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Release Notes for Discus Update Version 4.

November, 2008
Dear Customer,
This folder contains the files you need to copy over to update your Discus. There is no
install program, you merely drag over the files to replace the older ones you have. You
can trash your old Discus program file, the Discus 423 program file can replace your old
one. The only file you need from your old installation is the giant art file, called
Discus.ART4. That giant file contains the background artwork and user interface. That
file is unchanged, and as long as the art file and the program file are in the same folder
Discus should run fine.
We have made many little changes, but this version adds one big thing which is the
addition of online help.
If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us at
The Discus team

For the curious,

Changes we made in version 4.23:
------------------------------1) added Canon iP4500
2) added Epson PP-100
3) added Epson Artisan

Changes we made in version 4.22:


1) added plain 200 x 95 mm layout

2) modified coytrax 6-6 to 99.6 mm between disks
3) added diskmakers medley
4) added data-labels CD-20
5) added crab chemical paper
6) added TDK cd paper
7) revised CD Stomper 98211 paper
8) revised Avery C6079 paper
9) revised Avery 5444 layout
10) fixed some problems with rectangular CD printing, added inner diam. slider, fixed
11) removed IMT CD style, adjusted IMT PrintJet 6
12) added eco wallet

Changes we made in version 4.21:

------------------------------1) updated inner diameter on online labels 5625 paper
2) added disc keeper 12 pack wrap
3) added prolabel D5 insert
4) added prolabel B31316 paper
5) added plain file folder label layout
6) added Alea to LE version logic
7) increased max. radius from 140% to 180% for circular text
8) added a few papers
9) fixed problem with belkin launchpad layout where it was duplicated
10) added Avery C9269 paper
11) corrected avery papers 5471, 5472, etc.
12) corrected avery paper 8953
13) corrected paper Prolabel 218
14) corrected mac version so that last used save folder is remembered.
15) changed calculation for document size for DVD wrap and other plain paper projects
so that the paint buffer size matches the paper exactly,
avoiding stretching or squishing when printing to for example 35 mm spine DVD wraps.
16) fixed problem on Mac version where if no language dependent subfolders are found
in the templates folder we duplicated items in the regular folder in the list.
17) added HP D5280 and D5360 CD printers to printer list

18) adjusted plain jewel combol jewel base to use width of 151 mm as a compromise
between the 149 and the 153 crowds.
19) generalized HP D53xx series printers to one single series
20) added two LabelDr layouts
21) fixed a few translations
22) fixed problem in windows where CONTROL key in TEXT phase was not showing
eyedropper cursor
23) fixed problem in cross-platform document transfer where quicktime on one machine
uses a slightly different codec name for JPEG files
24) added CD Stomper X84024 paper