FLDS Priesthood History For 5-8th Grade Students Taught by Warren Jeffs - Alta Academy (Sandy, Utah

Tape # 2 – October 31, 1995

Subject - Work for the Dead:
I'm telling you things that you will have to answer for because in learning these truths, if you don't live by them, it will be to your eternal sorrow. All disease and sickness is guided by evil spirits. If you're keeping sweet, you have brought your good friends from the spirit world. If you aren't - if you are naughty and doing wrong, you have brought evil spirits into this building. Now that you have been baptized, you either have good spirits or evil. They are real. In your family, there may be brothers, sisters, even mothers - and sometimes fathers, who are evil. The righteous live with righteous in the spirit world. Here, you can hide your sins, lie, do bad and say you're good. When you die, you won't live with the faithful. If you've done certain evils, you'll go and live among people who have done those evils. The righteous and faithful are organized in the family and are in perfect harmony. Death doesn't separate family unless you are rebellious. If wicked, you won't live with the faithful in a family. Every family must live priesthood. You are judged as to whether you can live with family. What you do here will be blessed or cursed there. A family can only be a family by appointment of the prophet. You can only get married and be a priesthood family if he (Rulon Jeffs) says whom you should marry. You're blessed to live in that kind of family. You are proving worthy or unworthy, living here. You don't want to live with people in the spirit world who are evil. Everybody lives in the spirit world for a time…and the father will come out of the grave first. His spirit and body will be joined together first. Then the father will take hold of the hand of his wives - he will raise them up, one by one, out of the grave because he was... then he will go to his sons and raise them out of the grave. I'm talking about faithful fathers, mothers, and sons. The girls will be raised out of the graves by their husbands - not their earthly father. If they died before they were married, they will have to be married in the spirit world during the millennium, in order to receive that glorious resurrection. Those that died as children will be raised up by their fathers. How will they live after getting their bodies back? In priesthood, people live in families. In heaven, everyone is organized into families. If you've done evil, fought and quarreled, you will live separate. Here, you earn the right to live as family in the next life. In time, you will be raised out of the grave and live in families in heaven. Heaven is here on earth. Here, in the body, the devil can hurt you. When a man who holds the priesthood dies, his body goes into the grave. His spirit is still alive and he still holds the priesthood - which is the power of God. Such a man dwells in fire, covered with the heavenly spirit. When the evil spirits come by the millions, he commands them to leave and they have to leave. One faithful man who holds the priesthood in the spirit world can control millions of evil spirits. The wicked who were a part of this work (FLDS) and then apostatized - or the wicked who were offered this priesthood and would not live it - when they die, they go and live among


the worst, most evil spirits. They become angels to the devil. They become the people that hate us the worst. The apostates are the worst spirits. The are the ones who know how the best, to tempt us - and they're always trying to destroy the priesthood people here. What about the people "out in the world" who have never heard the gospel here - and they die? They go and live among the people they are like, and the Lord sends the Prophet Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Uncle Roy, and others, to go and hold meetings. All who've never heard the gospel are invited to come where the prophets are teaching. Both the evil spirits and the faithful talk to the people... Those wicked, evil apostates - wicked spirits - are talking to those who have never heard the gospel and say "Oh don't go and listen to Joseph Smith, Brigham Young or Uncle Roy". They go through the test of having to choose good or evil. Everybody gets the privilege and opportunity of hearing the gospel. One cannot be baptized without a body. Temples will be built. Priesthood people will go to these beautiful temples, and give blessings to all those other people. One priesthood man will bless another priesthood man in proxy for the spirits wanting it, also perform marriages and do work for the dead. Everyone who wants to dwell in heaven has to have priesthood blessings through mortal people on earth. One day, the wicked will be swept off this land. We will build a temple in Jackson County, Missouri and hundreds more across this land. There will be millions of priesthood people giving blessings to people in the spirit world. If a person lived thousands of years ago, they can still get priesthood blessings. This is the work for the next thousand years. The Lord is ready to wipe the wicked off this land. He's going to protect a few of this priesthood people. Some of us will survive - all to be ready to go and build the temples, because the Lord is just. He will give everyone the same opportunity. Billions who have never heard of the priesthood will have the right to have it. There are so many people waiting. I want us to be prepared, to live celestial, heavenly laws so we can bless them. If you do evil, you not only hurt yourself, but you're holding back from being a blessing to all those spirits. We're part of the greatest work and it all comes down to the priesthood that President Jeffs holds. He holds a power, the fullness of the priesthood - the right to give blessings to dead people, or now alive as spirits. You don't have just yourself to live for. You are here to get ready to give blessings to many people. The priesthood is all about getting ready to come out of the grave and live with Heavenly Father.


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