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Crrignal Story in English ‘No Smiles Today’ by Chery! Rao IMustrated by Saurabh Pandey “Indu Naguviralilla’ — Kannada Translation by Raviiran © Pratham Books, 2015. Some rights reserved. CC-BY 40 First Kannada Edicion: 2015 ISBN: 978-93-5022-303-1 “Typesetting and layout: Pratham Books, Bengaluru Printed by: Rave india, New Delhi Published by: Pratham Books | Registered office: PRATHAM BOOKS + 621, 2nd Floor Sth Main, OMBR Layout Banaswadi Bengaluru S60 043 “Te+91 80 25420925 1 42052574 Regional Office: New Delhi | T:+91 11 41042489 The development of this book has been supported by HDFC Asset Management Company Limited ‘join Venture with Standard Life nvertments LO ae eens SOE LOy eine Dn Scion nbn es panes ac PRATHAM BOOKS MOD VMAS HUDBA: soo mar wINw: Woy moe #58 waaed: ddsore