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Kristine A.

Valdeleon CLE IV
IV- St. Anthony February 1, 2010

Freedom and Fidelity to Commitment to One's Vocation

Junjun lived his vocation out of the box first by bringing pop music into the
church so that the youth will be attracted in participating actively in the church
choir or just by attending the mass every Sunday. At first it had a conflict
between the elder people who don’t want those kind of music bit then the conflict
was settled and the results were good. Second was that he was not afraid to
defend of what he thought what is right especially in the case of the man with the
death penalty. He defended by writing articles against the government who wants
to have death penalty as a punishment. With this, he had a conflict with his
superior, but in the end, the superior realized that Junjun had made the right
decision. He had done all of this by having courage coming from the Lord to
whom we should be trustful and faithful to.
When problems arrived, he became troubled and was on the verge of
giving up because of the trials that arrived simultaneously. He overcame those
trials by having a mindset that his trials and problems were just a diminutive
compared to what Jesus’ had had experienced while he was still living. Also, his
superior while he was still in the seminary (played by Nono Buencamino) had
helped him a lot because when he shared his hardships while he was a deacon,
Junjun became inspired and I thought that if his superior can do it, he can do it
also. But most importantly, his constant communication with God was his most
important source of motivation and inspiration to never give up with his mission.
His traditional parish priest had helped him find his true vocation by testing
him constantly. He is strict because he wants Junjun to learn about many things
about priesthood. Even though they had conflict at first because Junjun was a
modern deacon and he was a traditional priest, they were able to meet halfway
and I think they have learned a lot from each other. The traditional priest served
as his light and guide towards priesthood although at the beginning he looks like
a hindrance to his vocation. His mother served as a good support system to his
vocation because she never failed to help her son and comfort him especially at
times when Junjun is extremely troubled and needs someone to lean on to. His
mother was his support towards his vocation. The benefactor was first a
hindrance to his vocation like when he encourages his daughter to have divorce
but then I think in the end he became good. Dolly was a great impediment from
the beginning of Junjun’s vocation because she served as a temptation for
Junjun which was not good. Also when Dolly started blaming Junjun for what has
happened to her. This really tested Junjun’s patience and dedication in serving
the Lord. Good thing Father Noi helped him overcome this trial with her. In my
opinion, his trial with Dolly has really made him strong which was necessary for
his vocation. The man in the death row served as his first mission on how he can
let the man realized that God loves him despite all that what he has done bad.