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Packed For Life is the newest approach to homeless outreach

Packed For Life provides permanent life-changing supplies to homeless people

Packed For Life provides both physical and emotional support in the form of a packed
backpack to homeless people
The organization has one fundraising event a year, Concert for Christ
Packed For Life is reaching out to homeless people to introduce them to Christ

FRISCO, Texas, Jan. 26, 2015 Seeking to improve the lives of homeless citizens with both
practical items and religious items, Packed For Life, a nonprofit organization, changes one life at
a time through one backpack.
Packed For Life focuses on more than just physical needs. The organization wants to
provide more than tangible items to homeless people. The organization arms homeless people
with the strength of Christ through a Bible, a cross and a list of local churches. By leading these
individuals to find a life in Christ, the organization gives new life to homeless people in more
than one way.
Isabella Simerson is the creator of the organization. She came up with the idea for Packed
For Life, and she is the director of public relations for the organization.
I think the organization is making huge improvements in the lives of these individuals,
and more importantly, as a Christian community as a whole, Simerson said.
Because Packed For Life is a nonprofit organization, it relies on monetary donations and
volunteers to function. The organizations most important fundraising event is called Concert for
Christ. It is a dinner and concert event sponsored by a local church, Prestonwood Baptist Church.

The event features well-known Christian speakers and singers to entertain the attendees of the
Most of the speakers and singers willingly participate in the event without receiving any
type of payment. The Director of Events, Jane Doe, is in charge of finding the speakers and
singers, and she also coordinates all of the details for the fundraiser.
The success of the event depends on the generosity of the speakers, singers and location
staff, Doe said. Without the donation of their time and money, our fundraiser would fail,
meaning our organization would fail.
Packed For Life takes a new approach to the idea of changing the lives of homeless
people. The organization focuses on changing the future, not just the present, by providing both
physical and emotional support. Packed for Life provides short-term supplies of food, water and
housing items in a backpack to homeless people. More importantly, the backpacks also contain
Bibles, a cross and a list of local churches with homeless outreach programs. The goal of the
organization is to permanently change the lives of homeless people by introducing them to a lifechanging faith in Christ.

Isabella Simerson
Director of Public Relations

Talking Points
1. Concert for Christ is the main fundraising event for Packed For Life, a Christian based
nonprofit organization that provides supplies to local homeless people.
2. The event is the main fundraising event for the organization, and the organization relies solely
on donation and volunteers.
3. Attendance is important simply because the more attendees, the more backpacks that could be
provided to homeless people.
4. Packed For Life is improving lives while spreading the good word of Christ, and the
organization needs all the help it can get, including attendance at Concert for Christ.
5. More information for Concert for Christ can be found online at the Packed for Life website.