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Slaveries/ or slavery
Enslaved African Americans difficulties into the institution of America Slavery.
American Slavery is one of the critical time periods in the 18th century, the problems they
are faced with their existence within the new world. Slavery has reduced to the lowest depths of
a human being. It is very degrading to have possession of a slave. The daily lives of a slave
have consisted of work, family issues, and the social interaction among other slaves.
Earliest slaves have witness their distasteful experience in American slavery. Whether
they were born as slave or free slave, they were flogged up, tortured, and separated from their
masters. Through slaves that toiled and endured, they were able to escape the life that held them
capitated. Eventually, these slaves become the most significant people in American history in the
18th century, they became abolitionists to slavery. Henry Bibb, Solomon Northup, and Harriet
Jacobs decide to write about their individual Slave Narratives.
Henry Bibb is the author of the article, Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry
Bibb, An American Slave, which he published his narrative in 1849 with the assistance of
Lucius C. Matlack, an abolitionist author. He believes that slaveholders treated slaves like
property; therefore, they view them as entities being bought and sold in the slave markets of
South Louisiana.
In discussions of his adventures, one controversial issue has been between slaveholder
and non-slaveholders. On the one hand, he argues slaveholders are class of rich whites, view as
generally ignorant, intemperate, unprincipled, and aristocratic. On the other hand, the nonslaveholders are poor and uneducated that contends to see slavery to become abolished but they
will not speak in public. Bibb claims that there are two sides of position and, he believes that
being a slaveholder is better than a slave because a slave, who toils without wages under the lash,
is atrocious. He emphasizes that another class of poor white people in the south wants to abolish

the idea of slavery. They despise the slavery institution because the social class order of the
economy is impoverishing and degrading to them.
Among the social interaction with other slaves, many slaves have believed in the
superstition, which they called conjuration. Some of them pretend to practice the art. They use a
remedy item called bitter root as self-defense mechanism to chew it and spit it toward their
masters. The slaves use this technique to give themselves power to avoid their masters from
flogging them. He was allowed to visit neighbors slaves for one day with the masters
permission. It was very restricted because Bibb was afraid of being flogged. He tried using the
bitter root as resistance against his master. His response to his master describe as saucy behavior,
which the master punish him for, regardless of the conjuration method.
Bibb was able to married his first wife, a slave, started a family inside the plantation.
Bibb need to leave the family, travel a foreign country for a season for work. Malinda and her
mother were forced to labor the field. No one was able to take care of their daughter Frances,
while the parents were working. Bibb observes his own daughter being abused by the
mistresses, knowing that his child was born as a slave in this world. He mostly feared about
being separated with his family because there was no protection against the masters. They were
only considered to be property. After running away from his master for the last time, he writes a
letter to him, saying that hes a free man, founded happiness as an individual. He never forgot
about his memories being a slave. Bibb explains that he should been a toiled slave on a
condition, that his master treated him differently.
In the article Twelve Years A Slave which appeared as a source for challenging the
Peculiar Institution, Solomon Northup expresses the point of view that in order for a freeman
enjoys the liberty of a free state, he was kidnapped and sold as a slave in Louisiana. He was

rescued after twelve years later. After his return to the Free states, he able to hold attention of the
Northern states, discuss about the subject of Slavery. He spoke about Slavery by using his own
observation, provided that his statements were pure facts, which he known and experienced.
Northup describes a moment between the slaveholders that he was involved in a
transaction, which he was being purchased by John M. Tibeats. According to Northup, he said
he was my master, entitled by law to my flesh and blood, and to exercise over me such
tyrannical control as his mean nature prompted; but there was no law that could prevent my
looking upon him with intense contempt. In making this comment, Northup argues that he
recognize his superiority; furthermore, he knows that there is no law binding him to show
disrespect with the new slaveholder.
There is an altercation between Northup and the slaveholder Tibeats, Northups fear turn
into anger as it become a hurtful, nasty, and dangerous situation. Northup demonstrates that he
retaliated against towards Master Tibeats, a blasphemous tyrant, who calls for god for mercy.
His feelings started to show, an outburst of emotion or violence toward the master. He know he
was conscious, he was going to receive the punishment. He also feels remorse the heinous act
that he commit about the white mans contumely and abuse. Northup tried to use a prayer to
control his emotions, but finding his relief in tears. Because Northup knows that if he harms the
master, there will be punishment to the death, such as lynching slaves.
Northup learn the process of cotton picking by collection, they used a large basket that
holds about two barrels. The cotton flows in when the sack is filled up. The baskets are already
in the field and placed at the rows in the beginning. They usually need the work efficient cotton
picker to have the swiftness of movement. One cotton picker usually picks up at least five
hundred pound of cotton. A slaves routine start work in the morning and lasted until the middle

of night. If a certain amount of cotton is not collect or a slave decides to sleep during the
daylight, the slaveholder would definitely flog the slaves.
In another article Incidents in The Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacobs takes the position
that in order for womens prospective of slavery. She has been a female slave for six years. She
explains that her master, Dr. Flint is founded abusing Jacobs for the first two years as a slave. He
would whisper to her ear using foul words for sexual advances. She describes the vulnerability
of a female slave from the abuse.