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The Honorable David Grosso

At-Large DC Councilman
Chair, Committee on Education
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,
Suite 402
Washington, DC 20A04


Funding for Shaw Middle School

Dear Councilman Grosso:

The Central Shaw Neighborhood Association is deeply concerned that the Mayor's proposed
budget excludes $54 million for the modernization of the Shaw Middle School. We urge you,
and your colleagues, to restore funding to this critical project and commit to a timeline for
planning and construction.
Shaw is a growing community, rich in both history and new opportunities. Few neighborhoods
in the country have experienced the revitalization and growth that Shaw has experienced in
recent years, but in order to ensure the longevity of a healthy community, our public education
options must grow with the neighborhood. As long-time neighbors welcome new ones, we all
look to what the future holds for our families. Re-opening a modern Shaw Middle School is an
essential element to realizing the potential of that


- .,

Seaton Elementary School and Cleveland Elementary School in Shaw have/seen strong
gains in test scores and enrollment. ln order for neighborhood residents to frhly com'mit to
these schools, they need to have great, local options for the next step beypnd the fifth grade.
Without Shaw Middle School, these elementary schools will continue to lose students in the
upper grades as parents struggle to find an appropriate placement for their children.
The same pattern of upper grade attrition is happening at Ross Elementary School, where
despite test scores in the 90s, by third grade children are leaving in droves because of a
perceived lack of a satisfactory middle school. Re-creating and modernizing Shaw Middle
Schoolwill help these successful elementary schools retain students and will also ameliorate
crowding at schools such as Deal, because residents will stay put in Shaw and the
surrounding areas.
Rebuilding and improving Shaw Middle School also makes sense in light of the city's
investment of millions of dollars at Dunbar High School. Dunbar High School is currently
under-enrolled, in part because local students who should be attending Dunbar have been
scattered far away to Francis Stevens Middle School and to Cardozo. Re-creating Shaw
Middle School is an integral step in revitalizing Dunbar.
The families of Shaw are invested in the District of Columbia. We ask that you invest in our
families, our children and our educators for generations to come, by restoring funding to the
Shaw Middle School.

Central Shaw Neighborhood Assocation

1609 8th ST NW, WDC 20001

Thank you for your representation of the District and for your leadership on the Education
Committee. Please do not hesitate to contact the Central Shaw Neighborhood Association if
you would like any additional perspectives on this or other neighborhood issues. You may
reach us by email at or Again, we deeply appreciate
the Committee allowing public comment and giving citizens a meaningful voice in education
policies affecting thei r nei g hborhood fami Iies.


Brian Peters
President, Central Shaw Neighborhood Association


The Honorable Charles Allen

The Honorable Anita Bonds
The Honorable Yvette Alexander


Honorable Phil Mendelson

Honorable Mary Cheh
Honorable David Grosso
Honorable Kenyan McDuffie
Honorable Elissa Silverman
Honorable Vincent Orange
Honorable Brianne Nadeau
Honorable Jack Evans

Central Shaw Neighborhood Assocation

1609 8th ST NW, WDC 20001

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