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Tom Falco

February 1,2010
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Furthermore, pursuant to section62T .4137 of the Florida Statutes, you are obliged to
disclose and provide certain liability insurance information. As such, please promptly provide:
(a) the name of your insurer; (b) the name of each insured under your policy; (c) the limits of
your liability coverage; (d) a statement of any policy or coverage defense which your insurer
reasonably believes it has available; and (e) a copy of the policy itself. Please contact my
office to arrange the producing of this information.

This letter reserves all of Commissioner Sarnoff's rights without limitation, and is
without waiver of all of Commissioner Sarnoff's rights and positions.


Very truly yours,

Cc: Client

Solowsxv& At¡.sn, r.u

Coconut Grove Grapevine: It was a total waste of three hours Page ó of l0

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:l Anonyrnous said...
used in full or parl unless othsrwlse stated mugl
I attended this rneeting understanding this rvas for discussion only - everyone rvanted a public meeting not be modlf¡cd or altcrod. Th¡s espec¡ally ¡s trur
& got it. Was I the only one that understood this? As lor the guy who says he rvas let go fiom Mr. of photos and graphics. No photo or image may
Moe's, doesn't he know about other bars in Miarni where he can get ernployed or he could go back to bo p¡ckod up, molphed and leusod, It contont is

school so he wouldn't have to have 2 part time jobs. uscd on-llno, an aclual cl¡ckabls link must go

The Sun l^lllli\flY ?9, ¡tlll) 9r l{ back to the 3ourco on the Grapevine. We will
^M proseculo to ths fullest exlent of the law for any
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.'l Anonymous said...
v¡olations. NOTE: ths Copyr¡ght Law requ¡red a
hat on copyrlghl not¡ce to protoct works untll I 977. ln
Dear C¡ty of Miami,
1978, howver, tho lawchanged and abollshod

thq requirement for copyright notlce. fhis meanr

I fully support drinking and driving afìer 3am even ifit claims the lives ofothers æ long as your drunk
that overy publlsh€d work (be lt on papsr or
driving does not take place in my neighborhood, dlgltal media) automat¡cally gels copyr¡ght
protect¡on, whether express€d with a nol¡ce or
xoxo not.
Marc Samoff

) Shop now
.l^lltlAllY 19, ?0ll) e:51
i-t that guy said...

I have a lerv things to say, so please bear with rne.

First, to anon 9:43 right above rne - that's pretty ignorant. You obviously do not undcrstand that based
upon all ofthe bar closings lately and the curtailing ofstaffin general due to the overall economic

situation, has pushed people with bachelors and mastefs degrees into the service industry, and left so
rnany unernployed waiters rvaitresses and bartenders, that they can'tjust go fìnd anothcrjob. Second,
you're asking people to leave the grove or commute out of the grove - they probably moved here to
avoid that.

More irnportantly - I lvant to know why people rvho run or bike at 5arn desewc more protection than
I??? I nrn between 6 and 8 or 8:30 prn. Sarnoffthinks its ok lor drunk driving at that time - and it'sjust
as if not rnore prevalent then after happy hour than at 5am. Pcople that go out all night take more
precautions and take cabs. People that go to happy hour do not. Wl{Y IS MY LIFE WORTH LESS

Finally, there is no way that 3am citywide could or would happen. No comrnissioner would vote in
favor olthat bccause it would cause the economic collapse ofthe city. We rvould lose tourism period.

Stop being a fool Sarnolland admit your mistake. To the person asking about a recall - it can be done.
It requires the same amount ofsignatures as getting a candidate on a ballot. I've posted about it several
times. lf anyone is interested in this rnovement, I'm in, let's go.

We must rid ourselves of Samofi.

.l^llll^nY 19, lltl0 lt):l)4


.l Anonyrnous said...

For how many DECADES there was no stupid 3am closing rule in the Crove?

'lhings werejust lìne.

How rnany cities in the USA, and the World don't have such a stupid law? 90%, I would guestirnate. 2/t/20t0