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End of Quimester 1 Summary Tables

Complete the following table summarizing the activities you have

completed this quimester. Tick which category each activity contained.
One activity may involve more than one category or indeed all three



CISV Trainings + Planings sessions

JB Directive Board
Liga Futbol Session
JB activities
Portuguese Classes 2 levels
Andinos workshop
AJBM Workshop


hours this term:

of total

X 30
X 50

Complete the following table summarizing your progress towards

achieving the 8 learning outcomes. Explain in what way the activity
helped you achieve the learning outcome.
Learning Outcome
I found that I have leadership
skill which I wasnt aware off.
During the AJBM and Andinos
Workshop I tried my best to be a
Increased awareness of your
leader of my group and found
own strengths and areas for
out I am able to do it. However,
amongst the most import areas
of growth I can still improve on
organization. During the exam
weeks I was unable to carry on
doing all my activities.
The new challenges I undertook
were to become more of leader
in the JB, join the Gym and
Undertaken new challenges
improve my physic, and learn a
new language. However, every
activity possed a different
challenge all which I enjoyed.

Planned and initiated activities

Worked collaboratively with


Shown perseverance and

commitment in your activities

Engaged with issues of global


Considered the ethical

implications of your actions

During the JB Directive board

meeting and the CISV Training
plannings I was able to plan and
initiate activities on a weekly
basis. Either for just for fun or a
with more serious objectives.
Thanks to the knowledge
obtained from the AJBM and
Andinos workshops I improved
my planning skills and best
practices in a significant way
and I implemented this into my
In activies such as the JB Direct
Board, CISV Trainings,
Portuguese classes and Liga
session I had to work with
others. Whether it was for a
project, presentation, or to
improve our development as a
During my time at the Gym I
showed perseverance because I
got off to a slow start managing
only to carry 5 KG weights but
by the end of the sessions I
managed to got up to 10 KG
weights which was a massive
improvement. Also thanks to the
gym activity I also managed to
train for a 15K run and managed
to accomplished it in 1 hour and
35 minutes
During the Jb activities, AJBM
and Andinos Workshops, and
CISV trainings I engange in a
series of issues of global
importance such as the
education barriers of economic
social classes, trying to teach
simple ways of sustainable
development to participants and
learning about conflict
resolution throughout all of this
activities by means of
During the JB activites we did a
series of community work.
Amongst the most impactful one

Developed new skills

I found a visit to a orphanage in

RioBamba. During this visit I
manage to appreciate the luck I
have of being able to attend to a
quality school and have a
variety of sources of help to
improve my performance in it.
This made me realize that I
should try to improve and
mature in the actions I take.
The new skills I developed were
mostly based on activity
planning, routines for the gym,
dealing with young and old
participants, public speaking to
large crowds, new language,
organizing planning sessions as
a group, and being a source of
mediation between parties.