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Qabalistic & Thelemic Proofs Section I

The Order & Value

of the English Alphabet
Not long after my initial introduction to Liber Al vel Legis in 1993 e.v., I
came across the first volume of The Key of It All: Book One: The Eastern
Mysteries, by David Allen Hulse, in which was promised a second
volume, Book Two : The Western Mysteries. Not yet published, this book
was purported to contain a Magickal alphanumeric code for English. The
idea seized my imagination; for the concept of an English Cabala had
already become crystallized in my mind after reading this command in
chapter two of Liber AL vel Legis:
"Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet;
thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto."
The Advent of Book One supplied me with some of the necessary tools to
explore the above command. Utilizing certain Yoga techniques, I began
to probe the Silent Pool of Knowledge for an answer to the riddle, which
cameupon me in a flash of revelation while meditating upon the 11th
Path of the Tree of Life, the Fool of the Tarot - the Secret Cipher instantly
and enigmatically appearing in my mind's eye as 1=A=0. AHA!
While the incredulous are welcome to their opinions on this matter, it
was at this moment that I "heard" a soft yet quite firm voice, identifiable
as neither male or female, which ordered me to get a pen and paper and
record what was about to be "transmitted" to me, the result being
presented in the form of the short document which I have entitled LIBER
After applying the process of Gematria with this new Cipher, extended
serially to yield A=0 through Z=25, I was astounded by the numeric
correlations with various Qabalistic and Thelemic Words and Numbers.
Assuming that the code to be expounded in Book Two of The Key of It All
must be one and the same, I found myself waiting anxiously for its
Surprisingly, it contained a serial English value of A=1, the code already
used by modern Numerologists. Hulse cited numerous Qabalistic and
Thelemic correlations which are undeniably convincing, leading me to

hypothesize that the true value of the English Alphabet might in fact be
a binary code, A=1 and 0. The similarity between this binary code with
the dual value of the Fool of the Tarot and the language of our modern
computers, 1/0, not to mention the esoteric symbology of the circle and
the line, the yoni and the lingham, seemed far more than coincidental,
and I entertained the notion that perhaps I should write Mr. Hulse to see
what this thoughts might be.
As it turned out, I got my chance to show him the results of my work in
person a few short months after my first discoveries. I had only very
recently met (under strange circumstances which I won't go into here) a
new acquaintance. After a visit to my home he noted my all too apparent
fascination with Magick, and suggested that I might be interested to
meet a friend of his with a similar calling, David Hulse. Needless to say, I
was floored by this synchronicity. My friend soon arranged a meeting,
and so I prepared my notes and waited for the appointed time to arrive.
To make a long story short, David and I began exchanging our ideas; and
though he was initially skeptical of my code, he finally conceded the
radical validity of A=0 as a unique Magickal system. He would often cite
a meaningful numerological correlation in A=1, to which I would counter
with a reciprocal association in A=0, much to our mutual amusement
and amazement. David likened these codes to a fisherman's net, which
we were using to capture shimmering messages of Knowledge, and
suggested that my code had effectively tightened the skein of this net. I
likened the A=0 code to a wild card, the Joker, or Fool if you will, which
added an air of unpredictability; since A=0 words possess
disproportionately smaller numeric values than the A=1 code,
depending upon how many times the letter A appears in them.
David often referred to A=0 as The Shadow to A=1 (though
Qabalistically it might be seen the other way around), which led me to
label these two as the LVX and NOX Cabalas (Latin words meaning Light
and Darkness). We finally agreed that work with the NOX or A=0 code
had just begun, and so it was that the responsibility for expounding it fell
upon my shoulders. David's occupation with the LVX or A=1 code had
already resulted in a hitherto unpublished work alluded to in The Key of
It All, a copy of which was given to me in an act of unrestrained trust and
esteem. It being improper to prematurely divulge the contents of this
Magickal Work, we will therefore respectfully touch upon the A=1 code
only when absolutely necessary.
Ultimately, both are important and valid systems which mutually support
each other, and so they could be best rendered as 1=A=0 for my NOX
cipher and 0=A=1 for the LUX code, equations which reveal both the
order and the value of the English Alphabet for each. Interestingly

enough, 1=A=0 mirrors the Name of the Gnostic Godhead, IAO, while
0=A=1 mirrors its inverse formula OAI (vide Crowley's Liber Stellae
Here then is the order & value of the English Alphabet as revealed by the
Cipher 1=A=0.

The Order & Value of the English Alphabet

Armed with this serial order & value, 1=A=0 through 26=Z=25 (with 1
signifying the order and 0 being the value of the first letter A), we may
now test it by obtaining the additive values of specific Qabalistic and
Thelemic Words, Names, and Numbers. If this is a valid order & value,
then the numerological correlations and metaphors should carry
immediate conviction, while retaining subtle and direct simplicity, all in
accordance with the conditions delineated earlier. For this reason, we will
only list the strongest of correlations here. Many more are given in LIBER
A vel FOLLIS and THE ENGLISH CABALA - 111, both of which contain an
extensive Word/Number dictionary similar to the Sepher Sephiroth in
Crowley's 777 And Other Qabalistic Writings .
It should be noted that numerologists have been assigning the English
Alphabet a serial value of A = 1 through Z = 26 for many years. This

system does have its merits and champions (see Michael Freedman's
Gematria: Magic/Magick and Fr.Nigris' English Gematria), and may be
seen to work surprisingly well in tandem with A = 0. This is suggestive of
a true binary code (1/0) for the English Alphabet. For example, modern
English Cabalists see a critical importance in there being 26 letters in the
English Alphabet because the Hebrew God Name YHVH (Yahweh or
Jehovah) adds to 26 in gematria. The strength of the LVX value seems to
be verified by the correlation since GOD = 26 in A = 1. An interesting
and meaningful interdependence between A = 1 and A = 0 appears
when the following equation is taken into account:
Z = 26 in A = 1
Z = 25 in A = 0
GOD = 26 in A = 1 (G 7 + O 15 + D 4 = 26)
MAN = 25 in A = 0 (M 12 + A 0 + N 13 + 25)
Thus, the final letter of completion in the English Alphabet, the letter Z,
would serve as a metaphor of both God and Man when comparing the
results of A = 1 and A = 0. It is important to note that 25 has a square
root of 5, the traditional esoteric number of Man, symbolized by the fivepointed star - the Pentagram.
We can take this idea even further as follows:
Z 26 - Z 25 = 1 (One)
Z 26 + Z 25 = 51
I AM ONE = 51 in A = 0.
In this way, our Sacred Cipher A = 0 goes a step further than the A = 1
code by demonstrating an essential occult Truth - God and Man are One.
Again, the greatest proponent of the A = 1 system to date is the author
of the two volume masterworks The Key of It All : Book One : The Eastern
Mysteries & Book Two : The Western Mysteries , David Allen Hulse. In his
Book Two, Hulse gives compelling Qabalistic and Thelemic correlations
for this code. The reader is encouraged to review this work, which, as
mentioned earlier, played a pivotal role in the discovery of our Sacred
Cipher. After all, it was Hulse who inspired our terms LVX and NOX for the
Grand Binary Code when he casually remarked that A = 0 appeared to
be the shadow to his code.
And so, the proper reading of 1 = A = 0 shows both the order and the
value for the English Alphabet, the order of A being first or ONE and the
value of A being NOTHING or ZERO, and it is upon this order & value that
the Magick of THE ENGLISH CABALA - 111 is formulated.

"The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two; nay, are
Liber AL vel Legis - the threefold Book of Law I:12 :45
The student is also encouraged to compare our Sacred Cipher to other
systems, most notably Linda Falorio's English Qabalah, or the New Aeon
English Qabala of the Hermetic Order of QBLH and Jake Stratton-Kent's
English Qaballa, both of which are derived from Jim Lees' seminal work in
the 70's. While these elaborate systems certainly yield interesting and
convincing permutations which undoubtedly work for those who have
much time and effort invested in them, it is our belief that none can
approach the crystalline clarity of our Cipher 1=A=0. The originators of
these codes have not labored in vain, however; for these systems
certainly do work for their creators. Ultimately, they all demonstrate the
unequivocal power of our Magickal Art of Gematria through contrast and
The following web pages represent a brief rundown of the most
compelling Qabalistic and Thelemic proofs of our order & value for the
English Alphabet 1 = A = 0.

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