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Tid Bits of Wisdom

APRIL 2015

From the Wonderful Word Publishers

John 11:25-26
Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me,
though he were dead, yet shall he live:
And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

VOL.9 No. 5

rightfully so, but are we living a resurrected life today?

The older I get, the more I
grieve over the lifeless Christians today.
Sure, we will be resurrected when that
last trump shall sound, but Jesus expects us to walk and live a resurrected
life daily. If the Holy Spirit is not working through your life, it just might be
that you have not experienced a resurrected life. You might say, Well, Im
saved, isnt that all that matters? NO!
That is not all that matters. What does
Jesus say to us?
John 12:23-25

What if Jesus had lived His perfect life, but refused to go to the cross?
In the garden He prayed about the cup, which carried the agony of our sin. Jesus
did not look forward to having sin laid upon Him, nor did He look forward to the
pain, the agony, and the shame. He didnt deserve that cup because of anything
He had done. He drank that cup for us, although it was what we deserved. The
cup was an important part of His work. It was necessary in order to fulfill the
work of God. Therefore, He submitted to it and never turned back.

And Jesus answered them, saying, The

hour is come, that the Son of man should
be glorified.

Jesus said very clearly that no man could take His life. He laid it down
in order to do the work of God.

He that loveth his life shall lose it; and

he that hateth his life in this world shall
keep it unto life eternal.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except

a corn of wheat fall into the ground
and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it
bringeth forth much fruit.

John 10:17-18
Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it
No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down,
and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.

Everything Jesus did for us He did willingly! First, because He knew
and loved the Father. Secondly, because He knew and loved us. Had Jesus not
gone to the cross and lay in the grave for three days and nights, we, who have
believed upon the Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation, would not be the children
of God. He had to lay in the grave until the father said, Come forth. Jesus had
the power to come out of that grave by Himself, but He waited on the Father to
resurrect Him so He could fulfil the work of God and He could be our example of
how to live a resurrected life. Jesus death was not a tragedy. It was a majestic
work that made it possible for mankind to live eternally in heaven with the Father.
At Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and

The first thing Jesus does after

our salvation is to show us how to live
a resurrected life. When we are birthed
into Gods family, we are birthed by the
Word of God, which is the seed of God.
Our flesh surrounds this seed. In the
seed of our new birth lies the beauty of
Gods plans for our life. As long as the
flesh lives, the seed cannot sprout forth.
We must allow ourselves to be crucified
with Christ and die to our fleshly life, so
our spiritual life can resurrect and shoot
forth and bring forth fruit.

Except the seed fall into the
ground and die, it abideth alone! Your

(Continued on page 5)

This week I have been reminded of just how precious memories are. My
cousins husband died a few weeks ago and I invited her to come spend a few days
with Jerry and me. She had never been to our home, so I met her across town and
led her to our house.

I need to explain why this visit brought back such wonderful memories.
My daddy was raised in the country. He farmed all his life until he and mother
were married and moved to Dallas. A good many of his family stayed on the farm
while a few moved to the big city. In 1943 my daddy was paid 75 cents a day to
work the farm for his daddy. He learned that he could move to Dallas and make
$12.50 a week working at a gas station. So to Dallas they went. All of my growing up days, daddy would tell my sister and I wonderful stories about his days on
the farm. My sister and I felt we had been robbed by having to live in the city.
His farm life sounded like such fun compared to ours.

My daddys father surrendered to preach when my father was about 12
years old. Papa would hop wagons and go from city to city to preach tabernacle
meetings. He never held a meeting that there werent converts. Daddys mother
was left to run the farm, and the children dropped out of school to keep it going.
Daddy didnt have a lot of education, but he was a very wise man. This was during the depression and food was hard to come by. Daddy would catch rabbits
for their food. He once told me that since he didnt want to kill a rabbit that was
to small, he would run up beside it and fill of his ribs before he would catch him.
I believed him for a long time. He did catch a rabbit once and it almost tore his
shirt off. But what he really liked to do, was catch a snake by the tail and pop its
head off. Mother had heard him talk of doing this, but she had never seen it. They
were coming from the church where they had just been married and a rattle snake
was crossing the road in front of them. Daddy stopped the car, grabbed it by the
tail and popped its head off. What a way to start a marriage!

My cousin and her family stayed on the farm. She saw our life as very
interesting and I saw her life as very interesting. One year, we started spending a
week at her house and a week at our house. Her mother made the best homemade
bread you ever tasted. I would eat until I couldnt hold another bite. My cousin
would come to our house and she thought she was in heaven eating store bought
bread. She would ask my mother if she could have one more piece of toast. I
thought potatoes grew on trees until I saw them digging up potatoes. I learned
a lot at the farm and my cousin learned a lot in the city. When we went to the
country, daddy would get all of us a cotton sack and we would pick cotton for the
FUN of it. My cousin thought we had lost our minds. She worked the fields all
the time and she couldnt see anything funny about it.

Well, many years have gone by since we had those wonderful times together. This last week we returned to our childhood and had a wonderful time
together. She brought her mothers bread recipe and we made wonderful homemade bread. We also made egg noodles. We talked of all our yesterdays and the
things our parents had taught us. We remembered how blessed we were to have
good parents. We cried together, we prayed together, and we sang together, like
we did so many times before. It was wonderful.

We had different lives, but we had the same heritage. God ruled and
reigned in our family. Everything we did was centered around the word of God.

We would be the first to tell you that

we did not have a perfect family. We
have our stories just like every one else
does, but we solved our problems by
the Word of God. We knew when we
did wrong our family would hold us
to Gods Word and we would have to
make it right.

This week my cousin called
and said her doctor confirmed she has
breast cancer and will have major surgery in May. This is very close to her
husbands death and now she enters into
another time of testing. Shes family
and we will stick together, still making
memories and enjoying one anothers

You are making memories today for yourself and for those whose
lives you touch. What kind of memories are you making? Will people have
sweet memories when your name is
mentioned? Will they remember you
as loving or as selfish? Will they remember you as giving or stingy? Will
they remember you as happy or complaining?

I am so thankful for a family
that exercised the Word of God in their
lives and left with us such wonderful
memories. My parents did wrong,
but when they realized it they made it
right. My parents got angry from time
to time, but they never LOST their temper. They dedicated themselves to living what they said they believed. I am
not sure I would have become a Christian if I had just heard the Word of God
and not seen it being lived out in our
home. What I saw in my family gave
me the courage to trust Gods Word.

Are you living what you say
you believe? Is Christ real to you? Do
you live daily with a hope that God will
be there when you have a need? Do
others see you living by faith? When is
the last time you prayed and saw God
answer that prayer? What memories
are you making for yourself and others? The song Precious Memories, on
the next page, says it all.

play it? I asked. He said, when we

get on this bus, you sit on that side, and
Ill sit on this side. We got on the bus I was trying to get fun out of the game!
I would look at him, but he acted like
he didnt notice. I would turn around
and try to say something, but he would
ignore me. Later on I understood. He
was ashamed of my clothes.

He got cancer. I didnt know
what to do or say to him. I loved him
very much. During that time we got
closer than we had ever been. I kissed
him just before he died and said, I love
you, brother. I didnt know how I was
going to do his funeral. Christ put His
arms around me and said, You can do
this. Im not finished with sympathy.

He Is Not Finished With


(This is taken from The Folded Napkin by Bro. Clyde Box.)

We have a Christ who can touch us. When I witness for Christ, I have to
get over close to that one to whom Im talking. Christ is like that.

Twenty-seven years ago my wife had cancer. At that time I was invincible. Nothing could touch me. Everything was always going to be all right. I was
going to make it through life and preach and die of old age and go on to Heaven.
And certainly nothing could happen to my wife.

Then she found a little lump in one of her breasts. Later, when I was told
it would require radical surgery, I went down to the chapel. I prayed, I cried, I
begged, yet I couldnt get any peace.

Then suddenly it felt just like Jesus put His arms about me and said, The
napkin is still folded, Clyde. Im not through with sympathy. I feel your sorrow,
your heartache. Thank God for a sympathetic Saviour!

We were poor kids. (My daddy died when I was three years old.) The
Salvation Army used to give us clothes. My brother, wouldnt wear them if they
didnt fit. I would, no matter what they looked like. We were going downtown
one day. I put on a coat and a pair of pants that were too big and wore a bandanna
around my neck.

My brother said, Lets play a game. I asked, Whats the name of the
game. He answered, Its going to be We Dont Know Each Other. I had not
heard of that game, but since he was older than I he must know it. How do we

When I get to Heaven, I believe
my brother will be the first one to say,
Hey, thats my brother! He wont be
ashamed of me then, and of course, Ill
have on a white robe! Christ is not finished with us. He left the napkin folded
at the Lords Supper. He left it folded
in the empty tomb, saying to us, Im
coming back. Im not finished!
He is coming! He is coming!
We can almost hear the sound
Of His footsteps on the threshold,
And our hearts with gladness bound.
All around us men are seeking,
Turning blind eyes to the light,
Longing, fearing, not yet daring
To escape from sins dark night.
Yet the message is so simple:
I will surely come again.
Tis the glad news of the Gospel
Ringing sweetly through earths pain.
When He comes, may I be ready,
Watching, praying, working still.
Though He tarry, may I daily
Learn more perfectly His will.

He is not finished with sympathy. He is not finished saving sinners
or sanctifying saints or send out servants. The napkin is still folded. If I
go...I will come again.

----Bro. Clyde Box



Gloria Brewster


In the first few verses of Philippians 2, Paul says if we have enjoyed the work of Christ in our lives, by having been
consoled, having been comforted with His love, having fellowshiped with the Spirit, then we should be likeminded. How
did Jesus come to the place of being willing to die on the cross, lay in the grave three days, and wait for His resurrection
just in order to give us salvation? His mind was to do the Will of the Father. This same mind should be in us who have
tasted that the Lord is good.

Above is a graph of Philippians chapter two. These verses teach us how to serve others with the same mind the Lord
Jesus Christ served us.

EQUALITY! This is the most misunderstood word to mankind. Many people struggle with either thinking
they are better than others or that they are less than others. You CANNOT serve others effectively until you KNOW who
you are. The middle line on the graph shows that all are created equal. Even the little new born baby has as many rights as
the mature adult. God tells us over and over in the scriptures that He is NOT a RESPECTER of PERSONS. We know that,
but we do not live as though we believe it. There can not be any doubt in our minds that we have as much right to life as
anyone else who has the breath of life in them. Our positions are different, but our created person is equal to all.

Why did Jesus submit to becoming a man, when He was God the Word. Was He any less than the Father? He
clearly states that while He was in the form of God, He did not think it was robbery to be equal with God. (Phil. 2:6) There
was a work to be done, and He, loving the Father, submitted Himself to do the work of bringing Gods creation back to the
Father. How did Jesus prepare Himself to do the will of the Father?

(Continued on page 6)

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flesh must die and decay so the life of the seed can spring forth.

There are many lonely and unfulfilled Christians today because they refuse to die to their life (flesh) so the Spirit of
God can spring forth and bear fruit to their lives. They never know the benefits that are theirs from trusting Christ because
they refuse to give up their life and therefore they remain alone! They attempt to serve and please God, but they do it in
their flesh and not their spirit. Because they do not walk in the Spirit they are tired, weary, and lonely from the journey. If
they do not cease to live through the flesh, they will fall by the wayside.

Jesus is our example. He had the power to lay down His life and to take it up again. In our flesh, we have the
power to lay down our fleshly life or to take it up. God never makes His children serve Him. Just like Jesus it is our responsibility to submit to the cross and the grave. It is also our responsibility to stay in the grave until God resurrects us.

Jesus said He laid down His life so He could take it again. A lot of Christians fear laying down their lives because they dont realize that after they have done the work of laying down, then comes their resurrection day and they can
live their lives again. Only this time it will be to the glory of God the Father who will lead and direct them.

Do you want your life to bring forth fruit? You must die to self. God says that the person who is dead does not
sin! One of the reasons we cant get free from our sin is because we are not dead to our flesh. There is only one way to find
a fruitful life and that is in following Jesus to the cross and letting God the Father resurrect you to a new life.
John 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

When we die to self and allow God to resurrect us into a fruitful life, our fruit will be determined by God. Some
thirty, some sixty, and some a hundred fold. The pictures around this lesson remind us that there are many stages to the
resurrected life and the fruit is determined from the soil we are planted in. As we seek the word of God for our nourishment,
we must prepare the soil. There is the way side, the stony places, the thorns, and the good ground. The tilling of the soil is
our job.

-------Jerry Brewster

(Continued from page 4)

Phil 2:5-8
Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:
Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:
But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and
was made in the likeness of men:
And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient
unto death, even the death of the cross.

REPUTATION! To be a great servant of God we must put aside working
on our reputation and be willing to do the work of Gods reputation. He came to
serve God, not Himself. Sometimes I think this is the hardest part to accomplish.
Because we have a desire to do good we go about trying to prove our reputation
instead of the Fathers. The first five years of my Christian life, I worked hard at
trying to show God how good a Christian I was, and I failed miserably. One day
I said to the Lord, I give up! I just cant do it. I could feel Gods smile upon
me as the Holy Spirit said to me, Good! Now God can show you how great a
God He is! If we truly let God work through us and build His reputation, we will
acquire a reputation also, but it will not be the motivation of our lives.

FORM OF A SERVANT! Just like Christ, we take upon us the form of
a servant. A true servants heart is a submitted willing heart. No one can make
you have a servants spirit. They can force you to serve, but they cant make you
accept it. A great servant becomes great because they chose to be great. This is
called free will, and we all have a free will.

WAS MADE! Jesus submitted to being Gods servant and it was God
who chose what He would become. God made Jesus in the likeness of men! He
created man and now He finds Himself in the same shoes of the men He had created. That would be humbling, would it not? Yet, Jesus did not balk at His service
to the Father or question who He was to be.

HUMBLED! As a man, when Jesus finds Himself in His knew body, He
humbled Himself and BECAME obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.
God has given us life and He has a plan for our lives. We do not know what He
will make of us when we submit to His will and choose to be His humble servant.
I dont know what God is going to ask of my life before it is over and you do not
know what He will ask of your life before it is over. Are we willing to follow His
will even to death, regardless of what kind of a death that will be? Will we trust
Him with our lives the way Jesus trusted Him?

EXALTED! Because Jesus did the will of the Father and finished
the work He had been given, God has highly exalted Him and given Him a name
which is above every name. The highest honor!

We all desire to be exalted. It doesnt work to attempt to exalt ourselves.
It just makes us look silly. But God has promised to exalt us if we are obedient

to His Word. From time to time others

will exalt us if they are following the
mind of Christ, but the ultimate is to
experience the exalting of the Lord.

As the servant of the Lord, we
are told to esteem others better than
ourselves. Looking back at our graph
the top line is where we are to lift the
life of the one we are serving. Notice,
we do not change our equal status, we
raise them above us. We do not do this
because of what they deserve, we do
this in obedience to Gods command.
We do what we do as unto the Lord.
Everyone responds favorably when we
show concern and respect for their lives
and not just our own.

the other person looks down upon us
and in their minds place us on the bottom line? That shows a problem with
their mind, not ours. What others think
of us does not change who we are. They
do not have the power to change what
God created you and me to be. If their
minds are corrupt and they desire to
destroy instead of bless, it affects their
lives a whole lot more than it does ours.
My actions are a beam in my eye, but
the one coming against me has a mote
in their eyes. Their mote does not effect me like the beam in my eye does.

Mankind is cruel to one another. My mother use to say, Only man
kills the wounded! We see a problem
and we set out to expose or destroy instead of washing their feet and helping
them find healing. God has saved us
and given us His Spirit so we can love
mankind back to the Father.

Jesus didnt come to earth the
first time to destroy, He came to save
that which was lost. Our ministry is not
judgment, it is restoration. When Jesus
returns He will return as the Lion and
He will straighten out all things that are
Mark 9:35
If any man desire to be first, the same
shall be last of all, and servant of all.


Ive been blessed and gleaned
so much from your teaching. God
bless you. P.S. We have been married
45 years and I call Rae Jean beautiful too! SM Davis

God bless you dear friends,
think of you and pray for you often.
We both send our love. Bro. Joe and
Doris West.

Im leaving soon to help my
youngest daughter with her new baby,
my 16th grandchild. My cup of blessings is running over. Love getting
your paper. Nancy Smith

Hope you both are well. Stanley will be pulling a trailer to help me
move this May. ( this is Glorias cousin
and a supporter of the paper. Her move
is a big change in her and Glorias life.
Please pray for Lindas big change in
life.) Linda Kissel

The Lord spoke to my heart
to send you a love offering. You and
Jerry are such a blessing to us all. You
always speak words of encouragement
and my heart is lighter. Thanks for all
you do. Linda Dunn

Whats right
Is whats left
After youve done
everything else wrong.

Robin Williams

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Have you ever had anything happen to you that just made your heart stop for a
moment, then fear would set in? Well, Gloria had this months paper two thirds ready for
the printer and lost it in the computer. It turned out to be a simple problem, but until the
answer came it was heart breaking. We pray about our paper and it is always our plans
to get the paper out at the first of each month, but it is amazing how that doesnt seem to
work for us. There will be times when we just cannot get a lesson on our hearts at the time
we feel we should be writing. Then one morning in devotions God will give the lesson
and we understand why we couldnt write before.

More than anything, we desire this little paper to be a blessing to you when you
read it. Its our hope that the lessons will light your spiritual fire and put a spring in your
spiritual step. Its our hope that it will help you to know the God we serve better than
you did before. We love to sit with Christian friends and glean what they have learned
from walking with the Lord, and we love to share with you the things God has walked us
through these many years as we have served Him and loved Him. We are in the last days
and we need to encourage one another, because Satan knows his days are numbered and
he is raising his ugly head, attempting to destroy all that has to do with God and Gods

Well, thanks to our son, who came over and in minutes recovered the paper, we
are now getting it to you. Late, but coming!

We would appreciate it if you would continue to pray for us about our last days
and how God wants us to serve. We seem to keep a full days work every day for the
ministry, and for this we are thankful, but we need to know how God wants us to bring
our support in. It was our plans to work a few hours a week to take care of our needs, but
every time we think we have the answer, God does not bring it to pass. So far, every time
we have had a need God has provided, Glorias daddy used to say, I dont want to be
rich, I just want a dollar every time I need it! That would certainly work. God has taught
us many things about money and one is that we lean upon Him only to supply our needs.
He uses others, but we wait for God to talk to others about us instead of us talking to others. That way we know it is of God. We have had three people to take us on for support.
We do not have the liberty to ask churches or Gods people for monthly support, but God
did and we are thankful for that. There is this fleshly desire to run ahead of God, which
we are so good at, but we desire to not do that at this time of our life. It is very important
that we wait upon God. Many of you have encouraged and shared your lives with us and
we are so very grateful.

Gloria has been talking about writing a book for 30 years are more, but never has
had the time to set aside and work on it. Right now she has the opportunity to write two
books for two godly women who have very interesting lives. One is Mrs. Lucy Havens,
the wife of little George Havens, the evangelist. He died 25 years ago and their story of
how God worked in their lives is outstanding. The other is Mrs. Barbara Law, who sang
all over the world and her Scottish husband played for many important revivals of godly
men who preached the Word of God with power.

Many of our supporters are in need of our prayers for their health. Mrs. Bobbie Mayhew was the first person to begin supporting this paper and she has some serious
health problems and she needs your prayers. We cant write about all the needs but ask
that you pray for those who support the paper each month. We love making the paper free
of charge so we can hand it out to anyone who might want it. One friend gave an offering
this month that paid for one months mailing. That was a real blessing.

Please consider writing us and sharing your testimonies with us. We may not
print all in the paper, but each one means a lot to us and we will share as God gives us liberty too. The personal work that God does in your life encourages others who are waiting
for answers in their lives.

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