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There are various types of Savings accounts that arc being offered by the Axis bank.



At Axis Bank it has been their constant endeavor to create products specifically catering to the customers needs.
The account while offering you a whole range of services also addresses the latent need of having an account
without the hassle of maintaining an average quarterly balance.
It offers certain features

No Average Quarterly Balance requirement

Free International Debit Card with an Accidental Insurance cover up to Rs 2 lakhs (charges for the primary
holder are waived)
Free mobile banking facility

Access through more than 675 branches and more than 2800 ATMs
At-Par cheque facility with the clearing limit of R.s 50,000
24x7 Telebanking & Internet banking
Free quarterly statements


Any person resident outside India may open NRE account. This account permits a NRI to hold and maintain
foreign currency earnings in Indian rupees. The principal and interest earned on these balances are freely repatriable.
Whether you arc a student, a professional a salaried employee or an entrepreneur, this account will meet all your
banking needs


Change of Resident Status In the event of the NRI returning from overseas on a permanent basis the NRI
Accounts is to be redesignated as resident accounts or the funds held in these accounts may be transferred to RFC
accounts if the account holder is eligible for maintaining RFC account.
Nomination Facility- Nomination can be in favor of resident or non-resident

Repatriation of funds by nominee

Remittance abroad by Non-Resident Nominee: Banks may allow remittance of funds abroad, Or funds may be
credited to NRE or FCNR deposits.
Remittances abroad by Resident Nominee: Funds are to be credited to the ordinary SB account If nominee wants to
remit funds outside India for meeting the liabilities of the deceased, should obtain permission from RB1.


The account is an endeavor by the Bank to understand the consumers needs and redefine banking to suit
their requirements for a truly comfortable banking experience. Easy Access Savings Account gives them instant
access to their money anywhere, anytime. Possessing a range of unmatched features, it has been devised to better suit the

convenience of their eclectic client base.

At Par Cheque book- As an Easy Access Savings Account Holder, the customers receive the At-par chequebook. They

can en cash these cheques as local cheques at any of the 257 centers where the bank has a presence, at no extra
cost. Drafts are now history.

ATM Network Easy Access - Savings Account also entitles them to an International Debit Card with which they can access
their account anytime at all the ATMs- both. Visa enabled and the partner banks - across the country. Withdrawals and deposits

(money as well as cheques) are possible with their Debit Card. And unlike most other ATMs, an Axb Hank ATM allows
them to withdraw upto Rs 40,000 per day.

Anywhere Banking - Customer can transact through any of their branch offices all of which are interconnected for their banking
convenience. Transactions like cash deposits. cash withdrawal, transfers and clearing deposits can all be carried out wherever

they happen to be,

Telebanking - Their Telebanking service provides customer instant access to their savings account. It offers them a wide range
of services over the phone such as Account Information, Balance Inquiry. Transaction Details. Status of their Cheque (available
only during branch business hours) and even Statement of Ac count on Fax.

IConnect The idea of your Bank on your desktop is now a rcality with iConnect Customer can lookup the
status of their savings account. request new cheque hook, undertake a range of financial transactions, avail financial
advisory services, get information on mutual funds and shop online by just clicking the mouse.

Mobile Banking Mobile banking enables customer bank with us through their mobile phone 1rnspective of when
they are. Avail facilities like balance inquiry, debit or credit alerts, last three transactions details and cheque status.

Account Statement - Quarterly statements arc delivered free of cost. Customers can also avail the facility of monthly
online statements through iConnect (their Internet banking channel).

Quarterly Interest - Every quarter, interest would be credited at the rate of 3.5% per annum in their account.


At Axis Bank. they have always strived to pace their products with the growing needs of their customers. The Prime
Savings account has therefore been created with specific financial requirements in mind.
Its features

Wider accessibility- As a Prime Savings account holder, one enjoys access ID a wide network of over 671
branches and one of the largest ATM networks in India gives easy access to their account from almost any corner of
the country.

Greater convenience - To simplify daily banking. Prime Savings account comes with an international photosignature Debit card. This unique card comes with withdrawal limit of Rs. 40.000 per day. facilitating transfer of funds,
deposits of the Debit card also comes with a comprehensive insurance cover inclusive of zero lost card


purchase protection and personal accident insurance up to Rs. 2 lakhs. (To keep their personal accident
insurance cover activated, you should have made a purchase transaction in 365 days prior to the day of the
incident & should have maintained an average quarterly balance of Rs 5,000(urban & metropolitan branches) or Rs
2.500 (rural & semi-urban branches) as the case may be in the two quarters before the date of the incident]

More comfort Through their 24 hr Internet Banking and Tele Banking services. you can enjoy the ease

of banking from home or office. Through these comprehensive services, you can access a range of facilities
including online funds transfer. requests for a new chequebook. Financial Advisory Services (FAS), online
shopping and information on mutual funds.

Enhanced privileges The Prime Savings Account eases the banking experience by providing them a

passbook and monthly statement of account to keep them updated on all their transactions and assist

them better in managing their finances.

Added speed Through the At Par cheque facility. they have the unique advantage to encash their
cheques as a local cheque at more than 330 centers where the hank has a presence at no extra cost. In
addition the account enables them to issue cheques up to Rs. 1 lakh. which will be treated as At Par
across these locations.
They can avail of all these services with a minimum average balance of Rs 25,000 in metro urban semiurban centers and Rs 10,000 in rural centers.


At AXIS bank they know how important employee satisfaction is for an organization to grow to its full
potential. Which is why they have tailored their Salary Savings Account not only to be a convenient way lir
people to manage salaries (across various centres through their centralized database), but also provide their
employees with a range of value added benefits.

Salary Savings Account comes with a host of facilities that give their employees access to the complete gamut of
banking services (including overdrafts, loans and zero-balance requirements) on a preferential basis, making it the
perfect incentive for their employees.


In todays busy world its tough being a workingwoman. Right from shuttling between a job and family to taking
care of her finances she has to be on her heels all the time. Keeping this ideal in mind. Axis Bank has designed a
savings account best suited for the woman of today. Now with the Smart Privilege Account they can manage their
money. their life and enjoy a host of lifestyle privileges as well. Whats Interesting is that the Smart Privilege
Account ensures that they have enough time for all the important things in life.

Jewellery insurance on debit card The photo signature international debit card comes a host of enhanced

. Jewcllcry Insurance
-Inbuilt Jewellery Insurance with card
-Protection against loss of Jewellery due to burglary or fire while at home up to a limit of Rs. 50,000-

-All risks covered at home

Free 5 ATM transactions per quarter at Non-Axis Hank ATMs
Waiver of 2.5% Petro surcharge
lnsurance charge of Rs. 50 & Annual Charges of Rs. 150/- plus
service tax
Enhanced Accidental Insurance up to R& 3 lakhs [To keep their personal accident insurance cover activated, you
should have made a purchase transaction in 365 days prior to the day of the incident & should have maintained an
average quarterly balance of Ks 5.0O() (urban & metropolitan branches) or Ks 2.500 (rural & semi-urban branches)
as the case may be in the two quarters before the date of the incident]

Dedicated Relationship Manager - A Dedicated Relationship Manager will be their one point contact at the branch
for all their banking transactions thus ensuring that they would neither has to move from one counter to the other nor
stand in queues to await their turn.

Zero balance minor account - Imbibe the significance of regular savings in your child. The Zero Balance Minor
Savings Account is a unique feature that all account holders can open for their children.

Features of Zero balance Minor account

+ No maintenance charges
+ Debit card offered to the minor above the age of 12 years who can sign uniformly
-Daily rithdraa1 limits of Ks 1.500 at ATMs
-Daily spend limits of Rs 1.000 at merchant outlets

+ Free Monthly Statement clubbed with the statement of the Smart Privilege account of the mother.
+ Al-par cheque book at a nominal cost

Round-the-Clock access through ATMs - There could be a time in their life

when at 3 am they could require cash. With the round-the-clock access they can withdraw cash up to Rs 40.000 per
day. deposit cash cheques. transfer funds, print a mini statement and pay insurance premiums (LIC), all this through
one of the largest ATM networks in the country.

Anywhere Banking Imagine being in some other city and still have complete access to all their transaction

needs. You are a customer of the bank rather than limited to being a customer of the branch. So even if

you are traveling, you can access your account easily from any of the 600 Axis Bank offices spread
over 350 cities across the country.

At-par cheque facility Their cheque will be treated as a local cheque within the vast Axis Bank

network of 600 offices across 350 cities in India. It frees them from the hassles of getting a Demand
Draft issued.

Monthly Account Statement

Additional discounts

on loans

IConncctTM The Complete online banking experience Its the age of Wi-Fi. All the banking needs
should be on the fingertips. with i-connect they can check their account status, transfer funds, place online request
for a new cheque book and many more features without even having to visit an Axis Bank branch.

Financial Advisory services - Their Financial Advisor will assist then with their financial planning and help
them to earn maximum returns on their savings.

Discount on Retail Purchases Just live the feeling of walking into a store and getting amazing

discounts not available to others. As they are valued customer of the bank, they shall endeavor to provide
them with discounts at various outlets, periodic ally.

Smart advantage Smart Advantage is an exclusive insurance cover specially designed for the holders of Special
Womens Account that covers woman related diseases. This insurance protects the woman against the risk of serious
illness. It gives the policyholder the security of knowing that a guaranteed cash sum will be paid in case she is

diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. The insurance is available at a nominal premium to cxisting Special
Womens Account holders.


Axis Banks Senior Citizen Savings Account has been designed keeping in mind the fact that a senior citizens
banking requirements are wholly different and require special consideration.


Dedicated Relationship Managers Their dedicated relationship managers are only a phone call away. They can
help the customer with all of their banking needs. Be it a simple query or helping them to manage their finances.

Free At-par Cheque book- As there Senior Privilege Savings Account holder, customer will receive free Atpar chcquebook. which empowers them to encash their cheques as local cheques at any of the Axis Bank branch

Free International Visa Debit cards for the primary and the joint account holders -. A Senior Privilege
Savings Account with Axis Bank entitles them to a free International Debit card, which enables them to access their
account anytime at more than 2764 ATMs across the country. They can withdraw and deposit money and cheques
with their debit card. The daily withdrawal limit in an Axis bank is a high Rs 40.000. They can use their debit card to
make purchases at merchant establishment.
A unique security feature to help safeguard their hard earned money is their photograph and signature on the face of
their debit card. All banks do not follow this feature.

Free Monthly Statement of Account/Free Passbook As their privileged customer, they would be entitled to a
monthly statement of account. The statement would give them detailed information on daily transactions with their

closing balances. They can also opt for passbook facility and no additional cost.

Free Issuance of Pa Orders or Demand Drafts drawn on Axis Bank branches (let commission-tree Demand Drafts
and Pay Orders from their branches drawn on Axis Bank branch.

Free inward Remittances- Funds remitted by their near and dear ones in abroad get to them through their correspondent
banks for free.

Free Outward Remittances - Once a year remitting their money out of India s possible for free once a year through their
correspondent banks.

Faster Credit to Foreign Cheques Funds remitted by their near and dear ones abroad now get to them faster than ever.

Free Cheque Pickup and Cash pick up services Extended cash and cheque pickup services are provided by them free of

cost. They can also have cash delivered at their residence at a nominal charge of Rs 50 per delivery.

Anywhere Banking - Make transactions like cash deposits, cash whdr.iwal. transfers and clcanng deposits from any of their
branches, all of which are interconnected for their banking convenience.

Telebanking - Their Telebanking serve provides them with instant access to their account. A wide range of services such as
Account Information. Balance enquiry. Transaction Details. Status of their Cheques (Available only during branch business
hours) and Statement of Account on Fax can he availed over the phone.

Free Mobile Banking - Mobile banking enables you to bank with us through their mobile phone irrespective of where you are
Avail the facility of balance enquiry, debit or credit alerts, last three transaction details and cheque Status.
IConnect - The concept of your Bank on your Desktop is now a reality with iConnect. They can look-up the status of their
account, request new cheque book. undertake a range of financial transactions, avail financial advisory services, get information
on mutual funds and shop online by just clicking the mouse.

Customized Loan offerings - Loans against Fixed Deposits -up to 95% of the FD amount at an interest rate of 1% over the rate
of interest of the FD. NSCs/KVPs/LlC Policy -the rate of interest 1% less than other customers and no processing fees and no pre
payment penalty.

Complimentary Financial Planning - Everyone has diverse needs based on their situations, therefore requiring customized
solutions With the help of their complimentary investment planning, you will know exactly what to do with their money to
realize their financial objectives.

Silver Health - Medical Insurance for Senior Citizens - Entry age is 70 years. The medical test (mandatory) is earned out
Free of cost only for Senior Privilege.



Defence Salary Account from Axis Bank is a product designed keeping in mind how tough a life in the Defense
Forces is. Not only does it come to them absolutely free, no minimum balance is required either, They can also
access the entire Axis Bank network. including more than 2300 ATMs and 550 branch offices (and growing) no
matter where they are posted.

With the complete gamut of banking services (including overdrafts, loans and zero balance requirements) they can
be rest assured about their family and all their financial needs. Its their way of showing their appreciation to their

Banking Privileges:
At-par Cheque Facility - Their job involves constant transfers across the country. With the at.par cheque facility it

will no longer be necessary to set up new bank accounts with each transfer.

Additional Debit Card - Along with a free International Debit Card, they also get a free card for the joint account
holder. This means that their child or spouse also enjoy the same benefits of banking with Axis Bank.

Financial Advisory Services - Their solutions answer to the twin goals of meeting their requirements and to diversity
and spread the risk of their investment portfolio, so you can look forward to a comfortable and worry-free life. They
first understand their exact investment needs and then design the perfect investment plan for you.

Their investment plan could include investments in:

Mutual Funds. Debt and Equity

Axis Bank Fixed Deposits


Axis Banks Trust Account an effort to offer thoughtful banking liar people who spend their lives thinking of others.
It is a complete banking solution for Trusts. Associations, Societies. Government Bodies, Section 25 companies and
NGOs. so that the organizations can devote all of their time to their noble motivations.


A Savings Account for their Trust with a confessional Average Quarterly Balance.
A multi-city at-par cheque facility with no limit on clearing payments at centers across the country wherever we are
Free anywhere banking across all their Branches and Extension Counters and over all their ATMs

Free Demand Drafts or Pay Orders as and when required by you to remit funds.
Free collection of cheques at outstation locations.

Monthly Statement of Account delivered at their doorstep.

Facility for collecting donations in their account through their network of Branches and Extension Counters
across the country, as well as through iconnect their Internet Banking facility.

Also. Axis Bank can offer the facility to donate funds to their Trust through their internet Banking facility iConnect
to its customers. An Axis Rank customer can donate any amount their Trust through the internet.

In such cases, the savings account of the customer gets debited and the savings account of their Trust gets credited with
the amount of donation at the same time. At the end of every month, the Bank will provide an MIS giving details of the amount
of donations and the name of donor. This will enable the Trust to issue receipts to the donors.

Free Internet Banking facility that enables you to view the status of their account, transfer funds and carry out a

number of banking activities from the comfort of their home or office.

Investment Advice - Their Financial Advisory Desk will provide portfolio management advice as well as help you undertake

Free Demat To facilitate their investments, we offer a free Demat Account (charges due to NSDL must still be levied) to their

esteemed account holders in the Trust or Society segment.

Constituent Subsidiary General Ledger (SGL) account The Constituent Subsidiary General Ledger (SGL)

account through which investments in Govt. securities are carried out comes with a host of value-added

Investment advice related to the customers g-sec portfolio.

Offer of better rates on sale of government securities from the Ranks stock of securities.

Concessions in transaction and service charges. However charges that have to be directly passed on to the
Clearing Corporation of India as part of the Negotiated Dealing System for trading in g-secs cannot be waved -

a fact, which will be communicated up front)

Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act [FCRA] accounts - The FCRA account enables approved
organizations to receive foreign contributions for utilization in their activities in India. The Bank will provide
assistance in the process of documentation and obtaining necessary approvals from Ministry of Home Affairs at
New Delhi.


Pension Savings Hank Account from Axis Bank is specifically, designed for Pensioners
(Existing & Prospective) of Central Govt. Civil Ministries Departments & Defense

Ministry keeping in mind the fact that a Pensioners banking requirements are wholly different and require special


Timely communication to the customer on receipt of the PPO.

No delays in commencement of pension disbursals The Bank is handling the disbursement of Pension under a
Centralized Pension Disbursement Module wherein the Pensioner records arc credited centrally through its
Centralized Pension Payment Hub (CCPH) at Mumbai.

Timely issue of Form- l6: for tax deducted at source in the immediately previous financial year.

Timely revisions. based on changes in rates of Pension or Dearness Allowance, done centrally from the CCPII


If you pay commissions for foreign currency every time you travel abroad, if you spend sleepless nights wondering
how to keep your foreign currency safe, if the frequent fluctuations in forex market tantalize you. If you
regularly issue cheques and drafts for payments abroad or if you are a bibliophile who makes foreign currency
payments for books purchased online, its time you had an Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) Account with
Axis Bank.

Resident Indians and Foreign currency - Holding foreign currency is no longer restricted to the NRIs. For
the first time Reserve Bank of India has allowed Resident Indians to maintain foreign currency accounts
without any ceiling to it. This step is considered as a continuation of RBIs gradual endeavor towards
achieving Full Capital Convertibility.

The Product Offerings - A Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) Account. RFC(D), with Axis Bank entitles
you to maintain non-interest bearing current account in four major currencies (USD,EURO.GBP or Euro
and Japanese Yen). There will be no ceiling on the balances held in the account Chequebooks
denominated in USD or GBP or EURO or Yen will be issued on these accounts with 25 leaves. The
cheques thereby branded as RFC (Domestic) Account will not be presented in clearing and will be payable

only at the issuing branch.

The min balance for such a current account will be USD 100 or GBP 60 or EURO 100 or Yen 20.000.
There will be a penal charge of USD 5 or GBP 3 or EURO 5 or Japanese .Yen 1.000 per quarter in case of
failure to maintain the nun balance requirements
The RFC D) account holders will not be allowed any ATM facility as of now. However they can use
iConnect for enquiry purposes only.

Savings offered by icici bank

Type of Savings Account

To cater to your unique banking needs, ICICI Bank has designed a range of Saving Accounts. Choose the
one which suits you best.

Titanium Privilege Account

Titanium Privilege Savings Account is designed to offer range of products and services that will make
banking convenient and simple not only for you but for your family members as well. Experience effortless
banking for your family.

Gold Privilege Banking

Enjoy exclusive banking benefits and services with Gold Privilege Savings Account which is designed to
offer range of products and services that will make your banking convenient and simple.

Silver Savings Account

Why settle for less? Get discounts on locker rental, waiver on DD/PO changes and many more benefits
with ICICI Bank's Silver Savings Account.

Regular Savings Account

Do your banking conveniently and securely with ICICI Bank's Regular Savings account. Earn interest on
your deposits and rewards on your transactions.


Young Stars Account

Give your child a secure future and an early start in banking with ICICI Banks Young Star Account,
specially designed for children.

Advantage Woman Savings Account

A Savings Account packed with special features for women. Get more reward points, higher withdrawal
limits, zero balance facility and zero liability protection with this specially designed savings account for


Senior Citizens Savings Account

Get your banking done easily and conveniently at the senior citizens desk, present at all ICICI bank
branches. You also get other benefits such as unlimited cash transactions and a free debit card.

Basic Savings Bank Account

The Basic Savings Account help you to save and transact with ease.

Other Accounts
You would also like to look at our other product offerings which would suit you the most.