6 February – Birthday of Sant Kirpal Singh

Birthday Message
Written by Sant Kirpal Singh, 1960

­ ime is an interminable eternity with no beginning T and no end except as man has for his own convenience, in his own limitations, tried to limit it and make separate divisions out of it. With all these ruthless vivisections, eternity remains ever in love with the products of time and is willing to unfold the secrets of heaven and earth to him who reposes his trust and faith in her benignity. Birthdays are but arbitrary milestones of life‘s journey on earth, but they do serve a very useful purpose, all the same. As one crosses each division of time and steps into the other, he is reminded of a stage left behind and finds himself a step nearer to the journey‘s end. Each birthday, therefore, offers a splendid opportunity to the traveler to know where he stands, how he has fared on the path of life, what progress he has made, and what he intends to do next with new hopes, new aspirations, and new resolutions for the new year that lies ahead of him. It is an occasion for taking a comprehensive view of the stock-in-life gathered already to be garnered thereafter, and it can, as such, be profitably made use of to the best advantage.

another. Again, there is no ill without a remedy, and this sovereign and potent remedy is to be applied, whether we will it or not, by oneself if we desire a cure; or else the disease of ignorance shall continue to persist and persist endlessly as it has done through ages upon ages. Last but not least, the door of Salvation is open to all. It is not a prerogative for any one sect, caste, or creed or even a religious order. Whosoever may run, can reach it. „Knock and it shall be opened unto thee“ has been the message of saints and seers since the beginning of time. God is the God of all mankind and His Grace shines equally on all, but they alone who turn towards Him derive the greatest benefit. ‚Love‘ is the master key that unlocks the door leading to the ‚Kingdom of Light.‘ „Love and all things shall be added unto thee“ is an axiomatic truth that has stood the test of time. It is, therefore, said - „Love God with all thy mind, with all thy heart, with all thy strength, and with all thy soul.“ My message today is none other than that of Love. Learn ye, therefore, to love all creatures as yourself. Live in and for the love of all and the Lord of Love shall reward you manifold in return for the sake of His own Divine Love. That is His Law, eternal and immutable. Try to cultivate a loving and a living faith in His Goodness and nothing shall stand in your way on the Path.

On a day like this, I can only ask you who have been put on the Path Godwards to turn within and see, each one for himself or herself, as to the measure of advance made in the spiritual field. Blessed indeed are those who have done so and to them my message is that they should persevere in full faith and confidence in the Master-Power overhead and work This is the only message that you can have from me hard to regain all the inheritance which is theirs and on this occasion. I extend to you all my loving greetof which they have a foretaste. To those who are ings with a Soulful Love and Benediction. May you yet standing still for one reason or another, I would all arise and awaken in His Consciousness. commend some sort of active striving with a will and a purpose. After all, each one has to make an experiment on his own and no one can vicariously do it for


U N i t y o f m a n - s a n t k i r pa l s i n g h

Question: Could you explain to me what the meaning of Kirpal Singh is? Sant Kirpal Singh: Names are names. Question: But does it not have a meaning? Singh means something and Kirpal means... ? Sant Kirpal Singh: Kirpal means Merciful. Question: And Singh? Sant Kirpal Singh: Singh means lion. When the two are put together: Lion of Mercy. So His ways are full of mercy. He‘s very strict, mind that. He has got an iron hand, but His gloves are very smooth-like.
From the book “Light of Kirpal”

w w w. k i r pa l s i n g h - t e a c h i n g s . o r g


Scenes from Sant Kirpal Singh’s life
Written by Dr Harbhajan Singh

His words are highest and very much balanced. Whatever He tells, He tells from the core of His heart. His way of expression always meant something. Throughout His life He never said anything, out of which we could not draw some benefits. Lots He did a lot of such incidences everywhere in the of people went to Him and everyone was benefited. world. If we collected all, it would become a very big He loved each one of us irrespective of our reactions book. But for the teaching, for the subject He gives and deeds and thoughts. He loved the sinner much today, we have to enter into the sanctuary of our more than the pious. That was the reason that many heart, because this alone is the highest place in the sinners and dacoits turned their life and became de- manbody. (It may be compared to mother and child.) voted disciples of His.1 The child would get the love of the mother when he comes back home. It is in the playground. Although Master once told us about the time, when as an ac- the mother is waiting for him, the child is very much countant He was ordered to the frontier. In the regi- interested in the games. So He has told us lots of ment, there was a dacoit; very dreadful, indeed. He ways and means out of love and compassion which liked Master and sometimes followed Him as His He has for every child. He does His utmost. Somebodyguard. He said he was afraid of Him. Master told times He has to go to the battlefield where you must him, „Everybody is afraid of you and you say you are fight against your enemy. You don‘t go there, but He afraid of me?“ He said, „When I look at you I start goes there and He wins over entirely in your interest. trembling; my past sins come to life.“ Master asked And He has done lots of things for us already.3 him, „Why? What happened?“ He said, „I have tormented so many people. Killed them, like that. How Once a man who has been initiated by another masmany I killed, the exact number, I don‘t remember. ter came with me to Sant Kirpal Singh. Although he Is there any hope for me?“ – „Yes, there is hope for had remained with his master for many, many years everybody. There is hope for even the worst sinner. he had not been able to get any experience. But MasRepent. Pray. Do no more!“2 ter gave it only with the twinkling of an eye. He had come with me and Master asked, „How you came There are lots of instances and incidences that hap- here?“ He said, „I am the disciple of this master; but pened continuously and most of those incidences re- he has left the body. „Master said, „Doesn‘t matter. vealed about His competency. He could change the What do you want?“ He told very frankly, „You belife of man very easily. When some people came to come responsible for me!“ Master said, „Okay, I am Him – so lovable – they forgot the reason why they responsible for you.“ had come there; with His attention He finished the very root cause of their problem. Some time later this man was caught by dacoits while he was sleeping outside in his field. They had This is some rare phenomenon for which they (Mas- a very sharp knife and a big dagger and wanted to ters) come into the world, not only to create the con- cut his throat.The man at once remembered the

fidence in us, but to take us back with that very confidence. You know, miraculous things (happened), these however are incidences (not miracles); there is a great difference between miracles and incidences. Masters don‘t play miracles, but they do something which is in accordance with nature. Where there is demand, there He supplies.


U N i t y o f m a n - s a n t k i r pa l s i n g h

Master, „You gave me your promise and what will be my fate now? I will die soon, you however gave me the promise!“ At once Master appeared. All these persons (who wanted to cut his throat) were standing on the left side, and Master was standing on the right. One of them shouted to the others, „Why are you waiting? Cut his throat!“ When they were just about to do it, the man saw the Master and at once turned his head because Master‘s radiant form was there. So instead of cutting his throat his ear was hurt. His whole body was full with blood and then he rose above body-consciousness. He saw the Master and rose about body-consciousness. When the dacoits saw that he was no more in the body they went away and thought he was dead. Next morning he came to me, his ear was still a little bit attached to the head, it was not fully cut. I sticked it on again saying, „Okay, this much I can do.“ He said, „Do you want any money for this sticking?“ I said, „No, it is done with the grace of my Master, I have to do it freely.“

such a flower embedded inside which grows in a moment, blossoms, and its smell comes out and fills the whole heart within at once. One time Master was sick, you know, and we were together with Him for three months, and never we created the wish to go back home. More than 150 patients I really had to attend (in my hospital) every day. But I handed it all over to Him and said, „You do that job.“ And there was no problem with the hospital. Everything was okay because we knew from heart that He was looking after all the situation. We were very happy to be with Him and He was getting better day by day. But one day He wanted to send us away forcibly. He said, „Now you have to go back.“ From heart we never wanted but it was His order from within also. So we got ready. With all our baggage we went to Him to say good-bye. Many persons were sitting there; we were standing. Master would only look at us in intervals. We wanted to stand there for any time He wanted (us to do so). We were never too quick to leave that place. Then Master asked, „Why did you come?“ I told Him, „Master, today we have to go home. We must go back.“ Master said, „I will not permit it“, He said, „I have told you once for all that I will not permit you to go.“ I said, „Master, no, we have to go.“ But we kept standing. Master said, „Doesn‘t matter to me if you keep standing, but I will not permit you to go.“ When all went He asked, „Then at least you check my heart before you go.“ So I went near and holding His right arm up He said, „Well, check me!“ I said, „Master, Your heart is on the left side.“ Master said, „You know that my heart is on the left side?“ I said, „Master, I know, physically Your heart is here.“ But you know Master‘s heart is here (third eye). So while I checked Him I was very close to Him; in a very sweet voice and very lovably He told, „No, it is my order, you must go.“

I tell you there are so many examples of His blessing which I could give to you, but I only want to say that His love and His blessing is always here.4 You have been blessed with the grace of the Master who would never leave us. He is free to give, He is free to provide whatever we want from the heart. He wants to fulfil all our desires. You know there are lots of desires, not worldly but spiritual desires. The desire of the disciple is to see the Master again and again, to hear the Master again and again, and try to remain in His sweet harmony for all the time. Sometimes desire arises to sacrifice all our worldly wishes, so as to get utmost and overflowing love from Him. We forget the world for a moment and at once we feel that we are already in the lap of the Father. Sometimes we left ourselves alone without the world and without the attachment of the world and we could witness His This is really something that I cannot describe in night-long presence with us. We wanted to hear His words. How much He loves us – very few people sweet voice all the time, we wanted His attention all have cared to know about it. If we really knew His the time. You know what the condition was of those love and His compassion, we would feel that this is who became the lovers of Him? They only wanted never ending. It grows more and more between the to see Him. If He left one place and went to another disciple and the Master.5 place, those lovers followed Him. This desire, I tell you, is never fulfilled, it increases day by day. It is When Master was on tour He stayed in Amritsar. I

w w w. k i r pa l s i n g h - t e a c h i n g s . o r g


thought a little bit because Master had said in the have to take it. But His gifts are very many. Some of Satsang, „If Master shows His love to the disciple, His gifts will give you utmost happiness, some will he will forget the world and will start to dance.“ I give you intoxication, some will bring you sadness in thought, „No, it is not possible, how can it be?“ Many the world and sometimes you will feel very separate persons were sitting in the room. When I was alone from your own self. If really you receive all His gifts with Master He said, „Well, now it is time to depart, – in the sanctuary of your heart you will never feel let me go to Pathankoth. There will be a Satsang.“ I others than Him. His thought will go on pouring in said, „Master!“ Master looked at me and immediately you all the time; whatever He wants from you, you I started to weep. Master embraced me and got into certainly have to do in the same direction, no way the car. He looked at me and said, „Well, I have to go.“ out. My condition was like a child who does not know anybody else than his mother and therefore only wants One time, when Master was in Amritsar, a woman to run after her. Immediately I took my motorbike started to weep; she cried very much; Master asked and ran after the Master. So I could go nearly 6 or 7 her as to what the problem was with her, but she kilometres, then Master asked the driver to stop the would never tell (the reason) but continued weeping. car. Master said, „Why are you running after me?“ I After all she told, „Master, last night you came to me, answered, „Master, I cannot tell, but my purpose is but you didn‘t stay with me. I wanted to stay with not to come with you to Pathankoth.“ Master said, you.“ Then Master was looking everywhere and I at „What is your purpose?“ I started to weep again. Then once told, „Why you weep? He is now with you, He Master said, „Look at me!“ I looked at Him; then I is sitting before you, you can ask anything.“ At once felt totally unconscious, I could not move my legs. Master looked at me – I do not know with which eye (the outer or the inner eye) – and that gave me overI tell you this experience because I want to tell you flowing love. I could not bear the weight of His love. I that there is a big difference between what we think went with Him in the room; He was alone there, anyof the Master and what He really is. Then Master said, how it was very good. His smile was very simple but „You are happy now? Now you fully know the fact it was full of love. I saw it and you all, those who lived (which was explained in Satsang)?“ I said, „Master, with Him, they realized that He was never angry with this is right.“ Master said, „Go and do the work! This anybody. But if per chance He was angry, it was only is sufficient or do you need more?“ I said, „Master, I to make someone understand the real meaning of a need more.“ But Master said, „I know when to give. thing. But the same moment He got very polite from You do not know when you want to take it.“6 within. He gave some attention as well. So what was that attention? He gave the remedy, He gave the soluMaster used to say that He felt two difficulties in tion to the problem of the disciple.7 His life. One before His (Master‘s) coming and one after His departure. And this is very exact. Nobody Once two persons, who had some quarrel, came to can deny it. This is a very hard factor in life. To one Master. I was there when they came to Master for who has surrendered to Him such difficulty always a decision. Both had got initiation from the Master appears from time to time. To some extent I have and both were loved by the Master. They had some known that while doing His work we remain with quarrel for certain reasons and no one was able to one thought in Him and we always feel His nearness. take any decision for them. So Master asked one perBut everyone of us knows that we are in this world for son. He was very emotional. Master was listening to a very short moment. After all, all what Master wants everything he told and he took a lot of time from for us is to be with Him forever, is to have the posi- the Master. Master loved him – but only outwardly. tive companionship with Him. Father and child must I knew that Master was only loving him from outbecome one; they must be dyed in one and the same side. But when the turn of the next person came he colour, that is His purpose. His purpose is holy, it is only told so much, „Master, you know everything, so gifted. When your friend brings a gift, you certainly if I tell you anything – for what? Because you know


U N i t y o f m a n - s a n t k i r pa l s i n g h

it. Whatever you decide, it will bring me happiness.“ Then Master said, „You have to pay for this.“ He said, „Definitely, Master, I will pay for this.“ The first man was very happy because the thing came out in his favour; then, when they were just to leave, Master asked the second person to meet Him before he would go. So he went to Master again and Master gave him much love. He gave him one apple to eat and also told him, „You can also sit in meditation.“ What I saw after two or three years was: This man, who did not speak, to whom Master had given the apple and who had to pay much money to end this whole rift, he became a very perfect person. The other person, however, who had got everything, he was still living like a beggar.

Master had wonderful ways and means to love His children. He is the sustainer of all happiness and we are only after those which are self-created. And these are also emotional, self-made and self-styled. We know that this is against Master‘s wish, and that is the reason why we are devoid of His mercy. We are waiting for His mercy but we are not fit for it. There are lots of things a disciple deserves to learn from the life When the thing is for the Master, for the right cause, of a Saint. His compassion and love is beyond all bar- then Master has to take it. We had no attachments riers. In reality very few people tasted His love. And with it. Master knew it from heart that everything by tasting His love one forgets the enjoyment, sen- was open. So He was the owner of the whole thing. sual enjoyments and one‘s own purpose. You know, When He visited our house there, He put me one in spirituality – if you go senseless, you will have the question. He said, „You never asked anything in the super-consciousness inside. It is a way to surrender whole of your life, you can demand anything this to Him. He wanted to teach us many things in His day.“ I said, „Master, yes, I have one wish.“ Master lifetime but even sitting along with (Him), people said, „Tell me!“ I said, „Your Mission must flourish created more and more wishes. Lots of people came throughout the world.“ The Master was very happy. to Him for worldly problems. Master can do that, but Master was taking some oranges; it was already in better it is if these are solved without asking, because His mouth, a little bit on the lips. Master took it back it is also His work. We keep such problems always and put it in my mouth. Master said, „I am very satforth just to feed the mind all the time. The matter isfied. Lots of people came to me, they had different which does not belong to you or which is outcome wishes. They came for certain worldly things, for the of the pure mind, it does not really belong to you, it welfare of their children.“ They never knew that all really doesn‘t need your attention. Leave it, and have these things are side-issues and Master is looking afthe ruling passion for Him alone. And you see, when ter these side-issues minutely. Master knows which there is a ruling passion, all those wishes which mind is the best thing that He can provide for His child. creates all the moment, they run away like anything, He knows, but we only want dirt. We need only dirt. because where there is the positive Power, the nega- Master wants to give, to pick up some diamond for tive power cannot stand.8 us. But we say, „No, we need iron things. We need rubbish. We want to collect rubbish.“ But we don‘t When on His last tour Master visited Amritsar, He realize that Master wants to give rare things for His

also visited our home in Nagkalan. People want to donate and give away everything for the right cause, but Master does not take it. What is the problem? Because we have the miserable attachment with these things. We do not want to part with it, though we know that we have to leave it after some days. We are having a life for two or four days, very quick, thereafter we have to leave each and everything. But Master has special meaning behind His cause. He does something so that other people must follow. There are many instances in the histories of the competent Masters, they showed the way to perfection. But when Master visited our home, He said, „Okay, I will come to your house on five conditions: This house does not belong to you, the hospital does not belong to you, and the agriculture farm, it is my farm, and the money that will come in belongs to me; even your children, they belong to me; I am responsible for them.“ I said, „Master, I am then alone?“ Master said, „You are also mine.“ Master took it only, He gave these words only because He knew that everything was free; who has to take it?


U N i t y o f m a n - s a n t k i r pa l s i n g h

child. Anyhow, Master was very happy. Master said, „Okay, never anybody came to me for this purpose. You have demanded a very high thing.“ And Master said, „This I give to you.“ Mission is a tree whereas all other things, spirituality, meditation, all other things, they are the branches. If there is no tree, where the branches will be? They‘ll all get dry.9

as your best friend. He wants to carry your load on His shoulders because He knows how to carry it. He Has learned it. He has learned it (throughout) many births. He didn‘t have any work in the world. He only came as a kuli. He is a kuli, I tell you. Who is a kuli? Who carries your burden when you get down from the train. He says, „Okay, give me your burden, you have much burden, I will carry you to your home.“ To have Him within is to have His sweet remem- He works as a kuli. And still He has the same job. So brance. People say, „Those who have not seen Him, you need a kuli. Don‘t take Him as Master, but take how can they remember Him?“ How? This happi- Him as kuli. (First it may seem that) He is of little ness always comes from within and He is innate in value to you here in the world. In the beginning take our soul. You remember Him and He is there. At the Him as kuli. Then you see how beautifully He does time of initiation He appears. He loves, He comes this work. He is your servant without any payment. in your dream and makes you sleep; He loves you, He is a borrowed servant. In true sense, if you take He does everything. But His desire is to look after the Master, He is a borrowed servant. But we don‘t the child all the moment. But if we don‘t feel or if need Him. If we need Him, He is ready to go. He we don‘t need Him? Sometimes we only need food lives above the heavens and before you think, He is from the mind, how can the Masterpower then stay with you. He is ready to take your burden, to take there? your load, your luggage; if you want, otherwise not. It is a law, that already ever exists. Forcibly He cannot People say that it is very difficult to change the mind. take. He will only take if you have just a wish even. It is right, you cannot control the mind with the You create a wish and He will know. He will come at negative thought. You can control the mind with the once and say, „Okay, you feel heavy of it. Give it to positive thought. And there is love, compassion, and me!“ Otherwise not. there is vibration in the positive thought, and that will keep down its activities. The mind is the source I know one instance near my village, perhaps two of all negative thoughts. And what is there? Attach- kilometres away. One person fell ill and all relatives ment, enjoyment, glory, and charm also, and it is il- gathered. He told them that he had to leave. He was lusion. Illusion is not gold, but like gold, and not all crying like anything and said, that he would certainly that glitters is gold. die. He was a teacher. There was one lady teacher who was doing much in Master‘s Mission. She was a very We most of the time feel empty, empty of His love, good companion to us in the Mission of the Masempty of His charm and glory, which Master wants ter. She only went there. This teacher who was going to provide us with. I mean to tell those things that to die was not initiated, nor did he know anything people got it from His ready stock; it is available all about the Master, nor had he ever seen the picture of the moment. All helps from the Master are available. the Master. She told the purpose of human life. She You simply have to surrender your worldly problems, asked him, „What is the trouble with you? Let us talk ill-feelings for others; you may say the dirtiest things from heart to heart. Please tell me, if I can be of any that always morbid your consciousness. He doesn‘t use to you?“ He said, „I have so much burden on my want any good thing from you. He needs all your tongue, on my ears, on my head, on the whole body, bad things back. He knows how to throw it away. We that I do not know what to say and what to speak and (however) simply know how to keep them. what to hear. I have forgotten, I only cry that I am in an awful condition. I cannot bear what is happening If you want to identify only with your wishes – then with me.“ it is okay. Otherwise Masterpower is there to help you. Not only here but thereafter as well. Take Him She told him also about the competency of the Mas-

w w w. k i r pa l s i n g h - t e a c h i n g s . o r g


ter so that a wish was created in him. He thought: „Is titled to further life.“ So Master prolonged his life. it possible? I never knew that this was possible in the These are examples which show Master‘s competenworld. I only knew that this was possible in the past cy and how our way of life is connected with it. Both with the competent Masters whose teaching we have go together now. with us. We loved the teaching but did not get the practical subject. We have never thought that there You cannot separate the purpose of human life from is also a practical way. It is very beautiful if such a the competency of the Master, you cannot separate Master is there in the world.“ Later she went home. yourself from the Master, because He is the source The angel of death appeared and Master at once went for you. Your purpose only lies with the positive there. Master manifested there and immediately the Power and you have nothing to do with the world. angel of death disappeared. The dying man was very We however have never known. We said, „This world happy, his joy was of no bound. Now he saw the same is for enjoyment! Let us enjoy, time will come, when thing (that he had just heard of), and the same Mas- we have to go!“ ter was present. He knew only little about Him; it was only two hours before his death, that he could get Everyone has to be very wise, I tell you, because othto know something about Him and Master came. So erwise there is no way out.10 Master gave him assurance, „You have remembered me!“ It is very difficult to remember Him in such a situation. „You have remembered me – maybe with any help thus I have come to you. See, your life is finished, you have no life at your disposal.“ He said, „Yes, Master, I have to go now.“ Master said, „Okay, I give you life from my own hand; go happily, solve the purpose of human life and solve the mystery of death. The purpose for which you came into the world you have not done yet. Now you have come to the senses, so some life is given to you, but only for the reason that you have realized, otherwise you were not en-

M o r e i nf o r m at i o n : w w w. s a n t - k i r pa l - s i n g h . o r g

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U N i t y o f m a n - s a n t k i r pa l s i n g h