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Issue: 13 February 2010

Monthly Magazine of
West African Pranic Healing Foundation
Pipeline Avenue, The Gambia
Mobile: (220) 7564196, 9338790

PRANA- February 2010 Page 1

The Existence of God is Self- Evident
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Inner stillness is not the

ultimate objective. It is just
a stepping stone to greater
inner activities which
manifest as partial
functioning of intuitive
intelligence and higher
intelligence, illumination
and/or expansion of

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Full Moon Meditation

On 30th January many Pranic Healers and non Pranic healers

assembled to watch a DVD, ‘The Light of Wisdom’, A sacred Teaching
by Grand Master Choa kok Sui. The Light of wisdom was recorded
during an introductory lecture in Canada in 1998.

This is a very interesting presentation where Master Choa elaborates

on the steps of Twin Heart Meditation and spirituality.

*‘The Light of Wisdom’ DVD, is now available for sale at


PRANA- February 2010 Page 3

Arhatic Meditations
During the month of January 2010 the Arhatic Yoga meditation was
practiced on every Tuesday, as this change is not convenient for
many participants, we will be opting back for the Friday practice. We
invite all participants of Arhatic Yoga workshop to join the group on
every Friday from 5:30pm to 8:00 pm for Arhatic Yoga Purification,
Meditation and Group Study.

‘Experience Oneness...’

Atma Namaste.
Greetings of Peace.
The Pranic Healing Foundation of Mauritius hosts its first Residential
Arhatic Yoga Retreat in a 5 Star Beach Resort, located on one of the
World’s best beaches. You can enjoy the ‘sea, sun and sand’ as you
step out of the Retreat Hall as-well-as your sea-view hotel room.
What can you expect from this Retreat?
The 4-days, ALL-INCLUSIVE Holi-day Retreat is filled with leisure
and learning, to offer a perfect balance of meditation and relaxation.
 Founder’s Day Celebration
 Exercise near the sea
 Beach-Stroll and Swimming
 Purification in Sea Water
 Sunset Meditations
 Focused Lectures
 Group Kriya$hakti and Blessings
PRANA- February 2010 Page 4
 Cultural Programme
 Fun and Games
 Quiz on the Guru’s teachings
 Many more...

What is special about the FIRST 200 bookings?

Intercontinental Resort is already overbooked and could reserve
ONLY 100 rooms. Hence, we can accommodate ONLY the FIRST
200 participants in this Resort. It will be very convenient for you to
stay in the Retreat venue and also enjoy the 5 Star comforts in sea-
view rooms.
What does the package include?
Your accommodation in the Hotel starts as from 14:00 hrs on
Thursday, 12th August up to 12:00 hrs on Sunday, 15th August
2010. The package includes 3 nights / 4 days stay, ALL meals,
Retreat participation and of course, tons of leisure, joy and bliss!
Do not miss this UNIQUE chance to blend your meditations with
total relaxation... in the PARADISE people call MAURITIUS!
Atma Namaste.


Tel: 230 4260586, 4260369

by Arthur A.Powell

The real cause of sleep would appear to be that the bodies

grow tired of one another. In the case of the physical body, not
only every muscular exertion, but also every feeling and thought,
produce certain slight chemical changes. A healthy body is always
trying to counteract these changes, but it never quite succeeds
whilst the body is awake. Consequently with every thought,
feeling or action there is a slight, almost imperceptible loss, the
PRANA- February 2010 Page 5
cumulative effect of which eventually leaves the physical body too
exhausted to be capable of further thought or work. In some
cases even a few moments of sleep will be sufficient for
recuperation, this being effected by the physical elemental.
In the case of the astral body, it very soon becomes tired of the
heavy labour of moving the particles of the physical brain, and
needs a considerable period of separation from it to enable it to
gather strength to resume the irksome task.
On its own plane, however, the astral body is practically incapable
of fatigue, since it has been known to work incessantly for twenty-
five years without showing signs of exhaustion.
Although excessive and long-continued emotion tires a man very
quickly in ordinary life, it is not the astral body which becomes
fatigued, but the physical organism though which the emotion is
expressed or experienced.
Similarly with the mental body. When we speak of mental fatigue,
it is in reality a misnomer, for it is the brain, not the mind, that is
tired. There is no such thing as fatigue of the mind. [Page 83]
When a mean leaves his body in sleep (or in death), the pressure
of the surrounding astral matter - which really means the force of
gravity on the astral plane - immediately forces other astral matter
into the astrally empty space. Such a temporary astral counterpart
is an exact copy, so far as arrangement is concerned, of the
physical body, but nevertheless it has no real connection with it,
and could never be used as a vehicle. It is merely a fortuitous
concurrence of particles, drawn from any astral matter of a
suitable kind that happens to be at hand. When the true astral
body returns, it pushes out this other astral matter without the
slightest opposition.
This is clearly one reason why extreme care should be exercised
as to the surroundings in which a man sleeps: for, if those
surrounding are evil, astral matter of an objectionable type may fill
the physical body while the man's astral body is absent, leaving
behind influences which cannot but react unpleasantly upon the
real man when he returns.

PRANA- February 2010 Page 6

Pranic Healing Question And Answer
In order to "Answer" Questions regarding the application of Pranic Healing
Protocols for various ailments, conditions and to give information
regarding any topic covered in MCKS Basic Advanced Pranic Healing books,
in the Pranic Psychotherapy Pranic Crystal Healing books. PHQandA yahoo
group was created in year 2000. The QandA Vision is to be a reliable
resource for Pranic Healers globally. The QandA Archive of previously
answered questions is also accessible online and as of today contains over
4,000 responses. QandA's primary Purpose is to assist Pranic Healers to
find Protocols that assure them of understanding how to correctly apply
Pranic Healing Techniques ... thereby encouraging the Healing Technology
of Master Choa to be properly used to produce positive, rapid results.

How to access the PH QandA Yahoogroup Message Archive:

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your Yahoo ID.

3. When page opens, look for your groups, click on PH QandA

4. When the PH QandA welcome page opens, click on Messages.

5. When the Messages Page opens, on the top of the page, a window or
small space available for you to type your question.

6. Write the name of the ailment. Please be certain to spell it correctly.

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WAPHF-Gambia Calendar

February 2010
Date Day Event Time Pre-

7th & Sunday & Basic Course 9:30 to All

14th Sunday 5:30 pm

14th Sunday New moon 6:00 pm All


13th & Saturday & Basic Course 9:30 to All

14th Sunday 5:30 pm

28th Sunday Full Moon 6:00 Pm All


Arhatic Yoga Purifications, Meditations and Study will be

practiced on Fridays at 5:30 pm to 8:00pm.

PRANA- February 2010 Page 8

Lying distorts the Mental perception, the
inner perception of other people. The karmic
fruit of this is that ones mental perception will
be distorted. Why? Because one has mentally
blinded and distorted the perception of other.

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

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