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John Dubuc

Lean Six-Sigma Master Black Belt, Statistician

Scottsdale, AZ 85266, 480-283-7014,
Keywords: Lean Six-Sigma, Master Black Belt, Statistician, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement
Objective: Lead and support organizations in sustainable enterprise-excellence aligned with strategic goals.

ROI Creations, LLC, Scottsdale, AZ

Lean Six-Sigma (LSS) Master Black Belt | Statistician
Providing >10X ROI results for service, manufacturing and R&D enterprises.
Successfully trained, certified and coached staff through upper management in LSS methods and roadmaps.
Created and delivered custom training in Lean, DFSS, Root Cause Analysis, Systems Thinking, SPC, and DoE.
Implemented quality systems with statistical methods for process optimization and validation.
Led process development projects that enabled transitions from R&D to production.
Facilitated Value Stream Mapping events, which eliminated the need for facility expansion and identified critical
improvement opportunities.

Medical Device St. Jude Medical, Pacemaker Division, Scottsdale, AZ

Six-Sigma Black Belt | Engineering Statistician | Member of the Technical Review Board
Trained and mentored Lean Six-Sigma Belts through DFSS and DMAIC projects involving quality improvement
from design process and supplier to customer throughout US and Europe.
Earned bonuses for critical process improvements that saved $1.2MM the first year and avoided plant shutdown.
Institutionalized (under FDA regulation), multiple weekly DMAiC-Kaizen events needed to reduce process
change lead-time. Resulted in significant reduction of rework and downtime due to change plan rejections.
Developed and delivered training and statistical methods for process optimization, validation and control,
structured problem-solving and project management.

Transformation Partners Company, Rochester, NY


Co-Founder | Consultant
Helped create and launch a team of Lean Six-Sigma and Quality Engineering professionals providing
consulting services, training and certification for manufacturing and technology-based companies in
Upstate NY.

Rochester Institute of Technology, Center for Quality & Applied Statistics , Rochester, NY


Statistical Methods Instructor (part-time evenings)

Developed course materials and delivered over 250 hours of classroom instruction with computer lab
(SAS, JMP and Minitab) to engineering students and business professionals.
Developed a visual method for designing experiments (extended structure diagrams) which has been adopted
as a primary teaching method in the masters level statistics curriculum.

Eastman Kodak Co., Productivity & Quality Improvement Division , Rochester, NY

Six-Sigma Black Belt | Quality Engineer | Statistical Consultant
Developed and implemented quality and process improvement strategies and provided statistical expertise
and training to cross functional teams in photo-films, semiconductor, electronic subassemblies, injection
molding, and equipment manufacturing.
Eliminated low-test yield in high-volume circuit boards through optimization of wave solder processes.
Optimized high-volume digital imaging chip assembly process ahead of production launch schedule.
Developed and utilized innovative visual methods for designing and analyzing experiments that boost the
rate of correct conclusions in complex multi-stage process improvement experiments.
Led multivariate SPC studies in injection molding that enabled isolation of problems before affecting quality.
Chairperson for Kodaks annual Lean Six-Sigma Conference and Editor for the Kodak Statistics Newsletter.
1984-1991 Summary:
Electrical Engineer: General Electric (military electronics), Xerox, Mobil Chemical, and General Signal Corp.

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Education | Certifications | Publications:

M.S. Applied Mathematical Statistics (1993) Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Engineering
B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology (1984) Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Engineering
Certified Lean Six-Sigma Master Black Belt Smarter Solutions Inc.
Certified Six-Sigma Black Belt ASQ and Eastman Kodak Co.
Certified Quality Engineer ASQ
Certified Trainer in Inventive Problem Solving using Ideation TRIZ Ideation International Inc.
Co-Author (Productivity Press) Corporate Sigma, Optimizing the Health of Your Company with Systems Thinking
Training Developed & Delivered:

LEAN Methods (21 modules)

Green & Black Belt Certification
Tolerance Design for 6Sigma (Mechanical and Electrical)
Basic and Advanced Experiment Design (with Robust Product Design Objectives)
Problem Solving for Known and Unknown Cause (with Theory Filter / Generator)
Root Cause Analysis Methods & Roadmap
Inventive Problem Solving using Ideation TRIZ
Statistical Process Control (developed Easy-XY SPC)
Process Verification & Validation for Manufacturing & Metrology (Medical Device Industry)
Policy Design & Problem Solving With Systems Thinking (using Systems Diagrams and Simulation)
IC Yield Improvement Process (using Data Mining, Forecasting & Wafer Lot Comparison)
Project Management Roadmap
Leading Win-Win Change

Summary of Expertise:

Continuous Improvement | OpEx

o Lean-6Sigma Project Identification, Lead and Execution
o Certification Trainer and Coach
Process Performance Assessment
o Process Simulation and Capability Studies
o Value Stream & Metrics-Based Process Mapping
o Auditing: Lean-6Sigam Maturity & Training Needs
Structured Problem-Solving
o 8D Problem-Solving Roadmap (extended)
o Problem-Solving with Known & Unknown Cause
o Inventive Problem-Solving (Ideation TRIZ)
Systems Thinking
o Policy Design with Simulation
Statistical Applications
o Process Characterization and Optimization with Robust Process Operating Windows
o Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis (Data Mining) and Modeling
o Process Verification & Validation (Medical Device Industry)
o Risk Analysis (Worst-Case, Monti-Carlo Simulation)
o Custom Application Development (Excel, Minitab)
o Measurement Systems Analysis (advanced)
o Reliability Test Planning and Data Analysis
o Statistical Process Control (multivariate)
o Tolerance Design for 6Sigma Quality
o Optimal Inventory Applications
o Process Capabilities Studies
o Acceptance Sampling Plans
o Time Series Forecasting

References and recommendations available on request.