Slay Your Giant

Make Your Move to New Home Now!
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Slay Your Giant
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Tim Darnell

This book is based on 1 Samuel 17. Please take the time to carefully read this single chapter found in the Bible before reading this book.

Introduction A solitary Giant faces you. Looming, menacing - his delight is to rob you of your joy and forward progress. Sneering, defiantly blocking your way, he dares you to come closer. You may have been ignoring Your Giant for some time, but at this moment you are clear that there is no other alternative than to stand and face him. You know within your heart of hearts that this is a crucial confrontation – the moment of truth… As intimidating as your Giant may appear to be, there is no need to fear - he can be beaten. This is your battle. It will be your victory. It is time to…

Slay Your Giant!



This book is dedicated to my Father and Mother, David & Sarah Darnell, without whose unconditional love and support this book and much of my professional career would not be possible. Thank you, Dad, for passing down your love of the Bible, language, and words. Thank you, Mom, for passing down your love of music. Thank you both for the joy you have never failed to exude, and the love and service for your fellow man regardless of race, religion, or any other factor whatsoever – truly a Christ-like love for all. I love you both with all my heart. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To my wife, Cathy, for sticking with me for more than twenty years and especially during the days when Giants were numerous and solutions were not as clear. Thanks for loving me and letting me realize my dream of inspiring and encouraging others. Thanks for the best kids God could ever have entrusted us with! You are the love of my life. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To Laura Porter, who stuck with me and believed in me when few else did. Thank you for the hard work, the intuition, and the joyful heart in spite of the toughest of times. My constant love to you and your family. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To Jim Wald. If it weren’t for you, the wonderful market-place ministry we now know as Advantage Conferences would have been an unfulfilled vision. Thank you for your loyalty, support and friendship. I will never forget your role in my life. Your persistency and positive faith has been and still is playing a pivotal role in the AC dream that now reaches thousands. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To Jack Weinzierl – a true Champion who epitomizes what being a Christian in the business world really means. For your incredible talent, tenacity, humble heart, and love for Jesus, I am a better man. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To Pastor John Mark Caton – a great student and teacher of the Bible, and my beloved Pastor. May you prosper in every way – thank you for all your inspiration and belief in me, brother!


Tenacity: tough-minded persistency. Non-yielding and tireless effort regardless of obstacles, opposition and/or others’ opinions Resolve: Unwavering, committed mindset adhering to a bold decision and strategy Truly great rewards accompany change. This book is all about challenging you, inspiring you, and encouraging you to embrace change – the single change that has kept you in Old Home far too long. Slay Your Giant provides powerful secrets and insights that will realistically help you fulfill your greatest God-given dreams. You - the Champion Think back to the greatest victory in your life. Stop for just a moment - close your eyes and picture that accomplishment. Feel the excellence and re-live the goose-bumps that came with that victory. It may have been an athletic award, an academic honor, or a business accomplishment. Your memory is truly a treasured moment - one that makes you feel powerful and positive about yourself. Isn’t that the way you should feel all the time? It is time that you feel that way again. In fact it is time for you to feel victorious, even euphoric, on a regular basis. Here is my message to you. That victor, that Champion isn’t just the “past” you. You are still that same Champion! You have residing within you your personal “Inner Champion”, the real you – brave and daring, certain, confident and steelyeyed. The Champion within you has been waiting to re-emerge, pounding on the inside, begging to be released. Now is the time to set Your Champion free.


Truth: There is a Single, Decisive Action You Can Take in the Next Few Days and Weeks That Will Dramatically and Tangibly Improve Your Life Instead of thinking of change in your life as unlikely or even impossible, I want you to understand with absolute clarity that you have the power to make that significant change in your life – beginning now. You not only have the power to move forward, you will experience truly profound rewards by doing so. You can simplify that process by identifying One Single Thing – the solitary Giant that stands in your way. Ridding yourself of that Giant is what this book is all about. Narrowing down your obstacles, singling your attention to one single opponent greatly simplifies the task at hand, providing clarity as to how you will move into your new world, your new life, a new place in your life’s journey I call, “New Home”. Within each of us is a dream and deep desire to have meaning in our life – to accomplish more and to contribute more. Each of us wants to be remembered as the person who left behind a legacy of impactful, positive marks on our family and even all of society. We want to look back and know that we didn’t waste our lives, but rather that we accomplished good and even great things. You can do that. You will accomplish great things. It is your destiny – and yes, it is your obligation to do great things with the one life that God has given you. But, first, there is a Giant standing in your way. You are less likely to accomplish your dream with him blocking your path. The fact is: Your Giant has got to go.


Your Giant is very likely something you created. In most cases, he’s something you’ve invited into your life of your own volition, your own choice. The good news is that he’s also someone you can invite “out” of your life. Although he easily wedged his way into your life, he will not be escorted out as easily. Whether easy or not, Your Giant is a problem, a huge hindrance; and once you decide that he absolutely does not need to be around, you must take decisive action. In order to Slay Your Giant, you are not going to continue making decisions based on what is “easy”. The media and virtually every message we ever hear today contains a subliminal message, “do what is easiest – follow the path of least resistance.” “Easy” is not the condition or premise by which Champions base their decisions. “Easy” rarely takes us to where we really want to go. In this book, we’ll talk about simple changes in thinking you are going to make that will begin shaping your Giant Slaying prowess. You will find that your character and will is going to develop into a more powerful, new reality – a robust Giant Slaying physique and mentality. Small tweaks in your thinking will begin sculpting a muscular, powerful, toned Champion against which your Giant simply cannot prevail. The Past has Passed One of the first things to understand is that your past is gone. Understand that your past is over. No matter what your past has been, let it go and resolve right now that you are capable of creating a substantially improved life for you, your family, and those around you, regardless of the bumps and bruises you’ve sustained. Those injuries and mistakes don’t matter unless you’re clinging to them. LET THEM GO – LET YOUR PAST GO!


This book is going to help you discover what that one “thing” that will seriously change your life is – and how you are going to conquer this single issue in your life that needs immediate attention. What you are about to accomplish is BIG. Indeed, you are going to dramatically improve not just your life, but also the lives of those around you. And I predict that you will begin feeling better and stronger than you have in a long time. Regardless of your age, your future is extremely bright by virtue of your reading this book and wrestling with the concepts I am about to share with you. With Your Giant vanquished and the addition of several new perspectives and tools for living, your future days will be much brighter than your past has ever been. Listen closely. Even though what you are about to accomplish may not be easy, it will in fact bring rewards of gigantic proportion. What I am saying is that this change will certainly be worth the effort. Though not easy, dealing with the One Issue that needs to resolved and dealt with in your life will be Simple and Doable. You are going to be victorious! So, get ready. Let’s decisively move forward with resolve and excitement. It’s time to Slay Your Giant!
How to Get the Most Out of this Book: The book is interactive, so get a pen and a highlighter. It is not meant to be entertaining, although our beta readers have reported that they found themselves “empowered almost immediately”, and “not wanting to put the book down.” Although some of the concepts are going to be quite challenging for you, it is your introspection and personal willingness to dig deep that will make the words come alive and have meaning for your life. Indeed, your careful interaction is the most important part of the content. Don’t rush over each sentence, but rather take the time to truly contemplate and reflect on each thought.


Chapter 1

New Home
There is a very special place within your heart of hearts and your inmost being. It is a place that is known to you, though you may have dismissed the thought of going there for years. This is truly your personal dream place; and yet, it is as real as the words in front of you at this very moment. It is the place of your destiny. Your Inner Champion has longed to go there for many years, simply because it is your rightful, God-given destination. I call that place New Home. New Home is the true place you deserve to inhabit, the place you belong – that special, personal place of greater freedom, independence, fulfillment, effectiveness and autonomy. It is a place full of greater rewards than you’ve ever experienced in your life. New Home is the intuitive ideal of what your perfect life can and should look like. New Home is not just a possibility, it is a very real life and lifestyle that can, should, and will become your reality when you are ready. You have a choice as to whether you want to go there or not, to claim your rightful ownership and move in, or reject the notion that life could really be that good. Frankly, the latter is not a legitimate option. In reality, your only truthful alternative is that you decide to make the bold move. I am so glad you are reading this book, because it is specifically designed to help you move in to New Home! But we need to take the idea of New Home a step further. You not only deserve to live in New Home; it is indeed your obligation to live there. In order to discover New Home you must first be open to exploring the truth about your past and current life. You must be


willing to probe deeply and be more introspective than you may ever have been. Slaying Your Giant will be more readily accomplished once you are willing to be totally open and honest with yourself. I want you to be open to the tremendous possibility of how much better your life is going to be; and at the same time, I encourage you to be very candid with yourself. Truth is of paramount importance. Indeed, the truth will set you free. Take the time to ask yourself the following questions, and write down your thoughts. Go ahead. Slaying Your Giant requires action, and this is the first step… 1. What is my fondest memory of ‘success’? Why was that such a great moment for me? How did I feel about it then, and how does it make me feel now? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 2. Where am I currently? At this point in my life, how would I describe my progress and my life in general? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________


___________________________________________ 3. What do I dislike and truly want to change about my life? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ We then will explore what your personal Giant truly is, and descriptively what he looks like. But, before we go too much farther, I am going to ask you a very important question. 4. Are you ready to embark on my challenge to change your life for the better, and why? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________

When we deal with these issues, you’ll begin to gain clarity about who you are and what you want to accomplish in life. You will begin to gain clarity about New Home, the obstacle standing in your way, and the path that will take you to New Home. Take the time to answer these questions:


5. Where in life do I really prefer to be? Who should I be and what should I be doing? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________

6. What kind of person have I always wanted to be? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________
7. Who are the three people that I respect and admire

the most – people I would like to emulate. What specifically about them do I admire? Person A: __________________________________ __________________________________________ Person B: __________________________________ __________________________________________ Person C: __________________________________ __________________________________________


8. What makes the people I admire stand out? What do I see changing about myself in order to be more like my heroes or heroines? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ 9. What do I see as a deficiency in my current approach to life? And what area of my life would I like to change most? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ 10. What skill or expertise do I have that could be developed further, perhaps as a new career, side business, or hobby? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ 11. At this point, I perceive My Giant to be: __________________________________________


__________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________

A Life-Changing Incident Understanding a little bit about me will help you know why the concept, Slay Your Giant, is so very important to me, how it has changed my life, and why I know you can Slay Your Giant. When I was a child, I loved to play all kinds of sports. I was the initiator and organizer of games, contests, and teams – football, dodge-ball, kick-ball, basketball and baseball. I loved to compete and test myself athletically. In high-school, I discovered wrestling, and learned what it takes to be competitive in that highly demanding and wonderful sport. Wrestling is an independent sport – one on one, mano a mano. Although matches were determined by overall team scores, wrestling is an individualist’s competition, an intense competition where you can only rely on one person, yourself. No one can come to your aid, unlike the (ugh, give-me-a-break) “tag-team” professional “entertainment” wrestling you’ve seen on television. By the way, high-school and college wrestling are nothing like TV wrestling – the latter being scripted, choreographed, and rehearsed. High-school and collegiate wrestling requires dedicated preparation and discipline that certainly taught me many important life lessons which have carried over into adulthood. I believe all athletics provide excellent preparation for latter accomplishments as an adult. Wrestling and competing to win had a great impact on my early life and has helped shape my adult life as well.


I grew up the son of a minister Father, and a musician Mother, which as you can imagine, meant I was in church regularly. I am very thankful for that. One of the most profound events in my younger years took place at church camp at the age of 13. The two counselors that led the seven boys and seven girls who met twice a day for Bible study and discussion decided that they were going to use a less traditional, more psychological approach that week designed to “break down” each camper. What I mean by that is they came in and asked some of the questions I just asked you and more. The two counselors got to the introspective, hidden core of each camper to the point that we bared our souls, our insecurities, emotional wounds, bad habits, fears, pride, prejudices, etc. The experience was very emotional to the point of almost being traumatic; yet, it turned out to be one of the most profound moments of my life. It opened my eyes and truly changed my perspective about so many things. They allowed us to see ourselves at the very core amidst the façade that so many teenagers present. That weekend, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and dedicated my life, as a very young man, to serving God the rest of my life. If I hadn’t been “broken down,” to experience deep introspection about who I was and what I was all about, I would not have made that decision way back then, and perhaps never. The break-down sessions forced me to “get real” with Tim, which re-shaped my perspective and allowed me to adjust my life in a very positive way. If you are open to it, you can readjust your life as well. I believe you are serious about change in your life – positive, empowering change or you wouldn’t be reading this book. I should add a few more stories in order to set the book up even more… I graduated in 1972 from Terry Sanford Senior High School in Fayetteville, NC. I not only wrestled and was active in Church work, I also decided to start a band (a “combo” as they were


called in the sixties and seventies) in my Sophomore year, where I was the drummer and singer. What was at first a hobby, after High School, became a serious and professional entertainment/musical group. After four years on the road with my first band, I decided to back off the road for a while in order to finish a college degree, which I did accomplish at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas in 1980 in Sociology/Psychology (Magna Cum Laude). That degree and about $3.50 will buy you a cup of coffee these days! I never used the degree to get a job or explore those fields further, but the discipline of studying, getting good grades and finishing what I had set out to do was a great precursor for later accomplishments. I’ve been a life-long entrepreneur. Beginning with door-to-door greeting card sales in the sixth grade, to being a professional singer and musician, and to now owning an entrepreneurial adult education business formed from the ground-up, with international sales, I’ve worked for someone else for a cumulative total of no longer than more than a year over my entire life. Those odd jobs didn’t last long and all they really represented was “tiding me over” in between businesses. The fact is, I’ve never pictured myself working for someone else. My thinking and the way I’m wired have always disposed me to being psychologically unemployable. I believe in personal independence as a way of life, and have always treasured being my own boss, being in charge of my time, and having the ability to create an unceilinged income based on my production. It makes no sense to me to put myself in a position where someone else tells me what to do, when to do it, and how much I’m worth. Why build another man’s dream when God gives each of us our own dream? The only reason would be fear of not being able to make something happen, not being able to be paid for the value I added to the community – I’ve never responded to that fear.


You don’t have to share those same entrepreneurial values, but it will help you to relate to me more, and to what you are about to read. Knowing my values may also inspire you to become more independent - more in charge of your life. I truly believe this book will help you see yourself in that light. I have owned businesses in two distinct industries simultaneously all my adult life, which has made for quite a diverse and interesting experience. Although there is some overlap, the two businesses have different demands and require separate sets of skills. As mentioned before, I started my first band in High School, and have been singing and performing ever since. The music business has given me the opportunity to meet dozens of top, internationally known celebrities, record 23 albums, and in turn sell those recordings, as well as performance-related paraphernalia and apparel (fancy word for t-shirts) for many years. The down side of that business is the travel and the fact that my product is my voice and live presence. Although residual income has occurred with record sales to some extent, the majority of income derived from this business requires getting on an airplane and traveling to some city other than my own. It requires my presence. My product is my appearance. Indeed, the nature of entertainment and the music business requires extensive travel – being gone a whole lot. The other industry has been in the marketing arena. I learned marketing, first as an independent contractor, selling products for other companies, and progressing that knowledge and skill into being the founder and owner of my present Company that publishes educational and inspirational products. Most of those are self-authored - written, or recorded. That process also entails hiring and training a substantially large marketing team to distribute those products. As creative as the music business has


allowed me to be, marketing training and educational products of my own creation is also a creative and fulfilling life work. Relative to the content of the educational products my company produces, personal success and accomplishment has been of utmost intrigue to me. It is fascinating to study in depth why only a small percentage of people become extraordinarily successful, and conversely why the majority of people don’t. I’ve had the opportunity to know many very successful people, both personally and impersonally (those I’ve observed and admired from a distance) and have learned valuable lessons from every single one. In my opinion, the qualities that separate highly successful people from the “maddening crowds” is extremely valuable and important information. I’ve made a career out of gathering and learning that information, implementing that content in my own life, and teaching it to those who want to create greater success and more meaning in their life as well. The Role of Failure One of the first powerful lessons I learned from every highly successful individual is that their journey always included MAJOR FAILURES. You may be thinking it was just you who was prone to failure. You also may fear failure to the extent that you avoid it by simply “not trying” business, inventions, talents, creations, trips, or whatever you’ve thought about doing. My observation, and a major statement that I want you to hear, is that avoiding failure is a big mistake – fearing failure is a major mistake. Failure is actually an extremely important and necessary component of success. Failure, and more accurately, the willingness to risk failure - is a very important idea for you to understand and even embrace! Failure is essential to the idea of success. I reserve the right to fail! Each failure has been


extremely educational for me and others who care to listen to my story. You can actually learn to enjoy failure and welcome it into your life! Tim, are you nuts? Not at all. What I’m teaching you now is the Champion mentality. Champions compete to win. But they also know they are not always going to win. There will be heartbreaking losses along the way. Champions refuse to avoid the game in order to avoid loss or failure! What I’m saying to you is that substantial failures are simply a fact for every success story I know. In fact, the more successful a person is, the greater and more numerous failures they have experienced along their journey. Most successful people have experienced much greater failure than you may have ever thought possible. Is that a clue as to what success is all about? You better believe it is! It is a fact that failure necessarily accompanies success. As you probably know, the failure rate for business is very high – some 40 percent plus of all businesses fail within the first five years according to the US Census Bureau. Other sources show that rate to be much higher than 40 percent. In any event, deciding to own and operate a business includes a substantial chance of failing. So do we not open a business because others have failed? Do we avoid business because we have experienced a failure or two in our past? A Champion sneers at the thought of avoiding getting into the game because a statistic says many will lose. We replace the fear of loss with the strategy to win. I consider myself more of a “strategist” than I do a business man. It’s the strategy that sets you up for the win!


I have become tuned in to, and somewhat obsessed with changing these perennial business failure statistics to reflect more successes and less failures in the business world at large. I believe that those statistics not only need to change, they certainly can change for the better. And I know I can make a difference in making that change. The difference in winning and losing is the conditioning of the Enterprising Leader and their Team’s Mindset, a carefully thought-out Strategy, and tenacious Execution. Changing statistics in the business community at large is a monumental thought and an incredible goal, but it can and should be done – it will happen. Please understand that I’m not making a sales pitch here for my company or products, but I do think it is important for you to get a sense of where I spend the majority of my time, thoughts, and energy. And I KNOW I have come up with very real answers. I am indeed in the “CHANGE” business. Our company’s products are an ongoing drive to change those business failure statistics through practical education and enlightenment for business owners. Proper information can change the planet! Improper or insufficient information can cause a major train wreck in business and in life. Business Giants Most businesses fail due to the lack of understanding by company owners regarding the multifarious pitfalls and traps that can and do occur in all industries. Although I’ve certainly experienced the blessings of business success, I also intimately know about business failure due to a ‘whopper’ that occurred not too long ago. Several years back I entered into and ‘endured’ a business partnership that fairly quickly included fraud, collusion, and embezzlement by two partners. Isn’t that a pleasant thought? Without going into detail, the disastrous outcome was the loss of


the business I had founded, including the loss of my income for approximately a year and a half. Thank God I was blessed to have been able to maintain my family and home, although many of my fellow entrepreneurs facing similar circumstances have not been as fortunate. What a challenging time for my family, my employees, my Representatives (mostly very good friends), and many others who were distressed to see the business and me go through such an arduous ordeal. Losing a business takes no small toll on a person. I wouldn’t wish what I and my family went through on anyone. A failed business affects a person mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Non-stop, intense stress will actually make you look different, and not for the better. I vividly remember looking into the bathroom mirror and being startled to see a significantly aged, gaunt, ashen face of a man I barely recognized. Was that Tim Darnell in the mirror? Whoa! But there were other signs of the stress I was facing. A business failure can cause you to start losing things. For instance, after looking at that remarkably changed face in the mirror that particular morning, I glanced around the bathroom to discover we were out of body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, and lo and behold – toilet paper! How low could we go? It’s rather funny now, but it was anything but humorous then. The fact is most Business Giants as well as personal Giants appear suddenly. They catch us off-guard. Rarely are they expected, but rather are a big surprise to well-meaning, hard working business owner. When entrepreneurs are better informed and more aware as to what these giants look like; and when, where, and how they are likely to appear, they can become more adept and agile at avoiding “surprises” and how to handle them in a more timely and cost-effective manner. It is


critical that this knowledge reaches well-meaning and hard working business owners for them to avoid problems and even business failures. Internal Change Throughout the business embezzlement and loss turmoil I experienced, the one thing I did right was that I remained faithful to God. In fact, the almost two-year ordeal was a season in which I fully and consistently turned to God by being on my knees in prayer and reading the Bible. I told Him in all sincerity that I would do anything at all that He wanted me to – anything, and I meant it. I had lost virtually everything with nowhere to go. I also had absolutely very little else to lose. What would appear to the natural world as a time of devastation and loss, amazingly turned into a phenomenal time of my life due to a powerful new-found depth of my convictions, belief, vision, trust, and faith in God. That time of dealing with a monstrous Giant in my life turned me into a better person, as well as a stronger and more savvy man. I still turn my life over to God every waking moment, every sleeping moment. I am open to His voice and fully trust in His leading me in every decision, indeed in every step I take. Whatever God will have me do today and tomorrow, I will do, without reservation. The awareness of Jesus Christ, and my personal relationship with Him is the one thing that I would not trade for any amount of money or worldly pleasure of any amount or any kind. And that awareness became much more real during my duress – a major positive amidst the negative circumstances. I became a deeper and more convicted believer during that valley in my life. I believed in God in a more profound way than ever before, and I also knew without question that I would experience restoration. I believed that I could and would win. I


became more convinced than ever that “all things work for good for those who believe” Romans 8:28, and that God is the God of restoration. See Joel 2:25 Over time, by God’s grace we were restored. Due to God’s faithfulness, my wife and I are now able to see the incredible good that has emerged as a result of what, at the time, could only be termed a horrific experience. I can truly relate to the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. Joseph is a very important character in the Bible. An amazing fourteen chapters at the end of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, are devoted to his story. Briefly, Joseph’s 10 older brothers in a jealous rage, conspired to kill him. They almost succeeded, throwing him into a well to die. Joseph miraculously survived and would eventually become the second most powerful person in Egypt next to Pharaoh. To make an incredible story short, Joseph could have imprisoned or even had his brothers killed. But he didn’t do that. He reconciled with his brothers and forgave them. He is quoted as saying to them, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”
Genesis 50:20

After realizing that my status in the company where I was the President, CEO, and Founder had been negated by the nefarious collusion of my “partners,” I determined that my best solution was to resign my position and immediately start a new company with a much improved business model. I also decided to put Christ at the very center of my new business, boldly and without compromise or apology, something I frankly had not done with the former company. It was, at the time, a new experience for me. All choices I made during that transitional season of my life turned out to be the best possible, right moves I could ever have made.


I mentioned that a business failure causes one to lose things. I lost all of my credit. And I lost a very nice automobile when the constable came by my house and said the bank would like to have it back. At least the wrecker driver, with bright flashing lights, was semi-polite as he towed my main means of transportation out of my driveway. Of course, every neighbor happened to be home at the time and came out of their homes to see what all the commotion was about! I had “humble pie” for breakfast that morning! With the wisdom of hindsight, I am actually glad that that incident and many more like it occurred, because they helped me learn perspective and to mature in many ways. I realized how non-essential and unimportant “stuff” is. It became clear from a first-hand point of view that “things” do not define who you are. I began to realize during the financial and emotional carnage of losing my business, that what had been intended for harm actually could, and did, turn into phenomenal blessings for my family and me. I found out I could lose almost everything and maintain my dignity and sense of pride. Having lots of things or losing lots of things are two totally different realities, but they didn’t detract from “who” I am. When you define yourself as a servant and child of Christ, anything of the like that falls under the category of “stuff”, money, bank accounts, possessions, or net worth are inconsequential. A great aspect of “Bad” times is you will know, after the fact, that you can survive them! I had no income – yet, God sustained us for a much longer period than I would ever have thought possible. I had no toiletries, but after borrowing from a neighbor, we were able to stay clean. I lost a very nice car in the most humiliating way possible, yet not too much later paid for two late model vehicles with cash! I had bill collectors calling non-stop, Sunday through Saturday for well over a year, but we


finally erased more than $200,000.00 in credit card debt! How nice to be able to answer your phone and it’s not a bill collector!!! We came out of the torment intact. We survived. Survivors are tougher. They know that they can endure. God won’t give you what you can’t handle. So, if you are going through rough times, you are simply learning how to be tough – tough enough to be a powerful Giant Slayer! Starting the new business was slow going (to put it mildly) and we barely cash-flowed at all for over a full year and a half. But eventually, around the start of 2005, our new company, Advantage Conferences began to become quite successful. Today, and in a relatively short period of time, the new company, Advantage Conferences has become a multi-million dollar company that is reaching thousands of people across the globe, changing lives through the power of faith and financial education. NOT QUITTING! One key component that I want you to learn from my story was that the second that I resigned from my own Company, I immediately announced the opening of my new Company. My resignation and transition to the new company had been carefully planned. I knew I could not miss a beat. I knew I couldn’t spend a single second having any kind of pity party. I knew I could not hesitate in the least. One of the key components for Slaying My Giant at that devastating point, and in the overall story of my life, was the powerful, yet simple idea of NOT QUITTING. If you have had adversaries in your life and circumstances that seem daunting and overly-difficult, I will tell you now – don’t quit. Never quit. Don’t even falter. Don’t hesitate. Keep going. Stay very focused. It’s one of the certain ways of Slaying Your Giant


known to man! This is not a suggestion. It is critically important for your life and success to Not Quit. Giant Slaying requires consistency and persistency, and not giving up! “Plan A” – “Plan B” “Plan A” (the business I lost) had been very important to me. But “Plan A” was simply not working. Collusion, in layman’s terms means that partners become antagonists who conspire together and against you. They proceed to out-vote you so that you have no say-so or power. I was blocked and outmaneuvered on every initiative or idea I had, in essence making me a “lame-duck” President. I had no more power than the janitor (which, in a small company was another one of my many job descriptions ☺). Collusion can even take the form of pirating money out of a company and putting that money anywhere the majority conspirators decided it should go. For instance, operating capital, with no more than a phone call between the two colluders could by vote be designated as salaries for the conspiring parties. That is exactly what happened in my situation. English translation? “They stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating capital” simply because they could out-vote me. God is the God of “Plan B” So, when I came to grips with the fact that “Plan A” was not working and I was going to have to let my baby (my business) go, I immediately embarked on finding out what “Plan B” would be. Thankfully, I did the right thing. I got down on my knees and told God I would let Him tell me what “Plan B” was to be, and that I would faithfully act on that plan. In fact, God is the God of “Plan B”. He is the God of second chances and the God of new beginnings.


Will God really provide “Plan B”? Yes, He absolutely will when you completely TRUST that He will. We’ll talk more about this very important subject later, but you will be comforted to know that God loves you very much and is waiting to clearly lead you the second you turn that authority over to Him. In the seventies, a popular bumper sticker stated, “God is my Co-pilot.” That was a strong statement for the seventies, but I, and several of my closest business associates, have taken that phrase much farther. We now say, “God is my Pilot!” He’s flying the plane while I’m huddled (figuratively) somewhere in the airplane’s rear bathroom awaiting direction and orders. I am now so keenly aware of His sovereignty that I am not willing to interfere or get in the way of His active involvement in my life. He has the master plan. I simply follow. Even as the quintessential “Type A” personality, I find that the journey works much, much better when Tim (self) is out of the way and God is in control. I am now a “Plan B” personality, meaning, “if my natural instincts led me to “Plan A”, but God gives me “Plan B”, the latter is the plan I’m going with without questions. I strive every day to walk how the Apostle Paul in the book of Romans describes father Abraham’s walk. He refers to Abraham’s life journey as “Footsteps of the Faith.” For Abraham, the Saints, and you and I – our journey happens one step at a time with God leading the way. Instead of being terrified of the future, the changes, the battles, and the unknown, you can walk with God in full confidence, trust, and joy. That’s the way to undertake and sustain the journey – one simple Footstep of Faith at a time. Those steps are taking you to New Home. Am I talking about a new house? Possibly, but more importantly, I’m talking about a place that is unencumbered by Your Giant – the place where your abilities, talents and full potential can fully emerge and brightly shine!


What we’ve learned: “Easy” is not the guideline for Giant Slaying or accomplishment Your Champion self is ready to be unleashed, and with God’s guidance is fully adequate to Slay Your Giant Failure necessarily accompanies all great accomplishment. Champions boldly and confidently move forward anyway “Not Quitting” is essential for moving in to New Home God will grant you a better route if you will ask Him. In fact, he is the God of “Plan B” when our human “Plan A” fails to work New Home becomes more imminent One Footstep of Faith at a Time


Chapter 2 Identifying Your Giant I am excited for you. The simple fact is, your life is about to change. Giant Slaying begins with identifying your Giant. Here is an important question for you. Which Giant do you want to “take out”? Which Giant, when eliminated, will allow you to proceed to your personal destiny – New Home? After teaching the Slay Your Giant information for some time now, it’s clear to me that most people don’t need psychoanalysis to reveal who or what their Giant is. No, most folks know immediately what their Giant is within seconds of mentioning the phrase, Slay Your Giant. You, very likely wrote the answer to that question (#11 above in chapter one) without much hesitation. Here are some of the many Giants that people tell me have been in their life: Common Giants A. Fear of Speaking B. Not Enough Money C. Being Overweight D. D-o-u-b-t E. A Non-fulfilling, Abusive, or Bad Marriage F. A Personal Enemy G. Smoking H. Disobedient Child(ren) I. Fear of Starting Your Own Business J. Procrastination K. Poor Self Image L. Alcohol


M. Drugs N. Pornography or Sex Obsession O. Shopping P. Reluctance to Exercise Q. Illness R. Impotence S. Promiscuity T. A Job U. A Boss V. No or Little Retirement W.Debt X. Same Sex Attraction Y. Fear of Success Z. Need for Approval AA. _______________ BB. _______________ The list can go on for several days. Perhaps you’ve spotted several Giants on this list that apply to you. If that is the case, don’t be overwhelmed. Remember, we are going to simplify the battle by taking on one and only one of these Giants. Let’s keep it simple and accomplish one Giant Slaying at a time. Know Your Enemy – a Warning Many, many people avoid Giant Slaying. Worse - they don’t even know certain Giants exist. Those who are not accomplishing much in life don’t have to worry about Giants. If you are not moving forward and not purposely realizing your dream of New Home, you aren’t threatening to anybody physically or spiritually. But when you do decide to make the move to New Home (the best decision you can make), you will find plenty of enemies that will purposely ‘square off’ against you. In fact, your odds of having enemies are 100 percent. Some of your Giants may not be a habit or vice, and they may also take human form as was


the case with David and his Goliath, and as is listed above (letter “F”). FACT: Whether you are a business owner, a leader of an organization, or an employee moving forward in your career, you are going to have enemies. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not recognizing who those enemies are – and recognizing them as quickly as possible. Your Giant loves for you to not recognize him. He can more easily wreak havoc in your life if you’re not willing to admit he exists. Giants (enemies) can be some of your closest acquaintances who have publicly and to you personally avowed allegiance and support. But beware: behind your back, their intentions, words, and actions can be anything but supportive. The reality of the matter is that they in no way are looking out for your best interest, and actually intend to do you harm. This syndrome occurs in the corporate world, in church work, and even in families. I am not encouraging paranoia, but you can be overly trusting by opening the door for the enemy to gain an advantage over you and do you harm. Naïveté can cost you plenty. Don’t assume that everyone is here to speed you on your way to New Home. I grew up in a family that loved and trusted everyone – in most respects that is a great attitude and approach to life. But I’ve also learned to be more savvy and discerning – especially after being slandered, lied to, stolen from, taken advantage of, and intentionally harmed on multiple occasions. I am sure this has happened to you as well. Surround yourself with a team that is loyal to you and each other – people who will ‘watch your back.’ Trust people, but watch being too open with just anyone regarding details about your family, private life, business, financial situation, and your past. I am a transparent person in many ways, but I am also well aware


that there are those who purposely plot to abuse friendships and good intentions. Those acquaintances may seem to be friends, but they can also have their own agendas diametrically opposed to you, your beliefs, and your mission. Toward the end of His life, Jesus issued a similar warning to His disciples. When He first sent them out, He told His disciples to go without purse, bag, or sandals, and they lacked for nothing. But as the opposition became more intense, He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” Luke 22:36 As you take on more responsibilities and become more vocal with your message, Jesus’ statement is clear – you will need money, and you will also need to be prepared to fight your enemies. Go forward confidently, with the full intention to help and serve others, but also recognize the very real eventuality of Giants and enemies entering your life. Disgust and Outrage I truly hope you not only recognize Your Giant, but that you are utterly disgusted with your Giant. I really pray that you are outraged about what this Giant has caused you to miss in your life. Disgust and outrage are actually God-given indicators that need to be heeded. These powerful emotions are not unlike the sensation of pain. Pain indicates when something is wrong, warning us to pay attention to a certain area of our physical body. Pain is a warning signal, and it is also a gift. The disease known as leprosy is where nerve endings don’t convey warnings regarding malfunctions to the brain. Lepers can experience injury and never even know they’ve been hurt because they have no pain. Lepers, according to one millionaire friend of mine who spent years ministering in a leper colony, ask


for one thing - the ability to feel again. The absence of pain often causes a leper to not be alerted to an injury to a limb, for example, and thereby lose that limb. Pain is a sensation that may not be pleasant at the time, but serves the very real purpose of directing you to a need in your physical being. It is a useful alert and warning system. Outrage, though stressful, can serve the same purpose of alerting you to things that need changing. If you are outraged about some aspect of your life, God is telling you that you should deal with that circumstance. Outrage and disgust can help you clearly identify the very Giant that needs slaying. 12. What am I disgusted about in my life? ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 13. What am I outraged about in my life? ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ No Negotiation It may come as a surprise to you, but the Giant you’ve identified may have been very dear to you at one time. For instance, if smoking is a Giant you have identified, when you first started, you enjoyed the process of buying the cigarettes and “lighting up,” etc. But after a while, you noticed not so pleasant physical reactions and symptoms, such as shortness of breath, coughing,


and foul smelling clothes that you knew weren’t positive for your life. But smoking was your conscious choice. You decided to try it and keep doing it. You’ve paid a staggering amount of money to purchase cigarettes. You’ve spent untold hours traveling to find more cigarettes. You went out of your way to feed the Smoking Giant and keep him around. Whether Your Giant is smoking or the one you’ve already identified, the fact is you’ve been attached to that Giant for quite some time. You may have really liked him at one point, but now I believe that you are fully disgusted with him. You are going to want to recognize and even dwell on the disgust, while at the same time you must consciously relinquish your former fond feelings for him. In fact, you’ve got to decide to disassociate and sever your relationship with the formerly friendly Giant once and for all. You’ve got to get used to the idea of Slaying Your Giant. When you firmly and finally decide that you are going to Slay Your Giant, you are not going to negotiate with him. A dead Giant can’t be talked to or reasoned with. You’re not going to argue with or debate him. No, you’ve got to be much more emphatic and much more severe than you ever have been in the past regarding separating yourself from this particular Giant. You are going to begin picturing your life without him once and for all. You must be firmly resolute in this decision. No more Giant, period. Are you ready? The word we’ve been using is “Slay.” There is no equivocation or ambiguity about the word, Slay. The word, Slay denotes “final.” David didn’t go out on the battlefield to ask the Goliath a few questions. He didn’t go out there to reason with him. They didn’t shake hands. There was no arbitration. There was ONLY the very firm decision to be “rid” of David and Israel’s obstacle, Goliath.


You have got to totally cut ties with Your Giant. We’re not compromising or playing patty-cake with your Giant. You’ve done enough of that type of approach with this issue in the past. With smoking as an example, you’ve toyed with the idea of quitting. In fact, you may have tried to quit on several occasions, but you continued to allow your Giant back into your life. Not being decisive, firm and emphatic about ending the relationship hasn’t worked for you, has it? No, it hasn’t. You kept coming back to Your Giant. Frankly and realistically - Your Giant must Die. Shocking? It is even more shocking that you’ve kept Your Giant around for so long. It is important that you recognize that YOU have been keeping Your Giant around of your own choosing. In fact, the only reason Your Giant has become so big is because you’ve been purposely keeping him around and even feeding him. You once found him to be quite attractive, but now you realize that you’ve spent way too long pampering him and offering him free reign in Old Home (your past and current life). Whether you want to admit it or not, you have been emotionally attached to Your Giant, and you have actually been reluctant to let him go. That must change into a rock-solid commitment to letting him go – to never see him again. You’ve got to have a full commitment to orchestrate his departure, and more correctly, his death. Now, I know those of you whose Giant is another person are asking, “Do I have to kill that person?” Obviously the answer to that is, “NO, not at all!” We’re talking about eliminating the One Single Thing, the Giant, the issue or obstacle in your life with a powerful solution, not killing a person. We’re talking about distancing your self from the obstacle once and for all. Only if you are in the military, on the police-force, or in a life or death situation would murder ever be the regrettable, distasteful, yet


possibly appropriate choice. That would only be resorted to in desperate, “last case”, highly unusual situation. The point is that we’ve got to toughen our minds to Slay Our Giants. You must now be bolder than you’ve ever been. Slaying Giants can indeed pertain to a drastic solution where physical defense is your only option. There are rare contingencies that should be worked out in your mind beforehand, such as someone breaking into your home, where you or your family are clearly and physically threatened. God forbid that something like that ever occurs, but circumstances that require Giant Slaying might require you to act decisively and with force. However, do not get read into this paragraph or get stuck on thinking I’m telling you to hurt or murder someone. Again, that solution would only be appropriate in extremely rare circumstances where you or your family’s safety was a matter of life or death. If you believe your physical safety is in danger, then you need to consult experts in self-defense and/or your local law enforcement. Inside Job NEWS FLASH: As I mentioned before, not only have you been keeping Your Giant around of your own volition, Your Giant is in many instances likely to be one of YOUR OWN CREATION. That’s right – you created Your Giant, and he resides in you. The most exciting news of all is that if you created him, you can also Slay him! Creating Your Giant was either an active or passive choice – you either purposely acquired him, or he more or less slipped in the back door. Slaying Your Giant must occur in both the conscious and the subconscious – particularly through the choices you make! Ninety-nine percent of all Giant Slaying happens inside you – in your THINKING.


Since Your Giant is one of your own creations, you will be dealing with and slaying your own perceptions, habits and thoughts. 99 Percent of All Giant Slaying is an “Inside Job” You’ve got to toughen up. You’ve got to face reality. You’ve got to decide that Your Giant must be eliminated, period, with no exceptions. Allowing Your Giant to be part of your life can no longer be an option. You must take charge, and you must plan to GET HIM OUT OF YOUR LIFE once and for all. There is no room for gray. This is only black and white here. Your Giant must go. It is the most important action required for your move into New Home. Total Freedom As you begin to contemplate New Home, take a deep breath and begin to picture your life without Your Giant. STOP – don’t just gloss over taking a moment to envision life without Your Giant. Take the time to picture how much better things will be without him. Notice how much more powerful you begin to feel immediately. Notice how much more control you have, how much better your self-image is already becoming. When Your Giant disappears, the excuses and rationalizations you’ve lived with, in many cases for long periods of time, will go away as well. You are looking at freedom and liberation versus confinement and frustration. Once Your Giant has been slain, the mental commitment to multiple excuses you have created and clung to are no longer necessary and will free up your time to dwell on positive and more productive thoughts. Give yourself permission to be free – to experience true freedom in your life. You do not have to ask anybody else for permission to Slay Your Giant. Your decision to Slay Your Giant and move into New Home is YOUR DECISION, and no one else’s.


Web of Rationalization Most People (MPs) will never get to the Giant Slaying phase due to the complicated web of excuses they subconsciously spin prior to any attempt to change. Whenever MPs (Most People) sense the disgust and outrage that we just talked about, powerful inhibitors that defy change begin to go to work. The “reasons I can’t” mental process kicks in with very little effort. Rationalization works subconsciously, meaning it takes place automatically and without conscious analysis. Excuse making is an internal, insidious, and powerfully prohibitive process – a fully systematized mechanism that relies on default, erroneous thought processing. Each excuse adds a strand to what I call the Web of Rationalization that our subconscious builds and builds over the years. An excuse is a falsehood. The Web of Rationalization is an intricate maze of one falsehood added to another until an entire fortress of falsehoods exists. The Web of Rationalization is stronger than a real spider’s web. It is almost impenetrable, and it is virtually impossible to break through without a dedicated, purposed effort. Once that web is woven, a person can easily be held captive (stuck) in that web for life. You are going to start becoming more aware of how your internal dialogue and thought processes engage to stop your positive forward motion. Again, this mechanism kicks in automatically at the point the idea of “change” enters your thoughts. That mechanism is very real and has quite effectively halted you from attempting, advancing and accomplishing that which you know you should be accomplishing.


MPs build their web of rationalization one strand at a time. Once a single excuse appears in their brain, there is a very good chance that it will become a default part of their thinking – “default” meaning it is mindless mental processing. That single excuse, regardless of its lack of substance or reality, becomes a factor for all future thoughts unless it is consciously banished, negated, and replaced by the more appropriate truthful thought. Truthful thinking is web-proof. Learning and acting on truthful thoughts will clear away an entire Web or Rationalization from an MP’s brain, which also clears the way for a former MP to actually become a Champion! Could I be referring to brain washing? Unapologetically, YES! Web-clearing is closely akin to brain washing, and our brains NEED IT! Our brains – our thinking becomes cluttered with useless and incorrect thoughts that can derail our success with no conscious awareness. As our Champion emerges, we must be more aware and more discerning about how we are processing thoughts. Too often, we are our own worst enemy by subconsciously standing in the way of our own success. Excuse making – constructing your Web of Rationalization is a defense mechanism that denies reality and shuts down constructive advancement WITHOUT YOUR KNOWING IT. Unfortunately, one excuse leads to another. And just like the spider’s intricate web-making ability, we can easily get caught up in building and reinforcing a stronger and stronger Web of Rationalization that gloms up our ability to think positively and arrive at powerful, go-ahead solutions. The web of rationalization inhibits and impedes for no other reason than we didn’t detect and delete a few wrong thoughts long ago.


One Erroneous Thought One erroneous strand (rationalization or excuse) can stop many other aspects of your life. I just had lunch with a business woman who was telling me what was going on in her life. She was completely overcome by her financial situation. Things seemed bleak for her, and she was quite confused about what direction she needed to go. She wasn’t sure if she could pay her bills. I asked about her business and she replied that she was not having success in her business. In fact she was not doing a single bit of marketing to promote her business. I asked her if she had any resources with which to market and advertise her business. She said, “Well, I had planned to sell my house and use a portion of the equity from the sale to market her business.” I asked her if she felt good about doing that, and she gave me several reasons why selling her house was really the best thing for her life at this point. When I asked her why she didn’t go ahead and do that, she said, “because I’m not sure whether my daughter is coming to visit me for the summer or not. If she does, I would prefer that I have the house. I’m waiting on her to decide.” Selling the house was indeed a great idea. It would be a goahead, resourceful move. But, my friend had allowed the indecision on her daughter’s part to stop that positive move, and virtually all other positive moves that would have taken care of the angst and financial problems she perceived to be reality in her life. I told her she should go ahead with her inclination to sell her house and use the proceeds to start a successful marketing campaign. As most business people know, if you have a business, you MUST market your business. You must believe and fully trust that marketing will pay dividends. You must put money in before you


can take money out. Instead of allowing the daughter’s indecision to stop all other aspects of her life, I told her that if her daughter did decide to come, she would be fine visiting at her (the mother’s) newly acquired apartment or rented house. If the daughter didn’t decide to visit, the mother would have wasted months in waiting for something that didn’t even happen! The real problem is that the mother needs to make firm and positive decisions for her (the mother’s) own good. Her daughter would be fine either way – she is already independent, living on her own. One bad thought, in this case, letting the daughter control her life, worked its way strand by strand into the perceived quandary of not being able to pay her bills, and to the point that her entire life was clouded. #1 Strand: I need to be a good mother, which means pleasing my daughter #2 Strand: I’ll let my daughter vacillate about coming to visit, because I might offend her if I do what’s best for me #3 Strand: I won’t sell the house because it would be better to have the house in the event my daughter decides to come #4 Strand: Since I’m not selling the house, I don’t have money to market #5 Strand: Since I can’t market, I can’t build my business #6 Strand: Since I can’t build my business, I don’t have any money to pay my bills #7 Strand: Since I can’t pay my bills, I’m worried and depressed #8 Strand: I’m a failure


This is a great example of how one single erroneous thought can affect virtually all other facets of a person’s life. We spoke later, and she was so thankful that someone cared to point the erroneous thinking out to her. She “got it,” and has already put her house on the market. Hidden Giants Underlying all of the indecision is another major culprit and that is the worst word in the entire English language: d-o-u-b-t. Going back to the Hesitant Mother example, there was more complexity – another erroneous thought woven into that scenario that I had to help her see. There was another factor at work: the mother was dubious as to whether her marketing dollars would really turn into profits. Insecurities about whether or not her business really would work stopped virtually every other aspect of her life, causing depressing inertia. Instead of positive movement based on making a timely decision as to what was good for her life, she opted to wait on her daughter’s decision. For a while, the mother was literally paralyzed by indecision and d-o-u-b-t. This business woman also tells me she doesn’t d-o-u-b-t, and doesn’t like to hear training on d-o-u-b-t or hear anybody else even talking about d-o-u-b-t. Why? Because d-o-u-b-t rules her life. We often refuse to talk about or listen to our Hidden Giants. We’ll talk later on in the book about “things we avoid” and things we too quickly “dismiss.” When you find things that you avoid and dismiss, that thing or things may very well be the Giant in your life. Like “pain” and “disgust”, avoidance and dismissal can be powerful indicators of a Hidden Giant lurking in the shadows of your life. Hidden Giants are just as troublesome, and often less likely to be dealt with as their more obvious cousins. For that reason, they can stick around for decades, all the while wreaking havoc in your life.


This woman is no different from you or me. I’m guilty of basing major components of my life on one single incorrect thought. We all are susceptible to allowing one erroneous strand into our thinking that leads to an entire sequence of subsequent, sticky strands. Eventually, the strands form an entire Web of Rationalization that effectively blocks our ability to move forward. Hidden Giants leave clues as to their presence in our use of language. Resistance to or rejection of ideas, concepts, and change appear audibly in our speech. Here are a few red-flag phrases indicating you are building a web of rationalization rather than moving forward. I can’t… I would, BUT… …it’s just that… Dah, dah dah, BUT… You want to know the truth? The phrase, “I can’t” is a total lie. It is erroneous. It is wrong. Satan loves for you to believe this oldest of lies. It is time to recognize your “I can’ts” and other erroneous strands, and quit falling for these damaging falsehoods. I CAN is much more accurate. Jesus says, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not d-o-u-b-t, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew


“Can” is of God. “Can’t” is of the enemy. Your Giant is praying you believe in “can’t.” So, you have to decide, which is it going to be? Who are you believing in, Christ or Your Giant? The word “BUT” is the most obvious indicator of resistance to change. I urge you to be aware of the use of the word, “but”, and commit to getting your “buts” out of the way. Check yourself closely – are you using the word, “but” often? Does each possibility or solution in your life elicit the word, “but” in your vocabulary? That word is a big indicator that you are rejecting success! It is an indicator that you are resistant to change. “But” is the word used most often by MPs who insist on staying in Old Home. Start analyzing your e-mail messages and your conversations. If they contain several “but’s”, then you may be in need of, get ready - “BUT” surgery. I am prescribing that you sign up for a “BUT-ectomy!” Yes, that is a painful operation, because you have staunchly defended your desire to remain in Old Home residence primarily through your excuses as evidenced by the use of the word “BUT!” “BUT” is the most “go to” word when an MP needs to quickly dismiss positive solutions. 14. What excuses have I been creating and relying on as a matter of habit? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 15. How does my own self-talk defeat my forward steps? _____________________________________________


_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

Procrastination One of the most common Giants reported among my audiences is procrastination. The self-created Web of Rationalization is responsible for procrastination. My students report being stymied, stuck, and totally frustrated at not being able to move forward, and not knowing why or what to do about it. Procrastination occurs when a person has not yet reached the point of Ample Reason, a very powerful concept we’ll discuss in Chapter 4. Part of the solution for overcoming procrastination is to identify and extract those strands of erroneous thinking one by one. I know a student has accomplished the removal of a significant strand when I receive an excited call saying, “I get it now!” It’s an “aha” moment when you finally find a strand that you didn’t even know existed. As with our approach to Slaying Your Giant, we can accomplish significant advancement when we are able to deal with and change a single erroneous thought. If your Giant is procrastination, you are going to choose to inspect your ability to make decisions in a more timely fashion. Fear of making a bad decision can create anxiety and worry that prolongs the choice needed to be made. The longer a decision is avoided, the deeper the anxiety can become. You become stuck in “no-man’s land” or purgatory – in between heaven and hell. Making a decision on a timely basis averts that anxiety, and puts you squarely on one


side of the fence. Sitting on a fence is a very awkward, tenuous place to live. Awareness and truth overcome fear. Truth sheds light on the error of excuses and rationalizations. Truth trumps erroneous thinking. But some of the strands of our Web are deeply ingrained. Like tree stumps that have to be removed from the place where you prefer to have a garden, habits and long-held beliefs must be located and specifically extracted. If you’ve ever tried to get rid of a tree stump, you know that they are not removed easily. They’ve been there a long time, and they are not about to be moved without massive effort. But remember, “easy” is no longer the guiding factor for our choices. Easy is not the criterion for stump removal, strand extraction or Giant Slaying. All three are things that we can do. We simply have to have the will and understanding to make them happen. I suggest you find a tree stump removal expert when faced with that task. And I suggest you become obsessed with finding only blatant truth to wipe away your Web of Rationalization. The truth is difficult to accept when you’ve lived in Old Home for too long, but it is the very thing to kick-start and sustain your journey to New Home. The Web of Rationalization will paralyze a person. It is unquestionably the single most detrimental element standing in the way of your success. Introspectively analyzing your beliefs, as well as thinking back to events that occurred in the past that may be affecting you even now are excellent ways to uncover and eliminate individual strands of your web. For example, a single comment made to you by a significant person in your life in the eighth grade could be a factor that has affected your self-image to this day. One of our excellent instructors, Debbie Lantz, teaches Advantage Conferences audiences how seemingly insignificant events that happened in


early childhood can easily steer a person’s thought process and decision making throughout their life. Debbie teaches seminars on discovering and uncovering those events and putting closure to them. Doing so will take stubborn strands out of your web, which in turn will lead to the extraction of other strands that developed as a result of the first one. New Age Solutions? We are going to be talking about what truth really is and where it comes from throughout this book. I will caution you to be aware of the preponderance of what I call “New Age babble” that exists in regard to the subjects of self-improvement and personal development. The talk show hosts, authors, and even entirely new religions that have emerged dealing with these subjects spend lots of time talking about personal empowerment and breakthroughs. I applaud them to an extent for the fact that they do help some folks become more aware of issues about which they may not have been aware. But the New Age approach always leave its devotees short of real answers. They are good at helping someone identify various strands of their web, which I believe to be important, but they never bring to the table the most important aspect of Giant Slaying – Jesus Christ. In order to be politically correct, and because they are not in a committed relationship with Christ, they fail to recognize, or at least fail to enunciate God’s role in their life and the lives of their students. How can you ignore the reality of the Creator? How could you ignore the role of faith? How could Jesus Christ not be central to the subject of Giant Slaying and New Home? My question is, “do you believe that God is alive and working in our lives or not?” The bottom line is – He is All Important, omnipresent, all-knowing, and totally in control. How can we learn from people who miss and don’t even know about this crucial and


hugely important aspect of our lives? Your Giant would love for you to think you can battle Him without God on your team. A hint that you are listening to a New Age instructor is the absence of the name, Jesus Christ. If the name does come up, it will be in the context of the great “teacher.” They may even call Him “master.” But you’ll never hear them call Him, “Savior” or “the Lord Jesus Christ.” In order to not have to show partiality to Christianity and to not offend anybody, they choose to refer to God as the “universe.” Folks, if a so-called teacher can’t or won’t distinguish the Creator from that which is created, then what can they teach you about anything else? With New Age discussions, you will find that there are no real answers, just ethereal discussion and opinion. If you fail to enunciate the Name above all Names, Jesus Christ, you are negating God and His role in our life. Paul says to the church at Colossi, “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.” Colossians 2:8 Christ is the answer, not New Age babble, which offers no solutions other than mantras, crystals, and numerology. One other point which is as problematic as not recognizing the presence, importance, and power of God, those authors often fail to write their own books. They hire professional “ghost-writers.” This is accepted methodology for many of the famous authors that you’ll see on book-store shelves. In my opinion, that concept is disingenuous at best. In my opinion, it is simply fraudulent. As we look for truth in all that we do, knowing these facts make many authors and gurus suspect in their approach.


This book may not be as well written as it could be had I hired a ghost writer, but every word was written and edited by me on my word processor. This is not said pridefully, I simply believe that when you buy an author’s work, you ought to expect that they wrote every word, or it tends to invalidate the content. For good or bad, this book was written by the author’s name you see on the cover. Old Home

Early in the morning David left the flock with a shepherd, loaded up and set out…” 1 Samuel 17:20

Do you love your home? It could be an apartment, a manufactured home, a modest bungalow, or a multi-million dollar mansion. I hope you love your residence and I’m sure there are things about your home that are comfortable and familiar. When I talk about Old Home, I’m not only talking about the physical structure you’re living in. I’m talking more about life as you have experienced it in the past - life as you have known it up until now. As much as you may like your circumstances, the fact is, Old Home is not your God given destination. As I mentioned before, we must recognize that the past has passed. Old Home is your “past” residence. Now, it is time to move forward toward your truthful destiny. As with David, it’s time to “load up and set out…” “Load Up and Set Out” The fact is: that better place we are envisioning, New Home, very certainly exists. It is real. Excellent, unexpected rewards await your arrival. A refreshing world of new options and delights will open up to you. You will be able to accomplish more, contribute more, and become a better and more respected leader.


An incredible transition into leadership coupled with massive rewards certainly occurred for David. David went from tending sheep to leading a Nation as its king. His “coming out party” was the decisive confrontation he had with a very large, frightening obstacle – a Giant named Goliath. By facing the nine foot tall warrior and slaying him, David established wealth, power and leadership in a single moment. You, too, can make a significant quantum leap by decisively Slaying Your Giant. What does the idea of leadership have to do with Slaying Your Giant? The fact is, you are about to take charge of your life (lead yourself) like you have not done in the past. And that could very well lead to your taking leadership in situations and organizations you never thought possible. The very process of Slaying Your Giant will create an influential presence for you in the eyes of other people. Leaders become long-term, effective leaders due not to charisma, physical strength, or good looks. Leaders are leaders because they have their personal lives together. They are willing to embrace change and make crucial, if not unpopular decisions. They recognize the power of change and creatively construct transition strategies for their own life and the lives of others! They Slay Their own Giants and help others Slay Their Giants as well! Leaders start out with few or no followers, but they eventually attract others by virtue of their intent, plans, resolve, action, and steadfast integrity, as well as their willingness and courage to do battle. Once you’ve shown that you can Slay Your Giant, you will become a hero or heroine in your own eyes. You will respect yourself to a degree you didn’t know possible. And those same leadership qualities will begin to seep into your environment so much so that others will also notice. They will admire what you are doing in your own life, and they will gradually and steadily begin looking up to you. Their old picture of you will become a


new, more respected image. You will become a leader of others by virtue of triumphing over Your Giant. As a younger man, I had the opportunity to chauffer a billionaire to the airport after he had spoken at a conference where I was the featured singer. I rather nervously asked the simple question, “Bill, what is the difference between you and all the others out there who can’t seem to do a fraction of what you’ve done?” His simple and quick reply was, “self-image.” He did not elaborate. That was all he said, and he said a mouthful! I never forgot that brief exchange. As years have passed, it is very clear to me how very few great things are accomplished without a healthy self-image. I’ve connected the dots by understanding that self-image is the reward for self-discipline. Healthy selfimage is necessary for becoming a leader. Self-image develops when you learn how to lead yourself first, the first stepping stone that paves the way for leadership with others. You’ve Got to Move In order to enter New Home, you will be consciously and purposely letting go of your past, both physically and emotionally. You are going to cease going along with the standards of Most People (MPs) and begin identifying, striving for and achieving higher standards. You are going to trade Old Home for New Home – the true place your Inner Champion deserves to reside. We need to be a little more personal by asking an important question. You need to be honest with yourself regarding your answer. 16. Are you fully resolved to let go of Old Home? ______________



Are you committed to moving forward? ____ Describe what New Home looks like to you.

(Take a moment to answer these questions)

My vision of New Home – five things that will be better in New Home as compared to Old Home: A. B. C. D. E. ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

You should be thankful for all the good in your life – who you are, your past accomplishments, your past contributions, your family, your friends, the “stuff” you currently have, your title, your knowledge, your current residence, your salary or current income. But you’ve got to move away from what has been your comfort zone - away from inaction, indecision, and old habits, and anything else that has been destructive. You must recognize and begin extracting strand after strand in your Web of Rationalizations. You will want to identify and discontinue inhibiting thoughts, habits, words, and actions. Anything that stands in the way of your move to New Home must be carefully considered, with the idea that you may have to “let go” of one or more of those aspects of your life. You must


consciously prepare to move “out” of Old Home, the detrimental aspects of your current life, and not look back. Dynamic Future The next few months are going to be a wonderfully dynamic season in your life. The word “dynamic” describes a condition of positive, significant, and rewarding changes. You are going to find new resolve in your life that brings you and those closest to you greater purpose and meaning. You are going to enter New Home, where you will find your life to be more stimulating, more productive, and more rewarding. New Home is that better place you’ve dreamed about that can only be inhabited AFTER Slaying Your Giant. Abundance Most people (MPs) won’t do what you are about to do, so there’s virtually no competition from others. In fact, you’ll rarely have to be concerned about competition. Seeing life in terms of competition is a truly invalid “scarcity” concept. I see my socalled competitors, as fellow sojourners who have similar interests as me, which places us in a common niche. I am in no way threatened by them. I constantly seek ways to work together with my competitors, and enhance their businesses and lives, rather than making them out to be enemies. I even congratulate them genuinely when they succeed. When you choose to live in an Abundance Model, rather than a Scarcity Model (Scared City), you will find incredible new options are available. There is more than enough abundance, supplies, and business for everyone to thrive. I don’t think in terms of competition, but rather in terms of synergies that can be discovered and developed.


Abundance is the reality of the world, and yet Most People (MPs) see the world as “barely getting by.” They reject the idea of new Home. MPs are MPs by virtue of their complacency about, acceptance of, and default thinking regarding Old Home. They would never dare to venture out to Slay Their Giant. You cease being an MP when you genuinely resolve to make your move into New Home, where wealth and fulfillment abounds! Risk When deciding about our future, we do quick intellectual and emotional calculations in our heads as to whether or not a particular decision is more likely to incur “risk”, or more likely to incur “reward.” The insurance industry bases its products on very detailed, mathematical probabilities called actuarial tables. They know what the odds of a male or female’s chances for survival are at any given age. They have extensive statistical probabilities figured out in a scientific fashion that gives them a very good probability of making money on a given demographic (group of people). What most people do not include when calculating the future is the most important aspect of our past, present, and future, and that is Almighty God, present and active in our life. David fighting Goliath without God would have been a totally different story. It would never have made the pages of the 1st book of Samuel. In fact, David would have been the one to lose his head. With God in your life, risk takes on a totally different dimension. I’ve come to a “knowing” that God holds both my present and my future in His hands fully and completely. I also know that He is alive, watching me, caring for me, empowering me every second of every day. That makes my equation for risk calculation quite different.


Nights and days? He’s got those covered. Waking and sleeping? Yes, He’s in there, too. Being at peace in a hammock on a beach or fully engaged in the battle of my life? He’s there. How about this? “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:11-13 Paul “gets it.” He can do everything. I can do everything. You can do everything through Him. Not on your own – through Him. The future is not as risky as you may perceive it to be. Change is not as risky as you may perceive it to be. On the other hand, not changing, especially if God has spoken to you telling you that you need to change, is a risky proposition. If God is nudging you to change, then opting to remain in Old Home is by far more risky than making the move to New Home. By the same token, if God is telling you to get rid of a certain aspect of your life, then Slaying Your Giant is by far less risky than keeping him around. Making changes and taking risks are important concepts for Champions to embrace. Risk resides in an area outside your comfort zone, and is really no more than unexplored territory that is less familiar to you. Most People (MPs) avoid areas where they’ve never been or can’t visually see. MPs avoid risk. Champions know that no significant rewards occur without risk without venturing out of their comfort zone. They also know that “the greater the risk, the greater the reward.” Kelly Stevens is the owner of Florida Utility Trailers, Inc. in Apopka, Florida. Kelly owns five profitable corporations and is a Godly, devout believer in and servant of Jesus Christ. Kelly


shared with us at a recent Millionaire Mindset Conference a major decision he made several years back. It was the decision to close his highly profitable bank and vault construction company in order to start a trailer company. The new company took six full years to reach profitability, but when it did, it became very profitable! When asked how he could just give up a successful company based on the thought that the new idea would be a better move, he simply said, “I had fully prayed about the decision and knew it was the right move for my career and the long-term, and I was willing to take the risk.” Today with the wisdom of hindsight, we can see that Kelly did indeed make the right move – one that made him a millionaire many times over! MPs avoid risk like the plague. I say that you’re not doing much for God or yourself if you’re not willing to step out in faith and do something bigger than you ever have before. AND that something absolutely should have an element of risk to it. The excitement, the exhilaration, the sense of being alive will never be so real for you until you learn to act on belief and faith, rather than calculating how to avoid risk. Your dreams and New Home should be God-sized visions, one that can only happen with God’s help and involvement – “through Him.” Who are your heroes and heroines? Mine are all people who have had tremendous courage; who have faced overwhelming odds; and who have taken on risks that the common man never would. All the great heroes/heroines of the Bible were faith-filled and courageous risk-takers. Jesus Christ was and is the greatest hero of all time. Incorrectly, He is often pictured as a meek and mild, milk-toast pacifist. If you see Him that way, you need to re-read the gospels to understand His true nature. Yes, He was loving, compassionate, and servant-minded. I love those qualities about Jesus. But He also courageously and


defiantly stood up to the ruling powers of the day, especially the Pharisees. He openly criticized them for their dishonesty, hypocrisy, and greed, not behind the veiled safety of an anonymous statement or e-mail – no, he confronted them directly to their faces. His statements on many occasions were incendiary and insulting. I love it! Jesus dared to get in the faces of those in authority to whom everyone else cowereddown. He didn’t run from confrontation, he chose to be in the fight, like his ancestor, David did. Personally, I’m sickened by cowardice and political correctness. I’m saddened by those who don’t stand up for their belief in Jesus Christ. Listen to these words of Jesus and see if you think He was anything less than totally truthful without pulling any punches. In John 8:42-47 he speaks to the authorities… Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but He sent me. Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yet because I tell you the truth, you do not believe me! Can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe me? He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.” Those are fighting words! “You belong to your father, the devil…” And this is only one of many examples of his incredible courage. Jesus openly and defiantly healed a man on the Sabbath. He spoke to a Samaritan woman, and dined with tax collectors and


sinners - acts of insolence in the eyes of those in positions of power. His acts and questionable associations with the poor and social outcasts upset Jewish customs and norms. He turned over the money-changer’s table in the Temple, and answered directly when the Roman soldiers asked Him if He was Jesus, knowing they were about to arrest Him. “I told you that I am He.” John 18:8 He knew that his disciples would be in for a dangerous future – in the service of Jesus. In Luke 22:36 He told them to “sell your cloak, and buy a sword.” That sword he told his disciples to acquire was not for aesthetic purposes. We know now that all but one of His original disciples died martyr deaths. Jesus went to the cross, knowing the extremely torturous and cruel pain that awaited Him. He willingly endured some of the most inhumane acts to a person in all of history - literally “skinning” a sizeable portion of his body by the horrific cat-ofnine-tails until He was virtually unrecognizable. How cruelly was he treated; and yet, how brave our Savior was – all for you and for me. That is the man I follow and to whom I dedicate my life. We should follow His lead by standing up for our beliefs and doing what is right because it is right. Bravery and courage are uncommon in today’s society, but you have the option to summon those qualities and live a power-filled life. When you do so you will never feel more alive! To live in fear is “not to live.” To not take on risk in your life is to take up space on the planet. Likewise, to live in fear of Your Giant is “not to live.” William Wallace, the famed Scottish liberator said just before his death, “all men die, few truly live.” I will go with Brave Heart’s William Wallace into battle. I’ll listen to those who dare to enunciate truth in spite of the negative consequences.


Don’t take up space on the planet, change the planet. Life must have a significant element of adventure, and even danger, or it is wasted. If there is not some element of danger and risk in your life, I believe you are short-changing your very existence and the purpose for which God gave you birth. You are not believing and acting – “through Him.” Stand up for the courage of your convictions. Speak up and be counted. Raise your hand when it is time to volunteer to go out onto the battlefield. Don’t ignore Your Giant – Slay Your Giant! Be strong like David and Jesus Christ. Put on William Wallace’s blue war paint and go meet Your Giant. If you will do that, then I am with you – let’s go! I will follow you into that battle when you show the uncommon courage that Champion risk-takers display. They choose to live their lives based on principles and truth rather than what is “easy.” And because of that, their lives take on meaning and value. You take on greater purpose when you dare to stand up and speak up – you’ll begin living the kind of courageous life that God wants you to have. You’ve got one life – be used of God and live that life to the full – “through Him!” What we’ve learned: Disgust and outrage point to the Giant you need to Slay Slaying does not mean negotiate or “toy with” Your Giant There is nothing that blocks our journey to New Home more so than our self-created Web of Rationalization “d-o-u-b-t” is a Giant that Champions defeat through complete trust, belief, and faith The Web of Rationalization and d-o-u-b-t are destroyed only by being directly confronted with truth Procrastination and “but’s are common enemies that are conquered by decisiveness and action Beware of New Age babbling – it offers no true solution or answer


Discipline leads to Healthy Self Image which opens the door to Leadership Risk rewards – fear stops you dead in your tracks Live life as a valiant warrior – “through Him” Notes:


Chapter 3 Recognizing Proper and Improper Targets Old Home is comfortable due to the fact that it is what you know. You are familiar with your old way of life, but Old Home offers only the lifestyle you have experienced in the past. An important distinction between Champions and Most People (MPs) is their choice of targets. While MPs have “Seeking Comfort” as a default target in their life, Champions recognize “comfort” as a deceptive, erroneous target. Already, on several occasions, I have mentioned that “easy” is not the standard for a life that includes New Home. Neither is “comfort.” “Seeking comfort” is simply not compatible with accomplishment. It will never lead to the autonomy or fulfillment for which Champions fight. Listen carefully – “Comfort” is NOT the Goal You will discover New Home only when you realize that Comfort as a targeted goal will keep you firmly locked into Old Home. We all have targets, whether they are intended targets or default targets. When I use the word, default, I am referring to thoughts and activities that you are thinking and doing that occur without discernment, careful consideration, and without the input from successful Christian Mentors. Champions purposely and carefully think about and aim at what I call the Proper Targets, while MPs unconsciously shoot for Improper Targets. Champions don’t choose “being comfortable” as a target. The journey to New Home via Slaying Your Giant is not about comfort, although ironically, achieving entry into New


Home often affords greater comfort than was ever available in Old Home. Merri-Jo Hillaker is an incredible person - a powerful entrepreneur and deeply convicted Christian. Another of our Millionaire Mentors at a past Millionaire Mindset Conference, Merri-Jo made an impact on me like few people on earth have, and she did it all within an hour and a half. Wow, what a great individual! Merri-Jo says this, “You will find very few highly successful people who haven’t fallen in love with being uncomfortable!” That’s it – that is the gospel truth, my friend. When it boils down to how to be a Champion, we’re going to come to grips with, get down to basics, and accept the truth that some discomfort, and even some pain is the only way that true progress can be made. Truthfully, that discomfort and pain may be manifested at greater levels than the word, “some” indicates. Are you ready and willing to accept some pain? Be assured, that whatever level of pain you may be called to endure, you will be able to withstand it. Your pain threshold – the amount of discomfort and pain you can withstand, is much higher than you give yourself credit. No, I’m not masochistic. Champions simply know that some degree of pain is necessary, and thankfully, that pain will be temporary. Seeking Proper, rather than Improper Targets, only happens with maturity. The content of our prayers is a good indication of our maturity. If we find that our prayer life is centered on requests for “comfort,” that is a good indication we haven’t climbed very high up the spiritual ladder. Comfort is a self-centered concept, and has little to do with building God’s Kingdom or helping others. I often teach Christian business people that we can reach higher levels of maturity in our life when we seriously and carefully consider the content of our prayers.


One of the great truths that Champions understand is this: Comfort makes a lousy target. It is an entirely deceptive and unfruitful purpose or goal - one of the more infamous… Improper Targets MPs are also, by default and unconsciously, focused on “fitting in”, with the central desire being to be just like everybody else. The problem is this, and please forgive me if I’m sounding judgmental or rude, but I’m saying this to help you see clearly: MPs are categorically broke, overweight, mildly productive, and not genuinely concerned about making the most of their life. They are creatures of old habits, trends, trying rather than producing, television, compromise, the media, and mediocrity. In general, the masses are simply spectators in life. They are only interested in “getting by” one day at a time. Champion or Chameleon? Is “fitting in” an honorable goal? No, “fitting in” is a fear-based goal, one that keeps MPs firmly wedged into Old Home. This was an area I really had to overcome in my own life – not the ‘desire’ to fit in so much as the ‘ability’ to fit in. I’ve been a person who could adapt to almost any environment – not at all threatened by new or ambiguous situations. Being a “social chameleon”, able to feel at home in almost any scenario, from church to a biker-bar, I realized that, even though I could get along in almost any scenario, I needed to discover the person I actually wanted to be and make choices accordingly. Being a person who is good at “fitting in” is actually detrimental to becoming a Champion. What would happen is that, like a chameleon that changes its colors to fit in with its environment, I too could adapt to different


types of people, knowing I could easily “fit in” to their crowd. I could pick up and emulate their attitudes, language, and sometimes even their accents in a brief period of time. But upon further inspection, I realized that by “fitting in”, I was taking on their characteristics and not maintaining the integrity of who I really was and what I really stood for. I was there to be liked, rather than being “on purpose” to live a life of integrity according to Christ-centered beliefs and values. “Fitting in” actually means “becoming one of the crowd.” I’ve always considered myself pretty social and fun, but being social, fun, and always wanting to “fit in” can seriously detract from being the person God wants you to be. Leaders are individuals who set the bar high, rather than wanting to be like MPs who allow the bar to be set comfortably low. Being like everybody else is the antithesis, that is the opposite, of leadership. It is also the opposite of being a Champion. Now, don’t get the idea that moving to New Home is all about being serious, constantly winning, and living life in a stress-filled, pressure cooker. Nor should you surmise that being a leader, a Champion, and a Christian is not fun. Relaxation time should regularly be included in your schedule. I believe there is nothing more fun than accomplishing great things; and that you can have humor, relaxation and levity in the midst of doing your best! However, when you do take a stand, when you do set the bar higher and the pace a little quicker, you will find that you’ll be doing anything but “fitting in”. You will stand out in the crowd rather than blend into the crowd. On a lighter note, there are times when a little compromise can be a good thing. For instance, as mentioned before, I am a graduate of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. The Red Raider colors are black and red. TTU is my alma mater - where I


maintain my collegiate allegiance. But I also know that if I go to a Texas A&M (Aggies) game and wear a maroon jersey, then I will be pleasing my wife and her family who are all Aggies. So, when I go to their game and don their beloved maroon colors, that’s a time when fitting in to the - oh, let’s say, ‘fanatic’ Aggie environment could be a positive! I do have twinges of Benedict Arnold on those outings. But during those moments where I’m attempting to be a good family member, I’m not representing who I really am. I’m a Red Raider! Going to an Aggie game, and wearing maroon is just a way of “fitting in” with my wife’s family – a short-term, necessary adjustment for a smoother marriage ☺! As regards ethics, principles and Proper Targets in our life, we must decide to take a stand as to what jersey we are going to wear. If you really are a person of accomplishment, you’ll not feel comfortable wearing MP jerseys – The University of Excuses, Dabbling State, Inconsistency Tech, Rationalizing U., or Complaining College! As you introspectively look at what you’re really doing in life, is your direction too often steered by the Improper Target of “Fitting In”? Ask yourself, am I actually just looking to do the easiest, least painful, day-to-day activities I can get by with? If so, you will want to begin consciously replacing Improper Targets with more productive, Proper Targets. More Improper Targets There are many Improper Targets that need to be identified, some of which may come as a surprise to you. Having Improper Targets is a major stumbling block that will delay you from effectively Slaying Your Giant and moving into New Home. They are diversions that can derail your desired forward movement.


When I was a younger man, if you asked me what I wanted to be in life, I would have told you, “Oh, I just want to be happy.” My Dad asked me that once when I was in my twenties and I answered that way. I’m sure he was impressed… But I’ve learned a great lesson - “happiness” is another lousy target. If your target is happiness, you will find the outcome to be elusive and unsatisfying. Happiness is a wonderful “byproduct” of aiming at Proper Targets, but not a good Target in and of itself. Another improper target is “money”. Money has the same illusory property as the targets of “fitting in”, “comfort”, and “happiness” have. They all make lousy targets. But, Tim, I thought you were a business man. Isn’t money all you business people think about? That actually is a common myth about business people that is rarely even close to correct. The answer is “rarely do I think about money as a target.” You’ll see why that is true later. I never make “money” a target. I make the creation of an exceptional product, great service and trusting relationships my business targets. When you do that, money becomes the byproduct of doing that which is right and valuable for others. We’ll find out what it is that makes a better target in life, and that the by-product, and indeed the IRONY of setting our sites on Proper Targets is often “comfort”, “happiness”, and, yes, “money”! These are the by-products, but not the worthy Targets. Notice which Improper Target was not a by-product of Proper Targets - “fitting in”. Though you as a Champion will always be able to find genuine friends, “fitting in” with MPs is one concept that will rarely, if ever, happen for Champions.


We may be respected by MPs, but we’re not looking to be like MPs or even hang out with MPs. No, we’re not better than them, nor do we put them down. But traits, emotions, and the language of those with whom we choose to associate tend to rub off and influence all of us, including Champions. We are all susceptible to the influence of people we spend time with. We can actually quantify this phenomenon. For example, it has been observed both casually and scientifically that your income will be affected by your closest associations. For example, pick the five families you hang out with most often. Take their annual household incomes and add them all together. Now divide that sum by 5. You will be amazed at how close that number will resemble your actual annual income. People subconsciously begin to think like those with whom they associate. In this case, they often land in the same socio-economic class that their closest associates belong to. That actually is good news for you if you’re looking to advance financially. If you want to change your annual income, then you would do well to associate with people who make the income that you are wanting to achieve. It is probably obvious to you at this point in your life that it would be a very good idea to increase your income, to begin shifting up to a higher strata or level of income in your life. Uh oh – I brought up “money” - now here’s a subject that MPs hate to talk about! Silly Myths Speaking of myths – one ridiculous myth is that you should be limited in your income. Let’s see, we serve an unlimited God who says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”, John 10:10b, yet we choose to struggle financially because we choose small, limited incomes as a life choice. Can you see the incongruence of those two concepts?


Your income is a result of your thinking, plain and simple; and it can and should be much greater than what you have experienced in the past. Stated another way, your thinking, perceptions and mindset have placed you squarely in the income bracket you now find yourself. There’s nothing magical about where you are now. You’ve thought your way to that level. The good news is that you can think your way to a much higher, more productive level. If you reject that statement, then you can look forward to maintaining Old Home income. But I encourage you to think differently. Here’s a very important concept regarding your choice of income brackets: Choosing limited income is an extremely selfish concept. Limited income is a greedy concept. It makes the statement loud and clear that all you are concerned with is “you” just getting by. That thinking is born of the impression that you live in a condition of “lack.” It means you choose to not be resourceful for the needs of a hurting world, but only want to take care of your own needs. It is a wrong and totally erroneous misconception. When you accept the statement that you can think your way to higher income levels, then you will progressively think your way into the reality of a greatly improved, New Home financial condition. Improving your finances now means you can give more. You can fill in the gaps experienced by your own family and those around you more effectively and powerfully. You can begin being a part of the solution, versus shrinking from those solutions or situations that need funding. You can start controlling finances, rather than finances controlling you.


Scared City Regarding money, Your Giant is not your circumstances, your talent, your education, your boss, or any other factor. Your Giant is simply your thinking. You’ve got to be willing to trade ridiculously erroneous and perfectly backward views about money and income for more productive (and more stewardly) concepts. MPs don’t even like to talk about the subjects of income, finances and money. They become serious, secretive, and fearful when someone brings up the subject. The reason is that they live in a town I call, “Scared City” (scarcity). The fact is that we don’t live in Scared City. We live in the unlimited world of abundance that God has given us. We have no reason at all to be afraid of money, especially when we have Proper Targets. MPs assume that money is all about greed. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Money is about the exact opposite of greed. It is about giving. You can be much more effective in ministry and helping others when you deal with larger amounts of money, and also when you are not spending every waking hour trying to earn a buck. When you learn to quit fearing money and learn to create it intelligently and wisely, you can build orphanages, fund schools for the needy, establish ministries, support widows and impact a multitude of causes that are desperate for finances. Most charitable organizations and ministries I know about are always pinching pennies. It simply doesn’t have to be like that. We must take charge of our own financial conditions and, in turn, help others maximize theirs as well. Society paints an absolutely warped picture of those who have money as “Scrooges” and misers. Do you remember the character Thurston Howell III on Gilligan’s Island, the hit TV show of the sixties? How about the banker, Mr. Drysdale on the TV show, The Beverly Hillbillies – another hilarious comedy


popular during that same time frame? Both were truly funny characters, but unfortunately, they insidiously shaped an entire generation’s concept of what we would term, “the wealthy” are like. They shaped peoples’ perceptions about money and wealth in a skewed, non-truthful distortion. Although everyone knew this was comedy, both character I just referred to were greedy, penny pinching, unprincipled ego-maniacs. The millionaires I know are like anything but those depictions – in fact they are the exact opposite. They are excellent givers, and I’m talking well beyond any measly ten percent. They never worry about money. They know that all of the money on earth belongs to God, and that having money is simply a test for each of us as to how we handle it during our lifetime. Well, enough about money for now. We’ll talk about that important, yet often “touchy” subject a little bit more later. It is a subject about which I’m passionate and one of the top ten Giants on the list. My next book is called, “Ten Talent Man,” and is based on Jesus’ parable of the talents found in Matthew 25. I hope you will become a Ten Talent Man or Ten Talent Woman and learn to be much more effective for God’s Kingdom!

Avoiding the Battlefield MPs refuse to enter the battlefield. They are not about Slaying Their Giant, nor are they serious about moving into New Home. They don’t even consider the move as an option. All of those differences mean Champions will never “fit in” with MPs. We can love them, be compassionate with them, and be willing to offer help to them when needed. We can also be role models and examples for MPs. But can we “fit in” with most people? No, we likely will never be able to fit in with MPs. Not me – not you; not


true Champions. No, “fitting in” rarely exists in the world of Champions. This is not to be rude, judgmental, or arrogant. However, stating that we’re simply not going to be fitting in with MPs, is to be truthful, and it is the price we pay when we draw the line in the sand. Not fitting in is a portion of the price Champions pay to enter New Home. Language of Success You’ll find much more fulfillment in life by not acting or talking like everybody else. MPs love to complain, gossip, and rationalize. Misery loves company and those subjects seem to always come up each time I’m in the presence of MPs. I don’t know about you, but holiday get-togethers are not a lot of fun if they are comprised of hours of inane, fruitless, complaining, criticizing and/or mindless conversation! About an hour of that goes a long way for me! Champions don’t curse, and you must understand why. The language you use and the words you choose are the very devices that construct your environment. When you curse, you create a cursed environment. That may be OK for some people to do to themselves (not really), but it also creates that same environment for other persons around them. Cursing will cause others to experience a cursed environment as well. Is that what we want for our families? Of course we don’t. If you have allowed cursing and foul language into your vocabulary, you can change your life immensely by getting rid of that language. Language is a direct manifestation of what you are thinking. You should choose noble thoughts on a regular basis. Dwell on positive thoughts habitually. You want your environment to be clean and pure so that God will come in and fill your home with blessings.


Paul says in the wonderful book of Philippians, “…brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” 4:8 What incredibly accurate and important advise for us to implement. Words are very powerful and should always be considered very carefully. Words are how God made the universe. God spoke the heavens, the seas, the animals, the stars - everything including you and me into existence. We have the same ability within us to create at least a portion of our environment when we speak God’s Words in total faith. I believe that the magnitude of good we can accomplish through our words is greatly underestimated. On the flip side of the coin, our words also can carry the power of destruction as well. Entire lives can be damaged extensively with the careless uttering of one negative sentence. A single negative statement spoken to a young person can stay with them into adulthood and diminish their self-image, which has so much to do with the quality of their life and the choices they make. So, be very aware of how and what you speak. Since speech is preceded by thought, it is critical that you keep your thoughts clean and pure. Let God’s Words come into your heart through faithful Bible reading, and in turn Godly thoughts and words will come out of your mouth. Stay away from anything that even resembles negative words of destruction. MPs often speak words that lead to negative consequences. Don’t fall victim to carelessness regarding your choice of thoughts and words. That’s why you want to associate with people who watch their tongue and use their voice for powerful, positive language that builds up rather than tears down. Champions watch their language and choose to speak words of healing and


encouragement. They in turn flourish because those around them are infused with power by their presence, words, and actions. So, don’t expect “fitting in” to be part of New Home. You’re leaving behind “fitting in” for higher ground and better, more productive targets. You will find New Home and the “Land of Accomplishment” to be fantastic, although that choice will sometimes cause you to feel like an alien. Champions know what feeling like an alien, being different from MPs, is all about. In 1 Peter 2:11-12, the apostle Peter addresses this very issue. He states, “11Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul. 12Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visits us.” Living Your Beliefs – “Being” Who You Really Are Being a follower of Christ is the very best decision of my life. If you have not made that decision yet, it will be the best decision for your life as well. I urge you to do that soon. Take care of that issue today, or as soon as you find an opening. It will be the greatest decision you ever made, certainly as a budding Giant Slayer! If you would like to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I encourage you to go to this link and pray a prayer with me. It’s called the prayer of salvation. You will be taking care of where you spend eternity and full forgiveness of the sin that you have had and will have in your life. Here’s the link:


Following Christ is the most empowering thing you will ever do, although as has been mentioned, it carries the price-tag of not fitting in and often feeling like an alien. If your goal is to “fit in”, you’ll find that being a believer in Christ is mutually incompatible with being like everybody else. You will be able to handle a little alienation, especially when you begin finding new friends who are also believers. I simply don’t view fitting in, nor do I recommend fitting in, as a priority or goal in my life. We have a much more important and higher calling than trying to be like, or be liked by, everybody else. Proper Target Now, let’s identify the proper target. Doing what is right, not what is expedient or comfortable will make you very different in today’s society. Although you wouldn’t think so, focusing on success oriented activities will alienate you from most people. In fact you will often find yourself the target of mockery and derision when you dedicate yourself to doing what is right and leading others in the direction of success. Following Christ and being obedient to God’s Holy Word is the ultimate and truly proper target for our life. Everything comes together when we include God 24/7 in the small, medium, and large decisions of our life. When we live to glorify Him and not ourselves, we are in solid Champion territory. A Champion must be mindful of anything that stands in the way of New Home. “Fitting in” entails compromise. It all too often entails joining into the sin in which MPs mindlessly partake. Peter says, “abstain from sinful desires…” The Erroneous Targets: a. Easy b. Fitting In


c. d. e. f.

Comfort Happiness Personal Desires Money

The Proper Targets: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. Obedience to Jesus Christ Following Jesus Christ Trusting Jesus Christ Glorifying Jesus Christ Living for Jesus Christ Helping Others Serving Others Being Productive Slaying Your Giants Doing What is Right for the simple reason that what you’ve chosen to do is right k. ___________________ l. ___________________

When you rid yourself of inappropriate targets, you can go about the task of Slaying Your Giant in unencumbered fashion, with a non-blocked path. Shooting at erroneous targets may be easier and more natural to do, but if you make Improper and Erroneous targets a way of life, you’ll always wonder why you never seem to be satisfied. Even when hitting an erroneous target, you’ll find only short-term pleasure, if any true pleasure at all. Shooting for the Proper Targets will allow you to do what is right. And it will be your most rewarding course of action for now and eternity. You will find true fulfillment when hitting the Proper Targets. Ready – Aim – Live a Fulfilling Life


Integrity Being a person of unshakeable integrity pulls you off the MP bandwagon, and puts you behind the wheel of a fast-moving vehicle destined for New Home. MPs want to know what everybody else is doing, in order to decide what they are going to do. They ask the questions, “What type of home is everybody else living in?” “What is everybody else driving?” “How does everybody else talk?” The answer to these questions is the compass that guides their life. But in a mixed-up, upside down society, conforming to be like the masses is the path that leads to mediocrity and non-accomplishment. Read this next statement closely - Champions routinely think and do exactly the opposite of what MPs are thinking and doing. For Champions, assessing what the masses do, say, and think is a good indicator of what NOT to do, say, and think. In virtually every category, the masses reject Godly principles, which means they are also not following success principles. No, they are on a collision course with disaster. God’s Book, the Bible, is the instruction manual that leads to the greatest success possible for now and for eternity. Society’s example leads to mediocrity at best. Think the Opposite Are the concepts of “not fitting in,” “pain,” and “discomfort” bad things – bad ideas to avoid? Not to a Champion. Champions do what it takes to Slay Their Giant, and they don’t disavow that there is likely to be pain in the process. MPs avoid pain. Champions don’t. Champions recognize that pain is often followed by reward, and therefore not a condition to be avoided in their life’s journey. In fact, pain is to be expected. Further, reward is virtually always preceded by pain. You will not Slay Your Giant short of taking a new path in your life. And you


cannot take a new path until you change the default thinking that “seemed” to be right to you during your tenure at Old Home. It’s Old Home thinking that keeps MPs solidly locked into Old Home. And it is your changed thinking that will propel you into New Home. MPs avoid change. They avoid Giants. They avoid even the mention of pain. They avoid new paths. Champions don’t. The Giant that fills the chasm in between your old and new residences is the one thing we must take care of – and you can do it! I’m looking at you squarely in the eyes to tell you – “YOU CAN DO IT!” So, Tim, you’re telling me to think the opposite from how MPs think? Are you kidding, Tim? No, not at all. You’ll find more rewards in life by thinking and doing almost exactly the opposite of what Most People are thinking and doing. Those who are more mature in their faith, that is, those who have learned the importance of living by faith, principled values, and vision rather than taking their cues from the world, see that the world has most things turned completely backward and upside down. The world always turns what is right upside down. We must be wise and discerning enough so that we are not deceived by what the world is embracing. Centuries ago the prophet Isaiah said, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.” Isaiah 5:20-21 That woe is a woe for MPs today, but as you can see by this powerful scripture, the confusion has been going on for a long time. Today, society’s confusion is compounded by the myths, half-truths, and lies that are universally perpetuated as fact. Erroneous thinking is extolled by the media every single day.


One of the funniest and most apparent examples of this syndrome was the live television report from the Iraqi Minister of Defense during the US invasion. He was confidently announcing that Iraqi forces had soundly defeated US troops as the cameras showed American troops and tanks pouring into the streets of Baghdad virtually unimpeded. Saturday Night Live and late-night talk-show hosts had a field day reenacting that obvious error. Unfortunately, there are much deeper, more pervasive error messages that delude the public into anything but the truth. Society loves to honor that which is not honorable, promoting the importance of looks and the sinful exploits of glamorous, but Godless people. This kind of thinking creates chaos and confusion for those who buy into it. Champions see through the babble and fog, and are willing to search for and live by the truth that is found in God’s word, the Bible and through Jesus Christ, the author of life and truth. Don’t be afraid to question and even buck conventional wisdom. What society portrays as smart is rarely the wisdom derived through obedience to God’s word. Society’s thinking will derail your vehicle on the journey to New Home. It’s Your Giant Your Giant is Your Giant. Slaying Your Giant is something you and you alone must do. Although you will find help and encouragement along the way, that final action is not contingent on others. No, the move to face and Slay Your Giant is your decision and your action. It is your obligation and your responsibility. It will also be followed by your reward. Slaying Your Giant is indeed your destiny! Get your mind in motion. A Dynamic Season of life - a time full of energy is about to occur. Energy is influence. It is contagious. Moving to New Home is one of the most exciting


decisions you will ever make and one of the most exciting activities in which you will ever engage. You will receive newfound energy and invigorating hope when you resolve to move - to make the transition. It is an excitement that naturally results with a solid resolve to move from Old Home to New Home. **************** What we’ve learned: Comfort is not the goal We must identify Improper Targets and replace them with Proper, Productive Targets Fitting In is not the goal – Champions Stand Out Happiness and Money make lousy targets Scared City is Old Home, not New Home The Battlefield is to be Desired, not avoided Knowing and Following Christ is the single, most empowering target Pain is part of the process and not to be feared


Chapter 4 Ample Reason You would not be reading this book if there wasn’t something about Old Home that needed changing. There has to be one, if not many things about Old Home that you know are not right. However, you won’t take the steps necessary to Slay Your Giant until you’ve reached what I call, Ample Reason - the point in your life when you decide once and for all that it is time to move. If you’ve reached the point where sufficient facts and feelings add up to one choice – “I WILL Slay My Giant and I WILL move into New Home”, then you reached the point of transition called, “Ample Reason”. When you do reach the point of Ample Reason, you will have total clarity and conviction that the move to New Home is the right, necessary, and mandatory thing to do. I define Ample Reason as the following: The sum of feelings and facts needed for a person to initiate and accomplish change The condition required to go into motion, focused on solving a single problem The realization that Old Home is no longer acceptable The point where a person truly commits to changing their life The line that is crossed from inaction to action


We could identify each fact and feeling that prompts you to change your environment and indeed, your life; but I’ve found that exercise rarely to be necessary. The fact that you are reading this book speaks loudly to your serious concern about one or more aspects of your life that need to be dealt with now. I know this: you will know the time has come to change when your heart tells you it’s time. Trust your intuition – trust your heart speaking to you. It is saying, “let’s do the right thing” – let’s “Slay Our Giant and make the move to New Home!”

Ample Reason

Old Home Outrage

Disgust + Outrage = Decision

The story of the old hound dog lying on the farmer’s front porch comes to mind. The dog would let out a mournful wail once every ten minutes or so and then fall back to sleep. After the third time hearing the sorrowful moans, a visitor sitting on the


porch swing asked the farmer why “Old Blue” kept making that woeful sound. “Is she sick?” the visitor asked? “No, she’s just lying on a nail, and she’s just too lazy to move.” If Old Blue had more pain, she would get up and find a better place. The pain had not reached the point of Ample Reason for Old Blue. She would rather let out a mournful wail every once in a while than expend the energy to find a new place to lie down. MPs normally won’t move until the pain of Old Home is greater than the perceived pain of Slaying Their Giant and moving to New Home. They prefer to complain, and complain some more, but never take the initiative to move. I say, “take the time to envision what can be better about your life and determine to make that new vision your reality.” Make the move not only because you’ve experienced ample pain, but because it is simply the right thing to do. You’re moving on to a place where God, your Creator wants you to go. It is your Godly destiny, the place of potential that you must not resist. Like Old Blue, Old Home may be a bit uncomfortable for you, but it may not be causing enough disgust or outrage to move. If you are experiencing disgust and outrage in Old Home, then I am happy for you. Disgust and outrage can be powerful, catalytic, change-inducing emotions for you. You should be thankful for these signals of distress and unrest. Outrage is a gift that can expedite change. Unfortunately, too many people become immune to unpleasant and unproductive conditions. As a society, we have experienced what some have called, “the death of outrage”. Incrementally, we have allowed ourselves to accept things that twenty years ago were considered gross and taboo. Like Old Blue, we’ve accepted that things are


bad, but we’re just not serious enough about moving to do something about the non-acceptable condition of Old Home. MPs become complacent and have an “anything goes” mentality. They are content to live with mediocre, and often, miserable and disgusting conditions. It’s that complacent mentality that keeps them solidly locked in Old Home. They rationalize day by day that things are “just the way they are” – oh, well; c’est la vie, that’s life. The Web of Rationalization is reinforced by phrases such as, “it’s all good.” While saying this seems like a positive thing to say and think, it could be a mask or shield that ignores the fact that we can do things to make “it” better. “It’s all good” could be a strand in the Web of Rationalization that excuses their moving on with their life, Slaying Their Giant, and getting on the road to New Home. Any talk that is supporting Old Home and ignoring New Home is rationalization. “It” is not all good, but rather can be much, much better. And why not? Complacency is not Godly. In the book of Philippians, Paul talks about being “content” regardless of any circumstance. But there is a big difference in being content and being complacent. No, Paul was on the move all of his life. He was always on purpose and accomplished great, even historical, things for God’s kingdom. His legacy and profound influence is vibrant still today. You don’t have to accept mediocrity. You don’t have to be complacent. No, you can change your life amazingly for the better if you’ll recognize the limitations of Old Home and the joy and reward of moving to New Home!!! The Right Thing Old Home Outrage is one reason to move to New Home – the “negative conditions” reason. But there are also positive reasons


to move as well. Champions are accomplishment oriented and sensitive to doing the right thing for their life, simply because it is right. They are excited about making changes because they live their life guided by their personal Godly mission and Goddirected purpose – a recognition that should be taking place in your life as you read these words. I believe that you already know instinctively and intrinsically what that mission and purpose is. 18. My Godly mission and God-directed purpose is: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

MPs do only what is comfortable, expedient or most immediately profitable. Like the Champion I know you are, you’ve got to decide what is right for your life and then stand up for that cause, and in the process, be willing to Slay Your Giant! Don’t ignore outrage. Don’t feel guilty about being outraged. It’s time we men and women recognize and respond to outrage in our lives. Did I mention I hate political correctness? Political correctness gives credence and acceptance to any idea, whim, sin, lifestyle, or behavior, whether it is in God’s will or not. It’s time to draw the line. There are unacceptable things in your life and my life, as well as in society that are simply “outrageous”. It is time to stand up and be counted as someone who is outraged by those conditions. It’s time your bold voice is heard. It is time to Slay Your Giant!


Am I being judgmental? No, if you knew me and followed my week, you would know that I regularly work with prisoners, homosexuals, drug users, prostitutes, white-collar criminals, skeptics – you name it – showing them the Word and love of Christ through scripture. I am in no way their judge. I show them support, hope, and encouragement. I am in no way better than they are, and it is why I love and empathize with them. I am a sinner like they are. But I am also very clear on what the Word of God says in scripture, and I am committed to enunciating that Word in public through my enterprise, products, life, and teaching. Take an assessment of your life and if you’re not where you want to be, instead of just moaning, move off your nail. Move out of Old Home. New Home is where you belong!

18. What is outrageous in my life that I am willing to oppose, fight, and eliminate? ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________

“d-o-u-b-t” I rarely say the word “d-o-u-b-t”. What a negative, dastardly concept. I choose to only spell the word. I won’t capitalize it either. This word doesn’t deserve any credit or credence. It only deserves avoidance and a bad reputation. It is the single most


destructive thing that will strip a Champion of his/her power. It has caused more people to stay in Old Home than any other concept. And it may be the very Giant that you’ll fight first. “d-o-u-b-t” is, at best, excess baggage for your journey. Not only that, there is not a closet, a wing or any space available in New Home for that debilitating concept. Just as you must “police” yourself regarding many of the areas of introspection that we have already discussed, you must keep careful watch for the occasions when d-o-u-b-t begins to enter your mind. You must understand how deadly and defeating this single concept is for you; and how it dramatically and negatively impacts your ability to move into New Home. My fellow Champion, leave d-ou-b-t behind. Let it go. “d-o-u-b-t”, closely akin to f-e-a-r (False Expectations Appearing Real; Faith & Expectations Aren’t Real; or Future Events aren’t Rewarding) is something we are going to replace with the powerful concepts of Faith, Belief and Trust. We are going to begin fully trusting in God, that He is in charge of everything our present, our future, and our future battles. And He wants to reward your obedience and total trust in Him. David, the consummate Giant Slayer, followed this exact prescription. David never d-o-u-b-t-e-d his victory for a second. He believed in, obeyed, and followed the Creator of Victory – God Almighty. Listen to these words David shouted as he entered the battle: “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This is the day the Lord will hand you over to me, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. Today I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds of the air


and the beasts of the earth, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel. All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and He will give all of you into our hands.” 1 Samuel 17: 45-47 As he stepped onto the battlefield, the Champion, David did not d-o-u-b-t. Oh no, he was empowered fully by Holy God. He was confident of victory prior to slinging the stone. When you fully believe in God, there is no room for anything other than courage and action! You will only triumph when you join God’s team and confidently march forth onto the battlefield. Get rid of d-o-u-b-t once and for all. Quit giving in to this insidious device of destruction. D-o-u-b-t is no good. As we embark on a path where choices and decisions are based on what is right all the time, that word and thought (d-o-u-b-t) is one concept we simply don’t need. We are going to consciously and decisively leave d-o-u-b-t back at Old Home. Say good-bye to do-u-b-t. GOOD RIDDANCE! Faith Preceded by Wisdom You are stepping into rarified air – the atmosphere of accomplishment – the strata reserved for Champions, Conquerors, Victors, and New Home dwellers. You are now committing to better lead yourself, whereupon you will be qualified to begin leading others. New associations will develop when others recognize that you are resolutely moving to New Home. And once you’ve Slain Your Giant, you will also inspire others to Slay Their Giant! Successful Giant Slaying sets off a chain reaction that Slays More Giants! Leadership requires the elimination of d-o-u-b-t, simultaneously coupled with the acquisition of greater and deeper wisdom in your life. You will be much more apt to decisively move forward


when you are certain that your decisions are based on wisdom. You can lead yourself more resolutely and with much greater confidence when your choices are built on the rock of Jesus Christ. He is “the way, the truth, and the life,” John 14:6 and it is through and with Him that you will find wisdom – and much, much more. Think about this - do you think people will follow an un-wise leader? Unfortunately, in a misdirected society, people often do, though usually only for a short time. No, leaders become leaders due to their confidence, action and wisdom – Godly wisdom. Teaming with the Creator As you move into New Home, you’ll realize that what you are doing is creating a new environment. Note that word “creating”. To be optimally involved in the creation process, you must team up with the Creator Himself. Teaming up with the Creator is exactly what David did when battling Goliath. He knew God was intrinsically involved with his physical battles. When God is involved, you tap into supernatural power many times greater than your human, limited power. My fellow Champion, you must have your Creator intimately involved with you in your decision making process, your upcoming battle, and all aspects of transitioning from Old Home to New Home. Living life without the Creator is like choosing to power your life with a rusty, used 9-volt battery. What if you had the choice for powering all your future needs with a rusty 9-volt battery, or plugging directly into the Hoover Dam? Obviously, there is no comparison between a rusty, 9-volt battery and the Hoover Dam – just as there is no comparison between the Hoover Dam and God’s power. God’s power makes


the Hoover Dam look totally insignificant – and it is available to you every day. I Know I Need Wisdom… But where is wisdom found, how can you receive it, and what relationship does wisdom have with d-o-u-b-t? I take my cues and base my decisions on God’s word. If you are not doing that, I strongly urge you to pick up the most inspirational and perfectly useful book you’ll ever find. Begin delving into the resplendent riches found within its covers. The book I am referring to is far and away the best selling book of all time – the Holy Bible. More importantly, it is unquestionably the most important and empowering book as well. Sound old fashioned? If you even thought that for a second, that thought is a false strand in your Web of Rationalization. The Bible is anything but old fashioned. This one, single book is incredibly up to date – even futuristic (eternal) and has everything to do with your ability to acquire wisdom and what your New Home will look like. The Bible is the living word of God that speaks to us with the perfect words for what we are facing right now – every single time you pick it up. And it is exactly the place where wisdom can be found. Listen to the words of James, the brother of Jesus. “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. 6But he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.” James 1:5-6 Underline that word “generously”. You can and will have sufficient wisdom, and even generous amounts of it when you


ask for it. What we’re talking about here is going to God in prayer and asking for wisdom. We’re talking about reading the Word of God (the Bible) on a regular, disciplined basis. When you humbly do these things, God will speak to you and will reveal to you all the wisdom you need for your current situations and your journey to New Home. He will show you how to Slay Your Giant when you ask Him how to Slay Your Giant. And He will fight the battle with and for you! As you can see from this powerful scripture in James (I have that one memorized and I recommend you do, too), d-o-u-b-t has absolutely no place in the journey to which you are committing. Wisdom is yours for the taking in ABUNDANCE, but she (wisdom) refuses to share the stage with d-o-u-b-t. The two terms, wisdom and d-o-u-b-t are mutually incompatible. God will not bless a d-o-u-b-t-e-r with wisdom. James goes on to warn the d-o-u-b-t-e-r: “That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does.”
James 7-8

With that profound truth, you will want to permanently exchange the d-o-u-b-t in your life for belief, faith, and trust. That exchange will allow you to get rid of several negative and truthfully ugly Giants that have kept your Champion hidden. What are those other Giants? Keep reading – this is going to be a huge breakthrough for you. Off the Sidelines MPs stand on the sidelines, especially when there is danger. They will never be Conquerors or Champions because they want someone else to handle their problems for them.


Notice the entire army of Israel was paralyzed by the intimidating threats of the Giant. They were dismayed as they ‘cowered’ in fear. Who ‘cowers’ in fear? “Cowards” cower in fear. The last thing on any of the Israeli soldiers’ mind was, “I’ll face the giant. I’ll be the one to fight Goliath.” Why not? Because they couldn’t figure out “HOW” to Slay the Giant! The Israelite soldiers could only see the fight in human terms – making quick, shallow calculations based on past experience. They couldn’t imagine that they could beat Goliath because, again, they were only thinking in human terms. They saw only ominous circumstances. It never occurred to them that Goliath could be beaten. The truth is: their fear-filled and negative predictions were correct. MPs resort to human calculations - not God’s equation, the latter being: God’s will infusing man’s beliefs and actions = Victory! Without faith and belief, you’ll find it very difficult to envision victory. Without faith, you won’t even venture onto the battlefield. Without faith, you simply cannot and, I predict, will not win. The shepherd boy, David, knew different. David knew better. David was no MP. He knew that he could and would be victorious with God’s help. The sidelines were not appropriate for David, nor is the sideline appropriate for you. David confidently figured he belonged in the fight. He never considered any option other than the fact that the victory was assured. The victory was assured well before the battle was fought. Your victory is assured as well! What we have learned so far:



Be prepared to leave Old Home – in preparation for the battle, you must not cling to your “things” or the comfort to which you’ve grown accustomed Get rid of d-o-u-b-t. It is the great inhibitor to victory. It may be the first Giant for you to slay Replace d-o-u-b-t with faith that comes from acquiring wisdom and trust in God Involve God fully in your battle and your transition to New Home. He is the true ingredient and secret to Slaying Your Giant!




Chapter 5 New Eyes “8 Goliath stood and shouted to the ranks of Israel, “Why do you come out and line up for battle? Am I not a Philistine, and are you not the servants of Saul? Choose a man and have him come down to me. 9 If he is able to fight and kill me, we will become your subjects; but if I overcome him and kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us.” 10 Then the Philistine said, “This day I defy the ranks of Israel! Give me a man and let us fight each other.” 11 On hearing the Philistine’s words, Saul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified.” 1 Samuel 17:8-11 The fact is: if you haven’t conquered your Giant, you have been serving your Giant. You may have never thought there was any other way to live your life other than being in submission to Your Giant, but there is a better way. It’s time you toughen your stance on Your Giant. It’s time your Giant is eradicated. You aren’t going to negotiate or compromise your way out of the fight and finality of KILLING YOUR GIANT! MPs look at their giants through the eyes of fear. Champions look at their giant through God’s eyes. Notice the difference in these two sentences. MPs also calculate and analyze virtually all circumstances through the eyes of fear. Analysis of size and numbers through human eyes almost always brings about hesitation, dismay and terror. With those emotions, you’ll never dare to go onto the battlefield. In the natural, we measure and calculate – “Giant big; me small. Fighting that Giant would be impossible; I can’t win, so it would be ridiculous for me to even consider fighting him”.


WRONG! Champions have a totally different perspective. Like kids on a playground, they know “my Daddy is bigger than your daddy”. God the Almighty, as the name accurately declares, was bigger than the Israelites’ opponent. He’s alive and well today, and much, much bigger than your opponent. Champions know that God can and will defeat their Giant. There is no question about the outcome in their mind. In fact, they see a dead giant before the battle even begins, and simply look for God to reveal the exact method He will give you to Slay Their Giant. Champions don’t resort to the “Giant big; me small” equation. It’s the wrong calculation – the wrong perspective. It’s surveying the current landscape and the future through the wrong eyes. David could have taken on the “me small” demeanor. He was just a young shepherd boy who was left to tend the sheep while his older brothers were doing more manly things. In fact, his father, Jesse, had David delivering grain and cheeses to his brothers and the commander of their military unit – not a very dignified or respectable role relative to that of the soldiers. You must begin seeing yourself through God’s eyes. You must see yourself as a person of much greater capacity than your past or current roles have indicated. You are a Champion - a Giant Slayer! And the way you are going to do that is by first recognizing that God is in total control. Indeed, in Christ you are not only a Champion, scripture tells us we are “more than conquerors.” Romans 8:37 Read Romans 8:28-39 – pick up your Bible and take the time to reflect on this powerful scripture. “35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or


sword? 36 As it is written: “For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.” 37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” What does this mean for your life? Everything, including victory over the Giant you are about to Slay. Rewards are great when you are a Conqueror. Rewards are even greater when you are more than a conqueror! Regardless of the size of the Giant, or the lowliness of our past station in life, you and I can and will win the battle. That which is created – Your Giant - is no match for Your Creator. Whom do You Fear? Fear is seldom good, other than in a few instances. One of the times that fear is good is when it points us to and reveals the Giants in our lives. Fear, much like pain and outrage, is the needle point on the compass that identifies our Goliath. That which we fear is most likely to be the very thing that needs to be dealt with in our life - NOW. Another indication of where, who or what our Giant is can be discovered by asking the question, “what in my life have I been avoiding?” You may have never made the connection, but we instinctively, and often subconsciously avoid that which we fear. Seldom are we introspective enough to connect that which we avoid with being something we fear. Ironically, it’s due to our avoidance of certain issues that we don’t have clarity as to what or who our Giant really is. Remember the mother who didn’t want to hear about the subject of “d-o-u-b-t?” She didn’t like other people talking about it, but we found out rather quickly that d-o-u-b-t was the fundamental Giant in her life! Her bringing up the subject on several


occasions was the tip-off. She was avoiding the very subject that needed attack. There are many doors that lead to New Home. If you sense that you have trepidation about opening one of those doors, it may be that that door is the very door you need to open. Public Speaking A dear friend of mine who is highly respected and a strong Christian shared with me the greatest fear he ever had throughout his life was the fear of speaking. Though he doesn’t remember the exact statement, he knows that his fear was born of some comment that was made about something he said when he was a child. Someone, possibly a parent or relative made him feel inferior over something he said. It was a fear that never went away and actually directed many aspects of his adult life. He even chose his college major, Mechanical Engineering, because it was one of the few majors that didn’t require speech class. In his senior year and to his horror, the Mechanical Engineering Department changed the requirements to include a one-hour speech class. He was absolutely panicked by the new development and even contemplated dropping out of school altogether. Fortunately, he discovered that Electrical Engineering had not yet adopted the speech requirement policy, and so my buddy, in the last semester of his senior year changed his major to Electrical Engineering – all as a result of his life-long fear of getting up in front of people and speaking! My friend as an older adult finally entered a Dale Carnegie course and a local Toastmasters Club. Both helped him confront his fear of speaking and overcome his life-long dread. He had to face His Giant head on, implement a strategy, and work his way through


his anxiety. Today he speaks effortlessly and eloquently in front of large crowds. What have you avoided most of your life? 19. All my life I have avoided (identify and explain): _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 20. The one thing I have feared about success and accomplishing more in my life is (explain why): _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Fear is extremely good and useful for life in one other context. In fact, it is the one instance where fear is not only good, but also absolutely necessary. And that is… The Healthy Fear of God The proper fear of God replaces and negates all other fears. When we recognize God's awesome power we take on a healthy fear for Him, an all-encompassing respect that properly prioritizes all aspects of our life. It is the fear of God that allows us to have full confidence to fight and Slay Our Giant! That fear is a very healthy perspective and lifestyle, not only empowering


us, but also providing us inner peace and serenity. David had the right perspective. He says in Psalm 27:1, “The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life - of whom shall I be afraid?” The healthy and genuine fear of God amazingly allows us to not have to fear anyone or anything else, including death itself. Through Jesus, we have even taken the fear of death out of the equation. Through Him, we have eternal life, meaning we have transcended death itself. When you are not afraid of death, you will not be afraid of the battle – you will not be afraid of Your Giant! If I were you, I would underline and highlight that last sentence. Proper fear illuminates improper activities that can slow us down and even halt our forward progress. The Bible calls those improper activities, “sin.” I fear sin and I fear the results of sin. Sin is when we miss the mark – not being accurate and on target for God’s will and purpose in our life. We know that sin does nothing for us and leads to death. Romans 6:23 tells us very plainly that “the wages of sin is death.” It thwarts our plans and diminishes our abilities. It separates us from God, the very last and worst thing a Champion would ever want to happen. Proper fear that replaces irrational, unnecessary and debilitating fears is extremely empowering as you dedicate yourself to Slaying Your Giant. Fearlessness is the powerful perspective that allows us to pack up, leave our “stuff” behind, Slay a Giant, and move on to New Home. David’s son, Solomon said in Proverbs 14:27, "The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death." Fearing God is what brings us life. It brings the victory – it IS the victory. It eliminates the ridiculous, needless, vaporous fears by which MPs are burdened and often consumed.


I'll say it again, "when you fear God, there is no need to fear anything else." That's right, I said "anything" else. Fears Eliminated Imagine total release from past, consuming fears. Imagine no fear whatsoever in your life. Can you sense new-found independence! Take a deep breath. Go ahead. Breaking free from fear will dramatically expand everything about your life, opening up new doors of accomplishment and the ability to contribute to society and God’s kingdom! Life without fear is one of the true rewards in New Home - a truly fulfilling, abundant way to live life. My friend, life without fear is the ONLY way to live. Imagine how many times you have allowed yourself to be stopped by unfounded fears – missed opportunities that fear laughingly stole from you. Imagine the confidence that you will develop in the absence of fear. With Christ, our past fears are unfounded and unnecessary. The roles and rewards that eluded you in the past can now become reality with the deep confidence we experience in Christ. It is a powerful confidence that replaces fear! It's time to bow down at the altar of Almighty God, rather than bowing down at the altar of fear. By bowing down to the authority and sovereignty of God, you allow your Champion to rise up and fully triumph! Can fear be a good thing? Absolutely, but only if it is the proper fear of God. Respectful fear for Christ, accompanied with steadfast love, obedience and trust for Him is the sign of a genuine Champion. Now, we’re ready to do battle! Now that we see the battle through the eyes of God, the eyes of victory, we can relinquish the fear of doing battle. Let’s go!


**************** What we have learned so far: The eyes of Old Home must be exchanged for the sight and vision of Godly eyes Fear is not necessary. Exchange fear for confidence in the Creator of the Universe, not the created things made by God The only healthy fear is the healthy fear of God Almighty Your Giant is no match for God Notes:


Chapter 6 The Battlefield “The Philistines occupied one hill and the Israelites another, with the valley between them.” 1 Samuel 17:3 In the story of David and Goliath, as in many military confrontations, the battle takes place in a valley. It is no coincidence that the battle takes place in between two hills, a strategic flat place where armies and opponents can more readily square off. Is it not interesting that we sometimes use the term “valley” to describe a low point in our life? We all have seasons where things simply don’t go as smoothly as expected – Champions included. If things go too wrong for too long, then we’ll sometimes find that the only way out of the valley is to fight our way out, and this business of Giant Slaying becomes necessary our only alternative. At first glance, being in a low point, a valley may not seem to be desirable. Being in a fight to Slay Your Giant is not what most people consider “desirable”. But the fact is - a battle yields results. It brings about change. The battlefield is the place where we confront, fight, and remove oppressive opposition that has previously held us down – held us captive. The prophet, Joel in Joel 3:14b, calls the battlefield the “valley of decision”. The battlefield is where a decision is rendered. As with a boxing ring where two competitors meet and a decision takes place as to whom the victor will be, the battlefield is the venue where life-changing decisions can take place. Decision means “the final resolution of a quandary or question”. Champions look at the battlefield as an excellent place to be. We


look at the fight as the way to bring about that decision, that resolution. Until resolution is reached in a person’s life, they bounce around in a nebulous world of indecision. If you’ve ever avoided making a choice, you know that the land of indecision is a chaotic, stressful, and unproductive place to be. As we’ve discussed before, wisdom must accompany our decisions. Wisdom must accompany us in battle. Without it, a single move in the wrong direction can be fatal. However, with wisdom and God’s power, a single move in the right direction will produce sweet victory! ‘Decision’ occurs at two critical junctures in Giant Slaying: a. a decision is required to venture onto the battlefield, and b. the final resolution and outcome –a decision, takes place as a result of the battle. Our Low Place Can you relate to all of this talk using “battle”, “fighting”, and “slaying” imagery? I am sure you know what I’m talking about or you wouldn’t have read this far. How often have we found ourselves in a low place, and we knew we had to change. We knew we had to escape that low place. Many of us will never fight our Giant or strive for higher ground until we find ourselves in that low, oftentimes desperate place. Sometimes we find ourselves in the valley and thrust into the battlefield whether we purposely chose to be there or not. But regardless of whether we choose to cease being an MP and decisively go out on the battlefield; or by default we find ourselves thrust smack dab in the middle of the battle fighting for our lives, it is a place where wise decisions must be made.


People whose Giant has been alcohol or drugs talk about their low point, where they were in a valley so low that they were looking at death from their addiction, suicide, or Slaying Their Giant. Unfortunately, the first two options have claimed way too many lives. The best choice is to deal with the Giant. In the case of alcohol and drugs, as I’ve stated already, you must not negotiate with these Giants. You’ve got to totally kill this breed – so that you are resolutely certain they will never live again. They took control of your life, literally all but ruining your life. You served Your Giant, but now he MUST be terminated for good. That Slaying starts with a resolute decision that is accompanied by supernatural power. These Giants, as with most of our Giants, can and will fall, but only with God’s intervention. This entire book, indeed every page must be scrutinized for the Giant Slaying tips that will be extremely important in gaining the victory. Prayer Linda Castor, in her powerful book, Undeniable Destiny, says that building her and her husband, Sam’s multi-million dollar business has been constant spiritual warfare. She owes their success to much needed spiritual discernment of God’s direction gained through prayer. Her story amazingly parallels my life story and so I truly relate to that book. Though I’ve yet to meet this couple, I love Linda and Sam as fellow Christ-dependent and Christ-centered successful business people. Linda is a powerful prayer warrior. Prayer is the secret, yet essential practice that Champions know to consistently implement. I totally agree with Linda that business and life in general are both a spiritual battle.


Linda makes it clear that prayer has been their single most important weapon – their weapon of choice. I could not agree more. In my experience, building a business is a matter of faith and belief. Owning a business requires constant Giant Slaying, one after another on a consistent basis, and requires all the resources we can muster. God is the provider of all our strength and all our wisdom. To involve Him, to reach Him, we simply speak and even ‘cry out’ to Him in our prayers. And when we do, we must then trust Him explicitly without any trace of d-o-u-b-t whatsoever - and the battle will be won! We all find ourselves in low places at times. If you are in that spot now, this is the very time you will want to become a prayer warrior, speaking to and sharing your heart, life, and concerns with God. Prayer is essential for effective Giant Slaying; and once we get in the habit of going to God, rather than avoiding Him, we will be given more and more solutions. These are divinely sent solutions and answers that would have never been apparent or available without prayer. At our most recent Millionaire Mindset Treasures for the Kingdom Conference in Orlando, Florida, where we invite six Christian Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires to bare their souls through their story, wisdom and advice, a single commonality became clearly apparent. The greatest mistakes that each of these highly successful individuals had made in their entrepreneurial journeys were all the result of NOT PRAYING about the specific issue that later wreaked havoc in their business life. In the Type-A world of entrepreneurs, we (and I certainly have been guilty of this) can forget our greatest strength and wisdom comes, not from us, but from prayer – from God’s direction in our lives. It is easy to breeze through our own agendas, telephone calls, hundreds of e-mails a day, and crucial decisions without taking time to refresh and regroup through the calming, powerful elixir of prayer and the Holy Spirit.


Similarly reported, the greatest breakthroughs and advancements that had occurred in our Millionaire Mentors’ business lives were all the result of fervent prayer prior to the manifestation of the incredible miracles they all have witnessed. There is unquestionably a direct correlation between prayer and success – lack of prayer and failure. It was evident that prayer has been and is the greatest weapon for all of our Millionaire Mentors. The Apostle Paul tells us to “pray continually” 1 Thessalonians 5:17. I believe you should pray over everything, even the smallest things; but especially we should pray for our larger issues – Giant Slaying certainly falling into that category. Don’t leave your life up to chance. Don’t leave your life up to your own savvy, even though you may be an intelligent person by the world’s standards. No, you’re bound to make major mistakes and wrong moves on your own. I’ve made colossal errors when I was making decisions on my own without prayer. I’ve learned my lesson. Involve God, the Creator of your life on big and small issues, and every point in between. Involve and depend on God for your daily walk, your business, your relationships, your choices – your everything. Dependence on anything less is like relying on that rusty 9-volt battery, a bad idea for the choice of your power source when there is so much at stake. Think about some of these axioms: Personal Wisdom amplifies as our prayer life and reliance on the Word of God becomes consistent


Personal Responsibility and Life-tasks expand in dimension as our trust in God deepens and as we place our focus and emphasis on Him solely, rather than focusing on “I – me” Personal courage intensifies as our reliance and dependence upon the Holy Spirit intensifies Solutions become more apparent and come more often as we learn to trust God completely for those solutions MPs observe Champions who coolly take on menacing Giants and wonder how they do it. They are baffled, but rarely will they analyze or talk to Champions to find out their secrets. They, unfortunately reject counsel rather than actively and purposely seek it. All the Champions I know are powerful believers in God, which in turn allows them full confidence in their own ability, the battles’ outcome, and every aspect of their future. Champions rarely notice or care that MPs are filled with incredulity or that they are unwilling to Slay Their Giant. No, Champions are too busy on their own battlefields in the midst of their own fights. I certainly recognize the ineffective perspectives and ways of MPs. My educational materials are all about helping MPs change their thinking for the better. And although I’m quite up front in discussing flawed thinking and unproductive lifestyles, never do I judge people. At the same time, you won’t see me taking my cues from their actions, thoughts or words. I simply want to encourage them. If I do take any cues from MPs, it’s to see what they do or say, which will often lead me to consider the exact opposite choice. My Personal Giant It was only when I was in the valley, hanging by a thread, that I finally came to the place where I recognized that true power is


not from me, but rather totally and solely from God. I finally came to the conclusion that the fight was not about me, and that the size of my opponent, the Giant, simply did not matter. I realized that when I am aligned with God’s Word, the outcome of the battle is in God’s hands, not mine. I finally woke up to the understanding that New Home could be moved into (inhabited) whenever God wanted me to move - if I was willing to turn my decisions and my battles COMPLETELY over to Him. My Decisions and Battles are His in the First Place, in the Midst, and in the End I finally figured out that the exact directions on how to fight the battle were available through the wisdom given me by the Holy Spirit. I may be slow, but I finally figured out that details of what New Home looked like are details provided by God. I finally figured out that complete directions to New Home are always provided by Him when seeking His direction for my life. And I also finally figured out that the timing of the fight and the move into New Home was all on God’s time clock, not mine. Directions God Provides How to Fight the Battle When to Fight the Battle Complete Picture of New Home Wisdom for All Decisions The Path Itself I finally woke up to the fact that if “it” was all God’s, then the best thing I could do was get out of the way and let God make all the decisions. What I am saying is, “I turned it all over to Him”. It is all rightfully His anyway. It was at this point that I


discovered Tim Darnell’s true problem - not relinquishing to God His proper position in my life. Not Surrendering Everything to Jesus Christ Was My Giant! That’s right. I’ll say it again: I finally figured out that I, and my not allowing God to fully take control of my life, was my own Giant. The “Tim Darnell of the past” mistake is very likely your Giant as well. Regardless of what you consider Your Giant to be, this is your answer, the very powerful Giant Slaying solution: Turn Your Battle Over to God and Step Onto the Battlefield To Win I would never step out onto the battlefield without asking for and being armed with Godly wisdom. I would never go into the fight without prayer and being fully immersed in God’s word. And when I do prepare and enter the battle properly, I have absolutely no fear or worry about the outcome. I know, without a moment’s hesitancy that my victory, God’s victory, is imminent, and that there is absolutely no risk. The Analysis Trap Are you beginning to see why our human measurements, our analyses, and our calculations are absurd measurements on which to rely? As humans, it is almost impossible to not fall back on trying to figure things out on our own. We all want to be Tom Cruise and the team from Mission Impossible (Peter Graves for those of you who are my age). We want to be our own mastergenius at engineering every incredible, minute detail imaginable. We humans are prone to analyze and calculate using our own thinking. We’re totally disposed to “counting” to determine the outcome. We want “black and white” answers.


But God wants us to trust in Him. Numbers and analysis are man-made devices that pale in comparison to God’s awesome power. Not only that, counting and measuring can be the most deceiving devices we can implement, yet we depend on these way too often, when we should rely and depend on God. Imagine thinking that our counting and measuring is more accurate that God’s power, wisdom and direction! This is where we can really go wrong. Thinking we can “out-figure” God is absurd. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 1:20, “Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?... 25 For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength.” We are deceiving ourselves if we think we know more than God, or that our accomplishments are a result of our own strength. Even King David fell into the “Counting and Analysis Trap” years AFTER his famous Giant Slaying of Goliath and countless other battlefield victories and heroics. Toward the end of his life, David went to his trusted commander, Joab, and commanded him to “enroll the fighting men, so that I may know how many there are.” 2 Samuel 24:2b God was greatly angered by David’s sin of counting and calculating the “numbers” of fighting men and horses he had, rather than recognizing that the battle is indeed in God’s hands REGARDLESS of the numbers. God punished David for his sin by sending a plague on the land. The answer – your answer, is turning the battle, the fight, and the outcome completely over to God Almighty. This is not only the answer, not only the secret – it is the only way to


Slay Your Giant. It is the only way to know what New Home looks like and the only way to know how to get there. David Slew His Giant not by his own might or savvy. God won the battle for David. “David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty…” 1 Samuel 17:45 Goliath’s size, years of experience, ferocity, and belligerent trash talking were no match for a fight with God Almighty. His sword, spear, javelin, and armor were all meaningless. True Champions are dedicated to spiritual empowerment through God’s word and are dependent upon His Holy Spirit to accompany them in planning and in fighting their battles. When you arm yourself in this manner, knowing that that is where you derive your true power, the outcome is guaranteed. You will Slay Your Giant. Read 2 Samuel chapter 24. How does this apply to your life? What are you “counting and calculating”, and then even worse, “depending upon,” other than God? Are you relying on the “number” of dollars you have coming in, or the size of your investment portfolio more so than God? If so, you need to turn your trust over to Him and not some “accounting” you believe will save you. That is offensive to God and unproductive relative to relying totally on Him for your strength and power. Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.” ***************** What we have learned so far:


The battlefield is an excellent place to be – it is where decisions are made and quandaries solved Your biggest Giant is YOU thinking you are god and not giving the true God supreme command of your life Battles may occur in the valley, a low place in your life – not to fear, with God you will triumph Counting your physical and financial assets is not basis for Slaying Your Giant – total and absolute trust in God is the basis for your strength and victory Notes:


Chapter 7 The Battle Armed with courage and a simple sling Face the Giant to become a king Step out in faith on the battlefield God will be your sword and shield Your Giant is as good as dead The warrior holds the Giant’s head David chose a sling-shot to deliver the fatal blow to Goliath. David was obviously a master of his weapon of choice – a simple sling-shot. It is also apparent that his past successes bolstered his confidence in God’s delivering him from the “paw of the lion and the paw of the bear.” 1 Samuel 17:34-37 Those struggles and victories were memories that elicited a healthy self-image and confidence for David, and served to empower his well-founded notion that he could win future fights. In the opening question to you, I asked you to remember a time when you were a champion – when you had success that won you accolades from others and made you feel good about yourself. It is crucial that you see yourself now as that same winning person. If you can have one victory, you can have multiple victories. Yes, you’ve had defeats, as have I had many defeats. On top of multiple defeats, I’ve made many, many mistakes. But those are not the images to draw upon when it is time to Slay Your Giant. No, thoughts of the negative times can stymie your forward progress. They can interfere with your vision of New Home, and keep you stuck on the porch of Old Home mediocrity.


Treasure your successes and remember them often, but don’t get stuck in the past. You have more victories ahead of you. Remember, we are always moving into New Home and Giants will inevitably raise their monstrous heads to defy our positive decisions and resolve. Scripture says in 1Samuel 17 verse 32: “David said to Saul, ‘Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.” As you picture your Giant, you too can and should say the same sentence – “Let no one lose heart on account of (insert Your Giant’s name), your servant will go and fight him.” Currently, everything I have discussed is not only pertinent to your present situation, it will be applicable for you the rest of your life. Recognizing and Slaying Your Giant will continue to be pertinent as long as you are committed to New Home. Indeed, as long as you are living and as long as you choose to be a Champion, this information will be crucially necessary for the fact that Champions live more often in the land of Giants than not! For instance, I have recently had to file a law suit against an agency that falsely and erroneously made statements about my company. The statements were ridiculously false, yet they somewhat tarnished my company and me personally to those who don’t really know who I am and what we do. The statements were verifiably false and the defendant admitted under oath that his statement was made based on no experience of my industry. He stated that he was ignorant of my industry and had no knowledge of the very laws he thought I was breaking. Amazing! And yet they stood by their statement, refusing to retract their posting. What has been a sterling reputation was made questionable by their statements.


Without going into great detail, I find it truly predictable that I would face a formidable Giant the moment I began writing a book called, “Slay Your Giant”. That had to happen, would you not agree? But look at the positive aspect of this seemingly negative circumstance. How perfect the timing – a gift of first-hand, experiential data that would do nothing but give me greater insight into this important subject matter of Slaying Your Giant! I must tell you that I’m actually thankful and excited about this challenge. What better way to put Godly insight and advice into action! What I am sharing with you is actually serving to coach me through this battle. Frankly, I have never had more confidence in all my life. I am calm in Christ! I know that, by the time this book goes to press or shortly thereafter, I will have conquered this particular Giant, and I will begin gearing up for the next one who will inevitably appear. And so for me, I say, “Let no one lose heart on account of this ‘agency’, your servant will go and fight them.” I have decisively entered the battlefield. I have calmly and resolutely committed to the fight. And I am completely confident of the victory, with God as my guide, companion and fellow warrior. Insert Your Giant’s name in this phrase and let it be your firm conviction to prevail, as well. What Weapon Should I Use? We know that David was adept at the sling – his weapon of choice. Others, including King Saul, tried to make him wear armor that was too big for him, restricted his movement, was uncomfortable, and would actually have been a hindrance to his fight due to its cumbersome weight. David stated, “’I cannot go


in these,’ he said to Saul, ‘because I am not used to them.’” Samuel 17:39b – a wise choice.


God has given you all the weaponry you need. Weapons come in a variety of forms. One of those weapons may be professional allies, people who aid and support you in the battle. I personally employ and contract many people who are better at certain, necessary aspects of my business than I am. Certainly my attorneys are trusted and capable allies as I fight business issues. My data people are more adept at keeping and finding statistics and documents than I could ever be. My financial people understand issues that I don’t even recognize as issues! And my website expert keeps me from having to constantly learn new, involved web technology. And the list goes on. I also have people all over the world that pray for me on a regular basis – intercessory prayers are weapons in my arsenal for which I am so very thankful, and for which I wouldn’t trade any amount of money. One of your weapons that you now have is my daily prayer for you and each reader of this book. You have my word on the consistency of that important and effective commitment to you, my friend. Yes, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective”. James 5:16b Am I a righteous man? Woefully inept in human terms, but optimally empowered through the Holy Spirit! Father, I pray for the person reading these words right now – that you may strengthen him or her and give them the very weapons that will Slay Their Giant! I thank you in advance for the new insight that you are providing the reader now and in your timing. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen. Graphic artists, public relations experts, data handlers, government document preparers, CPAs, professional printers, etc. These are “slings and stones” I use every day.


Your weapon may be well-thought-out, careful wording as you Slay Your Giant with powerful thoughts and verbiage. Kindness and caring can win many a fight - “pre-battle”, thereby not inflicting potential scarring from direct conflict. The way in which you phrase your verbiage to others is a powerful, positive weapon. Your inflections and tone of voice are powerful weapons when used correctly. Gentleness and kindness are two ways of dealing with people that have solved many a conflict before it got out of hand. In the event of conflict, I always prefer reasoning and peaceful options first. In my experience, however, after all the diplomacy and genuine kindness has failed to resolve the pressing issue, there are times when direct conflict is necessary. Whether I like it or not, I may have to be more confrontational and resort to more than just kind words. You may have to face the fact that an unpleasant battle is looming. Don’t be discouraged – the confrontation will elevate you to new heights! It is significant that David declined to use the sophisticated armor and weapons that were offered to him. They simply weren’t “him”. In verse 40, David “chose five smooth stones from the stream.” I picture a Rocky Mountain stream at 11,000 feet altitude, where rocks that have been naturally tumbled for centuries, eventually becoming almost perfectly smooth and rounded. Although I’m not a sling-shot expert, I can imagine choosing one pound to three pound rocks, light enough to launch, yet heavy enough to inflict severe damage. When launched at 130 miles an hour, small rocks of that weight would be tremendously effective. David was amply prepared with five stones. If the first shot didn’t find its mark, he would have four more chances. As this wonderful story unfolds, we see that, with God’s help, he only needed one stone.


Preparation Though David could have chosen other weapons, I believe he chose the right weapon, for the fact that it is one with which he had experience. That is a clue for us. If we begin to venture outside of our area of expertise, trying to be something or someone we really aren’t, then our odds of being effective diminish. You are going to fight Your Giant with your particular resources, skills, and talents, not someone else’s. The sling, or sling-shot, was a weapon with which David would have been quite familiar and likely used thousands of times prior to his confrontation with Goliath. Virtually every Israeli boy would be quite familiar with the sling. David, possibly the Tiger Woods of the “sling-shot world”, likely had several variations of shots and the ability to create different effects with his missiles. We know David was a skilled musician, something that occurs only as a result of diligence and practice. I believe he applied himself to his shepherding and defensive skills with the same diligence as well. How Do You Prepare to Slay Your Giant? Your mind and mindset must be in great condition. Mindset – your thought life coupled with your attitude and perspective, has everything to do with your ability to transcend dicey situations. 1. Prayer is the primary preparatory activity. Confident, believing, trusting prayers in private and with other believers is the most important prerequisite that brings God into the preparation, the solution, the decisions, the timing – indeed the very battle itself. Prayer puts you in direct communication with God. This is where your gameplan, tactics and solutions will emerge, becoming more and more clear.


2. Bible Study brings out God’s thoughts and God speaking to you with words that will be highly impactful and ‘dead on target’ for your battle. I currently read the Bible every morning, and in addition I lead or attend four different Bible studies per week. Quite often the very answer I’m needing for a particular dilemma will jump out at me during the discussion or the prayer-time afterward. This is nothing less than the voice of God providing me with perfect directions and wisdom. If you are not currently reading the Bible daily, I strongly suggest you start your day being fed from the living Word of God. If you are not in at least one Bible study with a good teacher, I strongly suggest you join one immediately. 3. Information Acquisition and Assimilation is also essential. Being informed is a powerful foundation for your battle. Reading – let me repeat, READING, and I am referring to non-fiction, about your vocation, Your Giant and the particular subject matter surrounding applicable issues you are facing is mandatory! We talked about the analysis trap, meaning we don’t rely totally on our measurements and analysis. But at the same time, we don’t choose to be dumb about the subject matters at hand. You should be reading Christian books, journals, magazines, and newsletters about the subject matter that pertains to your quest. Be informed! Listen carefully to what qualified authors have to say about the areas of life in which you are involved. I’ve read books in the past that changed my entire perspective and thinking about critical areas of my life. Many years ago I read Robert Schuller’s, “Move Ahead Through Possibility Thinking”. What a profound, simple-toread book. Wow, I owe much of my entrepreneurial


thought and accomplishment to the encouragement I received in that one little book. 4. Workshops, Presentations, and Conferences from Expert Giant Slayers are all extremely important means of preparing our minds and hearts for winning our battles and journey to New Home. A single idea taken from an expert can mean all the difference in how you approach Your Giant. A single conference or seminar experience can stimulate your mind to commit to a new, more correct, efficient, and profitable path. My company, Advantage Conferences, was founded and built on the premise that slight changes in thinking make all the difference in being able to Slay Your Giant and accomplishing greater good. Being a part of stimulating, energetic crowds of like-minded Christian Champions can provide the spring-board for definitive action and massive accomplishment. NEM Giant For instance, if constant financial pressure is Your Giant (the Not Enough Money Giant), I have good news for you – you can create a much larger income and be much more productive in your financial life than ever before. You simply need to be taught how. When you consciously choose to be mentored by people who are accomplished “money people”, millionaires in their own right, or experts in the particular field in which you are working, you can find out how they think and act. Modeling their thoughts and lives will allow you to do the same things, and accomplish even greater things than they have! Most of us are woefully educated in money matters. In 17 years of public schooling, I was never once even taught to balance a


check-book. Whenever I mention that fact in public speeches, I receive near unanimous agreement each time. If you want to be a great singer, you’ve got to think and act like a great singer. You’ve got to rehearse and learn music like great singers do. If you want to be a great coach, you need to study the lives of great coaches. You’ve got to learn their mindset and their language. If you want to be a hundred thousandaire or a millionaire, you’ve got to think like people who are in that position. Be creative, use your ingenuity, but also spend time finding and scrutinizing successful mentors’ paths. You will want to inspect details about their successes; and you can also learn extremely important pointers from the mistakes that they have made. Your thinking brought you to your current financial situation. It wasn’t your circumstances, your parents, or misfortune that is to blame. No, it’s all your responsibility. The good news is that your thinking can take you to a new, more abundant financial situation. One of our central premises is that you should be more resourceful in your life. You shouldn’t just “get by.” That is a very selfish way to look at life. If you want to be a millionaire, then you must learn to think and act like a millionaire. Your thinking will eventually manifest into reality. If you change your thinking, you can change your reality – You Can Change Your Life! God is infinite. He is unlimited. He is abundant. That is why you don’t want to short-change your life by thinking it’s all you. We humans are finite, limited, and “Scared City” thinkers without God. With God in our life, we are empowered to do more, be more, give more, and serve more.


5. Exercise – One of the greatest improvements you can make in your overall life is to exercise. Regular exercise affects your attitude, which in turn ties in to all aspects of your life! When you feel sluggish and tired, you’re not going to be in much shape mentally, emotionally, or physically to undertake the battle. I recommend walking if you haven’t been exercising for a while. Walking can lead to faster-paced and longer distance walking, jogging, and eventually running. Even if you never get to the jogging or running stage, walking is excellent for your overall wellbeing. Jack Weinzierl, a business partner of mine I think of every time I say or write the word, Champion, genuinely puts God first in his life in all aspects of his life. He is also currently the top income earner at Advantage Conferences. Jack embodies all of the positive attributes that you’ve been reading about in this book. Jack is a runner and uses running to keep his mind clear and his energy level high. Jack likes to use running as a metaphor for business. In his trainings, he teaches that life is a marathon. He encourages others to stay hydrated while running, drinking water regularly to replace lost body fluids. In business, that principle translates into being mentored and trained by successful Christian business people on a consistent basis. He sees business as a marathon, not a sprint. He commits to the principles of the Bible with diligence and regards every aspect of his life to be worthy of prayer. He views mindset training and Bible study as spiritual and educational “watering holes” as he builds his business – a great visual for understanding the importance of keeping our minds refreshed. Among many, one of the wonderful character traits of Jack and so many millionaires I know is their genuine humility.


Jack recognizes that he is no more than just a regular guy, but he also knows that through Christ he can do anything – he believes in being “more than a conqueror.” I know in my heart of hearts that Christ is proud of productive, men and women of excellence, the Jack Weinzierl’s of the world. Back to the subject of exercise - weight lifting is also great for “mind-clearing.” You don’t have to lift very heavy weights, especially if you are just getting used to being active. The use of your muscles allows your entire body to work better, including your skeletal structure and your digestive, circulatory, and immune systems, among others. A physically healthy you is much more likely to have the self-image of a Champion. Couch potatoes are less likely to see themselves going into battle than someone who is physically fit. People who exercise regularly experience chemical and mental advantages that sedentary people don’t – a clear edge for performance in all areas of life. 6. Diet – Your Giant may be obesity. You are not alone. More people are now obese than not. I’m sure you already know this, but it took years for you to put on the weight that you now carry. Amazingly, changing one single dietary habit you’ve fallen into in the past can be tremendously rewarding for your weight and shape. Remember, we are taking on a single Giant. Diet is not the Giant. Weight is not the Giant. I suggest that we break the challenge down even further and find a single aspect of your diet that is problematic. For instance, you may be addicted to sodas (colas) or chips while watching (too much) television in the evenings. The elimination of one item alone will help your weight and overall health immensely. Sodas may be Your Giant. Sorry, soda industry, the evidence points to the fact that you may not


be healthy for your clients. Eliminating colas (whether diet or regular) and replacing them with a healthy substitute will gradually, but certainly, help you shed pounds and perhaps even feel more coherent, less foggy. In this case, you should find all the information you can about colas from diet and nutrition experts. If chips are the issue, you don’t have to be too deep into nutrition to understand the needless calories that habitual snacking can add, and add, and add. Begin building your understanding as to why colas, or any other “Eating Giant” foods that you’ve been ingesting regularly, is not an appropriate choice for your life. Consider replacing colas with another pleasing, but more healthy drink, such as green tea, water, fruit juice, etc. There are many better choices that will have a positive effect on your body and health. You may say, Tim, you are not an expert on diet and weight-loss. You may be right, but I care very much about health, diet and nutrition. I may be more of an example than an expert. I have a 32 inch waist, the same waist size I had as a freshman in college. I run, lift weights, and golf regularly. I avoid sugars and deserts and drink a single cola a month, if any. If I sense that I’m getting a little pudgy, I’ll cut back on food consumption for a few days and step up the exercise. I’ve never allowed my weight to get out of control. It’s an ongoing, watchful process, not a “one-time” dramatic program to correct days, months, and years of bad choices. To Eat The word, diet, means “to eat”. Again, our society has another concept upside down. Most people think “diet”


means to “not” eat. What I’ve done personally, and encourage my audiences to do, is to recognize that we are meant to eat regularly and not starve ourselves in an attempt to get the weight off. It simply doesn’t work. Eating regularly in reasonable, satisfying quantities is the true meaning of “to diet”. It’s really quite simple. Don’t quit eating. Don’t opt for another fad diet. Don’t starve yourself. Just make good choices when you eat. Eat healthy foods in non-excessive helpings. Choose foods that don’t add needless fat. It’s really simple and intuitive – skip deserts, avoid colas, don’t eat pastries (doughnuts) and cakes. I also don’t sit around snacking on chips or candy. It’s in sensible dieting (eating) that we Slay the Weight Giant. It’s in eating nutritional foods in moderation for the rest of our lives – what we do eat, that allows us to drop excess weight and experience overall health. Beautiful Foods I’ve noticed that the foods that are best for us are often visually beautiful. God gives us simple clues as to what we should eat. Colorful fruits and beautiful vegetables are much better for us than meats (bloody and brown). I’m not saying you need to go “vegan” (full vegetarian), although many of you could turn the corner more rapidly with this approach. But colorful foods are more likely to be rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, substances that support your immune system, sound organ function, and your overall sense of well being. Eat Breakfast I start the day with fruit for breakfast. And by the way, you should eat breakfast. I have not seen a dietary report yet that won’t tell you to eat breakfast. That meal helps


increase your metabolism. The right breakfast helps your alertness and ability to focus. Fruits are also digested much more easily than bacon, sausage, or breads. Energy that is required to digest sausage or bacon can be used rather for thinking and muscular activity. Although I love the taste, I consciously avoid ingesting meats like bacon and sausage in the morning. That last paragraph can be highly important for your weight, and more importantly, for your overall health. Eat your breakfast, fellow Champion! What I am saying is that you can begin making better choices as regards food in general. Choose whole wheat bread rather than ‘white’ bread - a much better choice. Drink more filtered or bottled water instead of automatically opening a soda. You’ll find that drinking water is also a lot less expensive than a cola habit, and so much healthier. We don’t know it to be scientifically true, but most of the friends I have who suffer from chronic or migraine headaches ingest a lot of diet sodas. Can I say for sure that there is a correlation? Not definitively, but there are many who agree with me about this little discussed subject. I can’t say for sure, but I certainly suspect that relationship. You are putting chemicals into your body that are bound to result in manifestations that aren’t all healthy. Make small changes in the choices you make – quality “life choices”, and over time, you’ll be able to see small changes that will lead to your experiencing a gradual “thinning and firming” effect. Your self-image will grow in direct proportion to the weight you lose! You will look better and feel better. And when you are better in one area of your life, other areas are more likely to become better as well.


Don’t look for the quick fix. Look for a diet that you can live with for a lifetime. Look for healthy ways of living your life, not gimmicks, not something you’ll only do for a brief season, or in a “one-time shot”. Those approaches cure nothing, and usually put you further back than you were when you started. Don’t be tempted to go on some ‘latest craze’ diet. The low carb diets that were so popular over the past several years have run their course. With few exceptions, the reason they don’t work is that a person can’t make that regimen a longterm habit. It’s unrealistic to maintain those dietary habits over the long haul. No, we need to “eat”, to “diet” in a way that can become routine for a lifetime. Diet / Exercise go Hand in Hand Regular exercise helps you to be more successful with your dieting (eating habits). Walking or running a single mile or more 3 – 4 times a week creates an attitudinal atmosphere where you are less likely to go munch down on unhealthy foods. Mindless eating is inconsistent with the thoughtful dedication and effort that goes into running. Each time you ingest too much food, you’ll find that running is more difficult and the will to run becomes weaker. Diet and exercise synergistically influence each other. More exercise – better diet. Better diet – more exercise. Fresh, Inspired Mind Information from experts, and in particular people who have accomplished what it is you want to accomplish can be tremendously catalytic and will help you mature in your thinking. Our “wrong” thinking must be identified and eliminated; while “right,” productive thinking begins to take precedence. New ideas, methods, and strategies are weapons in your arsenal that


you will be able to draw upon at just the right moment, especially in the thick of battle. We must constantly be sharp. We must be focused. We must be inspired. We can relax, but we must never let down our defenses. Fighting battles is not for dullards. We must have our wits about us. We must be invigorated at all times. It is in the midst of challenge and accomplishment that our faith becomes tremendously relevant for us. Our belief in God helps keep us fresh and inspired. Keeping Jesus uppermost as our focus keeps us enthused and renewed. Paul said, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 As we just mentioned, the way to be “in Christ” is to be in humble prayer and scripture reading daily. To be “in Christ” is to be empowered and renewed. You will have that fresh and aware spirit that allows adept coordination of thoughts, muscles, and senses – the readied state of a Champion!

Cover to Cover Campaign In early 2005, we launched the “Cover to Cover Campaign” that encourages people to read through the entire Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. The wisdom, knowledge, and enriching perceptions derived from taking on and accomplishing this one task is amazingly empowering. The commitment to following through and completing this task is rewarding in ways that are beyond my ability to describe. I highly recommend you commit to reading the Bible Cover to Cover and that you also encourage others to do the same. We read slowly, taking bite-size portions, and yet accomplish the task over a year and a half


(approximately 15 – 20 minutes a day). You can read at a much quicker clip, or more slowly, but regardless of the time frame, your rewards will be immense. Reading the Bible from front to back affords even greater insight into God’s word than just picking out a single book and reading it. Although any Bible reading is a great thing to do, you’ll experience even greater insight into who God is; who the Prophets are and what their role in the overall scope of history has been; the amazing significance of who Jesus is and what His willingness to die on a cross and rise again accomplished here; who the Holy Spirit is; and a host of other powerful “gleanings” to which you were not fully privy in the past. Imagine picking up a novel and choosing to start in chapter 9. Then later, you decide to read chapter 14. Later you read chapter 2. Your reading might be enjoyable, but by jumping from chapter to chapter, how much sense would the whole book make? How much of the overall plot would you comprehend? Your understanding of the overall plot would be jumbled. Reading the Bible book by book, in order, allows new comprehension that puts many aspects of the Christian faith in perspective like no other approach can. I highly recommend you commit to this pleasing and rewarding task. The Cover to Cover Campaign is one of the few intellectual trademarks that I could copyright, but have purposely chosen not to. Why? I want every person on earth to steal this idea. It’s really not my idea. I’m just a small voice that supports and markets it globally. Oh, by the way, I don’t profit on this effort, or our weekly Footsteps of Faith Messenger (weekly scriptural lessons). I simply believe in the importance of accomplishing this task, and the power afforded to each individual who goes on this spiritual journey. Take the Cover to Cover challenge and run


with it! I’ll support you 100 percent and pray for you on an ongoing basis! If you would like to enroll in the Cover to Cover Campaign, it’s totally free. You won’t receive any advertising, nor will your name or information be sold to any company whatsoever. You can enroll in the Cover to Cover Campaign by signing up for the Footsteps of Faith Messenger weekly E-message. That’s really two simple, life-changing decisions in one. Take a moment to subscribe: Click here: COVER TO COVER LINK Land Mines It is also crucial to study the mistakes of others who have gone before you. Studying success stories of people who have gone before you allows you to find out what they did wrong so that you don’t fall victim to the same costly problems. I would rather hear or read about a land-mine – its description and location, than have to discover and experience each land-mine on my own. Finding land mines by experience or trial and error is a costly way to go through life. Most of the land-mines I’ve faced in business caught me completely by surprise, and they were anything but pleasant. Imagine jogging on a trail. Everything is going fine and you’re making good time. All of a sudden, without warning and out of nowhere, a person twice your size throws a full-speed body slam on you from behind. The force of the hit knocks you into a boggy, muddy swamp alongside the path. You had no idea someone was waiting on you, or for that matter, that people would ever do something like that - especially to you! “Why, I’m such a nice person!” In business and in life, you’re bound to have some full-speed, body slams that catch you totally off-guard. You’ll be gasping for


air in the muddy bog with a dropped jaw and surprised expression on your face, going “what was that all about?” One minute, everything is fine. The next, your life is turned upside down and you have a new enemy you never knew existed. David was not ignorant. Even though David was young, he had many experiences that prepared him for the battlefield. God will fight our battles with us and, although He could win even without our developed skills, He doesn’t need an ignorant, or unprepared Champion representing Him on the battlefield. Indeed our experiences and purposeful, daily preparation allow us to be eligible and more prepared to participate in the battle - to fight, and be a much more effective Champion on the battlefield! Unsolicited Advice & Nay-Sayers “28When Eliab, David’s oldest brother, heard him speaking with the men, he burned with anger at him and asked, “Why have you come down here? And with whom did you leave those few sheep in the desert? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is; you came down only to watch the battle.” 1 Samuel

Can you detect the jealousy in Eliab’s voice? When you get ready to do battle – when you pass the point of Ample Reason and others find out you are thinking about Slaying Your Giant, everybody around you will be offering advice – mostly telling you not to do what you are thinking about doing. If you are new to Slaying Giants, you will be tempted to listen to the non-qualified roars of advice from the maddening crowd. But think about it, if those offering the advice were so knowledgeable, why are they not on the battlefield accomplishing the rewarding thing you are accomplishing? David’s brothers ridiculed him for thinking he could fight Goliath. I can tell you with absolute certainty that, as you go to Slay Your


Giant and move ever closer to New Home, you will have a multitude of people, some who genuinely care about you, tell you how stupid you are for even thinking you qualify to Slay Your Giant. They will tell you that New Home is a ridiculous notion – a figment of your naïve optimism. Loved ones (I’m talking close family members) will lovingly tell you that you would be better off not starting that new business, or not attempting an endeavor that you truly feel and know is God’s calling in your life. If you have been accustomed to listening to friends, relatives, or associates to determine your own opinions and/or to make your decisions, you must understand that those voices can be much more detrimental to your life than they can be helpful. You should begin consciously evaluating the voices you are listening to and be willing to not listen to unqualified and unproductive advice. You can’t put stock in unqualified peoples’ opinions, even if they are a beloved family member or someone you have respected in the past. Qualified Voices If a person is in a position in life that you want to be in, then they may be someone worth paying attention to. Whom you choose to be mentored by is a crucial choice. Discretion is extremely important. What you will receive most often will be casual, non-qualified opinions. You must consciously filter out the barrage of opinions and messages that come your way. As you become a Master Giant Slayer, do not let Nay-Sayers dissuade you. In fact, you can appreciate their good intentions, and you can allow their advice to encounter your pleasant, smiling face. Just make sure their advice encounters your totally deaf ears! My very best advice to you is simple: DON’T LISTEN TO THEM.


Unsolicited advice is pervasive, and will lead you down anything but the right path. If you want to be a millionaire, then listen to millionaires who have your best interest in mind. If you want to be a concert pianist, listen to accomplished pianists and those who believe in you and your specific dream. If you want to lose weight and get in better shape, listen to someone who is an expert in nutrition, bariatrics, and body toning – and who is personally in great physical shape. Find out what these experts know about the particular Giants that are likely to be lurking between you and New Home. Read this book once and then I encourage you to read it again. Read other powerful books that can change your thinking and thereby change your life! I recommend “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren; “Your Best Life Now” by Joel Osteen; “The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life” by Charles Stanley, and one I just read called, “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge. Each of these brilliant authors will provide an intellectual and spiritual workout for your mind and will that will help your Giant Slaying mindset immensely. There are many others who can help you ‘figure it out’. Be a student who soaks in goodness, truth and inspiration through reading. In order to compete with the barrage of ridiculous and truly satanic voices that come at us from all directions every single day, we must consciously and proactively pour “goodness” into our lives! What we have learned so far: Seek council from Christian people you know have your best interests in mind - preferably someone who has fought the same or similar battle you are about to fight Trust your intuition as to what weapon to use. You know what you are good at. And you have surmised the


upcoming battle with your own intellect and heart. That ‘still small voice’ is telling you the answers you need to hear. Notes:


Chapter 8 Your Giant’s Weakness Your Giant is vulnerable. David didn’t let trash talking, an intimidating presence and fear stop him from believing that victory was his. He had courage, a single skill with an effective weapon, and a giant sized faith in God. He sensibly knew Goliath’s weakness, and had a simple plan to capitalize on that weakness. I love high school football. It never ceases to amaze me that, when I’m in the stands on crisp Autumn Friday nights, I can count on hearing at least one person make the observation about the other team, “those guys are huge”. It never matters which team we are opposing – the opponents are always “huge.” MPs think this way. They see their obstacles and problems as bigger than they are, and without thinking the solution through, they will resign themselves to not being able to handle the problem. No, your problem, Your Giant can be defeated. I have heard about the proverbial 80/20 rule all my life. Twenty percent of the people produce 80 percent of the results. I believe the mathematical calculation of that folk-lore is incorrect. It’s actually more like 83.4/16.6. “OK, Darnell, where did you get that?” My answer? It’s Biblical! When Moses sent spies into the Promised Land to scout it out and come back with a report, only two in twelve were able to see the conquest as achievable. Ten spies said, “We went into the land to which you sent us, and it does flow with milk and honey! Here is its fruit. But, the people who live there are powerful, and the cities are fortified and very large. We even saw descendents of Anak there.” Numbers 13:27-28


Never mind that this was God’s “Promised” Land. We’re talking God’s Promised Land. The Israelites rejected their reward, their promise, their destiny because they heard a report (rumor/opinions) that Anakites were there. Guess who the descendents of Anakites were – that’s right, supposed giants! Only two of the spies, Caleb and Joshua, perceived the situation correctly. Rather than relying on the fear-filled calculations that non-faithful, rebellious men always come up with, Caleb and Joshua rightly relied on God’s promise. God’s promises, plans and provision are not to be taken lightly, nor are they to be rejected or compromised. God’s promises will be fulfilled – but we have to be willing to take Him up on His promises! We have to be willing to receive. And we have to be willing to fight! God was very angry that ten out of twelve (83.4%) failed to believe in His Promise to Israel. Israel paid the price for thinking this way, by not being allowed to enter the Promised Land for forty more years. Can you see why it is so costly and nonrewarding to listen to negative reports? It is YOUR privilege and duty TODAY to listen to what God has planned for you and what He has promised to you. It is your obligation to courageously occupy the land regardless of how big or fortified your initial reports may say that land is. God wants you to take the land – receive your Promised Land! That’s exactly what I’m talking about when I talk about New Home. It’s waiting for you for the taking. You are at the same time greatly privileged AND OBLIGATED to enter New Home – your promised land! Will there be a fight? Yes, of course. The Israelites had to battle their way into their Promised Land. You will have to fight your way to New Home. You must be a warrior. You must see yourself as a Champion not afraid of the fight! You must disregard the rumors and opinions of the 83.4 percent who will


issue a fear-filled, negative report. Listen, it’s time to wake up to the fact that the majority of people, MPs, are dead wrong. You can’t listen to their fear. You must follow the voice and direction of God Almighty. He will lead you all the way! Fire by Night – Cloud by Day! Listen to what Moses tells the people in Deuteronomy 1:29-33, “Then I said to you, ‘Do not be terrified; do not be afraid of them. The Lord your God, who is going before you, will fight for you, as he did for you in Egypt, before your very eyes, and in the desert. There you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a father carries his son, all the way you went until you reached this place.’ In spite of this, you did not trust in the Lord your God, who went ahead of you on your journey, in fire by night and in a cloud by day, to search out places for you to camp and to show you the way you should go.” God will show you the way. He will carry you like a father carries his son! You will have God showing up in the elements – a Fire by Night and a Cloud by Day – to prepare the battlefield and overcome the giants of the land. Anakites, Shanakites – whatever kind of “ites,” your God will take them down. Your Giants are no match for the team of You and God! Beware, you Giants of the land. You are defeated before the battle begins. Negative assessment and dooms-day reports are common perceptions born of fear – “My enemy is bigger than I can handle.” WRONG! Sometimes the opposition is big and intimidating, but usually their sizeable dimensions are a figment of the fearful crowds’ imagination. Even if they truthfully are bigger, they have flaws and vulnerabilities. They can and will be beaten! They will be defeated! David didn’t give heed to the fact that Goliath was grotesquely huge and intimidating; because he was aware that size was not


the issue. MPs tend to delegate even greater credence to their fears, giving their opponents an inappropriate advantage in, of all places, their own mind! What a crazy thing to do to yourself, allowing fear based perceptions to occupy the very mind you must use to beat the opponent. Allowing fear and dooms-day into your life in any way is an extremely bad choice. Champions don’t think that way. Champions enter the battle to win, and one of the best ways to do so is to exploit the opponents’ weakness. One of the reasons I bring experts into every area of my business is that they know, and can focus on, their particular subject matter. They know about my opponents from having faced similar opponents in the past. They have working knowledge of how certain strategies have worked or failed in the past. When you have knowledge derived from experience, as well as valuable information and advice from seasoned experts, you can go onto the battlefield with much greater confidence. Your Giant is smaller than you think he is. Your Giant is more vulnerable than you think he is. Your Giant can and will fall, more readily than you think he will. He is capable of being beaten, and you are the one who will beat him. NEM Giant Revisited For example, let’s say that you have struggled with finances all your life. Remember the NEM (Not Enough Money) Giant. You may never seem to have enough money, especially at the end of the month. Because of your “scarcity” mindset, your shopping and buying habits have always been determined by one factor more than others: price – specifically the cheapest price! For instance, when you go to a restaurant, you make your order based on the right-hand column more so than getting what you


really want from the item description found in the left-hand column. You’ve always approached purchase decisions as, “well, we just can’t afford the pricier items”, even though you are aware that they have more long term value and would often be more enjoyable and appropriate for your life. Strand by strand you have subconsciously woven a web that supports Scared City. I’ve got news for you – Scared City is a figment of your fearful imagination. I have experienced this NEM syndrome over a portion of my life, and really grew to understand the false economy of making decisions based predominately on price. NEM is not a condition that happens to people. NEM is a mentality that Most People are taught and subconsciously choose to accept. They choose to look at income and money as scarce and almost all purchase prices as high or unaffordable. ‘Price’ and ‘paying the price’ subconsciously become associated with fear. They are two concepts that may co-exist in your Web of Rationalization - but they don’t have to be there. They don’t have to run your life. The NEM Giant is one of those giants of our own making. It is important to recognize this Giant and begin to change our thinking. When we change our thinking from always choosing “cheap” and “cheapest” to choosing “value”; from being afraid to pay the price to enjoying paying the price, we will have made an important stride in combating and Slaying the NEM Giant. Years ago I began studying how other people became successful. A big portion of their success had to do with the way they looked at and thought about money, and especially in relation to this concept of ‘paying the price.’ While MPs fear ‘paying the price’, Champions are willing and eager to pay the price! Champions are more open to money flowing out and flowing in. MPs don’t realize it, but their fear of money, their fear of paying the price causes them to subconsciously reject money flow.


Understanding these seemingly minor, yet functionally HUGE concepts will enable you to begin eliminating the “Not Enough Money” Giant. Paying the price and fighting the battle are closely related to each other. Learn to expect to pay the price; and PREFER to pay the price. Learn to expect and prefer to fight the battle. Although society teaches just the opposite, Champions know that there is reward in doing what most people won’t do. I began reading about and interviewing millionaires in my conferences where Attendees and I (I’m still learning too!) could, find out exactly where we were “off-track” in our thinking. What I learned from that process has been nothing short of amazing. I put these powerful lessons to work and voila! - money begin to appear in larger amounts and more frequently than ever before. All of a sudden, money ceased to be a limiting factor in my life; but rather, became an excellent tool to be able to do what I regarded as ultimately important. MPs have the perception that they will never be able to do the things millionaires do. The word “never” is quintessential “Old Home” vocabulary. They don’t think of themselves in terms of wealth, but rather in terms of need, lack, and scarcity. As long as they have that perception, they will be right. They will have limited their finances and virtually everything about their life, especially as regards “contributing” back to God’s Kingdom. New Home thinking by Champions goes more like, “I can and will conquer the “NEM” Giant and start being more productive. I can and will work smarter rather than giving in to the lie that harder work is the only way to make more money. You will begin to discover how you can add substantive value into peoples’ lives, and then how to duplicate that value to hundreds, thousands, and possibly even millions of people – genuine value


for which the masses will gladly pay. That productivity will give your more choices and give your family more solid financial footing. When you begin establishing excellence in your finances, you will see more clearly how to contribute more to your church, synagogue, and/or special ministries, charities and causes that are in need of funding! Your Thinking Got You Here Think about the dollar amount of your current monthly income. That dollar amount varies substantially from one person to the next. Why? The reason that people differ in monthly and annual income amounts is because each person “thinks their way” to different dollar amounts. As I said earlier, you are experiencing your current monthly income because you thought your way to the very amount you are now making. If you are arguing with me right now, saying, my income is that way due to (blame anything you want to here), then you’ll be conforming perfectly with the MPs of the world. Champions take full responsibility for their current situation. They don’t blame anyone or anything else. They fully shoulder their lifestyle as that of their own making. They also realize that “their reality” has everything to do with “their own thinking!” If you can make that realization – that you are totally responsible for your current situation - then you can become the Champion that I’ve been referencing throughout this book. It is your “thinking” and subsequent “actions” based on that thinking that got you to where you are currently – to the fault of nobody else. You may say, “Tim, you don’t understand - my husband left me with three kids and no money.” “I’m the victim of lay-offs,” or “racism has limited my ability to get ahead.” While I empathize with any trial you are going through, you MUST NOT see your life through the “poor, pitiful me” lens.


Champions don’t play the blame game, regardless of their circumstances. Your problems, your Giants may seem huge, but you can overcome them. Your GIANTS are not in charge of your life! YOU are in charge of your life. The very second that unexpected things happen in your life is the very time for you to courageously make solid decisions that will allow you to fight your way out. Let’s say that your spouse decided to leave you. That would certainly qualify as a Giant – a traumatic, highly unfortunate event. If such an event occurs, you’re going to have to make the best of the situation and not let circumstances defeat you. You can bemoan the fact and have a pity party; and you certainly should experience the natural grief and pain of that situation. But even amidst the tears and hurt, you must come out strong, come out fighting, to deal effectively with the situation you find yourself in. Remember, Giants often come suddenly and unexpectedly, and whether it is “fair” or not, you are called to rally your emotions and resources to make the best of whatever situation in which you find yourself. “Hey, Tim, how about a little empathy or consolation?” OK, I’m truly sorry about what happened. I don’t like what your spouse did, or whatever situation has knocked you off the trail. I don’t like the fact that two people embezzled a very substantial amount of money from under my nose. But for either of us to harbor (hold on to) resentment, blame, and hatred for your spouse or my ex-partners is to do nothing but hold us back. Thinking about how unfair your lot in life is, is a totally unproductive waste of time. If you are in a valley, this is the time for positive reconstruction and redirection. It is a time for you to take leadership of your life by maintaining a cool head and creating the new strategy that you are about to implement. You will want to pray about and take time to develop that Plan B that we talked about earlier.


Plan A is past history; and whether you think you’ve been treated fairly or not, Plan A is not the plan you can now implement. God is the God of Plan B and will help you regroup and reorganize. Plan B will lead you to New Home! Another ironic aspect of how your story is going to unfold is that quite often Plan B will likely get you to New Home more efficiently than Plan A ever could! Plan B will actually deliver as many or more rewards than Plan A ever could. In the event of a divorce or separation, it is time to Slay Your Giant of unanticipated pain. Your Giant is not your irresponsible spouse. No, that situation has happened, as unfortunate as it may be, and it is now in the past. Slaying Your Giant requires you to hold yourself together emotionally and financially. It is time to draw on God’s strength. You can emerge victorious with God’s help. He cares about you and will see you through. One of our first premises is that “easy” is not even to be expected. If anything, “pain” is actually to be expected, and so we must be strong enough to accept that the fact that the reality of expected pain has arrived and we’re going to maturely deal with it. And we can get through it. You can get through the desert. The desert, the valley is only temporary. God won’t give you more than you can handle, although your Giant will seem overwhelming for a while. Soon enough, the pain will subside. Jesus tells us not to worry. He says, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” Matthew 6:25-27


Focus on Gratitude Instead of dwelling on the brokenness of your marriage, or the failed disaster of Plan A, it’s time to think in terms of healing, restoration, and establishing solid mental, emotional, and financial footing. What you continually pray for and focus on will begin to manifest itself in your life. Healing is happening even now. Be thankful for what you have, not what you’ve lost. Think about New Home rather than Old Home and New Home will begin to become your reality. This is an appropriate time to seek professional counsel that can be found at many churches and ministries. Ask God for friends and allies who are willing to help you during your time in the valley. Ask God for wisdom and know that His perfect wisdom will be given to you in abundance. The NEM Giant is a common Giant after relationship break-ups. He can appear due to a variety of other conditions as well, like the loss of a job, too much credit card debt, a change in the economy, illness, the loss of a job, or your company going out of business. MAJOR POINT The NEM Giant most often appears not due to the calamity that occurred. The NEM Giant appears due to your acceptance of and settling for an income amount that is simply not enough. Small income is a “settle for” mindset that correlates to a poorly developed self-image. It’s time to see yourself creating more money. See yourself as deserving and able to create double or triple what you are now making. The money is there – billions of dollars are floating all around you every day. The right business or the right job is there, and those mechanisms are anxiously awaiting your resourcefulness that will lead you to that job or


business. You should develop a mindset that is receptive to aligning with new, more rewarding realities of income and opportunity. Pray for the right situation to emerge, thanking God in advance for His answer to His child’s (your) situation. Money is a very good and important thing to have in times of calamity. Those who were hurt the most in tragedies like Hurricane Katrina were those who had not been resourceful enough to have savings that allowed them to relocate and reestablish housing and new income. Be thankful for, not fearful of, new money resources coming into your life. Thinking Abundance The fact of the matter is, you can begin “thinking your way” to much more substantial monthly incomes, just as assuredly as you have successfully thought your way to your current amount. People who live in your same town and state in which you are now living make twice, three times, ten times, one hundred times the amount you make and more, due to a few small modifications in the way they think relative to how you think. The NEM Giant is a Giant that pervades our society. Correct financial and money thinking is required to replace the many money myths that pervade our society. The good news is that your thinking can Slay the NEM Giant and take you to a significantly elevated financial reality. One of the ways to change your thinking about money is to begin thinking in terms of the monthly income dollar amount at which you prefer to be. Begin focusing on what you would do with that amount and why it would be a better reality for your life. For instance, imagine your monthly income with an extra zero at the end of your current monthly amount. Would that make an impact on your life? You bet it will. It won’t take long at that


income amount to pay off all your debt and make some of those long overdue purchases of items, services or repairs you’ve needed for some time. You will begin putting money away for retirement and/or a college education for the kids in no time. You will also start ‘blessing’ a whole lot of people who are in dire need right now, like the woman whose husband left her, or the victims of a natural disaster. With an extra zero at the end of your current monthly income, you will begin giving more to ministries - much more than any measly ten percent. Imagine giving to God’s kingdom ten times the amount of money you’ve been giving. You will begin truly making a substantial difference all around you in quantifiable, real terms. But I thought Money was the Root of All Evil! MPs have the concepts of money, income, and wealth solidly enveloped in totally erroneous perceptions. Indeed, absurd misconceptions about money are pervasive throughout society. Entire countries take on “poverty” mentalities. Families take on “ceilinged” financial ideas that establish finite money conditions that change very little for generations. Entire economies are dictated by “get by” and “scarcity” perceptions that unconsciously establish minimalistic, struggling lifestyles for the majority of their people. Perceptions and lifestyles can be changed with proper knowledge and education from those who know differently and are willing to teach new money and resourcefulness ideas. By the way, a single verse from the Bible referring to money and evil in the same phrase is more commonly misquoted than not. The scripture says, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”. 1 Timothy 6:10 Read carefully. It’s not ‘money’ that is evil. It is the ‘love’ of money that is a root of all kinds of evil. Love God and His people


and use money, not the other way around. Remember our discussion about “Improper Targets?” Money is indeed an Improper Target. You should never chase money. But you should also not run away from or avoid money! No, run toward fulfilling your God-given purpose and work to fulfill your mission here on earth. Money is simply an inanimate object, and yes, it certainly can be used for evil. But it can also be used powerfully for good and Godly purposes. I consider money to be God’s wonderful gift and an important resource for building His Kingdom on earth - not something to be feared or avoided. I also view money as a test. Listen to this truth: money is simply not ours. It is one hundred percent God’s. The prophet, Haggai in his powerful two-chapter book says, “‘The silver is mine and the gold is mine,’ declares the Lord Almighty.” Haggai 2:8 When we treat our money with the full knowledge that ALL of it is God’s money and all we are doing is “handling” it, then we begin to take on the proper perspective of this thing called “money”. The test is whether we will use it for our own greed and desires; or rather, use it appropriately for building God’s Kingdom. Will we ‘hoard’ it and ‘clench’ it, or will we amplify it for His purposes? When you choose the latter, God will allow you to handle and be responsible with greater amounts of money. Money is the very thing that builds hospitals, orphanages, missions and ministries. Is that bad? Due to erroneous thinking about money, Christians often clam up when the subject of money or income comes up. The old adage says, “one should never talk about religion, politics, or money in polite society.” I say, let’s talk about it a whole lot more and let’s get excited about being more productive and resourceful with our finances. Let’s get our heads on straight about money by Slaying the NEM Giant once and for all, and use our new-found resources to build


God’s Kingdom! I’ve dedicated my life to doing just that and I challenge you to go to work with me! The Fundraising Advantage We will be raising $250,000,000.00 for qualified ministries thru 2010. I project substantially more - 1 Billion dollars from 2011 – 2015, all for ministries that are truly doing God’s work. How, you might ask? God has given us powerful techniques that raise huge amounts of money without our having to ask a single person to donate a dime. Yes, you heard me right. God gave me the job of raising millions of dollars for His glory and for the help of His children. When I was given this mandate and vision called The Fundraising Advantage, I was on board without having a clue as to how this was going to be accomplished. When God tells me to do something (I hear the skeptics right now – Darnell you’re a nut), I don’t ask questions and I simply trust God that He will show me the path. I know that in His time, his mission for me will be fully explained. And that He has done. I have been patient and calm, knowing that the whole project was God’s. It was and is totally in His hands. The techniques are beyond anything I could ever have imagined, and most people can hardly believe it when I explain the power and rapidity with which we can put hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars into the ministry’s coffers. Again, we call the program, The Fundraising Advantage. Why would I tell you about this? Because the ministries you know that are truly doing God’s work need funding. Money is a very good thing when it is used for Godly purposes and not for greed. I am humbled that God would choose me to serve in this way, and I am also very, very excited to share this with those of you who aren’t too skeptical to understand it.


If you don’t have substantial amounts of money right now, it’s because you haven’t yet successfully passed that test I just mentioned. You think money is yours to cling to. Nope, sorry, it’s all God’s and when you get that single, HUGE concept, you will have discovered one of the greatest secrets of life. James, Jesus’ brother, has an extremely insightful instruction regarding money that opens up a whole new world of understanding. He says, “You do not have, because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.” James 4:2b-3 So, number one, we should absolutely involve God in our financial life, asking Him for monetary wisdom and blessing, but number two, we should only ask for blessings in this area with the proper motive in mind. If there are selfish, greed-based reasons for asking for money, then James says you simply won’t get it. Establishing proper priorities and motives allows us to experience the “test of handling” greater amounts of money. Ten Talent Servant My conception of money is greatly influenced by the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25:14-30. This is a profound parable told by Jesus Himself. “Again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who called together his servants and entrusted his property to them. To one he gave five talents of money, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability. Then he went on his journey. The man who had received the five talents went at once and put his money to work and gained five more. So also, the one with the two talents gained two more. But the man who had received


the one talent went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money.” “After a long time the master of those servants returned and settled accounts with them. The man who had received the five talents brought the other five. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with five talents. See, I have gained five more.’” “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’” “The man with the two talents also came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with two talents; see, I have gained two more.’ His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’” “Then the man who had received the one talent came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed. So I was afraid and went out and hid your talent in the ground. See, here is what belongs to you.’” “His master replied, ‘You wicked, lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed? Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest.’”


“‘Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents. For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’” Money is not to be ignored, nor is the idea of increasing that with which you have been entrusted to be ignored. Money is not to be buried. It is to be put into proper areas where it can become even more valuable. Law of Circulation Money is to be put into circulation. The Master’s desire for us is to take his resources and multiply them for HIM. The Ten Talent Servant amplified that with which he was entrusted. Note – he also gave it all back to his master. But his faithfulness (his test) proved that he could be trusted with his Master’s resources. When you prove your trustworthiness and your willingness to produce with what you are already given, you will be entrusted with more responsibility. You can learn to become a Ten Talent Man. I mentioned that entire countries and economies have incorrect, erroneous views of money. When you have erroneous views about money, you’ll rarely have it, and what you do have will be menial. You’ll find yourself living in Scared City. Even when you do get some amount, you won’t be able to keep it. Evidence the shape of lottery winners five years or less after winning millions. Most are broke within a very short period of time, all the result of erroneous thinking.


Giving Many of the clients my Company does business with come from third world countries. These countries are constantly struggling with financial problems. They are always in a struggle for money. Why? One of the reasons is that they see money incorrectly. They even have policies that disallow money from leaving the country. If you missed the last sentence, I recommend you read that again. It is true. They are totally on board with receiving, but actually mandate by law that it can’t go out! Is it any wonder why they don’t have money. By doing so, they are breaking a simple, yet little known principle and secret about money and having money. One must first GIVE in order to GET. I call this the Law of Circulation. You have to put money into circulation, rather than keeping it clinched to yourself. Money is not you. It is not a body part. And again, it is not even yours. Here is a huge misconception. “Money should be given to me, and I’m going to keep it.” Amazingly, most people think like this. Is it any wonder that “money” gets a bad name? We will begin disliking money when it is treated in this manner. But it is not “money’s” fault that people erroneously look at it this way! These and many other “money” concepts needs to be articulated and taught. Money is to be put into circulation. Money is not you. It is not meant to be grabbed and clinched like it was part of your body. You’ve got to learn to let go of it first before it will come back to you. If you think of money as being “mine” (talking about you the reader), then you’ve missed the power of money completely. Remember, money is God’s. He’s waiting to see what you’ll do with it. If you are dedicated to building His Kingdom, you’ll never want for a single penny. If you will make God, God, and not put money on what should be His throne, then you will have figured out a simple, yet universally misconstrued


truth. And that truth will set you free! Don’t worship money, worship God. At the same time, don’t fear money. Simply use it for God’s kingdom. Money is much like electricity. Currents are circuitous (circular) in nature. By that I mean that an electrical charge goes out from a power generator to an appliance, and returns from the appliance back to the generator – the source. If that circuit is broken at any point, regardless of whether the break is in the sending or the receiving of the current, then the electricity can’t do its job – it fails and the appliance won’t work. You are like a power generator. A generator sends current out to accomplish its task – say, burning a filament in a light. If the electrical line is broken on its way to the light, the light won’t turn on. In the same way, if the electricity doesn’t make its way from the light back to the generator, the light won’t turn on. The task fails. The circuit must be complete with no breaks anywhere in the sending or the receiving. MPs want the light without sending out the current. Rather than doing anything about solving the dilemma of having too little light, they just sit on their porch and moan. Is that Ole Blue I hear in the background? Entrepreneurs understand this Law of Circulation well - that by putting money into a business project, they can also receive money back. Notice again the order of sending and receiving. Sending precedes receiving - always. The entrepreneur sends money out accomplishing the task of setting up an infrastructure and purchasing inventory – in essence investing in a commodity that will add genuine value into peoples’ lives. Some time later, an increased amount makes its way back to the enterprising individual. At any point that the circuit breaks down, the whole process fails – the business fails.


So, entrepreneurs understand the value, indeed the necessity of putting money into the circuit (circulation). Without doing that, their project doesn’t work. When they do send it out, and consistently continue to send it out, they set up a process whereby the money comes back, actually in multiples of what was originally sent out. If you put ten cents into an investment vehicle and receive a dollar back, how often would you put ten cents in? The entrepreneur says, “I believe I’ll do that as often as I possibly can. In fact, at that kind of return, I believe I’ll figure out how to put $20,000.00 or $250,000.00 into that process!” When it comes to business, MPs are not entrepreneurial. They prefer to work for someone else. They can’t start a business because they are stymied by the fear of paying the price. They cling to the money they do have thinking that’s the only money they’ll ever have. In Scared City, they are right. “Mine” Myth Non-entrepreneurs (MPs) think that money is theirs to keep. They think of it in terms of “mine.” This is really a greed-based principle I call the “Mine Myth” that they haven’t learned to dispel. Let go of money. Quit being so attached to it. This is what I’m talking about when I say money is not you. MPs are so attached to the little amount they have that they really are attaching it to themselves as if it was a body part. Quit fearing money and thinking of it as dirty or evil. Be open to creating large amounts of money in order to help more people by giving to churches, ministries, synagogues, Christian charities and missions! The same rules that apply to an electrical circuit apply to God’s Kingdom. Blessings come from God and go to His children (you


and me). It is our obligation to thank Him in return and send blessings to others on an ongoing basis – putting it into constant circulation. You should be giving and giving, even without thinking about the return. That’s the kind of thinking that keeps the circuit functioning. The laws of physics kick in and cannot be denied. As long as the circuit stays intact, your giving will come back in multiplied amounts and in ways that transcend mere dollars. It is the taking your mind off of money (an Improper Target), and placing your mind and efforts on Proper Targets, doing what is right regardless of your chance at reward, that money will begin to appear. Jesus said, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33 This verse, probably more than any other in the Bible states clearly what our optimal, Proper Target is, and should always be. Proverbs 21:21 says, “He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.” Righteousness, love, and the Kingdom of God are Proper, Powerful targets at which to be aiming in your journey to New Home. Assessing and Insisting on a Level Playing Field If you are going out onto the battlefield, and feel like you’ve been losing the battle for a long time, it is imperative that you analyze the shape of the battlefield itself. It is possible that your battlefield was created to your disadvantage. For instance, I’ve spent the better part of thirty years active in the fields of marketing and advertising. Closely related to those fields is the seriously important, yet boring subject of “compensation structures.” Most people don’t think compensation plans and numbers are important and therefore


pay little if any attention to them. Many people find compensation structures to just be too complicated. I am totally convinced that pay structures (compensation plans) are not only extremely important, they are the very area where most people are fighting a losing battle in their personal financial world. If the NEM Giant is your next conquest, you should take the necessary time to scrutinize the compensation structure on which you have been relying. It may be the case that your compensation structure is seriously flawed. My experience shows that to be exactly the case for the majority of people in the corporate world and even for those who own their own business. I call bad compensation structures “Uneven Playing Fields.” If you are fighting a battle on an uneven playing field, then you’ve been trying to create wealth via a mechanism that will never pay you appropriately. Many are actually purposely designed to “not” pay you well. Few compensation plans pay fairly and in large enough amounts. Your Giant in this case is difficult to Slay, because you are trying to traverse ground that has you permanently bogged down. Imagine trying to run a race in thick, gooey mud. You’ve become frustrated because you simply can’t make any headway. It’s not because you don’t have the desire or willingness to move forward. It’s not because you are not in physical shape. And it’s not because you are not making the effort. It’s because the ground you’re running on will forever prohibit you from running the speed or length of race that you know you are capable of running. Unfortunately, as regards your ability to move ahead financially, Uneven Playing Fields are the rule rather than the exception. You will either have to find a compensation structure that is built


to your advantage, or you’ll have to create your own compensation structure – your own “playing field”. I could cite dozens of examples of this. Here are a few that will illustrate what I’m talking about: Case Study: Paul is an accomplished highway engineer with a respected degree from a well known engineering university, as well as possessing extensive experience involving high profile, metropolitan projects. Although he’s made decent income for the past several years, he has watched in dismay as projects with attached bonuses approaching almost six digits go to less qualified engineers in the office - handed down in a “good ole boy” fashion not based on ability (corporate politics is a great example of a Non-Level Playing Field). This has occurred several times, and so Paul is tired of it and has been putting together plans to start his own business. Paul has a co-worker that is of minority ethnic origin, which enables him to receive work that Paul would not be able to receive as a Caucasian. Government guidelines in this area can create a bonanza for minority entrepreneurs. In their initial arrangement, amidst months of logistical planning about all kinds of aspects of the business, the coworker has a 50% stake in the business and Paul will have 49%. Their corporate attorney will have a 1% vote. Paul is unfortunately leaving one “Un-level Playing Field” for another. Although there is always some euphoria when leaving Old Home and starting a new business, there needs to be mentoring and advice regarding business structures and percentage allocations. Along with being a “lame duck” partner


(not in voting control), Paul is entering a position where he could be overruled consistently, and even be voted out of the business. If you recall my story, that is the essence of what happened to me after devoting my life to the creation of a business I founded and was well underway. Calling and inviting partners to join me was a serious mistake. In Paul’s case, he’s entering the business with a serious flaw and disability built into the initial structure – although he doesn’t see it. Fortunately, I was able to get to Paul and point out the problematic nature of his business structure and why he should renegotiate or simply bow out of the business prior to the launch or prior to his putting any capital into the project. Can you see how a little experience from a seasoned Mentor could make all the difference in the unsuspecting, new entrepreneur’s life? I applaud Paul considering starting his own business, but he could actually have ended up in worse shape by not knowing what a level playing field looks like. Indeed, in my personal experience and after consulting with and interviewing many life-long entrepreneurs and millionaires, one of the most problematic areas of business revolves around bad partnerships. The fact is: business partnerships are almost always highly problematic. Think about marriage/divorce statistics. More than one of two marriages ends in divorce. If marriage is so problematic, where there are vows, love, intimacy benefits (that was nicely worded, wouldn’t you agree☺), and often children, then what about two or more people who have only the bond of wanting to grow a successful business together? But for the lack of space, we could touch on reasons why partnerships are so volatile, but let’s explore those issues in another book. My advice has always been: Own your business outright. Be sure you have total control (policy creation, voting, and sole signatory


on the bank account) regarding all issues of your business. Hire employees or independent contractors for services your company needs, rather than partner with someone who possesses those talents. Although there are a few exceptions, in way too many instances, creating a partnership creates headaches far worse than those of your being an employee. You will find story after story of partnerships gone bad, undoubtedly a significant contributing factor to the overall high business failure rate. As much as I believe in Free Enterprise and Personal Business Ownership, I am not in favor of partnerships. There are better ways for you to structure your business, leading to much more positive ramifications for the quality of your life. Get advice from Christian Mentors who have many years of business experience before making non-advised moves. Dear Reader: Yes, you reading right now. Are you listening to what I just said? If a million people read this book and only one pays heed to the previous paragraphs regarding advice on partnerships, then the effort to write this book will have been worth it. You just avoided a major Giant without having to step on a non-level battlefield! Case Study 2: Lavonne has tried for years to build a home-based marketing company but can never seem to find the success she’s been looking for. We could go into more detail, but this brief description suffices to make the point. It applies to literally millions of people who have tried home-based businesses but were never compensated in any meaningful way. The fact of the matter is, what is required for someone to become successful in many of those businesses does


not fall under the domain of “a Level Playing Field”. It doesn’t even fall in the domain of “possible.” In my opinion, what it takes to make decent money with many of these “opportunities” is simply not doable for the vast majority of people. After analyzing in detail hundreds of compensation plans, I can tell you that in many, many plans you would do better betting against your success than betting for it. Without your knowing it, plans are mechanically structured and stacked against the independent contractor in the field, in favor of the company. In reality and truth, what are touted as the benefits and rewards of a particular opportunity are feasibly available to only a handful of individuals. Again, as pro Free Enterprise as I am, it is also extremely important that people understand the reality of what it takes in any given business to become successful. Compensation plans receive little, if any attention, and yet they can be the very Giant that will make success anything but probable. Get on a level playing field. You’re not giving yourself a chance when the odds are stacked so unfairly against you. This is simply a matter of being informed and knowledgeable about one subject that few deem important – compensation plans. Their rules and composition are different – and those differences are monumental as to whether or not you’re fighting a ‘winnable’ fight on a fair battlefield. Right Giant, Right Weapon, Right Playing Field In spending the time it will take to Slay Your Giant, it is crucial that you choose the appropriate Giant, the appropriate weapon, AND the proper playing field that, when all three are combined, gives you the best advantage. This is why scrutiny of the right information is so crucial for your success in battle. Your Giant, your weapon, and your battlefield must “match.”


David was fighting the right Giant, but had David’s battlefield been for instance, in a forest or on a boat, his sling-shot might not have been the best weapon. If Goliath had a helmet that included protection between his eyes, David would have had to resort to another game plan that found another of the Giant’s vulnerabilities. It is not unusual that Giant Slayers have to regroup and consider all the angles. That doesn’t mean the job won’t get done, it simply means that, based on a savvy assessment, the first choice of weapons and battlefield location may necessarily need to change. Know Your Playing Field Be sure to get this message - Know Your Playing Field. Scrutinize the battleground – make sure it is level and playable and that it will work to your advantage. Seek as much sage council about the battlefield, your choice of weapon(s), and Your Giant from experienced Giant Slayers as you can possibly get. Advice from Mentors, Champions and Experts who have been on the battlefield and achieved victory in similar circumstances is worth the price, whatever that price might be! I know I’ll be seeking this type of advice for as long as I’m alive! Proverbs 13:20a says, “He who walks with the wise grows wise…” ************** What we’ve learned so far: 1. Your Giant is vulnerable. We’re past the point of negotiating and we must Slay Your Giant in specific consideration of his vulnerabilities 2. Know your Playing Field. If it is not level, you’re going to have to find a better battlefield or create a new one.




Chapter 9 Slaying Your Giant “25The king will give great wealth to the man who kills him. He will also give him his daughter in marriage and will exempt his father’s family from taxes in Israel.” David asked the men standing near him, “What will be done for the man who kills this Philistine and removes this disgrace from Israel? Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” 27They repeated to him what they had been saying and told him, “This is what will be done for the man who kills him.” 1 Samuel 17:25b-27 “30He then turned away to someone else and brought up the same matter, and the men answered him as before.” 1 Samuel 17:30 Clear Picture of New Home As the time draws near to Slay Your Giant, you will want to clearly understand exactly why you are going to the effort of Slaying Your Giant. David asked about and was told three times what the rewards for his Slaying Goliath would be. He may not have known it, but this was David’s Ample Reason check list. I can just hear David engaged in the following thoughts… David: “Did you say, ‘great wealth?’” David: “Did I hear you say, the king’s daughter - the really goodlooking one over there?’” David: “And do you really mean that my father’s entire family will be tax exempt?”


David: “That’s what I thought I heard - I’m in, let’s get on with the fight!” It is empowering to clarify your rewards – vividly, distinctly imagining them in your head on an ongoing basis. That way you can be totally clear as to your “why” – the reason you are about to go into battle. It is a subject that you will want to keep uppermost in your psyche for the duration of the fight. This image will keep you enthused and stimulated, and fully engaged in the confrontation with Your Giant. Review the rewards that await your bold move. This is especially important when fighting a longer, protracted battle. Not all battles are concluded with the rapidity of David’s fight. New Home’s Rewards - A reassessment of why am I doing this? Take a moment to review the benefits and rewards of New Home: 1. __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________ 5. __________________________________________ Sustained Unwavering Belief (SUB) I am now conferring on you a gift that I absolutely KNOW is one of the single most important qualities you can ever possess in Giant Slaying. It is the gift of SUB, Sustained Unwavering Belief. Once you truly receive and incorporate SUB into your fight, you will truly be ready for Professional Giant Slaying! This one gift


alone is responsible for the creation of more Champions than talent, mechanics, preparation, or skills combined. SUB keeps you on the battlefield until the battle has been decided. It keeps you on the path to New Home, ensuring you won’t slow up or give up until you’ve entered New Home’s gates. The power of belief supersedes any opponent you have ever faced. Belief is the most powerful trump card you will ever carry. Sustaining that belief and never wavering is the posture that true Champions take with them on to the battlefield. I’m not talking about just believing in yourself, although that is essential. I’m not talking about some Pollyanna optimism, although you should be fully optimistic. I’m not talking rah-rah or feel-good, motivational rallies. No, I’m talking about full, rock-solid belief in God Almighty which allows you to prevail. SUB is the underlying fundamental secret to carrying yourself to the battlefield, launching your attack, fighting the fight, sealing your victory, and accomplishing your perfect, God ordained future! I know few individuals who genuinely have SUB. It is an extremely rare commodity. Those who do have it are wildly successful. And you can have SUB if you so choose. Wrap your mind around the idea of Sustained, Unwavering Belief. You can commit to your Creator not just for the moment, but for the duration of your life here on earth and life ever after. SUB provides unimaginable power. With SUB, you are a leader through and through – from head to toe, and from heart to soul. Now you cannot be denied. You are victorious even before the battle begins. You are totally sold out to the fight, the win, and New Home. Believe, my friend, believe. God will know He can trust you when you choose Sustained, Unwavering Belief. Believe - sustain that belief and never waver. You are unquestionably a Champion


Giant Slayer. SUB is what separates Champions from MPs. SUB is what fuels your journey to New Home. SUB is your crowning possession, greater than any other thing you can own or hold. It allows you to confidently enter and stay on the battlefield. Congruence When a man or woman’s beliefs, words, actions, and their firm vision of the future lines up with the Word of God, they are in a very powerful state known as “congruence.” Congruence means: “lined up; conforming; in agreement.” This is how you want to enter the battlefield. Congruence is the optimal state for Slaying Your Giant. The opposite condition is “incongruence”: not matching; not lined up, etc. An incongruent person has conflicting components within their makeup that war against each other. An individual can actually be a “house divided” in their physical and mental being, causing their ability to lead and/or accomplish great things to be diminished. An example of incongruence is the person who attends church and recognizes Christ and Christian values, but doesn’t live according to those values during the week. The Sunday morning Christian shows up, but the way he/she lives her life during business hours and after-business hours throughout the week reflects little “congruence” with their avowed beliefs. Psychologists have a fancy term for the results of incongruence called, “cognitive dissonance” – where a person has residing within their thinking two conflicting, incompatible thoughts. We mentioned in Chapter 3 the idea of living our beliefs – where thoughts and actions are in line with each other. Slaying Your Giant requires congruence of all thoughts, beliefs and actions. The components of your life should align in such a way that you are not having to deal with internal conflicts. We have enough to


handle with the Giant we are about to Slay without having other battles going on within our self. A Champion is the same on and off the field of battle. A Champion is willing to live their beliefs, and they are willing to correct incongruities in their character. A Christian Champion is a Christian on Friday night, Tuesday afternoon and all points in between - not just on Sunday morning. If you are living a life of incongruity, you are having to cope with the conflict within yourself in one of two ways. The first way most commonly implemented by MPs is to add new strands to their ever-growing Web of Rationalization. They have to make even more excuses for the incongruities in their life. They have to say, well, I’m not perfect; and I really like to do such and such (too often that such and such is simply sin), and it’s really not hurting anybody anyway. Sadly, three new strands have just been added to their already carefully constructed web, condoning and strengthening the inappropriate lifestyle – the more strands and the stronger the web of rationalization, the weaker the person. Adding strands is the first method of coping – a totally bad way of dealing with character flaws and sin. The second way to deal with incongruence, and what this book is all about, is to Slay the errant behavior. The sin, character flaws, bad habit, or bad behavior has to go. Unfortunately, MPs often prefer to delete the positive behavior in order to make room for the sin. They’ll quit going to church or quit reading the Bible in order to cut down on their “cognitive dissonance.” What they are doing is rejecting the reality and need for God in their life. That unfortunate choice is the opposite of Slaying Your Giant – it is actually the feeding and growing of Your Giant. No, we must Slay the Giant – that is, eradicate the sin in our life, the errant ways that we have allowed to enter our lifestyle. Living an incongruent lifestyle serves to pamper Your Giant. It


grows the Giant and keeps him around. It is a lifestyle choice of compromise that will effectively trap and lock you solidly in the confines of Old Home. Living a congruent lifestyle entails firmly and decisively ridding yourself of the Giant that should not be there. There can be no compromise. Your Giant (in this case, sin) has to die. You will be so much better for making that decision and acting on it permanently. Note that I’m not saying all Giants are sin or sin related, but in many cases the Giant that needs to be slain is indeed sinful behavior and habits – choices we have made that are simply wrong for our life. When we are in congruence with the Word of God – in humble and trusting relationship with Jesus Christ, and couple our integrity with the Sustained Unwavering Belief we just discussed, we gain supernatural power to be more than conquerors over sinful habits. Listen to the words of Jesus. “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” John 14:12-14 The words of Jesus are clear. Faith in Jesus is power here on earth. With that faith in Him we can do greater things than He did! Can you believe that? That is not just Tim Darnell telling you that. What I say means very little. What the Bible and specifically Jesus Christ, the King of Kings is telling you means everything! Can you see why faith in Jesus is integral to doing great things? Submit your request and desire in prayer to Slay Your Giant. Ask in the name of Jesus, and He will do it! I can feel your


excitement. I know that your unquestioning faith will bring about the death of your Giant - end of story. Done Deal We have spent several paragraphs in this book on the importance of prayer, and we need to review that vital subject in order to be clear as to how you are to effectively pray. Here’s the bottom line. You Must Begin Praying in Total Faith and Total Positive Expectancy! Did you get that? You should pray from now on knowing your requests will be answered. “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” John 14:13-14 As your faith amplifies, you will come to a place in your prayer life where your confidence and faith is so strong that you’ll be thankful for your request being perfectly answered prior to even finishing the prayer. You will be thankful knowing that the answer to your request glorifies the Father! Jesus proactively tells us that He will do whatever we ask “in His name.” I find myself oftentimes in prayer concluding with the words, “it’s a done deal.” I didn’t even realize I was saying that until several people with whom I had prayed said they loved the way I ended my prayers with them. It was somewhat of a surprise to realize that I had been using that verbiage, but isn’t that what faith is all about? Absolutely! Paul says, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1


Your requests are certain to be heard. They are certain to be answered. That makes the prayer of a true believer a “done deal.” We can be certain. We can be sure. We can be confident. We can be hope-filled. We can be resolute and assured. We can have full positive expectancy. We can and will be Champions. It is our rightful destiny. Remember what James said, “But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt…” James 1:6 My friend, you have God on your side when you are living your life to please Him, aligning your thoughts, actions, and will with His. So ask for that which you wish to have happen in your life. Be sure that what you are asking for is in God’s will and to His glory. When you do this humbly and sincerely – what you ask for and believe for will happen. It is a done deal! It is Time Take a deep breath. Now, let it out. Are you ready? You’re going out to Fight Your Giant. More accurately, you are going to Slay Your Giant. You’ve made the decision. You’re geared up. You’re on deck. It’s time to step out onto the battlefield. You and I have been having this discussion for one reason – to win the battle. In fact, there are no other options. It’s a done deal. Before we begin, let’s be sure of what our Giant is. Be specific. My Giant is: ________________________________________


The Battlefield Location is: ___________________________ My Weapon is: (describe precisely)_______________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Now, I am determining a time to begin the battle. I’ve made the decision to Slay My Giant. The time for action begins at: Day: ____________________________ Hour: ___________________________ Minute: __________________________ Congratulations, you have scheduled the fight. You have determined that you have Ample Reason to accept the challenge. The Battlefield has been chosen. Your Giant is clearly defined. New Home is vividly imagined in detail. Your perfect weapon has been selected. You’ve prayed for victory in full faith, without any d-o-u-b-t. You have reviewed the rewards and reasons you are Slaying Your Giant. You are fully committed. You have Sustained Unwavering Belief. Your mind, body and soul are in congruence. You are ready. I applaud you! Let’s get busy. Length of the Battle How long will this battle take? David’s fight lasted only a few moments. Depending on Your Giant, he may take years to fully Slay. The real answer to the question, “how long will it take to Slay My Giant,” is…


Until Your Giant is Dead
Until you are holding the (get ready) decapitated head proudly in your hand. That is when you will know you’ve been victorious. “So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him.” “David ran and stood over him. He took hold of the Philistine’s sword and drew it form the scabbard. After he killed him, he cut off his head with the sword.” “When the Philistines saw that their hero was dead, they turned and ran. 52 Then the men of Israel and Judah surged forward with a shout and pursued the Philistines to the entrance of Gath and to the gates of Ekron. Their dead were strewn along the Shaaraim road to Gath and Ekron. 53 When the Israelites returned from chasing the Philistines, they plundered their camp.” “David took the Philistine’s head and brought it to Jerusalem, and he put the Philistine’s weapons in his own tent.”
55 54 51 50

“As Saul watched David going out to meet the Philistine, he said to Abner, commander of the army, ‘Abner, whose son is that young man?’”

“Abner replied, ‘As surley as you live, O king, I don’t know.’”

“The king said, ‘Find out whose son this young man is.’”


“As soon as David returned from killing the Philistine, Abner took him and brought him before Saul, with David still holding the Philistine’s head.”

“ ‘Whose son are you, young man?’ Saul asked him.”

“David said, ‘I am the son of your servant Jesse of Bethlehem.’”
1 Samuel 17: 50-58

David emerged from obscurity to fame and fortune. His rewards were colossal. Yours will be as well. You have chosen to Slay Your Giant and you are not going to stop until he is a non-breathing, eradicated, beheaded, dead Giant. David picked up the decapitated head of Goliath and held onto it for some time – the trophy symbolizing the finalization and victory of his battle. I suggest you have a ceremony commemorating the death of Your Giant as well. You WILL BE THE VICTOR! Once Your Giant is dead, I encourage you to fill out and enlarge the Giant Death Certificate included at the end of this book. You may want to frame this important document, because it represents a fresh beginning for you. Let’s determine the anticipated Slaying date and put that in writing as well. Putting a time-table on the death of Your Giant is a great way for you to avoid procrastination. For instance, if your Giant is your weight, you’ve got to quantify the number of pounds you want to lose and the date by which you are going to lose them. If you’re approaching weight loss correctly, you should shoot for practical, healthy weight loss of no more than 4 – 15 pounds your first month, and 1-3 pounds per month thereafter.


If Your Giant is the fear of starting a business, you can accomplish that much more quickly and definitively. You can have a new business up and running in as soon as two to three months without sacrificing sufficient due diligence and preparation. If Your Giant is a bad habit of your own creation (90 percent of all Giants are your habits), then you can accomplish the task quickly. You can go “cold-turkey” with the understanding that you will want to have planned a substitute behavior to replace the eliminated behavior. I have several friends who have quit smoking simply by finding all the cigarettes in their possession and dumping them down the toilet. The first days without nicotine were difficult, but it got easier with each passing day. Today, they are nauseated by the smell of cigarettes or cigarette smoke, even the thought of smoke, and are now crusaders to help others quit. You will have to know that quitting habits or behaviors, especially those that have been an integral part of your life, require a substitute behavior to take the ousted behavior’s place. The replacement can’t be a gimmick. It has to be a serious substitute. You must bring the presence and power of Christ into your life every day. This is a discipline that will pay great dividends to you. Bad habit/behavior replacements, indeed all Giant Slaying, require prayer and scripture every single morning. Start your day correctly and you’ll have set a highly conducive environment and stage for success. This daily discipline will be crucial to your success. Every day you go without the past habit or behavior adds to completely and fully eradicating that behavior. Upon rising early, I read the Bible, pray, exercise, shower, eat fruit with a cup of coffee, and jot down my three top priorities of action for that day. It’s a fantastic way to start the day and will


help you replace the non-productive habits that have crept into your life. You’ll soon be amazed at how good your day can be and how you could ever have had another, less productive agenda like that of your former lifestyle. ******************** Epilogue You are strong. You must now take on total determination to Slay Your Giant. You must behead Your Giant. What that means is that you must eliminate the Giant once and for all. There can be no compromise. Your decision must be final. If Your Giant is a debilitating or cancerous relationship that has been detrimental and destructive amidst extended efforts to correct the problems, yet very little change has been accomplished, you are in a serious situation that will demand a great amount of prayer and listening for God’s direction. If you believe God is leading you out of that relationship, then your decision may be to disassociate with that person for good. I highly recommend you get Christian counseling from a professional counselor before making a decision of that magnitude. Do not just terminate a relationship without extended sessions of professional, Christian counseling. If leaving a person is the “easier” way out, then leaving is probably not the right answer. In my experience, the more difficult choice is usually the more appropriate choice. Remember our discussion about “easy.” MPs make wrong choices habitually because they choose the easiest route. Champions choose the route that includes paying the price, plenty of patience, and plenty of prayer.


If you are Slaying the Fear of Speaking Giant, you need to start speaking more, rather than avoiding talking. Most fear is overcome by doing the thing you fear. Action is a powerful Giant Slayer! Tackle your speech deficiencies with the concepts talked about in this book and see yourself as a great communicator with important ideas and thoughts to share with those to whom you are speaking. Join Toastmasters and/or a Dale Carnegie course. Have confidence utilizing the training in this book. You can speak without fear and say important things that will truly be of value to your listeners! *********************** Well, my friend, I’ve taken you as far as I can. At this point Your Giant awaits you on the battlefield. He’s looking for you, but he’s not going to know what hit him. Don’t feel sorry for him. He’s as good as already dead. I know without question that you have the full wherewithal and mindset to actually Slay Your Giant. My question to you now is, “Will You Slay Your Giant?” I would go do it for you if I could – but really, this needs to be your fight. You don’t need me. You have something much greater, and that is Ample Reason, Your Will, a distinct picture of New Home, and God Himself who is about to join you in your great victory when you invite Him on board. You are ready and I’ll tell you in advance, before the Giant Death Certificate is even signed that… I am extremely proud of you! ***********************


Let us pray: Dear Lord, I uplift the glorious name of Jesus as Lord and Saviour of my life, and I put my Giant totally in Your Hands. I want this Giant to be Slain, and ask that Your will be fully done here, Father. I ask you specifically to help me Slay My Giant. I trust and believe in You totally. I believe in Your great and awesome power. My belief is unconditional. It is sustained, and it is unwavering. I know that You alone hold the key to my victory. I thank You in advance for Slaying My Giant. It is truly a done deal by Your grace, Your love, Your might, and Your power. Thank You for helping me change my life. I commit my life, my battle, My Giant, my future, and the complete victory into Your hands, and it is in the name of Jesus I pray – it’s a done deal, Amen. Would you do me a favor and give me your feedback? Tell me about Your Giant, what God is doing for you, and how reading this book has helped you Slay Your Giant. I want you to win. I know that you surely can, and surely will experience a powerful victory. God bless you, and I congratulate you in advance for your new-found success! Tim, this book helped me to: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ God is working with me. I know that to be true because: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________


_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

The Beginning


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