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Choose the answer to show the word in each line which is pronounced differently in the part

1. A. access
B. arena
C. aroma
D. apprentice
2. A. redundant
B. precedent
C. vinegar
D. prerequisite
3. A. therapy
B. moth
C. thermal
D. rhythm
4. A. cartoon
B. carton
C. pardon
D. warden
5. A. astound
B. tantamount
C. moustache
D. mouthful
Choose the word or phrase closest in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following
6. The man who hunted animals illegally was arrested by the authorities last week.
A. hunter
B. breeder C. poacher D. robber
7. The panda does not have the natural ability to take care of its young.
A. knowledge
B. instinct
C. talent
D. skill
8. Members from the World Wide Fund have worked very hard and energetically without stopping
to prevent plants and animals from becoming extinct.
A. tirelessly B. effortlessly
C. convincingly
D. endlessly
9. The robots failed to work properly so it was sent back to the dealer
A. malfunctioned B. collapsed C. crashed D. blundered
10. To ensure that the public receives the correct information about the products advertised, the
advertisements are examined and any offensive and incorrect statements are taken out
A. restrained
B. suppressed
C. condemned
D. censored
Choose the correct option A, B, C, or D for each gap in the following sentences.
11.I am feeling really_______ today. The weather is terrible and I got some bad news this morning
A lazy
B. sickC. miserable D. starving
12 To resist corrosion________ for todays car to prevent havoc caused by road salts, gravel and
other materials.
A. have new coatings been developed B. new coatings be developed
C. development of new coatings are
D. new coatings have been developed
13. One of the personal assistants is leaving next month - she's_______ a baby,
A. waiting
B. expecting C. making D. getting
14. After the First Worn War, the author Anais Nin became interested in the art movement known
as Surrealism and in psychoanalysis both_______ her novels and short stories.
A. in which the influence B. which influenced
C. to have an influence on
D. them have influence on
15. Technology will continue to develop ______.
A. though we could face problems
B. despite we want it or not
C. unless we enable them to
D. whether we think that is a good thing or not
16. I badly_______ my ankle when I fell off motorbike on the way home last night.
A. stretched B. sprained C. strained D. pulled
17. Mr. Dowson was award in ______ of his services to the school.
A, spite
B. charge
C. recognition
D. sight
18. The problem has been_______ about by the increase in global warming
A. thought. B. brought C. written
D. caused
19. The police_______ the criminal and then took him to prison.
A. chased
B. looked
.C. captured D. hunted
20. She is at her desk from dawn till dusk and seems to _____ on working hard.
A flourish
B succeed C. thrive
D. prosper
21. My cousin was nervous about being interviewed on TV but she rose to the _____ wonderfully
A event
B performance
C. incident D. occasion

22. You must be careful when you wash this ______ silk blouse
A. weak
B sensitive C. delicate D. feeble
23. I'm not surprised he became an author. Even as a child he had ______ imagination
A large
B great
C. vivid
D. bright
24. The mysterious case of the missing billionare has become the ______ of considerable interest
in the press over the last few weeks
A. focus
B. target
C. middle
D. pin-point
25. The weathermen say there is a _____ chance of snow this weekend.
A one-one B. two-two C. twenty-twenty D. fifty-fifty
26 Either Michael orI_______ the keys to the car we have sold
A has taken B. have
taken C. are taking D. am taking
27. If you are entering private property uninvited, you are______
A. invading B. trespassing
C. interrupting
D. inciting
28. Emotional speeches often________ strong feeling.
A rise B raise
C. arouse
D. provide
29. The government is looking into _______ needs to be given priority now.
A. which
B. all
C. things
D. what
30 We couldn't stay long, so we only wished Mark many happy ________ of his birthday and then
hurried to the station.
A. days
B. moments C. returns
D. regards
31. I am a_______ person but your behavior is more than I can bear.
A. tolerated B. tolerable C. tolerance D. tolerant
32. Im sure that never happened - its just a ________of your imagination.
A. fantasy
B. figment C. piece
D. picture
33. We met at the hotel completely______ coincidence.
A. in
B with
C. from
D. by
34. Im just wondering how exactly this situation______.
A. arrived atB. faced up C. brought up
D. came about
35,- "I'm much obliged to you for your volunteer work."
A. It was the least we could do for you
B. Really it was our obligation
C. Yes, volunteer work is interesting
D. No, you must never say so!
36. Shall we go out tomorrow night?
A. Yes, well go
B. Yes, lets C. Shall we? D. Why dont we?
37. After much argument, the judges finally compromised_______ the 18-year old pianist
A. with
B. in C. for D. on
38 The road was so slippery that we had to pull over onto the ______
A. hard edge
B. hard shoulder
C. pavement
D. cold shoulder
39. Normally, before you are able to get a job, you have to_______ an interview. If you do well in
that, in that, they offer you the position.
A. conduct B. do C. attend
D. perform
40. There is a ______ resemblance between the two of them.
A. striking
B. biting
C. shining
D. heavy
Read the following passage and choose the correct answer for each of the question
Almost all living things get their energy from the sun. In a process called photosynthesis, plants,
algae, and some other organisms capture the suns energy and use it to make simple sugars
such as glucose. Most other organisms use these organic molecules as a source of energy
Organic materials contain a tremendous amount of energy. As food, they fue! our bodies and
those of most other creatures. In such forms as oil, gas, and coal, they heat our homes, run our
factories and power our cars
Photosynthesis begins when solar energy is absorbed by chemicals called photosynthetic
pigments that are contained within an organism. The most common photosynthetic pigment is

chlorophyll. The bight green color characteristic of plants is caused by Jt. Most algae have
additional pigments that may mask the green chlorophyll. Because of these pigments, algae may
be not only green but brown, red, blue or even black
In a series of enzyme-controlled reactions, the solar energy captured by chlorophyll and other
pigments is used to make simple sugars, with carbon dioxide and water as the raw materials
Carbon dioxide is one of very few carbon-containing molecules not considered to be organic
compounds. Photosynthesis then converts carbon from an inorganic to an organic form This is
called carbon fixation In this process, the solar energy that was absorbed by chlorophyll is stored
as chemical energy in the form of simple sugars like glucose The glucose is then used to make
other organic compounds. In addition, photosynthesis produces oxygen gas. All the oxygen gas
on earth, both in the atmosphere we breathe and in the ocean, was produced by photosynthetic
organisms. Photosynthesis constantly replenishes the earths oxygen supply.
Organisms that are capable of photosynthesis can obtain all the energy they need from sunlight
and do not need to eat. They are called autotrophs. Plants are the most familiar autotrophs on
land. In the ocean, algae and bacteria are the most important autotrophs Many organisms cannot
produce their own food and must obtain energy by eating organic matter. These are called
41. What can be inferred about algae?
A. Green algae are less common than other colors of algae
B. Algae are photosynthetic organisms
C. They are ineffective producers of sugars
D. They are chemically different from other plants.
42. The word fuel" in the first paragraph is similar in meaning to_
A. give fuel to
B. provide nutrients for
C. help to function D. produce organic materials
43 The word "pigments" in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to_.
A. colours
B. chemicals C. organismsD. characteristics
44. Based on the information in paragraph 3, we can see that glucose_
A. creates enzymes
B. is a byproduct of oxygen production
C enables photosynthesis D. contains carbon
45 Which of the following is true about heterotrophs?
A. They are not reliant on simple sugars for energy.
B They require more energy than autotrophs.
C. They cannot exist without the presence of autotrophs.
D. They are mostly land-bound organisms,
46. The phrase this process in the third paragraph refers to the process of_
A. photosynthesis
B. carbon fixation
C absorbing solar energy D. storing chemical energy
47. It can be inferred from the passage that the author considers solar energy to be A. essential
for every organism on earth
A. essential for every organism on earth
B. a perfect solution to the energy problem
C. a permanent and everlasting source of energy
D. useless to most bacteria and algae
48. The word replenishes in the third paragraph is closest in meaning to ______
A. refines
B. renews
C. refills
D. regulates
49. Which of the following is NOT true?
A Plants capture the sun's energy to make sugars.
B Organic materials contain an amount of energy.
C Photosynthesis produces oxygen gas.
D Plants are familiar heterotrophs.

50 From the passage, we can see that_

A Most plants have additional pigments,
B Oxygen helps the process of photosynthesis.
C Algae are a kind of simple plants.
D Autotrophs obtain energy by eating organic matter.
Choose the best option A, B, C, or D for each blank to complete the following passage.
It IS the nature of athletic records that they are broken and their place is taken by others Yet in
many sports events, there is a mark which is not (51) _____ in itself, but which becomes a legend
as athletes try to break it. The most (52)_____ of these is the attempt to run the mile in less than
four minutes. In 1945, the mile record was (53)_____ to four minutes, 1.5 seconds. And there, for
nine years, it stuck Then, in 1954, a medical student called Roger Bannister decided to try and
break the record. He had been (54)_____ for this day since running the mile in 4 minutes, 2
seconds the (55)_____ year.
Two other runners set the pace for him, and (56)_____ 250 yards to go he burst ahead for the
finish. He wrote (57)_____: My body had exhausted all its energy, but it went on running just the
same. Those (58______ few seconds seemed neve-ending. I could see the line of the fishing tape
like a man making a (59______ attempt to save himself from danger
Bannisters time was three minutes, 59.4 seconds. Although this record has been broken on
many (60______ since, Banisters achievement will never be forgotten.
A. central
B. major
C. significant
D. considerable
A. known
B. public
C. noticeable
D. famous
A. broken down
B. lessened
C. decreased
D. brought down
A. trying
B. studying
C. running
D. training
A. early
B. previous
C. past
D. former
A. on
B. in
C. with
D. after
A. afterwards
B. then
C. next
D. first
A. last
B. late
C. latest
D. later
A. worried
B. fearful
C. anxious
D. desperate
A. times
B. opportunities
C. occasions
D. incidents
Six months ago I made a rash promise. The leader of the youth club in our village rang me in
March saying, Were thinking of running a childrens playscheme for a day in October half-term.
Would you be prepared to help? My response was Sure, why not? In truth I was a little
flattered to be asked, even though working as a care assistant with old people hardly qualified
me for the role. Still, I duly put the date in my diary and of course I forgot all about it. I dont
know if youve noticed this but time has a habit of speeding along faster than a police car
chasing a robber and, before I knew it, the day was dawning.
I arrived at the youth centre that morning feeling full of trepidation. There was a gang of 12
helpers including me and each pair had been allocated a particular age group. Mine was the 10
to 11 year olds. Even with the planning meeting I had attended the week before, I worried about
whether I was up to the task. Why hadnt I read through the copious lesson plans we were given
beforehand? And wasnt the average 10-year-old more interested in the latest Play Station game
than making things with paper and glue?
All too quickly the children began arriving. The look of relief on parents faces as they handed
their offspring over to us was quite comical. A handful of the children were already members of
the club but the other forty five or so were from the local primary schools. Again I asked myself
why I had elected to spend a day with all these little monsters especially when I have two all of
my own to contend with!
I neednt have worried of course as it turned out to be a marvelous day. We watched entertaining
DVD clips, learned action songs, made clay pyramids, decorated biscuits, played memory
games and spent some time in quiet reflection. I say we because I rediscovered my inner child
and joined in all the activities.

The particular highlight for me was the final rendition of Hes got the whole world in his hands
in the closing part of the day. The children knew the words and actions off by heart and sang so
loudly it was almost enough to bring the roof down. Its difficult to explain those moments; only
that the body tingles with the pleasure of having witnessed something so magical.
Of course there were also moments of great poignancy. I found it difficult to stop thinking of one
little girl, who mentioned oh-so-casually that her mum was in hospital and would be there for a
long time. Its easy for us adults to idealise childhood and forget that some children have their
own burden of anxieties and concerns. When I got home utterly exhausted, still with modelling
clay under my fingernails, I reflected on what a privilege it had been.
There was one disappointment for the children and that was that the playscheme was only
running for a day, and not the whole week. As I said farewell to my group, one of the children
turned and said Can we do it again in the next holiday, Miss? My response was, Sure, why
61. When the offer of the job was made the writer____________.
A. felt she had made a mistake to agree
B. thought she had appropriate experience for the
C. believed she shouldnt have been asked D. gave the impression she wasnt sure about
accepting the job
62. When the day arrived the writer was surprised _____________.
A. that the day had come round so quickly
B. because she witnessed a car chase on the way
C. because shed forgotten to write down the date D. that she woke up at dawn
63. When the writer arrived to start her job she ____________.
A. put the children into pairs
B. realised she should have done more preparation
C. felt confident she could deal with 10 and 11 year olds
D. saw the children had brought their own electronic games to play with
64. According to the writer, the parents were ____________.
A. happy to stay with their children all day
B. glad to leave their children
C. worried about children from the other schools
D. nervous that their children might not
behave themselves
65. The writer neednt have worried because ____________.
A. the children were quiet during the day
B. the children werent doing messy activities
C. she had fun herself
D. the time passed quickly
66. The writers best moment ______________.
A. occurred in the middle of the day
B. took her by surprise
C. was hard to put into words
D. was when the day was over
67. According to the writer, adults _______________.
A. think that being a child is a privilegeB. are usually exhausted by bringing up their children
C. dont have a stressful life
D. sometimes forget that children have worries too
68. What is the writers attitude by the end of the day?
A. She was disappointed with the experience. B. She could imagine doing the job again next time.
C. She was sad to say good bye to the children.
D. She hopes the playscheme will be longer
in future.
69. What does the word allocated in the second paragraph probably mean?
A. allowed
B. assisted
C. presented
D. given
70. The word they in the third paragraph refers to_____
A. children
B. parents
C. offspring
D. club members
Choose answer to show the underlined part that needs correction
71. The root of the chicory plant is often ground up and added to coffee to eliminate its bitter
72. He was stopped each dozen yards by friend who wanted to congratulate him
73. No wonder was he sacked! He seemed to have been fiddling the accounts for years.

74. The differing curriculum at the community colleges in Kent County reflect the fact that the
student population at each site is not consistent.
75. When Whitman returned to the Pacific that year, over thousand settlers went with him.
Choose the answer to show the most suitable way of combining the following pairs of sentences