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Move your product

from Detroit to Delhi.

India is ripe for opportunity with the
worlds second-largest population and a
gross domestic product of $1.84 trillion,*
it provides an ideal market for a number
of industries. Taking advantage of these
opportunities, however, requires logistics
skill and knowledge of export/import
regulations in the region. With FedEx, you
can easily clear those exporting hurdles.
FedEx resources in India provide simple
solutions to help you clear customs and
meet regulations while staying on schedule.

How can FedEx help

in India?
 inimize your risk and maximize your control
with FedEx direct service into India, backed by a
Money-Back Guarantee.
Expand your reach with the wide geographic
coverage for door-to-door priority freight shipping
from the U.S. to India and for supply chain capabilities
through a domestic network.
Take the mystery out of shipment tracking
with FedEx shipment monitoring options.
Save time and money and minimize delays
by submitting customs documentation electronically
through FedEx Electronic Trade Documents.
Navigate the paperwork and clearance process
for your shipments into India by taking advantage
of our dedicated teams.

Which industries would

profit in India?
With such a robust market, India is an ideal target for
your business. The following industries can especially
benefit from FedEx resources in India:
You can find more detailed information about
specific offerings for these industries at
For details on the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee, see Our Services at

What does clearance

look like?
Goods can be imported into India using one of two modes:

Express Clearance

This entry process is a faster and less restrictive mode of

clearance. While this service can be used only for certain goods,
FedEx can help you determine if your shipment will meet the
90% of shipments clear in 4 to 6 hours
Value limits
Minimum consignee participation
Clearance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

FedEx in India at-a-glance

19,694 postal codes served
7,500 in-country employees

No special or license clearance allowed

1,000 motorized vehicles

Duty advanced by FedEx

Domestic services available

3 gateways
11 clearance locations

Formal Clearance

Most shipments must enter India using formal clearance.

These items require a formal Bill of Entry for customs clearance.

22 flights weekly from the U.S.

For all formal clearance shipments, the importer is required to

appoint a broker for clearance. FedEx can assume this role or work
with your preferred broker using FedEx International Broker Select.
Additional brokerage charges apply to any formal clearance.
Shipments require a minimum of 24 to 36 hours
No value limit
Consignee-appointed broker or FedEx broker may be used
(Additional charges will apply if youre using a FedEx broker.)
Consignee to provide documents for clearance
Clearance allowed only during working hours
License, duty-free, or special clearance
Duty advanced by the consignee
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