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Gresosky 1

Patrick Gresosky
Ashley Humphries
ENC 1101
21 April 2015
Throughout the papers I wrote over the semester, the topics included a digital text
narrative, a visual/textual analysis, and exposing advertisements. In the digital text
narrative, I recalled the transition I had from country music as a kid to rap music in the
present, and although I stopped listening to it so much, certain songs and lyrics always
reminded me to never forget where I came from and who I grew up with. In paper two, I
broke down and took deep analysis of the introduction video speech from LeBron James
in the video game NBA2K14, and described how its sole purpose was to inspire the game
user and show that hard work and dedication are what it takes to achieve your goals. In
the third paper I uncovered the truth behind a Silva Thins cigarette ad by removing the
cigarettes from the box and replacing them with women to show that the ad was actually
objectifying women. Each paper built on the last, and the final paper, in exposing the
advertisement, I was able to use techniques from the previous two papers to draw
conclusions from both the text and visual elements of my advertisement to prove a point.
I believe that the overall purpose of all the papers combined was to emphasize how
important visual and textual elements are and the role that they play in our everyday
lives. From one paper to the next, I learned how to both recognize and analyze visual and
textual elements and make an argument about what they meant rather than just observe
them and move on.

Gresosky 1
Paper one helped me to understand how digital text played a significant role in
shaping my character and built the foundations for some of the ideals that I live by. The
lyrics in both country music and rap music have influenced me to become a respectful
man with a great work ethic. The ideals that my favorite rap and country artists instill into
their music I have tried to mimic my life and has helped me to realize that family, friends,
and my passions are what are important. This paper helped me learn why these digital
texts appealed to me, and it was because what these artists talked about in their music I
agreed with. Overtime I changed from country music to rap music, and this helped me to
learn that some things in life change, but it is how we adapt to those changed that define
our character. I think paper one helped me to improve in my overall writing. Although the
introduction was sub-par, I thought the rest of the paper was strong in that I was able to
get my ideas down on the paper in an organized way and back them up with my own
analysis. Paper one really forced me to look back on my life and break down how all of
the music I had ever listened to changed my personality and how I looked at the world. I
didn’t revise my first paper because I felt like I was able to get both the analysis and
topics down, but the introduction was very weak and only summarized what my paper
was about as a whole instead of catching the reader’s attention and bringing them into the
story. Also, I think I could have used improvement in completing my ideas. I will often
come up with great ideas but only focus on one or two of them, and I felt like that limited
the amount of analysis I was able to accomplish on this first paper.
The second paper needed significant improvement in both the introduction and
the closing, and that was the first thing I addressed when I started revising. My
introduction was relevant to LeBron James and the video game that my video was from,

Gresosky 1
but it had nothing to do with the analysis of the visual and speech elements that I talked
about in the rest of the paper, so it simply served the purpose of satisfying the word
count. However one of my paragraphs from the middle of my paper, which my teacher
pointed out, would be a great beginning paragraph because it would have introduced the
reader to both the images and text elements in the video and how they worked together to
create a powerful message, which I elaborated on more as the paper progressed. I had
some analysis in the middle, but there was room for more, and in my revised paper two, I
watched the video again and found more topics to talk about, and I cut out a good portion
of the closing as it was repetitive and lacked true detail. Paper two helped me to
understand how both visual and textual elements combine to serve a common purpose,
and I think my video was a great example of that. This paper forced me to really evaluate
what the message the images and text were trying to portray through LeBron’s story of
his journey to greatness. I still think I could use improvement in reducing the amount of
repetition, because I still found myself writing some of the same basic ideas towards the
end of my paper. This may have been because of the short length of the video, but there
was probably room for a small portion of analysis in what LeBron meant in his speech for
the first half of the video. Overall, I think the most important thing that I took from the
second paper was that I learned how to both observe and criticize every single aspect in
any sort of media, whether it’d be tone of voice, music, setting, colors, layout, or speech,
you have to analyze everything, because its there for a reason.
Paper three, to me, basically was a test as to whether or not I took away the real
purpose of the first two papers. By having to select a questionable advertisement, “spoof”
it, and back up our “spoof” with in depth analysis, I had to look at the original ad from

Gresosky 1
the creator’s perspective, change it to uncover the real truth behind it, and finally back up
my arguments using my own evaluation of the text and images in both the original and
anti ad. Originally, my anti ad did not make sense, and that was heavily reflected in my
paper as most of arguments had holes in them, were off topic, or just confused the reader.
So I had to go back and look at the original ad to find out who the target audience really
was, and how to change it so it would reveal the fallacies it contained. In the end, I was
able to create a better anti ad and make several arguments as to how it revealed the
problems with the original. Once again, I struggled with the introduction paragraph in
this paper, and it was the first thing I addressed after I fixed my anti ad. I introduced the
original ad immediately and pointed out some of the issues embedded in it, and I think it
was much better than my first one because it actually hooked the reader within the first
few lines rather than delaying for almost a page with background information. I think one
improvement that my third paper could have used was stronger arguments. Although I
was able to make a sensible point that backed up my anti ad, I feel like some of my
arguments were weak, such as the fact that women were targeted by my anti ad because
they sometimes behave like they are a possession of men. I think that paper three forced
me to apply both topics from the previous papers to create my own visual and text media
and backing up the message I wanted it to deliver to the audience.
I believe the most important thing I took in writing these three papers was the
drive to progress and improve on how I viewed and broke down the images and textual
elements of whatever media was presented. I definitely still need to improve on the
introduction of a paper, as none of my original intros pertained to what I wrote about in
the papers. That was a main focus in each of my revisions because I feel like not only it

Gresosky 1
hurt my grade, but more importantly it didn’t “hook” the reader and got me off to a bad
start. With each revised intro, I felt like the reader would be more interested in what I was
going to argue throughout my paper, and it allowed me to present my topics and analysis
in order and in a formulated manner so that it would be easy for the reader to understand
my arguments.