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3 Company Profile

The success story began with the establishment of the Kaleesuwari Refinery Pvt. Ltd. in 1995.
Since then, the company has made incredible strides in the edible oil market with its flagship
brand "Gold Winner". Driven by the goal to provide quality sunflower oil at competitive prices,
Gold Winner within a short span of time, has become the most preferred brand.
Gold Winner has proved once again that it is aptly named - according to a report published by
The Economic Times Brand Equity on April 21, 2008, Gold Winner is ranked 63rd among India's
hundred biggest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands by A.C. Nielsen Retail Audit.
This comprehensive retail audit was done based on a variety of parameters including sales, topof-the mind recall and trust. Not long ago, an ORG-MARG survey also had rated Gold Winner as
number one in the FMCG (edible oils) category in South India. Gold Winner has become a
member of the US based National Sunflower Association (NSA), whose aim is to promote
quality sunflower products across the globe keeping the health of the people in mind.
Gold Winner finds a place in every discerning home, thanks to the highly sophisticated and
rigorous processes adopted to refine crude sunflower oil. A unique distribution network ensures
that the end consumer always keeps company with health and happiness. Gold Winner is now
available in Sri Lanka and is all set to establish its presence in Singapore.


From the day Kaleesuwari was founded, the vision to spread the delight of healthy life was the
pathfinder to the company. This was the driving force behind every new venture they stepped

1994 - The Flagship brand Gold Winner RSF was launched.

2003 - Kaleesuwari entered a new product category and launched Gold Winner

2004 - Gold Winner gets the 63rd rank in India among edible oil category as per the
Brand Equity - ET AC Nielsen Survey.

2005 - Kaleesuwari entered another new product category in the month of September by
launching Sree Gold Dhal.

2007 - Kaleesuwari introduces its Olive Oil brand - Cardia Health Olive Oil.

2008 - Kaleesuwari receives its ISO 2000:9001 certification for the maintenance of
impeccable quality standards.
Kaleesuwari receives the HACCP certificate on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control

2009 - The Olive Oil segment is re-launched by the name Cardia with new 700ml &
350ml packaging.
Kaleesuwari creates a new segment of branded lamp oil by the name Dheepam Lamp Oil
in November.
Kaleesuwari receives its ISO 22000 2009 certification.

2010 - Kaleesuwari creates a new health-bound oil blend of Olive & Corn Oil by the
name Cardia Life in October.


The Philosophy
Kaleesuwari plans to sustain its competitive advantages of being customer-centric and providing
an extended portfolio of products through the following strategies

Strengthening market position by increasing responsiveness to customer requirements.

Providing cost-effective solutions through augmented productivity, resulting from

innovation and economies of scale.

Manufacturing capacity expansions which include internal expansion and increasing the
number of manufacturing units.

Kaleesuwari's future plans will endeavor to grow and further strengthen its connotation of
"Health and Happiness" as its primary enticement and spur.

The Infrastructure
Kaleesuwari has three manufacturing plants with well-resourced state-of-the-art facilities and
dexterous professionals located near the major cities of Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore.
The manufacturing plants use Continuously Automated Technology for processing to maintain
the highest standards of hygiene.
The major share of refinery processing equipment is supplied by the world renowned equipment
supplier, Desmet Ballestra from Belgium. Stringent quality control standards are employed in the
inspection and testing of incoming raw materials, packaging materials, refining via continuous
in-process testing, as well as all finished goods. Kaleesuwaris quality control laboratories house
high-tech testing equipment and follow Good Laboratory Practices to ensure quality and
repeatability of all testing procedures.


Kaleesuwari is the foremost edible oil company in India to put an enterprise-resource-planning

(ERP) system using SAP into practice. It streamlines the operations by systematic monitoring
and analyses of all the business processes.
Social Responsibility
The Social Responsibility programs of Kaleesuwari are designed to provide enduring benefits to
its employees, clients, shareholders, partners and individuals of the surrounding within which it
Kaleesuwari understands its responsibility of being a part of the community. These
responsibilities go further than just producing the products and keeping the customers
surrounded by happiness and good health. Kaleesuwari understands its obligation to lend a
helping hand as an employer and as a part of the community at large.
Through various social and volunteering activities, community involvement and commitment to
the environment, Kaleesuwari endeavors to offer positive impact on people's health and
As an employer, Kaleesuwari believes in having concrete values, a healthy workplace
environment and management that promote the potentials and talents of every individual.
Employee Engagement
To render its products at exceptional standards, Kaleesuwari completely relies on the drive, skills
and dedication of its employees. Employees of Kaleesuwari are supported by best-in-class HR
policies that place supreme importance to statutory compliance and employee welfare.
Kaleesuwari fosters a culture of continuous individual development and progress to meet the
clients' needs and build on its businesses. The employees have access to an extensive range of
professional development training as well.
Manufacturing plants are managed with the highest prominence offered to safety standards.
Despite being an oil refinery, the factories are well-maintained with a spic-and-span ambience to
work. The in-house wellness centers located within the factorys compound ensures health care
services, if required during the working hours.

With the introduction of Performance-based Management Systems (PMS) in the manufacturing

plants, all employees are treated fairly through standardized procedures that promote consistency
all through the organization. Along with the PMS, the company uses fair practices and analytical
procedures to provide growth opportunities for all its employees.
Technological improvement and business education are vital to ensure that the employees have
the knowledge and right skill sets to exceed the clients' expectations in the markets that they
operate in.

Awards & Recognitions

Awards, certifications and recognitions are the best ways to understand Kaleesuwari's persistence
in adding value to its customers from every dimension. Kaleesuwari has raised the bar even
when it comes to making a difference in the life of its customers.
Given below are some of the recognitions received by Kaleesuwari through its brands for
excellence in business development and product quality.

A report published by The Economic Times Brand Equity on April 21, 2004 recognized
Gold Winner to be ranked 63rd among India's top hundred Fast Moving Consumer Goods
(FMCG) brands by A.C. Nielsen Retail Audit.

An ORG-MARG survey had rated Gold Winner as "Number One" in the FMCG (edible
oils) category in South India.

Gold Winner is a well-recognized member of the US based National Sunflower

Association (NSA), whose aim is to promote quality sunflower products across the globe
keeping the health of the people in mind.

Gold Winner crossed another milestone in September 2005 by receiving ISO 9001:2000
& HACCP Certifications.


The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Certification confirms that the
edible oil processing followed at Kaleesuwari is free from physical, chemical and
biological contamination thereby assuring complete food safety.

Gold Winner's state-of-the-art production unit is situated at Vengaivasal, about 14km from
Chennai, India.
The plant uses the automatic and continuous Belgian technology for processing in order to
maintain the highest standards of quality and hygiene. The Desmet technology used is state of
the art and ensures that the refined oil produced is of international standards.
The storage capacity at the plant is 16000 tones. This large tank space ensures that enough stocks
are available to service the ever-growing demand promptly.
The crude oil is systematically purified in well-defined stages like Neutralization, Bleaching,
Dewaxing and Deodorization. All processes are monitored and controlled automatically by using
PLC based systems. Untouched by hand, the oil produced here matches the exacting
requirements of our customers.
To keep the processes stable and controlled, we have adopted modern plant maintenance
practices including Preventive maintenance. Condition monitoring of critical equipment is
resorted to periodically. In observance to stipulated standards, calibration of instruments and
control devices are done routinely.
A high-level in-plant safety committee ensures that the prescribed safety norms are strictly
adhered to. Personnel safety has the highest priority. Gold Winner has employed well qualified
and experienced personnel to handle all its functions. The workforce, largely local, is inducted to
work only after a rigorous training process that includes on the job training. All welfare measures
are in place to ensure that the productive capacity of our people is maintained at the highest

Their caring for the environment:

Gold Winner understands its social responsibilities and the effluent treatment process is built on
the concept of using environment friendly waste disposal practices. The green environs in and
around the factory bear ample testimony to it.
Quality Assurance
To ensure the highest level of quality in the finished product, all our incoming raw and other
materials are subjected to stringent tests and checks.
The raw material - crude sunflower oil - is procured from reliable sources in India and abroad
and tested using the modern analytical Gas Chromatograph .The quality at various stages of the
processing is also checked and is further assured by using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
Undesirable components are removed during the processing.
The good properties of the refined sunflower oil are maintained intact by the use of appropriate
packing. This ensures that the freshness we put in at the time of manufacturing is the same
freshness you get when you open your pack .Simply put this is the unique FIFO (Freshness In
-Freshness Out) benefit that Gold Winner brings to you.
This ensures that every time you buy Gold Winner, you actually carry home health and
Vision: We envision that Gold winner should become the most valued and preferred edible oil
brand in our nation by 2007. Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited has dedicated itself to its
mission of building a conveniently available, affordable world class brand that is trusted and
preferred by the consumer for its quality & nutritional value.
Today Gold winner is available in all the southern states of India and Maharastra. Gold winner is
constantly consolidating and expanding its distribution reach with the single minded objective of
coming closer to customer.


In fact Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited is implementing an organization wide ERP project
named c2c or closer to customer. Once completed, "This project is expected to track the buying
behavior closely and help us to effectively service our customers requirements". The SAP
implementation would also bring in commensurate reduction in lead time to deliver there by
positively impacting our inventory levels.
Gold winner is now an international brand having established its presence in Sri Lanka. Gold
winner would soon be available in Singapore as well. The range of products has been enlarged to
cater to the requirements of our customer comprehensively.
About EFA
The Secret of a winning formula: EFA
Every glistening drop of Gold Winner comes with the promise of ample nutrition and unending
good health. Just a little Gold Winner can add to your meal the innumerable benefits of pure
refined sunflower oil. Thanks to the fact that it contains EFA, Gold Winner keeps the winner in
you going strong at all times.
Why EFA?
With the advent of calorie-conscious and healthy eating habits, low fat diets have become the
order of the day. Leading to a curious dilemma - where does one draw the line between excessive
fat and essential fat? This is where EFA steps in to add the needed sprinkle of health to every
What is EFA?
EFA (or Essential Fatty Acids) supply the body with vital macronutrients that are not naturally
produced by the human body, and it can be acquired only from external sources through the food
we consume. Sunflower Oil is one such source, which is EFA rich.
Gold Winner, Refined Sunflower Oil rich in EFA ensures that it turns each meal into a culinary