FLDS Priesthood History for 5th - 8th Grade Students Taught by Warren Jeffs Tape # 24 – February 8, 1996 Subject

: History of the Earth
The Lord says those that believe are never condemned. It is the unbelievers that will be condemned. Believe what I tell you because I only repeat what the prophecies describe. This earth was created near the planet Kolob, according to Abraham. This earth was born, made from other planets, as a spirit first. Then the Lord clothed it with a body in the creation. We call it mother earth. Each God lives on an earth. The earth where Heavenly Father lives is covered with fire. It has so much of the spirit of God in and around it, being the dwelling place of Heavenly Father. It is covered with heavenly fire, or the Holy Ghost. That is the description of the glory of the celestial kingdom. It is fire and thus it keeps out all filthiness. No uncleanliness can be there. If there are people unworthy of the celestial glory, they cannot even approach it because the fire would consume them and burn them up. We understand this sun that shines upon us is a heavenly earth and you can see what one day, this earth will become. We are called a Telestial earth where the devil lives and tries to tempt us. We call this earth a fallen earth where there is disease and death. It will one day become a sun, making light of its own. It has to go through a preparation. You and I had to be celestial before becoming celestial. We had to fall from Heaven through being born into this body. We have to overcome evil and prove ourselves worthy to go to Heaven. The millennium will come about by starting in one place, says the prophet. Where there is a united people, they grow in their dominion, their houses and cities until there is a righteous people all across this land of America. Even the animals will live peaceably. It will be accomplished by a clean and pure people keeping sweet. For a thousand years the earth will rest. If there are evil people in other nations, they won't dare to show their evil lest they be rebuked by the Lord. At the end of the millennium, wickedness will grow on the earth again. The people will be tempted and tried by Lucifer. Father Michael will appear and gather his people and Lucifer will gather his people. There will be a last great battle between good and evil. It is called the battle of gog and magog, both words representing the devil. At that point, there will be another place prepared for people not worthy of the celestial kingdom. There will be another planet for the devil and those who are like him. This earth was promised by the Lord to become a sun, a celestial planet. I've been into gentile people's homes after being in my father's home – when I go into those gentile people's homes, it's darkness. The spirit they have is in the home. Compare that to what I felt around President Jeffs. The gentile people are dark. Even their home has devils in it. When I go into the prophet's home, I feel the spirit of peace. There are people out in the world, even father's children, who are now gentiles in a way. They come to his home and they say there is such a peace here. Even when President Jeffs is away, the spirit he keeps stays there. Now, we are to become a united people that will build a city called Zion, heaven on earth. First, we must have a heaven in our heart, body and mind. Then, by keeping the spirit of God, our homes will become pure. Gather families together, build a city, then build more cities - the people having children and those children keeping sweet, getting married and having families. Then there are more cities on the land where there's a heaven on earth and it will grow and grow until the earth changes. 1

You are preparing to make a heaven on earth. The Lord is about to wipe the wicked off this land and He will only protect and preserve those who can make a heaven on earth. You want to be part of it, young people. You must come out of the world - set aside the ways of the world. You must study the priesthood way of life, love it and live by it, for if you become like the world, you must be left behind. You can't be part of the heaven on earth unless there is a heaven in you. At the beginning of the millennium, the parts of the earth will start to return. The first part of the earth that will return is the planet where the ten tribes live. At least part of their planet will mold into this earth right below Alaska. They have enough science training to where they can build highways across the water. They will come down through this land of America and kill any remaining gentiles. They will meet this priesthood people. Many of us will be in Missouri, building the city and they will come and help us. There will be millions of them. The prophet in our time will send out you young men as missionaries among the ten tribes. You will be given the gift of tongues where you can speak in their language. You will teach them. Uncle Roy told us the ten tribes will be the type of people that can be converted and they will believe the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed through Joseph Smith. This priesthood people will go into the temples and give the ten tribes their blessings. They will then go to their promised land. The tribe of Joseph and Ephraim will live on this land. The tribe of Judah will be offered the gospel again and they will rebuild Jerusalem after it is destroyed. They will be allowed to have priesthood blessings in Old Jerusalem. The tribes of Israel, being the priesthood tribes, will rule the earth under the direction of Jesus Christ for He will live here personally for that thousand years of the millennium. The Lord told the prophet Joseph Smith that he was the one mighty and strong, and he will appear to President Jeffs and tell him who of us is worthy to go back and redeem Zion. I ask you young people, are you always at peace? You'd better get that way. Those are the only type of people the Lord will use. The fighters and gripers won't be there. Only those always keeping sweet. John Taylor taught the people they could not give up plural marriage. They had to live it in order to go to Heaven. The spirit of God will lead you to remove out of your home everything opposite to priesthood. You wouldn't have pictures of gentiles or apostates in your home, or the worldly things hanging on your walls - the idols. We have so much to learn, to be that people that celestializes this earth. We only have four years left, young people. The time is so short. That's why you hear President Jeffs say in meeting, "Keep sweet no matter what, it's a matter of life or death." How will Satan be bound during the thousand years? Only obedient people will be here. They will not listen to his temptations. Awake, young people. You are here at the right place, the right time. You can't demand others make you happy. You are the one who makes you happy - by obedience.

February 9, 1996 Subject: Jeremiah
The first great commandment is to love God with all our heart, might, mind and strength. The Lord chooses men to be His prophets who love the lord above all. No matter what Heavenly Father tells them to do, the will do it. Obedience is the first law of heaven. That's how you become a righteous person like Heavenly Father. For these hundreds of years, the Lord tried to make of Israel, a chosen nation who could rule 2

the world righteously. The kings of the northern kingdom were all wicked. To preserve the few righteous, the Lord had Assyria conquer the kingdom of Israel in the North and carry the people away. People remember Heavenly Father when they're humble. Humility is the act of remembering the Lord. While the people were in bondage, they sure did remember Him. He allowed a few of them who were faithful, to be led northward and taken off this part of the earth. The people of Judah in the southern kingdom had a righteous king. They were a more righteous people and for a time, the Lord protected them. Then a wicked king came to power and once again the people turned to worship idols. Enough was enough. The Lord, to preserve some of His children of Israel, would allow them to be taken into bondage and many of them killed - with the promise that they would return one day. Jeremiah (the prophet) was sent by the Lord to tell the people to repent. The king was angry and caused that Jeremiah would be arrested. He threatened Jeremiah that if he didn't prophecy well, then he would be killed. Jeremiah stood on the walls of the city and prophesied that Babylon would take the people captive and destroy many thousands of the people. The temple of Solomon would be destroyed. The people of the Jews wanted to kill who was sent by the Lord. That shows you how dark they were. The people of Jerusalem were so proud; they thought they could never be destroyed. Laman and Lemuel had the spirit of those wicked people in them. Why should they follow their father, Lehi, into the wilderness? Zedikiah asked Jeremiah what would happen. Jeremiah told him the city would be destroyed. The other rulers of the city were angry and they put him in the worst place in the dungeon, a deep hole with mud and crawling creatures, no light. They wanted him dead. Zedikiah had 30 armed men to bring the prophet to him and he asked him what would happen again, promising not to put him back in the dungeon. Jeremiah told him the city would be destroyed, but if he would surrender, there wouldn't be so much suffering. These battles in Jerusalem were taking place as Lehi, Nephi and his brothers were traveling toward this land. Lehi left Jerusalem 600 years before Jesus was born. In 586 B.C., Nebekanezer conquered Jerusalem and put the people in bondage for 70 years. The people were too proud, and persecuted the prophet. Many people say they believe ancient prophets but they would persecute the prophet that lives today. How do you know what you would have done in those ancient times, to those prophets? Just look how you treat President Jeffs today. Zedikiah would not obey the prophet and so was taken prisoner. The Babylonians killed his children right in front of him. They put out his eyes so he was blind the rest of his life. One son, Mulek, escaped. He brought a few of that people over to this land and built the city of Zarahemla. Two people that came from Jerusalem - Mulek's people and Lehi's people. The great prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah were the two prophets that lived in the time when Israel was destroyed and taken captive. They looked forward to a day when Israel would be gathered again. They lived in days of sadness for the Lord had to bring judgment and punishment on His own people. We are here because our parents chose to come out of the world. We are of the blood of Israel. The only believers in this day are of the blood of Israel. The Lord promised Joseph in Egypt that Ephraim would be the saviors of all the other tribes in the last days. President Jeffs is of the pure blood of Ephraim. All the other tribes are soon to be together. As the wicked are being destroyed on this land - the Lamanites from South America and within this land, will raise up in rebellion against 3

the government, and the Lord will give them the power to kill the gentiles - the ten tribes will come and mold into this earth and somehow come down in the Bering Sea and they will build a highway and come across it to this land. They will kill the remaining gentiles - the Lamanites from the south and the ten tribes from the north, and they will meet this priesthood people in the city called Zion. President Jeffs has told us we will meet the ten tribes in Jackson County, Missouri. They will help us build the temple and they will receive their blessings. Uncle Roy says after the city is built, the priesthood men from among us will be sent to the nations of the earth that survived the Great War, the earthquakes and destructions. Any remaining blood of Israel will be gathered to this land. The Lord wants the eleven tribes gathered here first. The tribe of Judah cannot be gathered until after the Savior appears. The city must be built before Jesus comes in His glory and when He returns, then the Jews -descendents of the ones that killed Him, will be converted. When the Lord appears, the twelve tribes will be His priesthood people. They will be obedient. They will praise God. We live in a time when the twelve tribes will be gathered. We are supposed to be the people that will teach them and give them their blessings. I'm telling you this so you'll know why you were sent here. You are not here to be gentiles. You are here to help President Jeffs to gather Israel. Those priesthood keys and powers were handed down from one prophet to the next. Today, President Jeffs holds the keys to the gathering of Israel. He has the power to teach and bless. We are the people of Ephraim he is counting on, if we will prepare. But as sure as you don't prepare, young people, if it isn't important to you, you will never see it, for you must believe. You must want to be a part of that clean and prepared people that redeem Zion and bless the tribes of Israel. The tribes of Israel are more intelligent and are able to listen to the spirit of God more. The moral people among the gentile nations are of the blood of Israel. The Lord takes His people and even in their punishment, will turn it to His glory. Jeremiah had hope that the Lord would bring the tribes of Israel back and make them His people again. I yearn that your heart will be touched with the desire to help President Jeffs gather Israel and redeem Zion, so you can receive blessings for yourself and become instruments in the prophet's hand, to bless the tribes of Israel. The ancient prophets looked to our time as a time of happiness. They suffered, but saw in our day the promises to Israel to be fulfilled. Right now, they are praying that we will prepare and be that people. They are yearning the Lord will keep guiding our prophet to teach us what we need to do better, and through our willing obedience, redeem Zion. If you won't prepare, young people, this is the wrong place to be. The Lord will clean up this people and will choose from among us, those who will prepare. Be warned, if you hear these truths and do not apply them to your life - be warned, the Lord won't use you. Your opportunity is here. Where do you earn that right to redeem Zion? It's in your own home, with your family. Just believe. Can you tell how greatly I desire you to believe, young people? I want to give a warning to this group of young people again - 5th through 8th grade - I am not holding back. I am giving you the truth and it's hitting you right between the eyes. You must answer for what you're being taught here. I want you to be concerned, for some of you are treating this training as though it's nothing. We generally wait until you're in high school, more grown up, to receive this training, but we don't have time for you to get older before you receive it. The time is too short. We need to teach you the history at this age. Young people get real, get serious. For you to learn the prophecies and then treat them lightly will bring the greatest punishment upon this people. 4

We give you these truths so you will want to do right and help President Jeffs in his work. I give this warning, encouraging you, that great blessings await you if you will just love one another and qualify by keeping sweet. Some of you keep sweet as a joke. It's just a joke, and you still persecute and are mean to other people. In your friendships, you're not kind. You're the ones not saying your prayers and you're treating these things lightly. I know you are young and your life is before you. We are giving you truth that you don't have to forget. You can remember these things and make them part of you the rest of your lives. When the Savior comes, He will bring all the prophets with Him and you'll get to talk to them and they will tell you the full story. Can you imagine that... if you'll just prepare. Please believe this. It's real and it's all based on how you treat one another. That's how you qualify - loving God through obedience and loving one another. Get out of the world. Get away from it and be priesthood men and women.