The key to breaking the code is to realize the Windsors and their cabal believe they are the only people that matter, and that they are gods. God is the Word. Therefore all words must reflect them. They do not distinguish any old word from the Holy Bible. The words simply must reflect symbols for them. Insignificant Wallis Simpson was in their camp so she was allowed into their language world. Mrs. Simpson and other Windsor prostitutes' secret lives provided symbols, sounds and letters that allow for communication between the "elites" with messages hiding in the open. This is the code that I broke. How did I break it? To break my spirit, the conspiratorial plotters have placed me in an electronic prison that uses Guantanamo Bay tactics. I am on 24 hour surveillance, they use all the top secret electronic harassment technology on me, and I cannot escape their communication to me. Believe it or not, they have mind reading technology, read my every thought, and the 666 computer is programmed to design torture around my every thought to degrade and humiliate me. (I will try to send articles which would verify this technology exists so you do not have to take my word for it.) I am like a lab rat in a cage. This is how I know Bush is sadistic and that torture is his nature. It is not a stretch for me to believe he murdered seventeen of his fellow satanists. Using the 666 computer, they use a symbol language to communicate to me. All their personalities (Windsors', Bushes', Clintons', and Rothschilds') and their symbols are programmed into the harassment. Whether they are with me in real time or not, their personalities are with me all day. They have control over all media, and use it to extend their harassment or to communicate to me. In dealing with them full time for the past three and a half years, I have deciphered their personalities, and I know what makes them tick. These people are not intelligent. The scientists who created the equipment were. Realize that although it may be difficult for a person to decode symbols, the 666 computer has no trouble doing it. A printout would explain to the brain deficient criminals who have access to the computer, what the computer decided to do to satisfy their lusts. They simply read the printout. This is how I envision it working. I am programmed into the 666 computer, but they refuse to allow me to order it to do my bidding. If I could access it, they would be dead, without remorse or regret, and I am not a soulless person. Over time, I realized that when I angered them, people would be killed that basically recorded the dynamics of the argument we had. In other words, crimes, accidents, and other news, act as a diary for them. I have also ascertained that they are addicted to killing others. They are in the same cycle as any addict. They get stressed, fear being exposed, fear being held accountable, and either they order the deaths themselves, or the computer automatically arranges the deaths to deflect their attention from the stress. The cycle of violence will never end as long as they are alive. Eventually, if you read enough of my decoding, you will be able to decode articles and events yourselves. Unfortunately because the computer is clever, they convince themselves they


thought up the plan, and that they are intelligent; when in fact, they are too stupid to plan any of these crimes and plots. They are not too stupid to express their emotions, and the computer reacts to their emotions. The 666 computer is supposed to be running the mind of Hitler. Attacking me is not part of the programming so I know it has been hacked into to adapt to the plans of the fools who have physical access to the codes. Since Hitler was a Rothschild, and the Rothschilds are the continuous link between World War II and the present time, they must be the core culprits. The supposed "kingmakers" continually have violated their own rules, letting their servants act as their masters, they are therefore, unable to rule as Hitler did. Hitler did not need to let others control him. He participated in sado/masochistic activities, but his goal was to access the highest level of evil. The Rothschilds, Bushes, Windsors, and Clinton participate in perverted behavior because they subconsciously believe they need to be punished, and they are correct. Hitler's reasoning for participating in similar acts was not self-punishment. To understand Hitler, one must know that he was an actor, and did not reveal his true self to anyone. I am psychic, and can unravel motives of the most complex people, and I do have a psychic connection to Hitler which aids me in understanding his motives. My opinions are not set in stone so as I get more facts about him, I refine my interpretations of him. Hitler, secretly, tapped into both powers of good and evil, not just evil. They only tap into evil. It may sound absurd that Hitler tapped into good, but he dared to question the principles of good most would fear to ask. For example, he was greatly influenced by Martin Luther who made great strides in the advancement of Christianity. Hitler tapped into the dark side of Luther and in his propaganda used his writings to justify killing Jews. Hitler did not hate Jews. To him, “Jews” were Rothschild schills. He hated the Rothschilds’ economic stranglehold on Germany. The truth is that Hitler was surrounded by Jews: Alfred Rosenberg, one of his best friends, was a Jew. Adolph Eichmann was a Jew. Magda Goebbels, wife of Joseph, a woman who was very in love with Hitler, was a Jew. In Hitler's Notes and Letters, a book consisting of Hitler's own writings, he explains why he felt he had to kill the Jews. His reasoning as explained in his "suicide letter" was to destroy the economic grip the "international bankers" - the "Jews" had on Germany. He acknowledged that the average Jew did not know they were aiding and abetting the communist machine that the Rothschilds invented, but that they needed to die because that was the only way to end the economic stranglehold the "Jews" (Rothschilds) held on Europe. When he killed Jews, he was trying to destroy the Rothschilds' economic army. I do not know why he didn't just kill the Rothschilds. To me, his biggest error was to focus on the foot soldiers rather than the masterminds. The Rothschilds are more of a menace today than they were in Hitler's day. Hitler even had Elie Rothschild, one of the worst culprits today, imprisoned! Not killing my evil cousin, Elie Rothschild, was an error of monumental proportions.


The Rothschilds of today are not just evil, but they are stupid degenerates who lack the understanding to capitalize on the foundation Hitler laid for them in the quest for world domination. They are driven by the need to be degraded, and the need to be accepted in the group of Anglo-Saxon imbeciles who mistakenly believe themselves to be divine. They lack the discipline to achieve "Hitler status". Their refusal to stand alone prevents them from ever attaining the "Antichrist" or "Hitler status" which they claim they want. Hitler answered only to Satan, and Satan's main problem was that he could not submit to God's authority. The Rothschilds submit to the authority of others consequently they are excluded from the ultimate evil power they seek. In the three and a half years, I have been dealing with this group, not one of them have ever taken me on one on one. They ALWAYS approach me like a gang - always they must have someone else with them egging them on. I stand alone. I have no one on my side, and yet I am still victorious. Their need to rely on the bottom of the barrel scum they associate with is a clue that they lack the inner core to be successful at whatever they do. Success requires excellence whether it be success at evil or good. Their inability to see the big picture prevents them from carrying out a successful strategy. They do not have the reasoning ability to follow through with their goals. For example, they hate me, and have always hated me even though I did not know them, did not know they existed, and was not a threat to them. Was I a threat to Elizabeth Mountbatten before she made herself known to me? I am a threat now. She threw everything away because she could not stop herself from attacking me. Does that make sense that Elizabeth Windsor wanted me dead, so she had me cloned? Why would they duplicate the Queen of the United Kingdom, if they wanted to eliminate me? I have no children, and therefore, no heirs. Now, the surviving clones are technically a threat to them. (I do not claim them as heirs, not because I am cold-hearted, but because they would be in the hands of people who would use them for evil.) Another puzzlement is how these people can chum up with people who murdered their relatives. Needless to say, this is not normal behavior, but more than that, it is foolish behavior. The Rothschilds family code requires unquestioning loyalty to one another. They have intermarried to keep their secrets, to keep their wealth, and to keep their power. They let Clinton murder two Rothschilds - two family members with a future - yet they continue to buddy up with Clinton against me. Clinton had by brother killed, and was responsible for having me cloned and having my clones murdered. Clinton believes himself to be superior to me and to them, because they allowed him to spill the clones’ blood. To them, they were spilling my blood, and they enjoyed every minute of it - tormenting my every waking minute for months on end. Clinton wonders why I don’t like him. Clinton is not fit to live on the same planet with me. He is a cheap, classless mass murderer. Guy de Rothschild, Evelyn Rothschild and Elie Rothschild all allowed Clinton to murder our cousin, Amschel Rothschild, who had been groomed to take over the Rothschild banking dynasty. Because he was murdered at age 41, the British Rothschilds have no banking head. Clinton also had Rafael Rothschild killed in New York. He was just a young man, but he was one of a future


generation of bankers. He does no good to the Rothschilds dead. The foundation of Rothschilds' success was family loyalty, but they have no loyalty to their own blood. This clique of demented unrelenting jesters is bound together by spilled blood and illegitimacy. The Elizabeth Mountbatten - Elie Rothschild relationship is at the core of the doomed world domination plan. Elizabeth was not her mother's daughter. Elie Rothschild was not his father's son. One clue is that his late wife, Liliane claimed Elie was "more Rothschild than the Rothschilds." A real Rothschild would never have had such a thought. Elie Rothschild's illegitimacy, combined with Elizabeth Mountbatten's knowledge that she is a usurper, is the fuel which feeds their rage at humanity. The Windsors who spend all their energy consumed with royal bloodlines must acknowledge that Elizabeth Mountbatten was conceived out of wedlock with a surrogate. The conditions of her birth were a matter to the Crown, and have effected the government of the United Kingdom. Even if she were not born out of holy wedlock, she is a traitor to the realm of the United Kingdom for having her father, the "King of England" murdered. Although my brother, the real king, was incapacitated by MK- ULTRA mind control, he was the King of the United Kingdom. Elizabeth ordered Clinton to murder him, and that was yet one more act of treason. Regicide is treason. UNREGAL RELIGION

One component of their religion is to establish the missing link between man and god. Whether you believe in the Judeo-Christian version of God and Satan or not, it is important to understand their perspective to understand their thinking: delusional, obsessive-compulsive and ritualistic. Their religion has many holes in it, but that is irrelevant. Their belief that others die for their errors is a reversal of Jesus' role. They believe that dark is the same as light, good is the same as evil. "As above, so below", they say. For every; action there is an equal and opposite reaction means to them that since Jesus died for others' sins, others must die for their sins. This perverted interpretation means, to them, they must be gods. The “”missing link" component of their thinking requires them to link sounds, names, meanings, positions together in an unbroken chain. If the following information seems “crazy”, it is because the British unroyal family is and has been insane for a long time. They have passed on their disjointed thinking to each future generation. With the advent of computers, they have become more vicious and more evil. The crimes I am decoding are tied back to the days of King Edward VIII and Adolph Hitler. Basically, I look for repetition of names and symbols, then I research history, to see what these names and symbols represented to them, and the code is broken. They believe energy moves along the link. (I don't share that belief. I have no missing links.) By connecting dots, or letters, and sounds to each other, they believe they are reestablishing the missing link and can get back the eternal life they lost. They are spiritual children of Cain, and cannot accept the fact that God rejected them. By foreknowledge God knows the course a person will take.


He hates the children of Cain. loved, but Esau have I hated."

Romans 9:13

"As it is written, Jacob have I

The Duke of Windsor-Hitler relationship enraged the present Windsors to such a degree, their every moment is spent trying to get even with him. They must go back in time, to the early 1930’s, and undo history. Do not use logic in trying to understand this. Logic would tell you that Hitler is dead and that he lost. They won, and the natural question would be, "So what's the problem?" The telltale clues they have left in the open tell another story: To them, Hitler did not lose, and they are obsessed with undoing his victory. Most people believe, what is past is past and cannot be undone. They don't accept that conclusion. If Wallis Simpson was not allowed to be a Queen, that was wrong, and the Duke of Windsor was going to prove it wrong. No one will tell these people, "NO!" So they invented their fantasy that if they go back and recreate their relationship with Hitler, who is dead, they can emerge victorious. There is evidence to support that President Kennedy's father, the U.S. Ambassador to Britain, Joseph Kennedy knew about the secret agreement between the Windsors and Hitler. There is coded evidence to support that Presidents of the United States since Truman, who was president the year I was born, have believed themselves to be Kings because my brother and I were Americans and heirs to the throne of the United Kingdom/United States. Since my brother and I were children and didn't know about our callings, Presidents of the United States ruled as Kings in our steads. (See photos of Joe and Rose Kennedy and Windsors together.) The hatred the Windsors had for the Kennedys is unending. I know their hatred, and they absolutely cannot stop themselves from attacking others. If only they spent their time reflecting on their own actions rather than the actions of others. When they decided to kill Kennedy, the records reflect the assassination is tied to Hitler. The leader of the British Union of Fascists in the '30's and supporter of King Edward VIII was named Sir Mosley Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy's supposed assassin was selected as a patsy because of his name. Harvey the white rabbit in the classic film, "Harvey", starring Jimmy Stewart. Stewart was the official line of the British monarchy; indicating that the official bloodline was at issue. Lee was the name of Jacqueline Kennedy's sister, her mother, and it was her middle name. Wal lis is represented in Oswald. "Your enemies will be those of your own household." There is a repeated theme in many of these crimes: The murderer is your mother, your brother, your sister, your father. In order to get back the throne, they had to enter the Kennedy family before they killed them. They could legitimately take “their” possessions. They believe that because they sabotaged Kennedy from within, that constituted the family link. Kennedy had over twenty Rhodes scholars as advisors, and McGeorge Bundy, a fellow Skull and Bones member with George H.W.Bush, sufficed as "family". CHILDREN OF CAIN


They are the children of Cain - usurpers at heart. Their anger that they were not born someone else feeds their self hatred, and they murder others to express their anger. They do not punish themselves, but know that if they make an error, someone must pay. President Kennedy was killed by many people for many reasons. He served as a sacrifice for the sins of others. The Duke of Windsor killed Kennedy as a substitute for himself. (Details are written throughout this document explaining this.) The links attach at all levels international, national, and local, and form a never-ending story. Why were the Kennedys selected? Why me? Why San Diego? King Edward VIII who was delusional about the “woman he loved,” apparently was much more pathological and more of a Nazi than historians have revealed, and it runs in the family. The Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego was one of Edward and Wallis’ rendezvous spots. King Edward VIII was obsessed with giving Wallis Simpson, the respect he felt she “deserved”.

•The name Wallis has similar letters to Prince of Wales. •Wallis Simpson's first husband was a man named Spencer. name was Warfield. Simpson’s maiden

•Charlie Mountbatten, the next “Prince of Wales,” married a woman named Spencer. •Wallis Warfield was born on 6/19 which is a 6/1 day (1+9=10 or 1). Marilyn Monroe was born on 6/1/26. Elizabeth Mountbatten was born in 1926. •After Wallis divorced Spencer, she married Simpson and moved to Coronado. •Coronado which is in San Diego County. Coronado means "crown".

•San Diego's Hotel Del Coronado has named a room the "Prince of Wales" room in honor of former King Edward VIII. •Marilyn Monroe born on 6/1, starred in “Some Like It Hot” at the Hotel Del Coronado with Jack Lemon. •Marilyn Monroe had an affair with Jack Kennedy. •Marilyn Monroe had an affair with Robert Kennedy. •The Alessio crime family used to own the Hotel Del Coronado. •Dominic Alessio’s wife, Christina, a friend of mine, died on August 31. She spent her wedding night at the Hotel Del Coronado on August 29, and hosted a party there on August 30.


•Alessio’s wife died August 31. They Hotel Del is supposed to be haunted. Princess Diana and divorced in 8/29, the day the Alessios married. Charles and Diana married on 7/29. •The Alessio family, former owners of the Hotel Del Coronado, can be directly tied to the assassination of Presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy in Mafia Kingfish: Carlos Marcello and The Assassination of John F. Kennedy by John H. Davis. •Sirhan Sirhan supposedly assassinated Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel.

“Given Sirhan’s connections to associates of Mickey Cohen’s, Cesar connection to John Alessio, Cohen’s long-standing relationship with the Ambassador Hotel, his fear of a Robert Kennedy presidency,and his friendship with such determined enemies of Kennedy’s as Carlos Marcello and Jimmy Hoffa, it is not difficult to envision how a Mafia conspiracy to assassinate Robert Kennedy could have developed in which Sirhan could have been recruited to act as a decoy while expert marksman Eugene Thane Cesar See Czar delivered the coup de grace. That Sirhan might have been hired to play a role is suggested by the fact that when the normally impecunious racetrack hand was arrested by the Los Angeles Police, he was found to have four crisp new $100 bills in his pocket and no personal identification.” Mafia Kingfish: Carlos Marcello and The Assassination of John F. Kennedy by John H. Davis.
•The Kennedy family is supposed to be cursed. The curse propaganda is a front for the Windsors ravenous murderous lust for the blood of anyone who is smarter than they. The Alessios did their bidding, and paid the rice with not just one wife dying, but another one losing her brain functions after a near-fatal car accident. Anyone who does the bidding of these maniacs pays for it, instead of being rewarded as is the usual course for the Mafia. The Mafia is built on a version of loyalty - a trait the Windsors know nothing about. •The Alessios did not own the Del Mar Racetrack and the Ambassador Hotel. They owned the Hotel Del Coronado and the Caliente Racetrack. •Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel. •Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy’s father Joseph Kennedy was the United States’ Ambassador to England. The British royal family is from the German House of Hanover. Charlie Mountbatten told Diana, she could call Prince Charles, “Sir”. Sirhan Sirhan - Sirhan is two members of the House of Hanover -two Princes of Wales - Duke of Windsor and Charlie Mountbatten. •Wallis Simpson had an affair with the German Ambassador to England,


Jochim Ribbentrop, during the same time Edward was courting her, during the same time she was married to Ernest. (Remember, the world is paying the price because of the inadequate Windsor men’s need to be humiliated and dominated. They are addicted to the cycle of being abused to they can retaliate instead of cutting the adulteresses out of their lives) • The Kennedy’s were invited to a sacrificial dinner at Buckingham Palace on 6/5/61. Duke of Windsor was born 6/23/__. 6/2+3=5 or 6/5. •Robert Francis Kennedy was shot inches from his head on June 5, 1968 6/5/68 - by Cesar, his bodyguard - not from across the room by Sirhan Sirhan after the woman in the polka dot dress triggered his Manchurian candidate programming. •Robert Kennedy died on my seventeenth birthday: June 6, 1968. (6/6/68).

•Charlie Mountbatten’ name adds up to 666, or at least he has manipulated that number. The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea. Charlie’s desire is to be Hitler and the Anti-Christ. What the United Kingdom gave him was not good enough. •I waved "Bye-bye" to John F. Kennedy when he passed by in a motorcade on my twelfth birthday, June 6, 1963 - 6/6/63. •Diane T. was born on June 6, 1950 to a German-born woman. Diane lived next door to me. Her mother left home one day wearing a polka dot dress. She never returned home. Her blood stained polka dot dress did return in the evidence bag carried in the trunk of a San Diego police car. Her skull had been crushed on a Lover’s Lane after she had been kidnapped and raped in 1964. •Robert Frances Kennedy - Frances Shand-Kydd (Princess Diana’s mother) Camilla Shand (Parker Bowles maiden name). My deah, you will marry the Earl of Spencer's daughter (like our dear Wallis married a Spencer) and produce a child for us to sacrifice. We will destroy your marriage so that you may move on, and we may take your child. We need a “Kydd” to sacrifice. Queen Elizabeth to Mrs. Spencer, who ran off with Mr. Shand-Kydd, “We are now ready to take your kid, and sacrifice her to our sick family. “ The former Miss Shand and I Kydd!) have decided, “We’re looking at YOU,

Princess Diana died August 31. 8/31 = 84. 84 is the year of Charlie Mountbatten’s birth backwards. Camilla Parker Bowles shares Prince Charles initials PC and CP. B stands for _________ (fill in the blank). •1997: “The former Miss Shand and I have decided that we will introduce you to the Duke’s wife, The DUKE, John Wayne, that is.”


Princess DIE, meet Pilar, not Pilar Wayne, but thirteenth Pilar. Pillar Parker Camilla Pillar . My deah, we will send you off with our ‘love” - the thirteenth chapter of Corinthians - the love chapter for the goddess of love and a pillar for your beauuuuu ti-ful face. And dahling, you know how much I love architecture. The Corinthian pillar suits you just fine. You look mah-velous in that black dress!” •2004: Bowles is the end of Charles. Bye-Bye, PC!

I saw John F. Kennedy in a motorcade on my 12th birthday: 6/6/63. Robert F. Kennedy died on my birthday: 6/6/68. RFK's assassin can be tied to Mafia godfather Frank Alessio, whose nephew lived in my neighborhood and whom I met when he worked at my high school. Even though I did not know the "godfather" John Alessio, personally, they made sure I visited him in the hospital when he was deathly ill, making it look as though there was a close tie, when in fact, I was just a guest. Alessio owned the Hotel Del Coronado which enters into this story --> Alessio sold the Hotel Del Coronado to U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland, Larry Lawrence, who Clinton had killed because of his ties to the BCCI bank scandal -->Clinton had an affair with Lawrence's wife, Shelia Lawrence , and they had Lawrence buried at Arlington Cemetery where Kennedy is buried. In a gruesome drama, Lawrence had to be unearthed and reburied because he was not eligible to be buried there. Clinton's common link with Alessio was CIA drug running. The following is a "picture" of their word energy flow which then flows into my life. Hillary Clinton and George Herbert Walker Bush were the organizers of the SLA which they tried to tie to me. (These links are not the only links that tell this story, they are just a few I selected. The links continue on through every aspect of everyone's life.) Sir Mosley Oswald (British Fascist who supported King Edward VII.) Lee Harvey Oswald Janet Lee Bouvier (Jacqueline and Lee’s mother) Lee Bouvier Radziwills Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy John F. Kennedy, President - Lyndon Johnson, Vice Pres. Kennedy is replaced by Lyndon Lyndon sounds like London Presidents live in White House Washington D.C. Bill Clinton, president, Rhodes Scholar with allegiance was to London : B.C. Bill Clinton shared intelligence with P.C. Prince Charles who has no intelligence Princess Diana Princess Margaret (Elizabeth's sister) Princess Marina Marina Margarite Oswald (Lee's wife) If you recall Kennedy requested Princess Marina’s presence at the dinner. Instead he got Marina Margarite, husband of Lee, on 11/22. 6/5/61


SLA assassinated Oakland School Superintendent SLA members Harris and Angela Atwood claimed credit for the assassin ation. Gary Atwood told me he was "Another Lee Harvey Oswald" SLA Leader: Cinque pronounced "Sin Q" San Diego Superintendent Bersin Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Family name of Windsors) Saxophone (Clinton's musical instrument) ax (My musical instrument) Police Chief Bur green who covered up Gardner's murders retired to Clinton's state, Arkansas. After she murdered two people Maruta Gardner was promoted to Principal Mission Bay High on Lee St. The Duke of Windsor’s gang was Bay Street Boys in the Bahamas. Bersin rehired double murderer Maruta Gardner as school administrator. Gardner and Bersin were Clinton's friends. Bersin and Clinton are friends with Chuck Mountbatten. I forced Maruta Gardner off one (Charles) Lee at Juvenile Hall. job, she got another, replacing Chuck Maruta

The SLA had two characters named Hall:

Charlie and Camilla Hall.

The computer links up the code words and connects them together forming a hieroglyphics - pictorial symbols which are used to represent meaning or sounds or a combination of meaning and sound. The links are unending. In the above scenario, if one adds The Duke of Windsor who had a grudge against William Randolph Hearst, the links would expand. The Kennedy murders are riddled with more links. Wallis War field ’s mother was Alice a code for "them". Montague Warfield. Field then became

Love Field was the Dallas airport Kennedy landed Air Force One on November 22, 1963. One of my former students by the name of Fields became a bank robber. Warfield went to Oldfields girls school, and married Winfield Spencer. Camilla Parker Bowles ancestor was named Alice Keppel. SLA member Emily Harris can be Leninist Venceremos. tied to Hillary Clinton through M a r x i s t -

Emily Harris' maiden name is Montague. Hillary Clinton belongs to a radical group called "Emily's List."

III 10

Emily Harris was from a Illinois suburb. Hillary Clinton was from a Illinois suburb. Bill and Emily Harris identified with Marxist-Leninist doctrine. Oswald was a Marxist-Leninist . Oswald was in the CIA. Harris and Atwood were in the CIA. Hillary Clinton depicted policemen as pigs deserving to be shot. Emily Harris depicted policemen as pigs deserving to be shot. Bill and Emily Harris are tied to the Black Panthers. Hillary Clinton can be tied to the Black Panthers. Black Panthers candidacy. threatened Laura Bush during Gore's 2000 Presidential

Hillary Clinton took out paper to run for President in the year 2000. During his candidacy, Al Gore was nearly killed in a near-hit plane crash in Chicago, Hillary's hometown. (Skolnick) Emily and Bill Harris were trained Intelligence Division in Indiana. to set up narcotics arrests for

P atty Hearst was set up for a narcotics feds at same time Atwood and I were set up.

arrest by Bersin and other

Hillary Clinton was Chair of the New World Foundation which trained agent provocateurs to set others up to be arrested. Patty Hearst claimed the New World Foundation was behind the SLA. The SLA is an offshoot of Operation Phoenix. Clinton's CIA Director William Colby' was in charge of Operation Phoenix. Colby was association with far left committees - including ones supported by the Institute for Policy Studies . Hillary Clinton was a member of Institute for Policy Studies. San Diego School Board member Ron Ottinger's family funded Institute Policy Studies. for

III 11

Colby was killed after exposing Clinton's involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing. Patty Hearst used the code name Tania as in Britannia. Patricia Campbell Hearst's family owned Hearst Castle. Gary Atwood's wife, Angela Atwood kidnapped Hearst. The Duke of Windsor had a grudge against William Randolph Hearst. Symbionese Liberation Charlie Hall. Army member SLA: Camilla Hall affiliated with

Charlie Mountbatten and Camilla Parker Bowles were using Maruta Gardner and a Rhodes Scholar - Bersin - to set me up in another SLA saga. William Colby kept John F. Kennedy from learning the truth about Area 51's Majestic 12 program. GET COPY OF MJ 12 document. Their ravenous appetite for spilling blood is family custom. Kitty Kelley’s book, The Royals, revealed that Elizabeth Mountbatten, who has been surrounded by Nazis supporters, had wanted Richard Nixon for President in 1960. In Jim Garrison's book, On the Trail of the Assassins, Garrison had a witness who claimed the Kennedy assassination was planned as far back as January, 1961, the month Kennedy was sworn in office. Prosecutor Jim Garrison concluded Kennedy who was surrounded by Elizabeth Mountbatten supporters - twenty-five Rhodes' scholars in his administration was murdered because of his foreign policy. But not before the gracious Queen of England, the epitome of class and propriety, invited the Kennedy’s to dine with them on June 5, 1961 - the day before my tenth birthday. GET PHOTO OF Wallis with Charlie Chaplin in front of Hotel Del Coronado. Hitler wore a Charlie Chaplin mustache. Born same year? Charlie Chaplin becomes Hitler; Charlie Manson becomes Hitler with his swastika between his eyebrows like a red Indian dot. Delusional Charlie Mountbatten is Charlie Manson and believes he “becomes Hitler”. He always felt there was just something missing. I believe he believes that something is me. I do not share his beliefs. I am sane, unlike him. Here is a question: If Elizabeth hates like Hitler, why do they want to be Hitler? Elizabeth hates me with a passion. Why does she want to be me? The cannibals stole Charles never did. Kennedy’s brain. At least we know Kennedy had one,

Edward, Prince of Wallis, had a butler named Osborne. Wallis borrowed a spoon to get his cypher to engrave her first gift to him on 6/23/33 his 39th birthday.

III 12

She gave him an American style Fourth of July dinner on July 4, 1933 in their ritualistic attempt to regain America, and the crown they lost to Hitler whose son was American. Smoke em: Winston, Parliament, Carlton, Marlborogh, Camel (Camilla) Kent Fry em: Al Cook Frey Cook Katie Frey. Clinton attacking tobacco industry most likely was a playful threat to C & C. When push came to shove he always rolled over for them at the expense of America. Clinton, the cowardly traitor frequently played his stupid Bubba Gump role of the submissive Labrador that rolls over and pees on the floor, but at the same time, making a seemingly harmless threat to Charlie. Meanwhile he takes his anger out on Charlie by targeting someone else. At the same time, he plotted their overthrow. It was clear to me that Clinton was working with Camilla Parker Bowles promising her the throne of England alone - without the Windsors. He would have killed her after she killed the Windsors. He never would have let her have what he wanted, but he would have played dumb to gain advantage. Back to the “Windsor suicide” or the Kennedy assassination. It was a double suicide because John F. Kennedy killed himself, when he decided to change his foreign policy. Who was at Dealey Plaza? A Marilyn Monroe look a like: Beverly Oliver. This tells us one of Kennedy’s last thoughts was of Marilyn Monroe. His next thought would have been, “She’s dead.” The next message would have been a bullet. “You’re dead, Kennedy.” Jacqueline Kennedy eventually would have figured out who that message was from, if she did not block it out of her memory. What I am describing here is consistent with the constant electronic harassment that I have been under since George W. Bush moved into the White House. The attacks are vicious and as cruel as cruel can be. George Herbert Walker Bush and Elizabeth Mountbatten are the constant factors between then - 1963 and now -2004. When Jacqueline Kennedy visited the Windsors with her husband in 1961, Elizabeth made sure Jacqueline was humiliated by remembrances of Marilyn Monroe. GET QUOTE FROM THE ROYALS. Marilyn Monroe died on 8/4. 8/4 was late Queen Mum’s birthday. 8/31 is an 8/4 day. “Candles in the Windsor”. 1984 by George Orwell. 1984 reversed is 1948, the year Elizabeth should have had an abortion. The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe by Donald H. Wolfe

However, it is now known that Marilyn Monroe died approximately 10:30 P,M. Saturday. (August 4, 1962) pg. 29


House keeper Mrs. Murray ...Without explanation, Noguchi’s External Examination Report points out two fresh bruises were found on Marilyn’s body: ‘a slight ecchymotic area is noted in the left hip and left side of the lower back.’ However, according to Granison, more bruises were found on Monroe’s body than the official documents reveal....

III 13

Noguchi later questioned his own conclusion about the bruises and admitted during an interview in 1982 that the prominent bruise on her left hip should have been looked into. ‘ That bruise,’ Dr. Noguchi said,’has never been fully explained.’ When reporters asked what may have caused the bruise, Noguchi replied, ‘There is no explanation for that bruise. It is a sign of violence.” (pp. 29-30) stomach contents...”stomach was completely empty” pg. 30 cause of death....According to Dr. Sidney S. Weinberg, former Chief Medical Examiner of Suffold County, New York,” [Weinberg is the signature of Elie - Rothschild wine and Berg or Ice Queen Liz Coberg-Saxe together again.] It is inconsistent with the mode of death by ingestion of a large amount of barbiturates not to have found refractile crystals in the digestive tract. “pg. 30 Noguchi said, “I found absolutely no visual evidence of pills in the stomach or the small intestine. No residue. No refractile crystals. And yet the evidence of the pill bottles showed that Monroe had swallowed forty to fifty Nembutals and a large number of chloral hydrate pills.” pg. 30
I was stabbed in back on 3/11 and I lived at 3/11 by an 11/3 person. It was 4:00 AM when the Charlie proxy who stabbed me broke into my home in 1985. 11+3=14 Charlie Mountbatten born on 14th of 11. My brother was murdered on September 17, Geli Raubel's death date. (She was our grandmother.) September 17 is 14 days before my brother's birthdate of October 1. Kennedy died at 1:00 PM. is Charlie’s signature. Princess Diana died at 4:00 AM 1 and 4 are 14 which

Kennedy died on Elm St. which is El M or Elizabeth M (M stands for Murder) or Elizabeth murders MM. After she murders MM, she believes she owns the letter “M”. They believe they need to say everything twice. I haven’t quite figured out their reasoning on this yet. Elizabeth Windsor’s possessions: 300 palaces Property in______ Drug profits Profits from gambling (She has an uncanny ability to know who is going to win.) The letter “M” and the letters R.I.P. Galatians 6:7: “God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.” Kennedy was killed on Dealey Plaza Deal E. Manchurian Candidate deals the Q card. Nightmare on Elm St. The Queen of Diamonds and the

Freddy Kugerand looks like George H.W. Bush.

III 14

8/4 =48 Movies:

killed “Queen” born in same year as mother. Some like It Hot

The Misfits Clark Gable Gone with the Wind...Windsor Vivien Leigh Lee Janet Leigh Marilyn Monroe, or Norma Jean Mortensen’s mother was named Gladys. Elvis’ mother was named Gladys. I believe Hitler lived beyond 1945 and that Hitler used Elvis, the King, to represent himself and irk Elizabeth. [Martin] Edward Mortensen was Marilyn’s father. Marilyn Monroe was born June 1, 1926 same year as Elizabeth. Marilyn 6/1/26 and Diana 7/1/61 “Candle in the Wind” The Windsors are cannibals. They believe they take on the qualities of those they kill/eat. Gladys=King’s Mother/ Screen Goddess or Hollywood Queen, Marilyn Monroe’s mother. The drunk psychotic delusional Camilla Parker Bowles is Gladys to Charlie. They need to play act because it is evident they believe they are nothing in their own right.

"Diana was in turmoil over her husband-to-be's flaunting of his relationship with another woman, a relationship that was to batter and bruise Diana and Charles's marriage and eventually tear it asunder. None among an adoring public knew this, of course. They knew nothing of Charles's insistence that Diana call him 'Sir' during the early days of their courtship, while his female confidante and long-term, married friend, Camilla ParkerBowles, called him by his nickname of 'Fred' Charles, in turn, nicknamed Camilla 'Gladys'. Only those well inside the Buckingham Palace circle were aware of the many telephone calls Charles made to Camilla on his private line, sometimes overheard by a distraught Diana or how she had unwrapped a gift that arrived at the palace to discover that it wasn't a wedding present to them but a gold chain bracelet bearing the initials F and G which Charles was to give to Camilla. Fall of the House of Windsor (pg. 380-381).

Psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson began treating Marilyn in January, 1960 Autopsy by Thomas Noguchi, M.D.: “Did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide, or were there drugs that killed her injected into her body by someone else?” Thomas Noguchi, M.D. Los Angeles County Morgue (pg. 28)

Dr. Thomas Noguchi, a newly appointed deputy medical examiner, arrived for his duties ....[Dr.] Curphey had left a telephone message” ‘Dr. Curphey wants Dr. Noguchi to do the autopsy on

III 15

Marilyn Monroe.”...”When he learned that it wa, indeed, the Marilyn Monroe, Noguchi was surprised that he had been the examiner selected. ‘ A more senior medical examiner normally would have performed the autopsy,’ Noguchi stated, ‘and yet Dr. Curphey had made a unique call early on a Sunday morning assigning me to the job.” Coronor’s aide: Lionel Grandison...”Marilyn Monroe became Coroner’s Case #81128. “...Eddy Day, a coroner’s assistant...” pp. 25-26 “...body...was placed in crypt #33...” (pg. 26) Grandison’s revelation perhaps explains why a newly appointed deputy medical examiner had been assigned to Case #81128. ‘For Coroner Curphey to attend an autopsy was unprecedented,’ according to Grandison. ‘He supervised the entire procedure and orchestrated the final report. It would have been difficult for Curphey to do that with the chief medical examiner, who normally would have received the assignment.” (pg. 27) In 1964, Frank Capell’s seventy-page booklet, “The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe”, was the first to say that the film star was murdered, and that the Kennedys were involved. Capell, whom many considered to be a right-wing extremist, was a former FBI agent and publisher of an anticommunist pamphlet, Herald of Freedom. He claimed that Marilyn Monroe’s murder was part of a communist plot involving Jack and Robert Kennedy. pg. 65 “Ralph Greenson died under the care of Dr. Engle erg on November 24, 1979, at the age of sixty=eight” pg. 72.
November 24 represents 11/2+4 or 11/6 Foster was murdered by the SLA. the day Superintendent

Kennedy’s funeral was on 11/24 representing an 11/6 day 11 x 6= 6/6, indicating one reason why he died. 11/6 = 66 which represent World War I and World War II - 11 and 6. World War I ended on 11/11 at the 11th hour. D-Day or June 6th is not the end of World War II, but for some reason, it is celebrated as such. The war ended on V-E Day - “Victory in Europe” on 5/8/45. 66 becomes 2/6 the day Elizabeth had her daughter murdered. II before 6, or Elizabeth II before 6. Apparently, the fact that Elizabeth sat on the throne for decades did not convince her that I was not a threat to her. She secretly worked against me and my family my entire life. She could not kill me, and it appears as though for many many years there was a plan to clone me, and murder the clones to claim my power. Hence 66 became 99. My little sister was born on 6/9/64 which is an indication the clones were planned back then. Christmas, 2002, I was cloned 144,000 times for Elizabeth to attempt to claim Israel and Solomon’s throne. The clones

III 16

were brought forth in 9/2003. 2 x 3 = 6; so 9/03 becomes 9/6. It also represents Elie Rothschild who claims to have been born on 9/3. In their delusional minds, 66 needed to die to give birth to 99 which is what the twin towers represented. I am a Gemini. Two 9’s is 9/II, with Elizabeth believing if she killed clones of me, she would become me and therefore become the rightful heir to the throne she sat on for fifty years. 9/11/73 was the overthrow of Chile. Chile’s capital is Santiago which ties into San Diego. There are many Christmas messages in the Elizabeth-Adolf war. It has to do with Elizabeth dreaming of a white Christmas, and Hitler breeding a dark granddaughter so that she would reject me and the title would stay “All in the Family”. Santiago has messages of Santa and Uncle Alf go. Uncle in Spanish is Tio. Hitler was Uncle Alf to Geli Raubel. 1973 is approximately the year Hitler died according to them. The “Killing of a King” - John F. Kennedy satanic sacrifice, the Marilyn Monroe murder and the - “Killing of a King” Princess Diana murder are all connected. The Windsors put the two together when they had Elton John rewrite Marilyn Monroe’s Candle in the Wind memorial song rewritten for Princess Diana. These crimes, again, are all Windsor/CIA links. They believe they must tie all their crimes together. What they did not anticipate is that someone would decode their secret language and release that secret code to the entire planet. They should have taken their own advice, and “Donna tella anyone”

The death of Ralph Greenson silenced forever the voice of one of the most important of the key witnesses to the circumstances of Marilyn Monroe’s death. Whatever he revealed to John Miner was secreted within the hallows of professional confidentiality. However, disturbed by allegations in Donald Spoto’s book, Marilyn Monroe: The Biography, that Dr. Greenson was responsible for the actress’s death, John Miner obtained permission from Greenson’s widow to reveal some of the things he had heard on the tapes Greenson played for him in 1962. ...”she was determined to put the Kennedy’s behind her and go on with her life.
According to Miner, ‘The tapes reveal an intelligent woman with a good sense of humor. She had important future plans, and the last thing one could conclude from hearing these tapes was that she was contemplating killing herself.

Dr. Greenson was of the opinion that she definitely had not committed suicide,’ Miner continues, ‘and I don’t see how it could have accidental, with the volume of barbiturates that caused death. I don't think she could have swallowed anything like a lethal dose... If there had been an inquest, and I think there should have been, I think there would have been clearer

III 17

evidence that it was not a suicide.’...In June 1997, Miner wrote a formal letter to the Los Angeles district attorney, Gil Garcetti, requesting a new formal investigation into Marilyn Monroe’s death.” (pg. 73) ...”Shortly before the autopsy began, Noguchi was joined by John Miner, a deputy district attorney specializing in medical and psychiatric law, Miner was an associate clinical professor at the University of Southern California Medical School and, along with Dr. Ralph Greenson, a lecturer at the Los ANgeles Psychoanalytic Institute. (pg. 27) ...Feldman knew Joe Kennedy...According to Feldman’s ex-wife, Jean Howard, Kennedy stayed at Feldman’s house in 1946, and Chuck Spalding’s wife, Betty, confirmed that it was Charlie Feldman who introduced Jack Kennedy to Marilyn Monroe.” (pg. 196-7)
Lee Strasberg, Studio artistic director Played “Over the Rainbow” at her funeral MM America’s most famous sex goddess Funeral 8/8/62 Nixon resigned 8/8/74 David Koerte attacked me 8/8/85. Elizabeth Mountbatten had a man crawl into her room as she slept on 8/8 which I decoded as a threat from Elie Rothschild. Dancing with the Devil: The Windsor’s and Jimmy Donahue by Christopher Wilson... Did Jack Kennedy symbolize Jimmy Donahue? Jack Kennedy was Jimmy Donahue’s “contemporary” Kennedy and Donahue were both Choate classmates. Both humiliated the Duke of Windsor. Kennedy humiliated him by being the Head of State, and Jimmy Donahue had affair with Wallis. He publicly declared his love for Wallis, and she reciprocated on June 5, 1951, the night before I was born. He gave her a sapphire ring he had ordered from Cartier. Both were Irish. Kennedy’s father, Joe, had been Ambassador to London, and his relationship with the Windsors played a role in the revenge. I have not decoded it yet. The Secret File of the Duke of Windsor by Michael Bloch

Bahamas...”For all practical purposes, the colony had been run for more than a century by an avaricious mafia of white Nassau merchants known as ‘the Bay Street Boys’ (Bay Street being the main thoroughfare of the capital. (pg172) “The Duke’s predecessor for an income tax and secret voting in election as Governor, Sir Charles Dundas,...attempted to break the power of Bay by introducing legislation for an income tax and secret voting in elections. Both of these

III 18

measures were thrown out by the House of Assembly, and such was its hatred of the Governor that, when war was declared in September,1939, it refused to pass the Trading with the Enemy Act...A serious constitutional crisis was only averted by Dunda’s sudden removal in July 1940 to make way for the Duke. Bay Street greeted the news of the Duke’s appointment with incredulity and delight.”
Was Ernest Hemmingway’s suicide really a suicide? divorce and the date of Edward’s death. [Ernest Simpson committed suicide by Ernest was in the way...Hemmingway The Duchess of Windsor by Michael Bloch Bessie Wallis Simpson born on 6/19/96 Blue Ridge Summit...Pennslyvannia.. Tom Ridge Gov. of Penn...naed after her father Teackle Wallis Warfield Tea...Mary Teck was Edward’s mother. Death 4/24/86 Divorced Spencer in 27...Divorced Simpson on 4/27/37? The U.S. president’s inauguration day, January 20, 1936, is the same day... The frequent occurrence of January 20, in the Windsor events is an attempt to take America back. They not only lost America, but they lost the crown to an German who turned it over to an American. Edward VIII ascended to throne ... Eddie Albert Green acres December 11, 1936. He gave up the throne on divorcing The date of the Simpson


Ernest Hemmed


- Eva Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa 90 tied to Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton Hollywood screen writer Princess Bride. Olympic bomber...someone online told me where he was hiding. The FBI had agents monitoring me of course, and soon it was reported the FBI had a tip where Rudolf _______ might be hiding. mother called me Ted Kaczynski in court (Kaczynski went to school at Gore's Harvard and they had the exact same beliefs on technology and environment... Wallis Warfield’s mother was Alice Montague Warfield 12 Alice Keppel was the name of King Edward’s married lover. Lord Harewood was not allowed to attend the funeral of his uncle the Duke of Windsor as he had divorced and remarried some years earlier... yet the Prince of Wales could throw everything away for their married lovers? Alice in Wonderland describes the insane thinking of the Windsors.

III 19

Saloman Rothschild of Vienna, was Hitler’s grandfather. Hitler was the boy who stole the throne from the boy who loved the girl. King Solomon is mine not the Windsor’s. Uncle Solomon Warfield a successful banker - only man in household - President of the Continental Trust Company 14 Warfield went to Oldfields girls school. Lee Harvey Oswald was played by Gary Oldfield in Oliver Stone’s JFK. Gary Atwood was “just another Lee Harvey Oswald.” Sir Oswald Mosley is the British fascist who supported Edward as king. Married Winfield Spencer Love Field Robert films...Flying Nun Burt Reynolds Bertie Fields Check Sally Field’s

Wallis with Charlie Chaplin in front of Hotel Del Coronado. Charlie Chaplin mustache. Born same year?j

Hitler wore a

Emily Montague Harris Highgrove to Harewood Highgrove near Cameal’s house where they carried on Teko = Tea Co. Angela = Gelina or Geli Not Applicable Gary Atwood resembled Edward. Camilla Hall Gabi Kingdom Hall Royal family Gone with the Wind Misfits Clark Gable....Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. Both dead. Misfits 189 The Queen had not been impressed by Kennedy’s ascent from the Irish bogs to the White House. She still remembered her parents’ antipathy toward the President’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy. As Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s he had opposed U.S. Intervention on the side of the British in World War II, so President Frankly Roosevelt recalled him. Understandably the Queen was no enthusiastic about Kennedy’s son. BUSH CLINTON BUSH

After researching Mr. Atwood and the SLA crimes, I compiled quite a bit of data and sent it to Congress (Congress did nothing to help me - verifying to me that they are totally compromised like David Schippers, impeachment investigator, also discovered). Extremely frustrated by the criminal acts of the FBI in relation to me, I demanded to know why the FBI had not arrested SLA member Emily Harris for the murder of Myrna Opsahl when enough evidence was available for a conviction. Some information I sent them apparently made it into the hands of an FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley from Minnesota, late Senator Paul Wellstone's state. (I live in California.) Late Senator Paul Wellstone was on of the most vocal opponent's of George W. Bush's Iraqi policy. (60) ( Wellstone’s death changed the balance of power in the Senate in Bush's favor. Senator Edward Kennedy was flying with Wellstone to the same destination, but in a different plane. Kennedy had just buried his beloved nephew, John F.

III 20

Kennedy, Jr. who had just died in an airplane crash. John Kennedy, Jr. editor of a successful political magazine, George, had just decided to run for New York Senate seat which Hillary Clinton got instead. Was it a coincidence that “George W. just take-off, somehow was near the New Jersey kept his plane without proper security.” (

before the fatal plane airport where JFK Jr.

Poppy Bush who works for Elizabeth Mountbatten killed John F. Kennedy Jr.'s father. George W. Bush could not have defeated Kennedy in an election should he have decided to run for President. (61) Golden Boy Konformist site. www. Because of the information I gave Congress, a fugitive from the law for twenty-four years, Kathleen Soliah, was arrested for planting pipe bombs on police cars. (59) "Coleen Rowley - FBI Agent in role of Cassandra" ( Shortly after the arrest of Soliah, during the Bush administration, at least four other members of the SLA were arrested for the murder of Myrna Opsahl, whom SLA member Emily Harris shot in a bank.(62) ( (63) WWW________ From the SLA Kathleen Soliah investigation, FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley went on to investigate Zacarias Moussaoui, the "20th Hijacker." High-level FBI officials stopped her investigation, and she went public with the allegations. She is not the only FBI agent to confirm obstruction of justice from the Department of Justice. (64 and 65) (Documents No. 42 and 62 enclosed - "Traitors at the FBI and CIA" and "Another G-Man Exposes 9-11") As a result, she was honored as one of Time Magazine's "Persons of the Year" for 2003. (66) Document No. 65 enclosed - Time Magazine's "Persons of the Year" The flight schools that were associated with Zacarias Moussaoui can be tied to Norman, Oklahoma where Gary Atwood's CIA/DIA handler, John Gittinger* lived. David Schippers, Clinton's impeachment prosecutor links Gittinger's home town, Norman, Oklahoma, to suspects in the Oklahoma City bombing (OKC) whom the government suspiciously refused to investigate or prosecute. Glenn Beck, radio host, has interviews with David Schippers documenting the OKC bombing links. (68) ( Many of these Middle Eastern men who were Iraqi, just happened to be brought into the United States by former President George Herbert Walker Bush as documented by investigator Sherman Skolnick in "U.S. Government Prior Knowledge of Emergency" (69) ( There is a Iraq-Saddam Hussein-Osama Bin Laden link: The link is the Oklahoma City bombing that the FBI knew involved Iraqis imported to America by George Bush after the first Persian Gulf War. George W. Bush executed the witness to this, Timothy McVeigh. France knew about the connection, the treason committed in the Iranian hostage negotiation, and who was behind the Kennedy assassination. This is one reason why TWA 800 crashed killing many French intelligence officers. The Concord was blown out of the sky killing many Germans resulted in a financial loss for the French/British Concords. Threats

III 21

on the Eiffel Tower and embassies in France were targeted for destruction, Prime Minister Blair threatened President Chirac. The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis. I do know the United States government is expert at planting evidence, twisting the truth, character assassination, and disinformation campaigns. Does America have proof of France's ties to Saddam? I have proof of America's ties to Osama Bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein written in this application and proof that American Nazis are in control of turning the U.S. into a dictatorship. France is being unfairly boycotted by Americans who do not know the truth. President Chirac is actually a hero for standing up to the Nazi war machine. Character assassination is standard practice with the Nazis, no matter what the nationality: American, British, original stock - the Germans. In the book, The General was a Spy: The truth about General Gehlen - 20th Century Superspy, who served Hitler, the CIA and West Germany, authors Heinz Hohne and Hermann Zolling explained what few of ever considered. The West knew little about what was really going on in Russia. Our opinion of Russia is viewed through Nazi-colored lenses:

“Before Gehlen went to work for the United States, Washington intelligence had no information, relatively speaking about the Soviet Union. As the most recent chief of Nazi Germany’s Fremde Heere Ost (Foreign Armies East), Gehlen brought with him literally tons of material. And for the next several years Gehlen and his organization in effect constituted America’s eyes and ears on the eastern front of the cold war. ...In other words, over those years the United States trusted a former enemy to tell it pretty much everything it wanted to know about the Soviet Union. This caused considerable eyebrow raising in official quarters in both America and Europe because while Gehlen had been a professional soldier since his youth, and therefore apolitical, he was a Nazi by association. He had done Adolph Hitler’s bidding willingly...He was never a defector from Germany to America, but rather an opportunistic professional interested in saving his own skin and his own career today and rebuilding Germany tomorrow. But if Gehlen was not pro-American, he was indisputably antiRussian and anti-Communist. That was the yardstick by which Allen Dulles, Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy measured such professionals - political financial, or cloak-and-dagger - during the cold war. () (intro)
According to Mae Brussell, "Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen had the solution for conquered USSR territory. Gehlen was going to turn 50 million Russians into slaves “in accordance with Aryan racial principals, to become sub humans.” Is this why Stalin killed some of his own people? It is a question worth asking now that we know the truth about Manchurian candidates and Nazi

III 22

tactics. ()

Mae Brussell cdi

Millions of Americans have been turned into mind controlled slaves by people like Sidney Gottlieb and John Gittinger American monster, John Gittinger, who can be tied to the Kennedy assassination, and to Gary Atwood was considered to be an authority in mind control. In Acid Dreams, The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond by Martin A. Lee & Bruce Shlain, his opinion of Russia was documented in relation to the one hundred million doses of LSD the CIA purchased. America had to protect itself from the "Russian commies". [When asked,] "Were the Russians really into acid?"

“I’m sure they were,” asserted John Gittinger, one of the CIA’s leading psychologists during the Cold War, “but if you ask me to prove it, I’ve never seen any direct proof of it.” While hard evidence of a Soviet LSD connection was lacking, the CIA wasn’t about to take any chances... (pg 16-17) CIA officials authorized the purchase of ten kilos of LSD from Sandoz at an estimated price of $240,000 - enough for a staggering one hundred million doses. A document dated November 16, 1953, characterized the pending transaction as a “risky operation.” but CIA officials felt it was necessary, if only to preclude any attempt the Communists might make to get their hands on the drug. What the CIA intended to do with such an incredible stash of acid was never made clear.” pg. 26 [under Dulles]
Mick Farren 's book, CIA FILES: The Secrets of the Company, in its CIA Summer of Love section, documents what I saw with my own eyes: The youth of America was flooded with CIA LSD resulting in the mind control of an entire generation. I never took any because my brother went insane after taking some. He claimed some people strapped him down and forced LSD and mescaline on him. At the time, of course, I did not believe him, but I have since found out the CIA did do this to people. My high school was an obvious target location for their LSD experiments. During during the late '60's, I would walk down the halls of my high school, and I saw more drugged students than sober ones. The evil perpetrators used the natural peer pressure to assault an entire generation - reminiscent of the British attacking China and Japan with opium as a weapon of war. History proves it was not Russia that drugged the youth it was Nazis - American, British, and originals who should have been executed instead of being hired at the upper echelons of American government. When one forms an opinion based on third party information one must consider the source. Foolish America, not only imported Nazis, they placed them in high positions and gave them authority. I refuse to believe that had these scientists been placed in prison, over time, sheer boredom would have not led them to assist American goals from behind bars. As a matter of fact, the

III 23

"Unabomber" is a Harvard educated scientist. Give him the details included in this application and a calculator, and ask him to come up with the odds of all these incidents being coincidental. No one should be listening to George W. Bush from the Frauds-R-Us family () about Europe's refusing to anoint America's Frankenstein food industry biologically engineered food. The May 22, 200_ San Diego Union-Tribune headlines read: “Bush Talks Tough on Europe's Faults”. His attack on Europe for starving children in Africa is a classic example of character assassination, and evidence of his simple mind. He is blaming Europe for all the starving children in Africa because Europe believes in eating natural food. He might want to consult some of the scientists, who are becoming an endangered species, about the effect of chopping down rain forests in South America which have led to less rainfall in Africa, which have contributed to drought, which in turn, have contributed to crop failure, which have contributed to starving children in Africa. It is my belief these people are trying to make everyone ingest mind altering drugs. What better way to do it than engineer mind altering chemicals into food? Fluoride in water is rumored to be part of the plot to reduce the brain's capacity to reason. The American government is not above destroying the reputations of its own citizens, let alone, other countries. Recently the FBI, who is not charging Steven Hatfield with the anthrax violations, has spread rumors that he is most likely the guilty party. Russia was going to attack the youth of America with LSD. Richard Jewell was blamed for the Olympics bombing in Atlanta when they knew he was innocent. The character assassination they have done to me speaks to the character of the U.S. government. They are not to be trusted by anyone. The U.S. government should have no credibility with anyone in the entire world. As Gary Atwood says, "I love America. It is the government that I hate." Timothy McVeigh said basically the same thing. They demonized him so that his message would be demonized with him. Bombing a building is criminal. Speaking against the Gestapo is not. Higher order thinking skills require us to study individual facts separately. Mankind needs to stop grouping disconnected facts as though they are conjoined. We took a wrong turn after World War II. The Nuremberg Trials need to be revisited before France, Russia, or Germany are accused of anything. The entire world owes Russia, France and Germany a big "Thank You" for taking a position against the evil forces in the United States and Britain. Instead of a thank you, instead of assistance in helping Russia become a "democracy" what did America to do to "help" Russia out of its financial crisis created by the Cold War? In effect, Russia battled a Nazi machine all by itself, an act of self survival and self-sacrifice and how were they rewarded? Between 1993 and 1999, billions of dollars of foreign aid intended to help ordinary Russians was instead diverted to the pockets of high-ranking

III 24

officials who ruled Russia and members of the Russian mob, or siphoned off and deposited in offshore bank accounts to be laundered. It has also recently come to light that, in 1995, Gore and Chernomyrdin signed a secret deal for Russia to build a nuclear reactor for Iran. This deal, which has been widely reported, also specified that Russia could sell a dieselpowered submarine, T-72 tanks and other arms to Iran. Arms sent to Iran from Russia since the early 1990s include advanced Kilo-class submarines, torpedoes, anti-ship mines, and hundreds of tanks and armored personnel carriers. Who did this? The ultimate Mob Boss: Clinton the Chin, Rumsfeld and Hillary Clinton supplied Axis of Evil Korea, with nuclear capacity. Clinton arranged for Russia and Iran to become future very very bad business partners in the vein of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussen. Now America under tyrant Bush wants to attack Iran for the nuclear reator Gore helped them build. And oil failure Bush is eyeing Russian oil. So I dug some more and found something when the Chicoms were looking to buy a opened the Worthen Bank and the bank s Hussein to get his chem/bio labs up and attorney Hillary Rodham. very interesting: back decades ago, politician for the long haul, they first loan of $4 Billion to Saddam running was shepherded by the young

Saudi Arabia is not looking very friendly either. Isn't America's arming "the enemy" and then attacking them for being armed getting old? CONTINUING CLINTON CORRUPTION AND CONSPIRACIES:

Hillary Clinton is documented to have gone to the San Francisco Bay area just prior to the SLA's first crimes. (45) ______ SLA member, Emily Harris, is from the same area in Illinois as radical, Hillary Clinton. Emily Harris and Hillary Clinton can be tied to Black Panthers. (46) ( Mrs. Clinton's New World Foundation-associated Black Panthers also threatened Laura Bush, wife of the future President Bush in the 2000 election. Please note that Bush executed a member of their group and the man's last words requested others to avenge his death.

Armed Panther Protest No Threat Service by Carl Limbacher,





The Secret Service has arrested unarmed protesters who spoke harshly to President Clinton and shoved reporters out of the way when they wanted to question his wife, Hillary. But when a group of Black Panthers carrying AK-47s, shotguns and other rifles marched on the site where Texas first lady Laura Bush was about to speak earlier this month, the Secret Service took no action, the agency confirmed on Tuesday. "We were aware of the situation and we were monitoring it, but

III 25

Mrs. Bush was never in any danger," a Secret Service spokesperson told on Tuesday. At noon on June 16, 15 members of the New Black Panther Party led by Minister Quanell X emerged from a converted military vehicle to protest the impending execution of convicted killer Gary Graham. The armed group clad in black fatigues marched on the George R. Brown Convention Center in the heart of downtown Houston, where the wife of presidential candidate George W. Bush was scheduled to address the state GOP convention the very next hour. Like President Clinton, Vice President Gore and their families, the Bushes are under round-the-clock Secret Service guard, a protection that will continue for the duration of the presidential campaign. When asked about the gun-toting Panther protest, a Secret Service spokesman explained, "To our understanding there was no violation of the law." Indeed, it is legal to carry assault rifles in Texas as long as strict licensing regulations and other restrictions are complied with. The guns cannot be "brandished" in a threatening manner and must not be aimed at anyone in particular. But Houston police did not confront the Panthers to check for registrations or inspect the weapons for possible illegal modifications. Neither were background checks for possible felony arrest records performed. Texas law prohibits felons from carrying guns. The Secret Service would not say whether they scrutinized the group for possible weapons violations, but media reports from the scene indicate there were no attempts by any law enforcement agency to question the armed demonstrators. The agency spokesman also refused to say whether the Secret Service knew in advance that the Black Panthers had planned to march on the convention. Houston Police Department spokesman Robert Hurst told last week that local law enforcement was aware of the Panthers' plans. Police did arrest Panther Frederick Robinson, who was unarmed, after a GOP delegate complained Robinson had assaulted him at the scene. An HPD background check turned up two recent felony narcotics convictions on Robinson's record. In the past the Secret Service hasn't waited for actual lawbreaking to occur before acting, even in situations that pose little or no threat to the first family and others under their protection.

III 26

In July 1996, agents arrested Glenn and Patricia Mendoza for threatening President Clinton at the "Taste of Chicago" food fair, though the couple were not armed and neither made any overt threats. However, after Clinton approached Patricia to shake her hand, she responded, "You suck and those boys died," a reference to the then-recent deaths of 19 American soldiers in the Khobar Towers bombing. Agents at the scene characterized Mendoza's words as "threatening." Both Mendozas spent the night in the Cook County Jail, after being arrested on suspicion of threatening the life of the president. Weeks later, lacking evidence, the Secret Service dropped all charges. The Mendozas are hardly alone. In 1993 the Secret Service arrested William Kelly - also unarmed - who merely challenged Clinton at a town meeting about his failure to deliver on a promised middle-class tax cut. Not only was Kelly booted out of the meeting, hours later his home was surrounded by armed agents who took him into custody. In 1996 a pro-life activist who confronted Clinton after a Washington, D.C., church service was detained and questioned by the Secret Service. The Secret Service has been extraordinarily protective of Mrs. Clinton, who, according to New York Post Albany bureau chief Fred Dicker, is shielded from tough questioning, by bodyguards who physically block reporters, even as she campaigns for the U.S. Senate. After this year's St. Patrick's Day parade, Metro Network News reporter Glenn Shuck told a New York radio audience that he and six other reporters were assaulted by agents guarding the first lady. (See: Hillary's Secret Service Agents Rough Up Reporters as St. Pat's Day Crowd Boos.) Even in cases where the perceived danger to Secret Service protectees is not immediate or the result of a face-to-face encounter, the agency routinely springs into action. When Senator Jesse Helms jokingly told a North Carolina newspaper in 1994 that President Clinton was so unpopular there he'd need bodyguards if he visited the state, the Secret Service launched an investigation. In 1988, when listeners complained that WABC talk radio host Lynn Samuels had made an on-air threat to then-Vice President Dan Quayle, the Secret Service visited the studio and questioned her.

III 27

Both Helms and Samuels were quickly cleared. As these cases and dozens of others show, the Secret Service deems no potential threat too inconsequential to investigate. Yet the agency indicated to that it had no plans to probe the Panther protest and in fact showed extraordinary concern for the rights of the group to carry assault weapons at the site where one of its protectees was about to speak: "In all situations when we come in contact with protests we have to provide a secure environment, which in this case we did. But also, we try not to inhibit anyone's right to demonstrate as long as they're doing it legally." The New Black Panther Party decided to mount an armed protest of Gary Graham's execution after the convicted killer himself urged supporters to "come armed with AK-47's." (Houston Chronicle, June 21) Graham's last wish before dying from lethal injection in the Texas state death house last Thursday was for his supporters to "avenge my death." The day before Graham died, Panther leader Quanell X charged that presidential candidate George Bush was a "murderer" who had killed more black men "than any other nation on earth." When Bush spoke to the Congress of Racial Equality Monday night in New York City, unarmed Graham supporters were outside the event distributing flyers urging others to protest, with the headline: "Emergency Call to Action Against Gov. George W. Bush - The Murderer of Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham)" The agency spokesman refused to say whether the Secret Service was concerned about the hostile rhetoric of Graham sympathizers directed toward Bush. [Emphasis added.] (47) (
These were Bill Clinton's Secret Service men, who found Mrs. Bush in no danger, from men who were ordered to avenge the death of a man Laura Bush’s husband, Gov. Bush had executed. Mrs. Bush was threatened by Hillary Clinton's armed Black Panthers from her New World Foundation. A pattern was illustrated in this situation that will be repeated over and over in this conspiracy: the real perpetrator is controlling both law enforcement and the criminals. All of the following crimes are examples of suspicious investigations in "Too Many Dots" by Jim Rarey •Mary Catrin Mahoney murder •BCCI banking scandal •Beltway sniper FBI investigation •Osama bin Laden pursuit

III 28

•Columbia space shuttle "investigation" (70) ( /rarey2.html) SLA member and Black Panther associate, Emily Harris, and Hillary Clinton can be tied to the New World Foundation. Patty Hearst exposed the New World Liberation Front in her book, Every Secret Thing. : •Bill Harris as Teko: “To those who would bear the hopes and future of our people, let the voice of their guns express the words of freedom. Greetings to the people, the Black Liberation Army, the United People’s Liberation Army, the Black Guerrilla Family, the Weather Underground, and all freedom fighters of the United Symbionese Federation and the New World Liberation Front! ()

• other comrades, brothers and sisters in Amerikkka’s concentration camps...let it be known that the Malcom X Combat Unit of the Symbionese Liberation Army proudly takes up the banner of the New World Liberation Front.() 263-4 •[After bombing a police car]...The explosion at the Emeryville Station of Fascist Pig Representation is a warning to the rabid dogs who murder our children in cold blood. Remember, pigs: ...Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people....The Harrises had agreed not to sign the communiqué with the name of the SLA. There was no sense in telling the FBI we were in the Bay Area. But Emily had insisted on the SLA motto: Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people.” It would remind the people of the SLA, she said, and the police would never know whether the message came from the SLA or from a sympathetic group. We agreed to sign the Communiqué with the name of the New World Liberation Front.” The NWLF was a radical group that had been specializing in bombing capitalistic establishments, such as banks and corporate headquarter, in the Bay Area over the past six months. We did not know who was in the group but they had declared open season on “the establishment,” inviting like-minded people to use the NWLF name in any of their own actions.” pg. 366 ()
Hillary Clinton was the Chairperson of New World Foundation from 1982 to 1988, during the years George Bush, the man who she could implicate in the infamous "smoking gun" tape was Vice President. George Bush is a proven terrorist. His role as CIA Director in and of itself, is an indication. The Carter administration's Church Committee exposed terrorist activities directed by the CIA. The convictions in Iran-Contra scandal of his subordinates implicate Bush. At the time of the indictments of his co-conspirators, Bush was claiming he had no knowledge. Since that time, documents have surfaced proving the opposite as documented in George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin.

III 29

From DRAGON LADY - Part 1 by Sherman H. Skolnick:

"We were among the first to publicly mention that Bill and Hillary are a CIA couple, each from an early age with their own separate agenda. Operating under the wing of the CIA Station Chief in London, Bill pretended to be an alleged 'draft evader', a convenient cover to infiltrate the Viet Nam Peace movement in Europe. So sponsored and financed, he went to Moscow with shadow Strobe Talbott, and somehow together they unearthed the secret transcript of Khrushchev lambasting the old-line Stalinists. Used as propaganda by the American CIA. Hillary became Board Chairman of a reputedly CIA proprietary, the New World Foundation, financing CIA agents provocateurs used to frame up and discredit real dissidents. Jointly with George Herbert Walker Bush, Hillary was reportedly involved in supplying weapons in the 1980s to Iraq in their war with Iran. The purpose was to keep up the price of oil for the worldwide oil cartel. The Elder Bush reportedly had a sizable financial stake in the U.S. unit of a French firm, American LaFarge. Hillary was on their Board of Directors. They apparently supplied the ingredients to Baghdad for the making of poison gas used by Iraq against their own dissidents the Kurds, and against the wave after wave of exceptionally young soldiers of Iran in that conflict. And used against U.S. troops during the Persian Gulf War, implicated some say, partly as the cause of the Gulf War Syndrome." (48) ( or
CIA-created SLA terrorist Emily Harris and CIA-afilliated, Chair of New World Foundation - agency for government-sponsored terrorists, can be tied to Hillary Clinton, to Illinois, to the Black Panthers, and to radical group "Venceremos". Venceremos disbanded at the same time the SLA was formed. Hillary Clinton was rumored to be a Venceremos graduate. (49) It was also rumored that "each Venceremos member was required to “off a pig” or 'kill an "enemy of the people" This is the same language the Manson family, the Black Panthers, and the SLA used. Emily Harris' lawyer was the same lawyer who defended Venceremos member, Judi Bari, and SLA member Kathleen Soliah. One Venceremos member, Phil Trounstine, became the press secretary for Clinton protégé, Governor of California, Gray Davis. (50) Bill Clinton pardoned Weather Underground member Susan Rosenberg. (The Weather Underground and the SLA are connected. Rosenberg was part of a Bonnie-and-Clyde type group that bombed the United States Capitol, and she signed her letters, "Venceremos" according to Barbara Olson in Final Days. (51) ( and 9-11 victim, Barbara Olson, tied Hillary Clinton to "Venceremos" in Hell to Pay:

III 30

"One of {Hillary's] early hires was a favorite of Marian Wright Edlman, Dr. Jonetta Cole. Dr. Cole was a former president of Spellman College, brought in to head the transition team's education-in-waiting. Articles on Dr. Cole's past soon began to appear in Forward, a leading Jewish paper, and the New York Post. It turned out that Dr. Cole had maintained extensive ties with the Venceremos Brigade, an adjunct of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA), dedicated to the Havana government." (52)
Hillary Clinton's agent provocateurs and government-sponsored terrorists were programmed by “Manchurian Candidate” techniques straight from Dr. Mengele's concentration camp "experiments".

It is in the spirit of Tania that I say, VENCEREMOS."


-- Patty 'Tania' Hearst SLA communique April

3, 1974

...Says Emily Harris, "The six of us, Willie, Angela, Joe, Bill, Russ and me, formed the prison collective in the late summer/early fall of 1973 after Venceremos fell apart due to police harassment and infiltration. ...The SLA appeared at the same moment that Venceremos disbanded. Their first action was the murder of Oakland School Superintendent Marcus Foster. ...Is it a coincidence that several elements of the Bari/Cherney pipe bomb were identical to those used by Venceremos and the SLA? ...What does the FBI know about former Venceremos members? Are there any other "bomb clusters" in proximity to former Venceremos members? Is there any way we can jail Gray Davis under harboring Phil Trounstine? the Patriot Act for SYMBIONESE LIBERATION ARMY AND THE BUSH-CIA/NAZI


The SLA is tied to the CIA which is tied to ITT and the overthrow of Chile. The SLA complained about ITT in their first communique. The only people who knew about the CIA-ITT connection in 1973 and 1974 was the CIA. How did punk college students from the SLA know about the connection?

-ITT: This group of radical college students had the inside scoop on the CIA's financial coup in Chile using ITT. They wrote about it in one of the their "Communiqué's" IMPORT QUOTE (54)

III 31

-Nazis: "The history of the SLA has roots in the American Nazi Party. Secret White House money was sent down the line to Lyn Nofziger in California, and to Joseph Tommassi, Nazi Storm Trooper. Additional funds for the California Nazis were promised at known meetings in the Hilton Hotel, L.A., and the Mayflower Hotel, Washington D.C." Mae Brussell () (www.) The SLA went public with the assassination of African American Oakland school superintendent Dr. Marcus Foster on Nov. 6, 1973. Just weeks earlier, a neoNazi group issued a flyer predicting Foster's death. "Black men" were witnessed scurrying from the scene of the crime but the arrested shooters were whites. Black face makeup was discovered in their apartments." (55) -Radical Islamic fundamentalists: SLA member Donald DeFreeze, or "Cinque", had a brother who was a Muslim*. Mr. Atwood claimed Cinque was not a Muslim, and that he was a government agent. After Mr. DeFreeze was killed by the FBI and LAPD, his Muslim brother buried his beheaded body in an Islamic ceremony. (I mention this because there is a possible "cryonics" element to this conspiracy. If cryonics, Jurassic Park-DNA experiments work, and if Hitler's body was never found, it is possible Hitler could have been brought back to life. British sheep Dolly had her life created by scientists. Baseball great, Ted Williams' family recently made his cryonics belief very public by creating a public feud over his body. Ted Williams grew up in my neighborhood, graduated from my same high school, and can be linked indirectly to the Kennedy assassination. His mother's house_____________NASA, NAZIS & JFK. Like Mae Brussell said, these people link up the facts that have no connection to each other and present them like they are related. This is the foundation of character assassination. Tearing down American icons like Ted Williams, Martin Luther King and JFK is British goal - not an American one. Note: *Another possible SLA-associated crime was the Zebra Killings in San Francisco which were perpetrated outwardly by a radical Islamic group. The Zebra killings have not openly been tied to the SLA, but curiously, the murderers were believed to be white men wearing black-faced make-up. Gary Atwood's wife, Angela, applied the black-face make-up to the SLA members according to Patty Hearst. Four black Muslims were arrested and convicted. Now that I know how Nazis work, I am not convinced that the right people were convicted. Coincidentally, Manson also tried to start a black vs. white war. He was going to blame the Manson crimes on blacks even though all the perpetrators were white. (56) THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME...

III 32

In this "Connect-the-Dots Conspiracy" I can tie most of the major crimes committed in the United States to the same criminal cabal that has been in operation since World War II. Only two of the perpetrators, Queen Elizabeth and George Herbert Walker Bush continued in their roles from World War II. The rest were trained by Elizabeth Mountbatten and George Bush by their crime families, and the conspiracy dates back to when the upstarts in the New World dared write a letter or rebellion to the lunatic British King George III on July 4, 1776 listing just 27 of his abuses:

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them. He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only. He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures. He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people. He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within. He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands. He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers. He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries. He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither

III 33

swarms of substance.

Officers to harass our people, and eat out their

He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the consent of our legislatures. He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power. He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation: For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us: For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States: For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world: For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent: For depriving us, in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury: For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences: For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies: For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments: For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever. He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us. He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people. He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty and

III 34

perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation. He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands. He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.
() "Madness of King George" ________ () Immaculate Deception: Bush Crime Family

Gary Atwood's family came to the New World on the Mayflower. is why he was selected to be a centerpiece in this plot.

I believe that

Mayflower --> Atwood --> New World --> Declaration of Independence --> Revolutionary War --> Civil War --> Assassinations of Presidents Garfield and McKinley who opposed British policies--> World War I --> World War II --> Prescott Bush convicted of funding Nazis --> Nazis infiltrate U.S. and U.K. -> Queen Elizabeth II made a deal with Nazis to reclaim America --> Truman strikes a bargain with Nazis and Queen Elizabeth --> Truman/Elizabeth Mountbatten/Hitler alliance--> Bush alliance with Queen Elizabeth through oil industry based on Nazi ties --> CIA created as Nazi vehicle --> Nazi/CIA/British overthrow of the office of President of the United States --> Eisenhower/Bush/Nixon alliance --> Assassination of Secretary of Defense Forester --> Charlie Manson put in a Boys Town orphanage as a child and programmed --> Assassination of President Kennedy --> Ruby kills Oswald --> Bush/Nixon/Johnson/Queen links to Kennedy assassination --> Johnson escalates Vietnam War --> Ford covers up the Kennedy assassination --> CIA/Military practice assassination techniques - Operation Phoenix in Vietnam --> CIA mind control MK-ULTRA practiced on human guinea pigs --> CIA Scientist Frank Olsen murdered --> Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld cover up murder of CIA Scientist Frank Olsen --> Clinton groomed for his future role as Queen's President of United States --> Hillary Clinton trained in radical terrorist tactics --> "Death to the Pigs" --> New World Foundation --> Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) --> SDS --> Weather Underground --> Venceremos Hillary Clinton defends Black Panthers cop killers --> Bill and Hillary Clinton selected to be CIA couple --> Atwood arrested by Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell in Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) activity --> Bush/Nazi puppet Richard Nixon adopts Nazi doctrine and government-sponsored terrorism to pass Nazi laws --> Nazi/CIA/British cabal masquerades as "harmless" Anglo-American alliance --> CIA/British Tavistock run a modern version of Chinese Opium Wars on American citizens disguised as the Summer of Love LSD Hippie Days --> Manson's Nazi-Dr. Mengele programming activated --> Tate LaBianca murders --> "Death to the Pigs" --> Manson identifies with Nazi party --> Black Panthers -> Marin county courthouse shootout SLA --> "Death to the Pigs" -->Atwood and Harris to Indiana University CIA front Foreign Relations program --> Atwood

III 35

and Harris in CIA LSD mind control program -->Watergate break-in--> CIA plans to assassinate Richard Nixon --> Nixon needs a diversion -->CIA affiliated Harris and Atwood move to San Francisco --> Hillary Clinton works in San Francisco for a terrorist lawyer --> Harris and Atwood get involved in prison reform at Vacaville --> Vacaville housed Charles Manson --> Vacaville served as Stanford University's CIA mind control testing ground --> Vacaville group turns into Nazi/CIA Symbionese Liberation Army funded by White House --> SLA assassinate School Superintendent Marcus Foster claiming Nazi motives --> SLA kidnap Patty Hearst --> SLA brainwashes Patty Hearst --> "Death to the Pigs" -> Hearst joins SLA -->Atwood goes back to school and moves to New York --> Columbia University --> Nazi links to Operation Condor in Chile --> Ford pardons Nixon --> Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld work in Ford administration --> Morton Halpern instructs Gary Atwood at Columbia University -->Zbigniew Brzezinski instructs Gary Atwood --> Atwood --> Columbia University -->links up with Ruby, daughter of high ranking Chilean official --> CIA overthrows Chile in Operation Condor--> Watergate hearings --> Hillary Clinton investigates Nixon for Watergate hearings --> Hillary hears top secret information implicating Bush and Nixon in "Bay of Pigs" - Nixon's code for Kennedy assassination --> Nixon resigns --> Ford takes office --> Bush selected as CIA Director -->Son of Sam murders --> Columbia University --> ->Son of Sam murders by Manson-related cult: The Process of the Final Solution --> Columbia University Russian translator associated with Zbigniew Brzezinski is a Son of Sam victim --> Brzezinski forms Trilateral Commission which ends up serving as a vehicle for the Nazi/CIA/British cabal --> Atwood was a student of Brzezinski, Council on Foreign Relations member John Ruggie, and Morton Halpern--> Morton Halpern works for Clinton --> Clinton administration terrorism: WACO, Oklahoma City bombing, WTC, American embassy bombings Columbine --> Clinton terrorizes, attempts to frame me --> I expose Clinton --> Pigs in SDPD and FBI planning to murder SLA Atwood and me ->Clinton pardons terrorists/members of SLA, Weather Underground, Venceremos, FALN cop killer, people who bombed Capitol, and Bonnie and Clyde type bank robbers bombers --> Atwood and I were being framed for copycats of crimes listed above. Death by the pigs for hundreds, thousands of citizens who have opposed these government monsters. Follow the Yellow Brick Rhodes to the pair of Ruby slippers - Ruby (Jack) and Ruby (Gary's Chilean wife). Follow the yellow brick road and you will find the Wizard of Oz...Oswald and Ozzy Osborne. ( Ozzy Osborne leads you down the rhode to the White House and Buckingham Palace as White House honored guest and Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee guest. He must have been important to both of them. Connect-the-Dots and you will find Dorothy (Dot is a shortened version of Dorothy) Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. These delusional cowards weren't "man" enough to wage an open war. (Elizabeth Mountbatten) They were "yellow" - cowards. They fought an undeclared war against unsuspecting citizens using tactics people believed were outlawed. They drugged the youth and called it, "Drug Wars". Then they convinced citizens to give them the tax money to wage the war against themselves. Kennedy was going to dismantle the Nazi CIA, "brick by brick". Instead the CIA provided marijuana bricks to the youth. Kennedy was going to smash the

III 36

CIA into a thousand pieces; instead, we got G.H.W. Bush's “thousand points of light”. Follow the yellow brick road to Elizabeth Mountbatten, who has directed the course of Rhodes scholars. Rhodes scholars we were told were selected for their intelligence. Elizabeth Mountbatten forgot to tell us it because of their Nazi intelligence. These are adults entrusted with responsibility to protect entire countries and they live in a fairy tale because the reality of who they really are is too abominable for even them to acknowledge. This statement does not apply to the Rothschilds who are proud to be genocidal imbeciles, and are not entrusted with anything. They are nothing more than greedy thieves. HOPE AND TRAGEDY: B.C.- Back to Clinton,






After I exposed what I knew, Patricia Hearst received a presidential pardon from President Clinton. Former President Carter had fought long and hard to clear Ms. Hearst's name, and from what I have learned, rightfully so. (74) ( Barbara Olson wrote about Clinton’s pardon of Patty Hearst, and the fact that many dangerous, documented "cop-killers" and sixteen unrepentant FALN terrorists associated with Hillary Clinton's New World Foundation provocateurs were granted pardons and set free by President Clinton. The pardons were granted against the recommendation of the Department of Justice as documented in The Final Days: The Last Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House. (72) Barbara Olson whose widowed husband presently serves as President Bush's Solicitor General, did not live long enough to perform her speaking engagements associated with her second book as she was murdered on September 11, 2001 when Flight 77 flew into the Pentagon and disintegrated leaving little evidence. (73) The Clintons are violent blood thirsty villains. They murder people, but they will never annihilate the truth. Barbara Olson was not the only one to document Clinton’s pro-terrorist actions. Writer Rick Reinstein also spelled out what cannot be denied that Clinton is a terrorist and a traitor:

"Clemency for Puerto Rican terrorists is a Blow to Justice" "Terrorism isn't just something that happens to other countries. After the events of Oklahoma City, we all know this, but what many people probably don't know is that domestic terrorism isn't new. Over 20 years ago, a Puerto Rican terrorist group committed more than 130 bombings on American soil. Six people died, and dozens were wounded. Now, they're back on the streets, courtesy of the president of the United States. The group, Armed Forces of National Liberation or FALN (its Spanish initials), claimed responsibility for a string of bombings between 1974 and 1983. The worst was the 1975 bombing

III 37

of Fraunces Tavern, a historic New York restaurant, which killed four people and injured more than 60. Shortly after, 16 members of the FALN were arrested. None could be linked to the bombings. Instead, they were convicted of crimes including seditious conspiracy, possession of unregistered firearms, interstate transport of a stolen vehicle and interference with interstate commerce by violence. They received sentences ranging from 50 to 105 years. On Aug. 11, President Clinton offered clemency to the 16 Puerto Rican terrorists, citing sentences the White House called "far out of proportion to the nature of their crimes." The offer promised commutation of their sentences if they promised to renounce violence and adhere to typical parole terms. On Sept. 7, 12 members accepted these conditions and were released later the same week. [ Clinton’s birthday is August 19. 19-8=11 can be interpreted that Clinton wanted to eliminate Hitler to surpass Hitler with his terrorist activities. 8/11 then morphs into 9/11 which has been planned for years before 2001. George Herbert Walker Bush announced a “new world order” on 9/11/90????] So, why should we be outraged? There are several reasons involving both the decision-making process that led to this event and the character of the FALN members. When looked at as a whole, the evidence makes it clear that the decision was ill advised and will probably be regretted in the future. First and foremost, the decision faced universal opposition from law enforcement officials. According to senior Justice Department officials, the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Prisons and U.S. attorneys in Illinois and Connecticut all opposed the offer. When the clemency agreement was made public, New York's police commissioner and police union leaders also came out against it. It has also been alleged that the decision to grant these individuals clemency was the result of a political consideration rather than any real merit. New York has a large population of Hispanic voters, and many believe the release of the FALN members was designed to boost the popularity of senate candidate Hillary Clinton among this constituency. While such an argument may seem cynical, it should be noted that the commutation of the FALN members' sentences is one of only three approved out of 3,042 petitions since 1993. Second, there is the issue of the danger or lack thereof posed by the newly released FALN members. The White House has pointed out that they've disavowed violence and therefore don't pose a threat to the community. But in a joint statement to Congress in 1997, these terrorists

III 38

rationalized their bombing campaign as "seeking to end colonialism, a crime against humanity," and justified the six deaths by saying "in all liberation processes, there are always innocent victims on both sides." In other words, they have not nor do they seem inclined to express any remorse for their organization's violent acts. Another argument by FALN defenders is that, since none of them were convicted of the actual bombings, they are not violent criminals but rather freedom fighters given unfair sentences. This ignores the obvious fact that these 16 were the leaders and core members of the FALN. Whether they planted the bombs is irrelevant; the fact that they led the group that committed the acts and took responsibility indicates their complicity in that reign of terror. The supreme irony of this fiasco is that the cause to which the FALN is so devoted isn't shared by the majority of Puerto Ricans. During a nonbonding referendum last year, Puerto Rican residents were offered a choice between independence, statehood and commonwealth status. Fewer than 3 percent voted for independence. It seems the FALN is willing to kill for a cause most of their fellow Puerto Ricans have rejected. In an overwhelming 311-to-41 vote on Sept. 9, the U.S. House of Representatives condemned the FALN clemency offer. Though the vote was a purely symbolic gesture, it is a clear sign that the president has ignored the will of his own law enforcement officials and the majority of the American people. Freeing these terrorists was foolish at best and an unpardonable slap in the face of justice at worst." (71)
Clinton's bold act of pardoning someone his wife helped frame, is consistent with the competition and public feuding that frequently took place between the former president and Mrs. Clinton, Peggy Noonan in her book, The Case Against Hillary Clinton, revealed how Mrs. Clinton hung up the phone on the President right in front of her cheering crowd when President Clinton called to congratulate her on her Senatorial victory.

[After Hillary Clinton's senatorial victory] "She waved triumphantly, and hugged Mandy and James and Harold and Susan. And as she made her way off the stage she was surrounded, engulfed by people. That's when I saw it. Hillary's personal aide, Capricia Marshall, runs up to her with a portable phone, the little antenna pulled out and the flap down. She mouths, "The president."

III 39

Hillary is hugging people, and looks at Capricia. "The president - he says to hook the phone up to the public address system so everyone can hear him congratulate you and New York, he says it'll make a nice moment." Hillary smiles and says 'Give,' and takes a hug from Nita Lowey, and pushes a button on the phone and gives it back to Capricia, who took it, confused. She looks. Hillary had pressed the End instead of Send."(75)
"Gun-control advocate," Hillary Clinton, also has been accused of battering the former president: "'Furious Hillary Punched Bill in the Face' President Clinton's secret service bodyguards had to pull Hillary off him when she attacked him shortly before he was impeached, it was claimed last night. (76) ( Comedian Phil Hartman portrayed this incident in a TV skit. (77) Nonviolent, loving mother, Brynne Hartman, committed suicide as the police arrived, leaving two small orphaned children. (78) She had just murdered her husband, Phil Hartman, in his sleep after she spent the night with her handler. Mrs. Hartman had been given controversial mind altering sample drugs that were not properly prescribed. Her family won a lawsuit verifying medical negligence. Prior to Hartman's murder, Bill Clinton was interviewed about Phil Hartman for a television biography of Hartman. Clinton humorously reflected upon sending his mimic an autographed photo of himself. In my interpretation of Clinton's message, I believe Clinton's signing his photo was the equivalent of signing Phil Hartman's execution orders. It is documented that Clinton speaks in code. "Nice tie" in Clintonspeak means, "Fuck you." Clinton loses temper at reporter, Paul Sperry. British account of Clinton losing his cool. These people will start wars such as Kosovo, Desert Storm, or Gulf War II for PERSONAL reasons. This is why George W. Bush's motivation and logic for war make no sense. His philosophy is the U.S. was given to him for his personal pleasure, his personal gain. He is not just a stand in representative. He actually thinks he is King. King equals "God." Congressional Representative Dan Burton has accused Bush of acting like a dictator () ( () ( 2-15-2001,

Bush Stops Inquiry - Dan Burton (R): 'We've Got A Dictatorial President' By Glen Johnson 12-16-1 WASHINGTON - President Bush yesterday invoked executive privilege to block a congressional subpoena exploring abuses in the Boston FBI office, prompting the chairman of a House committee to lambaste his fellow Republicans and triggering what

III 40

one congressman confrontation."








"You tell the president there's going to be war between the president and this committee," Dan Burton, the Indiana Republican who heads the House Government Reform Committee, told a Justice Department official during what was supposed to be a routine pre hearing handshake. "His dad was at a 90 percent approval rating and he lost, and the same thing can happen to him," Burton added, jabbing his finger and glaring at Carl Thorsen, a deputy assistant attorney general who was attempting to introduce a superior who was testifying. "We've got a dictatorial president and a Justice Department that does not want Congress involved. ... Your guy's acting like he's king." The searing tone continued for more than four hours from Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives. All objected to the order Bush signed Wednesday and made public yesterday. It claimed executive privilege in refusing to hand over prosecutors' memos in criminal cases, including an investigation of campaign finance abuses, saying doing so "would be contrary to the national interest." Committee members said the order's sweeping language created a shift in presidential policy and practices dating back to the Harding administration. They complained also that it followed a pattern in which the Bush administration has limited access to presidential historical records, refused to give Congress documents about the vice president's energy task force, and unilaterally announced plans for military commissions that would try suspected terrorists in secret. Representative William Delahunt, a Democrat and former district attorney, said: "This is the beginning of a constitutional confrontation. In a short period of time, this Department of Justice has manifested tendencies that were of concern to Senate members during the confirmation hearings for John Ashcroft as attorney general." The Government Reform Committee is investigating the FBI's use of confidential informants while the bureau investigated New England organized crime activities. The committee is seeking information on deals Boston FBI officials struck with suspected murderers Stephen "the Rifleman" Flemmi and James "Whitey" Bulger. It is also exploring what FBI officials, including former Director J. Edgar Hoover, may have known about the innocence of Joseph Salvati of Massachusetts.

III 41

Salvati spent 30 years in prison for the 1965 murder of Edward "Teddy" Deegan in Chelsea, but the Governor's Council commuted his sentence in 1997. His conviction was overturned in January after a judge concluded that FBI agents hid testimony that would have cleared Salvati because they wanted to protect an informant. () The Boston Globe ( 2-16-2001 ()
The belief that these people are God is the same philosophy that motivated crimes from Manson to the SLA to Columbine and criminals from Osama to Saddam Hussein. According to their philosophy, if a person says something they do not agree with, as "God", they have the right to eliminate that person from their world. President George Bush has become an excellent illustration of this grandiosity. The world WILL CHANGE to meet HIS perception of it. He will not change to adapt to the world because HE IS GOD. To make matters worse, these insane criminals are cross-addicted and because they are drug users, they are even more delusional. Drugs shut off the brain's ability to reason. The fact that President Bill Clinton was a traitor to this country, but when it is nothing but a pattern of all modern presidents there is something fundamentally wrong with America, including the blinded citizens.

Sen. Graham Book Bombshell: Proof of 9/11 Cover-Up Frank Davies – September 7th, 2004

We publish the following for what it is worth. However, a reader has commented and this website fully concurs, that Graham's comments help deflect attention - and blame - from Israeli and the Neo Con involvement in the events of 9/11. Note how attention is entirely focused on the FBI, the CIA and President Bush, with no mention of his Neocon advisors. Note also how the final sentence reaffirms Michael Moore's contention, which also served the same purpose. Ed. Two of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers had a support network in the United States that included agents of the Saudi government, and the Bush administration and FBI blocked a congressional investigation into that relationship, Sen. Bob Graham wrote in a book to be released Tuesday. The discovery of the financial backing of the two hijackers ''would draw a direct line between the terrorists and the government of Saudi Arabia, and trigger an attempted coverup by the Bush administration,'' the Florida Democrat wrote. And in Graham's book, Intelligence Matters, obtained by The Herald Saturday, he makes clear that some details of that financial support from Saudi Arabia were in the 27 pages of the congressional inquiry's final report that were blocked from

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release by the administration, despite the pleas of leaders of both parties on the House and Senate intelligence committees. There's more, much more: According to Graham, the FBI and the White House blocked efforts to investigate the extent of official Saudi connections to two hijackers. Graham wrote that the staff of the congressional inquiry concluded that two Saudis in the San Diego area, Omar al-Bayoumi and Osama Bassan, who gave significant financial support to two hijackers, were working for the Saudi government. Al-Bayoumi received a monthly allowance from a contractor for Saudi Civil Aviation that jumped from $465 to $3,700 in March 2000, after he helped Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhdar -two of the Sept. 11 hijackers -- find apartments and make contacts in San Diego, just before they began pilot training. When the staff tried to conduct interviews in that investigation, and with an FBI informant, Abdussattar Shaikh, who also helped the eventual hijackers, they were blocked by the FBI and the administration, Graham wrote. The administration and CIA also insisted that the details about the Saudi support network that benefited two hijackers be left out of the final congressional report, Graham complained. Bush had concluded that ''a nation-state that had aided the terrorists should not be held publicly to account,'' Graham wrote. ``It was as if the president's loyalty lay more with Saudi Arabia than with America's safety.'' Incidentally, this makes Michael Moore's inclusion of the SaudiBush connection in 9/11 a bit less "silly and gratuitous", as many sniffing critics had it. Last updated 08/09/2004

I have exposed a few elements of these criminal's lives. There is much more to be revealed, but what I am illustrating is the groundwork to explain how the horrendous crimes, for which the United States is notorious, do not reflect the values of the 280 million citizens, but rather the perverted views and actions of just a few people - some of whom are members of the British monarchy, in their pursuit of Hitler's world domination plan. As I will illustrate, those few people all have Nazi/radical ties and have held power for a long time without interference. This became apparent when I was forced

III 43

to research the crimes against me, and broke the codes for who was ordering these sickening acts. I found a thread that ties the violence in America to the predatory House of Windsor as well. A master, Mark of the Beast, computer is the criminal link between these individuals and the bloody crimes they commit - by proxy. Categories incorporated in the computer murder program include: who ordered the death and why it was ordered. The computer selects the date on which the murder occurs, the location, how the body is placed, must be "just so". It is part of the ritual and helps formulate the criminal signature. The obsessive-compulsive mental illness is evident in these crimes. If the problem arises again, they believe their last murder was not quite right. They order another murder attempting to correct any errors from the last one. The FBI claims the killer is simply getting more proficient. There is usually a warning to others in their league of killers. Rather than make a phone call, send an email, or personal messenger, these people will have complete strangers murdered as symbols to communicate their messages. Even though the creativity exists in the mechanism of the software, these individuals take personal credit for the intelligence behind it, as though they thought the plot up. Artificial intelligence is just that - artificial, but don't tell that to this crowd. They would not believe you anyway. They are delusional about their superiority to "commoners". Threats of death are communicated by reading the newspaper accounts of the crimes. In turn, the receiver of the warning may murder strangers as a response. The movie, “Boys from Brazil” shows examples of the insane murder operation. The modus operandi of the murder of my cousin, Amschel Rothschild, was portrayed in this film. The plot includes the concept of having me and other relatives of Hitler cloned. In the film, "Three Days of the Condor", a team of people who ended up slaughtered by the government are researching causes of death and entering the data into a computer system. This is be illustration of the murder computer program in its infancy. All the 60,000 murders committed under Operation Phoenix have been entered into the program. Every accident has been programmed in. They have learned just exactly how to kill or maim a person based on scientific studies of accidents, murders, and deaths. The PROMIS software in the INSLAW case is involved. This is why so many people who investigate it are murdered: Danny Casalaro, author of Octopus, New World Order expert, Jim Keith who had written about the deepest secrets of the world domination plan and had just turned his investigative intellect towards Princess Diana's assassination, and Paul Wilcher who uncovered the Clinton-Bush crimes before his life was taken. The perpetrator's emotions are encoded in the crime scenes. Sometimes, the message is to a country. like the recent break up of the oil tanker, "Prestige". The oil "spill" off the pristine coast of Spain was a message from the United Kingdom and the United States over their waffling on their commitment to the war in Iraq.

III 44

The joint U.S. - U.K. murder program is part of the Anglo-American special relationship so often spoken about by Bill Clinton's mentor, Professor Carroll Quigley and the Rhodes scholars who have adopted Hitler's version of the the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion plan for a New World Order. Rhodes scholars pride themselves on their "brutality". These people are locked in the Dark Ages. They believe they are just being traditional. After all, their ancestors used to throw Christians to lions for entertainment, draw and quarter people in the street, and chop off heads at will. These twisted souls simply would like to return to their traditions in "days of olde." They believe ordering executions is their divine right. The crimes are perpetuated by a trilogy of forces - a trilateral commission, if you will, of two visible countries and an unseen arm wearing a swastika. The German royal family, the House of Hanover, changed their name to Windsor, but they did not alter their satanic Thule Society roots. Princess Diana had more British royal (Stewart) blood than do they. This is the reason she was selected at birth to marry Charles Windsor so that the Windsors could make an attempt to validate their illegitimacy. Princess Diana, who was prophetic, stated in relation to her marriage that she knew she was a “lamb to the slaughter”. She accurately perceived her role as a sacrifice and as a breeder. She would be devastated to learn that her two sons are nothing like her, but have picked up Charlie’s and Camilla Parker Bowles’ traitorous genocidal practices. The following crimes are just government-sponsored crimes: a few of the interrelated, Nazi-U.S.-U.K

-President John F. Kennedy assassination -Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy assassination -Charles Manson massacre -Son of Sam slayings -Attempted assassination of Gerald Ford -SLA crimes -Unabomber -Oklahoma City bombing -TWA 800 -Capitol Hill shooter -Columbine -911 Using the 666 computer, if they want a person beheaded in an accident to symbolize a royal execution, they know just what to do: Type in a name, a motive, the desired effect/message, and the computer designs the crimes and activates the assassins by remote control and a combination of other techniques like hypnosis. Psychic Dictatorship by Alex Constantine explains he concept of remote accessing of brains. () Mind Stalkers, Psychotronic Agenda. Sometimes these mass murderers will use symbols as a substitute for actual acts. Sharon Tate, who was murdered by Charlie Manson's "family" was tied to

III 45

Jay Sebring who had a hood (cap) over her head and was linked to Sebring by a rope. () Photos enclosed. That was an example of a royal execution. "C" brings (Sebring) decapitation to a young and beautiful woman with a future ahead of her. De cap a Tate - "de" means "remove", "cap" includes someone's initials, and "a Tate" is part of the joke to complete the message of a royal execution. "Off with their heads!" Who thinks he is the most famous "C"? Hint: Princess Diana's C & C cufflinks - honeymoon incident. The name "Manson" decoded "Son of Man". This indicates the family believed they were "Gods". Charlie believes me to the be ultimate God, and has always identified with me, stealing all symbols for me. In his brain stem, he believes he owns me like a piece of chattel. (He doesn’t have a full brain.) Only after he dies will he find out the truth. He is too stupid to comprehend anything different from his delusions. The plants he talks to are smarter than he is. His father had to have John Lennon murdered to try to shake him from his double fantasy. In Princess Diana’s murder, the Carbon Dioxide reverted back to the Carbon Monoxide found in Henri Paul’s blood. He wanted to get back to his love for me. In the Tate massacre, the message was not to Roman Polanski; it was to someone else, but Roman symbolizes Roman Empire and Polanski, the invasion of Poland. World War II and "antichrist" themes are knitted into the fabric of this conspiracy. Roman Polanski made the film, "Rosemary's Baby" about the child of the devil, himself. I wonder if that child is Charlie Mountbatten or me. We both have 666. An entire book is devoted to Charlie Mountbatten' 666 links: The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea by Tim Cohen. () ( Bookstore Item Number WOA -143 Before Charlie's family brutally murdered Sharon Tate, she begged her murderers to spare her unborn child, but they viciously murdered her anyway. That was an illustration that a decision had been made and nothing - no emotion, no sympathy, no mercy - nothing - was going to change their minds. The brutal* death of the child is part of the message. Eighteen year old Steven Parent, dead in the driver's seat, indicates the perp wanted a controlling parent dead. There are many many more messages in that crime, but this brief explanation is just to give a general idea of what I mean by messages encoded in the crime scenes. "Charlie's Family" ordered it as a message to someone. In 2004, still unable to accept that I have nothing to do with him except to order his apprehension and punishment, he is using the top secret equipment to attempt to immortalize the relationship that never was, and never will be. The keys are in the three hurricanes to hit Florida: Charlie, Frances, and Ivan. Charlie is self-explanatory. Frances is Diana’s mother and begins with the 6th letter, representing me. Ivan stands for I am V ANNE. This is the thinking behind the attacks on Russia recently: two plane crashes, car bombs and innocent children attacked in Beslan. The message in these crimes, when decoded expresses his regret for having handled the electronic harassment, cloning and other atrocities that made me hate him. In these crimes, he was using Camilla Parker Bowles as a perpetrator to detract from the fact that he was grieving the loss of me. She hadn’t

III 46

noticed, but I decoded that the message was his continual lovesick wail. The prostitute knows the truth now. She has been paid for her services, and should not complain. The wail can be heard reading the news, reading the Bible, watching movies. The wail is everywhere. Take the hurricanes in Florida: They represent that Charlie wishes he could go back to when George Bush took office, and redo what occured during the last four years. It was on April 1, 2001 that Charlie first talked to me via electronic means. Since that time, he lost everything - even his dreams although he cannot bring himself to admit it. The messages are everywhere One reliable key I use to decode their messages is to use the Holy Bible. They use it in the most perverted manner, but once the code is revealed, so are thier emotions in all the graphic raw details. I decoded the Florida hurricanes in the October 29 readings of my Bibles - the New Living Translation of the One Year Bible. The hurricanes ended on 10/16 so I subtracted 13. 13 symbolizes "M" for murder. Subtraction can symbolize repenting or going back. I looked for other clues, and the story unfolded. They use dates and page numbers incorporated into their messages. The 666 computer, or Matrix, does this of course because they are too stupid. For example, page 1215 could be interpreted as 3/15 because 12 = 1+2 or 3. 3/15/02 is the date that symbolizes the end of Charlie. It is the day that I dreamed I shot him in the neck killing him, and it is the date that I began this complaint in 2003. October 29 ends on page 1217 which means he didn't quite make it to 18 in 2003. In 2004, he is trying to be ahead of the curve. This is why a Christmas movie, Surviving Christmas, was released before Halloween. Halloween is a day that symbolizes Hitler. In that version of the Bible, October 29, reading is insightful. (29 plays a significant role because it symbolizes the clones and 9/11.) The three Florida hurricanes: Charlie, Frances, and Ivan represented three eyes crying. What is the crying about? His sadness that he lost everything. His sadness that the hundreds of clones he raped and murdered did not love him, and it was one more pathetic attempt to conduct a wedding ceremony with me even though he knows I would never marry him. October 29 begins on 1213 which represents murdering the clones 12 for 66 adn 13 for M or murder. The verses for October 29 are Lamentations 1:1 to 2:22. Both chapters 1 and 2 have 22 verses. 22 stands for "V". (These numbers do not include a thrid party marriage which is not a New Testament belief which is why he wishes he were Muslim. Even if the Old Testament rules applied, no man was EVER allowed to marry a divorced woman, and Camilla Parker Bowles is very much divorced. He doesn't pay attention to any details that do not support the obsessions of his pea brain.) I wouldn't marry him if he were the last man on earth, but he can't comprehend that. I live in a country in which no one can force me into an arranged marriage, but nonetheless, it was his mother who rejected me at births because I had olive skin. Tropical storm Charley became a hurricane on 8/11. This is his repenting for what he did to the clones who are haunting him. One of my dog's names was Storm. He was also cloned and slaughtered. William was proud to tell me how

III 47

he castrated the clones of my dogs. Hurricane Charley was downgraded on 8/14. Tropical storm Frances became a category 3 hurricane on 8/27 - 27 representing the clones. Hurricane Frances was downgraded to a tropical storm on 9/5 which represents before the clones were killed. Princess Diana was buried on 9/6 one more 6/9 in this story. Ivan became a hurricane on 9/5 and hit American land on 9/16 carrying it through 9/11 and making contact on a day that symbolizes Hitler. Do you think Hitler has had contact with him? I had a vision on 9/6/03 before the clones were brought forth in which Hitler took Satanis place in the underworld sending Satan into the flames. I did not know about the clones until 9/7/03. Do you think Charlie is having to plea to Hitler how sorry his is? Hitler's response? In a dream, the letters C and C were repaced with H and H. Two "H's together look like a train track or a ladder both are symbol for Charlie being left behind of going to hell. I noticed that all the pictorals of the hurricanes looked like eyes crying so shedding tears are associated with them. The numerology of the Bible I have opened up the code for what Charlie was trying to say. This added to the Beslan massacre which occured on September 1, the day after Princess Diana died, painted a picture for me.

Lamentations 1 Sorrow in Jerusalem 1Jerusalem's streets,[1] once bustling with people, are now silent. Like a widow broken with grief, she sits alone in her mourning. Once the queen of nations, she is now a slave. 2She sobs through the night; tears stream down her cheeks. Among all her lovers, there is no one left to help her. All her friends have betrayed her; they are now her enemies. 3Judah has been led away into captivity, afflicted and enslaved. She lives among foreign nations and has no place of rest. Her enemies have chased her down, and she has nowhere to turn. 4The roads to Jerusalem[2] are in mourning, no longer filled with crowds on their way to celebrate the Temple festivals. The city gates are silent, her priests groan, her young women are crying--how bitterly Jerusalem weeps! 5Her oppressors have become her masters, and her enemies prosper, for the LORD has punished Jerusalem for her many sins. Her children have been captured and taken away to distant lands. 6All the beauty and majesty of Jerusalem[3] are gone. Her princes are like starving deer searching for pasture, too weak to run from the pursuing enemy. 7And now in the midst of her sadness and wandering, Jerusalem remembers her ancient splendor. But then she fell to her enemy, and there was no one to help her. Her enemy struck her down and laughed as she fell. 8Jerusalem has sinned greatly, so she has been tossed away like a filthy rag. All who once honored her now despise her, for they have seen her stripped naked and humiliated. All she can do is groan and hide her face. 9She defiled herself with immorality with no thought of the

III 48

punishment that would follow. Now she lies in the gutter with no one to lift her out. "LORD, see my deep misery," she cries. "The enemy has triumphed." 10The enemy has plundered her completely, taking everything precious that she owns. She has seen foreigners violate her sacred Temple, the place the LORD had forbidden them to enter. 11Her people groan as they search for bread. They have sold their treasures for food to stay alive. "O LORD, look," she mourns, "and see how I am despised. 12"Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by? Look around and see if there is any suffering like mine, which the LORD brought on me in the day of his fierce anger. 13"He has sent fire from heaven that burns in my bones. He has placed a trap in my path and turned me back. He has made me desolate, racked with sickness all day long. 14"He wove my sins into ropes to hitch me to a yoke of captivity. The Lord sapped my strength and gave me to my enemies; I am helpless in their hands. 15"The Lord has treated my mighty men with contempt. At his command a great army has come to crush my young warriors. The Lord has trampled his beloved city[4] as grapes are trampled in a winepress. 16"For all these things I weep; tears flow down my cheeks. No one is here to comfort me; any who might encourage me are far away. My children have no future, for the enemy has conquered us." 17Jerusalem pleads for help, but no one comforts her. Regarding his people,[5] the LORD has said, "Let their neighbors be their enemies! Let them be thrown away like a filthy rag!" 18"And the LORD is right," she groans, "for I rebelled against him. Listen, people everywhere; look upon my anguish and despair, for my sons and daughters have been taken captive to distant lands. 19"I begged my allies for help, but they betrayed me. My priests and leaders starved to death in the city, even as they searched for food to save their lives. 20"LORD, see my anguish! My heart is broken and my soul despairs, for I have rebelled against you. In the streets the sword kills, and at home there is only death. 21"Others heard my groans, but no one turned to comfort me. When my enemies heard of my troubles, they were happy to see what you had done. Oh, bring the day you promised, when you will destroy them as you have destroyed me. 22"Look at all their evil deeds, LORD. Punish them, as you have punished me for all my sins. My groans are many, and my heart is faint." Lamentations 2 Gods Anger at Sin 1The Lord fairest of heights of mercy even in his anger has cast a dark shadow over Jerusalem.[1] The Israel's cities lies in the dust, thrown down from the heaven. In his day of awesome fury, the Lord has shown no to his Temple.[2]

III 49

2Without mercy the Lord has destroyed every home in Israel.[3] In his anger he has broken down the fortress walls of Jerusalem.[4] He has brought to dust the kingdom and all its rulers. 3All the strength of Israel vanishes beneath his fury. The Lord has withdrawn his protection as the enemy attacks. He consumes the whole land of Israel like a raging fire. 4He bends his bow against his people as though he were their enemy. His strength is used against them to kill their finest youth. His fury is poured out like fire on beautiful Jerusalem.[5] 5Yes, the Lord has vanquished Israel like an enemy. He has destroyed her forts and palaces. He has brought unending sorrow and tears to Jerusalem. 6He has broken down his Temple as though it were merely a garden shelter. The LORD has blotted out all memory of the holy festivals and Sabbath days. Kings and priests fall together before his anger. 7The Lord has rejected his own altar; he despises his own sanctuary. He has given Jerusalem's palaces to her enemies. They shout in the LORD's Temple as though it were a day of celebration. 8The LORD was determined to destroy the walls of Jerusalem. He made careful plans for their destruction, then he went ahead and did it. Therefore, the ramparts and walls have fallen down before him. 9Jerusalem's gates have sunk into the ground. All their locks and bars are destroyed, for he has smashed them. Her kings and princes have been exiled to distant lands; the law is no more. Her prophets receive no more visions from the LORD. 10The leaders of Jerusalem sit on the ground in silence, clothed in sackcloth. They throw dust on their heads in sorrow and despair. The young women of Jerusalem hang their heads in shame. 11I have cried until the tears no longer come. My heart is broken, my spirit poured out, as I see what has happened to my people. Little children and tiny babies are fainting and dying in the streets. 12"Mama, we want food," they cry, and then collapse in their mothers' arms. Their lives ebb away like the life of a warrior wounded in battle. 13In all the world has there ever been such sorrow? O daughter of Jerusalem, to what can I compare your anguish? O virgin daughter of Zion, how can I comfort you? For your wound is as deep as the sea. Who can heal you? 14Your "prophets" have said so many foolish things, false to the core. They did not try to hold you back from exile by pointing out your sins. Instead, they painted false pictures, filling you with false hope. 15All who pass by jeer at you. They scoff and insult Jerusalem,[6] saying, "Is this the city called `Most Beautiful in All the World' and `Joy of All the Earth'?" 16All your enemies deride you. They scoff and grind their teeth and say, "We have destroyed her at last! Long have we awaited this day, and it is finally here!" 17But it is the LORD who did it just as he warned. He has fulfilled the promises of disaster he made long ago. He has destroyed Jerusalem without mercy and caused her enemies to rejoice over her and boast of their power.

III 50

18Cry aloud[7] before the Lord, O walls of Jerusalem! Let your tears flow like a river. Give yourselves no rest from weeping day or night. 19Rise during the night and cry out. Pour out your hearts like water to the Lord. Lift up your hands to him in prayer. Plead for your children as they faint with hunger in the streets. 20"O LORD, think about this!" Jerusalem cries. "You are doing this to your own people! Should mothers eat their little children, those they once bounced on their knees? Should priests and prophets die within the Lord's Temple? 21"See them lying in the streets--young and old, boys and girls, killed by the swords of the enemy. You have killed them in your anger, slaughtering them without mercy. 22"You have invited terrors from all around as though you were calling them to a day of feasting. In the day of the LORD's anger, no one has escaped or survived. The enemy has killed all the children I bore and raised."
The other passages for October 29 are Philemon 1:25 and Psalms 101:1-8, and Proverbs 26:20, Fire goes out for lack of fuel, and quarrels disappear when gossip stops. The only ones who have access to "Mark of the Beast" computer and weather manipulation technology have high governmental positions. I have only an old used Macintosh laptop and with no current internet access. I have no political connections as evidenced by the predicament explained in this complaint. I have been victimized by someone who has not wanted me to marry anyone. At age 53, I am still a single female, and not by choice. I am not ugly either, but my skin is a little too brown for the racist royal family. DREAMS FROM THE CRYPT

After her death, Princess Diana appeared to me in a dream, frantic about her sons and ordered me to do something about them. I wrote to Charlie Mountbatten about some of what she told me in the dream which was very real. On that one occasion I wrote to Charlie Mountbatten about his late ex-wife and the dream, I did not use a title: Miss, Mrs. or Ms. His prompt response was addressed to "Miss Valerie Summers". I have a history of dreams being authentic. Much of my discovery about these crimes occurred with information revealed to me in dreams, but that I was able to verify through research. Anything written in this application is based on research and experience - not dreams. I accurately perceived what happened at the Frey-Tomblin murders because I "saw" what happened. I believe the term they use for this skill is "remote viewing". I would not make decisions on information attained in this manner, but I will use it as a starting point for investigation. When Maruta Gardner heard I did not believe the newspaper account of murders, she wanted to know what I thought happened. As I spoke to her, scene unfolded before me. I told her exactly what I "saw." I did not faces; I saw symbols for the murderers. I used the term "hit men" for the the see two

III 51

murderers I "saw". I included details like, "one killer had George in the bedroom while the other one invited Betty in the house. As soon as Betty was in, she saw the gun. The murderer reached for the folder Betty had in her arms and the gun went off accidentally shooting Betty in the thigh. The papers scattered all over, and they had to come back later to collect them and rearrange the crime scene." Apparently I read the scene so accurately that she got hysterical and screamed at me, "HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT!!!! The vice principal, Julie Elliot, who had been my personal friend prior to the double murders, and who helped cover up the murders had to calm her down. "MARUTA, MARUTA, she's just giving you her OPINION!" A few days later I dreamed that Lt. Mike McCulloch, the SDPD drug cop married to a colleague of mine, went into the FBI building that had not been built yet. I told his wife about the dream not knowing what it meant. Her mouth dropped open and she ran off to Maruta's office. It wasn't until eight years later, after the FBI building was built, that I found out the FBI helped cover up the crime. This is just a sampling of my ESP which I believe I have developed partially because of the oppressive force that has worked against me all my life. Looking into the unseen became a survival technique for me. "YOU HAVE JUST ENTERED THE TWILIGHT ZONE":

Why would the government plan and execute such horrendous crimes using mind control? If you understand that Nazis took over the government, it is not difficult to comprehend. Nazi crimes equal Nazi laws that disarm citizens and take away freedoms. I have learned that Nazis like to do as little work as possible, and if they can make the masses go along with their plans, so much the better. People will give power to the government if their paradigm is shifted. To execute Jews during World War II, they did not have to force them into showers. Nazis allowed their captives to get filthy so they would welcome a shower and walk to their deaths "voluntarily". The guards used Jews to dig mass graves and then executed them, and they used other Jews to cover the graves. September 11, was another example. The Nazis in U.S. and U. K. planned and executed the crimes, and they got the citizens to approve of stripping themselves of their rights. Nazis use propaganda and terror to instigate a paradigm shift for the masses. Terror creates shock. Nazis learned they can most easily change a person's perception of life during the state of shock. Dr. Mengele lives on through the science of terrorism. During times of trauma, it is important to hold on to established beliefs: One of the founding fathers of America said "If you give up your rights for your security, you deserve neither - freedom nor security." Even terrorism is not an excuse to dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The criminals who plan these crimes make sure people understand the concepts prior to the events. This is why many of the crimes are called copycats of

III 52

books and movies; when in fact, the books and movies are the blueprints for the crimes which mind controlled assassins incorporate in their programming. The movie "Manchurian Candidate" accurately depicts the accessing of the assassin's mind. Mind control is used to program the perpetrators to imitate what is written in the book or seen in the movie. Rhodes scholars and their fellow conspirators have a history of communicating through works such as novels, movies, songs and poems. Almost every movie made has hidden codes for these elite perps to communicate with each other. This reinforces their status as "Gods" since all things revolve around them. Gary Atwood confirmed to me that truth was coded in the novels of certain writers: Phillip Dick’s works and Norman Mailer’s Oswald’s Tale were two examples. The movies, books, and songs provide more vehicles for them to gobble up more symbols. The goal is for every knee to bow, and every tongue to confess, that Elizabeth Mountbatten or Charlie Mountbatten is Lord and Master of us all. Bette Davis' scene at the end of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?", or the Caesar, in the scene on the French coast awaiting to attack Britannia in the movie, "A.D." accurately portray the true status of these self-aggrandizing narcissists. The plans to kidnap Patty Hearst was foretold in the book, The Black Abductor. () Timothy McVeigh was encoded in the Turner Diaries. () The Columbine shooters went bowling before they shot up the school. The school shooters was encoded in the "Basketball Diaries" and are William and Harry’s presents from Bill Clinton, Charlie Mountbatten and “Bowling for Columbine”. Princess Diana’s instincts about that woman were correct. It is a shame no one listened to her.

Why is Camilla Parker Bowles signature on the Harry-William -by-proxy crime? When will Britain take the steps it needs to take to put a stop to this foolhardiness? Charlie murdered Diana and basically murdered William and Harry too. They were at the age of accountability so they are NOT excused from their behavior. They rejected my attempts to assist them. They are not fit to rule in any way. Character matters. They are vicious, hateful and not

III 53

to be trusted. The Final Jihad was written by the brother of Governor of Oklahoma Keating predicting the Oklahoma City bombing. The main character of his book was named McVey. Governor Keating just happened to be a former counter terrorism expert for the FBI. It is interesting that his brother used an Islamic term in the title, but the government never officially connected an Islamic link to the crime although many other people have. All the crimes I referenced in and of themselves are terrifying, but imagine the terror that would have gripped the entire world if New Black Panthers, New SLA, another Oklahoma City bombing, another Columbine, many more plane crashes including planes crashing into full football stadiums, the Eiffel tower in Paris, the Vatican in Rome, the Seattle tower, the Los Angeles airport, the Sears Tower, a main Chicago main financial building, the U.S. Capitol building, -tunnels in U.S. and Europe, numerous other bombings had been added to September 11 and took place within a thirteen week time span. Had those crimes all taken place, the “Sum of all Fears” would have been real. As horrifying as the terrorist acts would have been, they were not the totality of the terror that had been planned: The name of Hitler was being invoked as though he were alive. His name was invoked by too many criminals to ignore the significance. It was apparent Hitler would have been - "brought back from the dead" in a Jurassic Park-mad-scientist-DNA-experiment-gone-bad. "Jurassic Park" taught us the concept of taking DNA from a dead being and bringing the being back to life. Films like "The Terminator" reflect cyborg technologies that have already been perfected. Arnold Schwarzenegger's films are all encoded with clues about the Austrian Mr. Universe. "End of Days" in particular speaks to my role. It is well known that the scientific data released to the public is decades behind actual progress. Most likely "Hitler" would have returned in a flying saucer much like in movie, "Independence Day." Clinton publicly commented that if a threat from the outside were serious enough, the world would rally around a world leader who could save them. He cited Roosevelt as an example of one who did this, and he mentioned the film, "Independence Day" as an example of a threat big enough to make the people rally around a leader. The New SLA, New Black Panthers, Charles Manson, and Hitler all together were enough to frighten the world into surrendering all rights. Surreal as all this might sound, what I have experienced at the hands of these people is no more surreal than this plot. If I did not have so much documentation, what I am saying would be considered laughable, but unfortunately, it is not. If one adds Clinton's statements to the planted evidence, and his past behavior, his adoption of Hitler's tactics, and the fact that he hinted at such a plot, For me, Clinton's plans became easy to read. Someone was going to return in a flying saucer, and I do not think that someone would have been me, even if I am related to Hitler. Cyborgs can be created to resemble anyone. People would have been so traumatized, they would have believed anything. Orson Welles, "War of the Worlds" was a test case. One reason the existence of flying saucers has been kept secret is for the element of surprise.

III 54

When Utah Senator Orin Hatch was running for President he aired a thirty minute television speech in which he admitted that Clinton was involved in some of the wildest conspiratorial plots imaginable. As an insider, he was exposing that he knew more than the rest of us, but when he brought Charles LaBella's name into his presidential speech, he was indirectly confirming my January 1, 2000 letter to be the truth. CIA agents do not try to murder "conspiracy nuts" unless they "know too much" This wouldn't be the first time absurd theories have been presented as fact. In 1951, Eisenhower negotiated a conditional surrender of humanity with aliens using the CIA as mediators a few days before he had a heart attack. Eisenhower was fooled by this Hitlerian terror tactic and two days after he was convinced the earth had been invaded by aliens, he suffered a major heart attack, was declared dead, but then appeared to have survived. CIA Files: The Secrets of the Company by Mick Farren Pg. 59 Hitler arriving in a flying saucer would have made the "Nightmare on Elm Street" microscopic in comparison. To understand Nazis, one must understand their humor which has been kept from the public. If the crimes were not so horrendous, their humor is dark humor of immature drunks, an infantile gallows's humor - Gallo wine. More clues can be found in the U.S. government's Area 51 activities, and the DISC element of the NASA space program run by Nazi Werner Von Braun. Hitler claimed he would return one day. The Omega Files: Secret Nazi UFO Bases Revealed by Dr. Len Horowitz with Dave Emory. Omega means "last".

"...German engineers actually flew flying saucers shortly before the end of World War II and that’s how some of the Nazis escaped from the U.S.'s own version of the Secret Government, and how they actually work today from underground bases around the world".
Kennedy just happened to be researching Area 51 and at the same time he announced that he would be working more cooperatively with the Soviet Union. Kennedy's tone is stern in his November 13,1963 memo, indicating that he was going to get to the bottom on the issue of "aliens." His decision to work cooperatively with Russia, his former enemy, may have been an indication the "aliens" were of the Nazi brand. He was murdered nine days later.() Document No. 72 enclosed - JFK,MJ-12 and Outer Space. () Document No. 77 enclosed - CIA Files: The Secrets of "The Company by Mick Farren pg. 59. () NASA, NAZIS and JFK ______ Evil Agenda of the Secret Government by Tim Swartz. "Project Paperclip...underground UFO bases of Hitler's elite scientific corps. Former radio host, Art Bell, known for presenting "far-out" theories, lives near Area 51. His account of a HUGE space ship floating over his car is worth hearing. The U.S. government obviously wanted him to see it, knowing he would tell the world. They love the cat and mouse chase. ...CIA imitated alien abductions to convince public of interplanetary

III 55





It is documented in Hitler's Table Talk that Hitler planned on returning through reincarnation. Hitler read Nostradamus. Nostradamus prophesied in C3 Q44: "When the animal is tamed by man, after great efforts and difficulty, begins to speak: The lightning so harmful to the rod will be taken from earth and suspended in the air." Nazis did have flying saucers and flying saucer technology. Area 51 is known to house huge saucer-type aircraft witnessed by many. () •Why did Hitler have flying saucers? •Why has the existence of these aircraft been hidden from the public? •Why do many of the people who claim to have been kidnapped by aliens many times report that behind the big eyed "grays" are men dressed in Nazi uniforms? •What was the government planning? From the article, “Exact Illuminist Timetable for Producing Antichrist has been Revealed”, to Cutting Edge Ministries", I concluded that the terror which would have begun in 1998 would have continued between 12/6/98 and 12/6/99. The source told Cuttingedge Ministries there would be another world war lasting 13 weeks, culminating on March 6, 2000. World War IV would have been the thirteen weeks - between 12/6/99 and 3/6/00. March 6, 2001 is when Bush launched the current round of psychological warfare. () December 6, 1998 was a 666 day 12= 6+6. 12/6 = 666. 1998 is 666 times 3 - a 666+666=666 year. It was the likely starting date - either that date or December 7, the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This is the war in which my role was crucial. My birthstone is Pearl. When I was attacked by the stalker, it was on Harbor Drive. 6/12 George Herbert Walker Bush’s birthday. He shares a Sun-Mars conjunction in Gemini in his horoscope chart with me 6/12 Nicole Brown Simpson was slaughtered in an MK Ultra slaying. 12/6 One date I was targeted for death. 12/6 The day before the Pearl Harbor anniversary. 9/6 The day of Princess Diana’s funeral 9/6 Hitler vision in which he took over the underworld 9/6 & 6/9 The symbol for clones of me. 9/6 represents 9/15 - 9/1+5, which is Princess Diana’s son, Harry’s birthdate. Harry also represents Harry S. Truman. “The Buckingham stops here.” 9/7 The day after Princess Diana’s funeral was the date the clones were first brought forth in 2003. 9x7 = 63. Elizabeth Windsor was the 63rd monarch, and killed Kennedy in ‘63. Johnson was Elizabeth's mirror image, the 36th President. Such a deal for Dealey Plaza. Guy de Rothschild was Time Magazine’s Man of the Year in December, 1963. 3/6 The date World War IV was supposed to start.

III 56

3/6 The date George W. Bush initiated a conference call with me at my home. 3/6 The date Vladimir Putin hacked into our conference call at which point Bush went silent, and left me to negotiate a peace with Russia. The plan for World War III was to culminate like World War II ended with Russia charging into Berlin after Hitler. The symbols Bush/Rumsfeld and Bush used to communicate danger to me was a mushroom cloud. BUSH FACTOR

Since psychotic George W. Bush took office, under the direction of his sadistic pedophile father, George Herbert Walker Bush, I have seen evil that I did not know existed. Rumsfeld is also very much involved in carrying out the campaign of electronic harassment/terror which needless to say, is another violation of my constitutional rights and the Posse Comitus law. I am experincing an advanced version of the psych ops used against David Koresh at WACO. It is illegal for the U.S. military to target a private citizen on American soil. I have been under attack twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for three and a half years. The purpose was designed to make me commit suicide. Instead, of taking poison, I got out my poison pen, and this document is a product. The date the psychological warfare campaign began is March 6, 2001. The same date the Illuminati informer said the thirteen week war would end, and involved Rupert Murdoch's Fox News and AT & T. It involves some of the techniques mentioned in these two articles: Brain Machine Interfaces () ( Shocking Menace Satellite Technology by John Flemming ( ld=d) Because Bush fraudulently accepted the job of President of the United States, I do not believe George Bush is a legitimate president. He swore on a Bible to uphold the Constitution of the United States. He never intended to do so. He intended to finish the job Truman, his father, the pedophile - Poppy Bush, and Clinton started turning America over to Britain. () (Two Faces of George Bush/Skull and Bones Oath) () Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder by John W. DeCamp by () ( Bush is nothing short of a bad imitation of Hitler, and as an American citizen, I have the right to stop him, Our military should have arrested both Clinton and Bush and Rumsfeld, but the Nazis infiltrated the Pentagon first. Instead of arresting Bush, they are stealing gold, art treasures, and oil from Iraq and putting the person who is responsible for allowing Osama bin Laden to remain at-large, in the place of the Mayor of Baghdad. () ( George W. Bush and his father are punishing me because I stopped their planned January 1, 2000 take over of the world. I did not know the significance of

III 57

that date at that time I wrote the letter to Reno. But while everyone else was partying and celebrating the new millennium, I was in terror when I wrote that letter. Little did I know in Summer, 1992 when I sat in church and God showed me vision of a dark cloud covering America, and God told me to pray for America, that I would have the weight of the world on my shoulders. My response to God was, “You never answer my prayers so why don’t you get one of your prayer warriors to pray for America.” I prayed inspite of my feelings. “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” A February 28, 2001, Department of Justice/FBI, letter enclosed in this documentation from the Unit Chief, of the Public Corruption Unit of the Department of Justice from the Bush administration confirms the Bush administration's refusal to address the issue of the overthrow of America. In an email I sent to Bush, I confronted him on his psychosis: Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 13:03:06 -0700 (PDT) From: "Litty Lid" <>   HYPERLINK " 1618%5f159%5f728%5f1501677%5f0%5f205%5f2401541%5f2461018615%26Idx%3d7%26YY%3d1 3632%26inc% INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET View Contact Details Subject: HYPERLINK "" \l "attachments" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET UNITED STATES QUEEN To: CC:,,,,, HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Hidden.1 HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Hidden.1 HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Hidden.1 HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Hidden.1 JUNE 14, 2004 1:00 pm

June 14, 2004 George W. Bush Crawford, Texas c/o 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C. HYPERLINK"" Dear Mr. Bush: When you decided to run for the office of Presidency of the United States of America, you were aware of my claims that the United States government had been overthrown. You, as son of the father who planned and implemented the overthrow, and you, an “insider” as a member of the Satanic cult from Yale University, were well aware of the “New World Order” plan or you never would have been selected by the Rothschilds as the Republican candidate. You had to have known about me. If you did

III 58

not know, by the time you were running for office after you met privately with Alan Bersin, whom you invited to your inauguration festivities, you knew the truth by the time you were sworn in to uphold the office of the Presidency of the United States and the Constitution of the United States. You also must have been aware that I put you in office. The 2000 vote in Florida was tied. A lawsuit had been filed which made it to the Florida Supreme Court - a Democratic leaning body – and I emailed copies of my January 1, 2000 expose of the overthrow of the American government to them. They closed their offices for a few days, and then issued an intentionally poorly worded decision, knowing it would go to the Supreme Court, My actions, then, placed you in office as I wished, in order to buy this country time before citizens were executed en mass as were the new world order plans dictated. Plans for the depopulation were spelled out by many sources. Since you do not read, perhaps someone can read this for you: INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET From: Willie Martin, Subject: The Coming American Holocaust Summary: An interview with Mr. Sea regarding New World Order plans for the U.S. and its citizens In the spring of 1997, Senior Editor, Professor Ian Stewart, met with "Mr. Sea" (real name known but withheld) to discuss what he has learned first-hand about the coming persecution at the hands of the New World Order operatives. With a seven-inch thick portfolio filled with photographs, news articles, correspondence, etc., Mr. Sea revealed disturbing information about New World Order efforts to destroy and enslave America. The following are some of Mr. Sea‘s comments. But first, let's take a look at the man who made the comments. Mr. Sea, a committed Christian, is a former inspector for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Department of Defense, with 31 years of federal service in the military, nine with the Department of Defense, including two years with the Air Staff. He’s a holder of the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, three awards of the Joint Service Medal, all of the Vietnamese awards, as well as the Joint Meritorious Unit Medal. When he retired a few years ago, he was awarded the Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal. He’s been around the world, to 31 countries on four continents, and speaks five languages. Mr. Sea spoke of the coming American Holocaust of the Government’s plans for dealing with the non-New World Orderites. He spoke of the infrastructure that has already been set up to incarcerate and execute Americans, and the locations of the facilities that will be used for these purposes, all with photographs, leaving little to the imagination. "The infrastructure is set up. There are at least 130 concentration camps — quietly modified facilities which have sprung up and

III 59

continue to spring up across the country, seemingly devoid of activity, yet requiring strange accoutrements such as barbed wire-topped fencing (with the tops turned inward) and helicopter wind socks. Most have good logistical supportability, with major highways and railroad transport facilities adjacent to the sites. ... You were aware of the fact that I wanted you to be President only on the conditions that you adhered to the Constitution of the United States, and that I expected to receive restitution for the damages I sustained in saving the country from annihilation. I did not know at the time that I also saved the world from the same fate, but it has come to light that in fact, my actions saved mankind. Instead of doing what was right, you yielded to your darker side, and refused the truth. You, Rumsfeld, and others invaded my home electronically and placed me in an electronic prison at which time you began a regiment of the worst possible torture. I have been subjected to that torture for over three years and three months. I have documented much of what you did to me, in my numerous letters, and in my complaint to the United Nations International Criminal Court. Here is just one letter documenting your torture of me: December 4, 2003

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis 330 W. Broadway St. San Diego, CA 92101 Dear District Attorney Dumanis: As I documented in my previous communications to you, I have been under a constant barrage of electronic harassment. Some of the information I receive from this form of human torture, which should violate all human rights laws, is truthful, accurate, and researchable. Other information appears to be truthful, but I do not have access to the research tools I would need to verify it. Some information is untruthful. The information is more truthful than not which is how I have been able to decode the Dark Ages language of the British Windsors and their traitorous comrades within the American government. Apparently, because of the circumstances of my birth, and my bloodline, which I cannot verify, I have a treasured status among the darkest of the international Satanic cult. Although, I am not claiming any status in their world, they apparently believe I am the equivalent of “The Chosen One” in the Matrix, and that my blood and chosen position honors me with a mystical power that

III 60

they seek. I cannot verify if I am Adolf Hitler’s granddaughter - through whom he believed he would be reincarnated - but their actions toward me have led me to believe there is no other explanation for their rabid obsession with capturing my “energy”. (The people involved are not only literal vampires, but “psychic vampires” as well.) The numerology involved in my birth and name are powerful occult symbols and that information is consistent with my being “The Chosen One”. What this position means to them, I could only assume, but whatever it is, they want it. Apparently my house was bugged and my privacy violated since my birth. I have been studied like I was a lab rat, and ever since George W. Bush took office, I have literally been treated like one. I am one of the four thousand individuals who is under constant satellite observation (“The Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance” @ Because I am such a private person by nature the thought of this has me in a constant state of disassociation to endure the torture which is too painful for me. In truth, because I cannot experience my emotions, I have become very much like the computer, they believe me to be. My programming for the past six years has been strictly survival. In the process of dealing with the electronic harassment, I have learned many of their secrets – many more than I was able to document in my nearly four hundred page rough draft I sent to you. As I attempted to spell out in my complaint to the United Nations, the people involved are delusional psychopaths. Since my last communication to you, the latest torture to which they have subjected me has been communicating to me that I have been cloned in an attempt to capture that “Chosen One” power I supposedly have by ordination of dark powers, and birthright. No one bothered to tell me about it, but that is besides the point. Around the time I was being evicted from my beloved home because I could not return to my $60,000 job in safety, and because I believed many people would have been killed if I did, my STOLEN DNA was used to mass produce 144,000 clones of me for the purpose of infantile rape and mass murder by these genocidal pedophiles. The Bush connection to pedophilia is documented in the Franklin Cover-up. The Windsors pedophilia is documented in a videotaped interview with a former top occultic High Priestess, Arizona Wilder, who participated in the ritual sexual abuse, torture and murder of many, including infants who are sacrificed to the god of Molech. Bohemian Grove here in California is documented to be a ritual torture and murder site for these international monsters whose perception of reality is indescribably twisted, but nonetheless, whose crimes are real. (Bohemian Grove: www.propaganda

III 61

The information I received being to torture me is the

from them, following:




-Alan Bersin served as the go-between between Clinton/Bush and the Windsors in the theft and transfer of my DNA to UCSD and other international scientists who worked through Susan Golding’s Surebeam/Titan and other corporate links to mass produce clones and house them in private facilities like DOLE, and ship them around the globe for a world wide frenzy of ritual infant rape and slaughter. The eviction papers arrived Christmas eve, and apparently that was their way of saying, “Fuck you!” to me, and then nine months later, they brought forth the infants whom they believed to be the missing element of my power. My birth number is 666 (6/6/51). My name Valerie is thirty-six, or two eighteens. The clones were brought forth on 9/9/03 on an international basis. They “confirmed” this was on 9/8/03, after I had a dream and a vision which was very terrifying and which symbolized the clones, Hitler’s relationship to the clones, and their planned destruction of them. My foreknowledge shocked them, but they nonetheless went ahead with their plans, and communicated to me on a minute by minute basis what they were doing to them. The 9/9 kickoff was the second eighteen they believed they needed to complete the two eighteens of my power. 9/9 is the same as 6/6, or 666, to occultists. They have a saying, “As above, so below”. They communicated to me that all through the month of September and October they were still bringing the clones forth, and Prince Charles with the assistance of Camilla Parker Bowles, through artificial intelligence personalities - (AI) or real personalities communicated to me that they were raping them at that very moment. He had more than his 72 virgins, and this caused a rift in their relationship, according to the communication I received. Prince Charles even communicated to me that the 30,000 chickens that were put through the woodchipper in the Los Angeles County were precursors to putting my clones through the woodchipper and that their disease-ridden flesh was used in food products including food for military soldiers. [HYPERLINK " u=/nm/ 20030414/od_nm/odd_chickens_dc" Farmers Put Live Chickens in Wood Chippers LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Two California poultry farmers who fed some 30,000 live chickens into wood chippers will not face criminal charges because they had permission from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, prosecutors said on Friday. But a spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States called

III 62

the farmers "callous and barbaric" decision not to prosecute them.





The farmers needed to destroy the chickens because they were "spent" -- or no longer able to produce eggs -- and could not make chicken soup out of them because the farms were under quarantine for the poultry virus Exotic Newcastle Disease, District Attorney's spokeswoman Gayle Stewart said. Stewart said the men, who run a poultry farm near San Diego, asked a senior veterinarian with the Agriculture Department if they could employ the wood chippers and were given permission. "Once they had permission we decided that they did not have any criminal intent," Stewart said. Brothers Arie and Will Wilgenburg, who run Escondido-based Ward Poultry Farm, could not be reached for comment on Friday. Earlier, they told the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper that they were doing "what we thought we had to do" based on expert advice and stopped as soon as they learned otherwise. Wayne Pacelle, a spokesman for the Humane explanation was unacceptable. Society, said that

"The act of feeding live chickens into a wood chipper is an extraordinarily callous and barbaric act and I can't imagine any person with a whit of common sense would use a wood chipper as a killing tool," he said. "No person with any experience in killing animals would sanction the use of this technique." Pacelle said the District Attorney's decision not to prosecute the brothers rested on the "faulty assumption" that using wood chippers to kill chickens was an accepted practice.] Apparently, I was not the only one cloned, but I was the one who was cloned more than any others. They communicated to me that people like Mick Jagger were also cloned. (Six hundred and sixty-six clones of him were made, according to them.) Paul McCartney’s wife gave birth right before Halloween. It was announced that he had a boy. The next day it was announced that he had a girl. They communicated to me that they took his child to be used for a Halloween sacrifice and substituted a clone or test tube baby in its place. Some of the clones were raped, murdered and cannibalized. Prince Charles would let me know he was eating them by flashing a statement along the bottom of Fox News that he was at his estate eating “lamb and vegetables”. Some of presents the to clones are to be given away as Christmas the worldwide pedophile network that has more

III 63

money than they know what to do with. Neanderthal who has everything?

What do you

give the

Guy du Rothschild of France, Elie Rothschild of Italy, the British Windsors, the Bush’s, the Clintons and many others were involved in this plot which was the purpose of the 1996 Genome Project promoted by Prime Minister Tony Blair and then President Clinton. There have been over twenty microbiologists worldwide who have been murdered in the past few years. All the scientists have a common link in DNA sequencing. British Dr. David Kelly, DNA sequencing expert, testified before Parliament that the Iraq records were ordered to be “sexed up” was “suicided” shortly after he testified. I suspect there is a link to the cloning of bloodliners and celebrities for the purpose of rape and infanticide and then cannibalized. Iraq is a code for me. George Bush, the Elder was behind an attack on my career during the first Persian Gulf War, and his son, George W. Bush has used Iraq as a symbol for me during the Iraqi war. Iraq is the origin of civilization. Its original name was Sumaria (Summers). He raped the country and raped me. His “Mission Accomplished” statement was the midway point of the clones gestation period. The statement that the mission was accomplished does not reflect what transpired in Iraq. That statement was not about the war, it was about his obsession with me and my “occultic power” which apparently is to propel them into the “Promised Land” – whatever that means. They have also communicated to me that they have infected our entire food supply with genetically altered DNA which contains triggers, that should they decide to set off can annihilate the world’s population by targeting certain groups of people, one at a time. Every race could be annihilated: Negroid, Caucasian, Mongol. The Chinese, for example, have developed he DNA trigger to kill all blond haired, blue-eyed people. China is working hand in hand with Bill Clinton and the British Windsors. Bill and Hillary Clinton and George Bush all have signatures on crimes which would lead one to believe they believe the Windsors are fools and plan to usurp the Windsors at the appropriate time in the quest for global domination. Radio Programs giving some of the background of this intricate global domination conspiracy can be found on the George Noory’s Coast to Coast website at the “Streamlink” section. 11/27/03 Stephen Qualye The plan of this group of global thugs is to reduce the population of the planet by 90%. Charles Smith on Clinton’s treason in selling

11/28/03 -

III 64

our secrets to China. 12/1/03 - Persian 400,000 Gulf military used as guinea pigs of 600,000 soldiers dead or disabled

12/3/03 - John Rappoport – medical industry as a racket for controlling population. 12/4/03Dr. Len Horowitz – Bioterrorism expert

They are planning a return to the Dark Ages when royalty reigned all, and the science of Jurassic Park is part of the plan. Why these idiots would do this would have to be explained by a mindhunter. Ordinarily this premise would be absurd, but we are not dealing with ordinary or sane individuals. I am asking for an investigation into the cloning of nonconsenting individuals, and I suggest that the city, state, and country’s food supply be examined for genetically altered sleeper cells. The Office of Homeland Security recently undercut the funding to San Diego by over 50% because of Bush’s personal vendetta against me. San Francisco, a smaller city, with fewer terrorism links than San Diego, received more than twice the amount of money. I would suggest that you petition the Office of Homeland Security for our fair share of the money and use it to investigate the safety of our population. Sincerely,

Valerie Summers Bush, you have a long history of psychopathic abuse. The George Bush described in “American Caligula”, is the George Bush with whom I am familiar: Margie Schoedinger’ had once dated George W. Bush when she was a minor, and this had been her unfortunate connection to him. According to her Petition, George Jr. had her watched continuously and frequently used her for aberrant sex. After filing a lawsuit against Bush and the FBI on October 26, 2000, the harassment by law enforcement of Mrs. Schoedinger’s family and friends became intolerable. Fearfully she withdrew the suit, but the harassment continued. Out of desperation Mrs. Schoedinger wrote letters to the FBI begging them for help, but her pleas were only passed along to Bush. HYPERLINK "

III 65

-15.pdf" \t "_blank" In a subsequent conversation Mrs. Schoedinger had with Bush and people from his gang she was told that the harassment by the FBI and local police would continue and that her only way out would be to commit suicide, which Bush recommended. He informed Mrs. Schoedinger that her entire background had been destroyed. She would never have a clean credit record again, her husband would never be able to find work again, Her Graduate Degree had been revoked and any degree she might earn in the future would be revoked. They told her that: she would be placed on an AIDs watch list for the rest of her life, she would be watched by the CIA, and harassed by the Secret Service. [Is this an admission by Bush that he has AIDS?] They said she would be placed on the National Security Agency’s Photo Array to be considered as a possible suspect in any crime, and they said her home was under constant surveillance and the images would be put on the internet and made available to prison web sites, military web sites, and any internet location that could possibly cause her to be harmed. Mrs. Schoedinger begged Bush to have mercy and let her pursue a degree and start her life over. Desperately she tried to assure him that she would never mention his name again and that nobody would believe her even if she did. She soon got his answer, her bank account was expunged, her husband dismissed from his job, and she was again raped and savagely beaten resulting in a miscarriage. Upon her arrival at the hospital FBI agents were waiting with more threats and intimidation. Mrs. Schoedinger left the hospital prematurely with no certainty that doctors had collected the pathology of her dead child. In an ominous final conversation Mrs. Schoedinger had with Bush, he took full responsibility for the actions being carried out against her. She was told again that committing suicide would be her best option, and it was his opinion that she was essentially dead anyway. Although Mrs. Schoedinger and her husband had been drugged each time she had been gang raped, Bush revealed that he and the FBI agents were very concerned that she might actually remember the individual sex crimes that they had committed against her. On Monday September 22, 2003, nine months after Margie Schoedinger filed HYPERLINK "http:// id=%0BNDc3NBq%03JCsYRvDAzJWic1N&ms=0&cabinet=civil&pg=&id2=jEvMjAy MCBQT%23MTIvMw %215%213OQ%3D%3DWnUjoxODoy%218%21W%03wMCAxM" \t "_blank" case, #19631, against George W. Bush in the County Civil Court of Fort Bend County, Texas, for both physical and punitive damages, she was found dead in her home of a "gunshot wound to head". 38 year old Margie D. Schoedinger had died of an apparent " HYPERLINK "" \t

III 66

"_blank" suicide", according to the Harris County Medical Examiner's office, but those familiar with CIA / Mafia lingo know that "suicide" also means "murder." HYPERLINK "http://" You blew up frogs as a child and have exhibited every criteria to meet a serial killer psychopath. You cannot hide your insanity. Even if you do not read, the word is out about you. You cannot hide your insanity anymore. The Madness of King George Congress must find out if the recent reports about Bush’s erratic behavior are true, because when King George has a problem, we all have a problem.By Mick Youther Some disturbing new accounts of President Bush’s deteriorating mental state are starting to leak out. According to Doug Thompson, Capitol Hill Blue (6/4/04), the word from inside the White House is: • “... the President goes from quoting the Bible in one breath to obscene tantrums against the media, Democrats and others that he classifies as “enemies of the state.” • “It reminds me of the Nixon days. Everybody is an enemy; everybody is out to get him. That’s the mood over there.” • “We seem to spend more time trying to destroy John Kerry than al Qaeda and our enemies list just keeps growing and growing.” • “ don’t have to wear a turban or speak Farsi to be an enemy of the United States. All you have to do is disagree with the President.” Note: This information came from sources in the White House who did not want their careers destroyed by the Bush Attack Machine —so they remain anonymous. Their revelations, though, ring true to many Bush watchers—especially psychiatrists and professionals familiar with substance abuse. • “George W. Bush manifests all the classic patterns of what alcoholics in recovery call 'the dry drunk'. His behavior is consistent with barely noticeable but meaningful brain damage brought on by years of heavy drinking and possible cocaine use.”-- Professor Katherine van Wormer, author of Addiction Treatment, quoted in Counterpunch, 10/11/02. • “[Bush] hated his father for putting his whole life in

III 67

the shade and for emotionally blackmailing him. He hated his mother for physically and mentally badgering him to fulfil her wishes. ...his unconscious hatred for them was channelled into a fanatical moral crusade to rid the world of evil”-- Oliver James, psychologist, The Guardian, 9/2/03 • “Bush has lost his grip on reality. He is paranoid. He's obsessed with Saddam Hussein and Iraq.”-- David Thompson, The News Insider, 3/14/03 • “The poor guy is obviously dyslexic, and dyslexic to the point of near-illiteracy.”-- Reporter Christopher Hitchens who has taught dyslexic students, Nation, 10/8/00 (Bush denies this possibility, even though his brother, Neil, is dyslexic.) • “George W. Bush seems to possess the traits characteristic of addictive persons who still have the thought patterns that accompany substance abuse.”-- Carol Wolman, M.D., psychiatrist, quoted in Counterpunch. 10/2/02 It seems everybody has an opinion about Bush; ranging from he’s a complete idiot to he is a diabolical genius, playing the fool as he conquers the world. Bush is one thing for sure—he is a fanatic. • “A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.”-- Winston Churchill • “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do sir?”-- J. Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), British economist • “I'm not going to change, see? I'm not trying to accommodate. I won't change my philosophy or my point of view.”-- Bush to Tim Russert on “Meet the Press”, quoted by William Saletan, Slate, 2/8/04 • “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”-- Bertrand Russell (18721970), Welsh philosopher and reformer • “I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe -- I believe what I believe is right.”--George W. Bush, defending his beliefs, 7/22/01, quoted in "The Complete Bushisms" • “The true fanatic is a theocrat, someone who sees himself as acting on behalf of some superpersonal force: the Race, the Party, History, the proletariat, the Poor, and so on. These absolve him from evil, hence he may safely do anything in their service.”-Lloyd

III 68

Billingsley, "Religion's Rebel Son: Time", Multnomah Publishers (1986)




• “If Bush stands with God, those who actively oppose his war must be down below with Satan... Such a spiritual man would never send others to their death for crass motives like power and oil. Surely, he must have higher ethical principles in view.”-- Ira Chernus,, 3/10/03 Whatever Bush’s problems are, they have become our problem. Our government was established with checks and balances, so one insane man could not do great harm to our country; but the system has broken down. Congress failed in its duty to stop Bush, and we now find ourselves bogged down in two wars, deeply in debt, with Big Brother looking over our shoulder. Congress needs to find out if there is any truth in the recent reports of Bush’s bizarre behavior. We need to know if the world’s most powerful man is “losing it”. As someone once said, “We cannot wait for the final proof that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.” HYPERLINK " op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=772" kop=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=772 You have refused to adhere to most national or international laws, and have brought great shame on America and Americans, and terror upon the world. You violated the oath of your office and you have turned over the United States to the United Kingdom. Founding Fathers’ Assets at Risk from Proposed UK Treaty HYPERLINK " 41" by William Hughes News From Babylon [US] May 19th, 2004 On April 19, 2004, President George W. Bush forwarded to the U.S. Senate a proposed new extradition treaty between the U.S. and the British government. On its face, it deals with “combatting terrorism, organized crime, money laundering, and other offenses.” Buried deep inside it, however, are shocking provisions that can deprive Americans of their freedom. In his submittal letter, Bush claimed that the treaty, the brainchild of Attorney General John Ashcroft, will “contribute to international law.” Bush is wrong! It will do nothing of the sort. In fact, it will do just the opposite. If ratified by the Senate, what the treaty will do is

III 69

strip American citizens of the protection of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and rob them of their ancient liberties that the Founding Fathers fought so hard to win in the Revolutionary War. Incredibly, the bogus treaty will also eliminate any statute of limitations! It was agreed to by Ashcroft and his UK legal counterpart on March 31, 2003, only eleven days after Bush and the UK’s Tony Blair launched the immoral, unjust and unlawful Iraqi War. HYPERLINK "" sid=4005 You did not anticipate that I would survive the torture regime to which you have subjected me, and neither did you anticipate that I would discover my claim as the rightful Queen of the United Kingdom. The transfer of power from the Windsors was negotiated between Hitler, Edward, the Prince of Wales, also known as the Duke of Windsor. My cousins, the Rothschilds agreed to place the Bank of England under the “Crown,” in an attempt to steal the Crown back for the Windsors. They failed, and I claim the Bank of London and assets that go with it, including the oil owned by the Windsors and Rothschilds. The “Crown” and everything that goes with it are rightfully mine. The real reason you have tortured me is because I am Hitler’s granddaughter and rightful heir to his negotiated contracts. You are a Skull and Bones pirate who believes in theft as a way to power, and you were attempting to steal what is mine. This is why you had me cloned, raped and slaughtered clones of me, sold clones of me to world leaders for mass rape and slaughter. In spite of all you have done, you have not defeated me. I have defeated you. I have claimed my throne, my Crown, and my territory. I am in the process of breaking up the United Kingdom and have begun preliminary procedures to make sovereign nations out of British territories. I am not relinquishing rulership of England or the United States. Both countries are in disarray, and the United States is bankrupt. Since I am aware of the plans to depopulate this country, I am taking drastic measures to seize control of the government and salvage what I can. This is an official eviction notice for you to vacate the White House, and you are no longer the President of the United States. I am the monarch of the United States, and all U.S. federal land belongs to me. You are to leave the White House in orderly condition. I will take up residence there. You are officially under arrest and are to report to Crawford, Texas, and remain under house arrest until my authorities can try you for treason to the United States and to the realm. Because of

III 70

your treason to the United States government and because of your intent to defraud American citizens of their government as indicated by your April 19, 2004 proposed treaty, and your relationship to the Windsors, I also am stripping you of your United States citizenship. All Secretaries, except Rumsfeld, may stay in their positions until such time as I can restructure which the exception of your fellow baby-killer, pedophile Secretary Rumsfeld, and the civilian leadership in the Department of Defense. Rumsfeld was responsible for having me shot with a laser which I documented in the letter, “Yesterday”. He testified before Congress and gave “the finger” with both hands pointing at the “third eye” area of the brain. Days later I was shot with a laser in that area. The military “leadership” civilians are dismissed as of today. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (who put NORAD on stand down while your father, and Dick Cheney attacked America on 9-11) are also dismissed. Bush, you are to have no Secret Service protection or compensation from the United States government. Sincerely

HRH Queen Valerie I

Bush is the most embarrassing man who has ever represented the United States. This man joined an all-male group in which the initiation process includes having sex in a coffin with a male counterpart. Something apparently Bush has never outgrown. Not only is he attracted to sex in coffins, apparently he likes putting people in coffins with his own hands. I believe the following story about Bush being the number one suspect in the mass murder of seventeen of his fellow Satanists. I believe that he left his teeth marks in a corpse. When your daddy is Vice President of the United States, you can get the District Attorney to close an investigation on the prime suspect. I believe this because of the torture he put me through, and what he did to my clones. They let me know all the details. Someday, I will let everyone else know.

George W. Bush: Brownsville Satanic Cult Member?

III 71


The following election.










"SUNNYVALE, CA - Telling reporters and critics to 'stick to the issues that matter', Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush declined to answer questions Monday concerning his alleged involvement in a 1984 Brownsville, TX, mass murder, in which 17 people were ritualistically murdered and skinned. 'I will not stoop to discussing that,' said Bush during a campaign stop at a Bay Area software-packaging plant. 'We've got people across this country without health care, a broken educational system, taxes that are way too high, and all you want to talk about is something THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE HAPPENED 16 years ago? I'm sorry, but I find that offensive.' " (Emphasis added). Bush, the son of a billioniare, was strangely living in the most impoverished place in America, Brownsville. Bush was living nearby to and also inside the headquarters of a Satanic Cult of which he was a member.

Bush disappeared for three days during which ALL of the other of his fellow Cult Members were slaughtered. After he reappeared he could not explain where he had been. The local prosecutor continued to pursue Bush, sole Cult survivor,

III 72

on mass murder charges for six months thereafter, heavily pressured by Daddy Bush to stop the investigation. For asking these questions the reporters were threatened with reprisals later by Bush and thereafter have feared for their life. Currently, as to 2004, Bush and Kerry have long been members of a Satanic Cult, Skull & Bones (Yale). MORE DETAILS Following the attempted assassination of President Ronald W. Reagan, shortly after his inauguration, 1981, George Herbert Walker Bush, as Vice President, on a day to day basis, until the end of Reagan's second term, 1988, actually ran the White House. In 1988, Daddy Bush was himself elected President, actually Bush's third term. In so doing, the elder Bush was violating the U.S. Constitution, 22nd Amendment, restricting the President to two terms. During that time, and even before, Daddy Bush and son George W. Bush had financial and satanic cult links with the drug trafficking from Colombia through the Brownsville/Matamoros area. Brownsville is in the U.S. right smack on the Mexican border above Matamoros, Mexico. At one time Daddy Bush owned Texas Commerce Bank implicated in the drug traffic through their branch in Venezuela. That unit, starting about 1979, was run by Jeb Bush living in Venezuela with his latino wife. They laundered the drug proceeds from Colombia and from there, through Mexico to the U.S. The Bush Crime Family has for many years been business partners with the co-founder of the Medelin, Colombia drug cartel, Carlos Lehder. [See, the website series, "The Chandra Levy Affair".] This was convenient to Daddy Bush having been with the CIA since 1959, through their adjunct, principally owned by the Bushies, Zapata Petroleum, later called Zapata Offshore, still later their interests joined with Pennzoil which by an induced bankruptcy took over Texaco. [See, "Oil & Honor---The Texaco-Pennzoil Wars" by Thomas Petzinger, Jr., 1987, G.P. Putnam's Sons.] The satanic cult mass-murders revolved around in the Brownsville/ Matamoros area. Among those involved were El Padrino Cult; and located outside Matamoros, Rancho Santa Elena, having human sacrifice chambers; and

III 73

the satanic ritual sacrifices and mind control conducted by Aldolfo De Jesus Costanzo with others. The Bush Crime Family with their dope trafficking, Colombia through Matamoros, Mexico/ Brownsville, Texas, were interlocked with these situations. The ranch was reportedly involved in snuffing out dozens and dozens of primarily latinos useful as "mules" in the drug trade and controlled through sexual satanic rituals and mind-control. In the 1980s, Daddy Bush, actually running the White House, and former head of the American secret political police, was in perfect position to be part of the drug trafficking. The elder Bush was the head of the South Florida Anti-Drug Project, supposedly clamping down on drug trafficking from Colombia to Mexico. During the 1980s, U.S. drug enforcement was near totally compromised and corrupted. A huge, heavy opus, mentioned in a moment, tells how the top people in the elite units of U.S. drug enforcement actually worked the other side. From time to time, they went to parties at palacial estates in Mexico and elsewhere owned and operated by the major druglords. The drug police rubbed elbows there with movie stars and bigshots from Hollywood, users as well as traffickers with dope. [In recent years. George W. Bush, William Rockefeller Clinton, and Mexico President Vicente Fox have visited and stayed at the estates of Mexico's major druglords.] For naive, poorly informed persons to risk their neck reporting druglords to the drug police is both tragic and laughable. [See that very thick book about the top drug enforcers, being for sale and totally corrupt, "The Underground Empire---Where Crime and Government Embrace", by James Mills, Doubleday, N.Y., 1986.] One of those convicted of the satanic cult mass murders in the Brownsville/Matamoros region and elsewhere was a fellow named Henry Lee Lucas. When George W. Bush was Governor of Texas, he mysteriously granted clemency to this mass-murderer. Yet, there was no basis in law or fact for the Governor to so favor Lucas, other than the Bush Crime Family was in business with him in respect to the drug trafficking and satanic cult operations of the Brownsville/ Matamoros region. With terrible-to-look-at pictures, the horrors of the one or more satanic cults so operating in the Brownsville/Matamoros region are detailed in a little-known, hard to locate book, "Hell Ranch" by Clifford Linedecker.

III 74

By 1999, some reporters had attempted to question George W. Bush as to some of the foregoing, while Bush was planning to run for President in the U.S. 2000 Election. As the head of an investigative group and Founder/Chairman, since 1963 of the Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Skolnick began relating, on various radio talk shows, the problems the reporters were having in confronting George W. Bush with his apparent complicity in the satanic cult mass murders in the Brownsville, Texas area. Quite some time thereafter, several websites did acts in some ways relating to all this. They palmed off as apparent jokes and parodies, purported stories about the Brownsville/ Matamoros horrors. Whether their purpose was reputed damage control for the Bush Crime Family or to simply somehow make jokes about the satanic mass murders, remains for such website handlers and operators to explain. These websites apparently gave the impression to poorly-informed, naive people that the whole series of events in the Brownsville/ Matamoros region were purely imaginary, and never occurred and there was no complicity of the Bushies including George W. Bush. Obviously to detail all the persons and entities involved with the satanic cultists, human sacrifice locations, and drug-traffickers and mind-control dictators, in the Matamoros/ Brownsville region would and could fill a series of encyclopedias on the dope business, satanic cults, corrupted dope enforcers, and related topics. [A book that does go into many related details is "The Strength of the Wolf---The Secret History of America's War on Drugs" by Douglas Valentine, Verso Books, 2004, New York. The American CIA needs the druglords to be able to penetrate otherwise hard to spy on nations, is a theme of the book.] [Loads of details of the Bush Crime Family are in the extensive website series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic", with two linked sites.] IS GEORGE W. BUSH's current opponent for President, JOHN F. KERRY different than Bush? Both are satanic cultists, members of Skull & Bastards Society. Knowledgeable sources contend that concealed, in part, by Kerry's divorce from his first wife and his silence about his episodes in England, are some horrors equal to the foregoing.

III 75

With the help of entertainers, Kerry in London, England, reportedly engaged in sexual perversions with 13 year old girls and even with those much younger; with Kerry somehow complicit in porno snuff rituals. That is, where after the weirdo event, the victim, whether three years old or thirteen, becomes a human sacrifice, and is killed on camera. This type of thing originally was a specialty from Argentina. Will the newsfakers ever ask Kerry to explain? More coming. Stay tuned.

Hitler looks like a nice guy compared to the group I have dealt with since 1998 when the war against me broke out in the open. These are people who would laugh while they killed their own children and then eat them. I am talking about Elizabeth Mountbatten who loves to spill blood, and not just that of foxes on a hunt. Cannibals believe if they eat parts of a deceased person, they gain their power. The evidence points to the fraudulent royal ghoul returning to the corpse of her father repeatedly for samples of beef jerky. I personally have seen this blood lust in action before I knew my "bloodline." Other people, like Bersin, knew. Maniac Clinton apparently enjoyed letting the most guarded secrets out. Even a damn nurse, knew what I did not: I had to have my blood drawn for a medical test in 1998, and the "nurse" after asking some strange questions to verify who my father was, began salivating as she drew my blood, and took one extra vial. My brother was murdered when they could not get to me. I believe he was murdered for their rituals and blood drinking ceremonies. They convinced my mother to "donate his organs." I cannot prove what happened to his organs, but I have "seen" what happened to him. He was murdered by his prescription medicine which I suspected. After I suspected it, and reported what I believed, he was tested, and I was found to be correct. The San Diego Police Department was involved, and they were planning to use his death to set the stage to murder me. When he was dying, I would not even go to the hospital, because the police helicopter was hovering over my house waiting for me to leave home. I knew the routine. These people are not above murdering people to arrange funerals or other opportunities to kill. Versace was murdered, in part, so Princess Diana could say farewell to her friends. Several Saudi Princes were murdered in association with funerals. Look at the photos on Alex Jones web site about Bohemian Grove. () Hard to believe, but true. I figured out I was at war against the United States government. The phrase an “Army of One” applied to me. The cowards murdered a neighbor to get his house so they could surveil me from it. The man who bought the house to allow for surveillance was in the hospital in intensive care last I heard. They

III 76

imported assassins: one to work with me, another to live in my neighborhood. They moved other "spies" into the neighborhood to falsely testify against me: one from Pittsburgh and two from Florida. They imported CIA/DIA assets to live across the street from me, and befriend me. They moved satanists into the neighborhood who sacrificed their pets to Satan, and held coven meetings with me as the focus. They also tried to kill my pets, etc. I am not including all they have done in this application. They thought waging war against me was funny. Clinton tried to adapted Hitler's humor. Clinton was quoted many times as being an admirer of Hitler, and like Hitler said, "The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one." This is a philosophy to which Bill Clinton ascribed. Clinton, the "prophet", predicted what was going to happen, made it happen and said, "See, I told you so!" with a smirk on his face. He proved his "prophetic ability" when he proposed the Counter Terror Bill which was equivalent to Hitler's "Enabling Acts." Before the Oklahoma City bombing the bill was doomed to fail. After the bombing, citizens demanded that it be passed - stripping them of their rights. Curiously, Jean Dixon the late psychic who predicted the Kennedy assassination had Clinton's "prophetic power." She also had a personal relationship with Richard Nixon who can be tied to the assassination of his former opponent. This fact was kept from the public. In light of this fact, Jeanne Dixon's prediction of Kennedy's death needs to be revisited. On February 25, 2000, Drudge Report carried the headline: "Revealed: Nixon Consulted Psychic Dixon" Enclosed you will find a copy of the report which gives clues to the source of Dixon's “psychic” power. Law enforcement has adopted the sick humor and laughed in my face often. When I called the head of the San Diego Office of FBI, he actually laughed when he asked me, "Why aren't you dead YET? It was not said with any compassion, but with an amusement and an impatience. These perpetrators are audacious; remember, these are the same people who murdered a President on Elm Street in front of everyone's eyes, murdered fifty-sixty witnesses and told us Lee Harvey Oswald did it when evidence proves he did not. These people have only become more bold in their plots and actions. They laugh about it right in our faces through their movies, and coded messages. "Schindler's List" played the song, "Valerie, Valerah, Valour-ha-ha-ha-ha". Why was that song selected? HA spelled backwards is AH, or Adolph Hitler's initials. Winston Churchill’s funeral oration at King George VI’s funeral was entitled: “For Valour”. TWILIGHT ZONE

"Twilight Zone" symbolism was just another clue that I missed. Rod Serling had inside knowledge of Area 51 and Werner Von Braun. He died unexpectedly at a young age. Like "Forest Gump", wherever the action was, there I was. Rod Serling, famous for his line, "You have just entered the Twilight Zone," was a guest speaker at my university in a neighboring classroom. After his speech he headed for

III 77

the elevator, as I always did. I found myself in an elevator with Rod Serling. I couldn't help but remark aloud, "You have just entered the Twilight Zone", as the elevator went down. The Secretary of Defense waged war against his OWN country! Half the Bush administration is descended from original Nazis according to ________. Rumsfeld is nothing short of a Nazi. The arrogant, lying, would-be dictator, Nazi needs to be dealt with in a criminal court - it will have to be an international one, because America is is the state of anarchy. Mindfield by Gordon Thomas documents how Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, covered-up the death of a top CIA scientist Frank Olson. I call Rumsfeld and Cheney criminals, because the facts back up that label.

Wargames 9/11 Alex

















Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta was in the Presidential Emergency Operating Center with Vice President Cheney as Flight 77 approached Washington, D.C. On May 23, 2003 in front of the 9/11 Commission, Secretary Mineta testified: "During the time that the airplane was coming in to the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, "The plane is 50 miles out." "The plane is 30 miles out." And when it got down to "the plane is 10 miles out," the young man also said to the Vice President, "Do the orders still stand?" And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said, "Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?" As the plane in question hit the Pentagon, what else can we conclude but that the 'order' was not to shoot down the aircraft and to let it find its target. Mineta stated that he did not know what the 'order' was because he wasn't there when it was made. amescover.htm

. . . government of the People by the People for the People shall not perish from the Earth.--Abraham Lincoln
In American law, if a contract is entered into under false pretenses, the contract is invalid. This applies especially to employment laws. If an

III 78

employee lies on his application, it is cause for dismissal. America has no Congress to represent them because Her Royal Majesty, The Porn Queen Elizabeth II, has videotaped the private lives of all politicians (and all citizens). As a result of the blackmail, American citizens have no functioning government left. By taking private sex lives and turning them into pornographic weapons of war, has rightfully earned the title of "common" porn queen. Her Majesty, as delusional head of the Church of England, believes the "sun never sets on the British Empire". She has placed herself as "Gawwd" over us all. She will decide who will serve her, and she uses her private voyeuristic pornography collection to determine United States and British policy. Sexual blackmail and privacy violations are not legitimate political tactics. Elizabeth Mountbatten and her Nazi business partner, Poppy Bush's tactics will not continue. (See Pegasus File, Part I.) She is not the "paragon of virtue" or the "symbol of decency" that she would like the world to believe. She may own much property, but she DOES NOT own America. It is NOT her country inspite of her delusions. She is NOT welcome here. She cannot even run the countries over which she has been given authority. She is not allowed to execute subjects she does not approve of even on her own turf. America has a Constitution. Any changes to that Constitution must be made according to that Constitution. No other method is acceptable. A provision was made - Article V:

"The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress: provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate."
The American government has no authority over its citizens' sex lives unless they fall into the category of unlawful acts. It is the British throne that believes its citizens are subjects and under the leadership of the Head of the Church of England. This is the main reason America cut its ties with the British throne and it is the reason the First Amendment establishes "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceable to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

III 79










In this document, I have documented how this elite continues to pretend they are GAWD! America's Congress had gone insane:

Law to introduce GOD above the US Supreme Court by lawnorder Sat Oct 23rd, 2004 at 00:36:20 PST Ashcroft will be our new Torquemada ? Richellieu ? Scalia will be the Inquisitor ? Cheney as Cardinal

I'm talking about the The "Constitution Restoration Act of 2004" ...the [Bushies] in Washington are pushing a law through Congress that would "acknowledge God as the sovereign source of law, liberty [and] government" in the United States. What's more, it would forbid all legal challenges to government officials who use the power of the state to enforce their own view of "God's sovereign authority." Any judge who dared even hear such a challenge could be removed from office. The "Constitution Restoration Act of 2004" is no joke; it was introduced last month by some of the Bush Regime's most powerful Congressional sycophants. If enacted, it will effectively transform the American republic into a theocracy, where the arbitrary dictates of a "higher power" -- as interpreted by a judge, policeman, bureaucrat or president -- can override the rule of law. And let's not forget that Rev Moon chose Bush as one of his 3 "rulers" (link Moonies knee-deep Bush plan)....

The Rev. Moon Honored at Hill Reception Lawmakers Say They Were Misled By Charles Babington and Alan Cooperman Washington Post Staff Writers Wednesday, June 23, 2004; Page A01 More than a dozen lawmakers attended a congressional reception this year honoring the Rev. Sun Myung Moon in which Moon declared himself the Messiah and said his teachings have helped Hitler and Stalin be "reborn as new persons." At the March 23 ceremony in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Rep. Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.) wore white gloves and carried a pillow holding an ornate crown that was placed on Moon's head. The Korean-born businessman and religious leader then delivered a long speech saying he was "sent to Earth . . . to save the

III 80

world's six billion people. . . . Emperors, kings and presidents . . . have declared to all Heaven and Earth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent." Details of the ceremony -- first reported by writer John Gorenfeld -have prompted several lawmakers to say they were misled or duped by organizers. Their complaints prompted a Moon-affiliated Web site to remove a video of the "Crown of Peace" ceremony two days ago, but other Web sites have preserved details and photos. A link below gave us this gem: As As Antonin Scalia explained a few months later, the Bible teaches and Christians believe "... that government ...derives its moral authority from God. Government is the `minister of God' with powers to `revenge,' to `execute wrath,'including even wrath by the sword..."

Aaack! Bush may appoint 3 more judges to help this fruitcake! Law to introduce GOD above the US Supreme Court This is the text of the "Constitution Restoration Act of 2004 (Introduced in Senate) mentioned above S 2082 108th CONGRESS 2d Session To limit the jurisdiction of Federal courts in certain cases and promote federalism. [Federalism my arse, this promotes FUNDAMENTALISM] IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES February 12, 2004 Mr. SHELBY (for himself, Mr. MILLER, Mr. BROWNBACK, Mr. GRAHAM of South Carolina, Mr. INHOFE, and Mr. ALLARD) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary A BILL To limit the jurisdiction of Federal courts in certain cases and promote federalism. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the `Constitution Restoration Act of 2004'. TITLE I--JURISDICTION , SEC. 101. APPELLATE JURISDICTION.

III 81

(a) IN GENERAL(1) AMENDMENT TO TITLE 28- Chapter 81 of title 28, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following: `Sec. 1260. Matters not reviewable `Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Supreme Court shall not have jurisdiction to review, by appeal, writ of certiorari, or otherwise, any matter to the extent that relief is sought against an element of Federal, State, or local government, or against an officer of Federal, State, or local government (whether or not acting in official personal capacity), by reason of that element's or officer's acknowledgement of God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government.'. Who is supposed to be GOD? Blair: Well, just look for clues from Bush sex-mate, Tony

World - Reuters

Don't Mock Bush, Work with Him, Blair Tells Europe 1 hour, 22 minutes ago World - Reuters By Mike Peacock LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Tony Blair (news - web sites) urged Europe and the United States on Monday to bury differences over Iraq (news - web sites) and focus their energies on global challenges such as lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Reuters British Prime Minister Tony Blair Blair, speaking three days after meeting President Bush (news web sites), said to lampoon the U.S. administration was selfdefeating and that a positive attitude from EU leaders could temper impulses in Washington to go it alone around the world. "It is not a sensible or intelligent response for us in Europe to ridicule American arguments and parody their political leadership," the prime minister told the Lord Mayor's Banquet in London -- his major foreign policy speech of the year.

III 82

"What is entirely sensible however is for Europe to say terrorism won't be beaten by toughness alone," he said. Galatians 6 7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked : for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. This is Bible quoting Blair calling Bush God. This is Blair, AGAIN, defying what I have made clear: DO NOT SPEAK FOR AMERICA! WHAT DOES BRITAIN THINK OF BLAIR?

The founding fathers were aware of secret societies at the time they wrote the governing document. By definition, secret societies are secret. The citizens of this country have no way of knowing who to charge with these violations. The conspiracy that is documented in this complaint is the product of the secret societies which after two hundred and twenty-eight years have permeated the entire United States government. The Freemasons can be tied to the British throne. What they have done is an act of war and should be treated as such in the international law. Freemasons have infiltrated Congress, and again, we have the pattern of the perpetrators in the roles of both the criminals and the prosecutors. Secret societies which swear allegiance to other governments are treasonous and not above the law. Secret societies with goals of world domination such as Freemasons fall within the category described in Article XIV Section 3 of the Constitution:

"No person shall be a Senator or Representative or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability."
The President is held accountable under Article II. He takes an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States on Inauguration day. According to the United States Constitution,

Article II Section 4. “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Article III Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same

III 83

overt act, or on confession in open court."
The Vice President of the United States as President of the Senate of Congress falls under this amendment. The President of the United States as the Commander and Chief of the military is covered in Article XIV. It is evident that America has critical internal problems, but the "American problem" is a Nazi cancer that spread from Europe to North America and now the Austrian "Terminator" is "bock", like he said he would be. No one is safe; that is an international problem. It is NOT my problem, and I am tired of bearing the burden of it. The same people who assassinated Kennedy attempted, not just once, but twice, to assassinate French President DeGaulle. One can deduce that if it was the same cabal that assassinated Kennedy, Kennedy was not a member of the cabal. Mark Lane, in his book, Plausible Denial, quoted late President Johnson as saying, “ I have never believed that Oswald acted alone,” and “we had an operation a Murder Inc. in the Caribbean.” If the Vice President of the United States, who helped orchestrate the assassination, did not set the ball in motion, who did? If Johnson had been the mastermind of the blood letting, the murders and assassinations would have stopped. If Johnson was the most power mad of the group, he would have sought reelection in 1968. Americans were culpable, including Vice President Johnson and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. America played its international links. role in the Killing of the King, but there were

•Why didn't President Johnson attend Prime Minister Winston Churchill's funeral? •Why didn't the Vice President of the United States attend Prime Minister Winston Churchill's funeral? •Why didn't the Secretary of State attend Prime Minister Winston Churchill's funeral? •Why did the head of the Warren Commission, Earl Warren, attend Prime Minister Winston Churchill's funeral instead of the above dignitaries? •Who had motive to murder President DeGaulle? •Who had means to murder President DeGaulle? •Who would have benefited? •Who hated France in 1961 and 1962 and hated Kennedy? •Who can be tied to Canada? •Who can be tied to NATO? •Who can be tied to Nazis? •Who did Johnson implicate in his "Murder Inc. in the Caribbean" statement? •Who left the criminal signatures Crown, Henry, Fred, Montego Bay, and the Bahamas on the Kennedy assassination? •Who did the umbrella man, the former Prime Minister from Hungary, who served one year in office, symbolize?

III 84

•What did the umbrella symbolize? •Who has executive placement in the oil business? •Who has ties to George Herbert Walker Bush and Texas? •Who has a joint bank account with Bush? () () When interviewed, Mae Brussell’s assassination expert, L. Fletcher Prouty, discussed the funding source of Kennedy's assassination. Prosecutor Garrison and author _______ also verified the funding source.

"The murder was funded by Permindex, headquarters in Montreal and Switzerland. Their stated purpose was to encourage trade between nations in the Western world. Their actual purpose was...: To fund and direct assassinations of European, Mid-Eastern and world leaders considered threats to the Western World, and to Petroleum Interests of their Backers...."
The faction that killed Kennedy was tied to Canada, the Caribbean, Nazis and Swiss banks. Who else beside Britain can be implicated as the executioner of President Kennedy? Who else wanted President DeGaulle assassinated? Britain is at the bottom of it all. Did every Prime Minister since Churchill have the exact same agenda? Or was the constant Queen, behind it all? THIS IS WAR: DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!

London Financial Times, April 27, 2003, "Blair warns Chirac on the future of Europe" by Philip Stephens and Cathy Newman: "Tony Blair has issued a direct challenge to France's Jacques Chirac over the future of the transatlantic relationship by warning that the French president's vision of Europe as a rival to the US is dangerously destabilizing... 'I am not interested in talk about punishing countries, but I think there is an issue that we have to resolve here between America and Europe and within Europe about Europe's attitude towards the transatlantic alliance....I don't want Europe setting itself up in opposition to America...I think it will be dangerous and destabilizing."
George Bush is so incompetent to hold office that he recently had the Prime Minister of Britain issue a threat of war from the United States to France, Britain's long time rival. George Bush claims to be President. Presidents do not have the power to declare war and when they do, protocol demands it be done by an American, not a fancy-pants Brit. British Prime Ministers do not announce America's intention to attack a foreign nation. If Bush is threatening war against France, it is Congress's job to say so. Just because Blair has the same name as the Vice President's residence, "Blair House", does not mean he is the United States' Vice President. He is not our Secretary of State. He is not Bush's messenger boy no matter how close he and Bill Clinton are. I have documented who Bill Clinton is and what he stands for; yet Blair and Clinton are still the closest

III 85

of friends. "Birds of a feather, flock together." I have shown what Bill Clinton has done. Do not tell me Blair never heard about it. Is he speaking for Bill Clinton, or George Bush? Is George Bush capable of holding office? I have grave concerns that America has used Tony Blair to issue threats to French President Chirac, and Europe for the United States? I have grave concerns that Bush has threatened to invade sixty countries. Bush is insane. Although what I am about to say sounds crazy, it is classic George W. Frat Boy Bush: When Congress was angry at France and changed the name of cafeteria food from French Fries to Freedom Fries, Bush interpreted that as Congress declaring war on France: Operation Freedom. All his decisions are made in occultic code. He does not have the intellectual ability to put up a mask, by which he can conceal his intentions, except when it comes to the hiding the hatred he has towards his father. The Logan Act prohibits Clinton from conducting business for America. Clinton, like Bush, like Blair, like Elizabeth Mountbatten and Charlie Mountbatten do not know their boundaries. Clinton is not the President of the United States He has boundary problems himself: the rape of a woman at Oxford which forced him to leave the Rhodes program early, the Juanita Broadrick rape, the many murders. Rhodes scholars are trained to violate boundaries, and therefore are trained to be mentally ill. Shall I go on? What is Blair doing associating with him? Is the Rhodes scholar brotherhood more important to him than any other bond? If so, he too needs to be removed from office immediately. He is a threat to the world. The Rhodes agenda is continuation of Hitler's insane agenda. •Is Blair threatening foreign leaders and their families with car accidents on the way to funerals as happened to Saudi princes? •Is Blair threatening Flight 77's or TWA 800's? •Is he threatening MK-ULTRA revenge?


No threat from the Clinton-Bush-Windsor crowd can go unaddressed. These people murder when there is no personal motive. Presidential impersonator George W. Bush has announced he believes he can assassinate leaders of foreign countries. He has already released assassin squads worldwide without telling the countries who these people are. Hitler told the world exactly what he would do, too. What exactly was Blair trying to say to President Chirac? Time is of the essence to stop these people. Tony Blair is out of line in this incident. This could be evidence of the delusional thinking that is epidemic with this group. Mentally healthy people are defined as people who understand their boundaries. They understand where their rights stop and another person's rights begin. This group does not believe anyone has rights except for them. There is royalty and there are the "untouchables". Everyone else, except some royalty, is expendable. One of their most frequently used displays of pure evil is their "Use you, then kill you" doctrine. They draw people into their circles knowing from the beginning they will end up murdering them. They display traits of humanity that civilized people long ago discarded. They believe like the idiot Nazi in

III 86

"Schindler's List" that brutality equals power. Brutality does equal power when a person lacks reasoning ability. Long ago mankind left behind the days of the knuckle-dragging Neanderthal. A few still exist, and need to be eliminated from the civilized world. David Icke has labeled them reptiles. I believe he is mistaken. They are dinosaurs who could not adapt to the changes in civilization. Some of these beasts need to be kept behind bars for the safety of mankind. Some need to be placed 6 feet under ground because they are addicted to murder, and will not stop killing until they are dead. History proves that. According to "WACO and the U.S. MILITARY---the UNHOLY THREEE. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Webster Hubbell, and Vincent W. Foster, Jr." by Sherman Skolnick (, the cover-up of the murder of the "highest ranking U.S. government official to be assassinated since the murder of [President] may wreck the U.S. government to the benefit of some foreign government like Great Britain that has been trying for more than 200 years to take back this Continent as a puppet British colony. Remember the War of 1812. Have you forgotten that two U.S. Presidents who opposed the schemes of England were assassinated? President Garfield and McKinley. Who believes a "lone assassin" did them in? Note: Clinton as a Rhodes Scholar sent to Oxford by the Cecil Rhodes Trust --- have you ever read what that Trust calls for? The return of this Continent to England. And Clinton took a pledge to support that Trust." BLAIR WITCH PROJECT

I wrote to Mr. Blair on April 3, 2003. I warned him I would be taking him to the International Criminal Court for his role in the illegal war against Iraq I told him to cease and desist from violating the boundaries of this overthrown country. I spoke as a citizen who has that right to rely on my Constitution. I sent him a copy of the Declaration of Independence. I warned him to keep the British royal family in check. I want him to answer to the ICC for his responses to my letter, because apparently he didn't understand that I consider Britain's actions against America an act of war. Instead he usurped our government again by speaking for a government that is none of his business. He is a Rhodes scholar. Bill Clinton, a fellow Rhodes scholar one of my enemies meet regularly. Bill Clinton is a murderer. Who killed Dr. David Kelley? Rhodes scholar, Edward Porter spoke for his group: "The Nazis are the only people who have ever made a thorough and organized effort to put brains into government, and unless we learn from them as they have from us, this war is going to be a greater waste of time and effort than the first one." SRR-Cuddy 59 The November 15, 1994 headline of the precursor to Spectrum Magazine named Contact, reading,

"British Mind Control Plot to Overthrow Tavistock and Nazi MK-ULTRA Techniques."



This does not sound so far-fetched now. () ( Copy enclosed.)

III 87

I want Prime Minister brought before the International Criminal Court to explain his statements. What kind of danger is he threatening from America, a country over which he has no authority? I do want Europe to oppose and challenge America's position. Blair must have read the Drudge Report and believed his press coverage - that he is the next "President of Europe". He does not have the authority to order the President of a foreign country to obey George Bush. His own country is in shambles, and he has big enough "beams in his own eye" that he needs to address before he points out what he considers to be a "speck" in his peer's eye. Nazi, mass-murderers, Elizabeth Mountbatten and Price Charles are his responsibility. He has a malfunctioning governmental infrastructure which British citizens complain about on a regular basis, and he has a $16,000,000,000 bribe to spend.


Bush/Blair Bribery Affair by Sherman Skolnick

"What turned out to be a messy situation, all started, at least in part, to unravel on January 16, 2003. Two events were on that day, one later widely reported, the other seldom mentioned. The space shuttle "Columbia" took off on that day, later crashing, February 1, 2003. It is dealt with elsewhere in this series. On the same day in January, what some prefer to call jointly the American CIA/Bush Crime Family, conducted a "black bag" job. They did a break-in and entry into the residence of Alan Greenspan, Commissar of the Federal Reserve, America's highly secretive PRIVATE central bank. What all were they looking for? Among other things, they sought to retrieve, and keep from ever surfacing, a series of Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing certain transactions done under the secret authorization code of Greenspan. The dealings were several months previous. They show that George Herbert Walker Bush used the Carlyle Group to forward some sixteen Billion Dollars to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Daddy Bush has been a senior paid consultant with Carlyle to, among others, the Bin Laden Group, the Saudi Family dominating several industries in Saudi and the Middle East, including construction. They are NOT actually on the outs with family member Osama, who they finance, also with members of the Saudi Royal Family, through a major bank in Saudi, and banks and financial entities worldwide, including the Dutch money laundry, Algemene Bank Nederland, now ABN-AMRO. Here is the circuitous route the funds took [1] The existence of the transactions, by themselves, sufficiently prove the prior planning jointly of White House occupant and resident George W. Bush financially bending Tony Blair. The upshot of it all, was to have Blair join with Dubya (said quickly Texas style) to seize eventually the Iraqi

III 88

oilfields, for two purposes. First, to use the oil treasure as collateral to underwrite the huge U.S. deficit, soon to be out-of-control. Thus laying the way for Dubya to push a huge tax cut for the one or two percent of Americans, the wealthiest in the U.S. Second, to seek to prop up the Bank of England caught up on the wrong side of speculations in the Kuwaiti Dinar, a currency pegged to the so-called "U.S. Dollar", actually hot-air Federal Reserve Notes. And further, to seek to bail out the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and LIFFE, the International Financial Futures and Options Exchange in London. To understand the route of the bribe to Blair and the route, some background is necessary. [2] Starting in the late 1980s and up to 1991, the highly mysterious espionage money laundry, BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, was later implicated in a scheme to bribe more than 25 per cent of both houses of Congress. More than 28 U.S. Senators and more than 108 Congressmen. The purpose of the scheme was to corruptly influence, by bribes or phantom transactions used as blackmail, to members of Congress who were chosen to help promote the interests of BCCI in opening numerous branches in the U.S. The lawmakers were invited to give speeches in Chicago, seldom reported in the press. While in the Windy City, they were paid their "honorarium" (lecture fees) and told they were getting as a bonus, an account with the exchanges there, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Later, some congressmen were told their Chicago accounts had a loss, but through straddles (a technical device using losses on one side of the fence, and gains on the other), they had a huge gain in London. Some Congressmen directly or through trusted aides picked up the "bonus" in London while secretly videotaped. Other Congressmen did not do so, but through phantom records, were shown, nevertheless to have "picked up" the pay-offs, in other words, blackmail. LIFFE was instrumental in all this. Why? Because they operate electronically only, and retain no paper records. Hence, the difficulty for regulatory authorities and tax collectors to sniff out. Upon the apparent downfall of BCCI in 1991 (they continue under the name of a alter ego and successor), the Bank of England, supervising the smash up, for thirty days ONLY had the bribery list of Congress as a public record. As we told in a prior web site story, a major news group refused to make public the story, and so it ended up with us. My exclusive details appeared in October, 1991, in the populist publication Spotlight, years later made defunct through a dirty court trick. [3] Instrumental in the Bush/Blair Affair was Carlyle Group, having on its Board of Directors a previous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The funds for Blair went through the Chicago

III 89

markets which have been heavily on the wrong side of Kuwaiti Dinar gambling, called derivatives, a sort of bookkeeping hocuspocus. They, together with the Bank of England, are leaning over the edge of the cliff in TRILLIONS of Dollars, enough to panic currency markets if completely divulged. Why was the Kuwaiti Dinar selected as part of the route to Blair? Because the currency, pegged to the Dollar, is considered more independent. In technical data, that means it has almost no limit features up or down, the "sky is the limit" betting. The 16 Billion Dollars, in Kuwaiti Dinars, was to benefit Tony Blair through, among other places, accounts for him, in financial entities in the United Arab Emirates, a favorite money laundry site. [4] What happened with the incriminating records in Greenspan's residence on January 16, 2003? Well, the "black bag" team did not get them. Why? His wife, Andrea Mitchell, senior Washington correspondent for NBC, had previous to that date moved the records to another location. The records are now in the possession of certain more independent-minded U.S. free lance journalists. A preliminary story about this, with just a few details, appeared exclusively in Canada, on a popular web site linked to a Toronto radio program, Mojo Radio, "The Cloak and Dagger" Program, described as a "Talk Show for Spies". A few hours after they posted the preliminary details, their web site was smashed by the "shadow government". (ca stands for a web site in Canada). In a conference call, a leading web site technician stated to us he had a terrible time getting their web site back operating, and that he does not know of another event as troubling as the wreckage of the Cloak and Dagger web site, where show host Lenny Bloom posts items on their news forum together with advance listings of upcoming guests. I participated in putting the preliminary story together for Cloak and Dagger. [5] The Russians with the help of Commissar Putin, formerly of the Soviet Secret Police, the KGB, have details of a phone conversation recently between Bush and Blair, about the preliminary story. Blair told Bush, "You have to take down those web sites who have the documents". Bush responded, "We have a constitution", a statement that Bush could make without really believing the same. "Never mind all that, take down those web sites! If they post the first of the fourteen wire transfer records, you may not find me still on Downing Street anymore." The inside joke is that an Israeli firm, reportedly fronting for Israeli intelligence and somehow beholden to Moscow, got the U.S. contract to rewire the communications system of the White House, the FBI, and the American CIA. The firm apparently, through satellites, is able to clandestinely send, in real-time, the content of supposedly secure, secret communications of U.S. top

III 90

officials. [6] And what is the possible fallout from the full disclosure of the Bush to Blair bribery? The possible wreckage of the Chicago markets together with LIFFE, for openers. And a successful attack on the British Pound Sterling because of disclosures that the Bank of England, having gambled away their assets on Kuwaiti Dinar Derivatives, along with those exchanges, is insolvent and cannot any longer support the Pound in world currency markets. Further, Blair would be open to criminal bribery prosecution together with charges against Daddy Bush and Dubya, of treason, international bribery, racketeering, and sundry other federal criminal offenses. Please note that starting three years ago, on our web site,, we posted a series "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush". Shown there are the 25 worldwide secret money laundry accounts of the Bush Crime Family, the proceeds of hundreds of billions of extortion loot, joint business deals with Saddam Hussein in the 1980s. Also, shown is the Bush Crime Family JOINT ACCOUNT with the Queen of England, at her PRIVATE bank, Coutts Bank London. In December 19, 2001, the London Financial Times reported that the Queen of England sent her top bank executive, Andrew Fisher, to be a top official of Carlyle Group. Bush/British Monarch account shows a transaction of ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS. The secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing the secret authorization code of Alan Greenspan, are part of our web site series. So, will the latest secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records be posted? Wait and see. [7] Furthermore, the Bush/Blair documents show that Tony Blair privately greatly profited from arranging shipments to North Korea to enhance their nuclear capability. In that regard, he privately benefited, as we mentioned in a previous part of this series, like Hillary Rodham Clinton, likewise implicated in privately profiting from shipments of nuclear items to North Korea. As to both Blair and Hillary, the shipments were reportedly made through Royal Jordanian Airlines. [As to Hillary and North Korea, we showed that document about a year ago on our Chicago public access Cable TV Program, "Broadsides"]. So, will the latest documents be posted? More coming. Stay tuned. () Overthrow of American Republic, Part 28) ( British Labour Party Hiring Our Army for Largesse Paul Craig Roberts Thursday, Oct. 14, 2004 British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie, have

III 91

purchased a $6.4 million townhouse in Connaught Square and plan on spending another $900,000 fixing it up. The Blairs already own an $800,000 six-bedroom home in his Sedgefield constituency on which taxpayers have spent $3.6 million turning it into a terrorist-proof fortress. According to the British press, a downpayment of $1.8 million would leave the Blairs with a $324,000 annual mortgage payment on their Connaught Square townhome. The mortgage payment would use up 100% of Blair’s pre-tax income as prime minister, leaving the couple to get by on Cherie’s income as a lawyer. Blair is banking on his loyalty to President Bush to produce the future income to pay off his mortgage. The British press estimates that Blair, having provided cover for Bush’s ill-fated invasion of Iraq, can look forward to earning $3.6 million on the American lecture circuit once he leaves office, along with a $1.8 million book advance and lucrative directorships, Halliburton, no doubt, included. Many have been puzzled why Blair, with Britain's sizable Muslim population, threw in with the American neoconservatives’ agenda to attack weaponless, secular Iraq. Modern Britain has as many Muslims as Presbyterians, Methodists, and Jews combined. The answer, it appears, is money. By hiring out Britain’s army to the Republicans, Blair struck it rich. According to news reports, one of Connaught Square’s true blue residents expressed some concern about the neighborhood with a politician moving in. But it is too late for that. A chief whip already inhabits the posh residential area. Make that chief whiplash. One of the Blairs’ neighbors will be a madam who specializes in sadism. According to press reports, whippings are a specialty of her “torture den.” “More honest work,” quipped one cynic. The British Labour Party, having spent the 20th century dispossessing the British aristocracy of their estates with death duties and super tax, has ensconced itself in the House of Lords with life peerages. (continued) NewsMax
Tony, it must be nice to live as a country "gentlemen" on the blood of the innocent!

III 92




Britain needs to back off, and leave America, Iraq and France and all the other countries alone until people have a chance to evaluate the status of the damage that has been done to all nations. America needs to get out of every other country's business, and take care of its own problems. We cannot do this as long as Bush is controlling the media, and America is in the dark about its real status. The media has been silenced. Isn't it time that a peace treaty is signed with Germany? Why are Germans still under the thumb of foreigners. I am all in favor of revisiting World War II, but let's attack the root of the problem. Let's get to the truth. Hitler was an evil man, and incarcerated Jews who ended up being executed. Many starved to death. The Americans cut off food supplies to Germany. Blame him for all of it if you must, but at least tell the whole truth. The truth is that Germany should not be suffering for what happened in World War II. Where is the peace treaty? Get it signed. Al Martin, a former high-level Bush family cohort, ex-intelligence operative, Iran-Contra insider, and author has information that former President George Bush is in the process of buying up media sources with funds from a secret off shore bank. Mr. Bush sits on the board of advisors for Clear Channel Communications; their one mandate on a Clear Channel station is that one cannot criticize a Republican or say anything bad about a Bush, according to Mr. Martin. () This mandate is direct violation of the United States Constitution's First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech. Former President Bush does not, nor has he ever represented America. He is a Nazi like his father. He also has most people fooled. I am asking the International Criminal Court for an official Desist" order against Britain interfering in anything that with America until the issue of the Nuremberg Trials can be I have established in this application the dangers posed to world by Rhodes scholars. "Cease and has to do revisited. the entire

If Blair is declaring war on France for Britain's sake, he needs to speak in the name of the country which put him in office. France has nuclear weapons, and if Britain is threatening war, let the message be clear so that the French may defend themselves. Preemptive strikes are now acceptable, according to Bush's example. No country should have to wait to be attacked first, and Russia has a lot of nuclear weapons they need to dispose of according to the nuclear disarmament agreement that Bush did not want to put in writing.

"...the president also considers arms control treaties between the two former adversaries outdated relics. He is proposing that they be replaced by trust and a handshake: ''I looked the man in the eye and shook his hand.''

III 93

By speaking his mind on Iraq, President Chirac is just exercising America's First Amendment Right to freedom of speech. Since France helped liberate America from Britain, as an American, I believe he has the right to exercise that right. NO PEACE TREATY SIGNED WITH GERMANY

I am a loyal American. I do not believe in the United Nations having jurisdiction over this country. I would oppose any effort of the U.N. to get involved in internal politics, but U.N. does have jurisdiction over international issues. This is an international problem with international criminals, including Americans. I am requesting that the U.N. and other international agencies address what has been confirmed posthumously by Nikita Khruschev's letters to President Kennedy: World War II never ended. (See page ___.) Hitler is dead, but Nazi Queen Elizabeth II who carried on in King Edward VIII's footsteps and Nazi Poppy Bush must be brought before a Nazi tribunal to conclude the Nuremberg Trials. This must occur before the world can conduct any further business. The foundation on which world politics is being conducted is a false one. We all need to return to 1945 and try this one more time. The Rothschild’s Protocal of Elders Zion plan is to depopulate the world by at least four billion people to accommodate their needs for golf courses and palaces. These rapists and murderers, do not understand that others have a right to have boundaries, or even the right to live. They just take what they want because they believe they are entitled to it. The following scene would be a great Saturday Night Live skit, but it is a scary scenario for a President in the days of cyborgs. We have seen cyborg technology in films. The shark in "Jaws" was a cyborg. "R2D2" was a cyborg in "Star Wars". Bush sounds like a robot with a first generation speech recognition computer. He could be mistaken for the impostor President Abraham Lincoln robot at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Observations of a reporter who attended a recent White House Press conference from Spectrum Magazine, "The Prozac Nation & Its 'Robot' Leader" by Al Martin:

"In the latest talking corpse.

press conference,

Bush looked

like a

wind -up

When he came onto the podium in the East Room, there was so much makeup on his face that he looked like Casper the Ghost. It was definitely too much pancake. They were trying to hide the red blotchiness in his upper cheekbones, which is a telltale sign that appears when he lies. But they put it on so thick it make him look artificial and you could actually see the bridges of it in his upper cheekbones. And his demeanor - he was so calm, artificially calm, and he kept moving his head around. He looked just like my neighbor after he takes on of Xanax tablets.

III 94

Bush had this artificial calmness and he spoke in a monotone. didn't use his hands the way he normally does.


When a reporter got up and asked him a question, Bush would look at the reporter and then his head started moving around in this mechanical back-and=forth motion, side to side. His eyes looked dopey and glazed over. It was the strangest thing but it's typical. They must have had this guy on Prozac because his demeanor, his physical appearance, the way he spoke, the way he moved - all were exactly the way my neighbor acts after he's taken his medication. There were reporters there too, all pro-Bush reporters. And you could tell the questions were rehearsed because Ari Fleischer, the press secretary, was sitting in the front row. They should have had him off camera - but there he was, holding onto a clipboard. Every time one of the reporter asked a question, Ari would look at the clipboard and use his finger to follow what they were saying to make sure they were using the approved question line. Bush spoke very slowly through the whole thing, dragging out every word. He spoke so mechanically and slowly it took forever. They must have used the new Valium gas system in the White House because the reporters were exactly the same way. They would stand up s-lo-w-l-e-y. It was very surreal. They enunciated every word and spoke s-l-o-w-l-e-y and even sat down s-l-o-w-l-e-y. Bush looked like one of those late 19th Century French wind-up mechanical automatons with a painted white face. The funniest part was at the end, when he's walking off the podium, walking down the East Wing, and you see his back. They always show that at the end of the conference. All of a sudden you hear this electronic noise and then you hear all this clapping. They played a canned clapping tape." () ( If it had been a Saturday Night Live skit, they would not have needed canned laughter. Apparently it was so funny, that Asian traders who were watching the press conference were described like this: "It was a riot - particularly the Japanese on the floor of the Nikkei; they're glued to this enormous TV screen, and then, every few minutes, they'd turn and talk to each other and then start laughing like hell. They were actually laughing at him." () (
Would George Herbert Walker Bush allow his son, George W. Bush, to be taken over by drugs or by a cyborg? Yes. The religious belief of these people includes the worship of the god of Moloch, the god of child sacrifice. It is their belief they gain more power if they sacrifice their children - usually the oldest. They carry through with the sacrifice, unlike Abraham because they believe they are superior to Abraham and his God.

III 95

In that same article, Al Martin wrote, "The British Medical Journal has officially declared America "The Prozac Nation". They report the explosive increase in the use of Prozac - more than a 40% increase in the the use of Prozac - since the election of George Bush....and the use of hard liquor has increased by 25%." () ( If George Bush is on mind control drugs, he would not be the first President incapacitated by Britain's subversive warfare. Britain cannot plead innocent. Has everyone forgotten the Chinese Opium Wars? This is scary, indeed, especially after realizing that President Ronald Reagan's mental status was questionable after the assassination attempt by a son of a G.H.W. Bush associate. The shooting took place two months after Reagan took office. Consider these facts: •Prescott Bush had Eisenhower's ear for eight years. () ( •Nixon was a Bush puppet for six years. •If Bush incapacitated Reagan and ran the White House for him, Bush had another eight years, plus his own four years in the Oval Office. •Bush trained Clinton. •As a Watergate lawyer, Hillary Rodham Clinton heard the “smoking gun tape” that implicated Nixon and G.H.W. Bush in the assassination of President Kennedy which Nixon referred to in code as the “Bay of Pigs”. •Hillary and Bill Clinton's home base is London. •Bill Clinton swore an oath to return America to Britain. •Bill Clinton is a traitor to America. •Clinton serves Elizabeth Mountbatten. That makes eight more years under Bush/Bush partner: Elizabeth Mountbatten. •"W" has been sitting in the Oval Office for over three years. •Bush was introduced to the oil business by the British royal family, according to Sherman Skolnick, Webster Tarpley, and Anton Chaiken. •Bush was behind the assassination of Kennedy, and was behind the assassination attempts of Ford by Manson family members Sarah Jane Moore and Squeaky Fromme

III 96

•The Manson family is linked to the CIA trained, SLA, which can be tied to Hillary Clinton and Bush. •Manson was placed in a pedophile orphanage, Boys Town, which had CIA connections.

•Bush is affilliated with Hinckley, Reagan’s would be assassin. •I can tie government sponsored terrorism to Nixon, Clinton, and Bush. •Bush has the same agenda Clinton had, plus Bush and Her Majesty the Queen have a joint bank account. •Who is the missing link in the Kennedy assassination? •Who ...can ...can ...can ...can ...can ...can be tied to oil companies? be tied to Canada? be tied to the Caribbean? be tied Nazis? be tied to Swiss banks? be tied to Bill Clinton who drove Hale Boggs, Warren Commission member, to the airport just before his plane was blown out of the sky? ...can be tied to Hillary “Smoking Gun” Clinton? ...can be tied to George W. Bush? ...can be tied to George Herbert Walker Bush? •Who had motive to assassinate Kennedy AND DeGaulle? •Who had a personal grudge against Hitler and would want to frame me as an Antichrist figure and has plotted against me since I was born in 1951? -Bill Clinton was born in 46. -Hillary Clinton was born in 47. -George W. Bush was born in 46. -Charlie Mountbatten was born in 1948 -George Herbert Walker Bush was born in 1924. -Queen Elizabeth was born in 1926. George Herbert Walker Bush was brought into the oil business by Elizabeth Mountbatten. Of the two of them, which do you think is the heavyweight?

"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?" Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Sign of Four
The status of American presidents since Truman is delineated on page ___. The office of U.S. President of the United States has been compromised for decades, and Britain and Nazis were behind it. Presidents select Supreme Court Judges and federal judges. Our judicial system is nonfunctioning.

III 97

Assassination and other methods of "tradecraft" have been used to control the politics of this country. The National Security Agency prevents our media from telling the citizens the truth so Americans have no clue their country has been overthrown. We are a country that will fight back. If we need a civil war, Americans can do that if they are made aware of the truth. All that is needed is for this story to go public. Thirty American newspapers refused to touch my case. Americans cannot count on the American media to break this story. An international trial might get their attention. Exposure of the status of America will have to be instigated from the another source. Insane, traitor George Bush has openly admitted his desire to be a dictator . He has even hired a communist Vietnamese to write the "Patriot Act" which stripped Americans of all rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The Department of Justice is run by a man who lost his senatorial campaign to a dead man - Mel Carnahan who was also assassinated. Ashcroft was rejected by his own state. He does not even know what he is doing. According to the Constitution, he cannot alter our basic rights without a Constitutional Amendment; no matter what any corrupt judge may say. This is why our Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment. If our government ever gets out of hand, like Britain's, King George III did, we can take arms against the government - radical as that may seem, that is the foundation. The philosophy established by the founding fathers was government should fear the people. The people should not fear the government; fear of government is tyranny. I have been actively fighting this government since 1998. The entire world will need to join in, or the world as we know it now, is over.

Bush-Cheney Taking USA     by CONSPIRACY PLANET






Congressman Major Owens (D-NY) told a National Organization for Women rally in New York's Central Park that the Bush Cheney Regime is taking America "into a snake pit of fascism." "I am right on the spot there in Washington, and I tell you our country will either go forward or down the drain into a snake pit of fascism," Owens said. "We need to stand up and fight." When asked who is to blame, Owens replied, "George Bush, John Ashcroft, Dick Cheney, Halliburton. We are going in the same direction as Nazi Germany in terms of we have a ruthless group of people who make bold decisions. They spit on democracy." Owens also said that the Bush Cheney Regime "has contempt for democracy and uses power -- military power, money power, all power -- to override the wishes of those who are governed." "We have to be fanatics for peace and fanatics for democracy because we are facing people who steal elections, and they will

III 98

do even more, if necessary, to retain their power.

"They are bringing tremendous sums of money and power to bear on our media systems, our communication system, and they are going to force people to vote -- put people into a state of confusion where they vote against their own interests," Owens said. "As they say on the streets, they have put one over on us in the worst way," Owens said. "The country as we know it cannot survive another Bush administration." id=1531
I do not recognize a president or any law founded on fraud and nor should any country. I cannot believe any country could accept the policy of sending assassination squads to eliminate dissent as "American policy". This is not the spirit upon which America was founded. But America is acting like the British who adopted Hitler's plan. America has become predatory, and believes in no rights for its citizens, slave-making, stripping a person of their mind, locking citizens up without due process and more signs of a government-gonemad. This tyranny must be stopped. The takeover of America was gradual, but once Elizabeth Mountbatten had her Rhodes scholar, Bill Clinton, in office the country was finished. Does anyone know the names of the people at Guantanamo Bay? (They are not animals - and animals should not even be treated like that.) Has anyone kept track of who has gone in and out of that mind control center? Is the world secure with the knowledge they have not programmed terrorists and then released them into Saudi Arabia and Morocco as al Qaeda? Any country that opposes Bush can expect Guantanamo graduates. He will plant terrorists in countries and then attack you because you have terrorists. The U.S. government used this strategy on ME - a United States citizen. What would they do to foreign countries? America just gave Poland ____jets. America does not "give" anything. America simply opened a new military base there without alarming the world. They will take control of their own jets when the time is right. They are "training" the pilots. The training is most likely MK-ULTRA computer accessing of their brains in case America needs some other country to bomb someone to instigate an invasion. Rumsfeld will probably dress some former Guantanamo prisoners they programmed to be terrorists in √ uniforms and cause a commotion near a border. The Germans who are calling Bush Hitlerian and who say America has become a "police state" are absolutely correct. I am tired of seeing people removed from their jobs for speaking the truth about Bush. They should be rewarded, not punished. George Bush is murdering American patriots like FBI counter terrorism expert John O'Neill. John O'Neill cooperated with French writers to publish the book, Osama Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth by Guillaume Dasqui and Jean-

III 99

Claude Brisard, which documents America's complicity in the attacks on U.S. properties. Victim of a disgruntled student, former Deputy Attorney General Anthony Sutin, was shot to death on his new job. FBI analyst Linda Franklin, was conveniently the victim of the Washington sniper. Many others have been murdered so Bush can keep his illegitimate position which was not entered into by the good will faith REQUIRED for any American contract. Just a few examples of "Use you, then kill you": •Marge Danshaw, one former boss who was used to remove Gary Atwood from our work site, was murdered. Gary Atwood was investigated for her death. In actuality, the arrows point to Alan Bersin and the former District Attorney, Paul Pfingst, with court-documented Nazi beliefs, who investigated Mr. Atwood as the most likely initiator of Danshaw's death. See January 24, 2000 letter from the District Attorney's office and the date of Danshaw's death provided in documentation.) •Wayne Oatken, another former Superintendent used to assassinate my reputation and character, was incapacitated when he suffered a major heart attack in spite of his regular jogging regime. •Ron Hockwalt, another superintendent, the man who was removed from his job so Oatken could remove me, knew too much and died mysteriously. •George Flanigan, Director of Personnel for SDUSD, refused to honor my contractual rights, sadistically tormented me like a Nazi, and attempted to provoke Gary Atwood to violence. Although he claimed that he thought Atwood was dangerous he slammed his fist down on the table in front of Gary shouting, "Look BUSTER!" and then denied Mr. Atwood his contractual rights. He died of a virulent cancer. •Nazi Eugene Brucker, who, I figured out, was the top Nazi in charge of the Nazi plans in the school district. His crime? He failed at his job when I discovered the plan, but they named the SDUSD education building after him for all his hard work. He died of a virulent cancer. Deputy Superintendent Bertha Pendleton covered up the embezzlements that George Frey was investigating and was scheduled to die in the New SLA plot, according to planted evidence. •Gary Atwood told me after meeting with Gittinger that he was going die. •The SLA is a perfect example of government agents who fall into the mold, “Use you, then kill you”. Former Bush business partners and associates have not faired very well either under the "Use you then, then kill you" philosophy: •Osama bin Laden •Saddam Hussein •Manuel Noriega

III 100

•Bush Bodycount List () ( Then there is the famous, "Friends of Bill" (FOB) list: See Clinton Bodycount list in my January 1, 2000 letter or online. Clinton's former lover, Gennifer Flowers has a list on her web site. () and ( Monica Lewinsky threatened Linda Tripp by placing "the list" on her chair at work. Then there is the "breeder" Princess Diana who according to some sources was told Charles married her simply so she could provide him with children. The CIA had her murdered for "The Queen". Dodi al Fayed's father has the facts. Mohammed al Fayed who helped bring down the conservatives in Britain, allowing for a "liberal" takeover of the British government, which paved the way for Tony Blair's appointment as Prime Minister. I believe Blair was involved in planning Princess Diana and Dodi al- Fayed’s death. These are just a few of the illustrations of “Use you, then kill you.” Gary Atwood fell in this group. He realized this after he watched his wife emulated on television. I believe I was being used as a patsy, and I know they were planning to kill me. Would it be in a shootout or a Columbine experience? I believe both were planned. The shootout was second choice after I refused to show up to my assigned school. There is one more "use you, then kill you" that deserves mentioning:

• Adolph Eichmann , alias "Harold Kaiser", code for "Heil Hitler" also was disposed of when he failed to keep me viable for this plan. Someone tried to murder me with a biological weapon right after my father died in 1988. I watched George Herbert Walker Bush’s inaugeration from my hospital bed. Kaiser begged me to help him, claiming someone was after him. This was immediately after i recovered enough to go back to work after being bedridden for ten weeks due to a biological agent. I believe G.H.W. Bush was involved in that murder plot. I should have died according to doctors and my vital signs. I am alive today because it was my fate to fight these bastards. My first diagnosis was leukemia, but that diagnosis did not stick, but it took me two years to regain my strength. (It wasn't until after I became aware of the Hitler connection that I looked at photos of Nazis and recognized Harold Kaiser, or "Hal", as Adolph Eichmann. He had been my landlord for thirteen years. He told me he was from Germany, but he looked Jewish so I didn't consider the fact that he could have been a Nazi. I asked what his profession had been. He told me he had been a teacher a business teacher. He owned a half million dollar real estate complex free and clear. A business teacher could not have acquired property of that value in such a short time.

III 101

The “Adolf Eichmann” Harold Kaiser was.

who was executed was

not Adolf Eichmann.

Then there is the list of “We were supposed to have been dead/executed, but we weren’t”: •Rudolf Hess - After I moved into another neighborhood, I had another elderly German neighbor named "Rudy" who dressed just like Hal in brown khaki shirts and pants. I later recognized him in a book about Nazis. He was Rudolf Hess. He would walk by my house and take my trash cans in for me. He talked to me about Kennedy, not President Kennedy, but Dr. James Kennedy, the television preacher from Broward County, Florida. He even tape recorded some of Kennedy’s sermons and brought them over for me. He had a thick German accent. I did ask him about his role in Germany. He said he was a "machinist" during the war, and he "didn't know" what was going on. I didn't believe him. •Hermann Goring - Then I realized that my former best friend's father looked somewhat like Hermann Goring. This man was a maniacal monster. He did fit the stereotype for a Nazi, but he is the only one who did. His first profession was tow truck driver removing dead bodies from twisted wreckages. Then he became the first Toyota dealer in America, under the name of John A. Rose, and traveled the world often. After establishing the car dealership, he started up the Bank of Commerce, and headed that. Rose claimed to be Irish, but once his daughter admitted he was "part" German. When I asked her if he had any connection to Nazi Germany she told me during World War II, he had been a "Merchant Marine" because he had been rejected for duty due to his "flat feet". Rose had had plastic surgery several times, dyed his hair and did take "fountain of youth" injections imported from Germany. In the 1960's, I knew him to be in his seventies, but he didn't age like others. His wife was the one who tried to indoctrinate me in the religion of "Science of Mind". She was a High Priestess. They did believe themselves to be "Gods", and I am very familiar with their teachings. His daughter told me he had had a previous marriage and a daughter from that marriage. When he married Doris, right after War War II ended, he did not know how to read English, and taught himself. He was at least twenty years older than she. She was born in the 1920's. Her birthday was also a 66 day: June 15. His daughter had not one friend born on June 6, but two. One ended up joining the cult Children of God which believes in pedophilia. Members of that group visited Poppy Bush at the White House. I guess his security didn't tell him the little children who came to sing Christmas carols to him were being

III 102

sexually abused, because if the FBI knew, they would have thrown CS gas into the compound and driven tanks through it, like they did at WACO. Another friend of hers joined another cult that the Chinese call "The Shouters". Rose used two different birthdays: one at the end of October. The other date he used was November 14, Charles Windsor’s birthday. Like Goring, Rose was a very experienced pilot. and had had a morphine addiction earlier in his life, from a wound in his groin area. His past addiction was the reason he didn't drink alcohol. "The recognition of Nazis did not stop here. Apparently Hitler and I had many acquaintances in common. I met most of Hitler's top NAZIS. "They" - the Rothschilds, told me I met Hitler, too, but I have no recollection of meeting him. His baby photo was in my family album. When I asked my mother who he was, she told me he was my father's father, and that he was a "very very bad man". SILENCE OF THE LAMBS

Our military leaders should hang their heads in shame that they failed to protect America from the Nazis with their trillions of dollars in defense budget, and a "girl" with no resources, no weapons, did their job for them. Not only did I do their jobs, I did the FBI's job, the CIA's job, the NSA's job. For that, these people should be embarrassed to be collecting a salary or retirement benefits. To make matters worse, these people began plotting against me before I was born. On June 6, 1951, a baby girl was born to be "The Terminator" - the Austrian, Mr. Universe announcing, "Ill be bock!" A little baby girl against the original Nazis, the United States government, and the 3,500 year old British monarchy. I'll leave it up to the world court to declare the winner. Maybe Hitler did return after all. The "Spear of Destiny" which he lived by, could be used for good or evil. Someone sent me an email telling me to take the Spear of Destiny. () I received the "Spear of Destiny" email after I discovered my Hitler connection on George Washington's birthday, February 22, 2001. This mysterious sender wasn't too hard to figure out. He wrote me that I would be living with Kings I was aware that world leaders had read my emailed January 1, 2000 letter, and that Charlie probably was aware of my situation. Only one person came to mind when I received the email. I knew he was single, and I am single, but I thought, "No, I’m not interested.” I was not going to live like a butterfly in a collection. All I could envision was ___ Fowler's The Collector. I didn't respond to the email, but in retrospect, my imagery was prophetic. I wasn’t interested in him, but even if I had been Camilla Parker Bowles is so repulsive to me, that I would never have wanted anything to do with anyone who wanted anything to do with her. I thought he was a stupid fool for allowing his marriage to be sabotaged by that ugly whore. WERE WE FOOLED?

III 103

According to Eustace Mullins in “Assault on Iraq: Prelude To World War III” a series of novels called World’s End was written that veiled one account of American Averell Harriman’s role in World War II. Averell Harriman was a long time affiliate of George Bush. Is the following illustration by Eustace Mullins an example of "the great lie"?

“Hitler then employed his ingenious intelligence agencies to employ the best Jewish forgers in Europe from German concentration camps to forge impeccable documents “proving” that Stalin’s leading generals were in the pay of the Germans. Bank statement, checks, and hundreds of other papers “proved” that the Russian generals had been for years accepting payments from the Germans. The documents were delivered to Stalin, who saw at once that they were genuine. He then had his generals shot. A few weeks later, in June 1941, Hitler’s armies invaded Russia, which was in complete disarray. Stalin with no generals, realized he had been duped, and he saw no chance for Russia to survive. He suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized. Soviet Russia had no one to take his place, since he had been the absolute dictator of the Soviet paradise, and the Rothschilds were hard-put to keep World War II in progress. They sent their ablest man, Averell Harriman, to keep Russia in the war. Roosevelt promptly dispatched him to Russia as U.S. Ambassador to Russia. He served throughout World War II. At the end of the war, Stalin recovered sufficiently to resume leadership of Russian and Harriman returned to the United States. Thus for several years, Harriman served as the replacement of Stalin, the worst mass killer the world has ever known. Harriman’s replacement, President Bush, now leads the world against Iraq in the latest killing orgy. Saddam Hussein believed that the Bush boys were sending troops over to seize some oil, never dreaming that he was facing the heir of Stalin in this operation.” ()
I am not a historian; nor am I an expert on World War II. I do not know what actually happened in World War II. I know what happened to me, and the patterns of the perpetrators. The treachery described above is consistent with the tactics associated with the conspiracy centered around me. IT'SALLCONNECTEDNAZISALIENSJFK/MLK/RFKASSASSINATIONMANSONSONOFSAMW ATERGATESLAWACOOKLAHOMACITYCOLUMBINEUSSCOLETWA800WTC: If Columbine is closely studied, one can see it is not possible Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold acted alone. Columbine was a copycat for a crime that did not occur - a crime, I believe, I stopped by refusing to be framed by my government. It was linked to a series of crimes that were independently planned. Columbine killers evoked Charlie Manson’s name. Manson’s crimes occurred before they were even born. How did they learn about his crimes? The Columbine killers mentioned the other school shooters like they were an organized network. All these crimes were independent - compartmentalized crimes, but they were right in that the crimes would have been linked together. (The 9-11 terrorist plot was compartmentalized as well). ( )

III 104

( Columbine even has coded messages in it relating to the World Trade Center which didn’t occur until two and a half years later. In a poem posted on their web site, entitled "4/20"- after Hitler's birthday, - Harris warns of future action occurring related to 110 - the number of floors in the WTC.

Harris 420


420 is the day 420 shows ‘em all that I am not gay 420 420 is the date of my deed 420 will be what I will need inheritance come to mind with the word, “deed”.] 420 420 comes from seed 420 is what I call weed [Steven Weed was Patty Hearst’s boyfriend during the SLA.} 420 will put me in the mood 420 my life will be just like doom 420 420 will give me great big balls 420 will make we laugh when I walk the halls the SLA.] 420 will be when I show ‘em all 420 will be their down fall [Jack and Jill fall down the hill.] 420 420 is the 110th year of the one they all feared 420 is the 110th day and it draws very near 420 420 is 3 years and 1 day 420 is 6 years and 1 day [6/1 was Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. Marilyn Manson. Princess Diana - Candle in the Wind] 420 420 starts a line that began with Woodham, and it is a very simple riddle 420 ends the line on the way to Kringle, I am on the line in the middle
[Hitler] [Charlie and Camilla Hall from [Tell Tale Heart and

III 105

[The map he is describing is the one that has Bill Clinton’s Hope, Arkansas, at the center.]

420 420 will connect all the school shooting on the Line 4/20 will show that the Line belongs to Sollog the Lord of upside down Nines [Upside down nines is 666, or me, my clones, or Hitler’s clones.] 420 is the chapter and verse in a book that explains my Job very well 420 is verse and chapter about the beast from hell 420 420 they will want to put me in cell 420 I will be sent back to hell 420
() ( 19 19 20 20 21 WACO OKC Columbine Hitler’s birthday Elizabeth Mountbatten’s birthday

April April April April April

There is no possibility the two teens could have been involved in the WTC activities, just like there is no possibility they carried 67 bombs into the school without anyone seeing them. (67 is a code for "after 66" which is my birthday - 6/6.) The same FBI that was framing me, did help Harris and Atwood Harris and Klebold make the videotape of the school in flames. Harris and Klebold left clues about why they were destroying the school. The clues were Hitler and Manson. Hitler did not leave his signature. I did not leave my signature. Manson is in jail, or at least he is supposed to be. I have even seen either doubles for him, or the real person. Gary Atwood said he had seen “Manson”, too. Charlie Manson can be indirectly tied to Atwood’s late wife. The signatures that were left at Columbine, just happen to be Bill Clinton's and Queen Elizabeth's: Queen Jeff or Elizabeth Mountbatten and William Jefferson Clinton. Harris and Klebold were communicating with a character named, "Queen Jeff" () Queen Elizabeth owns much land in the Denver area, and personally requested the presence of the Mayor of Denver at Buckingham Palace for a discussion on "Trade". "Webb plays his role" by John Quinn describes Elizabeth Mountbatten's relationship with the Mayor of Denver during the Columbine massacre. ( ( Cutting Edge shows a map placing Bill Clinton's "hometown" of Hope, Arkansas

III 106

at the middle of all the school shootings. ( Who does he serve? Why would Al Gore wear a black trench coat to the Columbine memorial? () ( ( Superintendent of SDUSD, and friend of Al Gore, Alan Bersin, is known to wear one as well, and one board member has also alluded to the fact that he acts like a mobster. What company makes the most famous trench coat and rhymes with London bog? () ( MassacreUpdateBabe.htm) Am I stretching this conclusion? It was important enough for Vice President Al Gore to show up at Columbine wearing a black trench coat where the Black Trench Coat Mafia just blew their peers away to. I would say that it was significant. Who produced the Columbine "prophetic" video showing the Son of Clinton's employee, Denver's FBI Special Agent Fuselier, a psychologist, Columbine's lead investigator who interest in investigating these crimes that his son helped was not a member of the Black Trench Coat Mafia at this claimed______ school in flames? Dwayne Fuselier. saw no conflict of plan. Eric Harris time. Eric Harris

Most people do not connect the fact the Columbine killers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, credited Charlie Manson and Adolph Hitler for their inspiration. Hitler's name was invoked - not only was Hitler's name, but Charlie Manson's name. I have worked with children for over twenty years and was considered an expert on teenagers and teen psychology. Never in my many years working with teens did I know of teens who went back in history for their idols. Teens traditionally rebel from the standards held by the adults. They always adopt new idols who are offensive to their parents. For these two boys to embrace Hitler and Manson is unnatural. Elizabeth Mountbatten is the one who is familiar with Hitler and Manson, and could never move on. She is mentally ill, and cannot adapt to change. Clinton and his mentor-handler, Elizabeth Mountbatten, had planned Columbine to use a "Create-a-problem-so-you-can-create-a-solution" tactic. What did the politicians do after Columbine? Call for more gun control laws when the Department of Justice was not even enforcing the many laws we already had. The goal was to create gun-related crimes to pass antigun laws and eventually disarm America so citizens could more easily be incarcerated. After Columbine bullies were blamed instead of incompetent administrators, law enforcement agents and CIA agents like Harris’ father. As a result the government has banned a lot of free speech and outlawed normal male behavior in the process. Why? Clinton, Charlie Mountbatten, Bush and Blair are threatened by "real men" so they ban "maleness." Henry Makow, creator of Save the Males is an expert on the New World Order. Articles can be found on the above link. San Diego lies on the same geographic line as Hope. Since Columbine, San Diego did have a few school shootings at Santana High School and Grossmont High. Notice the name, "Satan" in Santana. Conveniently the hero, was a San Diego Police Department officer even though the crime was in a suburb of San Diego and not in San Diego city limits. SDPD

III 107

Police Chief Bejarano, who refused to help me and has since put Captain Mike McCulloch, the cop who covered up the Frey-Tomblin murders, in charge of Homicide. Clinton's friend and Rhodes' Scholar, Alan Bersin, who was responsible for Bejarano's hiring, and Sheriff Kolender and former SDPD Police Chief who can be tied to John A. Rose (Hermann Goring), met together shortly before the Santana shooting occurred. Kolender also was responsible for the investigation at the MK-ULTRA Mac Donald's massacre in which over twenty people were murdered. He also oversaw the clean up of a San Diego airliner crash. In the same article that informed of the law enforcement meeting, the Union-Tribune listed the ship, Maria Assumpta which obviously tied the crime to me to make up for the school shooting that I prevented by sacrificing my career. The PSA airliner crashed on the site I attended church (at the home of John Rose's mother-in law). His wife coincidentally picked her mother up right before the crash. Almost two hundred people were killed. If John Rose was Herman Goring, he knew about plane crashes from his Luftwaffe experience. Rose was an experienced pilot. Why would someone crash a plane on a church site? Satanists believe in spilling blood to attain power. My spiritual life was in conflict with the Nazi's goals to use me in the evil plot to take over the world. There have been many attempts to sabotage my faith and my every endeavor. My experience with the government criminals is that they have their people in positions to investigate these crimes before the crimes are committed. They use the Nazi technique of "solving" the very crime they committed, and taking public credit for the crimes as heroes instead of the villains, they truly are. Other MK-ULTRA crimes, like the Charlie Manson massacres, had similar goals. Vincent Bugilosi, Manson's chief prosecutor, revealed in trial that the Manson crimes were designed to cause national chaos. Manson wanted to blame the crimes on blacks and start a white vs. black race war which would escalate into a war that only he, Charles Manson, could stop. The difference between Manson's and Clinton's plans is that he had means to carry out his goals. Manson's goal was to become a Hitler-type figure. His support of Hitler is evidenced in the swastika tattoo between his eyebrows.(50) It is interesting to note that Manson linked his crimes to the British Tavistock-manipulated, British rock group, The Beatles, by calling his crimes "Helter Skelter" after a Beatle song. He was also linked to the Son of Sam slayings in New York through a cult called "The Process." Maury Terry, wrote The Ultimate Evil which document "The Process is a Satanic cult - short for title, "The Process of the Final Solution" - Hitler's famous slogan. (51) In a close study of serial killers, spree killers, mass killers, which I believe are all products of MK-ULTRA, there is at least one victim who "knew too much" about one of the perpetrators mentioned in this application or their crimes. For instance,

III 108

•John O'Neill terrorism expert for the Washington office of the FBI, investigated Osama Bin Laden, TWA 800, the embassy bombings and the U.S.S. Cole before he was forced out because he was getting too close to Osama leads. He was offered a wonderful job as the head of security at the World Trade Center around September 1, 2001. After the tower was hit, he called his girlfriend and told her he was fine, but he never was heard from again. () The woman who forced him off his job was promoted to the Mayor of the oil rich Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Before his death, "O'Neill shared his grievances with the French authors Jean Charles Brisard and Guiliaume Dasquie. Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth, published last November, recounted O'Neill's claim his probe of al Qa'ida in Afghanistan had been blocked by the US oil lobby." () (www.strike-the and "John O'Neill and the Oil Connection He Died Trying to Expose" (

•Out of the sixteen people killed in the U.S.S. Cole attack, one was a former top White House computer programmer for Bill Clinton at a time when subpoenaed email was missing. One victim coincidentally happened to be a former student where I worked at Roosevelt Jr. High. Roosevelt Jr. High coincidentally had a 666 address: 3366 Park Blvd. The last time I saw San Diego school administrator, George Frey, who was murdered because of the plan to frame me as Hitler who kicked off World War III. was at the Park Theater. Cameallticket Parker Bowles, who was divorced by Parker-Bowles believes all names with "Park" in them refer to her. She has made sure she has put her signature on these crimes, too. Because she is so important? No, because the fools (Elizabeth and Charlie Mountbatten) around her are too stupid to know any better. I do not even know the woman. Nor would I want to. She had nothing better to do than attack Princess Diana and me. If Charlie loves her so much, why was she so rage-filled? I never wanted the idiot. •FBI counterterrorist cyber-analyst, Linda Franklin was shot at the Home Depot in the Washington Sniper case. It was said that she could verify that the Islamic cyber threat was greatly exaggerated. Perhaps she hit too close to "home". •Four Clinton bodyguards at WACO, many more body guards. See web site. () ( •Federal prosecutors investigating Bush and Clinton for Mena Arkansas, drug running were headquartered at the Oklahoma City Murrah Building I believe there were killed in the "suicides" that followed the blasts. •TWA 800 had eight French intelligence officers on it. French intelligence had proof that Poppy Bush met in France and

III 109

negotiated the release of hostages which prevented President Carter from victory in the 1980 presidential election which put Reagan-Bush in office. •Mary Caitrin Mahoney who was going to address the sexual harassment of interns at the White House and who had caught Hillary Clinton in the act of a lesbian relationship was shot to death in a robbery in which no money was taken. (www.strike-the •Barbara Olson who wrote two books on the Clintons was on board Flight 77 on September 11, 2001. •Anthony Sutin, was the former Clinton top Department of Justice official who was selected because of his name, and he would have known much of the same information that John O'Neill had. He must have had information about my case because he was murdered on the same day the Hillary Clinton’s Symbionese Liberation Army comrades were arrested. This was Clinton's message to Bush to keep the SLA members from testifying. Bush did not get a phone call or an email, but he got the message. The SLA will not testify. They all plead guilty. Anthony Sutin sounds just like the author of two books on George Bush about Skull and Bones written by Anthony Sutton. •Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce, who committed many illegal acts for Clinton. () ( and

Ron Brown's Body: How One Man's Death Saved the Clinton Presidency and Hillary's Future   By Jack Cashill The mysterious death of Ron Brown has been the object of much controversy and suspicion. In this powerful new investigative book, Emmy-Award-winning writer and producer Jack Cashill takes a close look at Brown's checkered career as Clinton fund-raiser and commerce secretary, and in the process exposes the Clintons' dirty, relentless practices for getting financial backing. Cashill is co-author of the acclaimed investigative blockbuster "First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America." In "Ron Brown's Body," Cashill answers the most vital questions surrounding Brown's rise and fall: Why did his plane crash? Why did the White House suppress an investigation? What was the purpose of Brown's trade

III 110

missions? And what larger forces caused the Clintons to seek international cash? Using the case of Ron Brown's untimely death as a touchstone for the Clintons' unseemly and unsavory practices in the White House, Cashill explores the seedy depths of the most corrupt administration in American history during its two most desperate years. In so doing, he focuses directly on the machinations of the biggest threat to today's political scene, Hillary Clinton. DEPARTMENT_ID=20&ITEM_ID=1550
One of the Son of Sam victims worked at Columbia University and was a Russian translator. Gary Atwood, whom I consider to be brilliant in world politics, had been a student there. (52) Among his professors were Morton Halperin who can be tied to IPS (Institute for Policy Studies), through the Clinton administration. Another of his professors was Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor, under President Jimmy Carter who expounded upon the "American" plan for global domination in his book, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives. (53) Michael Ruppert's web site: "How Stupid Do They Think We Are?" Gary Atwood’s mentor, internationalist and Council on Foreign Relations member shadowed Atwood when he moved to San Diego right after the Frey-Tomblin murders. Alan Bersin, Clinton’s fellow Rhodes scholar was also a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. Nazi school board member Ron Ottinger’s family funded IPS, the Institute for Policy Studies. Former CIA Director William Colby, Hillary Clinton, and Orlando Letelier, the top Chilean official who was “put up a tree” in Washington, D.C. when George H. W. Bush was CIA Director can all be tied to IPS. Gary Atwood lived on Centre St. next to Herbert St. which, to me, indicates that G.H.W. Bush put his signature on Gary Atwood who put his signature on a few people of his own. These spree crimes not only eliminate people who know too much, but they serve as warnings. They also are used as diversions from scandals involving the Bushes, Clintons, Windsors. In the Frey-Tomblin murders, the police diverted attention a whole day giving the media a show by bringing in the bomb squad and claiming that Assistant Superintendent Dr. George Frey, who was investigating embezzlement of his funds, just may have had "bombs" in his safe. How they came up with this idea, I don't know. No bombs were found, but years later they were trying to frame me as the Unabomber, planting pipe bombs on police cars, and bombing the downtown San Diego Federal building. The real Unabomber is in reality tied to Harvard, Al Gore, and Alan Bersin who used to work in the downtown Federal Building and who was hated by his coworkers. James Kilgore of the SLA was also associated with the Unabomber.

III 111

Clinton has a history of framing and attacking people.In the case of WACO, the poor children who were supposedly being molested were murdered by the United States government which waged war against its own citizens. The good thing that came out of WACO was the Duchess of York's scandal with a Texan was takeoff the front page.

”The butler appeared with a copy of the Daily Mail of that day, April 19, 1994, and opened the paper to the story that concerned her [about the Duchess of Windsor/Steve Wyatt scandal].” The Royals (pg. 401).
As Rhodes scholars, Clinton (and Bersin) pledged their loyalty to the British throne - not to America. On April 19 after 51 days of a stand off, the U.S. government drove tanks into the Branch Davidian compound. The hospitals had been told not to prepare for bodies. Emergency workers were on standdown. This was the year Queen Elizabeth's "boy Clinton" got into the White House in January, 1993, after her "annus horribilis" -1992 In the case of international designer, and one of Princess Diana's favorite image makers, Versace, if the FBI had done their job, Versace would not have been killed. His funeral turned out to be a "blessing" for Princess Diana because she got to say a final, "Good-bye" to all her friends before she met the thirteenth pillar of a sacrificial site, Point D'Alma. This is better than Duchess of York had, when her mother was beheaded (royal execution) at Tres Lomas. When I was born, my family lived in Point Loma. It is my belief that Hitler had proof that Elizabeth Mountbatten’s mum, was not in fact her mum. (Low ma Weak link). It was this nugget that allowed Hitler to terrorize the Windsors who in turn, terrorized me. Meanwhile, they were too cowardly to attack Hitler’s original NAZIS. Andrew Cunanan whose real last name is the same as my mother's: DaSilva*. He lived less than one mile from Gary Atwood, and was alleged to have a list of possible victims. It just so happens that the son of the owner of the Copley Press, David Copley was on that list. David Copley claimed he did not even know Cunanan. How the FBI knew who was on Cunanan's list, one can only guess, but whatever the facts, the Andrew Cunanan FBI pursuit was one of the most failed manhunts in the history of law enforcement according to Vulgar Favors: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace, and the Largest Failed Manhunt in U.S. History by Maureen Orth. The same FBI that was setting me up, bungled the Cunanan case which culminated in Versace’s murder. The index of the book reads like a celebrities’ Who’s Who?”, but in actuality, Cunanan didn’t even know any of the world famous listed in the book. The Cunanan story was a blueprint to condition the public to beleive someone who had no notoriety could be involved on the world stage without those people closest to him knowing. This is the same pattern as Patty Hearst's father being the owner of the San

III 112

Francisco newspaper. Gary Atwood's wife kidnapped Patty Hearst at gunpoint. The secretary of the editor of the Copley newspaper's lived across the street from me, and just happened to have been a former Pentagon and Kennedy Center employee. She told her co-workers that she wished her boss, the editor of the paper, would die in a plane crash. “Al Qaeda” had plans to fly airplanes into football stadiums. San Diego Chargers’ football stadium is named the “Q”. She brought a letter she wrote to Ms. Winner, the editor, for me to read when I was gardening and my hands were dirty. She had tried to put it in my hands to read. I refused to handle the letter telling her my hands were dirty. She insisted telling me it was okay to handle it. Therefore my fingerprints are on her letter to the Editor of the Union-Tribune newspaper. I did not know at the time that she, too, was setting me up. She is a former Pentagon employee, who had $25,000 put in her bank account prior to having moved to San Diego from Pittsburgh where Tom Ridge was Governor. Tom Ridge is now in charge of Homeland Security and was a member of the Operation Phoenix team. Former CIA Director William Colby was in charge of Operation Phoenix. SLA member Bill Harris was involved in Op Phoenix. SLA mastermind Colston Westbrook served in Operation Phoenix. Gary Atwood was involved with Operation Condor. The female agent neighbor who had worked at the Pentagon where Operation Phoenix was created, also had worked on the set of NYPD Blue and worked for years as secretary for Gweneth Paltrow’s father, Bruce Paltrow. She was close enough to Paltrow that on the morning Gweneth Paltrow won the Best Actress Award for “Shakespeare in Love”, he called my neighbor to tell her how he was preparing for that evening’s award ceremony. Bruce Paltrow died of cancer and spent his last days in Italy. Was it in Mil an? Did Charlie “Whatever Love Means” Windsor fall out of “love” with me because Paltrow died? Below is my letter to the police chief about the neighbor/agent who was setting up Karin Winner, the Editor of the local Union-Tribune newspaper. The San Diego police chief never helped me, but his daughter was violently attacked, and he was nearly assassinated in Tijuana when the Tijuana police chief was assassinated Bonnie and Clyde style with over 100 bullets fired into his car right before he was to meet with San Diego’s police chief.

April 14, 2000 David Bejarano, Police Chief SDPD 1401 Broadway San Diego, CA 92101 Dear Police Chief Bejarano: This letter is for documentation purposes. I have informed you that my neighbor across the street, Christine Lamentia Salerno, worked for Karin Winner, and was intentionally creating a hostile work environment, including saying to her co-workers that she wished Ms. Winner would die in a plane crash. She also told me she took personal files from the Union-Tribune personnel records about Ms. Winner. She wrote Ms. Winner a letter that I

III 113

told Chris I thought was very nasty for never having discussed her issues in person with Ms. Winner first. She did not take my advice that she have a face to face discussion, instead she turned in the nasty letter to someone in personnel. In looking back, and knowing what I know now, I believe Chris was involved in the conspiracy of which I have written about. By Gary’s reaction to meeting her, and her reaction to meeting him, I believe they knew what each other’s role was. The reason I am writing is just to protect myself. I have seen Chris meet many times with another one of my neighbors who has harassed me and then filed three false police reports against me. See attached letters to his property manager. Each time your police officers have come over, they have taken the position that because he called the police, he must be right and I must be wrong. Officer Lobel insinuated today that I should not walk on public property in front of this man’s home if I do not want to be intimidated by him. I let him know that was not an acceptable solution. I am not going to accept the “blame the victim” solution. He called his supervisor Sgt. Backer whose attitude was so obviously biased I refused to discuss the case with him. I am writing this letter to state, that I believe I am intentionally being documented so police officers have an excuse to harass me, detain me, and kill me if the occasion arises. Sincerely,

Valerie Summers
Police Chief Bejarano has since been promoted by our compromised Senate, of which mass murderer, Hillary Clinton, is a member. Bejarano promoted Cpt. Mike McCulloch who covered up the Frey-Tomblin murders to head the Homicide Department. Anyone could get murdered in San Diego and whoever can pull McCulloch's strings could get away with murder which happens on a regular basis. The most common methods are medical murder working in conjuction with employee sponsored health insurance, Nazi doctors, UCSD research, bioterrorism facilities, and private military contractors like Titan and SAIC. Their mob operation is a seemless web that needs to be stricken down. My neighbor, Christine Lamentia Salerno, should have been arrested or at least investigated for her threat, instead she got a job in Utah with the Olympics. Several years before, the Olympics in Atlanta (where another editor had been kidnapped during the SLA days) had had a bombing and security guard, Richard Jewell was falsely accused by the FBI and had his life ruined. Bill Clinton used to keep the Drudge Report on Richard Jewell in his drawer and he would tell people that he felt like HE was Richard Jewell - a victim of the system. In reality he was trying to steal the Crown Jewels that I rightfully

III 114

inherited. The female neighbor mentioned in the above letter also just happened to have a best friend who was a double for me. She was not the only neighbor involved in this plot against me. I was a lamb surrounded by wolves. I believe the SDPD and FBI even murdered one of my other neighbors, a professional baseball agent, so they could run surveillance of me from his house. Law enforcement officials in plain clothes came by my house to tell me he died of an "asthma attack". I recognized the assassin's smile again reflecting the glee in murdering innoncent people. There is a satanic infiltration into all agencies which needs to be purged. Also the man who subsequently bought his home and surveilled me, was in extremely critical condition in intensive care in a another state, last I heard. I believe the man who harassed me mentioned in the letter above to be an assassin. He is the one who monitored by departures and arrivals, and filed four false official reports against me. He did something assassins do which few people have lived to tell about; they get right in your face - about two inches from your nose. This is part of the precursor to let you know that they are different than anyone you have ever met, and what is about to come next is something different than you ever experienced. This 6'- 6" man threatened another woman as well. He told her she didn't know who he was, but if she walked in front of his house again her dead body would be found in a dumpster. () He was imported from New York state - Rochester, New York, where the San Diego education program originated. The deliberate dumbing down of america by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt exposes the agenda. After 9-11, the monster flew an American flag and a Canadian flag outside his home. This was a triple signature. New York for Clinton, Rochester for school board, and the two countries which were involved in this conspiracy: United States and Elizabeth Mountbatten's Canada. My other female next door neighbor just so happened to have been a serial bank robber who had served time with Patty Hearst at Pleasanton Women's Prison. I did not know this at the time I bought my home. My purchase of the home was manipulated right after the Frey-Tomblin murders so that I would live next door to this person. This neighbor's sister is a teacher who lives in Washington state. She visits her family in San Diego a few times a year. I do not know her, except by sight. I was introduced to her, but I do not even remember her name. It just so happened she got off TWA 800 plane from Greece in New York before it took off and exploded. (The flight had a different number, but it was the same plane.) My next door neighbor served time with Patty Hearst as a serial bank robber and her sister got off the TWA 800 flight one half hour before it blew up. DIVERSIONS Sherman Skolnick exposed the OKC Bombing was a diversion away from the fact that 24 U.S. military officers were on their way to arrest President Clinton for treason when their plane crashed in Alabama on April 17, 1995, two days before the bombing. ( (56)

III 115

From: “Has the War Begun?”

“On April 17th, 1995, I received a telephone call from my husband, Gunther Russbacher. He said, "The war has begun!"   I asked him what he meant. He said a Learjet had just crashed in Alabama. On board were 17 Admirals and Generals. They were on their way to arrest Bill Clinton.   All the military men were killed.   That same day, Sherman Skolnick was told the same thing by one of his sources.   The same day, Oswald LeWinter talked to a reporter for a major New York newspaper. LeWinter told the reporter the same thing -- and it was published -- April 19, 1995.   No one paid any attention to the story because in the early morning of April 19, 1995, the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City blew up.” ( ) (
A fertilizer bomb COULD NOT have caused the damage to the Murrah Building . The Pentagon reported that five explosions were recorded - not one. ( ) Serendipity (,html) - Oklahoma City Bombing) Author Jim Keith detailed the government's prior knowledge of the bombing in OKBOMB!. (Jim Keith died of "complications" from minor surgery when he was investigating Princess Diana's death. (55) ( "Jim Keith: Gone But Not Forgotten" The OKC bombing was a diversion. The Monica Lewinsky scandal was a diversion from Clinton's treason. He gave America’s top secret technology to China so they could threaten America with nuclear annihilation. Why? Because he is criminally insane, as is his wife. Besides Hillary Clinton's involvement in the Whitewater scandal and the Vince Foster assassination, the OKC was a diversion from WACO which was causing many patriots to be up in arms because it violated America's Posse Comitatus Law which prevents government from waging war against civilians. To save the children, Janet Reno injected a flammable chemical weapon into the compound before she crashed tanks into it. Had Saddam Hussein done this which country would Bush have invaded? South Korea? () Reno crashed a tank into the WACO house to save the little children whom she claimed where being sexually abused. Instead of saving them, she killed them . They died painful deaths (shocking photos) due to the chemical weapon - CS gas - which twisted their little bodies so their spines were arched backwards. This is the same Janet Reno who "saved" little Elian Gonzalesat gun point. Elian symbolized Elie Rothschild who is addicted to being terrified. He will easily adapt to hell where he will be tormented forever and ever. The Oklahoma City bombing •was a cover-up for the military officers' plane crash listed above •was a cover-up for WACO in which four Clinton body guards were killed, •which was a cover-up for RUBY RIDGE. •destroyed the Oklahoma Murrah Building which housed the papers collected by the U.S. Attorney on the Clinton-Bush Mena, Arkansas, drug running investigation.

III 116

Micronuclear Devices Placed by FBI, ATF






Dr. Bill Deagle MD | September 8 2004 Note: This article is presented as editing. it was received, with no

In 1995 I worked at Penrose St. Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs, as an Occupational Physician for CCOM. We had many of the most classified contracts in the Colorado Springs area, including Falcon Air Force Base program employees, NORAD employees and classified ATMEL and Symbios Logic, etc. EMP proof and Supercomputer chip classified manufacturers. My director, Dr. George Swinder MD, was unavailable when the Military Expert Forensic team was sent from Fort Carson to Oklahoma city and was just returning to the Springs for exit examinations. This duty fell to me to perform exit physicals and testing, for all five members of the team. One of the team requested sperm testing, stating, "I want to have kids." I replied sarcastically, " Go ahead, and have kids." He said, "No, you don't understand." I said, "What do you mean?" "Doc, you really don't know what happened at Oklahoma City do you?" I said,

III 117

"Well I heard that an ammonium nitrate bomb was reported to have exploded killing 168 people." He leaned forward, "See this rash on my arms, and chest, and legs. Check me doc. I want all the blood tests and do a sperm test." I was irritated now, "Now just a minute, I'm the doctor. If you don't come clean and tell me what you were exposed to I can't possibly know what type of tests to order. I was a biochemisty major, before going into medicine, and we do toxicology testing when there is suspected industrial exposures that put an employee in danger." He said, "You won't release my name or put this in your report to my superiors, will you. I know about doctor-patient confidentiality." "Well," I said, "I won't release your name, but if affects others, I can't say I won't release the information to the correct authorities." "Doc, what happened in Oklahoma City wasn't caused by ammonium nitrate bomb in the small truck they say was parked by the building." "What are you saying?", I snapped back. "See this rash, it was caused by radiation. We broke three radiation detectors there. See, we were the same team that was sent to Riyad, Saudi Arabia and the bomb only blew the windows into the building. We estimated the explosion was by our calculations to be seven times more ammonium nitrate in that truck bomb. The whole front of the building was sheared off doc in Oklahoma; cleanest controlled detonation our munitions expert forensic team has seen ever. " "What!!", I blurted. "Yeah, we were examining the building site under Wakenhut armed guard, and told not to take any radioactive debris off the site, or they were ordered to shoot on site to kill. All our bags were searched and put through a detector, to make sure we didn't take any off site, or away from the place where they burried and concrete capped all the debris, again under armed Wakenhut guard." "You are telling me that the building was exploded with a nuclear device?", I said. Shaking with a now very pale and distant face, he grunted, "Yeah!". "Oh my God!, and how did this happen?", I inquired. "There were micronuclear bombs placed on support pillars in the walls of the Federal Building, by special units of the ATF and FBI. They were paged out not to enter the building on the morning of the detonation, and the Federal Judge was warned to cancel court that day. We removed to undetonated softball sized micronuclear bombs, and one C4 pineapple bomb, attached to the pillars of the remaining building." "I can't believe this story!", I blurted. "Well, doc are you going to test me?", now sweating and shaking more violently with anguish at these revelations. "I will order some more tests of your blood cells that will rule out radiation effects on your blood cells and bone marrow. As for the sperm count and morphology testing, you need to just go to your primary family doctor's office, and I am sure he will do this for you. Call me

III 118

with the results, and I can interpret if there are any abnormalities." "Ok" Looking relieved, "thanks for listening to what happened to us doc." This story dialogue was very disturbing, and I told my wife Michelle that night, placed the information of the 'shelf', and hoped that he was lying, but I had an aching feeling of serious doubt that continued until other events proved to me he was right on with the details of the Oklahoma Murah Building detonation by the NWO. ng.htm
WACO didn’t have to happen either. Koresh was a government agent who jogged into town daily and could have been arrested without endangering the occupants of the building. Before he died he and several government agents practiced target shooting. The transcript of his last conversation with the FBI shows that his intention was not to harm the inhabitants of the house. He was basically pleading for help. The Academy Award nominee, “WACO, The Rules of Engagement” reveals many of these facts. FBI FIDELITY BRAVERY & INTEGRITY OR FOOD and BEVERAGE, INC.

The FBI would investigate nothing in relation to me. Twice I experimented and sent the FBI two solid cases. One was about school funds unaccounted for, verified by a school board member. The FBI refused to investigate. The other about a land deal verified by a top lawyer in San Diego. See below.

April 3, 2000 William D. Gore, Special Agent in Charge Federal Bureau of Investigation 9797 Aero Drive San Diego, CA 92123 Dear Special Agent in Charge Gore: Enclosed are two articles involving the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. I do not understand why an investigation has not been conducted into possible conspiracy charges against former city manager Jack McGrory for his questionable role in negotiating a contract with the San Diego Chargers to the detriment of the citizens of San Diego. I do not believe the task of watchdog is solely the responsibility of citizens like Bruce Henderson. I expect that the FBI has people who can read a newspaper and that agents have enough critical thinking skills to determine that conspiracies are involved in the negotiations of the city “leaders.” Nonetheless, I am sending you two articles: “Alex Spanos and the Stadium Sham” and Neil Morgan’s April 2, 2000, column. In the

III 119

Reader expose, it should be apparent to any law enforcement agency that truly was concerned about corruption, (and I believe public corruption falls under the jurisdiction of the FBI) that something underhanded has taken place in the negotiations with sports teams in San Diego. If your agents lack the critical thinking skills to identify possible criminal acts, let me state a few facts, and give you a hint about what you might look for. Bruce Henderson stated, “...this contract is so one-sided that an attorney who has any self-respect, who read this agreement, would blow the whistle on it...” Another quote from Mr. Henderson: “It’s the sort of thing you would expect some sort of Simon LeGree would enter into with the elderly, blind, deaf, and dumb couple who had no legal representation, just had their hands guided to the signature line so they affix their X. It’s one of those contracts that if it were entered into with ordinary people, they might even be able to go to court and have it set aside because the court would say, ‘You must have been taken advantage of.’” I suggest you follow the money and investigate if former City Manager Jack McGrory was involved in influence peddling to negotiate this contract, and gain a lucrative contract with the Padres. Also I suggest an investigation to determine if Mayor Susan Golding is not in collusion with Charger owner Alex Spanos to turn the land on which Qualcomm sits into a real estate venture. I have read in the newspaper that Mayor Golding initiated the renegotiation of the contract with Spanos. It now appears that using the land on which the stadium rests as a real estate venture for profit has been discussed with real estate consultants. Also, Qualcomm paid $18,000,000 for the right to have the stadium renamed; that figure appears to be way below market value. Is it possible they were aware that the stadium had a death warrant on it? Did Mayor Golding and McGrory receive financial remuneration from Qualcomm? Judge McConnell has stock in Qualcomm. Is it appropriate for her to be hearing the ballpark cases? It is apparent to me that a conspiracy is involved at the highest levels of this city government, especially since I personally have been victimized by this web of corruption that involves your agency as well. Please check the legal definition of “conspiracy” and ascertain if it does not apply to the situations involving McGrory, Spanos, and Golding. Please do not write me and tell me this is not enough evidence. Attorney General Reno has misinterpreted the law with regards to pursuing cases. It is your job to gather the evidence - not the citizens’ job. I am providing you with enough information that should open an investigation into this matter. You can expect that copies of this information will be sent to others so that your activities receive proper oversight. Sincerely,

III 120

Valerie Summers
At the same time I mailed the above letter, I mailed one to Congress:

April 3, 2000 Senator Charles Grassley, Chairman FBI Oversight Subcommittee 135 Hart Bldg. Washington, D.C. 20510 Dear Senator Grassley: I am requesting that the San Diego FBI be monitored to see that it investigates my allegations. Sincerely, Valerie Summers
The results personally: of my request from News articles. I was never contacted


Head FBI agent here discusses Stallings

Says query was lengthy due to scrutiny anticipated By Gregory Alan Gross UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER February 9, 2001 Five FBI agents interviewed nearly 100 people and examined reams of documents before deciding former Councilwoman Valerie Stallings and Padres owner John Moores did not commit a federal crime over the downtown ballpark deal, said the head of San Diego's FBI office. Speaking publicly about the investigation for the first time, William Gore said this week that the probe took so long -- more than seven months -- "because we knew this was an investigation that was going to be extremely scrutinized ... by everybody." The FBI would not let politics surrounding the ballpark govern the pace of the probe, he said. "We didn't want to leave any stones unturned, anyone not talked to, any records not reviewed. And that takes time." Adding agents would not have speeded the process, said Gore. "Both (U.S. Attorney) Greg Vega and I made it clear that if they needed more agents or more prosecutors, they'd get them," he said. "But there's a certain core knowledge of a case that you have to have to be able to do key interviews. You can't just take five more agents and tell them, 'Go talk to these people.' It would take them two weeks just to get caught up." Gore, who declined to discuss grand jury testimony, said FBI agents began in April to examine "dozens of boxes of documents"

III 121

outlining the relationship between Moores and Stallings, including telephone records, minutes of City Council meetings involving the ballpark project and other documents. "Given Stallings' predisposition to favor the ballpark anyway, the evidence to support a bribery charge just wasn't there," Gore said. Stallings resigned from the council and pleaded guilty last month to state charges of not reporting a series of gifts from Moores and the Padres, and of not disqualifying herself from council votes on the ballpark project, both misdemeanors. As for those questioning why Stallings alone suffered as a result of the investigation, Gore said the charges to which she eventually pleaded guilty "were pretty clear-cut." In her plea agreement, Stallings admitted she received gifts from Moores and the ball club, including airline tickets for her family members while she was undergoing treatment for cancer, use of a car and vacation home, an answering machine, Padres memorabilia and cash toward the purchase of a camera. Stallings also was included in the March 1999 initial public offering of stock in Neon Systems, a Texas-based software firm controlled by Moores. She sold 75 shares on March 11, making a pretax profit of $1,869. In her plea agreement, Stallings acknowledged selling 275 more shares March 31, "immediately after consulting with Moores," realizing a pretax gain of $9,391. That same day she joined a unanimous City Council in key votes that kept the ballpark project on track. Gore said the FBI probe did not show that Stallings benefited from illegal insider trading. "The government has to be able to prove that something happened in (Neon Systems) that only John Moores knew about that led him to believe the stock was going to go down in two days. We couldn't find any such event. "You've got to step back and look at the totality of this thing," Gore added. "When you look at the types of gifts, when you put it in the context of the cancer, chemotherapy, (and) Valerie's predisposition to favor a ballpark, anyway, ... there just wasn't any evidence that you could walk into court with and say, 'John Moores gave her this. He expected her to do X-Y-Z for him.' " © Copyright 2001 Union-Tribune Publishing Co. Don Bauder | THE STALLINGS RESIGNATION * Headline included,article omitted
I wrote to Director Freeh after the bungled investigation:

"Someone needs to tell Mr. Gore he spent seven months investigating the wrong ballpark. I wanted an investigation into the millions of dollars that Mayor Golding gave to the San Diego Chargers, not the thousands of dollars the Padres gave to

III 122

Councilwoman Stallings. He admits to knowing everyone watching, yet he investigated the wrong ballpark.


Why is Gore still employed by the FBI? Why has he not been investigated for conspiracy to murder me? Why has no one helped me? Why has the U.S. government moved its mighty hand to make things right with me? Why does the U.S. government continue to leave me in harms way? A country that refuses to reach out its hand to a citizen, especially a citizen who did so much for her country does not live up to the tenets upon which it was established."
The fact that the FBI botched the investigation was confirmation that the government was totally broken down, and it was not just in relation to me. At the time I came to the conclusion, that the stadium had a "death warrant" on it, I did not know about the al Qaeda plan to fly airliners into full football stadiums. I knew that the Mayor was negotiating to have the land on which it sits, sold, and the newly remodeled stadium had to be gone first. Enclosed is an article that al Qaeda planned to attack stadiums. () They cannot use the excuse as they tried to use this year now that Clinton's former White House employee, Mr. Fabiani, has been negotiating with the City of San Diego for a new ballpark. Fabiani tried to say the ballpark was not earthquake proof. The reason the San Diego Stadium, now named “Qualcomm”, was built in 1968, was that the previous stadium was not earthquake proof. I doubt that the city would replace a non-earthquake proof stadium with a nonearthquake proof stadium. In San Diego, real estate construction has been a vehicle to launder drug money for as long as I can remember. Note: *It is important to point out that although Valerie Stallings was found guilty of accepting a bribe, Moores was not even indicted for giving her one. Valerie Stallings met Hillary Clinton on the day Ms. Stallings was diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease the Clinton administration had ordered the Department of Defense to study. Prostate cancer was the other disease DoD studied. These two diseases destroy the self-images of women and men more than any other diseases. Are breast cancer and prostate cancer being used as weapons of war? Clinton opponents Bob Dole, Rudy Guiliani, John F. Kerry, Jr. have all come down with it. Susan McDougal got breast cancer when she was in prison for refusing to testify against Bill Clinton. They have no loyalty to anyone. GET WORLD NET DAILY ARTICLE. When Valerie Stallings went to the hospital and was under heavy sedation, John Moores, a Clinton and Bush friend and her new handler, whom she did not know well, visited her often. After she went back to work, she began acting strangely. When she, the rest of the City Council, and the Mayor were having private meetings to discuss the ballpark negotiations, Valerie Stallings heard "ballpark" and got up in the middle of the meeting as though in a trance and walked over to the phone, called John Moores' office, and told the secret information to his secretary right in front of the other City Council members. At the same time, Mayor Golding confronted her in front of the City Council for added drama.

III 123

Mayor Golding was very lucky after she left office. She went to work for Titan Corp. Titan just so happened to develop the anti-anthrax technology that the U.S. government used to decontaminate post offices across America and in Congress where Hillary Clinton's peers were delivered anthrax tainted letters. Does anyone know who released the anthrax that can be tied to U.S. government supplies? A relative of former CIA Director William Colby was suspected at one time. No arrests have been made. It has been reported that the first victim was a National Enquirer tabloid reporter who was going to publish photos of George W. Bush dancing naked on a bar top in his younger days. Also there was a Florida recount issue for the 2000 election that was looming in the background around September, 2001. Titan Corporation is also implicated in the creation of clones of many, including me for the purpose of providing homicidal pedophiles with babies for infantile rape. The criminally insane listed in this complaint are so cowardly, they believe if they clone Hitler and kill the clone they will win World War II. Someone please tell them that everyone thought they already won World War II. If they had not told us, they lost, we never would have known. THE CRIME-FIGHTING FBI’S SIDE BUSINESS: TRAINING TERRORISTS

The 9-11 hijackers can be tied to San Diego.(57) Bin Laden's brother who is associated with Bush through his family's affiliation with the Carlyle Group lived in San Diego. (58) The 9-11 hijackers were under San Diego FBI surveillance. 9-11 happened anyway. The San Diego FBI, which refused to investigate my allegations, also botched an investigation of one of the terrorists who had been reported to them PRIOR to 9-11. Norberto Santana Jr. wrote an article entitled, "A Suspicious Encounter*" for the San Diego UnionTribune* newspaper. In the article the limousine driver wrote down "terrorist" next to the name of his customer. He called the FBI who assured him they would tail the man. Timothy McVeigh was under FBI surveillance prior to the Oklahoma City bombing incident. The Murrah Building blew up anyway. (59) Note: *The Union-Tribune which has former Nixon cabinet members and many CIA agents working for it, refused to print my allegations even though the Editor, Karin Winner, and owner, David Copley were in danger. Operation Mockingbird documents the CIA and FBI ties to Copley’s Union-Tiribune newspaper. The pattern and practice of the FBI to basically assist the terrorists is well documented. (60) ( The FBI "let" the Oklahoma City bombing happen. Bush imported: OKC can be tied to Iraqis

"But on closer examination, such "domestic terrorist" events do not appear to be what they are made out to be. The FBI had an informant inside the World Trade Tower bombers, Emad Salam, who offered to sabotage the bomb. The FBI told him "no". The so-called "hot bed"

III 124

of white separatism at Elohim City, occasional home to Tim McVeigh in the weeks prior to the OK City bombing, was founded and is being run by an FBI informant!" () (
I believe the FBI was actively involved in planning the crimes they investigated. The pattern is consistent with the FBI psychologist's son producing the Columbine video. Notorious FBI agent _______ Coloson "coincidentally" checked into an Oklahoma hotel PRIOR to the bombing. () (www.worldnetdaily.com_______ Jayna Davis’ book: The Third Terrorist.

Michael Ruppert, former LAPD officer, and powerful public presenter, reveals the U.S. government's prior knowledge of 9-11. ( CRIMINALS RUNNING THE ASYLUM

None of this makes sense except through the prism of the theory I am presenting. One must wonder, as I am alleging, if the terrorists are acting from within the structure of the government, much like they did in the Kennedy assassination. Perhaps you can see why I say I live in the "State of Insanity" in the City of "Insane Diego". And the United States is telling other nations how to run their business? The United States called Saddam Hussein, Saddam Insane? Who is insane? Who needs to stay home and take care of business? Which military cannot even defend its own homeland, and is scattered around the world threatening other nations, stealing oil, and stealing works of art centuries old? The role MK-ULTRA played in programming the "terrorists" cannot be understated. University of California at San Diego (UCSD) is a center for brain research and experimentation on humans. Stanford University which programmed the SLA and Manson family members, can also be tied to the research in San Diego through SAIC. SAIC ... •has the letters CIA in it. •is a known "spook facility" •has a satellite in Littleton, Colorado, and one near the Washington D.C. CIA building. •SAIC and Psi-Tech can be tied to Littleton Coincidence or conspiracy?


Web Review: National Affairs

III 125

"Over the years SAIC's relationship with the government has had its ups and downs. A quick check of public databases shows that: * In 1990 SAIC was indicted by the Justice Department on 10 felony counts for fraud in its management of a Superfund toxic cleanup site. (SAIC pleaded guilty.) * In 1993 the Justice Department sued SAIC, accusing it of civil fraud on an F15 fighter contract. * In May 1995, the same month SAIC purchased NSI, the company settled a suit that charged it had lied about security system tests it conducted for a Treasury Department currency plant in Fort Worth, TX. (The company paid the government $125,000 to cover the cost of the investigation as part of that settlement.) The NSF was unaware of these cases when it let the SAIC/NSI merger pass, according to director Strawn. "I can't really say that we did much in the way of a background check on SAIC at the time," he said. But Sue Volnek, an SAIC spokesperson, described the three cases as isolated events. "SAIC has completed over 5,000 government contracts successfully." She said that the responsible SAIC employees had broken company rules in each case and were fired for it." "Current SAIC government jobs include contracts to reengineer the information systems at the Pentagon, track weapons of mass destruction around the world, study the spread of ballistic missile technology, integrate and automate the FBI's computerized fingerprint identification system, and build a national criminal history information system*." [This sounds like the database for the WHODB ˆ[White House Office Data Base] combined with the criminal element to carry out the neutralization or death of political enemies.]
•employed CIA _______ -Bobby Ray Inman, former director, SAIC. who is suspiciously linked to Heaven's Gate was implicated by Paul Wilcher, who died after he implicated Clinton in crimes in a document he gave to Janet Reno. •controlled all the domain names on the internet which are used for codes.

III 126

-employed William J. Perry, formerly second in command at the Pentagon, former director, SAIC. -employed John Deutch, former CIA Director, Clinton’s selection for CIA Director, a chemist, John Deutch, who left the CIA to become SAIC Board member was under criminal investigation from his Pentagon and CIA days for mishandling thousands of top secret files of which Gary Atwood’s and the SLA’s would be among those top secret files. Presently San Diego’s SAIC is working in conjunction with Stanford Research Institute, which conducted experiments on the SLA. SRI uses SAIC (headquartered in San Diego) to carry out its defense projects: (http://www.probable ) ( ml ) Mr. Deutch is said to have inflicted "major damage" to the CIA's espionage branch. Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee said that Deutch had information on his computer that only the top two or three people at the Pentagon knew. Details of my birth would have been located in the highest level of top secret files since America lost its sovereignty to England and the Windsors lost their crown to Hitler and me. This is why Presidents have conducted themselves as sovereigns instead of presidents. They were attempting to steal my title. ( "Psychic" Spying at the Stanford Research Institute or CIA Mind Control" by Alex Constantine.

"SRI has a history of mind-control research, "Under contract to the Army, SRI chemists studied psychoactive components like LSD fro their potential as chemical-warfare agents." ..."For reasons unknown to me, the research aspect of the program were transferred from SRI to SAIC in 1991." [George H.W. Bush lost his election in ‘92.] () (
More SRI facts:

•"Concrete evidence that electronic mind control was the true object of study at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was exposed by the Washington Post in 1977." •"The 'remote viewing' team at SRI was really engaged in projecting words and images directly to the cranium." •Mind control was also used ...during the Vietnam War period SRI was a

III 127

hive of covert political subterfuge. The Symbionese Liberation Army, like the People's Temple, was a creation of the CIA."
•The SRI/SAIC psi experiments were supervised at Langley by John McMahon, second in command under William Casey, succeeding Bobby Ray Inman, the SAIC director. () •CIA (

Mind Control at Stanford Research Institute by Alex Constantine. ( (61) Members of my immediate family were victims of this insidious crime- mind control - a human rights violation.

Note: •Former San Diego Special Agent in Charge, who is no longer in charge, worked with SAIC on this computer program.

Crypt Newsletter: "The Los Angeles Times published a feature a week prior to Inman's exit showing links to a nation spanning consulting firm Science Applications - which seems to exist as a shadow rulingclass within the Pentagon. Science Applications International Corporation, of which Inman is a director, has many members in top spots within the Pentagon. The Pentagon, in standard behavior-mode, refused to comment to the Times on anything concerning Science Applications. William J. Perry, the current second in command at the Pentagon and the man who has replaced Inman as nominee, was a director of Science Applications until he was elevated to his current position in 1993. Like Inman, Perry is a military-industrial complex insider, steeped in the Strangelovian traditions of Cold War secrecy and super weapons development.” (MK- Ultra mind control is listed as a non-lethal military weapon.) Perry, given the fatuous title "godfather of stealth technology" by the Washington Post in 1989 when the truth about the disastrous B-2 bomber began to leak, was Jimmy Carter's undersecretary for research and engineering in the late Seventies when stealth projects, among other bizarre schemes for Doomsday weaponry, began disappearing into the nascent vortex of SAR (Special Access Required) - or "deep black" financing." [mind control}
I wrote Director Tenet in March, 1999 about the Atwood connection, and what I suspected to be a CIA assassination plot. In April, 1999...

Justice, CIA Probe Ex-Chief Deutch

III 128

WASHINGTON (AP) -- CIA technicians found 31 secret files in the unsecured personal computer at the home of the former Director John Deutch shortly after he stepped down as the nation's top spy, it was reported Sunday. The Central Intelligence Agency turned the case over to the Justice Department, which investigated for a year before deciding not to file charges, Newsweek magazine said. The Justice Department returned the case to the CIA, which Newsweek said was preparing a critical report and considering revocation of Deutch's security clearances. Agency spokesman Bill Harlow said he was familiar with the Newsweek story but could not comment. The newsmagazine said Deutch would not comment, and a call to his Massachusetts home was not returned immediately Sunday. Quoting Justice Department sources, the magazine said Deutch's mishandling of classified material came to light shortly after he resigned in December 1996. He was to continue as a consultant. Agency technicians went to his home for a routine check to ensure CIA procedures were being followed to protect secrets, Newsweek said in its issue appearing on newsstands Monday. They found 31 classified national security documents on his personal computer, even though he had a secure agency computer at home, the report said. During the Justice Department investigation, Deutch was reappointed to a federal panel that studies how to combat proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and was given top security clearances, Newsweek said. AP-NY-04-11-99 1556EDT
Mind control is one of those secrets which has slipped out to the private sector and is being used by criminal in the medical and legal professions to commit crimes using the “non-lethal” weaponry called mind control for commerce reasons and slavery. The plans for depopulation of America and the entire planet are real. ones who would decide who lives and who dies are criminally insane. The

I have shown that the United States employees murderous terrorists within the halls of justice and law enforcement. If the SLA was government-sponsored terrorism, could the Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine, and both WTC bombings have been government-sponsored as well? I believe I have shown that answer to that question is, “YES!” (Brain stem Charlie Mountbatten is still trying to marry me, and when I wrote this line in my last draft, the delusional insane imbecile went around telling himself I accepted his proposal. Details of the filthy vulgar attempts may be published if he does not stop. I have repeatedly warned Parliament about this, and to this day: 9/29/04. This is a 9/11 day. 9 is and upside down six. 11 is II or toothpick, Elizabeth Mountbatten. Nine-eleven took place so

III 129

they could clone me, rape and murder my clones, but not before performed marriage ceremonies with innocent terrorized infants.


The vulgar pig, Camilla Parker Bowles in order to be a part of the picture, had a woman walk in front of me, pull her pants down, spread her legs wide around a palm tree, squat and urinate. She thought it was Valerie Plame, the CIA agent who was exposed by journalist Richard Novak. There are overlays of their psychopathology that Valerie Plame also symbolizing Putin whom they want to assassinate. He is very aware of it, and isn't a fool like the rest of the so-called world leaders in this sordid tale. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon must access the danger to Britain resulting from Parliament's refusal to follow my directives about the Windsors and the insane pig-whore who are out of control.) The sky is falling, but no one believes me. I have said I would never marry that foul idiot. I will not tolerate this harassment any longer. I will have to resort to the strongest spiritual power I have. They believe me to be the prophet of Malachi 4:1. "Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and that day that is coming will set them on fire," says the LORD Almighty. "Not a root or a branch will be left to them." If I am that prophet, the entire planet in I will call for fire from heaven to destroy order to stop this psychosis. If mankind I will not tolerate it.

will not do it, God will.

III 130

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