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Question I: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:(10 p)
1. A. serious
B. symptom
C. sugar
D. sauce
2. A. cable
B. station
C. answer
D. latest
3. A. wrong
B. weight
C. wait
D. weather
4. A. math
B. month
C. both
D. with
5. A. teenage
B. shortage
C. message
D. passage
6. A. started
B. weighed
C. measured
D. called
7. A. follow
B. allow
C. blow
D. know
8. A. earth
B. earn
C. heart
D. heard
9. A. headache
B. each
C. watch
D. church
10 A. minority
B. gramophone
C. robbery
D. monument
Question II: Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word given in capital:(10 p)
The noise of the city kept Hoa __________________________________
When she was a young, Mrs Nhung wanted to be an _____________________
All children should play outdoors and develop their _________________skills.
There are four ________________________________ in that pop music.
There is a ______________________________ that hell come tomorrow
I took the medicine and the headache __________________________
There are about two hundred _________________________ in this company.
I received an _______________________ to lunch from him.
Words in a dictionary are in ____________________________ order.
10. This lovely apartment has two bedrooms and it is ______________________
Question III: Put the verbs into correct tense or form: (10 p)
1. He (take) many photos when he arrived in Kenya
2. Jack is interested in (open) a bar.
3. Miss Helen will help as soon as she ( finish) that letter.
4.We (be) students in four years.
5.Why are you taking that big basket ?
- I (buy) a lot of vegetables.
6. Paul couldnt read until he (be) eight years old.
7. That tree makes the house very dark.
- Well, I (cut) it down.
8.You (know) why an apple (fall) down and not up?
9. Now I (understand) what you are trying to say.
Question IV : Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence: (15 p)
1. Jane and Jack stood in front of the mirror and looked at ..
a. herself

b. himself

c. themselves

d. ourselves

c. good

d. well

2. Which one is milk or orange juice?

a. better

b. the best

3. The news on TV last night . very good.

a. was

b. has

c. were

d. be


4. The smaller the room is, the .furniture it needs.

a. fewer

b. smaller

c. more

d. less

5. ..seeing beautiful sites , visitors enjoy traditional food.

a. According to

b. Together

c. Apart

d. As well as.

6. Thanks for giving me good advice.

a. Youre welcome
b. What about going to the movies?
c. Id love to. What time?
d. Thank you
7. His English is better than
a. me
b. my
c. I
8. Isnt it easy to learn English well ?
- ..
a. No, it is

b. No, it does not

c. Yes, it is

d. mine

d. Yes. It does

9. There are two churches in the town and of them are extremely old.
a. each

b. all

c. both

d. most

10. Nghi doesnt like American beer does Vy.

a. Either

b. So

c. Neither

d. too

11. Mr Robinson speaks Vietnamese very ..

a. skillfully

b. good

c. fluently

d. best

12. Hebe tired after all that hard work. Im sure about that.
B. can
C. must
13. Tim wants to hear about .

D. certainly

A. how students in Viet Nam live.

B. how students in Viet Nam live?
C. how do students in Viet Nam live?
D. how do students in Viet Nam live.
14.________ is a fun, easy and inexpensive activity
A. Walk
B. Walking
C. Walked
D. for a walk
15. Dien Bien Phu is only 30 kilometers from the Laos
a. place

b. region

c. border

d. capital

Question V : Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word. (10 p)
Liz has just come back from her (1).in Nha Trang. It was really wonderful. She had a lot of (2)..
For Liz, the people in Nha Trang were friendly and the food was delicious. But she thought that most things
there werent cheap. They were quite (3).
Her parents took her to see Cham (4).and Tri Nguyen Aquarium. In Tri Nguyen Aquarium they saw
some sea animals (5).sharks, dolphins and turtles. They also saw a lot of different (6)..of fish. Liz
liked the colorful fish. She (7)..they were the most beautiful. They bought some things from the souvenir
(8)..near the exit of the aquarium. Lizs father (9)..her a cap with a picture of dolphin, and her
mother bought a poster. Liz bought gifts for her friends. (10).the trip Liz didnt feel tired at all. She had a
great time!
QuestionVI: Read the following passage then choose the best answer to fill in the blank:(10 p)

For good or bad, computers are now part of our daily life. Experts predict that before long all schools
and businesses and most families in the rich parts of the world will (1)__________a computer of some kind.
Among the general public, computers arouse strong feelings-people either love them (2)___________ hate
The computer lovers talk about how useful computers can be in business, in education and (3)
____________the home. Apart (4) ______________ all the games, you can do your accounts on them, learn
languages from them, write letters on them, and in some places even(5)_____________ your shopping with
them. They say that computers bring leisure, as many (6)______________ jobs are taken over by computerized
The haters, on the other hand, argue that computers bring not leisure but (7)______________. They worry, too,
that people (8)__________spend all the time talking to computers may forget (9) ________________ to talk to
each other. Their biggest fear is that computers may eventually take (10) _____________ from human beings
Your answer :
QuestionVII. Each of the following sentence has one mistake. Identify and correct the mistakes(10p)
1.Videos are good funny , but players must be careful.
2. They got used to live in the city.
3.My brother spends a lot of time play sports.
4. Minh felt happily when the dentist filled the cavity.
5. Viet Nam attracts a great number of visits from all over the world.
6. They are hanging their clothes to make them to dry.
7. He was absent from work yesterday because he is ill.
8. There are many different types of fishes in the Aquarium.
9. On the way to the beach they stopped at a restaurant in a short time.
10. My fathers going to buy some new furniture for our living room.
Your answer :
Question VIII: Use the given words to make complete sentences. (10 p)
1. Vietnamese students/ have more/ fewer vacations/ American ones?
2. Talk / friends / be / most common way / relax / recess
3. Not spend / much / your time / arcade
4. Village / quiet / and / there / only / little / traffic
5. You / better / eat / too / candies / because / they / not good / your teeth
6. Last semester / my class / there be / total / 98 days absence/ due /sickness

7. Children / spend / only / small part / free time / play / electronic games
8. Everyone / happy / and / wished /keep / activity / walking.
9. Mother / not like / city / because / noisy / and / roads / busy
10. He/ love/ collect /stamps//. He / have/ hundreds/ stamps/ collection.
Question IX: Fill in each blank with the suitable preposition. (5 p)
1. Videos are very important
2. Children should be with people their own age
3. I prefer to socialize friends in my free time.
4. He didnt do the homework when the film show was
5. Did you speak to Mr Robinson.your vacation in Da Lat?
QUESTION X: Give the correct verb forms

QUESTION XI: Add prefixes to make complete words

QUESTION XII: choose the best answer

QUESTION XIII: choose the best answer

Question I.(10) Mi cu ng 1 im
1. C
2. C
6. A
7. B
Question II.(10) Mi cu ng 1 im

3. A
8. C

Question III.(10) Mi ng 1 im

4. D
9. A

5. A


1. took

4 . will be

7. will cut

2. opening

5 . am going to buy

8. Do you know falls

3 . finishes

6 .was

9. understand

Question IV: (15) Mi cu ng 1 im

1. c
2. a
6. a
7. d
Question V: (10) Mi cu ng 1 im

3. a
8. c

4. d
9. c

1. vacation

4 .temple

7. thought

2 .fun

5. like

8 .shop

3. expensive

6 .types


5. d
10 .after

Question VI: (10) Mi cu ng 1 im

1. A

2. D

3. C

4. B

5. A

6. D
7. C
8. C
Question VII: (10) Mi cu ng 1 im

9. B

1.funny -> fun

6. to dry -> dry -> living

7. is -> was

3. play -> playing

8. fishes -> fish

4. happily - > happy

9. in -> for

5. visits - > visitors

10. furnitures -> furniture

Question VIII: (10) Mi cu ng 1 im

1. The stomachache prevented Mr Thanh from enjoying the meal
2. Mrs Oanh is a good cook
3. You dont have to / need to finish the work today
4. He drives more slowly and carefully than I do ( me)
5. It takes the boy 3 hours a day to learn the lesson
6. He liked oranges more than durians
7. One of the greatest football players in the world is Zidance.
8. Why were you absent from class last Monday ?
9. The exam was not as difficult as we thought
10. The visitor spoke too quickly for me to understand what he said
Question IX: (10) Mi cu ng 1 im
1 . Do VietNamese students have more or fewer vacations than American ones?
2. Talking with/ to friends is the most common way of relaxing at recess.
3. Dont spend too much of your time in the arcade.
4. The village is quiet and there is only a little traffic.
5. You had better not eat too many cadies because they are not good for your teeth.
6. Last semester in my class there was a total of 98 days absence due to sickness.
7. Children should spend only a small part of their free time playing electroic games.
8. Everyone was (so) happy and wished to keep the activity of walking.
9. My mother doesnt like the city because it is noisy and the roads are busy.
10. He loves collecting stamps . He has hundreds of stamps in his collection.
Question X: (5) Mi cu ng 1 im
1. in
2. of
3. with
4. on


5. about
------------- The end---------------

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