
- Show progress status during image embed
- Fixes
What's New in Ver.1.7.1:
- New destroy() method to disable/destroy the plugin at runtime (please see read
- New copy button to duplicate content
- New colors property, to specify array of custom colors (please see readme.txt)
- New snippetOpen property, to open the snippet panel on first load (please see
- New onDrop event, to run custom script when a block is dropped (added) to the
content (please see readme.txt)
- Snippet number info on hover
- Fixes
What's New in Ver.1.7:
- Multiple instance support. See example6.html
- Introducing "selectable" property for flexible editing. See readme & example7.
- New Unlink button
- New Color & Background text button
- Smooth drag and drop
- Change outline style (when block is clicked). You can customize it on contentb
uilder.css: .ui-dragbox-outlined { ... }
- Now support jQuery no-conflict
- Fixes
What's New in Ver.1.6:

Fix icons conflict: scripts/icons/
Reset zoom if zoom feature disabled.
Error message on saving image: saveimage.php
minor fixes

What's New in Ver.1.5:
- Option to enable custom image or file select dialog (please see readme.txt)
- Option to disable zoom feature (please see readme.txt)
What's New in Ver.1.4:
- Zoom feature is now enabled on Firefox
- Fix controls positioning on hover
What's New in Ver.1.3:
- New 'Edit Link' dialog for video embed (Youtube & Vimeo)
- New 'snippetTool' property for making snippet tool slide from left or right:
Value: left/right. Default is 'right'. Example:
snippetTool: 'left',

What's New in Ver.1.2:

New image dialog (Image Url, Alt text, Navigate URL).
loadHTML() method (for loading HTML content at runtime). See readme.
Saved images are now using file names (good for SEO).
Show warning if non image is selected.
Saved image format is now automatically following the original image embeddedd
(no need to set the hiquality parameter).
But if hiquality parameter is set to true, all saved image will be in PNG (thi
s results bigger size of image file).
- Important fixes:
- Saving image fix