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Assignment of HRM

Topic: Why Metrics and Measurements are

crucial to todays HR Manager

Presented to: Sir Kashif

Presented By:
Maryam Asif (1051)
Fizza Ijaz (1117)
Iram Shehzadi (1129)
Hamza Nisar (1105)


Before introducing the metric system many traders used their own devices for measurements.
That increased the rate of fraud so that metrics system was introduced to replace this and for
minimizing the fraud.

METRICS:Metrics are the tool of measurements that managers use to assess (check) the Performance,
efficiency, progress of plan of company and Quality of work. It is also used to determine the
status of the business.

H.R Metrics:H.R metrics is a measurement of functions that H.R does and also monitor the working of
For example:
Measuring the number of staff absent over a certain period of time and then we get absent rate.
Cost per hire, revenue per employee and turnover etc.

Right Metrics:The key to finding the right metrics for your organization needs is to identify the overall
business needs as organizations may differ in terms of the metrics they use.

Metrics and Measurements are crucial for H.R Manager :It is the basic need of every H.R department to show organizational value and spending of time
on human resource management training. For this purpose they use metrics and that metrics
should be correct.
Metrics are important for managers because it makes work and assessment easier. It helps to
measure and audit H.R programs and activities effectively. It uses to check the effectiveness of
H.R strategies and values. It allows organizations to build connection between what H.R is doing
and business outcomes. H.R professionals should measure their function effectively and should
provide it to decision making leaders. The true and accurate assessment helps manager to solve

the problems and matters they are facing and make their position of business better. It uses to
evaluate the H.R administrative activities and also it assesses the individuals ability in every
task and measures that in each task every single person has contributed or not, if contributed then
how much he participate?
Metrics and measurements enable the manager to perform services effectively and accurately. To
find right metrics for business is required that firstly identifies the need of organization and then
proceeds. And also for assessment data also should be right because if data is not right or
contains any error then metrics are meaningless and does not lead us in effective assessment. By
using metrics Managers can take a suitable position in business.
Combination of metrics tells the effectiveness of companys operations and processes with the
help of human capital (lesser the defectiveness higher the H.R practices). It helps us to quantify
the human capital cost related with each H.R function. It indicates how much employee is
costing the company. It helps to determine the efficiency, progress, performance & quality of an
operation or process or plan. It is important for balanced scorecard and other performance
measures. Metrics recognize the relationship between human resource and finance. It should
have strong connections to the strategies of the company.
That will ensure the evaluation of HR really matters to the organization. Metrics tell us that how
organization is changing with time.