Apple, Inc.

Customer Relations

Personal Consumer Organizational Consumer

Relationship Development Value Retention Satisfaction

Relationship Development

Brand Community

Consumers Helping Consumers

Relationship Development

Reference Group Appeal

“Now What” Ad

Relationship Development

Apple Loyalty

166 Million Fans Worldwide

Marketing Concept

Products for Everyone

Developing for the Consumer

Method to the Madness
Research Segmentation|Targeting Consumer Behavior Branding|Positioning



Getting to know John Appleseed

Primary Research

Quality Resource Associates Quantitative and qualitative studies

Secondary Research
Journal of Consumer Research:

Apple = Creative

Segmentation Targeting

Segmentation & Targeting

Apple’s Culture

The Evolution of Thinking Differently

Segmentation & Targeting

Apple’s Subculture

Apple’s approach transcends gender, geography, age and race

Segmentation & Targeting

Education Segmentation

Segmentation & Targeting

Geographic Segmentation

Segmentation & Targeting Segmentation & Targeting

Education Segmentation Race Subculture

Alternative Mac vs. PC ad

Segmentation & Targeting Segmentation & Targeting

Education Segmentation Age Subculture

Generation Y
Adults Teens

Segmentation & Targeting Segmentation & Targeting

Education Segmentation Teen Subculture

“Like most trends among youth, it began with the cool hunters and early adopters telling everyone this would be the next big thing and it spread until it became a cultural phenomenon.”
Anastasia Goodstein

Segmentation & Targeting Segmentation & Targeting

Education Segmentation Social Class

Targeting the Middle Upper Class

Segmentation & Targeting

The Affluent Consumer

Not Products, But Digital Experiences From $49

Segmentation & Targeting

Consumer Socialization

iPod: The First Step to Owning a Mac

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

Apple as an Acquired Need

You could check your email on your computer... Or you could just buy an iPhone.

Consumer Behavior

Goal Structure for Buying an iPhone

Feedback reactions

I am happy and extremely cool now that I have my iPhone!
Goal setting Formation of a goal intention Action Planning Action initiation and control Goal attainment/ failure

My goal is to be cool.

To be cool, I must buy an iPhone.

I must save up enough to buy the iPhone.

Saving to buy an iPhone is worth it!

I have saved enough to buy an iPhone.

Consumer Behavior

Apple and Freud

Id, Superego, and Ego are interrelated to create gratification for the Apple consumer

Consumer Behavior

Apple and Freud



Consumer Behavior

Cognitive Personality Factors

Apple Users: Visualizers Thinkers Information Seekers

Consumer Behavior

Emotional Advertising Appeal

Two-way Feedback

Consumer Behavior

Apple’s Hierarchy of Skepticism

Flight of Developers



Product Strategy

Consumer Behavior

Maslow’s Self-Actualization

Consumer Behavior

Consumption Behavior

People of all shapes colors and sizes

Love Apple.
...and usually only Apple.

Consumer Behavior

Self and Self Image

Macbook Air: Status Symbol

Consumer Behavior

Apple User’s Personality

Apple Users: Sophisticated Creative Technologically Savvy

Consumer Behavior

Values from the Rokeach Survey

Freedom Happiness Social Recognition

Cheerful Independent Imaginative

Consumer Behavior

Values Depicted in Ads

Branding Positioning

Branding & Positioning

Brand Personality

Apple Word Association: Creative Energetic Fun Sophisticated

Branding & Positioning

Product Personality

Purchases Reflect Personalities iPod Nano iPhone

Macbook Air

Branding & Positioning

Attitude Toward the Ad Model

Consumers are influenced by:
2006 1979

Highly visual attention-grabbing ads

Branding & Positioning

Example Ads

Communication of:
Joy Freedom Self-Certainty Fun Individualism

Branding & Positioning

Strategy of Attitude Change

Resolving Two Conflicting Attitudes

Performance vs. Design



Branding & Positioning

Elaboration Likelihood Model

Used for technically sophisticated products

Central Route to Persuasion

Peripheral Route to Persuasion

Used because of increased market penetration and awareness

Branding & Positioning

Communication Tactics

Informal Sources
Word of mouth

Formal Sources

Positive corporate image & top-notch service

Message Credibility
Careful media selection

Branding & Positioning

Advertising Effectiveness

iPod/iTunes Campaign
Get attention and build awareness by resonating with the interests and lifestyles of the target users Budget: $125 Million 2003: Ad Age’s Marketer of the year Result: Halo effect on Apple computers

Branding & Positioning

Apple: A World Brand

Branding & Positioning

Universal Appeal

Getting a Mac

Getting a Mac

Opinion Leadership

Word of Mouth Innovators Friends & Family Consumers with tech knowledge

Getting a Mac

Apple Users are Opinion Leaders

Apple Users

Getting a Mac

Purchase Behavior

Trial Purchases Repeat Purchases Long-Term Commitment

Getting a Mac

Gifting Relationships

Intrapersonal Intragroup Interpersonal

Getting a Mac

Relationship Marketing

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