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January - 2015

Vol. 1 l Issue 1

Our university was born in

the year 1968, and has
completed 46 years of history
and now waiting for its
Golden Jubilee celebrations,
in another four years' time.
We are really fortunate to be
a part of this most prestigious
university. The Motto of our
University, as you all know, is
Nirmaya KarmanaSree.


Vice Chancellor






Capacity Enhancement of 11 KV HT Sub-Station I & II
From 1000 KVW to 3000 KVW at a cost of ` 3.6 Crores

Inauguration by the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor

Dr. M. Abdul Salam (04.04.2014)

11 KV HT Sub-Station

Enhancement of Transformer Capacity to 500 KVA and Installation of
160 KVA Generator at a cost of `56 Lakhs

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Dr. M. Abdul Salam, inaugurating the

Enhancement of Transformer Capacity at Dr. John Matthai Centre, Thrissur

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Dr. M. Abdul Salam, Switching on the

Generator at Dr. John Matthai Centre, Thrissur



Priority for Sports


Cash Awards worth

Rs 25 lakhs to Students

Benefits 1000 Students


Pointing towards Excellence
Vice Chancellor Dr. M. Abdul Salam
addresses the meeting of Alumni
of Athletes. Dr. P.T. Usha was
elected as President of
Alumni Association of Athletes



Hosting National events: Inauguration of South Zone

Inter University (Women) Kho-Kho tournament.

Dashing towards Excellence - leadership provides the momentum:

Scene from South Zone Inter University (Women) Kho-Kho tournament.




`. 5.5 Crore



Olympian Irfan Kolothum Thodi receiving memento from Hon'ble Vice Chancellor
Dr. M. Abdul Salam with Olympians Diju V and Tintu Luka

From Youth & Sports Affairs, Government of India

Sri. E. Ahamed, Member of Parliament, inaugurating the Synthetic Athletic Track.

Dr. M. Abdul Salam Vice Chancellor, Adv. KNA Khader MLA, Prof. K. Raveendranath
Pro Vice Chancellor, Sri. Abdul Majeed T.A., Registrar are also seen.

Indoor Stadium Renovated

Sri. P.K. Abdu Rabb, Hon'ble Minister for Education, Govt. of Kerala
inaugurating the Renovated (Synthetic Turfed) Indoor Stadium.
In the presence of Vice Chancellor Dr. M. Abdul Salam and higher officers

Renovated (Synthetic Turfed) Indoor Stadium opened for the players

Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Trophy


Our Football Team won the prestigious

Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Trophy in
All India Inter University Football (Men)
Championship (2013-14)

Camp 2014
Catch them young: Summer Coaching Camp - to nurture new talents
in sports, which the University is conducting every year

Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. K. Raveendranath addresses

the Summer Coaching Camp 2014




Glimpses from Agro-Food

Flower Fest 2014
2014 Agri Flower Food Book Fest


Main Entrance of Green Festival 2014 at Calicut University

Saplings ready for sale


To recognize the best value
Rich Student in affiliated colleges.
Vice Chancellor with
award winners (15.08.2014)


To recognize
the Best Teacher
in affiliated colleges.
Vice Chancellor with
award winners (26.09.2014)



Award for CU Vice-Chancellor Dr. M. Abdul Salam

ecognising the works he has done for the smooth functioning of the campus,
Calicut University Vice-Chancellor Dr. M. Abdul Salam has been selected by the
Engineering Watch Magazine for the Campus Pre-paredness Award, 2015.

He has been selected for the award, taking into consideration his contributions to higher
education and for successfully implementing e-governance in the educational sector. His
attempts to take Calicut University to international standards through academic researches
also garnered the special appreciation of the award committee. Dr. M. Abdul Salam was
also instrumental in introducing various developments in the university, such as Digital
Document Filing System, Biometric Punching, Digital Personal File, Online Banking, Wi-Fi
Campus, etc.
The award will be handed over to him at the Higher Education Forum, to be held in Chennai
on March 28.
-Courtesy: The Indian Express

Best e-Campus Award 2014

Presented the Best e-Campus Award to VPSV Ayurveda College, Kottakkal

in recognition of being the best e-governed Campus among the affiliated
Colleges. Vice Chancellor presenting the award to Dr. Easwara Sharma,
Principal, VPSV Ayurveda College, Kottakkal.(31.12.2014)

Most searched

Best Green Campus Award 2014

Christ College, Irinjalakuda, Thrissur bags the best

Green Campus Award 2014. Vice Chancellor presenting the award to
Principal, Christ College, Irinjalakuda, Thrissur. (05.06.2014)



2014 Sports Convocation & Alumni Formation held at the University Seminar Complex

own University

he University of Calicut, which holds a unique

position among the various Universities in the
country is all set for an overall expansion of the
sports facilities. Numerous contributions to sports and
games made CU admirable and now, University is in its
effort to implement new projects to regain its superiority
in sports industry. The sporting arena at CU now consists
of an outdoor stadium, a multipurpose indoor stadium,
tennis courts, volleyball courts, kho kho court and a
fitness gym that creates the complete mood of the
sports world. As the prime concern of authority is to
provide better infrastructure and sports facilities to the
emerging sportstars, CU is on its way to dedicate a hub
of all modern sports facilities. In the very near future,
Calicut university may get crowned as sports
The sports facilities at the University are considered
among the best in India, if properly planned and utilised,
admits the whole campus community. The University
takes pride in possessing one of the largest natural

Renovated (Synthetic Turfed) Indoor Stadium opened for the players

stadium in Asia. The outdoor stadium with seating capacity of 50000 is fully
covered all sides with gallery, is now used for multi purpose. One of the dream
project of CU is the development of outdoor stadium to contain a Cricket pitch
of International standard and a 400 meters track with a Football court of
international Standard in the center, enclosed with 70% gallery for spectators.
A stadium gallery with pavilion is under construction now. There is a plan for
development of gallery by paving exterior tiles on the steps, which surely adds
to the aesthetic appearance and also prevent the growth of vegetations.
Construction of a chain linked fencing around the sports complex is also
included in the project.
Besides the vast outdoor stadium, two indoor stadiums with teak wood
flooring is used for multipurpose. Renovation works of the indoor stadium has
started , one of which floored with modern synthetic materials suitable for
various sports activities has inaugurated and opened for the players.
The University have already opened a multi stationed fitness centre and weight
training hall with all facilities in the campus. Besides the students and staff of
the University, a large no. of natives are also taking advantage of the fitness
centre. The achievements of University in swimming and water polo are also
commendable. Swimming pool, the main hub for training with Diving and
water polo facilities, which is under proposal, will come true in the very near
future. University is also planning to construct a new building with modern
facilities as dormitory for comfortable stay of the trainees and it will also
provide lodging facility for the participants of various competition, thereby CU
could host more inter University and National competitions. As per the
academic schedule and timing of the physical education students and
participants of various sports events, Construction of a sports hostel is
indispensable. The construction of a sports hostel to provide dormitory type
accommodation to 500 students is under the project, which will get started
soon. This will surely benefit the players by 100% utilization of the facilities for
sports training.

In view of its achievements in the field of
sports and games, Association of Indian
Universities has informed that Calicut
University is under consideration of allotting
a Centre of Excellence in Athletics, which
aim to help the talents to have knowledge
of latest trends in training practises. For this,
availability of a synthetic track is very
essential. The University of Calicut is the only
university which do not have a Synthetic
Athletic track among the Universities in
Kerala. . For better Practice and for high level
performance , a synthetic track with highly
capable physical elasticity and highly wear
proof which can be used in all weather is an
inevitable requirement. Rs. 5.5 crores has
been sanctioned and 3 crores has been
received from Ministry of Youth And Sports
Affairs by the University for the construction of
the 400 meter synthetic athletic track and its
accessories and its proceedings are going on.
Besides all these projects, Calicut University
is dreaming of the shifting of SAI(Sports
Authority of India) center from Calicut to
the university. It is the vision of the University
to make a sports complex with all modern
facilities, so that the University could
materialize its objectives. For that the
University is in tie up with Sports Authority
of India and has decided to build a sports
complex with modern facilities including a
swimming pool and the facilities to start a
football academy .


All India Inter University Football Champions 2013-14

University of Calicut is not far from the

bright future and the implementation of
these projects will undoubtedly aid to the
very essential development in sports field.
For successful implementation of the
projects, the authority have to take up the
initiative to consider the needs of students.
It needs to be implemented in a better co
ordinated system of plans. Strong
awareness should be given both to the
natives in and around the campus for the
efficient functioning of the proposed
sports facilities. As the development of a
nation is considered, sport can add more
potential to achieve the goals. The plans
and programmes for national development should be rooted in institutions like

universities, where the youth can prove their

mettle and they should be given proper
sporting facilities. Political conspiracies and
authoritarian attitude towards sport can
ruin the very nature of sport. And so, there is
an urgent need of creating awareness
among the concerned societal institutions
regarding the very importance of sport in
national development. It has been proved in
many countries that well- designed sportbased initiatives are practical and costeffective tool to achieve objectives in
national development and peace.
Therefore, Sport is a powerful vehicle that
should be increasingly considered as a
complementary to existing activities to
confirm nation- al integrity.
The authority is focusing on the over all
development of facilities and with the
support of a team of dedicated coaches and
mentors, University of Calicut can mould a
number of Olympians and Internationals in
sports and games. The dream is not too far
to reach and so we can expect University of
Calicut will be crowned as Sports University
very soon.
-Rizwana P.

All India Inter University Kho-Kho Runner up 2013-14



Impossible to know
God through symbols
Swami Agnivesh
luxury, violence. Sanathana Dharma is the zenith of values such as love,
kindness, patience, brotherhood and mutual existence. Ekam Sath the
theory of ultimate reality is the base of Sanathana Dharma. God is the
ultimate reality, he added.
The idea of treating the whole humanity as a family, to develop amity, a
co-existing atmosphere and peace between societies and between
different cultures in Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam is the essence of
Sanathana Dharma, opined Dr.M Abdul Salam, Vice-Chancellor, while s
presiding over the function. Parents should inculcate the values of
Sanathana Dharma in the very childhood of children. He said that, the
values of Sanathana Dharma emphasizing on broad mindedness and
secularist attitude is inevitable for the progress of the society and the
Swami Agnivesh delivering the keynote addresse

It is impossible to absorb the truth of god through

symbols, opined Sanathana Dharma follower and social
activist, swami Agnivesh. He was delivering the keynote
address in the seminar organized on Monotheism in
Sanathana Dharma in the Seminar Complex .
Spirituality is the bliss to be acquired through selfless deeds
and immolation. Beyond rituals and customs, Sanathana
Dharma envisages spirituality noted Swami Agnivesh.
Through knowledge and deeds we ought to get rid of
narrow minded thoughts. Sanathana dharma does not
allow social evils such as casteism, communalism, treating
women as secondary, female foeticide, dowry system,

Pro-vice-chancellor K Raveendranath, Swami Chidanadapuri, Dr. Jacob

Vadakkancherry, Babu Santhosh, C Kesavan also presented their ideas on
the subject.
-Harmya Manohar

Vice Chancellor Dr. M Abdul Salam addresses the gathering

Grand Space to Flutter around

The butterfly park in Calicut university is all set to welcome
varieties of butterflies this autumn. About 10 varieties of
butterflies will add colour to Calicut university butterfly
park, once this winter gets over.
Butterfly park, which was an initiative of green rigade
project started its journey by mid 2012, in association with

national environment awareness

campaign conducted by the
ministry of environment and forest.
The butterfly park is meant to
provide feeding ground and host
for the larvas of butterflies. Dr.
harilal from the department of
botany along with six research
scholars have found rare species of
plants from all over the state to
attract butterflies. The flowers of
these plants are meant to bring
suitable breeding conditions for the
butterflies. By the end of this
autumn, they expect about 8
species of butterflies to stay back.
Leafy plants as well as flowering

plants for nectar collection are

there in the park. we were behind
this for a year and half and the
maintanence of these plants were
really strenuous, because even a
slight change in temperature
effects them. But the labours from
the Calicut university gardeners
wing were in full support for us ,
says karthika, a research scholar.
Butterflies will be in field by early
mornings and then leave before the
day hits up. However, we are
waiting for more colourful spring
this time with more butterflies to
flutter around.
-Harmya Manohar



must be the change

-Dr Vilanilam
women and children are pathetic. Being
Communication professionals, our research should
cover such aspects too. He demanded.
In his inaugural speech, Dr. Salam urged media and
the youth to bring developmental news. Media is
behind vested interests and thus neglects news
regarding development-he chided. Due to the
explosion of channels, people are being subjected to
unwanted problems, he pointed.

Prof. A. F. Mathew stole the show of first day with his

presentation on Problems that confront us while P.
K. Sajan, Corporate Communication Manager of
Verizone Systems, Chennai captivated the second
day. Around 25 articles were presented through
eight sessions in the conference. Prof. M.
Vijayakumar, Abdul Latheef Naha, Fr. Francis
Karackat, Dr. M. S. Harikumar, Dr. Rajeev Mohan, Dr.
Suhaib Muhammed Haneef and others presented
their papers on various topics.

Vice Chancellor Dr. M Abdul Salam inaugurated the two-day conference in which
mass communication researchers from various institutions across India presented
their essays. Prof. Dr. J.V. Vilanilam who was the guest of honour presented an
essay on Digitization in the media. India has been developing scientifically and
technologically for last several decades. But condition of weaker section including

Vice Chancellor Dr. Abdul Salam released Dept. of

JMCs research journal Mass Communication
Research Journal by handing over the first copy to
Prof. Vilanilam. Dr. Abdul Majeed, Registrar of
Calicut University, Dr. N. Muhammadali, HOD of
JMC, Sudheer S Salam, Convener of MCRC, Meljo
Thomas and S. Sam also addressed various sessions
of the conference.

Vice Chancellor Dr. M Abdul Salam handing over the new edition of Communication
and Journalism Research (CJR) to J V Vilanilam, Former Vice Chancellor University of Kerala,
Prof. A F Mathew, IIM Kozhikode, Dr. Muhammadali N. HOD Dept of Journalism are also seen.

he youth must bring a change within themselves to eradicate inequality

that gnaws our society urged Prof. Dr. J.V. Vilanilam, Former Vice Chancellor
of University of Kerala . He was delivering the key note address at the
Second National Communication Research Conference on Media and Society in
Digital Era held at EMS seminar complex, The conference was organized by the
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication on 28th and 29th of
January, 2015.

Grand reception for

Womens Kho-Kho team

he womens Kho Kho team which won the

National Inter University title was given a
grand reception by the University. The Vice
Chancellor Dr M Abdul Salam himself arrived at the
railway station to greet and congratulate the team
members. Pro-Vice chancellor Raveendranth,
Syndicate Member Dr T P Ahamed and the head of
department of sports Dr V P Zakeer Hussain were
also present at the occasion.
The National level competitions were held at J N R
Rajastan Vidyapeeth University situated at Udaipur.

Vice Chancellor Dr. M Abdul Salam receiving the Calicut University Kho-Kho team
which won the national title at Rajasthan at Calicut Railway Station.

-Vahida K



Solutions offered
for Entrance
Exam Issues
The sociology department of the University of
Calicut conducted an interaction on the topic
Issues and solutions of entrance examinations.
The interactions were organized as a part the M.
M. Ghani series of discourses planned by the
Talking to the gathering, Mr. P A Aboobakkar
Sidhiq, Collector of the Singam District, Jhargand,
said that decisions taken by an individual were the
most important factor to win any competitive
examinations. Through systematic mental
planning and disciplined effort any person can
excel in national competitive examinations. He
further added that an honest and confident
person also needed proper guidance and the right
training to earn their success.

Dr. KPA Ilyas, IPS, SP Nagaland interacts with the students, Mr. PA Aboobacker Siddique
(Third from left) Collector of Singhbhum District, Jharkhand is also seen.

Taking part in the interaction, Dr. K. P. A. Illyas IPS, superintendent of police,

Nagaland opined that one needs to cultivate analytical capability, creative attitude
and a strong thinking ability in order to succeed in modern competitive
examinations. They should also build up their capacity to learn and understand
more, he added. University syndicate member K. K Sayyid Abid Hussein Thangal, Dr.
N. P Haffis Mohammed, M. Sanjana, C.V Anusha, P. Sahila and M. C Muhammed
Shaheer addressed the audience.

-Sreejith P Mukundan



A Weekly Drama
Festival open to all
Staff and Public
in collaboration with
Kerala Sangeetha
Nataka Academy
All Fridays at 06.00
p.m. at University



Forest Neighbourhood
Launched at CU

alicut University will be made a hotspot of

eco-tourism through the Forest Neighbour
hood Project, said Tourism Minister A P
Anilkumar, while inaugurating the project jointly
supported by Tourism Department, Malappuram
District Tourism Promotion Council and the
The project, estimated to cost `. 2.25 crore, will be
implemented in the University area.
The government is ready to fund this project
further. An international convention centre is also
being considered, the minister said. The function
was presided over by K N A Khader MLA. Vice
Chancellor Dr. M. Abdul Salam, Syndicate Member
P M Niyas, V K Lakshmanan, Registrar T A Abdul
Majeed, Pro-Vice Chancellor K Raveendranath and
V Ummer Koya spoke at the event.

Minister for Tourism, AP Anil Kumar inaugurating the Forest Neighbourhood project

Al Abeer Group
for the Stadium renovation

l Abeer group Pvt. Ltd, the famous business group based on the middle
east, has extended their hands for the renovation of the university
stadium complex and also for the overall infrastructural development.
University Vice Chancellor Dr. M Abdul Salam inaugurated the renovation works
currently budgeted at 1.25 crore.

In his inaugural address,

Vice chancellor extended
the gratitude to Al Abeer
Group for such a laudable
effort. The help provided
by Al Abeer Group is the
best example for the
responsibility of private
firms towards the society.
President, Al Abeer Medical Group
This can be considered as
part of Zakat. He also requested new entrepreneurs
to come forward for the betterment of University
considering it as a social responsibility. The works are
expected to be completed within May 2015.
-Sreejith P Mukundan

Vice Chancellor Dr. M Abdul Salam inaugurating the renovation works

of University Stadium sponsored by Al Abeer Group

1. Turfing the Football field
2. Fencing around the Athletic Track
3. Tiling the Gallery
4. Renovation of Stadium Pavilion
5. Changing rooms for Athletes
6. Refreshment Centre
7. 50,000 Ltrs. Capacity Water Storage Tank

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