The Most Dangerous Person in the World

The people of this world are learning that the primary threat to their freedom and their very lives is a person. The person responsible is the vilest and insidious entity ever encountered by man. This person is responsible for tricking man into killing himself for freedom and has been largely responsible for most of the modern wars and conflicts. One might think this must be Satan or some kind of mythical evil figure but reality is even more terrifying when one realize what a “person” is. Most assume that this danger is in the form of a living breathing man but it is in the form of a fictional being called “person”. People have been using “person” synonymous with “people” and not realizing the danger of confusing the entities. Oh yes, one can go to a dictionary and see a definition of person being and individual man or woman but what you read in a dictionary is trivia compared to how a “person” is defined in law. The Supreme Court of the United States paved the way ruling in favor of no limits on persons for campaign contributions. Many say that it paves the way for the buying of the government by big corporations. The true absurdity of the last statement is lost on nearly everyone. First men and women rarely identify themselves as people. They identify themselves as persons. The lie is that corporations were elevated to “person” status where reality is that men and women voluntarily relegated themselves to the lowly status of a corporate person that has no rights as a man or woman. What the court says is there is not difference between corporate person and a corporate person, one in the form of multi-national corporation and the other as an individual corporation. In law there is no difference between them and yet everyone makes a big stink about what the courts did. A corporation is a fiction. It is not real. People have chosen to serve these invisible entities and think they are improving their lives when in truth they are literally enslaving and killing themselves. A corporation has no morals, no intellect and no conscience. When we say who was responsible for the deaths in Bhopal we say “Dupont”. Can we hang Dupont for their irresponsible negligence? No. This is true for all other acts that are literally killing us. Does Monsanto care or have sleepless nights because its food and seed products rampage murderously across our countryside? No.

We need to accept that it is the men and women who serve these fictions who are ultimately at fault. Why are stockholders and employees at fault? The reason is that there could be nobody else to blame. To pin the responsibility on a fiction is merely transferring responsibility to a nothing. If you held stock in Dupont at the time then you killed people in India. Even worse we have made our government an amoral corporate fiction and even operate ourselves, not as men and women, but as individual corporate fictions. That would be just fine if the damage and injury were confined to fiction but it is not. It crosses the barrier into the real world and inflicts real consequences and suffering on all of us and that real consequence demands real perpetrators. What the hell is wrong with us? Are we stupid? Why do we devote our real labor in feeding something that cannot care about us? GM did not build a single car. Men and women did and when the men and women really needed GM, was it GM took a huge dump on them? How can nothing do that? Who do you blame the fiction or the people who act on its behalf? If the consequences are real then the people can expect no absolution. The people, duped into serving corporations, are what is creating artificial scarcity. We create weapons that scare us into thinking others might use those same weapons on us. We actually have the idiotic notion that starvation is necessary and literally sink millions of tons of food resources and equipment, uselessly; into the sea for these fictional corporations and think that this a necessary part of man’s intrinsic nature? NO! NO! NO! We have bound ourselves to imaginary entities with no morals, no responsibility that cannot act in the interest of anyone, not even, itself. We work for these things we pay away our labor and we obey something with no voice on its own to express itself. It is time we walk away from an invisible monkey on our backs that we placed there because we are too afraid or lazy to think for ourselves. Do you think Exxon loves you? Does your government love you? Can corporations even feel love and is it a good idea to continue acting if everything is ok? If you say the government is made of people; I say whom have we punished when the government murders us? We punish just another “person” that is attached to a man who has ignorantly joined his body to a nothing he thinks is really what he is. When will we have our fill of fictional governments, fictional people, fictional money, fictional wealth, and fictional happiness? The sad reality is only when these monstrous nothings destroy everything and injure us directly, will we see. One can forget foresight because one cannot see what does not actually exist. We do not see it coming.

Is it possible to trick a man? Is it simply the man is lazy, fearful and simply chooses to be duped? The “trick” implies a corporation has power and intent and it has neither and to “trick” is merely the transference of the responsibility from a man to a meaningless nothing. A man chooses to place himself in a position to be fooled and that is not the fault of anyone but himself. We wait for the day when choose to assume the responsibility that we could not give away in the first place. Until then this dangerous person will continue to murder us all and it is our own fault.

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