Jan Scully, District Attorney, Sacramento County FlashReport January 29, 2010 A few months ago, I endorsed Meg Whitman to be the next Governor of California. It wasn’t just a political endorsement; it was an endorsement of her vision for California. I want to share with you why I feel so strongly about Meg and her vision for our state. I met Meg Whitman under difficult circumstances. A small group of law enforcement leaders met with her to talk about a dangerous ballot initiative that, had it passed, would devastate public safety in California. Proposition 5, or as it was better known – the Drug Dealers Bill of Rights – was leading in the polls and, according to pollsters, a near certainty to pass. Our campaign to defeat the measure was short on money and even shorter on time. Meg wanted to learn about the measure, hear from us about why it was harmful, and then asked us what she could do to help. And help she did. When Meg decided to get involved to stop Proposition 5, she wasn’t talking about a token effort. Meg invested $250,000 in California’s public safety community and helped us turn the tide. She didn’t accept that we couldn’t win. She believed in us, and together we won. Over the course of our conversations, I found that Meg shared my views on public safety – that we need a balanced approach to fighting crime. But what’s going on today tips the balance too far in favor of criminals and underscores why we need new leadership in Sacramento. Citing the budget deficit, this week state prison officials began offering convicted felons new ways to shorten their sentences. Parolees, in some cases, won’t have to bother checking in with parole agents. Even if they violate their parole agreements, there is a good chance they won’t go back to prison. Under no circumstances should we ever use the budget as an excuse to jeopardize the public’s safety. To address prison overcrowding, a serious problem in our state, Meg recognizes we need to build new prisons. And if elected, she will demand that the federal government accept fiscal responsibility for incarcerating the 19,000 prisoners who illegally entered our country. On the front end, Meg believes an improved public education system and results-oriented early intervention programs that foster good behavior are critical to our goal of stopping crime before it happens. On the back end, Meg understands the devastation crime causes to victims and communities. Meg

wants to make certain justice is delivered quickly and fairly when crime occurs. This is why she strongly supports California’s “Three Strikes and You’re Out Law” for habitual felons and opposes any attempts to weaken our sentencing laws. And for those criminals who commit the most heinous and premeditated homicides, she believes in the swift enforcement of the death penalty. I’ve known Meg for more than a year now. While I was impressed with her strong stance on public safety, I have been keenly interested in how a CEO, who had never run for office, would prepare herself for California’s top government job. Sure, Meg’s education and professional experience is impressive, but I still wanted to learn more before making an endorsement. What I’ve discovered is that Meg is not a businessperson, turned candidate, but rather she addresses issues with the same approach that made her a successful businesswoman. She has a huge appetite for listening and learning about issues and – more importantly – understanding how public policies have real world consequences. She’s immersed herself in how government works and how she can effect change in government - with the legislature, through the use of appointments and executive powers, and by the initiative process. Meg also uses a phrase – “save to invest” - which I love. Her philosophy is that a more efficient government that seeks to save taxpayer dollars will have more resources to invest in public priorities. Meg intends to save and invest in job creation, infrastructure, education and public safety. Meg Whitman believes in California and knows we can overcome the problems some think are insurmountable. Our budget is a mess; she’s managed large and complex organizations. Unemployment is at a near record high; she has helped create millions of jobs. Our schools are underperforming; Meg understands the importance of great public schools that will reduce criminal behavior and deliver opportunities for all of California’s children. Meg Whitman is the clear choice for anyone who wants government to act differently, to stop the partisan bickering and start delivering public services efficiently and effectively. She’s proven herself in some of the most challenging environments and excelled at eBay, Hasbro, Disney, FTD and Procter & Gamble. She is consistent, she is real and she is ready. That’s why Meg Whitman has my support for Governor. I hope she will have yours too.



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